24 Mar 2019, 22:15 PM

24 March 2019 - According to the latest data published by DataReportal, in 2018, the total number of active social media users in Montenegro amounted to 380.000 thousand, which is 2,7 per cent more than a year ago. The data also shows that 330.000 Montenegrin citizens are active social media users that access the networks via mobile devices.

Digital Report 60 of Montenegrin Citizens are Active Social Media Users

Online service DataReportal is designed to help people and organisations all over the world to find the data, insights, and trends they need to make more informed decisions. Millions of people in more than 150 countries around the globe already read their reports and analyses each year, including employees of many of the world's top companies, award-winning journalists, key decision-makers in sovereign governments, and leading academics. DataReportal has recently published a Global Digital Report, which provides essential insights into the use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, and e-commerce around the world, including essential global headlines. The Global Digital Report also includes the latest trends for each country, and the most recent report shows the data for Montenegro during 2018.

Digital Report 60 of Montenegrin Citizens are Active Social Media Users 2

According to the report, last year, 465.700 citizens of Montenegro had access to the Internet, which is 74 per cent of the total population and 5,9% more than in 2017.

The total number of mobile connections in Montenegro amounted to 1.24 million, which is 197% of the total population. The percentage of mobile connections that were pre-paid was 52%, and the percentage of mobile connections that were broadband was 56%. The overall mobile connectivity index score was 70,45 (out of a maximum possible score of 100), while in relations to the affordability of devices and services, the index score was 68,80 (out of a maximum possible score of 100).

Digital Report 60 of Montenegrin Citizens are Active Social Media Users 3

The per cent of the population aged 15+ that reports having an account with a financial institution was 68%, while 17% of citizens own a credit card.

Digital Report 60 of Montenegrin Citizens are Active Social Media Users 4

You can get some more details in the graphs shown on pictures, and you can see the complete report on DataReportal’s official website.

24 Mar 2019, 20:44 PM

In the traditionally good and cheerful atmosphere, the two-day, 22nd Festival of Wine and Ukljeva Fish opened in Virpazar. Throughout Virpazar, at 44 stands, numerous visitors from all over Montenegro could try and buy wine, ukljeva fish, but also honey, cheese, rakija, vegetables, and fruits.

The hard-working organizers also prepared two stands where 300 liters of wine were distributed free of charge, and three booths where ukljeva fish was distributed, also free of charge.

By opening the festival, the President of Bar Municipality Dusan Raicevic said that the local government for this year raised the agro-budget from 200 to 300,000 euros, out of which 200 is going to farmers and 100,000 euros for the construction of the infrastructure. He announced the continuation of the support to producers, adding that part of the budget for the infrastructure will also go for priorities in Crmnica-construction of wine roads and Kuce wines that will serve "both for tasting and for education”.

The Acting President of MZ Crmnica Committee, Ilija Markovic, invited the state to continue investing in this region, keep the famous Montenegrin winemaking tradition with young wine growers and the construction of wine cellars. He particularly urged the preservation of the vast wealth of the Skadar Lake, primarily its fish fund.

With a minute of silence respects were paid to the founders of the festival that are no longer among the living, as well as to the victims of the recent tragedy in Vranjina.

Awards for the best poems about wine were announced.

From the received 13 poems, the jury composed of the President Goran Radoicic, a literary critic, and members poet and humorist Rajko Jolicic and playwright Dragisa Simovic, awarded the first prize to the poem "Kapi istine" (“Drops of truth”) by Slobodan Vucinic from Podgorica. The second prize was given to the poem “Da zajedno ljubimo vinograde” ("To Love Together Vineyards") by Sonja Milatovic from Niksic, and the third to Zarko Marovic from Virpazar for the poem "Vino za potonju uru" (“Wine at the dying bed”).

Marovic refused to accept the prize for personal reasons.

However, the price of wine ranges from 5-15 euros, honey from 8-12 euros, fried ukljeva fish two, and fresh three euros. Among the exhibitors was for the first time our celebrated handball representative Mladen Rakcevic, who said that after the ending of the sports career, it is possible for him to dedicate even more to the production of top quality wine.

