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11 June 2019 - Budva Beer Fest, a recently launched and very popular musical event in Montenegro, will take place from June 14 to 16 at the Lugovi Stadium (FK Mogren). The list of performers at the festival includes big regional stars of rock & roll, pop and mainstream music, reports News Agency RTV Budva. The organizers aim for this event to become one of the biggest events in the region, which will bring renowned music stars of the world to the audience in Montenegro.

"Held at the beginning of each summer season in Montenegro, this event has great potential to reveal the beauty of the Budva Riviera to the generations of new young guests from the region and the world, to achieve a good economic result, but also to offer quality entertainment content to the citizens of Montenegro and the region," says the official announcement by the organizers.

Budva Beer Fest Starts Friday June 14 Full Program and Timetable Announced 2

The strategic partners of the project are the Municipality of Budva and the Tourist Organization of Budva.

At the press conference held in the municipal building of Budva, on the occasion of organizing the popular music event, it was announced that by launching this project, Budva is trying to be competitive in the field of organizing economic events as well as entertainment tourism, which today makes a significant part of the regional tourist market. The Budva Beer Fest will gather people of all generations from the country and the region, quality performers of pop and rock music, some of them, world famous. Thus, this festival should mark the beginning of the peak part of the tourist season.

According to the organizers of the festival, 60,000 people are expected at the Stadium Lugovi, FC Mogren. The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the music of the most popular performers of the region in three days, such as Plavi orkestar, Riblja čorba, Zabranjeno pušenje, Psihomodo pop, Who see, Brkovi, Tropico bend, YU grupa and Ortodox Celts.

Budva Beer Fest Starts Friday June 14 Full Program and Timetable Announced 3

The complete program and timetable of Budva Beer Fest is shown below.

Budva Beer Fest 2019


19:00h Tribute band
20:00h Budva City Orchestra
21:00h Željko Joksimović
23:00h Orthodox Celts
00:00h Hladno pivo


20:00h Loup Garula Blues
21:00h Plavi Orkestar
23:00h Yu Grupa
00:00h Brkovi
01:00h Dejan Petrović and Big band


19:00h Tribute band
20:00h Tropiko bend
21:00h Riblja čorba
23:00h Psihomodo pop
00:00h Zabranjeno pušenje
01:00h Who See

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10 June 2019 - The Director of the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro, Predrag Jelušić, presented a total of 29 Blue Flags to various swimming areas (beaches) and one to Marina Bar, which is the only marina in Montenegro that has this prestigious ecological feature, reports National Tourism Organization of Montenegro.

The iconic Blue Flag is one of the world’s most recognised voluntary eco-labels awarded to beaches, marinas, and sustainable boating tourism operators. In order to qualify for the Blue Flag, a series of stringent environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility criteria must be met and maintained.

29 Beaches Meet the Criteria For Blue Flag in Montenegro in 2019

The Blue Flag program has been implemented in Montenegro since 2003 when NGO "EKOM" became an associate member of the Foundation for Environmental Education and thus acquired the right to be the National Operator for Montenegro. PE for Coastal Zone Management immediately recognized the importance of the Blue Flag and from the very beginning became the general sponsor and supporter of the Program, which is one of the most important activities related to the responsible management of the coast and beaches.

The Blue Flag is awarded for the current season based on the results from the previous season, which are assessed by the National Commission consisting of the representatives of the relevant Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management, the Red Cross of Montenegro, the Port Management, and the environmental NGOs. At the beginning of each year, they review the statements and reports of beach tenants and analyse the fulfilment of 32 criteria in the area of ​​safety and services on beaches, quality of seawater and environmental activities, regardless of the number of years spent in the Program.

29 Beaches Meet the Criteria For Blue Flag in Montenegro in 2019 2

Based on the proposal of the National Commission, each year the international jury awards certain swimming areas (beaches) with the Blue Flag. The jury gathers and makes the decisions in Copenhagen each year at the end of May. Members of the international jury are representatives of renowned institutions such as the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), the International Rescue Organization (IRC), the UN Environment Program, The International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) and others.

