22 Feb 2019, 16:42 PM

The government has not given up on the construction of the Verige bridge that will connect the two sides of the Bay of Kotor, stated the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs. As CdM learns, serious international investors are interested in this project, among them are Azerbaijanis and Chinese. It is estimated that the project is worth about 150 million euros.

As CdM was told by the Traffic and Maritime Affairs, in 2017 a Preliminary Design was prepared for the bridge, 65 meters high, with access roads and bypass Tivat. The designer was Tempusprojekt from Zagreb.

With the aforementioned changes in bridge design solutions, the proposals, suggestions and recommendations from the Study of the Visual Impact of Verige Bridge in the Bay of Kotor would be fully respected. A feasibility study for the construction of the Verige bridge across the Boka Bay with access roads was also done, carried out by Omega consult - project management Ljubljana and CEED - Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Podgorica. The Environmental Protection Study of the passage through the Boka Bay was also done.

As explained in Osman Nurkovic's department, the provisions of the Spatial Plan for the Special Purpose of the Coastal Area define the obligation to create special so-called HIA studies for all major facilities, and so for the bridge over the Boka Bay. The commitment to make the Preliminary Solution and the HIA study completed before the realization of the project was defined and the same to be presented to UNESCO.

Also, the provisions of the Spatial Plan of the Special Purpose of the Coastal Area and the workshops that were held in connection with the preparation of the HIA study of that plan determined to re-examine the new location of the transit through Boka Bay with the given variant solutions, and after the realization of these obligations, further consideration of the optimal conditions of understanding this capital project will be implemented.

"In 1999, the Government, or the then Directorate for the Construction of Highways in Montenegro, announced an International Competition for the Selection of the Location and the Ideal Solution for crossing over the Boka Bay, where the first place was awarded to POINTING Engineering Bureau in Maribor. Later, the design of the Main Project and the Technical Project was entrusted to GRADIS NG, whose work was completed in 2003, also from Maribor. During 2009, the Visual Impact Study of Verige Bridge was completed at the UNESCO Natural and Cultural-Historical Region of Kotor, aimed at visualizing and evaluating from the independent position the Verige bridge and connecting traffic facilities, which are planned at approx. 2.5 km from the protected natural and cultural region of Kotor," the Ministry claims.

Preliminary design

They further clarify that the Study was prepared following the instruction from the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection, based on the 2008 UNESCO Mission Report, stating that the proposed bridge "is not a threat to the UNESCO World Heritage Site", with a proposal for drawing up the Study on the visual impact of the current proposal of the bridge, taking into account the "exceptional universal value" of this property and its landscape within the entire territory of Boka Bay, including the World Heritage Site and its surroundings.

"The study was done by the Institute for Urban Planning and Regional Planning from the University of Aachen-Germany, in cooperation with the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection and GTZ," the Ministry said.

As they add, Monteput assumed certain obligations under the recommendations from the mentioned Study, which refer to additional technical checks of the project, reconsidering the tunnel variant of the passage, checking the possible correction of the height of the bridge, moving the toll station and possible revision of the route by tunnel solutions in the area of Bijela and Opatovo.

"For the verification of a possible tunnel solution for the crossing of the bay, the technical parameters have been issued by the competent Ministry on the basis of which the Design Task was prepared, which envisages the elaboration of the Preliminary Design of the tunnel passage and the previous Feasibility Study for the construction in order to verify the general concept of the tunnel crossing of the bay as well as verification of the traffic- technical and economic conditions of justification in accordance with EU norms and technical standards for design and construction of tunnels for the speed of the high speed road. The preliminary solution of the tunnel passage and the previous Study of the justification of construction proved that the variant of the crossing of the Bay with a tunnel is more unfavorable from the spatial-urban, technical, economic, traffic-technical, ecological, functional and security aspects, "the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs said to CdM.

