19 May 2019, 11:00 AM

May 18, 2019 - Within the program of marking the Independence Day of Montenegro, in the 1210th Anniversary of the Boka Navy Kotor, the most representative exhibition on the oldest organization of seafarers in the world was opened in Cetinje.

"Convinced that the values of the Boka Navy exceed the national and regional borders, we have applied this good for enrollment at the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It is the first nomination of Montenegro for enrollment on this prestigious list," said Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin opening exhibition "Boka Navy Kotor - 1210 years of history, spirituality and culture".
boka navy gov me 1Deputy Prime Minister, Zoran Pazin, Copyright: Government of Montenegro/ S. Matic
The Deputy Prime Minister assessed that the members of the Boka Navy, their family history and traditions of the local community, are deserving that this great tradition is preserved for the generations that come despite all the challenges that Boka Bay has encountered in history.
He recalled that for over twelve centuries the Boka Navy managed to resist the strong influences that overwhelmed the area, assessing that the maritime tradition that permanently marked it was the real and fundamental value of the organization itself.
Vice President Pažin emphasized that the essential value of the Boka Navy is intangible, "which exceeds all material traces, transferred from generation to generation and which is a key cultural value that this organization recommended for the status of Montenegro's cultural property of national importance." 
He estimated that only by preserving local communities, supporting their identity and the initiatives that come from them, such values could be preserved and passed on to future generations.
Pažin reminded that the initiative for candidacy on the UNESCO Representative List came from the Boka Navy itself, and the candidacy process was in deep agreement with the members of the organization, conducted following its basic principles. Those principles indicate that the Boka Navy can be accessed by any person who accepts its Statute, regardless of ethnic, religious, or any other identity, and that it is an organization focused on respect for human rights and mutual respect for religious, national and cultural differences.
At the opening of the exhibition spoke Antun Sbutega, Admiral of the Boka Navy Kotor and Andro Radulovic, Director of the Maritime Museum of Montenegro in Kotor.
Admiral of the Boka Navy pointed out that he is convinced that the exhibition and catalogue that follows will significantly contribute to better understanding and promotion of this cultural asset, both in Montenegro and broader.
boka navy exhibition 1Boka Navy Admiral, Dr Antun Sbutega, Copyright: Government of montenegro/ S. Matic
"Montenegro, as is often rightly pointed out, is a multiethnic and multicultural state. It is, although small, a complex mosaic composed of many different parts and it is important that the mosaic as a whole be consistent, that each part of it be adequately valued and obtains the right place. The Boka Navy is one of the parts of that mosaic and its affirmation in Montenegro, which declared it an immaterial cultural asset six years ago, and last year it has run on the UNESCO List, as well as affirmations on the international level,  are important not only for the Navy," said Sbutega.
boka navy androAndro Radulovic, the director of the Maritime Museum of Montenegro Kotor, Copyright: Government of Montenegro/ S. Matic
Pointing to the values of the Boka Navy for Kotor and Boka Bay, Andro Radulovic said that it was no coincidence that at the end of the 19th century the idea of establishing an institution that would systematically collect, preserve and present material testimonies of the maritime tradition of Kotor and Boka originated from the Navy. Collecting items on the Boka Navy and the Bokelian maritime history started at the beginning of the 20th century in the palace of Grgurina family, where the Maritime Museum, originates from the legacy of the Boka Navy, is situated today.
boka navy guardNavy's Performance in Cetinje, Copyright: Government of Montenegro/ S. Matic
"Boka Navy Kotor - 1210 Years of History, Spirituality and Culture" presents the most representative exhibition on the theme of the Boka Navy with a large number of exhibits: documents, books, icons, artistic images of ships and maritime battles, vowel seafood gifts, captains' portraits, photographs, and decorations. A luxurious and richly illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition on 150 pages with texts in Montenegrin and English.
The Maritime Museum of Montenegro, Boka Navy Kotor, Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, Bishopric Kotor, Kotor Historical Archive, Kotor Museums and Kotor Municipality participated in the realization of the exhibition.
Representatives of these institutions consist the Committee for marking the 1210th anniversary of Boka Navy. The plan is that in the year when we expect a decision on the eventual enrollment of the Boka Navy on the UNESCO List, this exhibition will also be presented to the public in some European metropolises.
17 May 2019, 16:39 PM


Socially responsible business is the way of doing business at CentreVille Hotel & Experiences, a hotel that was declared as the best in the Capital city by the Tourist Organization Podgorica.

