18 May 2019, 02:26 AM

17 May 2019 - Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy and Financial System Milutin Simović gave an introductory speech at the event Rising Destinations 2019 - Montenegro organised by the Southeast Europe Business Development Network (SEEBDN) and Grimex Consult, in partnership with the Austrian media company "Die Presse" in Vienna.

The economic delegation of Montenegro, headed by President of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro Vlastimir Golubović, presented the economic opportunities, resources, and investment projects and potentials of Montenegro. After several business forums held in the previous period, it was a good opportunity to make direct contacts between Austrian investors and Montenegrin companies.

Montenegrin famous football player and President of the Football Association of Montenegro Dejan Savicević also took part in the event. 

DPM Simović thanked the Austrian companies for their numerous presence at the Rising Destinations 2019 - Montenegro event, which shows a significant interest in cooperation with Montenegro and Montenegrin companies and business people. He told the Austrian business people that nowadays Montenegro is a modern, democratic, open, politically stable, multi-confessional and civil state, a member of NATO, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank and all relevant international political and economic organizations.

Rising Destinations 2019 Montenegro Held in Vienna Austria

The Deputy Prime Minister presented very good growth indicators of the Montenegrin economy in the past three years, and the fact that Montenegro is among the countries of Europe that achieve the highest GDP growth, and among the fastest growing economies of the Western Balkans and Southeast Europe. 

DPM Simović informed the participants about the projects Montenegro is implementing in the field of transport infrastructure, which connect us better with the region and key European markets, as well as the leading project in this area – the motorway from Bar to the border with Serbia.

"By placing a submarine power cable to Italy and building new energy sources, we become an energy hub in Southeast Europe," Simović said.

The Deputy Prime Minister invited Austrian importers and food companies to pay attention to Montenegrin organic products and establish cooperation with Montenegrin producers and sellers, noting that the high-quality products from Montenegro will definitely find their place in the Austrian market.

Speaking about Montenegro's strategic goals, DPM Simović said that full membership in the EU is the next state goal.

"We believe that we will be the first next member of this most advanced club of developed countries. Montenegro is an open country, ready to cooperate with all countries of the world, especially when it comes to projects that have economic justification and bring benefits to our citizens," Simović emphasised.

Secretary of the Secretariat for Development Projects Dejan Medojević, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro Vlastimir Golubović and numerous Montenegrin companies gave presentation at the event Rising Destination 2019 – Montenegro.

On this occasion, the media company "Die Presse" published a special content on Montenegro in print and online edition.

18 May 2019, 02:01 AM

17 May 2019 - An exhibition of drawings by Uroš Tošković, a homage to one of the most prominent Montenegrin artists, will be symbolically opened at the Gayo Gallery in Porto Montenegro on Tuesday, May 21 at 8 pm.

Uroš Tošković was a Montenegrin and Yugoslav painter and draftsman. Tošković is considered one of the world's best painters of the 20th century according to many art critics from Europe and beyond.

Uroš Tošković was born in a low-income family in the village of Pelev Brijeg, and in the Bratonožići region of Montenegro, which was then part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. After moving to Cetinje, Tošković enrolled in the Art School, which was later transferred to Herceg Novi, where he graduated in 1952, in the class led by Petar Lubarda and Milo Milunović. Then he moved to Belgrade, where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1956, in the class mentored by Marko Čelebonović. During the studies in Belgrade, Tošković partnered with Dado Đurić, Olja Ivanjicki and others, forming the alternative artist group Mediala in 1953.

In 1956, he moved to Paris, after receiving a French government scholarship for the École des Beaux-Arts, where he graduated under the mentorship of Maurice Brianchon. He lived and worked in Paris until 1976, leading an ascetic and bohemian lifestyle, occasionally living like a vagabond. In 1976, he moved from Paris to Belgrade, and since 1996 he has resided in the Montenegrin coastal town of Bar. He gained recognition in his homeland, and in 1987 he received the 13th July Award, the highest civil award issued by the Government of Montenegro. Tošković died on 3 March 2019 at the age of 86.

As journalist Jelena Kontić reports, his drawings won over the Paris art critics and painters, who mostly had the opinion that Uroš Tošković was the best graphic artist in the world. For 20 years, he lived in Paris, where he met the greatest artists at the time, such as Picasso, Dali, Sartre, and Ionesco. It is an anecdote that Picasso wanted to buy one of his drawings, but Tošković replied: "I am too expensive for you".

