05 Oct 2020, 16:12 PM

October 5, 2020 - Instead of announcing the forthcoming European Laser Under-21 Championship, which was to be held from October 24-31 in Trašte Bay's waters, YC Delfin announced today that, due to the complicated epidemiological situation in Montenegro and throughout Europe, the competition is postponed until next year. The decision was made in communication with its organizational partner - Luštica Development, and the European sailing Federation for the Laser class- EURILCA, concluding that it is the smartest and safest decision for all concerned.

The championship was initially planned for June but was postponed until the end of October due to the first wave of the epidemic. The club's management has been trying for months to secure the consent from the Government of Montenegro, i.e. the National Coordination Body to hold the competition. Interestingly, and significantly, the Government gave its permission on Friday, October 2. After, EURILCA, Delfin and Luštica Development jointly concluded that holding the competition in current conditions represents a significant health and organizational risk. Previously, 185 competitors and their technical staff from 37 countries had announced their arrival at the championship in Tivat, exceeding the recommendations of the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases. It is important to emphasize that several other European competitions organized by EURILCA have been previously canceled, the last of them being the Laser Radial class championship in Hyeres, France.

YC Delfin has won support with excellent results at the international level and cooperation with the European Sailing Federation. That leaves the door open for Tivat and the country as a whole. The club's management expects that the General Assembly of EURILCA, scheduled for November 28 and 29, will decide upon Tivat as host for the European Laser Class Championship 2021.

"This leaves local and national sports institutions time to try to understand how big and important the event is for Montenegro, and to show greater interest and readiness to help in the organization." First of all, in financial terms. Neither the Municipality of Tivat, nor the Ministry of Sports, nor the Olympic Federation of Montenegro has planned any championship funds. Delfin regularly informed them about the plans, starting from December last year," reads the announcement by YC Delfin.

At the aforementioned General Annual Assembly of EURILCA, Delfin will also compete to host the regatta of the European Senior Championship in the Laser class for 2023. 

Sailing is not only a sport; it is also a way of life and a potent form of special interest tourism. According to the analyzes carried out by the city of Split, the sailing championship gathering around 200 participants and provides the destination with a direct income of more than 500 thousand euros. So, sailing is also a major opportunity for development; if we have the wisdom to use it, this is why we are appealing to the authorities to inform themselves and take responsibility so that we do not miss the chance to present our country and its potential in the best way possible.

YC Delfin has formed a multidisciplinary professional team, which remains united with the mission to use the postponement of the European Championship in Tivat to permanently put Tivat and Montenegro on the map of quality sailing destinations in 2021, in cooperation with its partner - the company Lustica Development.

03 Oct 2020, 16:59 PM

October 3, 2020 - Although kitesurfing primarily conjures up images of long, sandy beaches, with more lovers of adrenaline gathering every year to enjoy the sport, the idea of exploring the winds of Boka is gaining traction with an increasing number of kite surfers from Montenegro. And waiting for them is an informal club of lovers of adrenaline sports at sea - Boka Surfing.

Autumn with its changeable weather, rain, and squalls of winds, isn't generally cause for happiness, especially in Boka. However, there are those among us who can hardly wait for the playful winds to show what they're made of.

When we talk about sailing, alongside the Sailing Club Delfin, Tivat has another serious, although primarily family setup - Sailing Club TriBelan, which was started and equipped by a Tivat sailor who chased the wind across the Mediterranean - Miho Belan. In addition to catamarans, sailors from this family are passionate about extreme sailing. Ilija was the standout figure until recently, out in almost every south weather storm along the Tivat shores, and the sometimes unforgiving strait of Verige. However, in recent years he has been joined at sea by the next generation - Toni, who has gone a step further searching for adrenaline, by discovering kitesurfing.

boka surfing 1Boka Surfing Team at Belani Beach, Tivat, Source: Facebook

"I have been sailing since childhood. First through the Sailing Club Delfin and sailing in the Optimist and Laser classes. Then came the catamarans, then windsurfing. And, of course, cruising. But when I discovered kite surfing, I found a sport that combines sailing and a few more skills, and offers a lot of excitement and enjoyment," explains Toni.