Text by Miraš Dušević, on February 22nd, 2019, read more at CdM

22 Feb 2019, 12:37 PM

February 22, 2019 - Citizens of Herceg Novi and their guests enjoyed the specialities of the Vojvodina cuisine and the sounds of drummers during the gastro evenings in the City Café, which was held within the Days of Novi Sad at the 50th Mimosa Festival.

The evening welcomed representatives of the Cultural Center Novi Sad, Consul General of the Republic of Serbia in Montenegro Zoran Dojcinovic, as well as President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi Stevan Katic and associates.
In addition to delicious food and authentic Vojvodina music, the gastronomic evening is also a promotional calendar of events held in Vojvodina's capital, as well as the "Novi Sad for Youth" program.
As the co-founder of the Cultural Center Mirsad Avdic said, there is already cooperation between the two cities and their cultural institutions, and as an example cites last year's VII art colony "Herceg Novi-Novi Sad", which gathered 13 authors from Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.
Considering the mutual desire to fraternise two cities and further cooperation primarily on the field of culture, Avdic is convinced that the agreement of this type will be realised soon.
"There are a lot of reasons for Herceg Novi and Novi Sad to quench, spread and exchange programs in the field of culture, but also tourism and economy," said Avdic.
The Novi Sad's Choice as the European Youth Center of Europe 2019 and the European Cultural Center 2021, as well as the festivals and programs that bring tourists from all over the world to Vojvodina, deliver significant benefits to the city's economy.
"Festivals bring tourists, journalist, and media to promote this destination and culture further. For you, this is a Mimosa Festival," Avdic concluded.
Within the Days of Novi Sad, their Cultural Center, in cooperation with the Cultural Institute "Herceg Fest", organized two days and nights dedicated to the poet Miroslav Mika Antic, where the event "Antic's Days" was presented and a film about the poet "First Film" 2017, produced by the Cultural Center Novi Sad.
22 Feb 2019, 12:37 PM

Berane became the 12th Montenegrin municipality that has a Youth Club. The reconstructed premises for the needs of young people was opened by Minister of Sports Nikola Janovic.

The money for this reconstruction was jointly provided by the Ministry of Sports and Youth and the municipality Berane.

Ministry of Sports and Youth, in the last two years, continuously worked on creating new opportunities for young people in order to improve their position, in accordance with the Youth Strategy 2017-2021.

"One of the key priorities is the opening of new and support in the work of the existing youth services, centers and clubs. Today, we have 12 youth clubs in the municipalities throughout Montenegro, as well as the Youth Center in Podgorica. With the new legal solution, the Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of Sports and Youth will continue to support the opening of new youth clubs throughout Montenegro, but also to make their work sustainable," Janovic said.

He explains that by supplementing the name of the institution in the Ministry of Sports and Youth, the Government gave a clear message that the care for the young people is a key priority and that the ministry is the right address for programmatic fulfillment of their needs.

"We expect that the representatives of all municipalities in the coming period will take care of the young people in an adequate way and that we will continue to develop programs and projects for young people together. Today's event is a confirmation that young people from the north are on the list of priorities of the Government and the Ministry of Sports and Youth," Janovic said.

The Minister also reminded that the attitude towards the youth in Montenegro will be systematically improved by the new legal solutions for the development of youth policy, which are currently in the parliamentary procedure.

Text by Vijesti online, on February 21st 2019, read more at Vijesti

22 Feb 2019, 12:14 PM

February 22, 2019 - Kotor Winter Carnival Festivities begin on Saturday, February 23, at 6 pm on the main square of the concert of the Klapa "Contra" - the Organizing Committee announced.

