28 Aug 2019, 22:00 PM

28 August 2019 - The 52nd Balkan Sailing Championship will be held in Tivat from September 6 to September 11, according to the organizer, JK Delfin Sailing Club. The main sponsor of this international competition is the Municipality of Tivat with the support of the Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Tourism, Tivat Tourism Organization, Montenegro Sailing Federation and many sailing partners and friends.

The competition is organized for the Olympic Laser class and the Optimist class, with national teams from the Balkan countries - Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Montenegro participating, and in general sailors from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy are expected to attend, about 300 participants in total.

The opening ceremony on the Pine waterfront, which will be preceded by participant defiles led by city music, is scheduled for 7 pm when Nikola Janovic, Minister of Sport of Montenegro, will open the competition. JK Delfin is completing the preparations for the competition with the great help of representatives of local public companies that are on the organizing committee formed by the Municipality of Tivat, headed by the Mayor Dr. Siniša Kusovac. The president of the competition is Ilko Klakor, coach of JK Dolphin and coach of the national team of Montenegro, who says with undeniable pleasure:

“Of course, I am proud of what we have achieved so far and that we have been allowed to organize the Balkan Championship. It is a great pleasure for all the hard work, effort and renunciation that we put into it, which is not hard for us because we love sailing and the club. With the advice of people who have preserved the tradition and the existence of the club, with a team of enthusiasts who are small but select, we have been able to improve the sports activities of the club, put it on healthy feet, achieve great results. Organizing the 52nd Balkan Championship is a big challenge," Klakor said. He thanked the Federation, the Ministry of Sport, the Montenegrin Olympic Committee and especially the Municipality of Tivat “for helping the club print a new page in the history of Tivat, JK Delfin, sailing in Montenegro and Montenegro itself.”

During the Balkan Championship, competitors will sail on two regatta fields in the Bay of Tivat, a total of 11 regattas for four classes in four competition days. The Montenegrin national team will exercise its right to participate in the extended squad so that 37 sailors from domestic clubs will participate.

27 Aug 2019, 11:47 AM

27 August 2019 - On Thursday, August 29, the Tourist Organization of Podgorica is organising the Podgorica 2019 Regional Kayak Regatta on the Zeta and Morača Rivers. While announcing the event, the representatives of this organization highlighted that this is one of many events which will be organised to improve the tourist offer of the Capital.

The start of the regatta is, as reported by TO Podgorica, at 9.30 am at the Pričelje settlement on the Zeta River, and the medal award ceremony is planned for 11 am at Sastavci, which is the location of the finish line of the regatta.

"This is a regional event which is organized for the purpose of tourist valorisation of the rivers of Podgorica through the promotion of water sports, as well as additional promotion of the potential for the organisation of sports regattas and competitions," the TO representatives said for RTCG. Kayaking teams from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are expected to participate in the event.

The Podgorica 2019 Regional Kayak Regatta is part of the EU IPA RiTour Cross-Border Cooperation Project of which the Podgorica Tourist Organization is a partner.

“In order to further promote and affirm the Morača River, as well as its potential for the development of selective forms of tourism and numerous sports, on Thursday, August 29, we will organize the first Regional Kayak Regatta Podgorica 2019. The regatta will bring together a large number of fans of this sport from Montenegro and countries of the region,” announced the representatives of the Podgorica Tourist Organization.

Read more about sports events in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

25 Aug 2019, 21:56 PM

25 August 2019 - Budva won the City Games 2019 - Budva at the outdoor pools last night in Budva. The city was ruled by the great City Games euphoria broadcast live by the RTCG. The dramatic finale of the tenth season of popular water games was organized by the Budva Tourist Board and the Adria Events Agency. The version of the widely known Games Without Borders has once again justified its expectations with new scenery and numerous surprises for both the audience and the contestants in the final competition of Montenegro, as stated from the City Games Press Team.

In front of a crowded grandstand, six magnificent teams measured their strength and skill: Herceg Novi, Bar, Kotor, Podgorica, Tivat and Budva.

Teams competed in modern versions of fun traditional City Games such as wine, flying water polo, tourist rescue, ham, water basketball and paddle. The teams came with a great desire to win and represent their city in the best light. The fight was fierce, interesting and dynamic until the very end.