Blue Flag Awarding is based on meeting the criteria in four basic areas: ecological education and information, water quality, ecological management and safety and service. For beaches, from 2017, it is necessary to comply with 33 criteria, out of which 28 are imperative and 5 are recommended. Some of the necessary criteria are: ecological and educational activities, highlighted map of the beach with marked different contents, compliance with requirements and standards regarding frequency of sampling of sea water, fulfilling requirements and standards in terms of microbiological, physical and chemical parameters of sea water, sanitary facilities with controlled drainage, emergency response plans etc.

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09 June 2019 - Digital collages, entitled Final Solution by Belgrade artist Đorđe Arnaut, are open to visitors of Herceg Novi and guests of this town at the Sue Ryder Gallery in the Old Town, starting from June 08. The exhibition was opened by art historian Kristina Milatović, according to Radio Jadran.

"Arnaut is finalizing research in the field of digital graphics with the Final Solution exhibition, and conceives the work as a brutal critique of social reality in recent years and decades, with particular reference to the effects it had on art and contemporary culture in its widest sense," as stated in the art catalog by historian, Sanja Todosijević.

Arnaut graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, Department of Sculpture in Space and Architecture. He participated in a large number of independent and group exhibitions starting off at Novi Sad, Belgrade, Trebinje, all the way to Ferara and Palermo. His works are mostly located in the area of ​​towns such as Kikinda, Apatin, Zrenjanin, Plav, Palama, Jahorina and Belgrade.

Among numerous awards and recognitions, Arnaut is also a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje, at the Balaton Salon in Hungary, at the Spring Salon in Zemun, the Golden Chair of ULUS (Association of Contemporary Artists of Serbia), but also the winner of the annual award of this association and plaque for 1995, 2000 and 2003.

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June 7, 2019 - Hotel Regent's Murano Restaurant has launched the new menu for the summer season, inspired by Adriatic and its connections with inland Montenegro. While the coast brings freshness, mountains give a warm touch, allowing us to fulfill a simple, but vibrant gastro tradition of this country which for centuries has been a meeting point of East and West and can be best seen on our tables today.
Željko Knezović, Food and Beverage Manager of Regent Porto Montenegro, explains that the new menu features dishes that are rich in flavor, bright in color and presented to perfection. 
"We would highly recommend the Beetroot Risotto, Smoked Octopus Buzara, and the Three-color Linguine topped with fresh shrimps, peach and fresh summer truffles. Ideal for meat lovers, Murano offers an excellent choice of rabbit, duck and succulent Wagyu beef, originated from Chile. Firmly requested by guests, Regent has kept a selection of classic dishes on the menu, which have been reinvented for the summer menu with a creative twist. For example, the original Caprese Salad has been deconstructed, transforming from a salad to an impressive appetizer, with cream of buffalo mozzarella, tomato, and basil ice cream. My recommendation is our local red mullet – a fish of specific taste, which is also an integral part of the culinary heritage of Montenegro," suggests Regent Porto Montenegro F&B Manager, Željko Knezović.   
The food that will be served in the Murano Restaurant is based on the Mediterranean cuisine with a touch from the inland. It represents a combination of traditional tastes on this area and modern culinary technologies, local foods, and holistic food access, emphasizes the Murano Chef, Marko Živković. "The Murano Restaurant's menu brings you the avant-garde and the Montenegrin cultural heritage, expressed through traditional dishes, with the skill, care, and love of our chefs."
As a model of the world's best restaurants, Regent's Murano Restaurant introduced the Chef's Table inside the kitchen area to give guests a chance to meet their creative center. It is about removing the barrier and providing guests with the opportunity to experience gastronomy on the spot, uncover the secrets of Murano's cuisine, participate in the preparation of food, and enjoy the moments dedicated to them only.
"At the heart of the culinary philosophy, we take our guest's enjoyment and the intent to give them a chance to enjoy food with all their senses. The "local yet global" philosophy implies the presentation of local products and local culinary traditions in a different way, tailored to the requirements of an international guest. At the same time, we are equally devoted to the fact that residents who visit the Murano restaurant and try some of the dishes can proudly note that this is our local cuisine but is told in the manner of the best gourmet chefs." 
Marko says the new menu started with the research of Montenegrin gastronomy, which connects two completely different cultures from North to South. He intended to present a combination of the freshness of the Adriatic and the warmth of the North in combination with delicacies from the world, which Prince Nicholas had brought to Cetinje already in 1907 to present at his castle.
"With a new approach, a lot of love and dedication, we did our best to create a new dimension of the local gastro offer.  So, for example,"Composition" - Eggs, onions, and goat's cheese is a dish in which curiosity won with science, "Forest" is a dish that represents the centuries-old tradition of hunting for the forests of Montenegro.
As Jean Anthelme says:
"The number of flavors is infinite, for every soluble body has a particular flavor that is unlike any other." Right here we come to our focus - introducing our guests to the spell of flavor and taking them to an unforgettable journey that will create a memory," explains one of the authors of the new Murano Restaurant's menu, Marko Živković.
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06 June 2019 - Montenegro is undoubtedly a hidden gem in Eastern Europe. This tiny Balkan country is nestled between Croatia’s Dalmatian coast and Albania and is a perfect place for families who enjoy exploring lesser-known destinations. The rugged coastlines, quaint villages and epic mountains are sure to capture your heart. Lindsey Bybee visited this beautiful country with her kids and is sharing 5 of her favorite family-friendly Montenegro experiences.

