15 Dec 2018, 23:40 PM

15 December 2018 - December at the Regent Porto Montenegro hotel will glow with a festive mood thanks to the Fifth Annual Christmas Market.

“Discover the Adriatic Winter wonderland and choose from a distinctive selection of local arts and crafts as well as traditional festive treats,” says the official invitation by the Hotel Regent.

The Christmas Market will be held during three weekends in December (15 and 16; 22 and 23; 29 and 30) from 12 am to 4 pm at the restaurant Gourmet Corner. This year, the event will once again bring together creators, small producers, art workshops and enthusiasts, who will offer their original products and creations to all visitors, thus launching a magic of festive gifts. Various products will be displayed at the stands: olive oil and other olive wood products, Christmas decorations, natural products made according to the traditional recipes, decoupage, toys made of natural materials, homemade jams and liqueurs, handmade jewellery and traditional hand-made scarves and bags. All visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy songs played by members of the band "Toć", which will support the Christmas Market and the Food Festival on December 15th and create the perfect conditions for socializing for the holidays.

Christmas Market and Food Festival at Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro

The Regent Porto Montenegro food and beverage department will contribute to the Christmas Market offer with festive delicacies: traditional Christmas cakes and biscuits, hot chocolate, boiled wine, tea and other warm beverages. The Hotel’s restaurant will also supply the fair with salty delicacies such as sausages, homemade pasta that will be served with Grana Padano cheese, and fried Mediterranean sand smelt, which will give the beginning of this year's Christmas Market a unique gastronomic dimension. The Christmas Market is an ideal opportunity for everyone who wants to find a unique and interesting gift for their loved ones, to have fun and enjoy the magic of the holidays on the Tivat coast.

15 Dec 2018, 22:56 PM

15 December 2018 - The First Book Festival - Humanities, Culture and Art in Montenegro – “FesK Kotor (FesKK)” will be officially opened on Thursday, December 20 at 7 pm in the Gallery of Solidarity in Kotor, under the auspices of the Kotor Municipality, organized by the Public Institution “Muzeji” Kotor and the Centre for Culture “Nikola Đurković" Kotor, and licensed by the publishing house HERAedu from Belgrade. On the same day, an exhibition of the old and rare books of the Museum of the city of Perast will be held at noon.

The Festival aims to draw attention to the importance of high-quality content in the publishing industry of Montenegro in the field of humanities, culture, and art, and to affirm the role of publishing in the national culture of Montenegro. FesKK wants to point to the global trends of the multidisciplinary approach in these areas and emphasize social responsibility and ethical principles in the sphere of culture.

A three-day multimedia program entitled “Cultural Heritage Pro Futuro” will gather the representatives of Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts and other Montenegrin publishers, like libraries, faculties, institutes, museums, galleries, all at one place. In addition to multiple promotional events during each day of the festival, the program will include an exhibition of old and rare books of the Museum of Perast (PI “Muzeji” Kotor), as well as a roundtable on the subject “Green Culture” after the screening of two US feature films. Guest of the Festival is the Association of Publishers from Sarajevo (BiH).

The award ceremony will be organized on the third day of the event, at 7.30 pm. For the first time in Montenegro, the value of books that make a significant scientific contribution, contribution to innovative educational practice, as well as valuable reprints of the publications of old books with features of impenetrable value, will be recognized and awarded during the FesKK Festival.

The festival will be held from December 20 to 22, 2018, from 10 am to 8 pm in the Gallery of Solidarity in the Old Town of Kotor, and films and the roundtable will be held in the Cinema of Boka and the multimedia hall of the Cultural Centre "Nikola Đurković".

Source: Culture Corner “Kutak”

15 Dec 2018, 16:25 PM

December 15, 2018 - The New Year mood slowly catches everything around us, as well as the well-known sculptor and sailor of Boka Bay, Goran Moškov Gonzo. Preparations for the Children's New Year in Kotor are underway, and without Gonzo, it just cannot pass. As an associate of one of the organizers of the program, the NGO Karampana, Gonzo participates in the design and creation of the story to be given to the youngest citizens and visitors of Kotor within the Children's New Year, this city is being organized for a few years.

Winter for Gonzo is certainly a period of intense creativity, because he has adapted his life to a brilliant way of sailing and absorbing the energy of the sun and the sea during the summer months, in order to dedicate the winter to art in various ways. Participation in the creation of the Children's New Year is among his regular anual activities.