In the first game, where men have to bring grapes over barriers to a barrel where girls make wine, the Tivat team undoubtedly won the most points. In the next three games, the excellent team from Budva took over the safe lead as remained until the very end, with it winning gold medals, a cup and participation at the International City Games finals in Slovenia in 2020.

The Podgorica team woke up in the fifth game of water basketball, in which they scored the most points. The team from Herceg Novi lost most of the games in front of the Budva team, keeping the power for the last game paddle by scoring the most points, which also decided them to win second place. The bronze medals around the neck were proudly placed by the members of Tivat team who fought for third place with the team from Kotor.

For more information, the official website is and the games can be followed on Facebook.


20 Aug 2019, 18:57 PM

The Bocce national team of Montenegro was a participant in the Nations Cup held in Belgrade over the weekend. In competition with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, host Serbia and Slovenia, Montenegro took fifth place. The national team went to Zemun in a weakened form, but this check ahead of the most significant competitions this year, namely the World Youth Bocce Championship which will be held in September in Italy and the World Senior Championship which will be organized by Turkey in November, succeeded. The big matches in Zemun took place from Friday to Sunday.

First place went to the Croatian team, which defended the throne, won last year when that country was the host. What makes the expert staff, led by selector Dejan Stjepcevic joyful, is the fact that Montenegro was competitive with all its rivals, that it was defeated by Croatia 9:5 after a big fight, and by Serbia, which won the bronze medal with 8:6.

"We had a great check and a great test for the planet championships that await us very soon. Ambitions are always the same when it comes to bocce representation. We have come back with a medal from almost every major competition in the last ten years, so we hope that this year will be finished with a medal in our showcases. We have many young and talented players who will have the opportunity to show that in Italy, and we also have a quality senior selection, of which, of course, the main trump card for the medal is Miroslav Miro Petkovic," said Montenegrin coach Dejan Stjepcevic.

In order to improve the work with both seniors and junior bocce selections, in the meantime, corrections were made, that is, the professional staff of the national team was strengthened.

Dejan Stjepcevic will have Nenad Rankovic as the first assistant in the Senior Bocce Team, while the legendary Miroslav Miro Petkovic, who will be assisted by Djuro Milanovic, is free to take over the young team and younger selections.

Source Radio Tivat

14 Aug 2019, 23:21 PM

Montenegro national bocce (bowling) team will participate in the Nations Cup in Belgrade, as has been announced from National Bocce Association.

Bocce lovers and anyone who wants to get acquainted with this attractive sport will have an ideal opportunity to do so during this event, featuring Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and BiH.

The competitions start on Friday nd the matches will be conducted until Sunday at the fields in Zemun (Altina).

The selection of Montenegro, which has returned from almost no major competition in the last ten or more years without a medal, is moving towards Belgrade with great ambitions. Selector Dejan Stjepcevic and coach Nenad Rankovic are taking Miroslav Petkovic, who belongs to the world cream when it comes to bocce to the competition, then Tomislav Rankovic, Marko Lukovic and Rade Zec.

"We look forward to the competition that follows. The Cup of Nations in Belgrade will be a nice opportunity for affirmation of bocce, for the promotion of this extremely attractive and dynamic sport. I invite everyone who knows bowling, as well as those who want to get acquainted with its charms to come to Zemun, to come to the open fields in Altina and to be convinced with what I have said. The Cup of Nations will also be a great check for all the selections, as the Youth World Cup for in Italy and the World Cup for Seniors in Turkey are coming soon, but that does not mean, of course, that the result is in the background. We will fight, we will do our best to reach the podium, as we did last year when we won the bronze medal, "said Montenegrin coach Dejan Stjepcevic.

The Cup of Nations is named "Bruno Lezije and Sandro Anzur", according to the legends of the world bocce, I.e. the people who started the competition, which has been gathering selections from the territory of the former Yugoslavia for ten years.

13 Aug 2019, 15:48 PM

The team BC “Val” is the winner of the fifth edition of the championship in “bocce” (bowling) at Orjensko sedlo (1600 m), which brought together eight teams from all three Boka Bay municipalities.

Second place went to BC “Meljine”. Third place went to BC "Bijela". The teams "Subra", BC “Palma”, BC “Jadran” and two teams BC “Bahus” participated.

The dominance of teams from Herceg Novi continued in a new discipline, which was introduced, where Djuro Milanovic (BC Val) triumphed. Second was Niko Stjepcevic, a member of BC Palma from Tivat, and third place was won by Dario Serovic (BC Val). The event started by paying tribute to the tragically passed away Montenegrin mountaineer, Milan Radovic. The organizer and host was the Mountaineering Club Subra, and the technical organizer was the “bowling” club “Val”.


