12 Jul 2019, 01:01 AM

10 July 2019 - The 38th Herceg Novi Swimming Marathon "Memorial Mario-Dido Marić" manifestation will be held on Saturday, July 27th, when a number of athletes, recreational sportspeople and citizens of Herceg Novi will swim 2500 meters from Njivice to Škver.

The right to participate in the swimming marathon is open to all those who are interested in taking a compulsory medical examination two hours before the race, as well as submitting official documentation forms which are available on spot, as reported Radio Jadran.

On the day of the race at 3.30 PM, the transport of swimmers from Škver to Njivice will be organized, after which the competitors' reports and medical examination will be made on the beach of the hotel "Iberostar Herceg Novi". The marathon starts at 6 PM when the participants will head to a 2,5 kilometer long target, a beach "White Fairy" on Škver (Boka Beach).

The limited time of swimming in the race is set to an hour and thirty minutes, while at 8 PM the competition in the rope pulling for the main prize, ham, will be organized.

For all of those who arrive at the destination, diplomas and souvenirs, sandwiches and juices are provided, while the winners will take money prize, cups and medals. For the first place in the women's and men's competitions, the prize is the cup, medal, and 150 EUR, for the second place of it is a medal and 100 EUR, and for the third place, a medal and 50 EUR. Special gifts are provided for both the oldest and the youngest participants of the race.

Read more about sports in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

11 Jul 2019, 13:26 PM

Sutjeska has a perfect result before the rematch against Slovan in Bratislava in the first round of qualifications for the Champions League (1:1).

The host took the advantage in the 82nd minute with a goal by Andraž Šporar, and Damir Kojasevic had a clutch point for the Montenegrin champion from a 25-meters distance in the 95th minute.

They had enough calmness, quality, tactical maturity, and most of all luck (like Moha's great chance in the 1st minute) to lead the match in the rhythm that suited them.

The rematch is scheduled in seven days in Nikšić, in which Sutjeska has the chance to complete the European wonder and become the first Montenegrin team to qualify for the 2nd round of qualifications for the Champions League.

Coach Nikola Rakojevic has already done European wonders, though as coach of Titograd, this would definitely be the greatest ever.


Bratislava - National football stadium. Spectators: 11.250. Referee: Vitali Meškov (Russia). Goals: Šporar in the 82nd minute for Slovan, Kojašević in 90 + 5 minute for Sutjeska.

Yellow cards: Ljubicic (Slovan).

Slovan: Grejf, Apau, Bajrič, Božikov, Šukotski, Dražić, Ljubičić, Da Silva (64. De Kamps), Čavrić (64. De Kamps), Moha (77. Danijels), Šporar.

Sutjeska: Giljen, Ciger, Nedić, Šofranac, Bulatović, Eraković, Janković, Vučić (82. Osmajić), Ćetković, Kojašević, Marković (88. Božović).

Text by Vijesti sport, on July 10th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

09 Jul 2019, 14:12 PM

Slobodan Subotic returned to Montenegro after more than 40 years.

Born in Herceg Novi, he was a young, great talent, who built his career in Olympia, later in Aris, and was also a coach, among other things, of the biggest Greek clubs.


Bokan and Subotic (Photo: Savo Prelevic)

"I come back to where I started, I played in Njegoševa park when I was 16-17 years and I know where I'm coming. Also, wherever I signed a contract, I came to a great result. I handle it, I live with it, I like that pressure. I do not have the goal to come and satisfy the average score or not go one step further. We have plans, desires and dreams. I can only promise that the players are going to fight until the end with all the forces, that they will know where they came and what is expected from them," Subotic said. 

He watched Buducnost last season.

"I know the players from TV, not the training. Some talents can have a big career, but let's see. You will not hear great words from me. I like to work, and I love warrior teams. If we lose by 20, but we kill ourselves on the field, nobody will miss it. I count on the support of the fans, but I know we will get it if we deserve it," Subotic said. Buducnost brought two players, Meyers and Martin, and is still looking for two more.


