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19 Jul 2019, 14:46 PM

July 19, 2019 - Roman Night 2019 will be organized on Sunday, 28 July in Risan, by the Tourist Organization of Kotor. The event will be held for the first time and it will take place at Risan promenade and market, starting at 8 p.m, as announced from the Tourist Organization.

Roman Night is conceived as an ancient Risan festival that will bring the public closer to the importance of archaeology in tourism and enrich the cultural and tourist offer of Risan and Boka Kotorska. The aim of the event is to connect the content that will be developed from relaxing entertainment activities (food, drinks, souvenir sales, pedagogical workshops) through more active learning and dating of the ancient colony (dress culture, hairstyle) to professional performers shows (fighting gladiators, slave sales, dance with fire) in the best way.

The idea is to have many themes: fun, jewellery, clothing, gastronomy, crafts, games and the programme will be divided into animations for children, entertainment and gastro.

 The programme for children, with the engagement of animator "Event Montenegro" will introduce Roman games, such as fighting with swords and shields, rope withdrawal, throwing walnuts into the amphora and more.

A large number of gifts and surprises will be waiting for younger participants and all the participants will have the opportunity to get Roman hairstyles and dress in a Roman-style with a laurel-leaf on their head. A small gladiator school will be organized by Medieval Kotor. Medieval Kotor is a group within the non-governmental organization for the preservation of the cultural heritage of Kotor and Montenegro, which deals with historical constructions of crafts, tools, clothing, weapons and tools, technologies and other segments of life.

Andrija Ramadanović from Kotor will be in charge to represent the "gladiator" and "spata" type of Roman swords. He is the owner of "Romada" Collection, which has over 200 copies of handmade cold weapons from 8th century B.C. to 20th century A.D. For this occasion, nine specimens of swords had been chosen.

Peter and Eva Martinović, founders of the old crafts studios, who successfully sell handmade ceramic products for 15 years will be presented the same evening. At Rome Night, they will feature unique ceramics created by their memory and imagination.

The guests will also be members of the "Narona" Archaeological Museum from Metković, who will present roman jewellery in front of the museum and will also feature the film "Roman Night in Narona".

This museum has been built on the ruins of the Roman Temple and is unique by its specific finds of 17 marble sculptures. In addition to its numerous awards, the museum was specially awarded for the contribution to the enrichment of Croatia's tourist offer.

Sixteen performers will feature at Rome Night, dressed as centurions, standard-bearers and Roman legionaries. Gladiator battles with adequate gladiator equipment will also be shown, with the participation of 4 trained gladiators. This programme will be featured by Diocletian's Legion, the Association from Croatia.

The fire show will be organized with small props (candles, orbs, then), then with large props (sticks, bells, snakes), fire-blowing as well as volcanoes and pyrotechnics that will light up a few meters in diameter and enrich the program. The Haos animators from Serbia have been engaged for this part of the show.

A lecture on Roman culture will be held by archaeologist Mrs. Vilma Kovačević, and also a mini quiz.

For the gastro section, the association "Women of Risan" and the NGO "Karampana" from Kotor will be in charge, so that the visitors will get the chance to enjoy Roman delicacies.

The programme moderator will be Dolores Fabijan.

The project has been supported by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, as stated by the Tourist Organization of Kotor.

18 Jul 2019, 18:07 PM

18 July 2019 - Kotor took the second place on the list of the most attractive eastern Mediterranean destinations for cruise travels created by Cruise Critic, the leading cruise reviews and information site which hosts the largest cruise community in the world.

According to the reviews of the users of the services of companies that organize cruise trips, Kotor is in second place, immediately after Venice. The news was officially announced by the team of the world's leading website for the evaluation of this type of cruise trips - Cruise Critic, which is visited by more than six million people each month.

The second place on the Top-Rated Eastern Mediterranean Destinations 2019 list is Kotor's best achievement in the history of this rating, since the best result so far has been reached last year, when the city occupied the third place, reports Tourist Organisation of Kotor Municipality.

The users of the services of companies that organize cruise trips evaluated the city from different aspects, and out of a total of 722 ratings, 573 indicate that the experience of passengers during their stay in Kotor was excellent, 210 very good, 55 average, 13 poor and 14 bad.

In the comments, as a reason for the excellent results, Kotor visitors said they were delighted with the city's historic core, port services and the view from the city walls, and some called this the best family journey in life.