Championship in “Buce” at Orjensko Sedlo (Photo: MC Subra)

“As much as the importance of the sporting component of the event is, what drives participants to go to one of the most remote and isolated places in our hinterland every year is not just competition, but mountain nature and socializing. In Orjensko sedlo, the natural conditions for summer bocce are more than favorable, and with the restoration of the filed for “buce” (zog) in 2015, the conditions for nurturing this sport discipline were again created, but even more so for the return of bocce as part of the former way of life, characteristic of the entire Adriatic coast and its hinterland," the organizers said.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on August 12th 2019, read more at Vijesti

12 Aug 2019, 19:01 PM

Sailors from the local Yacht Club- JK Delfin gave excellent results at the regatta "Memorial of Spasić and Mašera". The regatta was organized in Tivat for the past three days, by JK Delfin and it was held in scorching weather.

Over three competing days, more than 60 sailors from four Montenegrin clubs, JK (Yacht Club) Jugole Grakalic from Herceg Novi, JK Lahor from Kotor, JK Jovo Dabovic from Baošić and host club JK Delfin, as well as from Croatian clubs JK Orsan, Dubrovnik and JK Uskok, Zadar, sailed three regattas. They should be greatly acknowledged for their patience and perseverance, as it was not easy to sail in the wind of 3 to 5 knots and extremely warm, almost tropical weather, it has been pointed out from JK Delfin.

In the Optimist class, the current state champion Pavle Music won, in second was Viktor Lesjak and in third Andrija Markovic, all from JK Delfin. The Tivat Delfin sailors won all three first places in the competition for up to 12 years. Lesjak was first, Markovic was second, while sailor Tea Celanovic won third place. Tea also won the gold in the girl's competition. Nina Strahinja won silver, Vanja Strahinja bronze, both sailors JK Lahor from Kotor.

In the Laser 4.7 class, the first place went to Nikola Golubovic, sailor JK Delfin, second to Robert Moris from JK Jugole Grakalic, and third place went to Vasilije Kurbanovic from JK Delfin. In the Laser Radial class, Danilo Joncic took gold, Stefan Andjelic silver and Luka Rocen bronze, all three from Dolphin. Ilija Markovic is the first in the Laser Standard class, second is Milos Tripovic, both Dolphin sailors.

The awards for the best sailors were given by Ivana Žurić, Director of Design Interni, then Tony Belan, Director of Yacht Hotel and Ana-Marija Žurić, on behalf of the City Bar "Majestic", who, together with the Tivat Tourism Organization and other members of the donor pool, gave Contribution to the successfully conducted donation campaign #BudiOptimist during the 13th Tivat Regatta UNA Montenegro Cup.

The Dolphin Optimists, five of them, will go to the Croatian Optimists Team Championship in Split, organized by JK Marina Kastela on August 15th, and Ilija Markovic and coach Ilko Klakor will continue to Poland, where the European Championship for the Olympic Class Laser under 21 begins on 20 August, as stated from the Tivat JK Delfin.


30 Jul 2019, 12:42 PM

The Polo spectacle will undoubtedly be an event that will mark the summer calendar of events in Porto Montenegro and on the Tivat Riviera, announced Porto Montenegro. Such a conclusion can be reached, judging by the production and attractive agenda for this world event, which will be held from 1 to 3 August, at the pop-up Porto Montenegro Arena.

This gathering at Porto Montenegro Marina will bring together the world and nautical public and fans of this sport, Montenegrin audience and guests who want to spend the day with family and friends enjoying this spectacle, and expecting good fun, drinks and great music.

City Music - GPD Tivat and Majorettes will lead a rectangular equestrian procession with polo players, starting from the waterfront of Pine through the promenade of the nautical settlement Porto Montenegro, on Thursday 1 August, starting at 19:30 h.

The matches are scheduled for Friday 2 August and Saturday 3 August at 5:15 pm at the big Porto Montenegro Arena, when the world's biggest polo names will play. Tickets are available for purchase via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., priced at €20.

Four great teams will weigh knowledge, experience and dexterity, including Maharaja Savai Padmanabh Singh (Pacho) of Jaipur, who is one of the most prominent representatives of the world polo; UK national team member and Royal Berkshire Polo Club owner Jamie Morrison; multiple winner of the Polo in the Park and large snow polo tournament Charlie Wooldridge, and many others.

