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December 7, 2018 - Looking for a fish restaurant in Boka Bay to taste traditional dishes? Summer or winter, by boat or by car, some great gourmet destinations are always there to present the best of the local tradition. For sure, what helps a lot is the fact that all the places we are going to mention here have stand-out settings, so take a tour from the Bay of Kotor to the village of Bigova Village along the open sea.
Boka Bay is definitely the homeland of sailors and fishers. But if you are looking for an authentic experience and a way to connect this spirit, the best solution is to taste it. The best known local fish restaurants drive you through the local lifestyle telling you their story by serving the best the sea gives, prepared in the way our grandmothers learned from theirs before. In some of those restaurants, they use the local culinary tradition as a basement to provide something unique, but to feel it, taste it and remember it as a Bokelian experience.
One detail about all restaurants we are going to present is that they all serve just fresh fish - a daily catch by local fishers. Or, in some cases, the restaurant owner is a fisher himself.

Konoba Bokeški gušti, Fish restaurant in Prčanj, Kotor

One of the very best known fish restaurants in Boka Bay, the Tavern Bokeški Gušti has developed the story of the fishermen-figurative family of Brguljan for decades, who decided to preserve its lifestyle uncompromisingly, transforming it into a successful family business. One of the sons joined the dad on the boat, the other went into the kitchen to help mom. If you're interested in dinning as a local family does in Boka Bay, this is the right place for you.
fish restaurant bokeski gusti 1
You can reach Bokeski castle by boat, or by car, in summer as well as in winter. But do not be surprised if there is no place for you. The restaurant is a favorite for both locals and tourists. Reservations are equally indispensable for the summer months when there are big crowds and in winter, when this part of the Boka Kotorska sees the sunset at about 3 pm.

Stari Mlini, Fish Restaurant in Ljuta, Kotor

In the 1700s, Stari Mlini (Old Mill) was a family operated flour mill for the locals of the quaint medieval town of Kotor. 300 years later, Stari Mlini became a restaurant offering an exquisite yet casual dining experience of superb quality. The chef of Stari Mlini is always on the move to set the standard in the industry by providing an overall exhilarating experience. Top culinary quality, promising a fresh selection of local delights, is what you should expect at Stari Mlini. Everything on the menu comes from fresh local produce, wild Adriatic seafood and 300-year-old culinary methods.
fish restaurant stari mlini 2
This is one of the fish restaurants in Boka you would equally remember for delicious food, and to feel the atmosphere of Boka Bay. 

Catovica mlini, Fish Restaurant in Morinj, Kotor

Halfway between Kotor and Herceg Novi, in Boka Kotorska, lies a small village of Morinj, once known for its mills that used to grind olive and grains. This is another story of an ancient mill being transformed into an exclusive fish restaurant, offering its guest the outstanding experience of local cuisine wrapped in excellent service in the breath-taking ambiance of traditional architecture and unique natural beauty.
fish restaurant catovica mlini
For two decades, the family Catovic has invested a lot of work and love in the mill and the house owned by the family for over 200 years and succeeds to turn them into a world-class tavern, at the same time preserving the harmony and union that the local people and nature created together.

Ribar, Fish Restaurant in Kostanjica, Kotor 

Fish Restaurant Konoba Ribar offers its guests unforgettable sights of the Perast islands and the Bay. Guests can enjoy the setting from the restaurant terrace, located on the water as well as from its pier. They also have a cozy indoor area that is ideal for the colder months.
fish restaurant konoba ribar 2
The restaurant owner, Davor Samardžić, continues a family tradition of catching and preparing fish that has been trusted for years. Davor is a fisherman at the primary profession and in his tavern sells only fresh fish. This little restaurant that literally sits right on the waterfront is a seafood lover's dream. Their menu is relatively short and what's on offer depends on what they caught that day.