"December is a time of joy and creativity. And I got involved in the children's joy. Preparations for the Children's New Year are underway. Kotor as a city of children is increasing and more and more dedicated to the youngest. That's how I'm going through the whole month. Because, when it comes to doing, we are investing not only work but also leisure time to be ready in time and for the joy of the children," says TMN Gonzo, who is also Kotor's Santa Claus.

"For several years, I have the honor of being Kotor's Santa Claus. This does not only involve participation in the central ceremony and accompanying programs for the children we organize, but also the humanitarian program designed by the Kotor Tourism Organization and NGO Karampana under the auspices of Luštica Bay Company. This is a visit to the Children's and Neonatal Department of the General Hospital in Kotor and the distribution of new-year packages and gifts for newly born babies.

Children already know that in Kotor we prepare gifts for all children. But here we are especially careful and devoted, and thanks to the sponsorship of Luštica Bay, we can provide special gifts for children who will, unfortunately, spend New Year Eve out of their homes, without their families. The most beautiful times of the year they are alone, and they deserve to be treated specially. We have an entertaining program, and we go from one hospital room to another, carrying an electric sleigh, which we did a few years ago for this purpose. We have a guitar, we sing with children, we joke. To them, that means a lot," says Gonzo, Kotor's Santa Claus.

childrens new year hospital

And in the streets of Kotor, visitors to the Children's New Year expect surprises. "The Municipality of Herceg Novi is going to lend us a city train, so children will have the opportunity to be in the company of Santa Claus driving the city streets. As always, it will be a lot of fun, with enough surprises. And for the central manifestation of the Children's New Year's we have created some new, fun and educational concepts," Gonzo announced with the laugh of Santa Claus.

"We will make a nice story that will be both educational and entertaining. In addition to what the kids are most interested in, and that is the arrival of Santa Claus and sharing gifts. So, this is a call for all children and their parents- come and join us on 30 December at 6pm on the Square of Arms to meet the Children's New Year in Kotor," said Gonzo. 

Knowing what surprises Gonzo and his friends made in previous years, there is no reason to suspect that for this Children's New Year they are also organizing a spectacle. The greatest of all was the giant Santa Claus, who was waiting for the children in front of the main city gates, almost surmounting the walls of the Old Town.

childrens new year 3

"This was a brilliant project of the Kotor's Festival of Children's Theater and its director Petar Pejakovic. The theater production made that giant doll within the framework of a completely different story, the children's play Guliver, and we realized that we also could use it to provide the children in Kotor to receive the greatest Santa Claus they saw. It lasted for days until we modified the doll, and then children enjoyed it for days. It was worth it. For the last two years we have been inside the city walls, Kotor is organizing a New Year's program at the Square of Arms, so we have the Children's New Year on the same stage." 

The New Year's program in Kotor- Rock New Year, as well as the program of the Children's New Year, primarily meet the mood and taste of Kotor's citizens. This is a good recommendation for all its guests. The town's waterfront is dressed in festive clothes and the decorations of the Old Town began a few days ago.

In just a few days, the event "From Christmas to Christmas" begins, within which the Kotor Municipality, Cultural Center Nikola Đurković, Kotor Tourism Organization and local NGOs prepare a diverse artistic, entertaining, gastronomic and tourist program. "From Christmas to Christmas" begins on 23 December and lasts until 9 January.

14 Dec 2018, 00:03 AM

13 December 2018 - Montenegrin ski resorts are ready to welcome all guests for the upcoming winter tourist season. Six ski resorts will be operational this winter in Montenegro - Savin Kuk and Javorovača at Durmitor, Kolašin 1450 and Kolašin 1600 in Kolašin, Vučje in Nikšić and Hajla in Rozaje.

As reported by the newspapers “Dnevne novine”, ski resorts will start working from the forthcoming weekend, except for Resort Kolašin 1600, which will open its doors to winter sports lovers just before the New Year.

According to the words of the Executive Director of the Ski Resorts of Montenegro, Miloš Popović, the prices of services at the ski centres will be at the level of last year, and the entire infrastructure will be in function as in the previous seasons.

As he explained, at the Savin kuk Ski Centre in Durmitor, which has five kilometres of ski slopes, there will be two two-seater cable cars, three ski lifts, and a children's ski lift. At the Ski Resort Kolašin 1450, which has 25 km of ski slopes, there will be two cable cars (a six-seater and a two-seater), five ski lifts and a children's ski lift.