With his uncle Ilija and friends - brothers Frano and Miloš Tripović, they started an informal club of surfing fans - Boka Surfing. Trying to reconcile two sports that are traditional rivals - windsurfing and kitesurfing - and physically and technically even more demanding.

"Both sports are adrenaline-filled and require physical fitness and skill. Kite implies different elements - you have to know how to board, know how to sail, and be ready for sudden wind changes. It is exciting, especially here in Boka, where the winds often change, and the coast is much more interesting than in our popular kite destination - Ulcinj beach, where the winds are much more predictable. That is why our friends from Ulcinj like to come to us."

Tony explains that destinations like Boka are interesting primarily for experienced kiters because the changes in wind conditions are very dynamic and require great skill. Also, in comparison with destinations such as Velika plaža in Ulcinj, inexperience here can be costly due to the coast's configuration. In that sense, Ponta Seljanova beach in Tivat is the only suitable spot for takeoff in the whole of Boka, so the conditions are not right for training future kiters. However, there is a solution for that as well, Tony explains. It is not a new practice to use ships to lift kites, thus avoiding the dangers of the coast.

boka surfing 3Boka Surfing Team at Sveta Nedjela Cape, Source: Facebook

Boka Surfing is an association of enthusiasts for now, but in the future, it could become another popular niche tourist attraction. When it comes to kite surfing, we are talking about a sport whose popularity is growing from year to year. Maybe our bay will not be a destination like Ulcinj. Yet its specific aerodynamics and thermals can attract lovers of adrenaline sports like Toni, who used to travel to neighboring Croatia to experience new fields until discovering Boka's potential.

18 Sep 2020, 13:04 PM

September 18, 2020 - Organized by the Sports and Fishing Club Galeb from Tivat, on Sunday, September 20, the State Championship in Spearfishing will be held, which will gather about 15 most promising competitors from all Montenegrin clubs.

The sports part of the competition will be held on the open sea, from Dobreč Bay to Zagorski Pijesak beach in Donji Grbalj. At the same time, the host of the spearfishing championship is the Ribarsko Selo restaurant in Žanjic Bay.

Underwater fishers from six Montenegrin clubs will take part in the competition. In addition to the hosts, there will be divers from Sports and Fishing Club Deep Blue from Podgorica, Tuna from Budva, Mamula Herceg Novi, Sports and Fishing Club Neptun Ulcinj and Free Divers Bar. They go out to sea with an escort, each in their boat. From 9 to 12.30, when the competition is planned to end, the competitors will dive for their catch up to 200 times. According to the president of Sports and Fishing Club Galeb, Nikša Miljanić, the average depth at which the competitors will hunt is about 20 meters. On this occasion, they will dominantly apply the so-called technique "on the hole," going back to catch the fish hidden in the holes on the sea bottom.

Although the Tivat club organizes the spearfishing championship, it was decided not to dive in the waters of the bay.

"The largest part of the Boka Kotorska submarine is a protected zone in which underwater activities are not allowed. We want to promote a responsible attitude towards nature and our beautiful bay, which is why we decided to hold the spearfishing championship on the high seas. "

Nikša dives for breath and at depths greater than 40 meters. He has been practising this demanding sport since his earliest childhood, thanks to older family members who introduced him to spearfishing very early on. For the last 15 years, he is very active sportsman in spearfishing, in the previous two years trying to help the development of this sport in Tivat by organizing and promoting a local club.

One of the goals of this competition is to contribute to the formation of the Montenegrin Association for Underwater Sport Fishing, which would enable our competitors to perform at international competitions defending the colours of their country. For now, our competitors go to cups and championships individually, representing only the names of their clubs.
Until the formation of such an association, underwater fishers represent the section of the Association for Sport Fishing, so a delegate, Vladimir Vukovic, is coming to the State Championship. Miljanic points out the support of the Sports and Fishing Club Pagar from Tivat, whose president, Tonci Jandric, will judge Sunday's competition.

"This is another successful Tivat story, for which I must thank our faithful friends from Pagar. But also to local people in the business. Besides Ribarsko Selo, with us are the tavern Mala Barka, Montefish, UNA Montenegro, Majestic. But even many other individuals who helped us get the opportunity to host our colleagues from other Montenegrin clubs, "says Nikša Miljanić, President of Sports and Fishing Club Galeb from Tivat.