Ribarsko Selo, Fish Restaurant in Žanjice, Herceg Novi

Ribarsko Selo is one of the most popular summer destinations along Montenegrin coast. But this small resort works all year long and offers a unique local experience.
fish restaurant ribarsko selo 1
Every day between 11am and 12pm, local fishermen visit the village and bring in freshly caught fish and seafood. All the culinary specialties that are prepared in the restaurant are made from fresh organic ingredients grown in the nearby garden, displaying the best in locally sourced produce. Ribarsko Selo is ideal for fresh fish, a sampling of local food, foodies and family dinners.

Grispolis, Fish Restaurant in Bigova, Kotor

Bigova is a small village in the area of the Grbalj, Municipality of Kotor. Although you need to drive about 15 minutes from the main road to get here, it is worth it especially if you are aiming to discover this small family restaurant Grispolis, known for decades as one of the best places to taste untouched local culinary tradition. Besides the fact that all the dishes prepared here are done correctly as our grannies have been doing them for centuries, this is also a very successful story of the family keeping together and sharing work to perform their best.
fish restaurant grispolis bigova
Lazarevic family is one of the most famous fishermen families in the village, whose inhabitants have always been linked to sea and fishing. Do not expect to order everything listed in their menu - they offer just their own daily catch with fresh vegetables and the most excellent olive oil they get from their neighbors in Grbalj. The area of Grbalj has been supplying Kotor and the rest of the bay with food for centuries.
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December 7, 2018 - The Ukrainian Embassy announced today that m: tel has included the Ukrainian UA TV in its package. 

"This, in the time of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, allows us to obtain true information about our country," the embassy stated.


Ukraine's Supreme Rada endorsed President Petro Poroshenko's decision to end the friendship, cooperation and partnership agreement with Russia after tensions erupted between the two conflicting countries at the end of last month. On November 25th, Russia seized three Ukrainian navy ships and arrested 24 of their sailors in the Kirkyard Sea, between the Black Sea and the Azov Sea, claiming they had entered the Russian territorial waters illegally. Kiev and Moscow agreed in 2003 to share access to the Azov Sea, but Russia, after the annexation of Crimea and the construction of a bridge connecting it to the peninsula, made it difficult for Ukrainian ships to access. The recent incident further aggravated this situation.

Text by CdM, on December 6th, 2018, read more at CdM

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December 7, 2018 - Last night, the Podgorica Film Festival opened at KIC "Budo Tomovic". The event is organized for the third time by the NGO Podgorica Film Festival and the Montenegrin Cinematheque.

During the five festival days, from December 5th to 9th, the Podgorica audience will have the opportunity to watch twenty-six feature-length and short feature films, most of which are Montenegrin premiere. Within the main program of the Festival, the audience will have the opportunity to see domestic titles, short films by young Montenegrin directors Branislav Milatović, Bojan Stijović, Senad Šahmanović and Marijana Jankovic, a Montenegrin director living in Denmark, as well as regional films: "Boundaries, Rain" by Vlastimir Sudar and Nikola Mijovic (who is also a Montenegrin co-producer), "Cargo" by Ognjen Glavonic, "Comic Sans" by Nevija Marasovic, and many others. The international program includes award-winning titles: "Shoplifters" by the Japanese director Hirokaz Koreyeda (winner of the Cannes Festival), "The house that Jack built" by the famous Danish director Lars von Trier, "Foxtrot" by Samuel Maoz, "Guilty" Gustave Muler, "Have you seen my movie "by Canadian director Paul Smith, as well as exceptional ladies' films:" Young Woman by the French director Leonor Seraj and" Summer 1993 " by the Spanish director Karla Simon.



Photo: Una Jovović

In cooperation with the Eye on Films platform, this year, as part of a separate program, the best debut films by European authors will be shown. In cooperation with the Yunus Emre Institute, the Montenegrin Cinematheque in the hall DODEST organizes the retrospective of Turkish director Semih Kaplanoglu. Within the accompanying program there will be open panel discussions with the guests of the Festival, as well as workshops with topics regarding the contemporary cinema.

The Montenegrin Cinematheque awarded its annual prize at the official opening ceremony. The jury composed of Branko Baletić (president of the jury), Vuk Perović and Nemanja Bečanović, decided to give the award for outstanding contribution to the film art "Kino-oko" to the famous Serbian director and former professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at Cetinje, Miloš Miša Radivojević.