"In addition to experienced colleagues in the field of hospitality developing their career path at the Hotel CenterVille, we provide the young people who represent the future of this industry in Montenegro since the establishment of the hotel a chance to learn and make progress," said Jelena Ognjenovic, General Manager of the Hotel CenterVille.

The CenterVille Hotel & Experiences participates every year in the Government's vocational training program for graduate students. The smile on the faces of both guests and employees is one of their priorities.

"A friendly, however, professional approach is what distinguishes our business. From the beginning of hotel operations to the present day, a great number of young people have been trained through our hotel facility. In addition to performing their primary duties, all hotel sector managers are continually taking some part of their time on a daily basis to help young colleagues in their work, and through concrete examples of practice they have made it easier for them to start their career, present their work as attractive as possible and have them trained so they could work in any hotel in the world, given that CentreVille operates in accordance with international, corporate standards," said Slavica Stojkovic, Human Resources Manager at Hotel CenterVille.






In addition to the professional training program, the praxis at the hotel CenterVille is also carried out by pupils from the secondary school "Sergije Stanic", the secondary vocational school "Spasoje Raspopovic" from Podgorica and the students from the Faculty of Tourism of the University Mediteran, and so on.

"Thirty high school pupils will finish their practice at our hotel in the dual education system this year and through regular practice. Out of them, ten service technicians, thirteen chefs, six pastries, and one baker. We are very much concerned with the quality of the time they spend with us, with the highlight on the skills they acquire," added Stojkovic.

Slobodan Lukovac, a student who has been carrying out the praxis at CenterVille Hotel & Experiences for two years, was the absolute winner in the discipline bar and bar business at the 12th National contest of Catering Schools in Montenegro, held on 23rd and 24th April in Budva.






"The competition was very strong, and I scored the best placement among 22 contestants. I had the highest, maximum number of points. I have perfected my abilities that I have shown in the competition, I developed in “The Living Room”, the lounge bar at the CenterVille, where I improve my skills daily, together with my colleagues and mentors," said Slobodan Lukovac, a student attending praxis at the CenterVille hotel.

Help in the education and training of young hospitality staff is something that the hotel welcomes with joy, and something that they are particularly working hard on.

"Since we are a country with a highly developed hospitality industry, it is clear to me that this kind of staff is very much needed. In this connection, it is our pleasure to give some contribution to the creation of hotel staff through competent types of mentoring, who will be competent, skillful and representative. Whether these young people are coming to work with us or in another Montenegrin hotel - we will do our utmost to make them complete tourist workers after graduation," concluded Ognjenovic.





As a credible employer, CentreVille Hotel & Experiences is a trusted partner to all educational institutions in the field of tourism and therefore invites all responsible to a co-operation to achieve a common goal - creating quality, domestic staff - to the satisfaction of employees and employers. For the second year in a row, the school for medium and high-level education "Sergije Stanic" cooperates with the Hotel CenterVille when it comes to the practical teaching of dual education students.

"The students from the “cooking” section had only praise for the head of the kitchen, Mr. Sasa Popovic, while the students from the restaurant/service technician learned all their knowledge in practice from Mr. Dragan Grnovic and Stojan Karadzic, who were their instructors during the school year. This kind of cooperation with an eminent hotel such as the CenterVille means a lot to our students because they have the opportunity to see and learn something that they cannot master in school, but only in practice among a large number of people and at a higher level of work when the practice is concerned. Therefore, we thank the hotel on behalf of the school and we hope for the same successful cooperation in the future," said Marija Grujucic, Coordinator of practical teaching at the secondary school “Sergije Stanic”.

At the moment, the CenterVille Hotel & Experiences, 38 students and graduates gain their first working experience through various programs of practice and work training. The CenterVille Hotel & Experiences currently employs 87 workers, which fully represent the Montenegrin workforce, which the hotel is particularly proud of.

Text by Promo sadrzaj, on May 16th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

17 May 2019, 16:32 PM

The seventh Montenegro pride will be held on the 21st of September in Podgorica, calling for the unification of people in a common struggle for equality, justice and freedom, the representatives of the Organizing Committee said, stating that LGBTIQ people should be recognized and respected.

A representative of the Organizing Committee of Montenegro in 2019, Hana Konatar, at a press conference, said that Montenegro would, in its history, proudly record the seventh Montenegrin pride on Saturday, September 21st.