Six Ski Resorts Operational in Montenegro in winter 1

The organisers have created the possibility to hire professional ski trainers, to rent all necessary ski equipment, and catering services will be provided at the facilities within the ski resorts (restaurants and cafes).

"The prices of ski pass will be at the last year's level. The prices for ski pass at Savin Kuk Ski Centre at Durmitor will be 12 EUR for a one-day ski pass for adults, 8 EUR for half-day ski-pass and 8 EUR for children's ski-pass. The prices at Kolašin 1450 will be 15 EUR for one-day ski-pass for adults and 11 EUR for one-day ski pass for children," said Popović.

When it comes to the structure of the guests, he pointed out that they expect guests who traditionally visit our winter centres, local guests, as well as guests from the region: from Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, as well as guests from Western and Eastern Europe.

"Ski resorts will start working at full capacity from the upcoming weekend, and the full capacity of the ski resort's infrastructure will be conditioned by snowfall, which we expect in the following period," Popović announced.

Source: RTCG

13 Dec 2018, 14:16 PM

December 13, 2018 - Fifty days from the opening of the Adventure Park in Vrbanj, 1,202 people have successfully visited, while around 6,000 of them attended to enjoy nature, said the Municipality of Herceg Novi.

Among park users, 40 percent were children, while 60 percent were adults. Among the organized group visits to the Herceg Novi hinterland were sports teams, schools, scouts, hikers.

"We had visitors from all of Boka Bay, Podgorica, Bar, Nikšić, Trebinje, Dubrovnik, and Bileća. The Mountaineering Society from Dubrovnik brought about eighty people on one occasion. In addition, guests were Russians, Norwegians, Italians, as well as two Cubans who heard of the Adventure Park Vrbanj during their stay in Herceg Novi and were delighted with the contents," explains Miroslav Milanovic, the manager of the Adventure Park, acting as the organizational unit of the Agency for Construction and Development of Herceg Novi.

adventure park vrbanj 2

Although it was already snowing on Vrbanj, the Adventure Park worked during all the sunny days. Only last week there were 76 users, and over 100 visitors, who were not bothered by the lower temperatures and did not bother to test the obstacles placed in the beech forests. The adventure park will work until the end of this month whenever weather conditions allow it - when there is no rain or ice.

In addition to instructors who equip, train and monitor users, two guards are engaged to maintain the built-in equipment on a daily basis. Also, with the help of the Tourism Organization of Herceg Novi, we provided a field vehicle used for the transport of stuff, which is of particular importance for possible emergency interventions of any kind.

adventure park 3

As Milanovic said, the effects of opening the Adventure Park are already visible. Private agencies from Herceg Novi, Kotor and Tivat announced that would include this content in the 2019 offer. Also, certain businessmen have the ideas for new complement contents, and the locals are pleased and willing to support all initiatives for organizing various events that will "in a short time revive Vrbanj."
According to the director of the Municipality Agency Boro Lučić, the past period has confirmed the predictions that the new facilities will be equal to the development of tourism in the suburban area.

The construction of the Adventure Park in Vrbanj is part of the INTERREG - IPA project "Adriatic Canyoning" implemented by the Agency for Construction and Development in cooperation with partners from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. As part of this project we are expecting an "Orjen Adventure Weekend" in spring, which will further affirm the Adventure Park and beauty of the Herceg Novi hinterland, says the Municipality announcement.

12 Dec 2018, 23:18 PM

12 December 2018 - On the occasion of the official opening of the winter season in Žabljak on December 15 and 16, the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro is organizing a “Ski opening” weekend.

On Saturday, December 15, visitors of Žabljak will be able to enjoy a free all-day program at the “Savin kuk” Ski Resort and the city square. For the youngest visitors, the organization has provided ski instructors, animators, snowmobiles, tickets for the adventure park and numerous fun games. The adult activities ski opening program includes a free ski pass, adventure park tickets and snowshoe walks.

Additionally, the entertaining segment of the program, from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm, will include the sounds of DJ Mr Jools, followed by majorettes, free drinks and preparation, and a tasting of the traditional meal of Northern Montenegro, kačamak.

Ski Opening Weekend in Žabljak 2

From 4 pm to 8 pm, the entertainment program will continue at the Durmitor Warriors' Square, where a concert of the band “Senkina đeca” will be held. The celebration includes free food and drinks, a lighting up of the Christmas tree in the town square and fireworks.

On Sunday, December 16, all visitors to the Ski Centre “Savin kuk” get a 50% discount on the price of a ski pass.

