14 Dec 2018, 12:33 PM

December 14, 2018 - Stefani Racic from Tivat, with two other people, crossed the Atlantic on a catamaran. The 24-year-old Stefani describes this unique accomplishment in a letter sent to Radio Tivat:

November 17th, 2018 - Palma de Mallorca Saturday night, around 7 p.m..

It's raining and Pedro and I decided to go for a ride to the island to break the boredom. (A few days back, we got a job together with a couple from Israel on a 23-meter-long catamaran. The plan was to fly together to Antigua and to board the ship there, and the management paid the other crew for the delivery of the ship.)

At some point, we got a call to join the boat as soon as possible because the crew in charge of crossing was unable to do it for unknown reasons.

At first, the idea did not appeal to us, neither the captain and his wife, but in the end we agreed to fly to Las Palmas, where the ship was anchored after crossing from Mallorca.

Various thoughts passed through our heads, bad and good. None of us had ever seen that ship, let alone been on it. You are thinking why the crew abandoned the crossing - maybe something is wrong with the boat, maybe a storm was announced on TV, you see news from Tenerife where the waves are so big that it breaks the terraces of a hotel at the beach. The hardest thing for me was telling my parents I was crossing the Atlantic the following day, and I do not know when I will be able to contact them. Of course, all this sounds awful, but it still pushes you to do it, you feel the adrenaline, you think, however, it's the Atlantic crossing which some people dream of doing, it's a new and unpredictable path.

Days in silence, the only sound is the noise of the waves and the "banging" of the sails and cables. OK, we went, flew to Las Palmas and arrived there on Monday around 10 p.m., the captain waited for us on the docks and drove us to a ship that is anchored in front of the port. We meet his wife and friend whom they called with us, because he is the only one who crossed the Atlantic earlier.

In the morning we checked out, got fuel (stuffed into containers of 6L and large barrels of 150-200L), are all well secured on both sides of the ship and we departed.

Everything is OK on the first day. The next day, we noticed that the batteries are not being charged through the engine, which means that we have to use the generator to charge them, which additionally consumes the fuel. All right, what to do, not everything can be great.

A day or two after that, we begin to feel a very unpleasant smell on the boat, the black tank pump does not work, and the air from the pipe comes out between the two cabins, and we were troubled with that all the way to the Caribbean. We tried to repair, clean, wash, but it did not help.

The next thing that happened to us, there were 4 bottles of gas on the boat, because of the poor compressor we remained with only one bottle and so we had to save gas all the way and we cooked once or twice a day.

In all frenzy, not so big but enough to make you think, we enjoyed the beautiful nights of the full moon and the noise of the waves. Our night shift was from 11 pm to 4 am, but already around midnight the sky above the ocean began to be cloudy and the stars were less visible, very often at that time it rained a little bit.

After several days of not so good wind, we decided to use Code 0, although the sail was not in the best condition. We used it for perhaps 3 days until one afternoon, before sunset, when we started to pull down the sail its top broke where the lifter was passing through. The sail fell into the water, went under the ship together with all the scots and began to sink from the weight. We were going in circles for about 40 minutes with waves of perhaps 2m, somehow, we managed to get the sail out (thanks to Pedro who is strong enough to carry us all on his shoulders).

We all calmed down and decided to inspect each part of the ship to make sure something was not damaged by chance. When we turned on the engines, we noticed that water entered through the left shaft, we all panicked there, the shaft was shifted due to the pressure of the scot that the sail pulled behind before we cut it off. We were some 400 NM away from the Cape Verde Islands and decided to turn and move in that direction to take out the ship on the land, repair the shaft and take more fuel. However, when we started, the wind hit us right in the prow, and it can be very uncomfortable on the catamaran. I thought the ship would break into pieces, I was pale as snow and thought how I would survive for another 3 days in that weather.

After half an hour of sailing, no one liked how the boat was behaving and we decided not to go to Cape Verde, but we proceeded to the Caribbean.

Days passed slowly and without wind, so we managed to temporarily fix the shaft, if anything to stop the leaking of the water.

These days we saw the first whale pilots, it seemed amazing to see so great animals in the never-land. Dolphins surfed daily along the prow, dozens of dolphins. It happened that we see a bird or at least a "flying fish" that we thought was a bird.

We caught the first tuna in those days, and after a while we captured mahi-mahi fish. We would only fish if we ate the previous catch.

