Kotorska Pašta: Famous Kotor Sweet with Mediterranean Origins

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Kotorska Pašta: Famous Kotor Sweet with Mediterranean Origins Kotorska Pašta, Photo by Aleksandar Saša Kordić
June 3, 2020 - Kotorska Krempita or Kotorska Pašta, as this dish is called among Bokelians, is a sweet pie, a variant of creampie, which is traditionally prepared in Kotor. It differs from the traditional creampie in that, instead of two crusts, Kotorska Pašta is made with three crusts.

Kotorska Pašta ingredients:

For bark:

1 kg of flour
800 g of vegetable fat
half a teaspoon of salt

For fil:

2 liters of milk
600-700 g of sugar
300-350 g of flour
Eight eggs
5-6 bags of vanilla sugar
To decorate:
Powdered sugar

Kotorska Pašta: Preparation

The crusts for Kotorska Pašta are prepared the day before this delicacy is made.
Knead the dough from flour and water and leave it to stand for 15-20 minutes. Then, on a surface previously sprinkled with powder, roll it out into a rectangular shape. Place the vegetable fat in the middle of the rectangle and fold the sides of the dough over it. Press lightly from above, and place in a plastic bag for half an hour. After the mixture has set, it is rolled out again into a rectangular shape with a rolling pin, so the left and right sides are folded in half, and then everything is folded in half ("close like a book"). Leave for half an hour. This process of stretching and folding the dough is repeated two more times. The dough done in this way is put back in the plastic bag and left until the next day when the crusts are made.
The dough for Kotorska Pašta kneaded the day before, is divided into three parts. Each part is stretched into a rectangular shape with a rolling pin and baked at a temperature of 200 ° C until the crust turns golden. The coatings must not burn, but they should not remain undercooked. After baking, the crusts are left to cool. * Instead of homemade puff pastry, you can also use almost frozen puff pastry. Kotorska Pašta will not be the same, but nearly the same. It is good to know, especially when you are impatient to taste your sweet the same day you decide to prepare it. 
To prepare to fill for Kotorska Pašta, separate the eggs into whites and yolks. Separate one part from the prepared milk and whisk it with flour, sugar and egg yolks, and leave the rest to boil. When the milk boils, add the previously whipped mass and stir with a whisk until the mass is combined, and then, with constant stirring, cook well over low heat.
Whisk the egg whites in "snow," add vanilla sugar, and add to the cooked mass, while it is still on the stove. Mix everything and let it do another "key."
The resulting filling should be cooled with stirring, so as not to catch the crust or the cream thickens.
The first crust is placed on the substrate. Spread one half of the prepared filling over it, then cover with another crust. The rest of the mixture is spread over the second crust, and then the last, third crust is placed on top. The finished pie is left to cool a bit, cut into cubes and sprinkled with powdered sugar.
Source: Wikipedia

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