An interesting entertainment agenda has been announced as part of this attractive event. “Kic Pop Choir from Podgorica will perform on Saturday, August 2, on the plateau in front of the Hero (Heroj) submarine at 9:00 pm. This choir does not need to be presented specially, since the Montenegrin public has been enjoying their thematic performances and repertoire for two years.  Admission is free.

Everyone is also invited to the big Polo white party after the polo finals, on Saturday 3rd August at the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club Swimming Pool from 9 pm. Globally recognizable Natalia Baruligh and Ester Anaya will be in charge of great musical energy.

29 Jul 2019, 17:41 PM

29 July 2019 - The Montenegro national water polo team under 15 years won the silver medal at U15 Water Polo Championships which was held in Burgas, Bulgaria. The inaugural edition of the men’s U15 European Water Polo Championships was a tremendous success in Burgas. Hungary won the first title in the final against Montenegro (15-9), while Italy won the bronze.

The brand new aquatic centre in Burgas welcomed the best U15 European players and the venue witnessed some great games, especially in the quarter-finals where the young warriors produced real thrillers.

The clash of Hungary and Serbia was as epic as their senior sides’ battles. Serbia came back from 8-4 and 10-8 down to take the lead in the last period at 10-11, only to see the Magyars netting two in 45 seconds shortly before the end. Spain and Italy met here in the quarters (at the senior World Championship they played the final), the game ended in a 3-3 tie and the Italians won the shootout. Montenegro upended group-winner Croatia 10-9 with a late double in the very last minute, while Greece needed a miraculous 5-2 run in the final quarter to beat surprise quarter-finalist Georgia 12-10.

The Hungarians won a tough one against Italy in the semis 8-6 while Montenegro did not leave any chance for the Greeks (13-8). The final lacked the expected excitement as the young Hungarians opened the match with 5-0 and never looked back to take the crown with a 15-9 win. Italy edged out Greece for the bronze medal 9-8.

LEN has launched this new age-group event to meet the National Federations’ demands to create a competitive environment for these youngsters as this contributes a great deal to their development. Next year these generations can play in the U16 World Championships. The following age-group event in the LEN Calendar is the European Junior Open Water Swimming Championships to be held in Racice (CZE) from 1-4 August. Free live streaming will be offered on the LEN website.

On this occasion, the Government of Montenegro congratulated the young water polo team.

"Being in a sports heat and winning the silver medal by competing with the best teams in Europe means that your country can count on you in every way, even in the light of championship generations shift. The policies implemented by the Government and the Ministry of Sports and Youth will provide you the status of promising athletes. With your talent and hard work, it is a safe guarantee of new successes of our water polo, but also a visa for new Montenegro’s sports champions," the letter reads.

Final rankings: 1. Hungary, 2.Montenegro, 3.Italy, 4. Greece, 5. Serbia, 6. Georgia, 7. Spain, 8. Croatia, 9. Russia, 10. Slovakia, 11. Slovenia, 12. Turkey, 13. Romania, 14. Bulgaria, 15. Netherlands, 16. Belarus

Read more news about sports in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

25 Jul 2019, 22:21 PM

25 July 2019 - Polo in the Port, Montenegro’s first-ever polo event, has been welcomed by Porto Montenegro, as announced from the company. Three days of sporting entertainment will take place from 1st to 3rd August and the event is in association with Global Citizen Forum.

Porto Montenegro is set to welcome Montenegro’s inaugural polo event at the new Arena venue piloting this summer season in the Porto Montenegro village. The event will gather families, spectators, polo fanatics and social enthusiasts for three days of cocktails and canapes in the sun whilst enjoying a premiere of polo sporting entertainment. The occasion will mark a significant date in Porto Montenegro’s Events Calendar from 1st-3rd August 2019. 

Presented by the Global Citizen Forum, Polo in the Port is one of the key social sporting events of the summer that will fuse world-class sport in a stunning waterside setting, where four teams will compete in an extraordinary pop-up polo field, overlooking the world’s finest superyachts, with sunshine, food, music and groups of sporting and social excellence, it has been said in the announcement.  

“We believe in the unifying power of sports that reaches beyond borders and brings people together,” said Armand Arton, founder of the Global Citizen Forum. “Following our last Forum in Sveti Stefan, we’re excited to be part of yet another special experience in beautiful Montenegro.” 