"I wish to greet you all on behalf of the Organizing Committee, which this year brought together a large number of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, gender variants and people who are traditionally proud, together with our male and female friends, members of our families in the preparations of the 7th Parade of Pride," Konatar said in the PR Center. This year, as she said, more than forty people took an active part in the Organizing Committee.

"We have been preparing a rich program since March, which we will be organized during June, the month of the proud for LGBTIQ people, as well as the eve of the pride itself, during the Week of Pride in September," Konatar said.

A representative of the Organizing Committee of Montenegro in 2019, Nikola Ilic, said that on May 17th, the International Day of Combating Homophobia and Transphobia, "which is" of special importance to us because it is the day we celebrate our struggle against social oppression over LGBTIQ people".

Ilic said that the month of the struggle against homophobia and transphobia was marked by various activities and events, such as the playwrights, art workshops, film evenings, and community empowerment workshops.

These activities will continue until the end of the month, but also during the international month of pride in June, so we invite all those interested to visit, and information on events can be found on the social networks of the organization Queer of Montenegro, NGO’s SPEKTRA and Juventas", said is Ilic. This year, as he adds, the Organizing Committee prepares various events on the eve of the Week of Pride, and, as he adds, a large number of workshops, film projections, performances, exhibitions, social gatherings, and parties are planned.

"We try to make the activities suitable for all, younger and older, for all male and female members of the LGBTIQ community, for their families and friends, for our partners, co-workers and colleagues. This year's news is that we will walk for every town, realizing numerous events outside Podgorica. It is about six cities and we are waiting for the days painted with rainbow colors, and everything will be crowned with the biggest Montenegrin pride so far," Ilic said.

He announced that a big Queer party would be organized in the garden of the Ethno jazz Club Sejdefa tonight at 11 p.m.

A representative of the Organizing Committee of Montenegro pride in 2019, Marija Jovanovic, said that fifty years after the organization of the first pride in the world, in Montenegro will be organized the seventh Montenegro pride. "Like the previous years, this year, we will be able to communicate the universal values ​​that we stand for. Human rights LGBTIQ people must be recognized and respected in a democratic society, as ours aspires to be," Jovanović said.

This year, Pride calls on the unification of people in a common struggle for equality, justice, and freedom as she said.

"We are gathering a community that, alongside all the obstacles it faces, courageously and decisively is holding together in the struggle for equal status in society, for the right to partnership relations, which are not yet recognized by law, the right to free movement, the right to security, happiness," Jovanovic said.

She said that Montenegrin deputies have a task to support the Law on the Life Partnership of the same gender, by which they will, as it seems, show a willingness to fulfill their human and moral obligation to protect the rights of all citizens.

"In this case, they are the basic human rights of LGBTIQ people. It is for all of us to show that support is the family value that lies in the root of our culture and that it must be present in every struggle for social equality," Jovanovic said.

The representative of the Organizing Committee of Montenegro 2019, Marica Vlahovic, 2019, said that despite the slight improvement in the situation compared to previous years, members of the LGBTIQ community are still exposed to discrimination, hate speech and violence.

"We strive to fight against violence, and our efforts in this period are geared towards an adequate prosecution of hate crimes. We are proud of the fact that we have managed to build strong support services, such as providing free legal aid and counseling to people who experienced violence motivated by homophobia and/or transphobia," Vlahovic said.

For the LGBTIQ community at the moment is, as she said, the most important issue is the adoption of the Law on the Life Partnership of the same gender.

"The voting is still pending, and we believe that the representatives of the people in the Montenegrin Parliament will recognize the importance of this law. It covers and regulates the rights and obligations of same-sex partners in terms of material maintenance, joint immunity, inheritance and health care system," Vlahovic said.

The campaign ahead of this year's pride will, among other things, focuses on the united communities and the influence of the Law on the everyday life of all persons who live or want to establish a same-sex community.

"If the law is not adopted at this session of the Assembly, it will seriously jeopardize the democratic values ​​on which our society is founded. In that case, we will show that we do not like it and continue to be stronger and tougher for the respect of our human rights," Vlahovic said.

Text by Vijesti online, on May 17th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

17 May 2019, 16:29 PM

In the middle of the summer tourist season 2019, the most convenient airline flights between Montenegro and Serbia are now even cheaper than the current regular lines from Podgorica and Tivat to Belgrade, on which fly the national companies from two countries - Montenegro Airlines and Air Serbia.

