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01 Jun 2019, 00:28 AM

31 May 2019 - The International Mountain Car Race Kotor (IMCR Kotor 2019 - "Tripo Bukilica Memorial") organized by the Auto Moto Sports Club (AMSK) Kotor, will be held on June 1 and 2.

The points in this race are earned for the championships of the Central European Zone (CEZ), Croatia, the Auto Moto Sports Clubs of Montenegro, as well as the Kotor CUP.

Over 100 drivers from Montenegro and the region have been registered for this year's competition, among which is Laslo Saš, who achieved the best result at last year's Kotor-Trojica race.

Technical receipt and verification of vehicles were scheduled for May 31st from 2 PM to 7 PM, while additional technical inspection will be held on June 1st, from 8 AM to 8.30 AM. The first training race will be held on Saturday at 12.00 PM, and the second is scheduled 30 minutes after the end of the first one. On Sunday, after the opening ceremony, the first race will be held at 11 AM and the other one 30 minutes after the end of the first one.

Regular traffic on the Kotor-Trojica section will be disabled on Saturday and Sunday, from 8 AM to the end of the car race.

IMCR Kotor 2019 s supported the Ministry of Sports and Youth, as well as numerous sponsors and friends of the automotive world.

The director of this year's international race is Nenad Bukilica, and the deputies are Mato Sebalj and Dubravko Ćikor from Croatia.

So far, organizer of the race, AMSK Kotor, won the first place in the general placement at the first annual high-mountain race of this year at Podi.

After the race in Kotor, the next races to come are scheduled for "Glava Zete" on 22-23 June, "Lovćen" 5-6 July, Pljevlja 24-25 August and Dubrovnik 5-6 October.

Source: Radio Jadran

31 May 2019, 09:59 AM

May 31, 2019 - The President of the Kotor Municipality Assembly with the imperative provisions of the Law on Local Self-Government, and on the basis of the submitted request - complies the initiative by the newly formed majority assembly to convene the session of the Kotor Assembly, scheduled the 20th session with the proposed agenda - the election of the President of the Municipality of Kotor. The meeting will be held on 14 June 2019, at 6 pm at the palace Bizanti.

President Perovic said that, although the initiative, as well as the previous action for the dismissal of President of the Municipality of Kotor, Vladimir Jokic, was not submitted following the law, which makes it deficient and unreasonable, she filed the request within the statutory deadline.
"With this act, I point at all the pressures and speculations of outdated DPS staff - public pretensions to the most responsible functions in legislative and executive power in the city. It is because I am deeply committed to the legitimate work of the management we formed in 2017, and in particular, the work of the local parliament, which, as a legislative body, is most likely to implement and apply the law. Of course, after the elections have taken place, and not after the deliberate overcompensation of the government.
However, as now underlined, the affirmed and prospective DPS deputies Aprcovic, Avramovic, and Sudjic revoke their hands from the fact that they are the direct culprits for the current situation in the Municipality of Kotor. I owe the most obvious explanation to the public," Perovic said.
"They are the ones who, with the so-called Assembly session of 24 April with its SDP facilitators, our former coalition partners, caused an "extraordinary state" in the Municipality of Kotor!
Citizens of Kotor and broader should know that employees in the Kotor Municipality and local public companies did not get their salaries for April. They left you and your families without dinner! Those, the same ones who, after they dismissed Vladimir Jokić, did not propose and elect a person who will serve as chairman until the election of a new president. They are those who knowingly and comprehensibly did it only for the purpose of being able to appear as rescuers now, after a month, just at a time when the Administrative Court and the competent Ministry of Public Administration should make decisions and give instructions for the work of the Municipality of Kotor to introduce it back to legal flows.
They are those who bring legal violence as a new manner and model of work on the Montenegrin political and legal scene. They are those, who earned the justification of their act on 24 April just a day later, 25 April, at the Assembly of Montenegro, proposing the so-called Kotor Law on Amendments to the Law on Local Self-Government. The reason is that it is easier for them to open each other, including Pandora's box, just not an electoral one.
And finally, I want to tell to this new assembly majority - how they started, they should continue to work, and the best judgment on them and us will be time, "Dragica Perovic, the President of the Kotor Municipal Assembly, told in a statement to the public.
26 May 2019, 21:55 PM

26 May 2019 - The European Union Delegation and the European Union Info Center are organizing the Europe Day in Kotor on Friday, May 31, as part of the Month of Europea Celebration.

