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29 Dec 2019, 23:22 PM

The high point of the “From Christmas to Christmas” event, and a great joy for the very youngest audience is of course the Children’s New Year’s Eve celebration, which will be organised on Monday, 30th December beginning at 4pm at the Arms Square in Kotor.

Santa Claus and his elf helper will be preparing various surprises and a big party, which is not to be missed. For kids, there will be a super-fun interactive show called “Love One Another - This is the Year of Love”. As with every year, an integral part of the programme is when Santa Claus comes to hand out New Year’s presents to all children gathered on the main town square.

For little ones who are too ill to attend the festivities, distribution of presents will take place at 12 noon at the children’s ward of Kotor Municipal Hospital, as a continuation of the “Fairy Tale for Health” event that has been held since 2015 as part of the From Christmas to Christmas project.

The last day of 2019 will close with a fantastic concert by the group “Perper”. The New Year will get off to a swinging start with a fundraising party.

NGO Karampan invites everyone to come down to the main town square on 2nd January at 8pm sharp and join the festivities, with the lively band “The Grupa” and the fantastic hits of the well-known Montenegrin artist Sergej Ćetković.


18 Dec 2019, 07:35 AM

December 18, 2019 - Kotor mayor, Mr Željko Aprcović, director of the Direction for Organization and Construction of Kotor, Mr Zoran Mrdak, and executive director of the company Bigova Bay, Ms Branka Lazarević, met in Kotor to sign the agreement on the implementation of an investment – the construction of a high-end tourism complex in Bigova.


The agreement announces the beginning of the implementation of an investment whose initiation started 7 years ago.

“The local self-government is proud to have a renowned investor in this business who will invest large sums of money – over 300 million euro – and today is a big day for the Municipality of Kotor,” said the Mayor of Kotor.

The aim of this project is to obtain the new content that will raise the sites in Donji Grbalj to a higher level.

Mr Aprcović said: ”This investment will represent the initial impetus for future investors in this extremely attractive site.”


Kotor Municipal Assembly, at its session held on 18 Nov. 2019, passed the decision on resolving relations between the Municipality of Kotor and Bigova Bay and the agreement signed today represents an integral part of it.

Text by CDM, read more here.

To read more about business in Montenegro, follow TMN's dedicated page.

16 Nov 2019, 20:30 PM

November 19, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate opportunities in Montenegro, the latest Property of the Week from the RE/MAX catalogue takes us to Dobrota, Kotor.  

Imagine waking up each morning and taking a coffee on the terrace, overlooking a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The Boka Bay area is not only an area of breathtaking natural beauty, but in the town of Kotor, one can enjoy one of the truly spectacular urban architectural treasures of the Mediterranean. 

dobrota apartment_GTImageHandler (1) (1).jpg

This makes Dobrota an extremely desirable location to own property, as both are within easy reach from there, and the views out to Boka Bay are divine. The latest mouthwatering piece of real estate temptation from the RE/MAX catalogue is a lovely 3-bedroom apartment in Dobrota, which is ready to walk into. And with some rather unusual interior decor. In the words of the official RE/MAX description below, after you have enjoyed this video tour:

Modern and fabulous 3 bedrooms apartment, fully furnished with panoramic sea views and balcony. In the apartment, you have one en-suite bathroom, one toilet / washing facilities, and one further bathroom. This apartment is located in Dobrota 5 minutes by car into Kotor Old Town and a short distance to the seafront. All the amenities, bars and restaurants are close by.
dobrota apartment_GTImageHandler (11).jpg

This building has it all it’s gated with a swimming pool, excellent gym facilities, and a reception area. The apartment is on the second floor and easily accessible by lift. The apartment is sold as seen fully furnished with an excellent design by the lady owner who is an architect and has designed and furnished it herself. The quality of this apartment is second to none and what dreams are made of.
dobrota apartment_GTImageHandler (2).jpg
Community Description

Dobrota is one of the places on the Montenegrin coast where it is still possible to see all the splendor of the former Boka and the noble Kotor, from the time when sailors sailed the world's seas, conveying the glory of these regions and bringing much wealth to the local naval houses. Dobrota is located in the immediate vicinity of the ancient Kotor with a view to Vrmac. A large number of churches today testify to the solid faith of the old Dobrich.
dobrota apartment_GTImageHandler (3).jpg
The promenade in Dobrota runs several kilometers along the coast beside countless small stone pontoons and old palaces, unique and glossy like nowhere else. The seafront of Dobrota consists of old captain villas renovated as seaside cafes and small hotels. Dobrota is also a place with very good restaurants and small seaside cafes where you can truly enjoy the ambiance of the ancient Boka.
dobrota apartment_GTImageHandler (4).jpg
Sales price 450,000 euro. For more information, photos and to book a viewing, visit the original RE/MAX listing
dobrota apartment_GTImageHandler (5).jpg
dobrota apartment_GTImageHandler (9).jpg
dobrota apartment_GTImageHandler.jpg
dobrota apartment_GTImageHandler (8).jpg
dobrota apartment_GTImageHandler (10).jpg
dobrota apartment_GTImageHandler (7).jpg
08 Nov 2019, 18:15 PM