Now, there is the new seasonal line Nis-Tivat, where a return ticket costs only 48 euros.

Starting on July 16th, this line will operate three times a week on the "Airbus -319" of the Serbian national company.

The return ticket prices for most other destinations in Eastern, Western and Northern Europe that Air Serbia from Nis will amount to between 50 and 70 euros.

The most expensive return ticket is between Nis-Rome and will cost 73 euros. Currently, a return ticket of Montenegro Airlines or Air Serbia on regular and non-subsidized lines between Belgrade, Tivat, and Podgorica costs between 122 and 135 euros.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on May 16th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

17 May 2019, 13:36 PM

May 17, 2019 - At the Art Media Hotel in Zanjic, the fifth art colony is underway, organized by hotel management led by the owner, sculptor Nikola Nino Perović. Zanjic Art Colony of 2019 is finishing on Sunday, 19 May, with the exhibitions of works of this year's participants of one of the most popular regular annual gatherings of Montenegrin painters. 

Specific to the intensive offer of cultural events, the Art Media Hotel attracts guests from all meridians. However, thanks to the art colony that is organized in April or early May, Art Media is also an open spot for local artists and art lovers before the high tourist season.

This year the weather was not in favor of the organizers, so the artists gathered in the colony last Sunday, 12 May, and since then have been creating and joining one of the most beautiful landscapes along the Montenegrin coast, Zanjic bay at the entrance to Boka Bay.

"Only the last two days Zanjic is beginning to look to like itself at this time of year. Colors and sounds of nature are waking us up, and it is where the day is starting. Then we work better, making good pictures and sculptures. I hope to have such a beautiful time until Sunday, which means a lot in the creative process. This year we gathered lovely company, and we are all pleased and grateful for the opportunity to socialize, talk about art, and create. Of course, the result will not go away," Perovic said.

Zanjic Art Colony of 2019 has gathered ten artists. In addition to affirmed painters and sculptors - Miša Vemić, Momo Macanović, Rade Vujačić, Radun Marsenić, Irvin Masličić, and Nino Perovic, there are younger artists - Jelena Pavićević, Hana Mirkov, Anja Radulović, and Esma Šabić, coming from Mostar.

The renowned Montenegrin painter, Mišo Vemić, is at the colony at the Art Media Hotel for the second time. Commenting on the fact that the gathering has brought together artists of different generations, Vemić says the experience is undoubtedly relevant, but that, when the painting is concerned, creators can always learn from each other. The quality of socializing at Zanjic sees first and foremost in the diversity offered by artist selection: "The richness of this colony is the diversity of manuscripts. These are not uniform styles, same themes. You know, some art colonies are just grasping the landscape, all painting landscapes, or somewhere else - they all draw abstractions. We are, in artistic terms, a very diverse society, enriching each one of us individually, this colony, and the contents of the exhibition we will present on Sunday," noted the painter Mišo Vemić.

Nino Perovic invites all lovers of nature and art to come to the exhibition of works of colony participants, to be presented at the atrium of the Art Media Hotel on Sunday, 19 May at 5 pm.

16 May 2019, 16:33 PM

The Ministry of Education should strictly punish all who give priority to profit in the education system over education and safety of the children, it was said at the Center for Civic Education (CGO) yesterday.

"Where there is evidence, such as the finding of the competent inspection, that this is a misuse of the authority of a director, the same should be processed efficiently. And there is a tremendous responsibility of the Minister of Education (Damir Sehovic) who needs to dismiss such directors," said the associate at CGO Mira Popovic.

Yesterday, "Vijesti" reported that tourist inspectors found that more primary schools had illegally organized excursions and programs at the School of Nature.

After these inspection findings, the main tourist and leading education inspectors Svetlana Sljivancanin and Lucija Adzic passed on to the schools the information on respecting prescribed obligations when organizing school trips.

Popovic notes that as far as the trips such as schools in nature, excursions and other activities are concerned, the law prescribes the announcement of tenders for which the director is responsible, stating that the legal procedure and the will of the parents must be respected and all the contrary must be registered and sanctioned by the competent authorities.