07 Sep 2020, 10:52 AM
September 7, 2020 - This weekend was marked by triathlon races in Boka Bay, one held in Trašte - The Luštica Bay Aquathlon, and the other in Perast - The Boka Triathlon Race.
In a great atmosphere, the 2nd Luštica Bay Aquathlon was held on Saturday, with over 200 competitors in 5 age categories, and excellent organization by the Triathlon Club Multisport Academy Mayer.
In the main race (1000m swimming - 5000m running), Herceg Novi triathlete Luka Cupic took the overall 2nd place in a time of 36:09 behind the winner Luka Djurovic from TK Dubrovnik in a time of 35:20.
Nikita Kharchenko came in third (42:25).
Aleksandar Vlahović from Herceg Novi achieved an excellent ranking, winning 1st place in his age category (44:16)
Dragana Krković won the first place in the women's competition (56:28), second place went to Zoja Kustudić (1:01:47), and the third to Tamara Mitrović (1:20:47).
On Sunday, September 6, the traditional Boka Triathlon Perast 2020 was organized (750m swimming, 20km bicycle, 5km running) - the oldest triathlon race in Montenegro. In its ninth year, it gathered 44 competitors in the individual competition and three relays.
There was an exciting battle for the finish in the men's race. After the first two events (swimming and cycling), a group of 5 competitors was formed, and the run was to prove decisive.
The first to cross the finish line was Dušan Milošević from Triathlon Club Podgorica in a time of 1:04:20, Luka Čupić won second place from TC Herceg Novi (1:05:33) and the third place went to Saša Radenović from TC Podgorica (1:06: 22).
Last year's title was successfully defended by Jelena Tomašević (1:16:40) from TK Herceg Novi. Her club colleague Tamara Lepetić (1:27:09) was second, and Marija Marković from TK Kotor won 3rd place (1:33:35).
The Novi-Podgorica relay "Skupljeni" (Davor Preočanin, Ivan Arcon and Saša Kulinović) won first place among the relay teams (1:15:00).
Second place went to the Tot sisters from TC Kotor (1:31:19) and third place to Karakal (Gorana, Stanka, Lidija) from TC Podgorica (1:35:25).
The Boka Trialthlon was impeccably organized by the hosts, Triathlon Club Kotor.
06 Sep 2020, 20:55 PM
September 6, 2020 - The highlight of the tourist season over the past seven years in Herceg Novi has always been a big sports and tourist event, big game fishing. Although there was almost no season this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will traditionally be rounded off with the 8th Big Game Fishing event.
Maintaining all preventive measures of the NKT, Big Game Fishing will be opened on Wednesday night at the restaurant "Jadran" in Škver.
The competition for tuna, swordfish, needlefish, lanterns, albacore, and other fish in the tuna family will begin on Thursday, August 10, Radojica Raco Gardašević, President of the Big Game Fishing Club Herceg Novi, told Radio Jadran on behalf of the organizers:
- We will have our usual tournament, with 20 team registrations, as in previous years. However, Big Game Fishing will be organized in compliance with all precautions. People are eager to relax, go out to sea, fishing is not essential in the current climate. Most of the participants are already staying on our coast. In addition to local fishers, there will be participants from Serbia and Croatia. Precisely because of the preventive measures due to the coronavirus, the program has been somewhat reduced. There will be no festivity at Škver with the distribution of the catch to passers-by or "Little Game Fishing" - for particiapants aged between seven and fourteen - at Rose - says Gardašević.
The ships will set sail for three days at 8 am from the City Port and fish at distances from the shore to 12 miles. Crews of 2 or 4 members each will stop fishing at 5.30 pm and return to the city's port at 6 pm. The measurement and weighing of the catch will occur at 8 pm in the "Adriatic," with the allowed number of visitors.
The competition ends on Saturday night with the announcement of the winner - Gardašević points out.
He requests all those who are coming to Škver to follow the competition over the three evenings to strictly respect the distancing measures.
Big game fishing has always been a tourist attraction, but it will be on a smaller scale this year. At the same time, this event is a small contribution to our tourist season, because about 100 participants and members of their families will occupy some of the available private rooms and apartments.
The tournament organizers are the Big Game Fishing Club Herceg Novi and the Association for Sport Fishing of Montenegro, with several sponsors.
22 Aug 2020, 21:51 PM
August 22, 2020 - The European Sailing Championship in Vilamoura, Portugal, has come to an end. Nikola Golubović took 45th place in the gold group after six days of competition and 11 sailing regattas in the Laser 4.7 class.
The current champion of the Balkans and Montenegro, a member of the Sailing Club Delfin from Tivat, managed to achieve his primary goal during the three qualifying days and reach the gold group in the competition of the 107th best sailors in Europe.
Nikola had his ups and downs, for which this 16-year-old boy, who made his debut at the European Championship, cannot be blamed. Golubović also invested his last ounce of strength to achieve his best possible placing in Vilamoura, and rightly deserves congratulations for his achievement, alongside coach and selector of Montenegro, Ilko Klakor.