Somewhere in the middle of the road we opened the spinnaker, we were all under great tension and we did not want any more problems, but we had no choice, the spinnaker had to go up. The first day went well. The next day we noticed that something was wrong with the lifter, the guys climbed to the top of the mast (with 3m waves) to check what was wrong. The block through which the lifter was passing was damaged, which meant we could not use the spinnaker. The next day, we decided to use the spinnaker anyhow, but with a sail lifter code 0. It worked for a short time until the ropes began to be damaged by the excessive pressure and we had to shorten them each time after using the spinnaker.

The last 3-4 days of sailing the sky was clear, I never saw so many stars in my life, we would lie on the stern and watch. The same as the plankton that illuminated the path behind us. MAGICAL!!!

We saved some fuel on the road, so we have been using the engine for the last three days, and finally, after 18 days, we arrived in the beautiful Antigua, where after a long crossing we enjoyed the sandy beaches and all the magic of this tropical island before we started with further preparations for the job .

If this was the case over the Atlantic, I can only imagine how it was for sailors at the Volvo Ocean Race and how often they wondered "why do I need this in my life?" 

This is a wonderful ending of 2018 and even more beautiful start of the new one. Now a new wish list needs to be written because the previous one is fulfilled. This year I fulfilled more wishes than I expected, and for some as passing through Suez I did not hope much, but they did happen anyway. Suez, Corinth, Gibraltar, Atlantic. What's next?!

Text by Radio Tivat, on December 13th 2018, read more at CdM

14 Dec 2018, 12:30 PM

"Niksic remembers its legends" is the slogan of the second Bohemian Fest.

This festival, which celebrates the legends and creators in the fields of literature, film, art, and acting begins on Friday, and its closing is scheduled for Saturday night.

As the Vice President of the Municipality of Niksic said at the press conference to announce the festival Bohemian Fest wants to preserve the memory of our prominent fellow citizens, to a number of those who contributed with their specific activities to recognize our city and after them, and in that sense "the good spirit of Niksic" was passed further.

"People were glad to come here, thanks to everything that was recognizable, where a significant trace has been left by people who, whether in the field of poetry, artistic creativity or as prominent businessmen of this city, in every sense and at any moment, contributed to the city Niksic in becoming stronger, better, and that as citizens of Niksic, everyone who comes to our city is simply seen as people who have a strong identity," she said, believing that year after year support for this festival will grow and that more and more partners will recognize it as an important story for branding our city.

On behalf of the public institution "Zahumlje", which is one of the partners of the festival this year, Goran Radojicic said that last year's fest caused enormous interest, not only for the citizens in Niksic but people who came to Niksic from other parts.

"We received comments throughout the year that the Bohemian fest in the most picturesque and detailed way describes the "good spirit of Niksic" and what Niksic actually was in decades behind us, and also what it is now and what we hope will be in the future. This year, JU "Zahumlje" wishes to, through its Bohemian Fest, together with its partners Tehnopolis and hotel Onogost, the Tourist Cluster Montenegro, the Municipality of Niksic and partners, thank all those legends who spent part or most of their lives in "Zahumlje" making part of the cultural activities of our institution or spending time in the club Zahumlje," Radojičić pointed out.

One of the programs they want to remember in a special way, as Radojicic pointed out, especially a very dear man, Milan Duga Krivokapic, is the opening program for this year's Bohemian Fest.

"This program will happen tomorrow at 6 p.m. in "Zahumlje" and we celebrate it by marking ten years since the death of Dugo Krivokapić. The young members of the “Poetics Point” Literary Club - JU "Zahumlje" wanted to make up to Milan Dugo Krivokapić and somehow remind the citizens of Niksic and the people who followed the Bohemian Fest, who came from other parts, that Milan Dugo Krivokapić 10 years after his death, is still alive through his works. We will show this in one way in which young people will talk about Dugo from their perspective, to recite verses dedicated to Dugo. We will also be able to look at the poetic film "Dodjavola" directed by Obrad Nenezić," he explained, adding that the closing of the Bohemian Fest will be in the hall" Zahumlje," and the guests will be entertained by “Pljevaljski tamburasi.”

Bohemian Fest's goal is to promote the immaterial values of our city that were created just by the lives and work of our fellow citizens, artists, legends, said the President of the Tourist Cluster Montenegro, Anja Vukicevic Zorić.