The first nine months of this year saw the Port of Kotor post a profit of 1.05 million euros, 50.5% higher than the same period last year, reported the Chair of the Board Branko Ivanović to Pobjeda, adding that this was a record increase in profits.

"The company's revenue for the first nine months amounted to 2.85 million euros, 32.8% up on the same period last year," stated Ivanović.

Operating expenses for the Port of Kotor in the first three quarters amounted to EUR 1.79 million, which is a 27% increase due to the concession contract for the use of the port.

The Port of Kotor is the concessionary for the commercial port, and the agreement on the primary concession with the Government was signed on 25th March, on the basis of a decision of Government of 27th December last year.

The concession is for a period of 12 years, and a business plan for that period envisages investment in infrastructure and superstructure of 5 million euros. After the signing of a concession contract with the Kotor company, the Ministry of Transport in March announced that in implementing the investment plan, conditions would be created to be able to welcome the newest cruise ships, without any restriction on length or draft, and the capacity of the marina would be increased. In addition, the quality of port services will also be improved. Earlier, it was announced that the concession agreement would benefit the state, municipality, citizens, and above all, those who work in the port itself. It was also stated that it was of the utmost importance to remove any safety risks and enable improvements, investment, development, safe passage for vessels, and comfort for travellers and tourists.

 xLuka Kotor.jpg.pagespeed.ic.eK5ITrPJ9z

Port of Kotor - photo Boka News

At the end of August, the Port of Kotor applied to the Ministry of Sustainable Development for the issuance of urban and technical conditions to build an independent buffer for vessels and two independent berths for buoy mooring in the operational space of the Port, in order to improve the technical and technological elements necessary for welcoming passenger vessels. The Port of Kotor Company made a net profit last year of some EUR 801,200 and is one of six joint-stock companies that paid dividends to shareholders last year.

In June, a meeting of shareholders in the Kotor company took the decision to distribute half of its profits to the owners in the form of a dividend. The Municipality of Kotor holds 56.97% of the Port’s shares, PIO Fund 17.5%, and the Employment Bureau 5.87% of the company's capital.

07 Nov 2019, 22:48 PM

The Kotor Municipal Assembly has decided that construction can begin on a pedestrian underpass under the main road to the Old Town.

Councillors took the decision to approve the settlement for civil proceedings in Case No. 622/19, giving the go-ahead for the construction of an accompanying facility for the underpass road - an underground pedestrian crossing under the existing main road, in front of the city walls and the Harbour Master's Office.

The complex project is worth 1.4 million euros, and will be completed within a timeframe of four months.

The underpass design, by Europrojekt Podgorica, was presented at the Municipal Assembly hall, and the contractor will be Kotor firm Briv Construction.

While supporters of the project say that it will resolve congestion issues, views have been voiced that the project is not in compliance with the law.

A total of 13 councillors voted in favour of the construction of the underpass in front of the city walls and Harbour Master's Office, while Ljiljana Popović Moškov from Civic Movement URA voted against, with Ranka Krivokapić, Jovo Suđić and Ljilja Radunović of DPS, as well as Vido Drašković from the Liberal Party abstaining.

Chief Designer Dragutin Dubljević of Europrojekt stated that every detail would be taken care of - from lighting, use of quality materials, provision of lifts and means to ensure full accessibility to persons with disabilities.

30 Oct 2019, 22:19 PM

October 30, 2019 - There are numerous activities currently being undertaken by the Kotor Directorate for Planning and Development. Besides the frequent repairing, remodelling, applying and updating of road markings, removing the roots of palm trees that have been destroyed in Risan, and liming pavement in Dobrota, repairs have been undertaken to roadside walls by the Institute for Marine Biology and the open air swimming pool.

“This is only the start of the work we plan to carry out. We are listening to what people are suggesting to us, but it is up to them to maintain public areas so that funding is not spent on the same things time and again, as we are doing everything we can to ensure that the city is more beautiful for our citizens as well as a large number of tourists visiting on a daily basis,” stated Head of Kotor Directorate for Planning and Development, Zoran Mrdak.