"We have a practice for a long time now where, in a variety of ways, is trying to make a profit through education systems contrary to the constitutional norm that basic education is free of charge. This often leads to the embarrassment of parents with a low living standard and underlines the social differences among the children. Of course, children should not be denied excursions and visits to institutions and other out-of-school activities that improve their knowledge, but such activities must be carried out in accordance with the law and at minimum costs, if necessary, for students and their maximum security," said the associate at CGO. The schools at that moment when they enrolled the children took full responsibility for them at the time of school and out-of-school activities they organize.


Popovic argues that those who are not capable of carrying this responsibility should not be in the education system because, as she points out, there is no private interest that can be ahead of the children's safety. Surveillance found that excursions and other travels without the mediation of tourist agencies were organized and the persons involved in this organization were punished by a misdemeanor order, as "Vijesti" was informed from the Inspection Directorate, stating that the supervision was carried out in the elementary school "Ratko Zaric" in Niksic and Podgorica primary school "Radojica Perovic".

The elementary school “Ratko Zaric”, according to the findings of the tourist inspection in which "Vijesti" had insight, on their own initiative and with no tenders published, has organized School in nature for 64 pupils, but also without any contract with the holiday resort on Lovcen, or the transport company. In the same the way they organized, as shown by the documentation, excursions to Herceg Novi and Igalo, and a part of this school's pupils visited Trebinje as scouts. On the excursion to Vucje were also the children of the second grade of the primary school "Radojica Perovic", and Director Mirjana Boskovic told "Vijesti" that the school had nothing to do with it and that a private person organized it.

"Please note that after these checks, we have also sent information to all directors of elementary and high schools in Montenegro, where we state their obligations and responsibilities in the organization of excursions, trips, and schools in nature", said the Inspection Directorate.

Text by Milos Rudovic, on May 15th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

16 May 2019, 16:27 PM

The Traffic Secretariat has accepted the proposals of the taxi drivers and in the new draft of the decision to arrange the taxi transport, the start of the first tariff will range from 50 cents to one euro, which will be the price range per one-kilometer ride.

When it comes to night driving the price per kilometer is planned in the range between 60 cents to one euro. The decision will be made by the members of the Assembly of the Capital City at the next session.

Traffic Secretary Lazarela Kalezic explains that they came to meet the needs of the taxi drivers when it comes to the night and holiday tariff, where it will also rise in price.

The starting price and ride per kilometer by night instead of 40 cents to one euro will move from 60 cents to one euro.

"The draft decision on taxi transport was at a public hearing giving the opportunity for the people in this area and the public to point out some of the attitudes regarding the solution of the problem. Several issues have been in the focus of the decision making, especially as the new Law on Land Transport defines the obligation of local self-government to introduce new elements in the regulation of car-taxi transportation, referring to the introduction of startup and other tariffs. At the public hearing, taxi drivers complained about the values ​​given for tariffs and services considering them to be too low. Everyone asked for a higher starting price and a kilometer ride, ranging from 50 cents to one euro. We've considered everything that has been suggested and made some changes. We have accepted that the lower limit for the start and a ride per one kilometer runs from 0.50, and the taxi drivers are to determine how much the price will be. It is also accepted that the night tariff and the ride during the holidays range from 60 cents to one euro as they asked," says Kalezic.


She points out that the starting price and ride per one kilometer for the transport outside the city will be increased, instead of 0.40 cents to one euro, this range will now be from 0.50 to one euro.

"We believe that giving a price range from 50 cents to one euro is a good mechanism for taxis to define on their own estimations and calculations what is profitable to them," says Kalezic.

He added that he would soon announce a public debate report, which would answer all the suggestions made by the taxi drivers on the cab transport decision.

It should be noted that changes to and amendments to the new law on road traffic have to be made, concerning the introduction of a cash-register, services. When the Ministry makes the mentioned amendment, all municipalities will have to make new decisions on taxi rides.

Self-employed entrepreneurs are satisfied that their proposals have been accepted to increase start-up price and ride per kilometer, but also the tariff during night-time. They argue that the increase is realistic and that the taxi service in Podgorica will still be the cheapest in comparison to other cities in Montenegro.

Public transport from the past century

Stanko Radonjic Boulevard’s residents on Tuski put asked the Secretariat for the introduction of bus lines in this part of the settlement. Transport Secretary Lazarela Kalezic announced that two requests were made for the introduction of this line.


Kalezic states that new bus lines will be in focus in the coming period.

She says that in this part of the settlement had been previously introduced a trial bus line that proved to be non-profitable.