Art historian and art critic Anastazija Miranović described Uroš Tošković as the "incomprehensible, unadapted, frightening creator, and this is shown in his work. Uroš does not copy anyone with his drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations. His words, opinions, behaviors are his own. He is the way he is, and that is his freedom, creative and human freedom. This freedom is his choice as much as his destiny."

17 May 2019, 13:58 PM

May 17, 2019 - Ivan Gajić, director of sales and marketing of Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro, presented the hotel offers at ILTM - the International Luxury Travel Fair, held from 14 to 17 May in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Regent Porto Montenegro was promoted within the Intercontinental Hotels Group.

The International Luxury Travel Fair is a global event bringing together hoteliers and other subjects from the luxury catering sector, the relevant media, and potential customers, reported the Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel. 
The fair in Sao Paulo hosts around 360 participants this year representing more than 65 countries, and more than 14,500 business meetings occur during the show. These impressive figures confirm that this is one of the most critical events in the world of luxury catering. On the ILTM calendar for 2019, there are tourist metropoles such as Dubai, Cannes, Sao Paolo, and Shanghai.
By each event, ILTM introduces a unique selection of luxury travel brands to its extensive network of hand-picked luxury travel advisors, through bespoke appointment programs and networking sessions. Alongside the global flagship events in Cannes and the Asia Pacific, ILTM has four core local events; ILTM Arabia, ILTM China, ILTM Latin America and ILTM North America, as well as one specialist event; ILTM Africa. ILTM Latin America is an invitation-only event that brings together top luxury travel agents from Brazil and Latin America for pre-scheduled meetings with suppliers of the best travel experiences from around the world.
"Regent Porto Montenegro, attending ILTM, confirms the continuity of Montenegro's positioning as a luxury tourist destination both in key markets and in some new markets such as South America. We are here for the third year and this year and the only one from the region. I believe that the message of the fair is entirely compatible with the press that Montenegro leaves behind, which is sustainable development, pure nature, innovation, and authenticity. Also, the remarkable conclusion is that most of the reputable agents I have had opportunities to meet believe that Montenegro is a beautiful and high-quality destination on the top of the list to visit when planning trips to Europe. Croatia and Dubrovnik are extremely popular, and they have an excellent result. It is in this fact that our opportunity lies in presenting our competitiveness, advantages, and proximity," Ivan Gajić, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hotel Regent, said.
17 May 2019, 01:18 AM

15 May 2019 - Montenegro has ten exhibitors at the fair bringing together all the important actors of agribusiness from the region, including some of the most successful Montenegro's companies.

 "The fact that the exhibitors from Montenegro have won 163 medals for quality this year speaks volumes about the quality of domestic products and the profitability of investments in this sector," Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulić said at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of the Provincial Government of Vojvodina Đorđe Milicević, which took place within her visit to the 86th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad.

Montenegro has a common stand of 117m2 in the Master Hall, consisting of representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. Minister Sekulić pledged full support to the private sector, through the creation of numerous support programmes for entrepreneurs.

Montenegro at the 86th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad1

"Last year we supported over 100 companies, which is about 50% more than in the previous year, and we are sure that this number will increase this year," she stressed.

The Economy Minister added that Serbia, when it comes to trade, is Montenegro's most important partner, both in exports and imports.

Montenegro also participated in the International Agriculture Fair in Novi Sad during the last year. On this occasion, Montenegrin businesspeople had a successful presentation at a joint stand organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro in partnership with the Montenegrin Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Economy and the Investment and Development Fund. 

15 May 2019, 22:54 PM

15 May 2019 - The long list of manifestations organized under the auspices of the Tivat Municipality is now richer with yet another event - the Tivat Souvenir Fair, which will be held on Sunday, May 19, 2019, on the promenade Pine in Tivat. The event will begin at 10 am and will last until 6 pm.

Numerous exhibitors will present their souvenirs and handicrafts within this event, organized by NGO "Harlekin" and also under the auspices of the Tourism Organization of Tivat.

The Tivat Souvenir Fair gives visitors the opportunity to meet the leading suppliers of souvenirs and recreational products and support their hard work and effort by purchasing the exhibited handicrafts.

Manufacturers, wholesalers, and importers of gifts, recreational products, and souvenirs all look forward to the event, hoping for the positive feedback by the visitors and customers of this year’s Souvenir Fair edition.

