25 Oct 2020, 10:52 AM

October 25, 2020 - The project "Great Beach Without Plastic" - Ulcinj was held to raise awareness among the public and institutions about plastic pollution sources and consequences. We implemented activity projects with a focus on several groups: school-age children, tourists, and institutions, announced the NGO Green Life.

To present the problem of pollution at Great Beach, the report "Illegal Landfills in the Hinterland of the Great Beach" was prepared. All locations, a total of 22 sites where waste is located, were mapped and described. The report was presented to the institutions and resulted in the rehabilitation of three locations.

Five educational workshops were carried out with school-age children. In an age-appropriate way, they were provided with information on how it is possible to avoid the generation of plastic waste and why it is essential to do so. They were presented with the negative impacts of using disposable plastic and were told how waste negatively affects the environment.

"We organized three educational events on the beaches to raise awareness and explain to beach users that their actions on this issue are significant and that it is possible to influence the problem by global example, which is international in scope. We provided the information to those who wanted to be eco-friendly but did not know how to put the theory into practice.

On three different beaches, we have placed educational boards that will serve as warnings and explain why disposable plastic should be avoided, of course, with ways presented of how to do so. In this way, we have promoted the message we are trying to convey even when we are not directly present," the organizers anounced.

The project "Great Beach Without Plastic" was supported by the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco within the initiative Beyond Plastic Med (BEMED), announced the organiser, NGO Green Life.

25 Oct 2020, 10:15 AM

October 25, 2020 - Opening the documentary exhibition "Nautical Culture" of the Sailing Club Delfin at the Tivat Museum and Gallery last night, the mayor of Tivat, Željko Komnenović, emphasized the importance of this sports club for the culture of living in this small Mediterranean city.

"I had the honor and pleasure to open an exhibition in which one of the oldest sports clubs in Tivat, and the first sailing club in Montenegro, sails towards its seventieth birthday," said Komnenović.

"Don't be fooled by the wealth of years, because to everyone who loves this club and respects everything that its members have achieved, the club is still a young man who has a lot more to show to Tivat, Montenegro, and the sports world. Sport sailing combines the innate emotion that seafarers have towards the sea, the beauty of our bay, the excitement brought by the skill of taming the wind, and the very act of competition, in the very best way. And the long tradition of Delfin is connected with the famous Tivat masters, craftsmen, students of the Naval Technical School, and Arsenal workers. They have skillfully created sailboats, Ding, Jola, Suton, and Bokeljka, since 1951. Delfin has brought sailing and a love of the sea to many, many people.

delfin catalog 5

delfin catalog 6

delfin catalog 7

Arhieve photos, YC Delfin

All this explains the people of Tivat's attachment towards Delfin, and so Delfin reciprocates with increasing expansion and more and more significant successes. Delfin sailor Igor Les was 38th in the world in the 2017 Laser Standard class. Two years later, Tivat hosted the 52nd Balkan Sailing Championship, which made Tivat the epicenter of sport sailing. The European Championship was planned for this year in Tivat but was canceled due to obvious reasons. With its successes, Delfin has earned the European Sailing Federation's trust, so Tivat is now on the map of big sailing competitions.

The Municipality of Tivat will continue to support Delfin when it comes to its regular sports activities, significant competitions, and participation therein. It will also bring support when it comes to celebrating the forthcoming major jubilee in 2021. In doing so, the citizens of Tivat and the local government, which represents them, are paying tribute to the club, which presents Tivat in the best possible light, and we hope that time will bring more success and fair wind to our sailors," said Komnenović.

Speaking about the club, the president of Delfin, Frano Tripović, recalled the former mayor of Tivat and professor of geography, the late Tripo Rajčević.