He stated that on the walkway, five to seven-metre palms resistant to red palm weevils would be planted, and that other locations would be agreed.

A Board of Directors meeting was held on 30th, with discussions taking place on the programme of work and landscaping linked to 30 investment decisions. 

We appeal to everyone to look after and not damage the equipment provided for them. We must not forget that the fundamental characteristic of public space is that it is available to all.

23 Oct 2019, 18:00 PM

From now until November 6, a public debate will be open on the Draft Concession Act to deliver the Kotor – Lovćen cable car project, organised by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.

The draft act is available on the website of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, on the e-government portal and in print media.

The public debate is organised using a round table at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and through the submission of proposals, suggestions and comments in written and electronic format.

The Ministry invites citizens, municipalities, scientific and professional institutions, relevant bodies and organisations, civil society and others to participate in the public debate.

Remarks, proposals and suggestions on the Draft Concession Act can be sent in written and electronic format to the following Ministry address -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or via the Ministry’s archive.

The round table within the public debate on the Draft Concession Act will be held on 28th October at 11 am on the premises of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. 

Following the last session of Government, it was announced that the Plan for granting of the concession for the Kotor – Lovćen cable car project 2020 would enable the commencement of a procedure for attracting private investment into projects that are primarily in the public interest. The aim is to ensure the highest possible benefit to tourism from the extremely valuable natural resources and cultural heritage.


Source: Radio Jadran

18 Oct 2019, 10:54 AM
October 18, 2019 - The Kotor Tourist Organization is in the process of preparing winter content, including holiday programs and the traditional manifestation "From Christmas to Christmas," Ana Nives Radovic, director of the local tourism organization, told Radio Kotor.
"From Christmas to Christmas is a manifestation of great local importance, but also a program recognized in the region and as such deserves a great deal of recognition and praise. There is a tendency that whatever is done in Kotor is always trying to be transferred, copied somewhere else. We should not blame anyone who takes anything from Kotor or looks negatively at it, but be proud of what one of us is learning," Radovic said.
According to her, through a series of events, Kotor has shown how good an organizer can be.
"The attitude of the Kotorans and all those who live here towards the city exist as something that preserves local culture and tradition and represents it in the best way.
Any attempt to imitate all this always results in its results. Quality stays here. Everyone has the right to try something. How successful it is will be demonstrated by the sheer duration of the manifestation. From Christmas to Christmas is something that is indeed recognized, rewarded, valued, and universally accepted," Radovic explains.
Radovic states that "From Christmas to Christmas" is no longer just a local manifestation, but residents of other surrounding cities also come to this event.
When it comes to the New Year's program in Kotor, Radovic points out that he is in the pipeline and will know very soon who is going to perform in the Old Town.
"The New Year's program will be in the same style as we did in the previous years. Without any musical distaste and giving away great fees to performers, we are retaining the opportunity to engage local Kotor musicians as much as possible, taking into account the highest quality from the offer," emphasizes Radovic.
This year's Boka Night showed how many quality musicians live or gravitate towards Kotor.
"We have seen that we can do a lot even when we don't have too much money. It is not always a big honor that determines the quality of the event itself. We keep the local tradition and take care of our musicians, performers, bands. The fact that we do not hire music stars from distant countries, whose arrival is expensive, really shows how truly honest we are in our efforts to preserve our local culture, identity and quality, " concluded Ana Nives Radovic in an interview for Radio Kotor.
Source: Radio Kotor
17 Oct 2019, 14:00 PM

17 October 2019 - Montenegro is fast becoming a major world-known luxurious tourist destination, and being the Adriatic gem, it isn't difficult to understand why. Forbes Magazine has published a guide to picking the best destination to visit in 2020, with Montenegro in the top 20, highlighting the beauties of Kotor.

One of the most reliable and outstanding business magazines in the world, Forbes Magazine recently published an article on best places to visit in 2020, which is a destination guide by Ovation Travel Group's agents created to help the travellers pinpoint the best travel locations worldwide. “It confirms a few favorite places, but also has a surprise or two,” says the article. The top 20 destination list highlights Kotor, Montenegro, as one of the most unique natural attractions of the Mediterranean.

The Ovation Travel Group travel agency and Forbes have both recognized the beauty of Kotor, placing the gorgeous coastal city on the 13th place on the list of “Top 20 Best Places To Visit In 2020”. Kotor is an excellent combination of natural, cultural and historical beauties, which makes the town worth visiting, and the article offers information on why travellers should visit Montenegro and Kotor, who is a “top candidate” to fall in love with the city and what they definitely shouldn’t miss.