For both days of the weekend celebration, National Tourist Organization of Montenegro has prepared free bus transport for all interested visitors. Reservations can be made no later than Thursday, December 13, by a free call to call centre number 0 8000 1300 from 7 am to 3 pm.

Ski Opening Weekend in Žabljak 1

On Saturday, December 15, departure from Podgorica is scheduled at 8 am in front of the Hotel "Podgorica", and return is reserved for at 4 pm from “Savin kuk” Resort or at 8 pm from the Durmitor Warriors' Square. Transport from the ski resort to the square is also provided at 3:30 pm.

On Sunday, December 16, departure from Podgorica is planned at 8 am in front of the Hotel "Podgorica", and return from the “Savin Kuk” Ski Resort is at 4 pm.

After Žabljak, National Tourism Organization of Montenegro will organize a similar ski opening event in Kolašin.

12 Dec 2018, 01:42 AM

11 December 2018 - The historical Mansion of Ivo Andrić, a famous Yugoslav novelist and poet and a Nobel Prize laureate, located in the Topla district of Herceg Novi will be fully reconstructed by June 2019 with special attention to the preservation of its appearance and authentic elements in order to fully meet the aesthetic standards which Andrić himself set up, announced the representatives of the Municipality. The Mansion is a unique object of undeniable cultural value, not only for Herceg Novi and Montenegro but also for the region.

Ivo Andric Mansion 2

"We do not intend to devastate what Andrić has set as his aesthetic standards, so the building will have the appearance which was originally imagined and constructed," said the head of the Office for International Cooperation of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, Simonida Kordić.

With the renovation process of the Mansion, Herceg Novi will get a modern, refurbished house of literature and a prominent place for cultural, artistic and tourist experience. Although the project foresees that works on the reconstruction should last until 2020, the process is accelerated because the Herceg Novi Municipality representatives assessed that it is of great importance that this building becomes operational for the next summer season. "There will be plenty of interactive equipment, because of the idea that the building should not represent only a monument to Andrić, but it should also become a part of the life of the citizens of Herceg Novi and its visitors. In addition to the aforementioned equipment, which will introduce the Andrić’s Mansion to the new age, we will also acquire elements that reflect the spirit of the author himself - authentic furniture from that period and other equipment of museological quality, in order to preserve the spirit of the times the author has lived in, "said Kordić. She added that the facility would also be adapted to persons with disabilities and less mobility by building a ramp.

Ivo Andric Mansion 3

Reconstruction of the House of Ivo Andrić is carried out through the cross-border project "Co.Co. Tour" implemented by the Office for International Cooperation of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, and approved in the framework of the cross-border cooperation program Italy-Albania-Montenegro. The total funds provided for this project are 190,000 EUR.

10 Dec 2018, 21:21 PM

10 December 2018 - Destination management organisations not only need to motivate potential visitors before they come to the location but ensure their overall impression of the journey is maximised with sufficient reasons to remember the experience and “tell the tales” about it once they return home. Tourists want information in the palm of their hand, ahead of the holiday and as soon as they arrive in a city.

Technology advancement has created the possibility to present travel tours and landscapes using mobile applications. Such applications not only make this information accessible from anywhere in the world but also give the opportunity to everyone to surface information about the tourist routes, to check the tourist infrastructure facilities, examine history, culture and natural monuments, make a tour/hotel booking in online etc.

An available and straightforward one-application-only solution that contains all the information visitors want to know encourages further exploration and discovery of the destination.

During last weekend, Tourist Organization of Tivat released the mobile application “Visit Tivat,” which offers plenty information on all current topics of interest to tourists when planning to visit this city and during the visit. The application was made in Montenegrin and English. “-What to see; -where to eat; -where to stay; -what to do; -what is Tivat known for “are just some of the questions answered by the newly released application. One of its advantages is that you can use the app offline as well.

Visit Tivat Mobile Application 1

“Visit Tivat mobile guide also has an integrated map function to enable you to visualise your itinerary, get directions and see where places of interest are located. In essence, this is Tivat’s guide on your mobile phone,” explains the developer within the Play Store description of the application.

Within the mobile application, Tourist Organization has highlighted all events and special offers to make the tour around the gem of the Montenegrin coast exciting and memorable for all tourists. The main goal of the “Visit Tivat” application is to provide information for the exploration of the city and remind the tourists why they want to come back again and share the experience with friends and family.

The next project which TO Tivat will work on is the implementation of other foreign languages for the mobile application as well as for the interactive display (a project initiated in 2017).