"He had an interesting approach to the lessons - he would show the students a small performance - he would let the water from a fountain flow and fill a sink with water, and theatrically, as if something big was going to happen, he would put his finger in the water. Then he would ask - how am I now connected to the whole world? Then we would imagine how that water travels from Boka through the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, then through the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal. That kind of good globalism is also related to sailing. Sailing Club Delfin is one of the places in this city that brings Tivat to the world and the world to Tivat. Children come to us at the age of five or six. They begin to get acquainted with the sea, the wind, the weather, before even learning to read or write.

delfin catalog

delfin catalog 2

delfin catalog 3

delfin catalog 1

I think that the sailing school is of vital importance, even in the coronavirus year we managed to gather eighty of our children, which, it seems to me, is significant for the environment. In addition to the Sailing School, Delfin also has a competitive professional sailing section, primarily for the Olympic Laser class, where we have top competitors who bring Tivat to the world through sails, sails that represent the whole of Montenegro. There is also a cruising section- a group of enthusiasts, which deals with the organization of competitive and show regattas. I would single out here the Tivat regatta and the Old Year's regatta. In addition to regattas, various events are organized, so the pear in front of the club has become a cult place in our city, where the spirit of tradition that our ancestors left us, is nurtured. You can see this from these old photos. These are priceless moments where people laugh, exchange ideas, and socialize.

delfin catalog 4

I think growing up with sailing and that demystification of nature through the sport is something fundamental. I think it is a privilege to stay at sea during one's formative years and learn about the sea and marine culture in general. We want our sailing school to become a primary naval school, which really it already has."

Tripović pointed out that the club's doors are open for everyone, certainly welcoming  both old and younger generations.

The exhibition Nautical Culture at the Museum and Gallery Tivat is open to visitors until Saturday, October 31.

22 Oct 2020, 23:55 PM
October 22, 2020 - Members of the working group for the fight against illegal fishing, which consists of representatives of relevant institutions and the civil sector, stated at their last meeting that a broad front in activities against various types of illegal fishing has borne fruit, and that significant results have been achieved. In the past three years, many activities have been carried out, both at sea and on land. As a result of intensified and joint activities, a significant number of people have been prosecuted, especially in cases of illegal use of nets, dynamite, generators, and night diving with lamps. Also, the use of dynamite has dropped significantly.
The fact that in 2020 two people were sentenced to five months in prison for illegal fishing was assessed as a particularly significant step forward. Considering that unfortunately only such restrictive measures can put a stop to theft in the fisheries sector, the Working Group representatives expressed hope that the prosecution and courts will continue to resolve processed cases and severely punish all those who devastate our sea, lakes, and rivers.
In the coming period, the Inspectorate for Fisheries, the Police Administration and the fisheries guard service will pay special attention to the issue of illegal fishing in the area of ​​the municipalities of Nikšić, Danilovgrad, Tivat (Bigova), and Skadar Lake.
To strengthen the fisheries inspection capacity, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has conducted a procedure and procured a vessel equipped with modern technology for the monitoring of activities at sea, which will significantly help suppress illegal activities. At a cost of around 600 thousand euros, the procurement of the ship was made through the MIDAS 2 project that the Government of Montenegro is implementing with the World Bank.
The Ministry of Agriculture in June 2017 formed a working group whose members are representatives of all relevant state and scientific institutions. These include the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Interior Police, the Institute of Marine Biology in Kotor, National Parks, the Maritime Safety Administration, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Higher State Prosecutor's Office, the Harbor Master's Office, the PE Marine Estate, and representatives of the civil sector. Particularly successful cooperation was achieved with the Group of Citizens STOP KRIVOLOVU and the NGO "Carp security team." Their representatives' selfless and tremendous support significantly contributed to combating illegal fishing and preserving and protecting our sea.
We take this opportunity to appeal to all members of the public, sport fishermen, divers, and commercial fishermen to report possible illegal fishing activities. This will help the competent institutions react on time because only together can we preserve our natural resources, said the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
21 Oct 2020, 21:18 PM

October 22, 2020 - In honor of 70 years of the sailing club "Delfin", an exhibition named "Nautical culture" will open on October 24th, in the Museum and Gallery Buca Lukovic – Tivat.