"There were not enough passengers to make this line last longer. With new concepts of public transport, we have to cover the whole city, but this concept has to reconcile profitable and unprofitable lines. The condition of certain roads sometimes causes transporters to be in a difficult situation, their buses get broken," says Kalezic. She adds that they are preparing an application that will be available to all users to track the arrival of the buses on mobile phones. Kalezic says that in the city they are aware that the city vehicle fleet needs to be renovated. We need money for this, but we are thinking of purchasing electricity and gas buses or those using alternative fuels. Current urban transport, old buses that use oil as fuel, pollute the air. She states that buses which are currently in use are old and not comfortable. "In Podgorica, we have 109 buses covering 29 lines. The profitability of city transportation everywhere in the world is questionable. We are thinking of introducing electric buses and this would lead to a reduction in the use of expensive conventional fuel. Also, we are thinking of somewhat enhancing the role of the City when it comes to transportation," says Kalezic. 

They do not separate the taxi stands

The Traffic Secretariat did not accept the taxi driver's proposal to split the taxi stands, to clarify which one belongs to the companies and which to the independent entrepreneurs. Kalezic says that the attitude is for the taxi stands to remain independent as specified in the Decision on taxi transport.

"The draft decision defines that the taxi stands are free and that the same principle applies for everyone. Many workers in this area expressed their disapproval of such a solution, considering that they did not respond to what their position was in the earlier period, that they had developed a taxi stand over a long time and that such solutions would affect their business. That is why we would like to keep the taxi stands vacant because we believe that those who are now starting to do the business as taxi drivers are in an unequal position concerning those who carry out this activity for many years," Kalezic said.

The Trade Union of the taxi drivers in Montenegro is dissatisfied with the final position of the Transport Secretariat that the taxi stands in the city should remain vacant, which is why they submitted an initiative to Ivan Vukovic, the mayor of Podgorica and Lazarela Kalezic, the traffic secretary, seeking to separate the same, i.e. to specify which one belongs to the companies and  which one to self-employed entrepreneurs. Over 200 independent entrepreneurs signed the petition.

In Podgorica, there are currently 300 taxi stands on which vehicles that are not registered for this activity are parked.

Text by Boban Novovic, on May 15th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

16 May 2019, 14:34 PM

May 16, 2019 - On the occasion of marking Independence Day, a representative exhibition on the Boka Navy Kotor, the oldest organization of sailors in the world marking its 1210 anniversary this year, will be opened tomorrow in Cetinje. The opening of the exhibition will be preceded by the performance of the Main Squadron of the Boka Navy and the dancing of the traditional St. Tryphon's round dance at Palace Square at 5 pm.

The Boka Navy and the local and national cultural institutions formed the Boka Navy Commemoration Board, and the Cetinje exhibition is the first of the programs organized in the jubilee year, where the entry of the first protected immaterial item of Montenegro on the UNESCO Representative List of humankind is expected. Secretary of the National Commission for Cooperation with the UNESCO Committee, Milica Nikolic, states:
"The Boka Navy Kotor jointly prepared the exhibition with the Maritime Museum of Montenegro in Kotor, the Historical Archives of Kotor, the Municipality of Kotor and the Ministry of Culture, with the great help of the Diocese of Bishopric Kotor and the Public Institution of the Kotor Museums. All these institutions gave their contribution through the transfer of artefacts to the Boka Navy for the selection of this exhibition. What is important to emphasize is that through Cetinje's manifestation, we want to give an opportunity to see both the material and the non-material segments of the legacy of the Boka Navy through a direct encounter with its ancient customs-the honorary establishment and the Round Dance of St. Tryphon, invariably practised for ages," says Milica Nikolić.
The exhibition includes archive documents, art images, photographs, ship designs, weapons and uniforms of the Boka Navy. Visitors will also have the opportunity to view the documentary film about the Boka Navy, which is an integral part of the Application to the UNESCO Representative List, and the World Heritage Committee will make its decision by the end of this year.
At the opening of the exhibition, Director of the Maritime Museum, Andro Radulović, and Admiral of the Boka Navy, Antun Sbutega, will speak. The event will officially open by the Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro and Minister of Justice, Zoran Pažin.
According to Milica Nikolić, the ambition of the Boka Navy Commemoration Board for its 1210 anniversary is to present the exhibition throughout the year to a broader audience, especially in the cities of Europe.
16 May 2019, 11:45 AM

May 16, 2019 - Citizens of Perast traditionally celebrated 15 May, the Latter-day of the victory of their ancestors over the Turks in 1654. In addition to mass and ceremonies at St. Nicholas Square, the traditional event in the memory of the heroic defense of the city captured the custom of "shooting the rooster," which symbolizes the enemy.