The Tivat Souvenir Fair brings the manufacturers into direct contact with interested visitors and potential buyers of their products. Visitors attend to see the latest market developments, follow up on the latest news, and to potentially place orders and achieve a successful and long-term relationship with the exhibitors.

The organizers have also prepared an entertainment program within the fair. Jelena Zvicer, who was named the best performer in the category "acoustic guitar and voice" within the first Montenegrin Electric Guitar Competition, will play the guitar and charm the fair visitors with her voice. Zvicer will perform at 11 am.

The entrance to the fair is free.

15 May 2019, 00:20 AM

14 May 2019 - The most significant regional neurologists meeting, "The Adriatic Neurology Forum 2019", will take place in Bečići, Montenegro from May 22 to May 26, 2019. The main organizer of this event is the Society of Serbian Neurologists, and the co-organizers are the Society of Croatian Neurologists and Society of Montenegrin Neurologists.

The official opening of the Adriatic Neurology Forum 2019 is scheduled for May 23 at 7 pm, and the venue of the event is Hotel Splendid Spa & Conference Resort, as well as Hotel Montenegro in Budva, a gorgeous place on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro. The symposium will be attended by the leading names in medicine dealing with neurology in the entire region, but also the most famous neurologists from all over the world. The lectures will be held by carefully selected foreign and domestic lecturers.

Adriatic Neurology Forum in Budva from May 22 26 2

One of the most important aspects of this meeting is the presentation of the participants’ practices and experiences. Therefore, the organizers expect all participants to take an active part in all sessions, particularly in the poster session. The forum will share new experience and knowledge from various neurological areas.

The holding of this symposium in Bečići is of great importance for the promotion of Montenegro as a tourist destination.

Speakers at the forum include eminent professors from the region as well as from EU. Honourable guests of the Forum will be Zlatibor Lončar, Minister of Health in the Government of the Republic of Serbia and Kenan Hrapović, Minister of Health in the Government of the Republic of Montenegro.

On May 22, the program includes participant registration, the opening ceremony, an introductory lecture by Academician Vladimir S. Kostić and a small cocktail event. The lectures within the second day program cover the following topics: Parkinsonism (Academician Vladimir S. Kostić, prof dr Marina Svetel, prof dr Tomislav Babić ), Dementia (Prof. dr Elka Stefanova, doc dr Smiljana Kostić, prof dr Fran Borovečki) and Epilepsy and Unexplained loss of consciousness (Prof dr Ranko Raičević, prof dr Silvio Bašić, prof dr Meir Bialer).

The program for May 24 includes the lectures on Cerebrovascular diseases - neurovascular procedures (Prof. dr Ranko Raičević, dr. sc. med Ljubo Marković, dr. sc. med Slobodan Ćulafić), MS (Prof. dr Jelena Drulović, prof. dr Vanja Bašić-Kes, prof dr Evica Dinčić) and NMOSD (Prof. dr Evica Dinčić, prof. dr Gordana Tončev, prof Slobodan Vojinović). Lectures on the topics Headaches and neurotrauma, Neuromuscular diseases and Child neurology will take place on May 25, while the closing ceremony and certificate of attendance delivery are planned for May 26.

Registration of participants is mandatory for all participants except for foreign invited lecturers. Registration fee can be paid within the entire arrangement, in advance or on the spot. The registration fee includes registration, registration set, right to participate in all official and accompanying programs, access to the opening ceremony, welcome cocktail and gala evening, certificate of attendance.

As the organizers announced, they have provided a sufficient number of seats on flight Belgrade - Tivat - Belgrade. Reservation and payment of tickets are done through the ASTAKOS Congress Agency.

The meeting is under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Montenegro.

14 May 2019, 23:46 PM

14 May 2019 - According to data published by Montenegro Airlines, the company achieved remarkable results in the first four months of 2019, and judging by the predictions, the trend of successful business performance of the national carrier of Montenegro will continue in the future.

"The company transported 130.010 passengers in all three categories of traffic - regular, charter and codeshare, with 1.824 flights. Compared to the record year, 2018, the current results show 7,000 more passengers, i.e. 112 additional flights," announced the PR service of Montenegro Airlines.

According to the published data, the average occupancy of the passenger cabin in the aircraft of this company in the first four months of 2019 is 61 per cent, which is 3 per cent more than last year.