Club Delfin was formed in January 1951, and is one of the most famous sailing clubs in Montenegro. This club is of great significance, since it has competed for many years in national competitions. The biggest accomplishment of the club so far is the fact that it managed to place in the top 50 in the Olympic Class.

The President of Club Delfin, Frano Tripovic, will open the exhibition "Nautical culture" on Saturday, at 19:00. The exhibition is of a documentary nature.

"Nautical culture" will mainly be open on the first gallery floor, but it will be presented on the second as well.

The exhibition "Nautical culture" is made up of photos of documentary importance, as well as those recently taken. In addition to the photos, the visitors will also be able to see trophies, documents, diplomas, thank-you notes, and other artefacts.

Current exhibitions at Museum and Gallery Buca include:

  • "Code“ by Katarina Lakovic,
  • "Recollection“ by Marija Dzoganovic, Balsa Gobovic and Marko Gosovic,
  • "Characteristics of local fishing in Tivat“ by Igor Lazarevic.
20 Oct 2020, 18:03 PM

October 20, 2020 - Regent Porto Montenegro has organized the first photo–tracking tour of Boka Bay with six photographers from Montenegro, Serbia, and Great Britain. These destination photographers had a full and interesting agenda on Saturday, October 17th.

"Organization of the photo-tracking tour is an expression of our need to showcase further the stunning scenery of Boka Bay and the local lifestyle. Through the artistic expression that "speaks a thousand words," we wish to emphasize the importance of photography for travelers when choosing their next travel destination. This is vital in the digital era we live in and with the undeniable importance of social networks. Also, we wanted to highlight the importance and quality of local photographers' work, which has already contributed to Porto Montenegro and Montenegro's position as a high quality destination. Their work will be pitched to key international titles as well as part of the exhibitions in the country and internationally," stated Elena Ljiljanic, PR & Marketing Manager of Regent Porto Montenegro.

The guest from Great Britain, Mathias Falcone, is a travel photographer and film director living in London. His work focuses on destinations escaping the ever-changing nature of the world and the people inhabiting them. Mathias has a predilection for Africa, craftspeople, fishers and loves to capture popular places with never been seen before shots.

Strahinja Filipović expresses himself and his views of the scenery through photography and videography. Even though young, he uniquely captures the natural scenery. His sensibility is easily expressed through effective photos and film formats.

Ranko Maraš is thought of as the Kotor and Bokelian photographer who always discloses yet undiscovered details, and the UNESCO protected bay's jewels. He is a true ambassador of the UNESCO bay and transcends the magic of his birthplace impeccably. His photographs are true blue stories of the Mediterranean, which quickly become viral on social media.

Marko Obradović is a multidisciplinary artist recognized by the region through his photographs of the renowned international music festivals and destinations. A combination of graphics, industrial design, and photography are the media he uses to create his art for numerous clients.

Zoran Radonjić, "guest yet a host" in the hotel Regent and Porto Montenegro, is a long term associate of the project. In the synergy with the brand, he builds the visual identity and image of the destination through photography. His recognition within the photographic frame is reflected in details which always expresses his authenticity.

Miloš Samardžić creates sensational photo content with the elements of Boka Bay and Montenegro's sceneries with the focus on outdoor activities: hiking, diving, snorkeling. He also flirts with the destination photography style showcasing the local lifestyle. His passion for nature's colors is visible on his Instagram profile, displaying his dedication to underwater photography and precision in capturing the changing weather's extraordinary moments within the moody microclimate of Boka Bay.

The first photographs from the photo-tracking tour are already on the social networks of the participating photographers: and as well as on the Instagram profiles,,

Mr. Falcone was also specially hosted by the National Tourism Organization, which organized a visit to Bar, Old Olive Tree, and Rikavac canyon experience. The photo tour's entire program has been carried out in collaboration with the National Tourism Organisation, Tourism Organization of Tivat, and marketing team of Porto Montenegro.

20 Oct 2020, 10:13 AM

October 20, 2020 - Lazar Ilić has launched a brand new collection, but this time with a twist.