The children's costume ball will be held on Sunday, 24 February in the Business Center "Vuksic" from 3 pm. For all masked children, there are gifts and fun with "The Group".
To better promote the Traditional Carnival this year, except in Kotor, the organisers have foreseen the promotional performances - Abrum in Budva and Tivat. Abrum in Budva will be held on February 25 at 5 pm.
In cooperation with the Vida Matjan Music School, two hours later, in the church of the Holy Spirit, the students and professors of this school will hold the "Masked Concert".
In Tivat Abrum it is scheduled for 26 February 26 at 5 pm, and on the same day, it will go through the streets of Kotor, around 6.30 pm. The second Abrum in Kotor is scheduled for the day before the carnival – 2 March at 11 am. The streets of the Old Town will see the Capo Carnival, Kotor City Music and the Majorettes of the Association "Festa" and the Dance Studio "Alisa".
After that, the Infinity Dance group will perform at the Arms Square as an introduction to the Trio Gust band concert.
On the big stage of the Cultural Center, the dance studio "Alisa" will perform on 27 February at 7 pm, and a day later in the Gallery of Cultural Center will open an exhibition of carnival costumes.
"We are all the Fest" - is the name of the 24th Concert of the Majorettes "Festa", which will be supported by the "Festa Acrobatic Group" on the stage of the Cultural Center on 1 March at 7 pm.
At the big masquerade, in the Business Center "Vuksic", on 2 March from 8 pm, guests will have fun with "Tri Kvarta" and "Trio Gust".
The program of the Traditional Kotor Carnival ends on Sunday, 3 March, with a grand carnival march on the main city road from 3 pm.
The Carnival Trial will be on the Arms Square, and the burning on the Maceo.
The carnival night will feature "Terraross", a famous orchestra from Puglia and Goran Karan with the band "Vagabundo".
On the day of the carnival, the humorist-satirical "Karampana" list will come out. A box designed to deliver texts that make up the contents of this publication is located at Kameni Kiosk, in front of the city gate.
Festival organiser is the Cultural Center "Nikola Djurkovic" Kotor in partnership with the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Kotor, The partner in the organisation is NGO "Festa" Kotor, and the sponsor is the Municipality of Kotor.
21 Feb 2019, 22:22 PM

20 February 2019 - Works on the boulevard in Donja Gorica are in full swing. The scheduled deadline for the completion of works was extended and the boulevard is now supposed to be finished by 28 March. Dušan Kokić, an engineer from the Transport Administration, said that judging the current dynamics of works, he expects for the works to be completed by the established deadline.

“Works are being carried out according to plan. Works on the installation of fecal and atmospheric sewer are currently being executed on the stretch between “Namos” and “Grand” furniture showrooms. It will be one kilometer long and the workers have already set up 500 meters of it,” said Kokić.

The remaining part of the boulevard has been formed and one layer of asphalt has already been placed.

From the starting point of the boulevard up until the roundabout next to Lješkopoljska street, the traffic moves in two ways. On the stretch where the underground installation is currently being set up, traffic is run on the right boulevard lane in both directions and with no congestion.

Property relations have been settled but during the rainy period works slowed down.

Boulevard in Donja Gorica is 3,5 kilometers long. It has four lanes (3,25 m wide), 2-meter wide median, four roundabouts and full pavements (1,5 m wide).

Value of this construction amounts to 9,6 million EUR.

Transport Administration provides 6 million EUR, whereas the remaining 3,6 million EUR is provided by the Capital City. The contractor is “TEHNOPUT MNE”.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

21 Feb 2019, 11:00 AM

The Municipality of Budva hosts the second meeting of project partners realized within the project implementation of #DynaMob 2.0 - Dynamic mobility. The project is funded by EU funds through the INTERREG IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program for Italy, Albania and Montenegro 2014-2020.

The #DynaMob 2.0 project aims to promote and encourage the use of environmentally friendly forms of transport with a focus on car sharing and bike sharing. The Municipality of Budva will, for the first time, through the #DynaMob 2.0 project, provide the opportunity for its citizens and tourists for an alternative, healthier and more economical transportation in the city, through the purchase of electric bikes, the installation of a filling station for eco cars, in combination with the appropriate application.