“The cruise into Kotor is breathtaking as you are surrounded on both sides by huge moutains, very much like the Norwegian fjords but with full sun. The town itself is fortified with cobble stone streets and quaint shops. The locals are very friendly and the atmosphere is tranquil. We will definitely return here for a short break very soon. The price of food and drink is very low compared to Dubrovnik and everywhere else,” said one of the critics. They added that the tours were “amazing” and that they were ”blown away by Kotor and Perast’s beauty and serenity”.

The first place on the list of destinations in the east of the Mediterranean is still Venice, then Kotor followed by Dubrovnik, Split and Rhodes.

Read more information on the reasons you should visit Montenegro for your next holiday at TMN's dedicated page.

17 Jul 2019, 12:42 PM

"Mali pirat" (8+), directed by Milan Karadzic, won a particularly valuable prize, the "Dragan Radulovic" award, last night at the completed 27th Kotor Children's Theater Festival. The performance, done by the City Theater in co-production with the “Center for Culture” Tivat, shares this recognition equally with the Spanish piece "2062."

"Since the city's key has been in the hands of children for the past 12 days, we have given ourselves the right to change the rules of the game. We decided to share the Children's Jury Award on two performances this year for the first time. For our childhood, it is important that we live the fairy tales in the theatre, but also that the theater sometimes encourages us to think about the world in which we live. Therefore, the Award of the Children's Jury, which carries the name of our Dragan Radulovic, this year will be equally shared by the plays: "Mali Pirat", by Podgorica City Theater and the Culture Center Tivat, and "2062" based on the concept and performance of our dear guests from Spain, Karla Krac and Andres Beladiez," stated the explanation of the Children's Jury.

This year, the children in Kotor enjoyed a variety of professional performances for kids and youth, of different genres, from 1 to 12 July, and 12 of them were in the competition segment of the festival. The award of the Professional Jury this year was won by the Scottish performance "Feral" by Rosa Mekeja, in the co-production of the Tortoise In A Nutshell theatre and Cumbernauld Theater, while the award of the “Kotor Jury” for the best performance as a whole went to the Youth Theater from Novi Sad for the performance "Beauty and the Beast ".

The play "Mali pirat" is an adventure story, which, according to the motives of the novel by Anto Stanisic, was dramatized by Aleksandar Glovacki. The performance was made in the form of a musical with elements of comedy and melodrama. The action took place in the 18th century when pirates were raiding the sea. In the play, among other things, the life of the sailors from Boka and their customs from that time were depicted. In addition to exciting and dramatic events, the story also sends a strong message of love, both towards other people and nations and to the family.

Cast: Pavle Popović, Goran Slavić, Miloš Kašćelan, Jelena Đukić, Miloš Pejović, Marija Maša Labudović, Dubravka Drakić, Pavle Ilić, Sanja Popović, Branko Ilić, Marija Đurić, Jelena Simić, Katarina Krek, Branka Femić-Šćekić, Omar Bajramspahić, Ivan Kašćelan; girls from weddings / slaves: Vladana Mišević, Mia Kuč, Dušica Rovčanin, Stefanija Brčić, Đorđa Čolo, Borjana Obrenović, Jelena Knežević; ; boys from the wedding / sailors / pirates: Aleksa Balević, Filip Petrović, Antonio Grgurović, Nikola Mrvaljević, Mirko Ognjanović.

In addition to the directors Milan Karadzic and Aleksandar Glovacki, the author's team included costume designer Dragica Lausevic, composer Irena Popovic-Dragovic, assistant composer Aleksandar Zavisin, choreographer Nebojsa Gromic, scenographer Boris Maksimovic and dramatist Dubravka Drakic. The lighting design was done by Radomir Stamenkovic, and the songs written by Dubravka Drakic and Neven Stanicic. The lector is Neven Stanicic.

Text by CdM, on July 13th, 2019, read more at CdM

15 Jul 2019, 19:23 PM

On the square in front of the St. Tripun Cathedral, the 18th edition of KotorArt Don Branko's Days of Music opened. The program of the ceremonial opening had the thematic title "Art of Remembrance", on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Montenegro and the entry of Kotor on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Don Branko's Days of music was opened by the Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanovic, who emphasized the incredible significance of the KotorArt festival as a unique event in our country.

"Impressive is the fact that this year's KotorArt festival brings together four program units, numerous participants from different countries, conventional, as well as programs that examine the boundaries of the genre. All of this has given a special quality to this festival, which, among other things, has become a kind of workshop for music, stage and theoretical researches. This is exactly what KotorArt makes as a brand of Montenegrin culture, raising it above the atrophied festival retrospectives. And at tonight's opening, we will have the opportunity to get acquainted with one original piece, which is the result of the artistic search in the field of music, whose creators and performers are Montenegrin artists of the younger generation. What distinguishes the music segment of KotorArt, Don Branko's days of music, from the music festivals in the environment, which are dominantly based on artistic music, is a creative and productive dimension, that is, ordered pieces by composers from our area, whose premiere performances are just before us," he said.