Subotic (Photo: Savo Prelevic)

"We are looking for all positions now - and I am fond of the players who can play in two positions particularly. Now the players' prices are sky high, that's not normal, but we have to be patient. We are scouting, Petar Mijovic does a great job, we talk to coaches from Europe, and we will not bring players who will not be here with their hearts," Subotic said. He emphasized that he has a great desire to give a chance to young players. "The same happened in Panathinaikos with Focis, and Panionios Papalukas. They didn’t get a chance only because they were young, but because they deserved it," Subotic said.

Text by Vijesti spot, on July 8th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

01 Jul 2019, 14:24 PM

To win the placement in the round of 16 at the European Championships in Latvia and Serbia, Montenegro must beat the Czech Republic by at least 12 points.  That is, if France justifies their role as the favorite against Sweden. If, however, Sweden wins, then Montenegro would pass even with the minimum score against the Czech Republic.

"It's not easy, it's very specific when you do not start a match with 0:0, but you know that the rival leads 12:0. But nothing is impossible, and we really believe in it. We will do our best to win and then we will think about those 12 points which we need to go further," said Jovana Pasic. The rejuvenated selection from the bench is led by debutant coach Jelena Skerovic who has experienced two defeats in the first two rounds of the group, to Sweden (67:51) and France (88:53).

"We tried as the selector asked us to forget this match with France as soon as possible. It was a tough and an ultimately unrealistic result, to which we naturally contributed. Of course, now our thoughts are completely focused on the Czech Republic, we began preparations and with good training we want to be ready for that duel. We have to give everything we have because there is no other way to success. The team is all right, we only think of giving our maximum in the game tomorrow," said Pasic before the duel in Riga.

"The Czechs have shown against Sweden what kind of national team they are, even without some important basketball players who are not at this European Championship. I also believe that if we get together and finally show what we have been doing these 50 days of preparations, we can play against them," concluded Jovana Pasic.

Text by Sasa Joncic, on June 30th 2019, read more at Vijesti

27 Jun 2019, 11:18 AM

The Montenegrin women's basketball team begins their European Championship.

The 'Reds' will open their fifth appearance at the Eurobasket against Sweden in Riga.

Sweden is not strong in basketball, though they've progressed year after year, and in 2013, they played in the quarterfinals.

"Sweden is an experienced team, many players play in strong leagues, but I think we are well prepared and it will depend very much on us and our game. We need to meet the demands and fight in the right way," says Milica Jovanovic before the first match. Compared to the last European championship, Montenegro has changed its composition and only three players are on the team that played against Sweden six years ago, which they won 69:58. In addition to Milica Jovanovic, the national team jersey was then worn by Snezana Aleksic and Natasa Popovic.

"They have the Eldebrink sisters who've played for many years in the European league and are very experienced, and in other positions, they have tall basketball players, so I think we can fight against them with our game. They have a lot of girls playing at college who then go back to Sweden. It is imperative that we play smart, together, and give our maximum," says Jovanovic.

On the court against Sweden was Jelena Skerovic, who is now awaiting a different role. She will, for the first time, lead our girls from the bench at the Eurobasket. 

"A lot is different now, it seems to me that it is much easier to play than to be on the side without being able to enter the court and help in something. This is what it all comes down to, the moments when I can contribute as a coach, but I'm happy so far with the way we started, and I believe that everything will go well," says the coach before the first duel.

Montenegro also has the Czech Republic and France in their group.

Text by Vijesti sport, on June 26th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