The meeting was officially opened by Mr. Marko Markovic, vice-president of the Municipality Budva. During the meeting, the partners of the project will discuss the implementation of the project activities so far, will present the latest technologies and results related to the Action Plan for Sustainable Mobility, #Dynamob 2.0 Paths and Investments. The meeting was attended by the representatives of partner institutions: Copertino Municipality (Italy), Ulisse Training Center (Italy), Campobasso (Italy), Tirana Chamber of Commerce, Skrapar Municipality (Albania) and Tirana Municipality (Albania). The Municipality of Budva was represented by the Secretariat for Municipal Utility Affairs and the Office for European Integration and Cooperation. The total budget of the project #DynaMob 2.0 is 839.500 euros, and the implementation of the project will last until April 2020.

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on February 20th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

20 Feb 2019, 12:36 PM

At the session of the Municipal Assembly of Niksic, scheduled for February 28th, the delegates will discuss the program for encouraging youth employment for 2019.

The proposer of the Program, which plans to employ at least 70 high school students, is the Secretariat for Culture, Sports, Youth and Social Welfare. According to the report, which will be in front of the delegates, there were 345 unemployed university students in January of the current year, with the seventh degree at the Employment Biro in Niksic, not counting those currently included in the vocational training program, accounting for almost nine percent of the total number of unemployed in the city under Trebjesa, or almost 40 percent of the total number of unemployed young people.

"The goals of the program are to employ at least 20 percent of the currently registered unemployed young people with the seventh degree of education, reducing the unemployment rate of college students in the Nikšić municipality, increasing the quality of the workforce by creating long-term local partnerships in the field of youth employment, reducing the mismatch between supply and demand in the labor market, as well as the creation of conditions for acquiring new knowledge, skills and experience," reads the program proposal.

For its realization, the Municipality has allocated a budget of 250,000 euros, or 200 euros per month per employee, as a minimum required by the future employers.

"For a period of up to one year, the program beneficiaries’ profit from the program, taxes, contributions and other duties prescribed by law are not paid. The beneficiary of the program, during the engagement, enjoys the right to health insurance as an unemployed person."

All employers from the territory of the Niksic municipality, regardless of where their headquarters are located, have the right to participate in the realization of the program, and they will, on the basis of their own needs and criteria, publish job advertisements and select candidates.

Text by Svetlana Mandic, on February 19th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

20 Feb 2019, 12:34 PM

In order to reward customer loyalty and trust, Montenegrin Telekom has prepared new benefits for the users of the landline and mobile network, within the Magenta 1 Light offer. All users (individuals) who have at least two services in the landline network (telephone and Internet and/or Extra TV) and Max Postpaid package can use the benefits of Magenta 1 Light.

The postpaid benefits include 2 GB of Internet traffic monthly under the Max tariff. On a landline number, the users get 500 minutes towards all networks in Montenegro for six months, as well as an internet speed enhancement add-on, which brings up to 100 Mbps on the optical, at no extra cost.

The customers receive these benefits free of charge and without contractual obligation, it is enough just to call Telekom's Contact Center or to pay a visit to a T-Center.

Within the Magenta 1 Light offer, new postpaid users who have the mentioned land line services get the opportunity to purchase attractive mobile devices that can be purchased at a price of one euro with the appropriate Max tariff. Alcatel 1x 2019 is available with the Max 1.1 package, Samsung J4 Plus with Max 2.1 package, Huawei P Smart 2019 with Max 3.1, Honor 10 with Max 6.1 and Huawei P20 with Max Pro.

More information about the new Magenta 1 Light offer is available at

Text by Promo, on February 19th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

19 Feb 2019, 17:32 PM

February 20, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate opportunities in Montenegro through the RE/MAX portfolio, a visit to a slice of luxury in Budva.

Montenegro is famous for its spectacular views and wild beauty, and few vistas are more gorgeous than overlooking the old town of Budva and its picturesque bay. 