The Ministry of Culture has recognized the great importance of KotorArt even this year, which, Bogdanovic said, will always be a practice, bearing in mind the importance and quality of the program.

 "Expressing my satisfaction gained from the revelation of the unknown and unrepeatable, with a feeling of friendly affection, I would like to once again remind you about the willingness of the Ministry of Culture for any form of cooperation in the further development of KotorArt, primarily in the field of international affirmation of Montenegrin culture. Furthermore, because this festival established a good practice of cooperation, both domestic and foreign artists, as well as young talents with world-renowned artists. In the end, I would like to thank all the artists, producers and organizers and wish them successful festival days, and to the audience, new excitement and new discoveries, to which KotorArt already has used. In that name, we remember Don Branko Sbutega tonight and once again announce the beginning of this artistic festival with his words "Let the bells ring", concluded Bogdanovic. The CEO of KotorArt Ratimir Martinovic also greeted the public.

"I sincerely believe, and I teach my students and share it with everyone I know, that the only real, sustainable and long-lasting way is the one on which we maintain gratitude and astonishment to the moment of life, the one way in which in everything we see a good chance for progress. Victories and defeats do not exist, as the great Nikola Tesla says, neither life nor death exists. There is no time, but only countless moments out of which most of them, unfortunately, pass by us," stressed Martinovic, and emphasized that when you stop admiring and giving thanks, you stop living a dedicated life, which is the only guarantee of quality at that moment.

Meanwhile, during the last evening, the compositions that the Festival ordered from the author were premiered. Therefore, Ivan Marovic wrote the composition "Kotor 1979", while Nina Perovic composed the piece "Views". At the opening, the Festival Orchestra of KotorArt was conducted by Julio Maric, and sopranos Marijana Sovran, Oliver Ticevic, Milica Milanovic and the hip-hop band “Who See” performed.

Text by CdM, on July 15th 2019, read more at CdM

14 Jul 2019, 21:06 PM

13 July 2019 - President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović, at the invitation of Ahmet Erentok, President of the Board of Directors of Azmont Investments, visited the works at the Portonovi resort in Herceg Novi.

On this occasion, the preliminary works of the first phase of the construction, contents and activities, which will be available to the local and international public from 1st of August this year, were shown for the first time.

When Azmont Investments entered the Montenegrin market in 2012, its contractual obligation was to invest 52 million EUR in the first four years, or 258 million EUR in eight years. By the end of June this year, Portonovi’s investor invested 469 million EUR, while the total investment after all works would be close to 1 billion EUR, the company stated. In all segments of the project, an average of 1,560 workers are now engaged.

Đukanović said that he is impressed with what he saw in Portonovi, adding that the implementation of the project from the first day to the present seemed almost unbelievable. A lot of works have been completed already and everything was done according to what were the most optimistic expectations.

"This is a serious chance to solve key economic and social problems in the country and a key opportunity for Montenegro's development, primarily in these activities that really represent the best development opportunity for our country," noted Đukanović according to the report of the Cabinet of the President of Montenegro.

The Resort spans over 26 acres and consists of 1.8 kilometers of an exclusive coastal area with 214 residences. World brands, such as the first One & Only hotel in Europe with the Espace Chenot Health Wellness Spa Center, and D-Marine with 238 berths and the ability to receive boats up to 120 meters long, are part of the Portonovi’s resort offer. Within the marina, a border crossing is also envisaged.

Portonovi settlement is designed in a traditional Mediterranean style with a combination of bohemian and Venetian architecture, concerning Montenegrin history, tradition and culture of life and construction. With its completion, the quality and standards of Montenegro's tourist offer will significantly increase.

"I am pleased to note that in the final I can see that through the realization of the resort such as Portonovi, Porto Montenegro, Lustica and many other venues that are in preparation, we realize the vision of Montenegro as a European prestigious tourist destination where many people from Europe and beyond Europe recognize something that is truly the most valuable quality of our space and our people," concluded Đukanović.

Read more about business in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

12 Jul 2019, 01:01 AM

10 July 2019 - The 38th Herceg Novi Swimming Marathon "Memorial Mario-Dido Marić" manifestation will be held on Saturday, July 27th, when a number of athletes, recreational sportspeople and citizens of Herceg Novi will swim 2500 meters from Njivice to Škver.

The right to participate in the swimming marathon is open to all those who are interested in taking a compulsory medical examination two hours before the race, as well as submitting official documentation forms which are available on spot, as reported Radio Jadran.