As explained by Bybee, parents who visit Montenegro will love the beautiful beaches, kid-friendly hiking opportunities, affordability, old-world architecture and great seafood! Their children will also be entertained by boat rides and can enjoy warm seawater, wandering through car-free streets and chatting with friendly locals.

Bybee also emphasized that, according to her preference, the best time to visit Montenegro with kids is during the spring or fall season, because this is a great way to avoid the summer beach crowds. Lindsey created a small guide where she carefully described her adventure in Montenegro with her family through five experiences that left the biggest impression on her.

Lindsey Bybee A Beginners Guide to Montenegro With Kids BUDVA


Budva is Montenegro’s most popular destination for travelers, and for a good reason. This medieval city is not only filled with history but is also home to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches. Make sure to check out the picturesque walkway along the rocky coast, where you can get a great view of the walled city itself. It’s a great people-watching spot as well. During the summer, your little ones will love watching some of the local kids and teenagers diving off of the nearby rocks into the water below. The walk also leads to the more secluded Mogren Beach, which is one of Budva’s best spots to relax in the sand.

Lindsey Bybee A Beginners Guide to Montenegro With Kids KOTOR


Surrounded by dark mountains, Kotor is one of Montenegro’s most stunning cities. The cobblestone streets, medieval architecture and UNESCO World Heritage Site status make Kotor a must-see for travelers. If your little ones love animals, they’re in for a treat too! Kotor is known for its resident cats that can be found all over the city. Children will love seeing their furry friends around every corner. There are even shops where the proceeds from souvenir purchases will go to feed and care for the local cats.

Lindsey Bybee A Beginners Guide to Montenegro With Kids SVETI STEFAN


When creating your Montenegro itinerary, plan to spend a day near the magical little island of Sveti Stefan. The island itself is home to a luxury resort and is only accessible to hotel guests (though, you can make a restaurant reservation on the island to get there as well), but the views of the island from a distance are stunning too. The nearby beaches are pristine, and not crowded at all. Kids will enjoy sitting in the water and searching through the pebbles for pretty rocks and shells.

Lindsey Bybee A Beginners Guide to Montenegro With Kids FOOD


When in Montenegro, eat as the Montenegrins do! The whole family will love trying some of the local eats. Cevapcici, which is basically small grilled sausages, is a Balkan favorite and will be popular with the little ones. They usually come with french fries, which are always a crowd-pleaser too! If you happen to find yourself in Sveti Stefan, take your family for a meal at the restaurant Olive Tree. It’s right next to a playground and is on the water. The pleasant ambiance, great views, friendly staff, and yummy food will make it a great dining experience for kids and parents alike.

Lindsey Bybee A Beginners Guide to Montenegro With Kids SS


Want to check out some beautiful views and get in a little exercise? A hike up the city walls is a can’t-miss when visiting Kotor. While not too strenuous, it is worth wearing a good pair of walking shoes, as there are many steps and a lot of loose rocks along the way. The views from the top make it worth the effort!

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06 June 2019 - The Srdelada 2019 Gastro Fest, an event organized by NGO Feral, will be held on Friday at 08.30 pm at the Palm Square, in Budva's Old Town.