"Our goal is also to promote Niksic as a tourist destination, to attract as many visitors as possible and to make the Bohemian Festival, of course, a cultural and tourist product. I also want to say that the Bohemian Fest is something that is really different from all the other festivals that take place in Niksic, "she said.

Text by, on December 13th, 2018, read more at CdM

14 Dec 2018, 12:24 PM

December 14, 2018 - King Nikola, along with Zetski dom in Cetinje, planned to build a theater in Bar.

Based on the preserved preliminary project, which is located in the Archives and Library Department of the National Museum of Montenegro in special luxurious covers, this should have been one of the most beautiful buildings in Montenegro.

The project was made in 1911 by the Italian architect Professor Adolf Magrini, who was awarded the gold medal at the exhibition in Cetinje.


If the project of the Italian architect was realized, this theater named after the last Montenegrin monarch would probably be the most representative building in Montenegro today.

The project contains six drawings (two drawings of the foundation plan, two super-sections - transferal and longitudinal, and two are the drawings of the back side of the planned building).


The theater was conceived as a classical theater with a large theater consisting of a floor ground seating and a high seating, two floors of box loggia and a gallery. The project envisaged all the spaces needed for a serious theater. Unfortunately, the project has not been realized, but it represents a huge value by itself, and it is a confirmation that King Nikola sought to bring Montenegro closer to modern European countries.

Text by Arts Montenegro, on December 13th, 2018, read more at CdM

14 Dec 2018, 11:08 AM
December 14, 2014 - NGO No Limit Bikers from Podgorica began preparations for the IX humanitarian action Moto Santa Claus. Bikers will meet 60 children without parental care, residents of Children’s Home Mladost in Bijela. Moto Santa Claus participants plan to visit the children on 22 December at noon.
One of the organizers of the action Moto Santa Claus, Marko Radulović said for Radio Jadran that participation has so far confirmed 80 "recreational" bikers, who are not members of any Moto club. As in previous years, in addition to the club No Limit Biker, the action was supported by several motorcycle clubs from Montenegro, including the Herceg Novi club MC Cruiser:
"There will probably be between 200-250 bikers. Last year there were more than 200. The action is growing every year, and it has not happened that there were less than 150. The participation confirmed all the most active Moto Clubs - MK Bar, MK Pirates, MK Night Wolves, MK Lions from Kotor and others," says Radulovic.
They will prepare New Year’s gift packages for children, but kids will also get new clothes, footwear, underwear, pajamas, warm winter shoes, and other necessities. The bikers provide these gifts with their donations, but also with the help of numerous friends and sponsors. After nearly a decade, Radulovic estimates that it is an action that has "come out of all the Montenegrin patterns":
"The action, first of all, carries a lovely message and has a significant effect. In the words of the director of the Children’s House Mladost, we are always most welcomed guests. We need much effort to encourage sponsors to participate, give a discount, gift. Gratitude and joy of children come as a reward for our efforts."
Most of Moto Santa Claus participants will meet in Podgorica. At Petrovac they will meet with motorists from Bar, Ulcinj, and Sutomore. At the Luk Oil gas station on Jaz bikers from Budva wait to join. With the Tivat and Kotor’s crew, the Moto Santa Claus caravan will meet on the ferry. Herceg Novi’s bikers will traditionally wait for the others in Kamenari, from where they start the city promenade. The plan is to arrive at the Children's Home around noon, but everything will depend on weather conditions and traffic intensity.
Next year, the Moto Santa Claus action celebrates its tenth jubilee edition, and No Limit Bikers will try to enlarge it by also visiting the children in the Home for Children with Special Needs in Zabjelo, announced Radulovic.
Source: Radio Jadran
14 Dec 2018, 01:28 AM

13 December 2018 - In Gallery "Josip Bepo Benković" in Herceg Novi on December 13th at 7 PM, 20th Anniversary of the Herceg Novi Art Scene was opened. At the exhibition, in both exhibit space, 60 works of 54 authors can be found, which include paintings, graphics, drawings, sculptures, and installations.

For the third year in the art scene, a large number of exhibitors and authors who are engaged in artistic or professional arts are involved in the art of Herceg Novi. The aim is that the Gallery becomes a place for the gathering of lovers of fine arts.

"With its concept, the art scene wants to motivate a great number of fans of fine arts-creators, to be lead by top-notch and accomplished authors, and themselves to be part of the city's artistic being. In addition to the 20th Anniversary of the Herceg Novi Art Scene, a catalog was prepared, written by the art historian Jasmina Žitnik," as announced at the opening of this event.