Photo: Una Jovović

The award was handed by Director of the Montenegrin Cinematheque, Andro Martinovic. "If there is a man whose biography coincides with the register of his films, that's Misa Radivojevic. Take only those titles and you will get an exciting resume. Miša Radivojević has told us several times that the most effective way to ruin your life here in these areas is to be in the movie business. And he's always there for friends and numerous former students. We learned from Misa how to be ourselves, how to be free, and what I highly appreciate is that he is a person who understands how difficult it is to change your little world and how important it is to arrange our yard, and then we will influence on others as well. For these reasons, I am very pleased to present this award to him, "Martinovic said when awarding the prize.


Photo: Una Jovović

"I'm infinitely fulfilled and proud tonight for this award. There might have been a bit of a complaint here, this Cinematheque award, it smells a bit like the end. It's gets assigned at the end. Cinematheque is the place where movies are kept, personalities are leaving, and films are being kept. But, I am not afraid of this perspective, I continue to work and will continue as far as I can hoping that the directors rarely die shooting their movies, they always die between movies or after filming movies. But since I am exposed to that risk of still recording, I am trying to make my former students win as often as possible at the festivals and I am proud of it. On the other hand, if it happens that with these films I embarrass myself, I will return this kind of reward. I get most nervous from my students. These may be the first days I can hear that there are some nice talks about myself. I've always been accustomed to suffering criticisms that were very harsh, very rigorous. If I had somehow looked back at those sixty years on the film, that's certainly sixty years of controversy. Disputes and certain types of failures. But I think I am representing an extraordinary example and, in some ways, encouragement for people who suffer from failures. Without failure, there is no success. A man who has not experienced serious failures cannot experience any serious success. So, I came to a totally absurd point to recommend to young people a single dose of failure, "said Misa Radivojević after receiving the award.


Photo: Una Jovović

The festival was opened by City Secretary for Culture and Sports Nela Savković Vukčević. "Podgorica Film Festival this year also contributes to the creative diversity of the December art scene, the traditional cultural manifestation of the capital. Believing that the magic of moving pictures will reveal new dimension from itself and the world and thanks to enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication in organizng this festival of Andro Martinovic and Sara Radovic, I declare this manifestation open. "The film program was opened by the movie "Guilt" by Gustav Moller, the Danish candidate for the Oscar Award and many international awards. This tremendous thriller was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival where it won the Audience Award for Best Film and received the same prize at the IFFR International Film Festival in Rotterdam.


Photo: Una Jovović

 We remind that the Podgorica film festival is the winner of EFFE label for 2017-2018. year, which is dedicated to festivals for artistic dedication, and the involvement of the local community in a European and global context. The festival was supported by the Film Center of Montenegro, the Secretariat for Culture and Sports of the Capital City, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. The partners of the festival are JU Cultural - Information Center "Budo Tomovic" and Yunus Emre Institute Podgorica.Entrance to all projections and accompanying programs is free.

Text by CdM, on December 6th 2018, read more at CdM

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05 December 2018 - Opening of the exhibition of sculptures entitled "Habitats," by Sonja Malavrazić, was held on December 6th at 6 PM, at the Sue Ryder Gallery at Belavista in Herceg Novi.

In the catalog for the exhibition, Vojislav Bulatović asks the question which, as he wrote, imposes at first glance on the works from the "Habitat" cycle - Are these pictures and/or sculptures or "paintings out of the paintings"?

"By making their own 'soul', the images cease to be a reflection of reality and become reality itself. This step in the "third dimension", when we look at the complete art by Sonja Malavrazić, is the logical and most expected sequence of events. Starting from the abstraction, in the mid 90s, through the introduction of the first associative content to the serious approach to the figure, with one constant - a recognizable palette that produces thunderstorms 'in the stylistic framework of abstract expressionism, the zenith epoch of modernism' leads to the world of sculpture, in order to continue to explore the boundaries between figuration and abstraction, according to one's claim," Bulatović writes.