On the Square of the Museum starting at 6 PM an info desk will be opened, where citizens can learn more about the process of European Union integrations, look at the exhibition of European Union's projects in Montenegro and participate in the prize quiz on the European Union.

At the same place, a party of Europe starts from 8 PM, with DJ set Aleksandra Duende accompanied by local support provided by DJ Mr Goju.

"We are pleased to invite citizens of Kotor to join us at the concert of Aleksandra Duende and Mr Goju who bring a modern, European sound to the Square of the Museum. We donate the concert to the citizens of Kotor, in the wish to celebrate European values ​​together," the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro announced.

Aleksandra Duende is one of the most successful Balkan DJs. The music is recognized by sets that abound with the sounds of the orient and include various electronic genres, such as tech house, deep house, indie house, deep disco, soulful house and others.

Mr Goju's local support for decades has spawned a specific prism and gave a completely authentic view of contemporary styles of broken beats, house, funk, soul, swing, jazz. Mr Goju regularly performs throughout Europe (Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia ...).

The European Union Delegation to Montenegro and the EU Info Center this year celebrate Europe Day celebrations throughout May, in order to bring citizens closer to the European Union and openly discuss the common European values, the benefits of membership, and the challenges brought by the European integration process.

Source: Skala Radio

23 May 2019, 18:41 PM

23 May 2019 - Due to the importance of the Decision on the Community Order in the daily functioning of the city, citizens of business entities, tourists and their relation to common public spaces, it is necessary that as many citizens as possible help with their suggestions in drafting the Decision on the Community Order which will regulate penalty fees for disturbance of Community Order, as reported from the relevant municipal services.

The importance of this decision, as well as the rules and limitations of behavior on public surfaces, can be seen in the decisions of the cities of neighboring countries where, for example, tourists were given notice of the rules and penalties that they expect in the event of improper conduct. Thus, walking without a shirt calls for a 500 EUR fine, and walking in a swimsuit 600 EUR, while a penalty for eating and drinking in a public area is 700 EUR.

This decision may prescribe various, other rules of conduct that would regulate neighborhood parking problems, drying of laundry, garbage disposal, appearance of buildings, loud music, etc.

Also, as this decision stems from the Law on communal activities regulating public water supply, management of communal waste waters, management of atmospheric waters, municipal waste management, arrangement and maintenance of public areas, public lighting management, public transport of passengers in urban and suburban settlements, maintenance of municipal roads and cycling trails, the maintenance of troughs and watercourses of local importance, maintenance of public cemeteries, chapels and burials, maintenance of markets and parking spaces, maintenance of public toilets, disposal of abandoned animals and maintenance of shelters for their collection, all citizens need to take part in its forming.

Due to those above, the Public Call for Preliminary Consultation will last two months in order to prepare the draft of the Decision on the Community Order that will be at a public hearing in the extended period, so that all interested parties could solve problems that have not been defined by the existing regulations.

23 May 2019, 12:16 PM

May 23, 2019 - Kotor International Mountain Car Race - MBAT Kotor 2019  "Tripo Bukilica Memorial Race" organized by the Motor Sports Club AMSK Kotor, will be held on 1 and 2 June.