Montenegro Airlines has made great progress in the field of business performance, and the aforementioned results have been achieved based on newly implemented strategies aimed at improving services and expanding capacities.

"The destinations that recorded the highest growth in transported passengers in the observed period were to and from Belgrade, where the growth of the number of passengers transported compared to 2018 amounted to 3,000 passengers; to and from Rome and Paris, where the growth of 1,440 passengers was recorded; as well as to and from Ljubljana, where the number of passengers increased by 1,146," said Montenegro Airlines.

It is important to note that since May 5, Montenegro Airlines introduced the flight to and from Hanover, the fifth flight that connects Montenegro with Germany. Flights to this destination will be carried out from Tivat twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays, until October 24th. Launching the new flight speaks to the fact that Montenegro Airlines is well aware of the importance of establishing good airline connections to foreign markets, which will certainly influence the growth of the total number of passengers transported, and the increase in the number of tourists arriving from other countries.

In 2019, national carrier Montenegro Airlines will connect Montenegro with over 30 destinations in 15 different countries of Europe.

13 May 2019, 23:29 PM

12 May 2019 - National Parks of Montenegro, on the occasion of the European Day of the Parks, will organize a promotional ride by a new tourist train to NP Biogradska gora and educational workshops at Visitor Centers in NP Lovćen and NP Durmitor.

"For many years, the National Parks of Montenegro has marked the European Day of the Parks with educational and ecological activities to raise public awareness of the importance of their preservation and protection, as well as to promote their natural and cultural values ​​that stand out from other European protected areas," said the director of National Parks of Montenegro, Elvir Klica.

According to the representatives of National Parks of Montenegro statement, the European Day of the Parks is also an opportunity to point out the challenges that Montenegro faces in the process of their management, seeking optimal solutions in cooperation with relevant entities, as well as promoting the tourist offer based on active holidays.

"National Parks of Montenegro will organize, on May 24th, a promotional ride by a tourist train to NP Biogradska Gora for representatives of competent institutions that contribute to the management and promotion of protected areas. On the same day, after a cultural and artistic program, the activity of walking along the educational path is planned at Biogradsko Lake accompanied by an expert guide, as well as a tasting of autochthonous products from the area of ​​Bjelasica and Northern Montenegro," emphasized Klica.

Also, under the slogan "Nature, Our Treasure", which was proposed this year by the Europark Federation, there will be educational workshops in NP Lovćen and NP Durmitor.

On the occasion of the European Day of the Parks, on May 24th, following the Decision on the number of fees, the entrance fee for all visitors of National Parks of Montenegro is free.

13 May 2019, 22:47 PM

13 May 2019 - The Tourist Organization of Budva will officially introduce an excursion fee for the Old Town Budva at the price of one euro starting from next Monday, May 20, 2019.

According to the Decision of the Introduction of Excursion Fee brought by the Government of Montenegro (March 22, 2018) and the local government of Budva (December 27, 2018), all tourists who come to visit the Old Town Budva in the framework of an organized group through tourist agencies will have to pay the excursion fee which amounts to 1 EUR.

The official report by the Tourist Organization of Budva states that the excursion fee will be collected at the new information and tourist point that will be built next to the kindergarten "Ljubica Jovanović Maša", right across the cafe Perla.

As the elaboration of the main project of construction of the information point is underway, the collection will be organized at an information and tourist point in the Old Town of Budva at the address Njegoševa 28.

The excursion fee of 1 EUR will be charged throughout the year to each visitor/tourist who, as a part of an organized group, visits the tourist site Old Town Budva.

Payment of the excursion fee will not be required for children up to 12 years of age, persons with severe sensory and physical disorders, participants in school excursions, foreign citizens who are exempted from paying international taxes under international conventions, and who through official humanitarian organizations come to provide humanitarian assistance and for guests accommodated in tourist facilities located in the territory of Budva, who have already paid the residence tax.

According to the Decision of Introduction of Excursion Fee, a fee will be charged to tourists who, in the framework of organised groups, through tourist agencies, other legal entities or entrepreneurs registered for performing tourist activities, visit the Old Town of Budva as a tourist site of exceptional natural and cultural-historical values.

Excursion tax is the income of the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Budva and is used to encourage, organise and realise promotional activities in order to create all necessary preconditions for the protection and improvement of natural and cultural-historical values, customs and provision of general conditions for a quality and uniform reception and stay of tourists in the area of the Old Town of Budva.