“Montenegro, the Adriatic’s hidden treasure, is emerging as a desirable Mediterranean destination, state the OTG’s agents, adding that "it's the Adriatic’s hidden treasure".

“Today, Montenegro is emerging as a go-to luxury haven. Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro’s most luxurious hotel, raised the bar for hospitality in the country, and Marriott International just announced that it will bring the Ritz-Carlton brand to Montenegro in 2023,” highlights the article, introducing the readers to the continuously upgraded tourism offer of the country.

Forbes recommends the dreamy city of Kotor and Montenegro for all active travelers looking for hiking and adventure as well as for couples seeking relaxation and privacy. The OTG’s agents also highly recommend numerous landmarks in Kotor: Old Town Kotor, Perast, Our Lady of the Rocks, St. Ivan Fortress and more. “Kotor, another walled Dalmatian city, offers travelers an impressive and more natural experience. It's one of the best-preserved old towns on the Adriatic coast and is home to many churches and museums,” states the article.

16 Oct 2019, 10:01 AM
October 16, 2019 - Vladimir Jokić, former Mayor of Kotor, addressed Montenegrin Prime Minister Duško Marković regarding his visit on Monday, October 14.
Mr. Markovic,
During yesterday's visit to Kotor, you stated a falsehood about how, despite your insistence, you did not have the opportunity to discuss important development issues with the previous local government, which allegedly cost both Kotor and Montenegro. During the two and a half years that I have been in charge of the Kotor municipality, you have received numerous letters from our local government on various issues. You never replied to any of these letters. When you were in the city twice during this period, you did not announce yourself or visit anyone from the local government. The only time you suggested the meeting was on the occasion of Kotor Municipality Day when you invited me to come to Podgorica to congratulate me at the Prime Minister's Office in Podgorica. I have already told you once before, and I will take this opportunity to reiterate that given the millennial history of Kotor, getting back to Podgorica to receive congratulations on the Day of Kotor would be a degradation of the history of the City at the expense of the government. I would never allow myself to do so. There is nothing worthy of the dignity of the City of Kotor. In the end, it's a matter of manners and a nice upbringing to congratulate the celebrator on his home.
Mr. Markovic,
What costs Montenegro and Kotor is the policy of the DPS and your government. Ask yourself why yesterday you only had the opportunity to visit the construction site of the Vrmac Hotel, in whose reconstruction neither the municipality nor the government participates in any way. That is why, Mr. Markovic, everything else in which the Montenegrin Government participates in Kotor looks like a ruin and is being built like a Shkodra on Bojana. Instead of promising tens of millions of euros in investments in Kotor, it would be more useful for everyone to answer a few questions I have for you, Prime Minister:
Why didn't you take a picture beside the Sports Hall that was supposed to be completed on May 17, 2011, over eight years ago? Why did you not explain to the citizens of the city that the works are eight years late and that the remaining obligations of the Government of Montenegro in this investment are two and a half million Euros and the municipalities one hundred thousand Euros?
Why didn't you take a picture beside the indoor pool "Niksa Bucin," reconstructed by the Government Directorate for Public Works? Why didn't you explain to the citizens of Kotor how the indoor pool, which was supposed to be renovated in 2017, is still not in use today?
Why didn't you take a picture in front of the settlement in Kostanjica when you have not even once stood up to help defend UNESCO status?
Who and when did you tell the truth that the construction of the Kotor-Njeguši cable car, the DPS Government in 2008, 2009, 2012, 2016, 2017, or you started yesterday?
Why did you violate the Constitution and laws of the state of Montenegro in June, overthrow its constitutional and legal order, and put the entire government in the service of the Kotor municipal committee?
Why did you censor the citizens of Kotor and not fulfill the legal obligation to dissolve the Municipal Assembly and call early local elections? What are you afraid of?
Mr. Markovic,
When you already landed a helicopter in Kotor to support your champions of breaking the law, you could also land and speak with ordinary people about the intense economic development of Montenegro. After these conversations, Mr. Markovic, you would certainly not fly so easily again. It is a clear intention to send a message on your appearance that it is illegal to take over the authority in Kotor under your auspices. I am sure that you, too, know that in this way, you cannot raise the popularity of your pulpits in Kotor, though neither you nor they will be able to escape the election and will of the citizens of Kotor for a long time. I believe that these scenes, from the third-class Hollywood action films, will not affect the judges of the Administrative Court and that they will consider the lawsuit submitted by legal officials of the municipality as soon as possible. Following these judgments, Mr. Markovic, I will welcome you to Kotor as the Mayor, if you bring with you the answers to these questions. I hope you will regret it then, and you have not met me. Fortunately, in this case, I have no such feelings.
Vladimir J. Jokić
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