On the day of the race at 3.30 PM, the transport of swimmers from Škver to Njivice will be organized, after which the competitors' reports and medical examination will be made on the beach of the hotel "Iberostar Herceg Novi". The marathon starts at 6 PM when the participants will head to a 2,5 kilometer long target, a beach "White Fairy" on Škver (Boka Beach).

The limited time of swimming in the race is set to an hour and thirty minutes, while at 8 PM the competition in the rope pulling for the main prize, ham, will be organized.

For all of those who arrive at the destination, diplomas and souvenirs, sandwiches and juices are provided, while the winners will take money prize, cups and medals. For the first place in the women's and men's competitions, the prize is the cup, medal, and 150 EUR, for the second place of it is a medal and 100 EUR, and for the third place, a medal and 50 EUR. Special gifts are provided for both the oldest and the youngest participants of the race.

Read more about sports in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

08 Jul 2019, 20:53 PM

Vladimir Jokić (Democrats of Montenegro) was replaced from the position of the President of the Kotor Municipality today by the votes of parliamentary majority (17 councilors) made by members of the DPS, SD, HGI, LP and former SDP member Bruna Lončarević at the Bizanti Palace.  

After years of silence, the government of Montenegro gave an announcement today, full of untruths, as it said not because of me, but because of the citizens of Kotor and Montenegro, announced Vladimir Jokić. He reacted to the statement by the Government of Montenegro, which stated, among other things, that Jokić ignored Prime Minister Duško Marković for two years.

There is no excuse for violating the law, and the Government of Montenegro brutally violated it. Neither the Prime Minister's vanity, nor his piquet, nor the insurmountable political differences. Nothing can be an excuse for a violation of the law, unless we are in Frankish Spain where there was a motto that friends can do everything, and that there are laws are for the enemies.

He added that there is no reason to justify the fact that the Government interpreted one point of the Law one way on 30 May and 28 days later the other in favor of their local burglars.

"In fact, there would be no single excuse if it was not a government whose party interest is above general interest, above the interests of the citizens and beyond the state's interest. If I had known that the method to get an answer from the Government and the Prime Minister would be writing open letters, I would have sent each letter by the media…

Now that we have found the way to communicate, I remind you that we have appealed to the Constitutional Court because of the way the DUP Kostanjica has been adopted and, if the state does not engage, we will lose the status of UNESCO - for the sake of the interest of offshore companies. I have also written to you about that several times, as you can see in the archives ", said Jokić.

“Kotor has a history that is measured for millennia, it celebrates the Day of the Municipality on November 21, and whoever wants to take part in this celebration is welcome. Going to Podgorica to receive greetings for the Kotor Municipality Day would be degradation of the city's history at the expense of the Government, which I would never allow myself. There is no function, niether political combination, nor the sort of solution that is worth the dignity of the city. If you had respected the dignity of the same town, the prime minister would announce to the host at least twice when visiting Kotor municipality. This is a question of manners in the end. How many times the state protocol ignored local government, I will not even waste words, " Vladimir Jokić stressed.

Finally, he urged Prime Minister Duško Marković to look at the correspondence he had sent him once again.

Source: "Vijesti"


08 Jul 2019, 11:02 AM

A great start, or rather an introduction to the KotorArt festival Don Branko's Days of Music, was marked by last night's concert of Predtakt 1 Big Bend RTS and the charming Lena Kovacevic in the spectacular historic maritime-industrial object "Synchro" in Porto Montenegro.

This is the first of a few concerts that are jointly organized by the teams of KotorArt Don Branko's Days of Music and Porto Montenegro.


The auditorium enjoyed a great summer night with jazz hits, as well as some more popular tunes such as "Killing Me Softly" or "Don't worry ‘bout the thing". The biggest applause of the audience was for Lena's own songs, especially the new hit "Cafe", which she performed with the support of her colleagues from the Big Bend RTS and solo at the saxophone of Kristijan Mlacak.

Big Band RTS, led by the great energy of the bandmaster Vladimir Krnetic, performed several songs, from ballads through the sounds of swing, with excellent solo sections by Maks Kocetov (saxophone), Kristijan Mlacak (saxophone), Aleksandar Jacimovic (saxophone), Marko Djordjevic trumpet), Nemanja Zlatarev (trombone), Goran Potic (guitar), and Ivan Aleksijevic (piano), which we will traditionally have the opportunity to hear again at the Festival, within the Jazz Piazza, on July 14th in Kotor. Max Kocetov will also perform at the Jazz Pjaca on Sunday, August 11th.