12 May 2019, 18:39 PM

May 12, 2019 - Chinese investment for Montenegro and the Luštica Bay project is even more pronounced. The first group of Chinese journalists stayed in Montenegro without hiding a very positive impression of the beauty and development of the country and Luštica Bay as the most significant investment project in tourism in this part of Southeast Europe, said Lustica Development.

"Life is what it should be. The meaning of this sentence will be fully realized only when you visit Montenegro and Luštica Bay and experience its nature and lifestyle. No country has ever left such a deep impression on me as Montenegro. The landscape that takes away my breath and a healthy lifestyle makes me feel this is the right place to want to live," said Shen Yan, a columnist for the Chinese magazine Forbes. Shen Yan is a reporter specializing in reporting on luxurious residential projects.

As part of the initiatives implemented within the marketing activities in the territory of the People's Republic of China, the company Lustica Development organized a visit and stay of journalists from Beijing and Shanghai, as well as Chinese publications that are being prepared and published in the United Kingdom.

Journalist Zeng Lingjing of Nouvelles d'Europe (European Times), the most significant Chinese publication based in Europe with broad audience and distribution in a large number of European countries, Wang Donglei, editor of the UK Chinese Times list, the most influential Chinese newspaper in the UK; Qian Tongxin, a reporter for the renowned China Business Network and Xu Lingjue, a reporter for Global Time specializing in global travel and travel, were all part of the group.

"The visits were preceded by the cooperation of the company with the National Tourism Organization during the Beijing Tourism Fair and the annual reception of the Association of Chinese Directors and Entrepreneurs of IOD last week in London. As part of the yearly plan, the company will hold another reception in Beijing in May and June and attend the prestigious Luxury Property Showcase," said Slavica Milic, Marketing Manager at Lustica Development.

11 May 2019, 17:17 PM

May 11, 2019 - The fourth Primavera festival, organized by NGO "Hands" started today with an educational walk in Nature Park Orjen, and for Sunday, May 12th, rich content is planned, with some new activities and events for all ages and tastes.

Collecting self-healing spicy and medicinal herbs is an integral part of all the summer festivals organized by NGO Hands. Organization President Milina Kovacevic explains that by celebrating the seasons, they want to enhance the natural wealth of Boka Kotorska, whose inextricable segment is a local gastro-culture that is equally based on cultivated crops, as well as the herbaceous herbage, which Orjen has abundant.
An experienced guide and expert led the participants of the walk through the natural and cultural heritage of Orjen, archaeologist Željko Starčević from the Agency for the Protection and Development of Orjen. After an open-air class in nature, with a demonstration of the collection wild, edible herbs in the Dola Rujša and Žukovica resorts, a tasting of tea and dishes from the herbs of Orjen in the Konak restaurant was organized.
Walking in the Herceg Novi hinterland, and the gastronomic atmosphere in the authentic Vrbanj ambience is just an introduction to the main program of the Primavera festival, which is scheduled for tomorrow in the City Cafe and the Boka Park.
Primavera celebrates spring in the sunniest city in Montenegro, promoting public green surfaces as a meeting and place for outdoor recreative sports activities. Fit Woman Montenegro will join the spring recreation program this year, whose instructors will hold training in the park of Boka. In the same place, the International Community "Pachamama" from Kotor, which promotes alternative lifestyles, has announced a demonstration of yoga. There will be workshops in the park for the production of jewelry by Olga Hedotova and healing by Nada Gavrilovic.
In addition to the promotion of creative recycling, NGO Hands is using the occasion to promote abandoning plastic bags from use in Montenegro.
"Ecology and environmental protection are one of the topics that are very important to our association. Without exaggeration, we can say that we were one of the first to have started the story about the plastic in the campaign that we conducted during the Day of Creativity 2009. In 2019, ten years later the problem is even more significant, and this topic is becoming more and more popular and supported by the media and the public, We hope that the results will follow.
This year the Primavera Festival will be even greener. To begin with, we asked our exhibitors not to use plastic containers and bags, and the donor table will not be used for disposable packaging," said NGO Hands.
They have teamed up with an informal group of citizens of who, with their cleaning campaigns in Montenegro, as well as information and eco campaigns on social networks, have an increasing impact on the awareness of citizens, especially young people and children.
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