For now, the application is available to Android users only. You can download the app here.

10 Dec 2018, 11:48 AM
December 10, 2018 - Are you coming to Montenegro by train? Of course, this is only possible from Belgrade. It is the only international railway connection to Montenegro, which does not have a well-developed railway network on its territory. However, here is some useful information if you’re traveling by train to Montenegro.
You can travel by train from Podgorica to Bar and Niksic, as well as to Bijelo Polje within the regular railway traffic line with Belgrade. Apart from these cities, the railway station also exists in Sutomore.
The railway line Belgrade - Bar was built in 1976 and is one of the most difficult in Europe for exploitation. On the part of the strip through Montenegro, daily works are carried out to ensure a safer and faster movement of trains and increase the quality of service. The Montenegrin railway infrastructure, with its 825 employees, regulates traffic and maintains the railway, railway lines, contact networks, and power plant facilities. Most of the workshops, depots, and facilities for wagons and locomotives services are the same age as the railway, so for investments in vehicle maintenance, Montenegro engages companies from Serbia, Romania, Croatia, and Slovenia. The wagons and locomotives at the disposal of Montenegrin Railways' belong to the category of older vehicles. That sai, rail transport is not the best option for traveling through Montenegro.
Rail transport is significantly cheaper than buses or air transport. However, be armed with patience and bring some good books. Especially for the winter months, there are usually multiple delays on this line, primarily due to the scarcity of resources and possible weather conditions.
Still, the situation on our tracks has slightly improved. According to the reports available at the Montenegrin Railways website, the delays are all the better and are not as long-lasting. Also, some significant investments, supported by European Funds, are being announced to improve the railway infrastructure.
In cooperation with NGO "European Youth Center," Montenegro's Railway Transport has become one of the partners of the "European Youth Card" project (EYCA). This cooperation implies that young people (students) who are beneficiaries of the European Youth Card when traveling on Montenegro's lines will have the opportunity of a 50% discount on a regular ticket price. The European Youth Card is a benefit card for young people that allow young people to use over 100 cuts in Montenegro and over 70,000 discounts across Europe. Seat reservations in 1st and 2nd-grade classes for international trains is mandatory and is  €3.
In the commercial sense, Montenegro's Railway Transport offers a whole range of privileges that passengers can use: for groups of 6 and more passengers, they are allowed discount ticket prices by 30%, for groups of 12 and more passengers it is 50%. Children 6 to 14 years old pay 50% of the discounted adult fare. Children up to the age of 6 travel free of charge if traveling with someone with a ticket. For groups of more than 20 passengers, use of the sleeping and tasting room is possible with a 20% discount.
In addition to this, passengers can also use other travel options at discounted rates in international rail traffic. Passengers could opt for the BALKAN FLEXIPASS package, which offers the possibility of traveling by rail to Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, the Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina at very favorable prices.
Unfortunately, you cannot get to your tickets in Montenegro online. It is necessary that you go to one of the branches of Montenegrin Railways. The only agency offering ticket booking services for rail transport is in Ulcinj.
Podgorica + 38220 / 441-209; 441-003
Sutomore + 38230 / 301-692
Bar + 38230 / 301-619; 301-624
Bijelo Polje + 38250 / 478-560
Nikšić + 38269 / 363-582; + 38240 / 211-912
09 Dec 2018, 21:53 PM
December 9, 2018 - San Giovanni, the fortress of Kotor, is one of the most fascinating segments of the architectural heritage of Boka Bay and one of the Montenegrin cultural monuments of the most significant interest of tourists. Besides the fact that it is a masterpiece of defense architecture, San Giovanni equally fascinates with breathtaking views over the Old town of Kotor and the surrounding area. 
san giovanni 63
Together with the old town and its natural surroundings, the fortifications were inscribed in the list of World Heritage Sites in 1979 labeled Natural and Cultural-Historical Region of Kotor. The fortified city of Kotor, including San Giovanni, was also included in UNESCO's World Heritage Site list as part of Venetian Works of Defence between 15th and 17th centuries.  
san giovanni 33
San Giovanni is an idyllic destination for a half-day trip, an opportunity to indulge yourself in a light mountain-hiking tour, but also to take some photos to try to preserve fascination, which nature here, supported by a skilled builder, offers literally on every step.
san giovanni 48
The San Giovanni hill rises over Kotor to about 280 meters above sea level. The name originates from the church of the same name, which was first mentioned in 1440 and was located in the main fortress at the very top, and it was dedicated to St. John the Baptist and served for the needs of the army, which guarded the city walls. The total length of the rampart is over four kilometers, a thickness of two to sixteen meters, and the height reaches some places up to twenty meters. Walls climb along San Giovanni's hill like the snakes and curve, adapting to the murky shape of the rocks, demonstrating an exceptional building technique, which still admonishes today, despite the no-go-lucky condition of the ramparts and forts. The project for reconstruction of the fortress of Kotor is still not systematically and systematically implemented, although much has recently been said about the necessity of an emergency action to rehabilitate and preserve this exceptional monument of culture.
san giovanni 19
The fortress and the ramparts, the fortified complex was created for centuries, and the beginning of the construction of the city walls was linked to the Roman Emperor Justinian in the 6th century. The integrated old fortification system that protected the medieval town of Kotor contains ramparts, towers, citadels, gates, bastions, forts, cisterns, a castle, and ancillary buildings and structures, that incorporate military architecture of Illyria, Byzantium, Venice, and Austria. The majority of actual appearance and form came during the XV to the XVII century, so that for Kotor's fortress is considered of the most powerful that Venice has built in its Adriatic lands.
san giovanni 80
On the way to the top, somewhere halfway, there is a famous sanctuary, earlier called the Our Lady of Rest, and from the other half of the XVII century of Our Lady of Health celebrating November 21st. In the church is the tomb of the famous Kotor's family Bolica and in front of the church count Anton Lukovic's tomb. Our Lady of Health is an ecumenical sanctuary, which on this holiday is equally visited by Orthodox and Catholics, residents of Kotor.
san giovanni 1
The fact is that San Giovanni fortress is not in a good state, but in this condition it fascinates by the harmony of architecture, the skill of the building hand, the resistance of the dry-stone path, which, stays along the most part of the road against rainwater and the tooth of time over 500 years.