23 Jun 2019, 23:36 PM
June 23, 2019 - Sailors from Boka, Dr. Nikša Truš and Zvjezdan Šantić, achieved great success at the 34th International Cruise Line Brindisi – Corfu regatta, which sailed from 16 to 18 June. They won third place in the class "per due" (for two) and the fourth place in the overall ranking in their category and 13 in general by ORC.
Their scale of success is measured by the fact that over 120 boats from all over the world participated in the Brindisi - Corfu regatta this year, out of eight states.
Modest, with not so many words, an experienced marine wolf, skipper, and owner of 9.4 meters long sailboat "Chita," otherwise veterinarian Nikša Truš, after returning from the regatta, this time did not hide satisfaction with the success achieved.
"It was the fourth time that I participated in the prestigious regatta Brindisi-Corfu, the second prize won. We started exactly at noon on 16 June. We arrived at the goal the next morning at 7 pm, a total of 95 miles. Mostly it was a soft Maestral, so for half of the regatta sailed to the spinnaker because there was no strong wind. It is interesting to us that we needed six hours of motoring from the final line to the marina where we were in Greece, which is all in the interest of tourist advertising. In total, we were at sea for eight days and moved about 400 miles," said Dr. Nikša Truš.
"As far as the organization is concerned, everything was perfect. It is a nation of cultures; they traditionally prepare a great welcome for all participants. This atmosphere and kindness need to be experienced; they make a spectacle from everything. At the start of Brindisi, we were driven by planes, which released color effects," Truš said.
"Brindisi - Corfu International Regatta" was founded in 1986. Thanks to the year-to-year acknowledgments since 1998, the regatta's glory has expanded beyond the borders of Italy and Greece, increasing the number of participants from all over the world. The goal of creating a virtual bridge between all the people with whom the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea meet through sport, sailing, is crowned with success. From 2000 to 2002, the race was held under the auspices of the United Nations as a "Human Rights Race."
22 Jun 2019, 10:04 AM
June 22, 2019 - YC Delfin from Tivat this summer is organizing a sailing school, reserved for children ages 6 to 15 years old. Delfin is the most successful Montenegrin sailing club with 70 years of tradition, and working with the youngest is one of the segments of their most significant dedication.
Sailing school attendants will master the basics of sailing on Optimist, sailing boats specially designed for children and beginners through the theoretical and practical work, and will learn to manage the ship. They will acquire basic knowledge of equipping and guarding, clothing and equipment for safety, necessary naval skills, knots, winds, and sea. At the school, students will acquire essential management skills in light winds with the assistance of individual skills and self-management.
At the summer school, in a fun and creative way, children get acquainted with the sea and acquire self-confidence through sport and socializing with peers. In the organization of the sailing school, children are on the shore and at sea under the supervision of a coach.
Through the course of sailing every year, about 100 children pass, which is not only a sporting success but also a success of Montenegro's development as a maritime country.
This year's summer school started on 17 June. Behind the Sailing Club Delfin are numerous achievements, and the basis for all is quality work with young people. The head coach of the club, Ilko Klakor, points out that Delfin has strengthened the training team for this season.
"Our goal is to gather as many participants as possible, to be divided into five groups so that five trainers can work with them: Ilija Markovic, Nikola Golubovic, Stefan Anđelic, Danilo Joncic and I," Klakor said.
All younger coaches are also YC Delfin's competitors with many years of experience at sea.
In addition to the school for children, Delfin also started the training program for interested senior candidates last year. "When sailing is concerned, it's never too late. From this summer we also offer an adult course, to be organized on Laser-type sailboats. And indeed, they can try the oldest," said the club.
As for the school for the youngest, training is held from Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 1 pm.
The club provides sailing school attendants with all the necessary equipment and care boats, life-saving belts, a fast-paced boat that is continuously on board the sailboats at sea. Participants need to bring only water and a sun protection cap for training, says the coach Ilko Klakor.
Registration for sailing school candidates is open at YC Delfin, and for any additional information interested can also contact the e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and phone numbers +382 68 371 150 and +382 68 173 661.
21 Jun 2019, 11:50 AM

Montenegro's Basketball Team center Bojan Dubljevic, as published on FIBA web​​site, said that placing at the World Cup in China was "an experience that has, without a doubt, helped the country raise its rating on the international basketball scene". "It was absolutely right, the qualifications were tough, very difficult, but our mental strength and resistance helped us very much. We did our best to go to the World Cup and in the end, we felt relieved and happy when we finally managed to win a spot. Man, it was long and hard, but it was worth it," said Dubljevic. The World Cup placement has brought Montenegro so many good things, including the confidence of the players.

"We are a small country and we all know that it means a lot to us players and our people to participate in a competition like the World Cup. We raised our confidence at a higher level after we won the placement, but we know we have to continue to work hard and progress to be able to offer great games in China. Qualifications are behind us, now we need to focus on the final tournament," Dubljevic added.