Sonja0612 1

Sonja Malavrazić, born Petrović in 1951 in Herceg Novi, is a painter and radiophonic creator. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1993, in the painting department, a class of professor Zoran Pavlović. She completed her Master degree guided by the same professor in 1996. She also graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Journalism, in 1975.

As a painter, she had twelve solo exhibitions, among which - in the Gallery Ilija M. Kolarac, the City Gallery "Josip Bepo Benković" in Herceg Novi, the Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, the Gallery "Serbia" in Niš, the Gallery "Sue Ryder" in Herceg Novi.

She began her journalistic career at the First Channel of Radio Belgrade and was the editor of the General Education Program "Time of Curiosity". On the Second Channel, for the full twenty-five years (August 1991 - September 2016), she edited and completely created the "Treasury", devoted to nurturing and reconsidering cultural heritage.

As a prominent name in the world of radio journalism and artistic creativity, she was awarded in both areas. Twice (1996 and 2001) her exhibitions were proclaimed for the creative events of the year by critics of "Večernje Novosti".

The exhibition will be opened during the next period for the visitors.

06 Dec 2018, 17:19 PM

December 6, 2018 - UBRZAJ 2018 (Fast Forward 2018) IX Human Rights Film Festival will be held from 10-14 December 2018. According to the practice of the traditional December festival organized by the NGO Centre for Civic Education, the program will be held in three addresses – in Podgorica, Berane, and Kotor.

Human Rights Film Festival UBRZAJ, the first and only one of its kind in Montenegro, aims to contribute to raising the awareness of the importance of human rights and their protection and improvement, as well as a value framework that promotes harmonious relationships on any ground. UBRZAJ 2018 brings an excellent selection of 15 film achievements to be premiered in Montenegro and "movies that do not fear, who carry out the imaginative vivisection of social injustice, ironize powerfully and dream loud." That is why the motto of this year's festival is GLEDAJ I PAMTI! (WATCH AND REMEMBER!)

“The talk of human rights, whether in politics, science, or arts, sometimes comes across as a moving tale that the humankind tells while tucking itself to sleep, murmuring it almost by heart, terrifying and inspiring itself in turns by the wickedness of monsters and the revolts of the brave. Lulling itself, every time, by the certainty of the happy end and the inevitability of progress. And yet if we had learned anything on our laborious trudge towards full awareness of the inalienability of human dignity, it is that there is nothing certain or inevitable about this path and that falling behind is much easier than forging ahead. Have we watched carefully enough, do we remember enough of those times when we traded the humanity of others for our comfort when we surrendered the victims instead of sheltering them when we choose not to see the camps and not to remember places of suffering? How did we understand humanity then? Who counted as human and who did not? And what were we playing, refusing responsibility? We would like to have left far behind the obstinate ghosts of fascism, slavery, poverty, exploitation, disease, and war. Maybe would have done so, but we did not. They are our present too, and our reality. This is what the films of the ninth selection of the FAST FORWARD 2018 Human Rights Film Festival are telling us, each in its way. These films are not afraid: with courage and imagination, they cut to the quick of social injustices, mock the powerful and dream aloud. Films that fight and in which people fight. Is it enough to just watch and remember? Of course not, but this minimal entreaty already lifts the thin alibi of ignorance and represents, perhaps, the first step towards accountability," explains this year’s edition motto Paula Petricevic, philosopher.

UBRZAJ 2018 is realized in cooperation with KIC Budo Tomovic, Beldocs - International Documentary Film Festival, SARAJEVO FILM FESTIVAL, Cultural Center "Nikola Djurkovic" Kotor, Municipality of Kotor, Municipality of Berane, Center for Culture Berane and Gymnasium "Panto Mališić" Berane. The European Union supports UBRZAJ 2018 in Montenegro, as well as the Commission for the allocation of part of the incomes of the Games of Chance of the Montenegrin Government and the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro. Media Sponsors of UBRZAJ 2018 are RTCG, Television Vijesti, and daily newspaper Vijesti. Friends of UBRZAJ 2018 are also Metropolis, PG TAXI 19704 and Compania de Vinos Montenegro.