The race is awarded for the FIA Central European Zone Championship (CEZ), the Croatian Championships, as well as for the Car Championship of Sports Clubs of Montenegro.
The director of this year's international competition is Nenad Bukilica, with deputies Mato Sebalj and Dubravko Ćikor from Croatia.
Nenad Bukilica said he expected over 100 drivers from Montenegro and the region. According to him, special attention was paid to the security aspect.
"Like every year, the most considerable attention is paid to the safety of both drivers and public, while respecting all demanding standards. Over 200 people participate in the race organization. Given that the race has overcome the national character for years now, we expect several thousand car sports fans to visit Kotor this year," Bukilica emphasized.
Legendary champion Željko-Bato Banićević also confirmed participation in the upcoming race.
Banićević said that the organization of such a prestigious international sporting event requires significant financial resources.
"Due to the specific situation in the Municipality of Kotor, there was no significant help we have compiled, and we are forced to dominantly invest our resources to keep the continuity of what we have been creating for decades. We owe great gratitude to the Ministry of Sport headed by Minister Nikola Janovic, who in such a complicated situation decided to cover a significant part of the event costs, having in mind this race is famous not only for the city of Kotor but also for Montenegro," Banićević said.
Banićević explained that the race organization would not have been rounded up entirely without the help of friends and lovers of mountain car races.
Technical acceptance and verification of vehicles for MBAT Kotor 2019 are scheduled for Friday, 31 May, from 2 pm to 7 pm, and mechanical inspection on Saturday, 1 June from 8 am to 8.30 am.
The first training session is on Saturday, 1 June at noon, and the other is scheduled 30 minutes after the first. On Sunday, after the opening ceremony, the first race runs at 11 am and the second one 30 minutes after the first.
On the occasion of MBAT Kotor 2019, the Kotor-Trojica roadway will be closed on 1 June, and 2 June from 8 am to the end of the race.
AMSK Kotor won the first place in the overall placement at the first race of this year- the Podi Race in the hinterland of Herceg Novi. The Kotor Race is followed by Glava Zete 22-23 June, Lovćen 5 - 6 July, Pljevlja 24-25 August, and Dubrovnik 5-6 October.
21 May 2019, 00:29 AM

19 May 2019 - "Convinced that the values ​​of the Bokelj Navy, which is considered to be the oldest existing maritime organisation in the world, overcome national and regional borders, we have nominated this cultural heritage for the inscription on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity, as Montenegro's first nomination for the inscription on this prestigious list," Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin noted while opening the exhibition "Bokelj Navy Kotor - 1210 years of history, spirituality and culture" in Cetinje.

He explained that this initiative was launched by the organisation itself, and that the nomination process was in deep agreement with the members of the organisation and was conducted in line with its basic principles that indicate that the Bokelj Navy can be accessed by any person accepting its Statute, regardless of their ethnic, religious, or any other identity, and that it is an organisation focused on respect for human rights and mutual respect for religious, national and cultural diversity.

The Deputy Prime Minister underlined that the members of the Bokelj Navy, their family history and traditions of the local community preserved this cultural heritage for the generations to come in spite of all the challenges the Bay of Kotor had faced throughout its history.

Bokelj Navy Exhibition Oldest Existing Maritime Organisation1

He recalled that for over twelve centuries the Bokelj Navy has managed to resist the strong influences that overwhelmed the area, stressing that the maritime tradition that permanently marked it was the true and fundamental value of the organisation itself.

DPM Pažin emphasised that the essential value of the Bokelj Navy is immaterial. "The value transcending all material traces, which is passed on from generation to generation and which is a key cultural value that recommended this organisation for the status of Montenegro's cultural property of national importance."

He concluded by saying that only by preserving local communities, supporting their identity and the initiatives that come from them, such values ​​can be preserved and passed on to future generations.

13 May 2019, 23:55 PM

13 May 2019 - Within the framework of the manifestation Kotor Concert Season, organized by prestigious Montenegrin Music School Vida Matjan and KotorArt Don Branko's Music Days, renowned musicians Ratimir Martinović (piano) and Gordana Josifova Nedelkovska (oboa) will perform on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, in the beautiful ambiance of Luštica Bay’s The Chedi Hotel.

Martinović and Nedelkovska will present an interesting and challenging program to the audience, which includes the compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Schumann, Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac and Stanislas Verroust.

Martinović, who is also the director of the International Art Festival KotorArt, is more than satisfied with the previous cooperation with Luštica Bay and looks forward to the mutual success in the future.

"Luštica Bay is a traditional partner not only of our festival, but also of other valuable art events in the country. Luštica is not only the largest investment in tourism in the country, but perhaps its most beautiful. Such an enthralling vision is granted to have superior art as its partner. As a pianist playing in Luštica Bay, it is very inspirational to engrave our music in the youngest city to be built in Montenegro, and I believe that Gordana and I will be able to convey our vision through a varied and multi-layered program that we have prepared," Martinović said in an interview for the CDM portal.