Srdelada 2019 is an event that promotes the Mediterranean, local cuisine, and it includes the tasting of various dishes whose basic ingredient is the sardine (Montenegrin: srdela, sardina). Sardines take a prominent place in the cultural history of Budva and the Mediterranean and is known to the people as the food for the poor because, in the times of hunger and scarcity, it was a basic food available and affordable to most people. At the time, the citizens of Budva often prepared sardines with salt, because salted sardines could remain fresh for a long time. Still, various recipes were designed with sardine being the main ingredient so that the locals would not get bored eating the same dish every day.

By organizing this event, NGO Feral puts sardines on the throne of the Mediterranean gastronomy, giving it a place it deserves. Also, emphasis is placed on local gastronomy, special ingredients and methods of preparation, all of which Budva should nurture in order to preserve its authenticity and recognition, as well as to cultivate cultural heritage. Sardine dishes will be prepared by students of High School Danilo Kiš.

As reported by RTV Budva, the event will include the performance of the local band Škuribanda, which will complement the entire event and the coastal atmosphere. Also, the NGO Feral organized the screening of the film Welcome to Budva from 1963, as well as the performance directed by the members of the NGO Feral which is entitled Welcome to Budva 2019.

The institutions, organizations and companies that supported the event include the Municipality of Budva, the companies Rokler and Sanraf, Talas M, branding agency Unibrand, studio Pixap, Utility Company Budva, Parking service Budva, Mediteran reklame enteprise, Tourist Organization of Budva, distribution company NTC, Cogimar, Montenegrin Cinematheque and High School Danilo Kiš.

The Srdelada Gastro Feast has been held for two years in a row, and the event was very well visited and received positive reviews from both locals and guests who had the opportunity to taste and feel the spirit of Budva as an authentic Mediterranean place.

NGO Feral has been active since 2015 and has been promoting the Mediterranean cultural heritage, empowering the local community and supporting the development of young people through various forms of artistic and cultural expression, the organization of exhibitions, performances, music events and literary-poetry evenings. The NGO Feral was awarded by the Interpret Europe organization, and it was included in examples of good practice in the interpretation of heritage, according to the criterion of the involvement of the local community.

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06 June 2019 - On June 2 and 3, the Tourist Organization of Bar had the opportunity to host two groups of journalists from France and Israel, who travelled to this city in order to learn about its tourism offer.

According to their recently published report, the Tourist Organization of Bar hosted French journalists from Le Temps dꞌun Voyage,, Mag Centre, La Quotidienne and

The group of journalists who came from Israel included representatives of the Ynet website, Passport media group, Yedioth Ahronoth, Mako, Walla website, Israel Hayom, as well as managers and the vice president of marketing and sales of Israir Airlines & Tourism.

Journalists from France and Israel Charmed by Tourism Offer of Bar 2

During this study visit, the journalists visited: Old Bar, Old Olive, and National Park Skadar Lake. A local tourist guide presented the cultural and historical landmarks of Old Bar to the French and Israeli guests. They were especially interested in the aqueduct, clock tower, numerous churches from various epochs, the St. Nicholas Monastery, the main gate, the Citadel as well as the hamam.

In addition to the prominent cultural and historical features of the city, representatives of the French media were able to get acquainted with the gastronomic offer of this area. They were very eager to observe the process of cooking Turkish coffee at Kaldrma restaurant in Old Bar. At their request, the journalists were given an opportunity to conduct an interview with the owner of this restaurant, where they were introduced more closely to the way of living that took place in this charming settlement.

Journalists from France and Israel Charmed by Tourism Offer of Bar 3

In addition to Old Bar, the French and Israeli media also visited the Old Olive in Mirovica. They were introduced to the old local custom of walking three circles around the olive tree for good health, happiness, and love.

During their visit to Virpazar, the journalists were directed to the Visitors’ Centre where they got acquainted with the natural and cultural resources of the Skadar Lake. They were introduced to the possibilities of spending an active holiday in the National Park Skadar Lake, with an emphasis on pedestrian routes, biking trails, and special wine routes. The guests were charmed by the cruise on Skadar Lake, as well as with the hospitality of the tourist guides and the locals.

Journalists from France and Israel Charmed by Tourism Offer of Bar

The Cultural Centre of Bar Municipality provided free entrance to all the locations the guests wanted to visit, while the Tourist Organization of Bar took care of the complete organization of the visit to the territory of the Bar Municipality and of the distribution of propaganda material.