The Herceg Novi Art Scene will last until the beginning of February 2019 as an introduction to the 52nd Herceg Novi Winter Salon.

The art scene in Herceg Novi got full swing when it gathered not only academic artists but all people who create and live in Herceg Novi. In recent years, the exhibition has seen an upgrade, while many professional artists and those who have an artistic expression as the hobby have helped set it all up.

This number of participants is indeed an indicator of the performance of the Herceg Novi artistic scene.

13 Dec 2018, 15:11 PM

December 13, 2019 - Ministers of the Western Balkan countries and members of the Energy Community, during a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Energy Community in Skopje, adopted a document on the goals for 2030 concerning the harmonization of climate and energy plans. Member States have supported the alignment of their ambitions with those of the European Union, i.e., to follow the aspirations of the European Union regarding energy and climate plans when determining its own goals for 2030 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency and share energy from renewable sources.

Although it's striving for EU membership, the governments of the six Western Balkan countries have lagged behind the plans and ambitions of the Union in adopting and implementing its regulations. While the EU is preparing for the imminent decarbonization, most governments in the region are still planning to develop and build new coal-fired power plants, despite the enormous potential for energy savings.

However, not everything is so gloomy. The European financial institutions abandoned coal, and the World Bank did the same, so two months ago it denied funding for the construction of a new thermal power plant in Kosovo. This decision does not come from environmental initiatives but economic ones - their policy is to finance the most cost-effective projects, and renewable energy sources are merely now cheaper than coal.

What is essential now for the governments of the region is setting ambitious goals and acting by them. These actions will show us whether our governments are aware of the enormous opportunities to develop through the inevitable energy transition or will this effort be interpreted only as an EU request.

Civil society organizations across the region have long been warning the public not only of the lack of climatic ambitions of their governments and old plans for energy systems but also of a series of violations of domestic and international laws and directives in the development of the energy systems.

World scientists have suggested that the effects of climate change are far faster and more devastating than anticipated. To keep global temperature growth at 1.5 degrees, UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) released a report calling on all countries to increase their ambitions five times. Thanks to the Energy Community, the Western Balkans has come up with concrete changes to reduce the impact on climate change with more awareness to the urgency of the necessary action.

Text by CdM, on December 12th, 2018, read more at CdM

13 Dec 2018, 15:02 PM

December 13, 2018 - The third edition of the Podgorica Film Festival officially ended on Sunday, December 9th, at the Cultural and Information Center "Budo Tomovic." During the five festival days, the audience had the opportunity to enjoy 26 films, of which 16 premiered in Montenegro. The festival featured films that received numerous awards and were featured at the most important festivals that the Montenegrin audience did not have the opportunity to see on the regular cinema repertoire.

On the last festival day, the Montenegrin premiere featured a short feature film "Put", by young director Senad Šahmanović. The festival closed with the films "Comic Sans" by Nevia Marasovic and "Did you see my film" by Paul Anton Smith.


For the first time this year, the audience was able to evaluate the films in the selection of the Podgorica Film Festival.

The Japanese film "Thieves" by director Hirokazu Korede received the highest rating of the audience. This emotional drama won the Golden Palm at the renowned Cannes Festival. The film follows Osama and his family, who, after one of their petty thefts, encountered an abandoned, frozen little girl. At the beginning, reluctant to protect the girl, Osamu's wife agrees to take care of her when she finds out what kind of problems she is facing. Although poor and petty thefts barely provide survival, they look like a happy family, while an unforeseen incident does not reveal their secrets, putting on a test the connection that keeps them together. Japanese movie "Thieves" makes us think about what the family is really like.


 The film was very well received by the Podgorica audience who rated it with an average score of 4.92. 

The second place according to the votes of the audience went to the Croatian film "Comic Sans" with an average score of 4.70. At the Pula Film Festival "Comic Sans" won the Golden Gate Audience Award, and at the International Films Festival FEST in Belgrade it received the Jury of Film Critics Award "Nebojsa Djukelić" for best film in the region.

The Danish Oscar nominee, Gustav Meller's film "Guilty", came in third with an average score of 4.62. Moller's tense thriller was shown at the opening of the Podgorica Film Festival. He won public awards at the Sundance and Rotterdam festivals.


