VIDEO: Bar-Boljare Highway Construction According to Plan

By , 17 Aug 2019, 16:49 PM Business
VIDEO: Bar-Boljare Highway Construction According to Plan Copyrights: Bemax Media

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17 August 2019 - Works on the Bar-Boljare highway are going according to plan. The latest video recording made by the Bemax company clearly shows it.

Three bridges have been finished, and the first segment of Moračica has been connected. The bridge is expected to be finished by September. Moračica will be 360 meters long and 23,4 meters wide. Five pillars will support it. The range from the bottom of the Morača riverbed to carriageway construction will amount to more than 200 meters.

The most expensive bridge on the highway priority section, Smokovac-Mateševo, is the Moračica bridge and its cost will be around 74,5 million EUR. The Preslo bridge will cost 1,3 million EUR, said the representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs of Montenegro.

According to the data, around 205,3 million EUR has been spent on the construction of 20 bridges and 387,6 million EUR has been earmarked for the construction of 16 tunnels on the Bar - Boljare highway. After Moračica, Jabuka bridge is the most expensive (29,3 million EUR). It is followed by Uvac 4 (18 million EUR), Tara 2 (14,6 million EUR) and Tara 1 (8,6 million EUR).

As far as tunnels are concerned, Vjeternik is the most expensive – 66,8 million EUR. Kosman tunnel costs 51,9 million EUR and Vežešnik tunnel costs 44,7 million EUR. Mala trava costs almost 40 million EUR and Jabučki krš 28,4 million EUR. Vitanovice and Pajkov vir will cost 5,9 million EUR and 7,3 million EUR respectively.

Representatives of Bemax company, the biggest sub-contractor of CRBC, said that works would be finished within the established deadline, as Cafe del Montenegro reported.

First highway section is expected to be finished in the middle of 2020.

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