The concert will take place on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, at 8 am and will be held at The Ballroom of The Chedi Hotel.

Concert Season Kotor Comes to Luštica Bay at May 14 2

The cooperation between Luštica Bay and KotorArt began several years ago, through the partnership that brought the first artistic programs to this gorgeous marina town. From then on, the organization of cultural events in Luštica Bay continues to position this new centre of life as an incredible tourist destination that cherishes the importance of culture in location branding.

The organizers of this event have made sure that all interested locals and tourists have the opportunity to come and enjoy the concert, so they arranged transportation from Kotor. The bus departs from the bus stop in front of the Employment Service Kotor (Montenegrin: Zavod za zapošljavanje Kotor) at 7 pm. After the concert, the bus will depart from The Chedi Hotel to transport the passengers back to Kotor.

"For the very first time, the Kotor Concert Season is organizing a concert in our youngest town, Luštica Bay. It is our great pleasure to organize a concert with the long-standing partners of the Festival and announce all the events that are expected within this year's Don Branko’s Music Days, precisely with their support. What distinguishes the Kotor Concert Season is the care of pupils and teachers of the school, as well as our faithful audience and during the winter months for which, primarily, we organize transportation from Kotor," said the representatives of KotorArt.

The manifestation Kotor Concert Season was first launched in 2015, and is organized with the mutual cooperation between the Music School Vida Matjan from Kotor and the International Festival KotorArt. Through numerous concerts and master class workshops, this event allows its students, professors and audience to listen and learn from the world's most celebrated names of classical music. Therefore, during the winter period, concert hall becomes the centre of cultural events in the city and a favourite place for the development of ideas, conversation and socializing.

“So far, Kotor Concert Season events hosted incredible artists: Albert Mamriev, Rita Kinka, Mihajlo Zurković, Florian Koltun, Xin Wang, Antonio di Cristofano, Darko Karajić, Stefan Milenković and many others," stated from the KotorArt PR Service.

Pianist Ratimir Martinović was born in Kotor, and he graduated in 1999 from the class of Kemal Gekić at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, playing in one night Bach’s “Goldberg Variations”, Beethoven’s “Hammerklavier Sonata”, Chopin’s Four Ballades, and Prokofiev’s “Toccata”, to great critical acclaim. He received his Master’s degree, playing an all Bach program. At present, Martinović works as Associate professor at the Academy of Arts, as the youngest piano professor and serves as the head of music department.

Martinović plays as soloist with orchestras such as the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra, Mexico State Symphony Orchestra , Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, Vogtland Philharmonic, Thailand Philharmonic, Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, Plovdiv State Symphony Orchestra, Macedonian Philharmonic orchestra, North Czech Symphony Orchestra, Belgrade Philharmonic, Radio-Televison Serbia Symphony Orchestra as well as witch chamber orchestras such as „Viotti“ Orchestra, Kaliningrad Chamber Symphony, St. Georg’s Strings, Young European Soloists, The Orchestra of the North Shore and many others, collaborating with conductors such as Alexandar Rahbari, Andres Mustonen, Emil Tabakov, Peter Sundkvist, David Porceline, William Noll, Aleksandar Ostrovsky, Gudni Emilsson and many others.

He is the winner of many domestic and international awards and tributes.

After initial successes in piano competitions at a very early age, Ratimir Martinović withdrew from the competition scene, devoting his time to playing concerts and teaching.

Oboist Gordana Josifova Nedelkovska is a very respectable musician in the highest European cultural circles, and she is considered as one of the most important Macedonian artists. Critics call her „sophisticated oboe poetess“, and her name is a synonym for the pursuance for perfection in musical expression.

She has performed as a soloist with many important orchestras such as the Symphony Orchestra of the State Chapel of Saint Petersburg, the Estonian National  Symphonic Orchestra in Tallinn, the Chamber Orchestra Musica Viva with Alexander Rudin, Belgrade Symphonic Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra ‘Sophia Soloists’, the Chamber Orchestra St. George Strings, the orchestra of Avignon – Provence, Chamber orchestra of Porto Alegre – Brazil, United Europe chamber orchestra. Since September 2009, Prof. Josifova Nedelkovska has been Dean of the Faculty of Music – Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.   