This year's winner is local Marko Lindi, who, according to the age-old tradition, received a towel with the year of battle and the date of the shooting, after which he triumphed Perast accompanied by the City Music of Kotor.

On St. Nicholas square, the Boka Navy traditionally performed, which played the St. Tryphon Round Dance, after which Kotor bishop Msgr served the holy mass. Ilija Janjić.

At the central town square, in the evening, the Klapa Contra from Split held a concert. Although city lighting did not work, visitors enjoyed the excellent music.

The event was organized by the Society of Friends of the City of Perast, the Community Center, Perast Parish Office and the Perast International Klapa Festival.

Perast Battle - Latter-day of 15 May

Perast's ability in the seventeenth century on land and sea, skill with the sword and trade, the Chadian War, the loss of Risan thanks to the Perast Army in 1649 were just some of the reasons for the Turks to strike at the city.

Having learned that the Turks would attack the city, its peasants had been transporting the furniture to the islands in front of the city, because they believed the enemy would attack only from the land. Men were divided into nine towers. The commander of local forces, K. Šilopi, developed on his house the flag of Venetia and the mark with the municipal coat of arms, which obliged the Duke to come in every need with 30 armed men.

As the Kotorans modestly aided their neighbors with about 30 pedestrians and some ammunition, and there were seizures of about 30 of Perast's ships trapped between Korcula and Molunat at that time, a rift between the vast Turkish army of some 5,000 soldiers and only a few hundred peasants of Perast broke out.

Early in the morning, the Turks hit the town from the mainland. On both sides of the town, they headed for the St. Cross, where it was a fortress of local soldiers and Venetians. In the bloody defense for Perast, few citizens succeeded in resisting the enemy, taking over the leading battalion of the Turkish army and killing her command of Mehmet Aga, whose rifle could be seen today at the Perast Museum.

No one was hoping Turks would hit the town from the sea. The Turks under the leadership of Ulcinj Mustai Reis attacked Lepetane, set up a fortress with Our Lady of Angels and went through Verige to Perast. They devastated the islands of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks, where they tortured votive gifts and mischief, but they did not find the image of Our Lady, because the citizens hid it in time at the church of St. Cross in Fortress.

perast gospaOur Lady of Perast, Photo by Miroslav Marusic, Boka News

By the centuries-old tradition, the last Sunday in April, Our Lady's image is transmitted to the town to be returned to Our Lady of the Rocks on 29 June, on the feast of Saint Peter.

The enormous success in defending the city, the peasants of Perast, attributed the protection of the Blessed Virgin, so the municipality vowed that every year, thanks to Her, the ceremony would celebrate the Latter-day.

In honor of this great victory, on the western wall of St. Nicholas church in Perast, there is a memorial plaque with a text in the national language, which was given by the then archbishop Andrija Zmajević.

Read the full text in Montenegrin at

15 May 2019, 15:21 PM

The capital of Montenegro this year, as a tradition, is decorated with state flags. On May 21, Montenegro celebrates 13 years of independence.

On that occasion, organized by the Capital City and the Ministry of Culture, a concert will be organized by famous Macedonian musician Kiril Dzajkovski, and will be accompanied by Mahmut Orhan, Danijel Cehranov and Nipplepeople.


Text by Vijesti online, on May 14th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

15 May 2019, 15:18 PM

Ministers and representatives of several institutions and local authorities in Podgorica learned about the obstacles for people with disabilities through a discussion.

Milenko Vojicic from UMHCG invited representatives of the institutions in what was hitherto one of the few cafes that are accessible to him as a wheelchair user, to share opinions in a conversation about what has been done so far in allowing the OSI to move without barriers.



When they went for a walk, they encountered one of the problems that people with disabilities encounter in the city. Namely, one driver near "Sava osiguranje" parked the car improperly and closed the ramp, so Vojicic and the institution's representatives had to go back and continue the walk in another direction.

The Youth Association for the Handicap of Montenegro organized this event by marking the European Day of Independent Life (May 5th), Europe Day (May 9th) and World Awareness Day on accessibility (May 16th).

The event is organized within the project “EU4ME” funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP.

Text by Damira Kalac, on May 15th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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