San Giovanni Excursion Useful Tips:

Entrance to San Giovanni is 3 euros.
Take a sunny day for an excursion to San Giovanni. It is not pleasant when it rains because there are not many places where you could hide.
san giovanni 34
Be sure you are in proper walking shoes. It will not hurt you to bring mountaineering shoes if you own them. Although the road is not in bad condition and safe, it is a high slope of the terrain, and the stone path has been thrown out for ages.
san giovanni 72
Do not take a trip to San Giovanni without water. There is no other way to heal your thirst.
san giovanni 87
As we all walk with mobile phones, we do not need to remind you to take a camera. San Giovanni hill, that in a tectonic movement disobeyed the wild sides of Lovcen and overtook the deepest bay of Boka Bay, together with the fortress of San Giovanni, for centuries, forcing the ancient Kotor, just place you in the position of a participant who wants to keep the impression forever. We all have illusion photos could help.
san giovanni 18
09 Dec 2018, 20:38 PM

09 December 2018 - The street food industry has always been present but has never enjoyed such publicity and glory as it does today. Every day people are increasingly looking for a quick and cheap meal which is the main offer of portable booths and other catering facilities of the kind. Street food vending offer includes a various selection of ready-to-eat meals, snacks, fruits, and drinks.

The administration of Kotor Municipality recognized the convenience of ready-to-eat food or drink sold by a hawker, or vendor, in a street or other public place to tourists. The Directorate for Development and Construction of Kotor has published a public call for lease for temporary use of portable booths for sale of cakes, pastries, “ruštule” (appetizer often served in Bay of Kotor), crepes, sausages, small fish and shellfish, French fries, boiled wine and other hot and cold drinks at the location of the city promenade. Street food is generally convenient and cheap and quite simple regarding preparation and ingredients. Still, the few bites eaten on the streets of an exciting destination is often a perfect way to sample some authentic local cuisine.

Street Food in Kotor for the Holidays3

As stated in the public call, the term for issuing a portable booth is from December 14, 2018, to January 20, 2019. This means that people from Kotor, as well as tourists from the country and abroad, will be able to enjoy freshly made home specialties from Kotor and from all over Montenegro. The number of booths is limited, which means that only the very best vendors can secure a place there. It is especially worth a visit during the holiday seasons, since Kotor offers rich New Year programme (you can read about it here). Come hungry as the food stalls will offer delicious food and you’ll certainly want to pop into a nearby pub for a pint at the end!

Working hours are set in advance, from 10 am to 9 pm, except on December 30, December 31, January 1 and January 2, when the working time is extended to 1 am.

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