10 May 2019, 12:21 PM

May 10, 2019 - The weekend ahead will feature Ocean Lava Montenegro, a triathlon race that is part of a world series of over 20 competitions in 17 countries. The Montenegrin edition is growing year by year, and after last year's competition, which gathered together 480 competitors from 38 countries, this weekend in Kotor the race will see 600 triathletes from about 50 countries of the world.  

Triathlons are experiencing a significant expansion all over the world, and one of the reasons is the fact that it is extremely suitable for people of all ages. For the fourth edition of Ocean Lava Montenegro, the average age of competitors is 39 years, explains Igor Majer, the man, responsible for the fact Montenegro became one of the destinations of the famous Ocean Lava Triathlon Series. Igor’s Multi-Sport Academia Majer ensured support by a lot of local institutions, businesses and NGOs recognizing this event has high potential, not only in a sport but also in an economic sense.
ocean lava igor majerIgor Majer, Ocean Lava Montenegro Director, Copyright: Ocean Lava Montenegro
“Participants are coming from all over the world. And, they are not coming just for the weekend when the race is taking place, but usually earlier to discover the destination and organize some training. Not only individuals but whole groups are coming. For example, we know few private camps are organized in Boka Bay before this race,” explains Majer, giving us the data that for the occasion of last year’s Ocean Lava race, competitors and their companions realized more than 12,000 overnight stays in Kotor.
ocean lava montenegroOcean Lava Montenegro is the only triathlon race taking place of all its segments in UNESCO site, Copyright: Ocean Lava Montenegro FB page
“From year to year, good news spreads, and what is most important in attracting new competitors is the uniqueness of our cultural ambiance and the wonderful ambiance in which all segments of the race take place. Such a huge increase in the number of competitors from year to year is not characteristic of triathlon races elsewhere in the world. Race organizers usually rely on domestic competitors and participants from the surrounding countries. What is interesting for our race, besides the fact that there is a small number of triathletes in Montenegro, is that only one quarter of the registered competitors come from the surrounding countries, which means that as many as 75% of triathletes come from all over the world,” says Majer, explaining that it was a significant challenge for the organizers. A unique problem is the unavailability of Montenegro as a destination, the absence of low-cost flights outside the primary tourist season, and poor road and sports infrastructure.
Ocean Lava Montenegro is one of the most popular Ocean Lava races in general. “The race in Montenegro is a world exclusive. It is the only race in the world which all segments take part in the UNESCO World Heritage Site,” Majer emphases. “The beautiful cultural landscape has given us fantastic photos from our competitions, which are sent to the world.” The race is being followed by a lot of international reporters, among them the Reuters journalist who is coming to every Montenegrin edition of the competition.
Ocean Lava Montenegro, apart from being an opportunity to present Boka bay as a destination for the global market, can also help us in Boka to recognize the potential for active tourism development, and that is sports tourism.
“I can speak from personal experience, as a traveler and participant of numerous competitions in all meridians, therefore, the user of sports tourism and as the organizer of this race since 2016. Six hundred competitors bring us three thousand people to Kotor because of our race. Some of them are here with their families since the middle of April to discover the destination and practice. Based on last year’s De Facto Consultancy agency survey, on average, with one participant in the race in Kotor, four people stayed on average for five days. We have noted that a large number of triathletes also stayed for several weeks. Based on information from social networks, a large number of these people return to Montenegro, especially for winter training. The microclimatic conditions in Boka, the protection of the waters of the bay, make people feel quite safe here. These are the conditions that most European countries cannot provide even during the summer months,” says an experienced triathlete, the race director and the president of the Triathlon Federation of Montenegro.
ocean lava montenegro swimmingFrom the third Ocean Lava Montenegro Edition, Copyright: Ocean Lava Montenegro
In addition to the big race scheduled for Sunday, Ocean Lava Montenegro has organized a children’s competition since last year. “The Children’s Race is organized by the desire to transfer part of this project to the local community. The fact is that such complex events cannot be based on the enthusiasm and professionalism of a small number of people. The organization of this year’s edition of the race includes over 400 volunteers, who participate directly or indirectly. One way to thank them for all the support and assistance is to organize a backup event that is primarily directed at the local community. The race for children has a humanitarian character. Last year we donated funds to the Children Department of the General Hospital in Kotor, and we will decide after the race who will be beneficiary this year. It’s important for kids to sense the racing plane, where a day later, on Sunday, triathletes will pass and achieve excellent results. In this way, we think to inspire children for a healthier, more active life,” says Igor Majer.
ocean lava kidsOcean Lava Montenegro from the last year includes a kid's race
A triathlon consists of swimming, cycling and running. Montenegrin organizers decided on longer and harder distances, and therefore triathletes will have to swim the length of 1900m, ride 90km of bike trails and run 21km. 
“This is one of the most successful races from the complete Ocean Lava series. The unrecorded and unprecedented growth of this race talks about quality. It is also supported by the fact that the conceptual Ocean Lava creator, Kenneth Gasque from Danmark, who is also the first European to bring Ironman from North America to Europe, will be our honorary guest in Kotor again. After the last year competition, he said the Montenegrin race seems to be more exciting even from the final race, being traditionally organized on Lanzarote Island,” says Igor Majer.
ocean lava kenethThe Ocean Lava Series Founder, Kenneth Gasque, Copyright: Ocean Lava Montenegro
Because of the race, the traffic on the only road along Kotor Bay will be halted on Sunday in several periods. From 7 to 12 am, traffic will be suspended entirely from the road Kotor- Kamenari to ensure the safety of even 600 cyclists who will ride here. Traffic participants will be informed in detail, both through the public media and info tables, which will be placed tomorrow along the entire race length.
09 May 2019, 06:36 AM