Just after designing his first line of bags "Hunt", in collaboration with his sister Kristina, Lazar Ilić has decided to pleasantly surprise his fans and buyers by launching his first ever jewelry line - „TAMO ĐE JE SRCE“.

On October 5th, Montenegrin designer Lazar Ilić announced his new jewelry collection using his Instagram account, receiving a lot of positive feedback. Many of Ilić's followers were enthusiastic about his new jewelry collection, and gave him words of support and encouragement. Lazar Ilić is well known for his trendy and glamorous style, yet his new jewelry collection is more subtle, and can be worn by everyone. Lazar Ilić's first jewelry collection is made out of silver, and can be worn by men and women.

Lazar Ilic 2

Photo by Aleksandar Jaredić @lexilium

“These pieces are intended to be worn by absolutely all of you who view Montenegro as Home -it doesn't matter how old you are, where you live or in which role you've found yourself, which will become apparent in the next 7 days of our campaign and presentation of the currently available models,“ stated Lazar Ilić on his Instagram post with a picture of one of his models from the new collection.

Ilić's new jewelry line is neutral and can be worn with any outfit, no matter what the occasion. Lazar Ilić stated that his jewelry collection is available for orders exclusively online, and unfortunately cannot be found in any stores. The designer also mentioned that he will most likely be expanding his jewelry line in future, which we are very much looking forward to seeing.



17 Oct 2020, 16:36 PM

October 17, 2020 - A few days ago, Filip Milolović from the Croatian island of Pašman found a bottle with a comic book by Midhat Kapetanović on the beach, which was thrown into the sea this year as part of the regular program of the Herceg Novi Strip Festival's (HSF) "Comic in a Bottle".

When he found the bottle, Filip contacted the comic book author and HSF organizers and sent a photo of his find:

"I can't believe that the bottle survived the trip to Pašman," Milolovic wrote in his message, adding that he used to come to Montenegro often. Now he has more reasons to visit our country, especially when there is a festival in Herceg Novi.

The bottle found on Pašman is the second reported this year. One didn't travel so far or so long. In September in Bjelila a bottle with a comic by Filip Andronik was found by Nadja Radulovic, Ksenija Perunicic, Nikola Djuranovic from Podgorica, and Petar Batuta from Kotor, who were on holiday in Luštica.

"We were swimming on the beach, and as our dog Alfa at one point walked a little further, I went to get him and noticed something in a hole in the rock. I reached out to see what it was about and pulled out a bottle that we all then opened together and realized that it was from your festival, and sent you a photo and a message." Nadja explained how on September 14, they found another message that Herceg Novi Strip Festival had sent to the world.

Comic in a Bottle is an integral part of the Herceg Novi Comics Festival. Artists who arrived in Herceg Novi have the opportunity to see the city from the sea and get to know the beauties of the Lustica peninsula. Cruising Boka, the artists draw their comic messages, which they will lower into the sea at the entrance to the bay. News about the bottles, which have also arrived on the Italian coast, has returned every year. The organizers invite those who find them to contact them through a special section on the Herceg Novi Strip Festival's website.

17 Oct 2020, 12:44 PM

October 17, 2020 - The National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro, Tourism Organization of Tivat, Porto Montenegro, and Hotel "Regent" are the organizers of a study visit for the famous Italian photographer - Matthias Falcone, who is staying in Montenegro from October 16 to 19.

The global health crisis has significantly slowed down the dynamics and volume of travel, and the most passionate travelers and tourists are currently planning or researching their next destination through internet portals and social networks. It is therefore photos that are the deciding factor in choosing the next travel destination - emphasizes the National Tourist Organisation of Montenegro.

Falcone, who lives and works in London, is known for his photographs of prestigious world tourist destinations. He will use the four-day study visit to show the contrasts of Montenegro's natural beauty through the camera lens.

Falcone will take photos of attractive tourist locations in the Tivat part of the Bay of Kotor. He will also visit the city of Bar, where, in addition to the inevitable tour of the Old Town and the Old Olive Tree, he will have the opportunity to get acquainted with olive oil production. And to discover a main attraction in adventure tourism- a canyoning tour through the Rikavac River Canyon.