Great interest of the audience was triggered by the Montenegrin and Bosnian-Herzegovinian co-production, film "Borders, Rain" by Vlastimir Sudar and Nikola Mijovic. Mijovic's and Sudare's story of love, maturity, and hope got a score of 4.55. In addition to the film, Sudar presented himself to the Podgorica audience as the author of the book "Portrait of the Artist as a Political Dissident - Life and Work of Aleksandar Petrović" within the accompanying program of the Festival. In fifth place, with a score of 4.48, was "Foxtrot" by Samuel Maoza. At the prestigious Film Festival in Venice, it was awarded the Silver Lion. In addition to the main program, the audience also enjoyed the films of Turkish director Semih Kaplanoglu, whose retrospective was organized in cooperation with the Yunus Emre Institute. Within the accompanying program of the festival, panels and workshops were organized.


At the opening ceremony, the Montenegrin Cinematheque awarded the film "Kino-oko", and the famous Serbian director and former professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje, Miloš Miša Radivojević.

The festival was organized by NGO Podgorica Film Festival and the Montenegrin Cinematheque. The Ministry of Culture supported the festival, the Ministry of Tourism and the Secretariat for Culture and Sport of the Capital of Podgorica. Partners of Podgorica film festival are KIC "Budo Tomovic," Yunus Emre Institute, Film Center of Montenegro and MEDIA Desk of Creative Europe.

Text by CdM, on December 12th, 2018, read more at CdM

13 Dec 2018, 13:17 PM
December 13, 2018 - Within the IX Film Festival of Human Rights-Fast Forward 2018, which began in Podgorica on Monday, the NGO Centre for Civic Education organizes an accompanying two-day edition in Kotor, which opens this evening with a solemn opening and projections of two films from this year's festival selection, which includes a total of 15 films.
The opening ceremony of Fast Forward 2018 in Kotor will be addressed by Marija Bernard, the executive director of Cultural Center “Nikola Đurković” Kotor, Daliborka Uljarević - Executive Director of the Center for Civic Education (NGO CCE) and Vladimir Jokić - President of the Kotor Municipality.
IX Festival's  slogan is "Watch and remember!" With Miloš Knežević from NGO CCE, we discussed what we can see and what to remember from this year's festival in Kotor. It was also an opportunity to talk about the situation in Montenegrin society regarding the respect for human rights.
"The mission of the Fast Forward festival is to emphasize the importance and the necessity of working together, as a society in Montenegro, to establish a culture of respect for human rights. We see the violation of human rights in our country day by day, and our common responsibility is to fight against it," points out Festival PR, Miloš Knežević.
Film as media is well-versed in promoting the necessity of putting human rights into practice, explains Knežević: "Creatively and interestingly, through the stories of victims of human rights violations and violations of the rights of people around them, the film helps us to see the reality, now we may not have noticed. By encouraging us to empathize, stories of the protagonists of films help us to address the issue of respect for human rights more seriously and responsibly."
TMN: CCE has organized the Fast Forward Festival for almost a decade. What are the noticeable changes in the Montenegrin society over that period, if we are talking about the protection of fundamental human rights?
Miloš Knežević: "We started nine years ago with the festival as an initiative, with an appeal, uncertain whether it will ever happen again. So here we are with its ninth edition. I can say things are moving to become better. These are not the results we can boast about, but things change for the better. On the other hand, what we have to do is work on the process of education in the culture of human rights. In that sense, we are still not at the level that we should be. I sincerely hope that through such projects and similar programs we implement in the Civic Education Center and through similar programs implemented by our colleagues from other non-governmental organizations, we will be able to bring the level of awareness of the Montenegrin society on the necessity of respect for human rights."
TMN: The concept of the festival completed the rewarding segment - emphasizing the organization of civil society and individuals, highlighted in the previous year in the field of civic activism and promotion of respect for human rights.
Miloš Knežević: "Given the bad situation in the country, when we talk about the degree of development of civil society, in one way we wanted to show to the Montenegrin public that there are people who are aware and brave, who are not afraid to express their attitude regarding human rights. Some people are struggling to respect the rights of those who cannot do it alone. Through the awarding for affirmation of human rights and civic activism, we want to encourage other civil society organizations and individuals to deal more actively and proactively with these issues."
Accompanying segments of the festival - editions in Kotor and Berane are being organized for the fifth time. What have you prepared for the audience in Kotor within Fast Forward 2018?
Miloš Knežević: "We are in Kotor this year on the 13 and 14 December in Kino Boka, where we will show four films. The first evening we will show the film "Grandson" of the director Aleksandar Reljic and the film "Captured" by Hungarian director Bernadette Tuza-Ritter. Also, tomorrow we also have two films - "Our New President" directed by Max Pozdorovkin and "Raft" by Marcus Linden."
The audience in Kotor will be on the spot today to talk with the director of "Grandson" Aleksandar Reljic, as well as the main protagonist of the film, Rainer Hess, the grandson of Rudolf Hess, the commander of the notorious Auschwitz camp.
Miloš Knežević: "Aleksandar Reljic came up with the idea of making a documentary about the family past of Rainer Hess, but also his present work, which is exactly the opposite of it. Hess is today one of the strongest and most prominent advocates in the fight against racism, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia. It is my pleasure to point out that Aleksandar Reljic and the protagonist of the film, Rainer Hess, will be our guests tonight in Kotor. After the film, they will have their talk with the audience, which will be moderated by historian Miloš Vukanović."
The slogan of Fast Forward 2018 is "Look at Remember!"
Miloš Knežević: "Look and remember, that's right. I invite the audience to join us in Kotor and watch the films. I'm sure they will see and remember a lot from these documentaries, and they will be forced to act when they personally, or people around them, are in a situation of violation of their human rights. The goal is to make us, as a society, to be encouraged to work differently and to advocate for respect for human rights, both in our environment and in Montenegro at all."
As with all the programs of the Festival, and the entrance to the screenings of films in Cinema Boka in Kotor is free.
12 Dec 2018, 12:43 PM