"Taking into account the conditions in which we work, I think we achieved an excellent result at the European Championship. Nikola achieved his primary goal, reached the gold group amongst powerful competition, and confirmed that he has huge potential. In the coming period, we will turn to what we know best: work and training. Only in that way can we remain competitive with the sailing superpowers, which have far, far better conditions for work and support than we do," highlighted the selector of Montenegro, coach for Sailing Club Delfin Tivat and Nikola Golubović, Ilko Klakor, speaking to Sport Club.
As far as sailors from the region are concerned, the best result was achieved by the Slovenes, who joined Nikola Golubović in the gold group. Luka Zakubovec took 36th place, Ivan Vankrušev 51st place, and Benjamin Agnović 54th place. Sailors from Serbia finished the competition in the silver group, Stefan Juil taking 76th place, and Viktor Batizić 83rd place. Of the other sailors from the region, Croatia's Max Gjidera took 56th place, and his club mates from Sailing club Mornar Split Niko Jakelić and Antonio Marendić took 67th and 68th place respectively.
Anastasios Garipis from Greece won the gold medal, the silver medal went to Premislav Mahovski from Poland, while the bronze went to Italy thanks to Domenico Lamante.
21 Aug 2020, 00:31 AM
 August 21, 2020 - Montenegrin sailing now has another ambassador, who will most likely be among the top ranked in Europe and the world for the Laser class in years to come. His name is Nikola Golubović, a 15 year-old who these days is among the best European competitors in the Laser 4.7 class, with an excellent performance in Vilamoura, where he managed to place in the gold group among 107 competitors. The competition lasts until Friday, and Nikola's coach, Ilko Klakor, hopes that Nikola will be among the 20 best in Europe.
The current champion of the Balkans and Montenegro, Nikola Golubović, managed to take the 35th place during the three qualifying days, achieving his primary goal and, together with 54 other sailors, continued the fight in the gold group for the best ranking in Europe.
"He is a competitor with an exceptional character, a guy who has been dedicated to sailing since early childhood. We saw best what talent he had last year in Tivat when Nikola managed to overcome rivals from 12 Balkan countries and take the podium without major competition," head coach of the Delfin Sailing Club, Ilija Ilko Klakor, proudly points out. 
"Nikola achieved our primary goal at the European Championships - he managed to place in the gold group and continue in the competition, which is a great success for a young sailor whose time is yet to come. I have every reason to believe that in the coming days, he will be able to improve his ranking and become one of the top 20 European sailors in the Laser 4.7 class," says Klakor from Vilamoura.
"All national teams in the strongest lineup come to the European and world championships because these are the most important regattas of the year. Nikola Golubović is competing with the best-ranked names from the EURILCA rankings. Initially, over 400 sailors registered for the competition. That number was halved due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and about 100 male and about 80 female competitors finally gathered in Portugal. So, our Nikola has ahieved notable success among the best," explains Klakor, who has been working as the head coach of the most trophy-winning Montenegrin sailing club for years.
Although Nikola's competitors have had an advantage because, unlike competitors from Montenegro, they have had freedom of movement and this season already have several big competitions behind them, Klakor believes that the hopes for success he has for his young competitor are not unrealistic.
The first day in the gold group brought unstable conditions on the regatta field, and Nikola showed character. After a bad race in the first regatta, he managed to take 16th place in the second, and ended the day 35th. He has two more days, four more regattas ahead of him, and enough opportunities to break close to the European top in the powerful competition.
For a young competitor who has gained most of his sailing experience in the Bay of Kotor's peaceful waters, sailing conditions are an additional challenge. According to Ilko Klakor, the conditions are very dynamic. The wind is constantly changing direction from 30 to 40 degrees, which is exciting for observers, but very demanding for competitors, says Klakor.
Golubović won the ninth and 12th place in the competition of 107 sailors from Europe on the first day, added the third place and one penalty on the second day, which was deleted as the weakest result, while on the third day he did not do well on the required regatta field and ended at 39th place, so dropped from 14th place to 35th.
The European Championship in the Laser 4.7 class continues tomorrow. Currently, Premislav Mahovski from Poland is in first place, second is Jason Kefalonitis from Greece, and Marcos Altariba from Spain is in third.
15 Aug 2020, 18:35 PM