The folklore KUD "Jedinstvo", Dino Beharović and "D band", choir "Via profesori" and famous band from Belgrade "Zana" performed as part of the entertainment program. Stressing that he is glad that the band is soon celebrating 40 years of existence and successful work, the popular Zoran Zika Zivanovic from Zana said that the band members are thrilled to be the first to perform at this festival.

The organizers of the festival are MZ Crmnica, Association of winemakers "Crmnicki vranac", NGO "Days of Skadar Lake", with the support of Bar Municipality and TO Bar.

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24 Mar 2019, 20:38 PM

The campaign for cleaning the Gorica hill and Zeta river basin has been completed in the organization of the Capital city, the companies “Cistoca”, “Zelenilo” and the Protection and Rescue Service, as well as a large number of citizens and pupils of elementary schools from Podgorica.

The mayor of Podgorica, Ivan Vukovic, is pleased that the capital has launched an environmental protection initiative even this time and reminded of the new campaign of planting trees that was announced a few days ago, symbolically, in the Mediterranean Garden in Gorica.


"In addition to the campaign of planting new trees in different parts of the city, we will give citizens a chance to help us make Podgorica greener and cleaner and to better preserve the environment," Vuković said.

That's, as he said, the first action of this type.

"It is a pleasure to see today many children from different elementary schools in Podgorica. The primary goal is to collect small waste which, unfortunately, is still visible on Gorica hill. We want to send a message that we need to preserve these kinds of places better and at the same time, we announce similar actions in the coming period," said Vukovic.

He added that the effort is futile if each of us does not contribute to the protection of the environment in which he lives and he invited fellow citizens to dispose of the waste in the places that are foreseen for this.

In addition to Gorica, the cleaning action was realized at the Vranjska njiva site where, due to the steepness of the terrain in the cleaning of the river Zeta basin, only members of the Protection and Rescue Service participated.

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Text by MINA News, on March 23rd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

23 Mar 2019, 20:33 PM

22 March 2019 - The Majorette club "Lili" from Herceg Novi will take part in a national championship in modern dances in Podgorica on Sunday, March 24th.

This championship includes several types of modern dance, and 35 members of the "Lili" club will compete in the category of majorette dance. They prepared seven choreographies and hope for good results, said the coach and choreographer Ljiljana Porobić.

Majorettes From Herceg Novi to Demonstrate Their Skills in Podgorica

"We compete with three formations - with our bees, cadets and joint juniors and seniors formation, as well as with one duo and three solo performances. We are ready, we have worked hard, and we hope that we win some medals. It remains to be seen whether our hard work and effort will be recognized and how well can we perform on stage. Before going to Podgorica, the Majorette club "Lili" will take part in the final segments of the Mimosa Festival program: "Thank you for 50" and the carnival parade," said the choreographer in an interview for Radio Herceg Novi.

"We have accepted the invitation to be on the Square of Nikola Đurković tomorrow, as well as on Saturday in the carnival parade. It's a bit tiring, we have a lot of work to do in only three days, but since we now have day-to-day training because of the competition, we are in good shape, and we will try to present ourselves in the best way possible," she explained.

Majorettes From Herceg Novi to Demonstrate Their Skills in Podgorica 3

In five years of existence, the Majorette club "Lili" has won numerous acknowledgments and awards, including eight European medals, and their favorite one is their very first medal."We have plenty of medals from state championships and international competitions, so many that we lost count. There are probably around 40 in different categories. The biggest prizes that are the most meaningful to us are eight European medals. Although we look forward to every prize, we always emphasize that our first European medal is somehow the most desirable," Porobić said.

After the national championship, the members of the Majorette club "Lili" will continue to train well for the European championship that will be held in late August in France.

23 Mar 2019, 15:33 PM

23 March 2019 - The Government of Montenegro, together with domestic and international partners, is implementing numerous projects and activities for sustainable water resources management and provision of high-quality water supply, and to respond to the global challenges that are also present in Montenegro, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Milutin Simović said on World Water Day – 22 March. 

Opening the Conference on Water Day, DPM Simović said that the concern about water as a resource and the necessary condition of existence is a joint responsibility and obligation. "This is a good opportunity to recall global and local challenges while pointing to everything we do to ensure sufficient water resources and water protection," Simović said. 