December 12, 2018 - The concept and content of the Human Rights Film Festival "Ubrzaj (Accelerate) 2018", in the most concrete way, opens current issues in the field of human rights, which can further enhance the responsibility of the society, but also to awaken the often dormant conscience of the individual, said Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanovic at the opening of the festival that will last until December 14th.

As announced by the Ministry of Culture, during the event there will be films organized by the Center for Civic Education, with the support of the Government and the EU Delegation to Montenegro.

"It is especially important that this festival focuses on the film form, because, in addition to the fact that such topics can be most problematic, the receptivity of cinema enables a wider audience to be able to act further. This is particularly important in societies like ours, in which much more must be done to change consciousness, taking into account that legal regulations are in line with the standards of those most emancipated societies," Bogdanovic said.

This year's festival, the ninth in a row, was opened with the screening of the film "Eighth Commissioner" by director Ivan Salaja. This is the first and only festival of its kind in Montenegro, which actively contributes to raising the awareness of citizens about the importance of human rights and their protection, through the film, as an artistic expression. Speaking about the significance of the Festival, the minister pointed out that the festival "Ubrzaj" offers a wide range of topics dealing with violated rights and freedoms.

"Today's activities for the defense of the human rights and freedoms must be equally focused both on the problem of past ideas and ideologies, as well as on the recent extreme ambitions of monitoring and controlling people's lives. Only in this way we can step into the future in which the freedom of the individual will not be one of the burning issues. For Montenegro and the environment "Ubrzaj" festival is becoming an increasingly important manifestation, by which awareness of the unquestionable human rights and freedoms can be raised to a higher level," said Bogdanović.

As he added, in addition to the fact that the contemporary world is again confronted with the fear of the other and the different, this initiator of every attack on human rights and freedoms, in the accelerated progress has also brought new phenomena that could endanger the individual's freedom by jeopardizing his privacy.

"Today, when in the digital world this privacy becomes more visible and accessible to various abuses, it is necessary to constantly keep warning to the risk of the emergence of some new forms of the disorder, whose repression is often overwhelmed with the seductive and seemingly harmless content of the virtual world," concluded Bogdanović.

Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro Aivo Orav emphasized that this year the European Union is the proud donor of "Ubrzaj" festival as part of a larger project 360° Full circle for the human rights, which aims to contribute to reducing discrimination and promoting tolerance and respect for human rights in Montenegro.

"Films enable us to provide people with new perspectives and points of view, as well as to reinforce the audience's knowledge that personal dedication can produce a lasting and significant impact on society," Orav said.