More information on projections and films can be found at the festival site:

06 Dec 2018, 16:40 PM
December 6, 2018 - The International Humanitarian Action Help-Portrait, with the slogan "Small Town with a Great Heart," will be held on Friday, 7 December from 11 am to 4 pm, in front of Restaurant One in the nautical village Porto Montenegro. For the ninth time, the small town of Tivat joins the company of large and small cities around the globe operating this action since 2009.
Like every year, famous Montenegrin photographer Veri Verosa and Tivat photographers are working on professional portraits of passersby and guests, and the entire revenue from the photographs is intended for children with disabilities, whose needs and program contents are taken care of by the NGO European Home Tivat.
As from the first edition in 2010, the Help-Portrait action is supported by the hairdressing salon Vlado Hair Design, whose team members will be in charge of the hairstyle and makeup of all who are interested in professional portraits. And this year's host will be the One and Crush Wine Station wineries, which will serve free hot drinks and local sweets. The local Manor Events Company also supports the event.
Help Portrait is one of the regular annual charity programs of Adriatic Marinas, which is equally enthusiastic for the local and international community in Montenegro. Company PR manager Kristina Škanata points out:
"Help Portrait is a globally recognizable humanitarian action, and it is a pleasure that this event brings together the international community in Porto Montenegro and Tivat- residents of the nautical settlement from Great Britain, Russia, Germany, and other countries and their friends on the coast with pleasure participate in this action, as to make better everyday life to the most vulnerable part of local community."
The Help-Portrait Project was designed and launched by renowned American photographer Jeremy Cowart. The idea grew into a framework of local action and spread to the whole world that Montenegro joined. Since 2009, this project has made over 381,856 portraits, from 67 countries around the world to 3049 realized events - Porto Montenegro is already the ninth time part of these global statistics and Help-Portrait actions. With this event, Porto Montenegro promotes understanding of the problems of people with special needs and provides support for the dignity, rights, and well-being of people with all these problems.
06 Dec 2018, 12:51 PM

December 6, 2018 - In the shopping mall "Delta City" in Podgorica, a three-day event titled "Be a part of us" organized by the Ministry of Defense and the Army of Montenegro was held to affirm military jobs.


"Numerous visitors got to know the activities and projects of the Ministry of Defense intended for youth: employment in the Montenegrin Army (VCG) and volunteering in military service, education at foreign military academies, scholarships for faculties in Montenegro, promotion of gender equality in the army, and the Summer Military Camp for youth," said the department.



Also, like last year, some military skills, such as fighting and climbing were demonstrated.


"On the plateau in the ground floor of Delta, a tent with facilities was installed, as well as counters with EOD equipment (for the removal of explosive devices) and diving equipment, EOD equipment of the Engineering squad, and alpine and ski equipment for training in rapid waters. Particular attention was paid to the youngest. In a corner arranged for them, they put together a puzzle with military motives and they drew them as well," said the Ministry.



For this occasion, the Ministry of Defense and the Army of Montenegro have also prepared significant quantities of promotional and informative material, as well as gifts with military motives, such as caps, notebooks, and pens.



After the manifestation, at 8 p.m. in the hall No. 5 of the Cineplex, the presentation of documentary-educational film "Our Force, Army of Montenegro" was held.

Text by CdM, on December 5th, 2018, read more at CdM

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December 5, 2018 - Johnny Depp will stay in Tivat in March of next year to film material for his new movie, announced the Municipality of Tivat Information Services.

President of the Tivat Municipality, Dr. Siniša Kusovac and his associates, held a meeting with Aleksandar Tadic, the Work in Progress / WIP Production director, about the possibility of shooting a new Johnny Depp movie at several locations in Tivat next year, the municipality said.

Johnny Depp will play a leading role in the film "Minamata." The primary production begins in Japan and will be filmed in January in Serbia. At the end of February, in early March, a film crew, including Johnny Depp, will shoot for two weeks in Tivat.

President Kusovac said that the interest of productions behind big film achievements is a significant opportunity for the global promotion of Tivat.

johnny depp will screen in tivat

"We are interested in filming in Tivat, and so far it has been a practice to assist in administrative and booking and location arrangements. In that respect, we will provide maximum support," the Mayor said.