The next concert, also symbolically called Predtakt 2, will be held on July 9th in Lustica Bay, where the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy music from different parts of the world with one of the most exciting Swedish bands Sirocco.

Tex by CdM, on July 6th, 2019, read more at CdM

07 Jul 2019, 20:44 PM

7. July 2019 - “Miklja is the best journalist amongst writers and the best writer amongst journalists”, some used to say, but what does it really mean? Dušan Miklja himself laughs at this, simply continuing his work.

Miklja was born in Belgrade, where he lives today, except when he spends his time in Boka. He graduated English language and literature at the Faculty of Philology, Belgrade University.

He has been Tanjug’s (ex Yugoslavia’s official news agency) correspondent from all over the world, but especially from Africa, out of which he reported on many dramatical historical events. He knew many world leaders in person, as well as guerilla leaders. He was awarded for lifetime achievement in 1995 from the Association of Journalists of Serbia and Montenegro.

Miklja is the author of many collections of stories, travel-essayist prose and novels. His passion for Boka started long ago, before he bought a part of a house in Krašići almost thirty years ago, making him Boka's summer resident. He talks about his feelings towards this special bay in the Mediterranean for TMN:

“I try to stay here as long as I can, since it is so nice. It is good for a man to change his whereabouts from time to time. I travelled a lot, but Boka is one of my favorite places. Boka is a small cosmos. It brings together all the virtues in which a man wants to enjoy. There are a few bays and places in the world that can be compared to Boka. All the beauty is condensed in such a small space. But, a lot has changed in Boka and Tivat. Maybe for the better. But I love old towns, old streets. That's why Kotor is so dear to me, especially those old places that have been preserved. We should not leave ourselves completely covered by concrete. I am not in favour of such urban policy. We should build new, but planned, with good balance. It must be a continuous string. Because tourists have become more selective. Montenegro has so much to offer. Her traditions, customs, herbs, meals cannot be found elsewhere."

One of his novels, “Summer” (“Leto”) is dedicated to Boka:

"My book Leto happens in Boka. It is a sort of a youth thriller, but with a lot of melancholy. It happens in a small place in Boka; you can guess which one. It is about a family meeting, how they spend holidays there, gathering from different parts of the world…” After that novel, Miklja started publishing in the Laguna publishing house. The last one, “Before It's Too Late”, speaks about plenty of reasons for concern in the world.

Spending his summer in Boka, Miklja is working on his new novel. He admits to us that he expects a lot of it. It's a novel about arms traders. But there is also a love story. Despite his careful synopsis writing took him in some other direction, Miklja said. We are yet to see where.

07 Jul 2019, 17:22 PM

7 July 2019 - The University of Art in Belgrade in cooperation with the Public Institution - PI Cultural Centre "Nikola Djurkovic" Kotor organizes Summer School 2019, which will take place from 07 to 14 July in Kotor.

“This year's Art Quake Art School is inspired by the precious cultural heritage of Kotor, where cultures of the East and the West had met and permeated for centuries, molding it as a place of outstanding beauty, indigenous and unmistakable cultural and artistic heritage.," it has been announced from the Culture Centre.

"The city of Kotor and its area were declared a natural and cultural-historical heritage in 1979 and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In 1979, Kotor suffered a severe earthquake. Though the damage of time was remedied and cultural monuments have been restored, the earthquake-induced devastation remains in the collective memory of the city  Like the artistic expedition, the Summer School will find and map new creative incentives in this unique reservation of natural and artistic treasures. Using contemporary art, students will be able, through individual and interdisciplinary work, to showcase their personal artistic sensitivity and translate it into a contemporary concept. Contrary to the devastating and destructive earthquake forces, this project seeks to stimulate and affirm artistic and creative earthquakes. ArtQuake is, therefore, a phenomenon that occurs within the very art of being, the earthquake of the internal organs as a reaction to the external irritation, the tectonic shaking of the body when it comes to the scene of unusual beauty, it has been said in the announcement."

The Art Quake Summer Art School is designed for internationally oriented, highly motivated students from a wide range of art disciplines, who wish to connect in interdisciplinary ways, explore and expand their creative practices and deepen their understanding of artistic and cultural diversity.

The Art Quake manifestationwill be completed on July 13, with a video presentation, exhibition and stage motion, on the Square of Cinema at 20 p.m. On this final event, the artists will show the result of their workshops (painting, drama and audio-visual), which will be held in the premises of the Cultural Center and the City Library and reading rooms, and occasionally on the squares in the Old Town.

Source Cultural Centre "Nikola Đurković" Kotor Facebook

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