08 May 2019 - Extending the tourist season in the countries of the region is one of the leading priorities and challenges in the area, it was pointed out at the fourth Forum of EUSAIR which is taking place in Budva.

Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Pavle Radulović, took part in the first day of the Forum, on the panel with the thematic subject – sustainable tourism.

All participants of the panel have agreed that many aspects play important roles in the reduction of seasonality – improving the hotel offer, better accessibility of the destination and improving the quality of the product.

One of the priorities is the diversification of the offer certainly. The development of the offer based on the comparative advantages of our destination that will satisfy different demands of tourists should be in focus.

Risks that specific regions are faced with – primarily due to the great tourist pressure – have been pointed out. In that context, it is necessary to establish a more efficient model of destination management. They also spoke about the results achieved in tourism, plans for the forthcoming period and cooperation in the region.

Žarko Radulović, president of the Montenegrin Tourism Association recently said that this year’s tourist season had started better than expected and Montenegro can already expect that revenues from tourism would reach 1,1 million EUR. According to him, this will be a record-breaking year for tourism in Montenegro. He also pointed out that tourism could manage to generate even more revenues, but some things must be arranged before that.

06 May 2019, 00:21 AM

04 May 2019 - This year’s season has started better than expected and Montenegro can already expect that revenues from tourism would reach 1,1 million EUR, as estimated by co-owner of the Montenegro Stars Hotel Group and president of the Montenegrin Tourism Association, Žarko Radulović.

According to him, this will be a record-breaking year for tourism in Montenegro. He also pointed out that tourism could manage to generate even more revenues, but some things must be arranged prior to that.

“I mean primarily on fiscal discipline and then on the unfair competition. In addition, coastal towns must be fashioned after the high-end tourism destinations,” said Radulović.

As for the expectations from the summer tourist season, he says that everything will go better than they have been expecting.

Tourists are coming even earlier than last year. According to him, that is a sign that Montenegro has entered the Western Europe market.

“This means that companies and other associations which were traditionally going to other destinations now spotted Montenegro and arrivals are going to increase in the forthcoming period,” Radulović noted, emphasizing that this means that the next winter season will be even better.

The number of new flights is continuously increasing and that is what brings tourists.

“The number of announced flights is almost the same as last year. There is a somewhat lower number of those from Russia which we certainly expected but still, we are still satisfied,” concluded Radulović.

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