Through digital communication channels of both the photographer and the tour operator, quality photography, and the distribution of photos and content about Montenegro through some of the most visited portals in the UK, such as,,, and the Bradt Guide, Montenegro will continue to be promoted as an attractive tourist destination.

14 Oct 2020, 20:56 PM

October 14, 2020 - Cultural Center Tivat announces that, after a long break, Boka's first 3D cinema will show films again, showing some of the latest world premieres.

From October 15 to 21 in the Great Hall of the Cultural Centre from 20:30 the action drama "Mulan" will be shown (subtitled), and from 6.30 pm and over the next weekend at 4.30 pm, the animated comedy "Trolls - World Tour" will be shown (dubbed).

Directed by Niki Caro, written by Elizabeth Martin, Lauren Heinek, Rick Xhafe, and Amanda Silver, the 2020 film "Mulan" (produced by Walt Disney Pictures) is based on the Chinese legend of the warrior Hui Mulan. It is a version of the eponymous Disney film from 1998. Liu Yifei plays the main role in the film.

"Trolls - World Tour" is a fantastic sequel to the animated film hit from 2016, in which the main characters are played by Ana Kendrik (Ana Štajdohar) and Justin Timberlake (Marko Mandić). In an adventure that will take them far beyond the confines of their familiar world, Maka and Zakeralo will discover that they are just one of six different troll tribes, living in one of six other territories and dedicated to one of six musical directions: funk, rock, country music, techno music, classical and pop-rock. Now their world will become much bigger and much, much noisier.

The voices of other characters are performed by: Iva Stefanović, Branislav Platiša, Milan Živadinović Billy, Slobodan Stefanović, Đurđina Radić Djixx, Nikola Antonović Anton, Marko Marković, Đordje Grugović Grzi and others.

Public Institution Cultural Centre Tivat will adhere to all NCT measures, and the number for information and reservations is 069 342 799.

14 Oct 2020, 15:15 PM

October 13, 2020 - The Solila Nature Reserve in Tivat has welcomed the return of the most celebrated among wetland birds: after more than 10 years, flamingos have come back to Solila, symbolizing the commitment to the protection of endangered and rare wetland habitats!

Late yesterday afternoon, Miloš Mitkić, an ornithologist and volunteer at the Solila Nature Reserve, photographed three young flamingos feeding in the shallows of the coastal part, and their feathers, which have not yet gained their characteristic pink hue, show that they are this year's young.

Single Flamingo


These birds are very sensitive to disturbances and interference by humans, and it is believed that precisely due to traffic, hunting, fishing and use of canoes in the previous period, flamingos stopped coming to the area of ​​Solila. After Morsko Dobro took over management, a system of pedestrian paths was introduced, motor traffic was banned, and the authorities clamped down on poaching, which prevented people moving outside the defined paths, and which certainly contributed to the return of these elegant birds.

Flamingos often look for large areas of sea shoals, and it would appear that there is enough food for them in the sea area adjoining Solila. We believe that, due to the good management of this protected area, flamingos will again be regular guests at Solila.



13 Oct 2020, 21:18 PM

October 13, 2020 - In order to make the flight check-in process easier and faster, Montenegro Airlines has introduced an online check-in service. The service is available for all Montenegro Airlines flights from Tivat and Podgorica.

By registering online from your computer, tablet or smartphone through the company's official website, passengers can access their boarding pass in just a few steps. Passengers do not need to have a printed boarding pass, but can now save it on their phone to show to airport staff.

Check in is possible no earlier than 48 hours, and no later than 2 hours before the planned departure time of the flight - Montenegro Airlines announced.

Montenegro Airlines currently operates to Ljubljana, Belgrade, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen, Hanover, Lyon and Vienna.

By introducing online check-in, the company is further reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19. Due to the current global situation, we ask passengers to familiarize themselves in advance with the general restrictions, and conditions of travel related to their destination. Detailed information on entry measures for individual countries can be found on the company's website -  the announcement states.



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