Among the extensive list of sponsors are Arton Capital, Regent Porto Montenegro, Universal Capital Bank, Voli Motors, Plantaže, Azimut Yachts, Rolex, Beluga, La Martina, Boadicea the Victorious and Sunreef Yachts, who join forces to commemorate this first-of-its-kind momentous occasion on the Tivat Riviera. 

"I am very much looking forward to my first time in Montenegro and what better way to mark that than by being able to play polo with my favourite crew in a totally new and exciting setting. Polo in the Park is one of my favourite events, so I can’t wait to see what Polo in the Port has in store", comments Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh (Pacho) of Jaipur.  

Opening the occasion from 8 pm on Thursday 1 August will be a remarkable horse parade through the Porto Montenegro marina village, giving residents, spectators and the local community an opportunity to join in on the opening festivities. The parade will be followed by an invitation-only welcome reception at the Regent Porto Montenegro.

On Friday 2 August, doors will open to the VIP Clubhouse, with matches kicking off in the late afternoon. The games will continue into the second day of play ahead of the finals and trophy ceremony. Guests will have an opportunity to get dressed to the nines for an exclusive party at the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club Pool to mark the end of Montenegro’s first-ever polo event.

Tickets price is 20€ and is available for purchase via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The event will be a pet-and family-friendly affair, open to the public and giving guests and spectators an opportunity to sip champagne under the blue skies and majestic mountains of the Boka Bay, all steps away from the waterfront and superyacht-lined marina, whilst watching quality sporting action. Families will have the opportunity to enjoy picnics on the fresh lawns of the Arena, enjoy summer music and get a taste of the Porto Montenegro community.

25 Jul 2019, 02:09 AM

Scholarships for eight young athletes from Herceg Novi in the academic year 2019/20 have been awarded thanks to the established cooperation of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, Swimming Water Polo Club (PVK) Jadran and the Basketball Club Primorje 1945 with the Faculty of Management, as announced from the Municipality.

Starting from the common interest for the development of the local community and scientific research, and in an effort to expand and intensify cooperation in the field of science and sports, a protocol on business and technical cooperation was signed, which stipulates that this year the Municipality and the Faculty will co-finance scholarships for three students who are members of BC Primorje in 1954 and five students-players of PVK Jadran.

Marko Grkovic, Milos Radojkovic and Ivan Misinezovic from BC Primorje in 1945, as well as Dimitrije Obradovic, Petar Mijušković, Đuro Radović, Luka Murišić and Darko Đurović from PVK Jadran, received support through scholarships for this academic year.

"Last year we signed individual contracts with Primorje and Jadran, and this year, thanks to the initiative of the Municipality and with the desire to intensify this cooperation, we have consolidated everything into one contract. We decided to co-finance young athletes with the Municipality, as one of our ways of contributing and socially useful work, but also recognizing the need to keep talents in the city, " said the Dean of the Faculty of Management, Doc. Dr Irena Petrusic, adding that she hoped for expansion of cooperation in the coming years.

The local government sees this move as another way to support Herceg Novi clubs that have senior selections and perform in elite competitions.

"This is one of the ways to keep high-quality players in the city, young people who want to promote themselves in this city after finishing high school. Last year we had a pilot project, and now we have already established stable cooperation. This year we have eight students, and I hope that the next will be even more, and from other clubs, " said Municipal Secretary for Social Activities and Sports, Darko Klasic.

The director of PVK Jadran, Miloš Mračević, thanked the Municipality and the Faculty for recognizing the importance of education for young people who are engaged in sports in Herceg Novi, and for helping their development.

"I hope that our athletes will achieve very good academic results, in addition to top sports results, and that they will be for example at the faculty as they are in sports, and that they will lead a wave of young people who want to continue their education in their own city," Mracevic said.

In a short time, the initiative came to a great realization, because all the companion forces recognized its importance and need, added the president of the KK Primorje 1945, Željko Roganović. According to him, encouraging the parallel sport and academic development of young people is an example of good practice in Herceg Novi.

"This could be an incubator of new knowledge and a magnet for other young people to stay in Herceg Novi for academic development at the Faculty of Management," said Roganovic.

He thanked the signatories of the protocol and invited other business entities to contribute to the upgrading of this idea and to support the sport within its capabilities.

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