Montenegro will play in China with Greece, Brazil, and New Zealand. "The group is very competitive, one of the most competitive in the first phase of the competition. All of our opponents in the group, unlike us, have a lot of experience at the international level, which is very important when playing at the World Cup."

"Brazil is a very strong team; I have played in Spain against some Brazilian players, they have veterans who will have a significant influence on the game. Greece is one of the best selections in Europe and with the talent they have, including Giannis Antetokounmpo they can achieve a lot. New Zealand is a team that plays with a lot of intensity and we will have to play a good defense to play at the same physical level as they are," says the center of Valencia.

Greece was the vice-champion of the world 13 years ago, when they surprised the Americans in the semifinals. In 2002, New Zealand reached semi-finals of the World Cup and was fourth, while Brazil had not been on the winner's podium since 1978 but is still among the best selections from the American continent.

"This is an unbelievable opportunity for us, for the country, for the entire population of Montenegro. We are a small country, but we are proud and want to represent the state in the best way. We want to show that Montenegro has the talent that we want to show at the highest level".

"We know that we are not among the favorites, but we will compete and fight at each game to make people proud. We have a tremendous opportunity to show our country through the games, to show our flag, to get the people to learn something about our country and our basketball," added Dubljevic.

The performance at the World Cup will be a great promotion of Montenegro.

"A big window to let the world see who we are, and we'll be working hard to prepare for the start of the competition and be in the best form. I repeat, wearing a red jersey on our backs, we want to make our fellow citizens proud," Dubljevic said.

Our ace is also aware that there is no guarantee when you come to a major event and that there is no dilemma that he will be in our team at this championship.

"It is very important for me, I'm really excited to have the chance to compete against the best teams and players in the world, which will help our basketball progress, and all of us to gain more experience for future contests."

Dubljevic says there are a lot of things to look forward to in China:

"Starting from the audience and the fans, because the atmosphere will be great, up to big tournament competition, and more than that. Playing at the World Championship is probably one of the most important things for basketball players. That’s why I am looking forward to everything that will take place this summer. My teammates, the professional staff, all together, want us to do something big in China," concluded Dubljevic.

Text by Sasa Joncic, on June 20th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

19 Jun 2019, 13:18 PM

More than a hundred competitors, of which 88 were from Montenegro, participated on Sunday in the sixth Podgorica triathlon, Plavnica 2019.

The Triathlon was held in the organization of the Triathlon Club of Podgorica, and in cooperation with the Municipality of Golubovci, the Secretariat for Culture and Sports of the Capital City in Plavnica.

"The competition was attended by 103 competitors, of whom 88 (64 in the individual competitions and 24 in the relay race) were from Montenegro, which is certainly one of the most important indicators of growing popularity and affirmation of the triathlon sport in Montenegro," the organizers said, adding it is just one of the basic goals of the Triathlon Club Podgorica.


They particularly emphasized the participation of the youngest contestants, Pavel Pascua and Andrej Vlada.

The Podgorica triathlon is, as they add, already known for international character and hosted competitors from Belgium, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, USA, Albania and Romania.

"Of course, this year we had participants, and their fans, from various Montenegrin, triathlon, bicycle and athletic clubs, handball, water polo, racing, karate and many others," he said.


This year's edition of Podgorica Triathlon was marked with a bit higher temperature, which suited the contestants in the water, but still, in the race, many felt the best atmosphere of the Podgorica Triathlon so far.

"The greatest attention is drawn to the Olympic distance (1500 meters of swimming, 40 kilometers of biking and 10 kilometers of running), which was won by Jaksa Diklic from Croatia with time 02: 08: 01h. After him, Luka Cupić from TK Herceg Novi and Djuro Mileusnic, from the same team as the winner - TK Dubrovnik. In the women's competition the fastest was Jelena Tomasevic from TK X Herceg Novi, with a time of 02: 30: 29h, while the second and third place was won by the competitors from TK Split Tamara Carevic and Aleksandra Tot from TK Kotor," the statement said.