August 15, 2020 - Montenegrin sailor Nikola Golubović, a member of the Tivat YC Delfin, will be at the starting line of the first regatta of the European Sailing Championship Laser 4.7 class tomorrow at noon in the Portuguese city of Vilamoura.

Nikola and his coach Ilko Klakor arrived safely in Portugal the day before yesterday on a flight from Dubrovnik, after gathering all the documentation necessary for travel to EU countries. Stefan Andjelic and Danilo Joncic will compete at the Croatian Championship for the Laser Radial class in Split, supported by Ilija Markovic, an older club friend.

The championship in Split, organized by JK Mornar, is taking place until Sunday, August 16. Sunday is the starting day of the European competition in Vilamoura, which lasts until August 21.

More than 200 sailors will sail two regattas a day for the next seven days. Golubović's goal is to enter the golden group after the qualifications, in which the best sailors compete for medal positions. Golubović has traveled to the European Championships through the EurILCA Solidarity program. His participation fee was paid and he was able to work with the Portuguese coach Goncalo Carvalho, who won a bronze medal at the Olympics, a world champion title, and four European vice-champion titles.

Until the last moment, travel planning was full of uncertainties, considering that the conditions of movement for citizens of Montenegro has changed on a daily basis concerning both its own and Europe's epidemiological situation. Great help in safe participation and entry into Portugal was provided by the umbrella European laser federation, EurILCA, and organizer Vilamoura Sailing and Nuno Reis, CEO of the championship and the Portuguese Embassy in Belgrade, which informed JK Delfin about travel opportunities and conditions. In the absence of financial resources, crucial support was provided by the passionate sailor Michael Neundlinger, an Austrian with currently staying in Tivat, who was determined to help Nikola on this occasion by providing a plane ticket.

Golubovic is the Balkans' current champion in the Laser 4.7 class, also the undefeated national champion. He crowned the previous season with the absolute championship title at the EuropaCup competition organized by EurILCA and gold at the Grand Prix of the Sailors in Split.