"We are looking for locations to film the American movie Minamata, in which Hollywood star Johnny Depp interprets the main role, and we are interested in taking part of the filming to the Ostrvo Cvijeća and the park of Zupa. We are ready to talk to all interested parties so that we can fully acknowledge it. We also want the Municipality of Tivat to be informed about it and to help us provide any license for filming. Tivat is fantastic, and even more interesting is its ambiance and nature. That is why we want some of the scenes meant to represent Japan to be filmed here," Tadic said.

johnny depp will record at ostrvo cvijeca

Producer House WIP has worked on the films "November Man," "The Last Panthers," "The Raven," "Papillion" and many others in the previous years.

Johnny Depp plays the first war photographer of the newer era, Eugene Smith. After the Second World War, Smith begins working for Life magazine and reveals the poisoning of people from the Minamata factory in Japan. The director of the film is Andrew Levitas. Minamata is based on a joint book by Aileen Mioko Smith and Eugene Smith in the adaptation by David K. Kessler.

The celebrated days of the Second World War are far from Smith when his old friend, Life's editor Ralph Graves, is convinced to return to Japan to find a great story: devastating destruction of the coastal community by poisoning.

05 Dec 2018, 15:37 PM

December 5, 2018 - Great names of the local and regional rock scene - Damir Urban, Darko Rundek & Ekipa, Bombaj Stampa, Psihomodo Pop, Galija, Four Blues Drivers, Autogeni trening and M.O.R.T. will perform in Kotor during the New Year's holidays.

Kotor was the first town in Montenegro to organize an outdoor New Year’s concert in 1997, and for the second year in a row, the celebration takes place as the event called Rock New Year.

The festive rock spectacle at the Main Square in Kotor will open with a rock band from Sarajevo, founded in 1982, Bombaj stampa, led by Branko Djuric-Djuro, with the recognizable hits „Bolje letim sam“, „Uzalud me podsjećaš“, „Mrak i ja“ and many others.

From Zagreb and remembered on the Yugoslav scene as one of the founders of the band "Haustor" from the late seventies, Darko Rundek and his Ekipa band will perform a multi-instrumental spectacle with a repertoire four decades long, reminding the audience of the hits Šal od svile“, „Šejn“, „Ena“, „Bi’ mog’o da mogu“, "Makedo”, „Apokalipso“ and many others that are remembered by all generations.

From Rijeka, Damir Urban will perform in the first hours of 2019. His specific vocals have permeated into the regional music scene for three decades, from the first published album in 1993, through cooperation with the great names of alternative rock, to independent and especially appreciated recordings of concert performances.

Rock band M.O.R.T. whose performances are characterized by fierce sounds and melodicism, was founded 15 years ago in Sinj, and since then has published three studio albums. They began to gain popularity among regional audiences, thanks to numerous festivals, thanks to songs „Meni se skače“, „Tango“, „Olovni vojnici“, „Nina“, and „Buka u glavi“.


New Year’s Kotor – photo Boka News

The second musical evening will also have four concerts, the first of which will be the performance of the blues group Four Blues Drivers, bringing powerful performances that are the synthesis of the best and can be extracted from classic rock by the best music and standards.

For more than four decades, the band Galija, characterized by a specific progressive rock sound, has made their songs known to all generations in this region. With 14 studio albums and a series of compilations and major studio and concert performances, they are known by hits „Stare trube“, „Još uvek sanjam“, „Da me nisi“, „Skadarska“, „Uzalud se trudiš“, and tone dedicated to the town where they perform this time - "Kotor". 

The 35-year-long existence of the Croatian rock band Psihomodo Pop, one of the most recognizable ex-Yu pop punk bands, is accompanied by an uncompromising sound and specific stage performances. The audience always sings the unforgettable "Frida", "Ramona", „Ja volim samo sebe“, led by Davor Gobac, a painter who is also remembered by numerous television and film roles.