Executive Director of the Center for Civic Education Daliborka Uljarevic reminded that today is the International Human Rights Day and proudly announced that the IX Festival "Ubrzaj" has become a member of the Human Rights Network with its head office in Amsterdam, which gathers 41 film festival of human rights from all over the world, which represents a significant international recognition. She also announced this year's laureates for the promotion of human rights and civic activism in the category NGO Center for Women's Rights and Association Spektra, as well as Sabina Talović in the category of the individuals. In the selection of the Festival for 2018, there were 15 performances from Montenegro, and the motto of this year's festival is "Watch and Remember."

Text by CdM, on December 10th, 2018, read more at CdM

12 Dec 2018, 12:40 PM

December 12, 2018 - Montenegro and Hungary have very close political cooperation, which is an excellent basis for further developing intensive cooperation on the economic and cultural level, it was concluded today at the meeting of the mayor of Podgorica, Dr. Ivan Vuković, and the ambassador of Hungary, Jozsef Negyesi.

The Mayor assessed that Montenegro has always had the support of Hungary, especially during the NATO accession period, and expressed its gratitude for the country's loudest advocate for joining the Western Balkan countries to the European Union.

Ambassador Negyesi invited the Mayor to visit Budapest, which he welcomed with pleasure, noting that he lived in that city during his doctoral studies and was always happy to return. "

Although this is a city with a different number in population, I believe that Podgorica can make much use of Budapest's experiences, especially when it comes to the revitalization of the city center, but also experiences in the area of waste management and the improvement of public transport," the mayor said. 

He assessed that a direct airline between Podgorica and Budapest, which has existed for over ten years, is of great importance for communication and cooperation between the two cities and two countries, and that it has allowed the increase of the number of tourists from Hungary by about 30 percent in the last year.

Hungary is the second largest country per the number of foreign direct investments in Montenegro this year, and this investment potential needs to be further exploited, he said, announcing that the capital will soon present prepared investment packages. 

"The capital will make an effort to create a favorable environment for investors, and in that sense, I expect the arrival of a number of Hungarian companies. When it comes to cultural cooperation, it was very lively in the previous period, and I expect that this will continue in the future," the mayor said.

Ambassador Negyesi announced a large number of cultural events next year, organized by the Embassy of Hungary, to be held in Podgorica, and in other Montenegrin cities.

Text by S.Đ., on December 11th 2018, read more at CdM

11 Dec 2018, 14:31 PM

December 11, 2018 - In addition to the New Year's and Christmas holidays, Montenegrin towns have received new outfits. CdM already wrote how the capital is decorated, and under the ornament and lights, the central streets of Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje, Andrijevica, Kotor and Tivat are now also fully shining.

The decorative New Year's lighting in Bijelo Polje turned on two days ago. New Year's ornaments were set up ten days ago, and besides the town square, streets around the ocenter were also decorated.


Bijelo Polje (Photo: W production)

The municipality announced that all the lighting would be fully functional in the next few days.


This year, Mojkovac is also ahead with the New Year's decorations and is ready to welcome 2019. At the central city square, there is a Christmas tree, and the citizens of Mojkovac will enjoy a beautifully decorated town during the upcoming festive days.


Mojkovac (Photo: MNE 365


Mojkovac (Photo: Boris Ćetković)

The old town in Kotor is beautifully decorated every year. Tourists are thrilled, and they are happy to publish tphotos on social networks.







Festive lighting is also set up in Andrijevica, and this town will surely be among the best decorated in Montenegro. The lit up trees and light bulbs illuminate the square near the municipality building, and the locals are delighted with the new look of their town.





A festive atmosphere can also bw felt in Tivat. Particular emphasis, when holiday decorations are concerned, is placed on the town’s promenade Pine, because the New Year's Eve events will be organized right in this part of the city.


Photo: Radio Tivat

The youngest will enjoy the designed lighting installation of sleds pulled by two reindeers, which this year, instead of in the small park in the center of the town, are placed on Pine together with Santa Claus that are embellishing this part of the city.


Photo: Radio Tivat

The palm trees will be decorated with luminous rings, bows and hanging Christmas balls on the promenade. Radio Tivat reports that on the part of the promenade, which is popularly called "gumno", an illuminated Christmas tree of six meters will be installed, and a unique decoration is planned on the promenade from the pharmacy to the hotel Palma.


Photo: Radio Tivat

Christmas trees will decorate the space in front of the building of the "old municipality," as well as at the Magnolia Square, where they plan to place light cables around magnolia trees.



Text by S.B. , on December 10th 2018, read more at CdM

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