The champion title for Montenegro in this discipline was won by Jelena Tomasevic and Luka Cupic, while on the podium was also Aleksandra Tot in the women's, and Mladen Ilic (TK Kotor) and Marko Butulija (TK X Herceg Novi) in the men's competition.

"In the Sprint Triathlon discipline (750m swimming, 20km of biking and 5km run), Nikola Pavlovic and Milica Purlija, both members of TK Podgorica, were the first to go through the finish line. The second and third places were won by Goran Danicic (TK X Herceg Novi) and Sean Lepouttre respectively, in the men’s, and Andjela Delibasic (BK Budućnost) and Marija Bosnjak (TK X Herceg Novi) in the women's competition.

In the relay race, the first place was won by the team "The Matadors" from Montenegro, "Carević Team" from Croatia took silver, and the third place took the RRM group from Montenegro.

Text by Vijesti online, on June 18th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

17 Jun 2019, 23:37 PM

17 June 2019 - The Stadium of little sports (Montenegrin: Stadion malih sportova) in Podgorica, to the satisfaction of all citizens and sports enthusiasts, will soon get a completely new look. Reconstruction of the stadium is in progress and, as the representatives of the government of the Capital City announce, it will be completed by the end of the year.

Stadium of Little Sports Reconstructed by the End of 2019 1

Stadium of little sports is a multi-purpose stadium in Podgorica, the Capital of Montenegro. It is located under the Gorica Hill, near the city centre. The stadium's total area is 6.686 square meters, and it is owned by the municipality of Podgorica. It serves as one of the main concert venues in the city.

At a recent meeting with the residents of Local community Gorica and Nova Varoš, the Mayor of Podgorica, Ivan Vuković, said that the elaboration of the main project for the reconstruction of the Small Sports Stadium is in progress and that it will be completed by the end of the year.

Stadium of Little Sports Reconstructed by the End of 2019 3

As they announce from the capital city, the reconstructed sports area will have new terrains and stands, as well as numerous accompanying facilities. They also confirmed that the Football Association of Montenegro would give its contribution to this reconstruction through the donation of artificial turf and hybrid grass for sports.

Dragan Šico Mugoša, the legendary mini football player, one of the most popular athletes who spent years under Gorica Hil and once the best player of great Yugoslavia, said that there were no players who played for the FC Budućnost without having had their “five minutes of fame” on this stadium. Thus, the masters of the world and domestic football played their “most important” roles here: Savićević, Mijatović, Miročević, Vujović, Ljumović, and many others.

Stadium of Little Sports Reconstructed by the End of 2019 5

The citizens of Podgorica, as well as the citizens of the country, hope that with this reconstruction, the stadium will regain its original purpose – hosting sports events and gathering people of all generations. They are looking forward to seeing children and adults playing handball and mini football like they used to in the past.

Read more about Sport in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

16 Jun 2019, 22:55 PM

16 June 2019 - Led by Zoran Roganović, Montenegro National Handball Team managed to secure a victory at the Morača Sports Centre in the match against Ukraine, winning 27: 21 and in the second place, they qualified for the European Championship.

The European Championship will be held in January in Austria, Sweden and Norway.

"Certainly, these are the two most important matches. In the first duel, we did not play well against the Faeroes Islands, and now we had to have a more serious approach. It is important that we play smart, divide the time and celebrate against the Faeroes Islands and then against Ukraine and give the maximum to win. It is true that some players just joined the team two days ago and that it is the end of the season, but these are the two most important matches, and everyone will give the maximum to win the placement," said Stefan Čavor for Vijesti before the game, commenting on how important this victory is for the team and for Montenegro as a country.

Montenegro lost to Ukraine after the drama with the Faeroes (29: 24), and as expected in Denmark (37: 26), but the "Lions" defeated the Olympic and World Champions Denmark (32:31) in the previous round, and now on the wings of that triumph they managed to win the remaining two games and achieve the goal.

"We do care whether we are going to be the second or third. The better placement also allows us to get an easier group at the European Championship. When we already have a chance, we have to enter with 100 per cent in both games,” said the goalkeeper, Nebojša Simić, who is now thrilled that the team managed to secure the second place.

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