The ending of the concert performances belongs to the Montenegrin band Autogeni trening, which has been resisting the challenges of the domestic scene for 18 years, uncompromisingly maintaining the sound quality and sharpness of texts with powerful messages through "Mulj", “Raskrsnica“, „Ljubav i izgaranje and many others that describe problems and challenges of the people today. The organizer of the program is the Tourist Organization of Kotor.

Text by Boka news, on December 5th, 2018, read more at Boka news

05 Dec 2018, 14:53 PM
December 5, 2018 - Ivo Vizin - Captain of Dreams, the children's theatre play about the most famous captain from Boka Bay and the first Slaven who sailed around the world will premiere this evening at the grand hall of the Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković" in Kotor.
The play is the co-production of the Podgorica City Theater, the Kotor Festival of Children's Theater and the Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković" from Kotor. For the performance text, Jelena Lela Milošević got the award in the ASSITEJ 2017 competition. Zoran Rakočević signs the direction. The story of what Captain Ivo had to survive so that in 1852 he was ready to go on a nine-year journey around the world and to sail over 100,000,000 nautical miles, will show the actors: Vule Markovic, Jelena Simić, Sanja Popovic, Pavle Popovic, Goran Slavić, Miloš Pejović, Branka Femić and Pavle Ilić.
"Ivo Vizin has created for himself an eternal journey with his companionship with the people who have gone through his difficult childhood. He had reached the Cape of Good Hopes before getting at the sea because good hope is inside, in each of us. The question is whether the monsters of our fast-paced life where we are losing empathy are forgetting the foremost - the family and the best friends in which we run for the empty career success and the accomplishments in which we are lonely, to succeed in perpetuating us forever defeats people. Let's get in the sailing life, "says the announcement of the show.
According to the actor, Goran Slavić, acting the figure of Federico Bellavista, explains that due to the weight of the actions and situations in which the characters are, this theatre show is suitable for children older than 12 years.
The play follows Ivo Vizin's life since the earliest childhood through various life events in the birthplace of Boka Bay, until he became one of the best-known captains and the first South Slavens who sailed the world on his ship Splendido.
The theater show starts at 8 pm. You can buy tickets at the Cultural Centre ticket desk, from 6 pm to 8 pm for the price of 4 euros.
05 Dec 2018, 07:39 AM

04 December 2018 - A protocol on cooperation between Tourist Organization Herceg Novi and Tourist Organization Saint Petersburg was officially signed by the TOs directors Pavle Obradović and Nadezhda Petrovna Vitalevna. This protocol is based on tourist promotion, exchange of cultural and artistic groups and societies.

The conference was opened by the Saint Petersburg Regional Commissioner for Culture Konstantin Zuardovich Suchenko, who appointed Svetlana Lavrecova to be an ambassador of cultural and artistic cooperation between Saint Petersburg and Herceg Novi. She is also an artistic director of the Days of Russian Culture in Herceg Novi.

"They appointed the budget for daily allowances and air tickets for artists who will come to Herceg Novi, and we have provided accommodation, trips, and stages for those. If this pilot project turned out to be successful, it is planned to upgrade it to even higher levels of cooperation. We hope that it is because we plan for Herceg Novi to become capital of culture in a region such as Saint Petersburg is in Russia," said Pavle Obradović, director of Tourist Organization Herceg Novi.

At the conference in Saint Petersburg was also the Vice President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi Miloš Konjević, representatives of Herceg Novi's hotels Lazura, Perla, Simo Milošević Institute, Trend Travel Agency, Montenegrin Holiday DMC Agency, as well as the representatives of Tourist Organization Budva and Tourist Organization Kotor, Montenegro Airlines and the Ambassador of Montenegro to Russia, Ramiz Bašić.

"We had an extremely successful conference with 32 tour operators from the Saint Petersburg region and 17 media companies," Obradović pointed out.

He added that the Days of Saint Petersburg and Russia would be held in Herceg Novi in June during the next summer season.

"They are interested in coming here in September, so there is great potential for this cooperation to work, since in that period, when the city is not filled and when there are plenty of free capacities, we can bring many different cultural art societies, theater, and dance groups. We try, by doing this, to attract the Russians and the local population from the region," concluded Pavle Obradović.

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