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04 June 2019 - Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Budva has recently posted an official statement, announcing that five seasonal information points are open starting June 4, 2019:

1. Info point CENTRE (In the hall of the Institute for the construction of Budva);

2. Info point PRŽNO (at the very entrance to the Miločer park, near the Hotel Maestral);

3. Info point RAFAILOVIĆI (Jadranski put, near the turn which leads to Rafailovići);

4.Info point CRVENA KOMUNA PETROVAC (In the hall of the Crvena Komuna in Petrovac);

5. Info Point BEČIĆI (Jadranski put, across the hotel Splendid, Boreti).

Business hours of the aforementioned info points are from 08.00 am - 08.00 pm.

The Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Budva has two permanent information centres located in the Old Town – Njegoševa Street no. 28 and the info point in front of the Municipal building.

From May to October, seasonal info points also opened at various locations in the city as well as in Jaz, Bečići, Rafailovići, Pržno, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac and Buljarica.

At the information centres, visitors are offered free tourist maps of the city, brochures and promotional materials on the tourist offer of Budva, as well as other service, tourist and useful information. Guest check-in and cancellations can be made at all currently open points.

All foreign nationals and Montenegrin citizens without registered residence in Montenegro are obliged to apply for residence within 24 hours of their entry into Montenegro. If individuals are staying at a registered private accommodation or hotel, the accommodation provider is obliged to do this for them within 12 hours of the hour of their arrival. A foreigner who resides in Montenegro for tourist purposes, and does not use the services of the accommodation provider, can apply for residence registration in tourist information centres.

The direct payment periods of the residence tax are:

1. Info point CRVENA KOMUNA PETROVAC 08.00 am - 5.00 pm

2. Info point RAFAILOVIĆI 08.00 am - 05.20 pm

3. Info point CENTRE 08.00 am - 05.40 pm.

There are currently 10 information points in Budva, out of which seven have the option to directly pay the residence tax, and the eighth - the information point Old City, offers tourists the possibility to directly pay the entrance fee to the Old City Budva.

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02 June 2019 - Connections from Barcelona to the Balkans are becoming even more diverse as Ryanair launches a new route to Podgorica in June.

The good news for fans of the Catalan capital is that flights from and to Podgorica will be maintained throughout the year.

As TMN reported earlier, Montenegrin Airports have invested enormous effort to establish the direct airline Podgorica - Barcelona, bearing in mind the fact that the Pyrenees peninsula is one of the most significant markets in Europe.

"As I said earlier, we took a proactive approach and established contact with companies within markets that we think are not open enough. One of the most important markets is the Pyrenees peninsula and having in mind all factors, we decided to do everything to establish the direct line Podgorica - Barcelona," Danilo Orlandić, Montenegro Airports’ executive director said in an interview for CdM.

Podgorica – Barcelona flights will launch on June 6 and run once per week, each Thursday, until October 6, after which the route will be maintained twice per week, on Thursdays and Sundays. This marks Ryanair's second new service to the Montenegrin capital this year, following Bologna. Further flight details can be found at the ExYu Aviation Website.

As CdM learns, the significance of this line is enormous, as Podgorica Airport will be the only airport in the region that will be connected to Barcelona throughout the year. Other airports have seasonal lines with the capital of Catalonia, so Podgorica will be the point of uniting this part of Europe with Barcelona outside the season.

This is the first direct airline linking Montenegro and Spain.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

02 Jun 2019, 00:48 AM

01 June 2019 - Starting this summer, Montenegrin beaches will receive a guide in the form of an offline android application. The Enjoy Montenegro Coast: Offline Guide is intended primarily for tourists and visitors of the Montenegrin coast, to make it easier to choose the desired beach, but also to locals who want to get to know the Montenegrin coast as reported by the Public Enterprise for the Coastal Zone of Montenegro.

"The application contains a user-friendly offline map with information about the selected beach, marina or protected area on the coast," said representatives of the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone of Montenegro

When choosing a beach, the application will calculate precise mileage from the current location of the user, and then draw the shortest route to the destination.

In the drop-down menu, the user can single out the beaches or marinas with prestigious ecological recognition of the Blue Flag, and there are 30 of those in Montenegro. At all times, the user can check the quality of seawater at around 100 different bathing places along the Montenegrin Coast.

The application was created by the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone of Montenegro, which manages Montenegrin beaches and coastal infrastructure (marinas, ports, pier, berths).