The Budva real estate scene is busy, and there is a real diversity in terms of quality and location, but the new Como project - a RE/MAX exclusive - is superbly located and offers a real touch of luxury and exclusivity in this hugely popular seaside town.

budva-4-remax (9).jpg

Como is a new and exclusive development of just 18 high-quality units, all of which are either 3-bedroom apartments or 3-bedroom penthouses with roof terraces. In addition to the top quality design, materials and finish, Como has a 24-hour reception, concierge, security, and both maintenance and rental management. Both garages and outdoor parking spaces are available. The roof terraces include spa and relax decks with jacuzzi, showers and sauna on one side, and an open kitchen on the other. All apartments have the Smart Home system, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, floor heating and CCTV.

budva-4-remax (6).jpg

Each of the 18 units is listed separately, and to give you a flavour of what is on offer, here is the official RE/MAX description of this 123m2 apartment: 

budva-4-remax (3).jpg

Located in the hills above Budva, in a secure gated community this beautiful 3 bedroom apartment enjoying the use of a large communal swimming pool and deck area, offers incredible sea views and an amazing view of the island St. Nicholas. The location, luxury unique design meets the standards of the most demanding clients. 

budva-4-remax (7).jpg

The development is located on the east side of the settlement therefore one can enjoy the spectacular sunrise. Carefully designed residential units and external landscaping provide to the residents comfort, luxury and peaceful atmosphere. Modern design with a functional layout with an emphasis on the enjoyment of the living room and the terrace with a large surface area with the amazing overview of the sea, the old city and mountains.

budva-4-remax (8).jpg

The apartment meets the highest standards, including a smart and modern system of regulating air temperature, fitted kitchen and bathrooms are included in the standard equipment being proposed by the developers. Having a total area of 123 sqm the property comprises of a large living room / kitchen / dining room, 3 spacious bedrooms, bathroom, guest toilet and laundry room as well as spacious terrace of 20 sqm with magnificent views. Further complimenting this apartment is an underlying garage. Price 469,000 euro.

budva-4-remax (1).jpg

For more photos, information and to book a viewing on this or the other 17 luxury homes, visit the RE/MAX listing here

budva-4-remax (4).jpg

19 Feb 2019, 13:06 PM

Delegates in the Capital’s parliament adopted the Program for the commemoration of the memorials for 2019. In accordance with this program, the capital will get a monument of Ivan Crnojevic, one of the most important Montenegrin rulers, leader of Zeta from 1465 to 1490, and the founder of Cetinje.

"The initiative of Zetagradnja is to raise the monument to Ivan Crnojevic, and bearing in mind that he is one of the most significant figures of Montenegrin history, especially responsible for the state, social, economic and cultural development of Montenegro, which is in accordance with Article 5 of the Law on Memorials, the Program for the commemoration of the memorials for 2019 is being prepared," said Ana Medigovic, the secretary for culture and sport.

The deadline for constructing the monument is December 2019.

Text by Vijesti online, on February 18th 2019, read more at Vijesti

19 Feb 2019, 13:02 PM

German police donated five new mobile document readers "Regula 7308" to their Montenegrin colleagues, with a value of 44,500 euros.

The Police Directorate said that this is the most modern equipment to be used by the officers of the Border Police Sector for border checks at border crossing points I and II categories.

"The valuable equipment used at the border crossings will allow border police officers to provide faster and more efficient checks in order to achieve the best results in the fight against all forms of cross-border crime," the Police Directorate said in the statement.

The protocol on the handover of donated equipment was signed by the Assistant Director of the Police Directorate of Montenegro for the Border Police Sector Vesko Damjanovic and the Federal Police Officer of Germany Oliver Has.

Damjanovic said that he believes that the equipment will significantly contribute to faster and more efficient border checks, which will have special importance for the prevention and suppression of cross-border crime and all types of illegalities.

He pointed out that the Montenegrin and German police are partners who have an exceptional professional attitude.

It is alleged that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany planned to donate valuable specialist equipment to the Police Directorate.

"But also, to implement a series of targeted trainings that will primarily concern the training of officers of the Border Police Sector in the field of inspection - the search of different types of vessels with special emphasis on the category of luxury vessels, as well as trainings related to the detection of forged documents," reads the statement issued by the Police Directorate.

Text by MINA News, on February 18th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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