Kotor Assembly: SDP and Opposition Parties Dismissed Mayor Vladimir Jokić

By , 25 Apr 2019, 11:42 AM Politics
Kotor Assembly: SDP and Opposition Parties Dismissed Mayor Vladimir Jokić Kotor Mayor Vladimir Jokic Dismissed Yesterday by SDP, DPS, SD, HGI, and LP

April 25, 2019 - The delegates of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the opposition parties in Kotor- DPS, SD, HGI, and LP voted yesterday for the dismissal of the president of the municipality, Vladimir Jokić.

By replacing Jokić, the Municipality of Kotor is practically "disguised" because, in accordance with the Law on Local Self-Government, it has not been appointed Acting President of the Municipality after the mayor has been dismissed so that he remains a duty officer until the election of a new mayor or the introduction of compulsory administration.
Chair of the session, Željko Avramovic (DPS) announced that he would suggest 18 delegates to accept the decision calmly.
Jokic's dismissal initiative was launched by SDP, a coalition partner of the government in Kotor, and the proposal was supported by opposition DPS, SD and HGI, and LP.
Only the Vice Presidents were able to take up this duty, but Ljiljana Popovic Moškov (URA) resigned a few days ago, and Mišo Samardžić (Movement for Changes) announced the resignation.
Jokić yesterday dismissed the duties of vice-president of the municipality of Branko Nedovic (SDP), whom his party, supported by the opposition DPS, SD, HGI, and LS, intended to settle in Jokic's armchair.
The new assembly majority made by the SDP, together with DPS, SD, LP, and HGI due to Jokic's change of Nedovic, was forced to withdraw from the agenda of the Assembly the appointment of Nedovic for acting as President of the Municipality, and the session was concluded to be subsequently resumed after completion agreement between these parties.
President of DPS party in Kotor, chairman Zeljko Avramovic appealed to Jokić and said to "all the other employees in the municipality that Jokic led" to accept without hesitation the decision of the Assembly to rid the mayor and to "understand it seriously and do nothing that would subject to criminal responsibility."
The dilemma remains that yesterday's decisions of the Assembly of Kotor were legally valid since they were made after Parliament President Dragica Perović found that formal legal preconditions for meeting started and that the agenda was supplemented by the subsequent proposal for deciding the Acting President of the Municipality. Perovic officially ceased the session and gave a break for an indefinite period.
Despite this, the SDP and opposition parties subsequently continued the session alone, giving authority to the eldest member of the House of Representatives Jovo Suđić (DPS) to be chairman. He did not accept it, but "delegation" for the chairmanship of the session was transferred to the chairman of the DPS Kotor, Željko Avramović.

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