Enjoy Montenegro Coast: Offline Guide android application can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store. Once downloaded, the application functions in the offline mode, that is, no internet connection is required for its use, as explained by the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone of Montenegro.

01 Jun 2019, 00:39 AM

June 1, 2019 - Within the first quarter of the year, the hotel Regent Porto Montenegro realized 10% growth, indicating a positive upward trend already for 2019. Within the core tourist season, the number of the reservations is still on the same level as last year, said Regent’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Ivan Rudolf Gajić.

The leisure segment has been a significant focus for the hotel’s Sales and Marketing team, with the aim to support the 2019 Spring and Summer seasons. Regent’s representatives held over 300 meetings with sales calls hosted in Europe, Middle East, Russia, and the UK.

Regent Porto Montenegro’s presence in the European luxury travel market has been highlighted further with the attendance at ITB Berlin, IHG Expo in London and Traveller Made - Essence of Luxury Travel in Marbella. The sales team initiated and completed sales calls internationally to Istanbul, GCC road show with Claviger agency as well as in Dubai, Moscow, St Petersburg in Russia and London and Chester in the UK.

“Amour Europe Vienna and Annual DWP Congress Dubai were both attended with the aim to promote Regent and Montenegro as the ideal wedding destination. With 64 meetings completed in total, the outcomes of these two visits have already seen a larger volume of interest and a higher number of confirmed weddings in 2020,” said Ivan Rudolf Gajić, hosting yesterday the meeting with local journalists of Tivat.

“Throughout all these fairs it is fantastic to hear that Montenegro is already well known and respected as a destination delivering quality to visitors,” Gajic was happy to emphasize. 

The most important markets for Regent Porto Montenegro, according to the number of arrivals, remain Great Britain, USA, and Russia.

“Within the core tourist season, the number of reservations is on the same level as last year. Given that the weather forecast has not been as favorable so far this year; guests from our traditional markets have been enquiring but hesitating to make reservations, rather waiting to confirm concrete plans. This conveys the changing dynamic of holiday-makers in general, who now choose to delay their plans and make last minute reservations,” marks Ivan Rudolf Gajić, adding: “The last year was a record one and it is always a challenge to continue the growth in that manner however we plan to complete the business goals fully. Until the end of the year, we expect to achieve a rise of 10 % and conclude the business year."

Regent Porto Montenegro Management is also very satisfied with MICE segment growth, as well as incentive travel bookings, contributing the extraordinary results in the first and second quarter of the year.

In October this year, the hotel and the Porto Montenegro marina will host a Private Luxury Forum which gathers the most eminent agencies that are in charge of sales and promotion of the luxury travels. Porto Montenegro will welcome the top influencers, innovators, and visionaries of the luxury industry.

“We will host 85 agents who will list Montenegro, a hugely positive sales promotion for Montenegro as a destination. Additionally, around 100 representatives of the luxury brands will attend the Forum. Attendees will enjoy a tailored program of activities to show off the destination, which will include sailing through the Boka Bay with Jadran school ship, visit of the national parks and other activities that encompass outdoors and active tourism. We believe that this is a great opportunity and a worthwhile investment in the process of the positioning of Montenegro as the luxury tourism destination with the ultimate aim of achieving the desired positive business results in the years to come,” Ivan Rudolf Gajić explained.

Regent Porto Montenegro continues investing in emerging markets of GCC countries and Israel in order to position Montenegro as an attractive choice as a leisure destination, with a particular focus on Saudi Arabia and UAE.

“We have a specific representative who actively contributes toward the promotion of Montenegro and Regent Hotel. During our participation at the ATM in Dubai in April this year as part of the IHG stand, we learnt that the main challenge is the lack of direct flights. Thankfully, the cities of the neighboring countries such as Sarajevo, do have direct flights to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, making travel at least possible for this market. Saudi Arabia is our best market within GCC and we hope that the future negotiations of the government and airports of Montenegro will be successful so that will be directly linked with this market in the near future,” says Gajić.

Israel is also an important market for Regent. “Given the direct flights from Tel Aviv to Tivat, we believe this market will see good growth and that there is strong potential for the positioning of Montenegro as a key luxury destination for tourists from the region, whilst the offer of hotel Regent can be extremely attractive to the HNW guests specifically,” concluded Gajić.

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