15 Jun 2020, 21:12 PM
June 15, 2020 - The first regatta "Bokeška Ostrva," which was held last weekend in the bay, gathered 35 boats, in six classes, including the J-70 type as a separate one. D-Marin Portonovi marina, the general regatta sponsor, and JK "Jovo Dabović" from Baošić organized two days of sailing and three beautiful evenings of socializing in the Portonovi nautical village in Herceg Novi.
The overall winner of the regatta was the Black Mistery sailboat with skipper Saša Keković from Herceg Novi.
About 200 sailors enjoyed every day, with many visitors, in the ambiance of Portonovi, where they celebrated with beer, wine, guitar, and Klapa song. Local music from Đenovići took care of waking up the sailors every morning by playing marches and marches, but also some of the world's popular hits. All in all, this was a great refreshment after a sleepy spring, setting new standards in the organization of such sporting events.
The organizers promise to continue the started tradition.
Class I
The first sailing boat "Medusina" skipper Jana Radan, the second "Naughty girl" skipper Jugoslav Vucetic, the third "Orka" skipper Stefan Stefanov, the fourth "Kraken" skipper Nikola Pavicevic and the fifth "Old Lady" skipper Marko Dzuver.
Class II
The first was the sailing boat "Sinji Galeb" with skipper Fran Tripović from Kotor. Second "Oxygen" skipper Simo Dabović (JK "Jovo Dabović") 3. "Klara" skipper Ivan Žegura, 4. "Irina" skipper Ilija Sulaver (Bokeška Jedra - Đenovići), 5. "Reful" skipper Teodora Vojvodić, (Bokeška Jedra), 6. "Plus Minus" skipper Nikola Smirnov, 7. "Chita" skipper Nikša Truš, 8. "Guardian" skipper Bojan Antić, 9. "Boka" skipper Miodrag Kovačević, and 10 "Šjora" skipper Ljubo Stojanović;
Class III
The first sailboat "Vila" skipper Ilija Prijić, the second "Mala Ponta" skipper Aleksandar Jandrić, the third "Velga" skipper Mladen Janković, the fourth "Katarina" skipper Boris Varga and the fifth "Ursula" skipper Sergej Veshenja;
IV The first sailboat "Black Mystery" skipper Sasa Kekovic, the second "Bojana" skipper Nebojsa Dimitrijevic, the third "Twist" skipper Mladen Filipovic;
Class V
The first sailboat "Quatro Esse" skipper Jeremija Kurbanović, the second "Stay calm" skipper Drago Pejaković, the third "Tanja 4" skipper Dejan Nikolić, the fourth "Korčula" Goran Grbović, and the fifth "Modus Vivendi" skipper Dragan Lekić.
CLASS J 70: sailboat "J 706" skipper Gleb Shatkov (Belarus), 2. J 708 "skipper, Nikola Golubović 3, J 701, 4. J70" MOJITO "skipper Saniel Edward.
14 Jun 2020, 19:08 PM
June 14, 2020 - The organizing committee of the regional sports event - the tennis tournament Adria Tour, decided on Saturday not to hold the tournament in Montenegro.
Adria Tour Director Djordje Djokovic spoke out about this situation.
"Weeks ago, we tried to find a way to organize everything and prepare a spectacle for all sports fans. There were more challenges, starting from the fact that the citizens of Serbia are not on the list of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro, meaning we cannot travel to Montenegro. We hoped that this measure would be changed, but it has not happened yet. It is an insurmountable obstacle because we have a large number of team members, and without them, we cannot implement all the technical details correctly. Our idea was to play on slag that would be imported and placed in an attractive location in one of the coastal cities, purely for that occasion. We also planned to bring and install all the accompanying details - stands, constructions, and other elements, all because of the strict standards we follow.
In addition to all that, it was necessary to organize the arrival of judges, line judges, accompanying staff, and numerous experts. Also, you should know that there are many other details related to the organization of such an event, which we do not have available in Montenegro. That makes it challenging to organize the "Adria Tour" at the expected level. That is not possible currently, so we decided to cancel the tournament in Montenegro because we no longer have time to wait.
We are convinced that the circumstances will change and that at some point in the future, Montenegro will be our host. We ask all actors to refrain from politicizing this decision. It harms not only sports but also our idea to promote ethical values, fair play, humanitarian work, and unity in the entire region, "said Djordje Djokovic, Director of Adria Tour.
Source: B92
10 Jun 2020, 19:47 PM
June 10, 2020 - Organized by YC Jovo Dabović from Baošići, and under the auspices of D-Marin Portonovi Marina, the First Portonovi regatta will be held under the name "Bokeška Ostrva" for the cruiser class in five categories.
The regatta "Bokeška Ostrva" will be held from June 12 to 14, with a planned start in front of the D-Marin Portonovi Marina at 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 13. The competition will take place in the waters of the Bay of Kotor, and navigation routes include the island of Mamula, the islands of Tivat, and the Perast Islands. Professional sailors, but also numerous amateur sailing fans, will attend this nautical event.
'D-Marin Portonovi, as one of the recognizable marinas in the area, has a desire to, in addition to the services it provides, develops all the right facilities for sailing enthusiasts. The organizers believe that the first cruiser regatta will become a traditional international regatta in Boka, expanding the number of participants from year to year, including sailing boats that are moored in D-Marin Portonovi Marina. The ambition is for the regatta to enrich what is on offer for foreign and domestic sailing fans' - representatives from Portonovi Marina state.
After the end of the regatta, every evening, participants and guests can expect good company and fun through themed evenings at various locations in Portonovo. The announcement of the winners and the award ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, June 14, starting at 7 p.m.
Applications for participation in the regatta can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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