World Water Day is an annual UN observance day that highlights the importance of freshwater. The day is used to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Around one billion people still do not have access to safe and adequate drinking water resources, and three billion lack proper sanitary facilities. This year's theme of the World Water Day is "Leaving no one behind." 

DPM Simović recalled that Montenegro is rich in water resources and that, concerning its area, it is one of the wealthiest regions in the world. "95% of the river flows in Montenegro are formed on its territory. For the purpose of water supply, the groundwater is used in as much as 90% of the cases. On the other hand, Montenegro belongs to the Dinaric karst terrain, whose basic characteristic is the irregular dispersion of sources and depths to the level of groundwater, and as a result, we have an uneven distribution of water in the territory of Montenegro," Simović said. 

He pointed out that groundwater of karst terrains of Montenegro is a particularly vulnerable resource to pollution, and especially to climate change, and therefore great attention is paid to maintaining their natural functions. 

The floods that hit Montenegro in 2010, which had great material consequences and the repetition of the floods in 2012, 2014 and 2016, according to Simović, are seen as a consequence of the increasing impact of climate change. 

In February 2017, the implementation of a project supported from EU pre-accession funds “Strengthening the Capacities for Implementation of the Water Framework Directive" has begun in Montenegro. 

The Deputy Prime Minister reminded that in the past two years, the national budget provided over 2 million EUR for the implementation of over 100 water supply projects in 20 municipalities. 

In the field of flood protection, with the support of the GIZ, a Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment was prepared, as well as a hydraulic model of the Bojana River, which detected dangerous flood zones. "This data will help us to implement further a new regional project in the Drim River basin, prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development with UNDP, with the financial support of the Adaptation Fund. We have just received confirmation that it was approved as the first regional project in Eastern Europe," Simović said. He said that the 1.2 million dollars from the project is planned for Montenegro and will be used to prepare the main project for the rehabilitation of embankments on Bojana River and infrastructure works for the construction of embankments on priority sections. 

Simović recalled that the Government of Montenegro gave a systematic response in coping with the consequences of several decades of degradation of river flows due to the uncontrolled exploitation of gravel and sand. 

"In April 2017, we introduced a moratorium on the exploitation of materials from river flows," DPM Simović stressed. 

With the support of the World Bank, the Ministry of Agriculture is implementing 500,000 EUR worth project to regulate rivers Grnčar and Lim. Another significant regional project will be implemented from April this year, in cooperation with UNDP and UNESCO. A project called DIKTAS SAP, worth a total of 5 million EUR, should contribute to greater integration of domestic experts and training of young people, as well as valorisation and better exploitation of the Dinaric karst groundwater. 

Deputy Permanent Representative of the UNDP in Montenegro Miodrag Dašić said that today's gathering is an ideal opportunity for dialogue to define solutions to challenges in the area of water protection and use. He emphasised that water management is essential in the regional and cross-border context, and that UNDP and the Ministry of Agriculture are implementing critical regional projects. 

A representative of GIZ for Montenegro Nenad Rakočević said that numerous projects aimed at water protection were implemented in the past seven years in Montenegro. He emphasises that GIZ remains a partner to the institutions in Montenegro in the field of water sector improvement, meeting EU requirements and strengthening cross-border cooperation.

23 Mar 2019, 15:28 PM

22 March 2019 - We expect to have the first applications for Montenegrin Citizenship by the Investment Programme by the end of this year, while the Programme itself will be entirely in place in 2020, head of the Secretariat for Development Projects, Dejan Medojević, said in an interview with Dnevne Novine daily.

The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programme started on 1 January 2019, and it will be limited to 2,000 investors over three years. According to Medojević, there will not be a place either for those working with dirty money nor persons of interests to the security services in this Programme.

“On behalf of the Government of Montenegro, the Secretariat has launched the Citizenship Programme. Before this, the Government had defined requirements that an investor must comply with to get economic citizenship. This is not about the general sale of passports but rather an important development project for Montenegro,” said Medojević.

He reminded of the investment requirements, that is, 100,000 EUR donation in a Government Funds plus.

“The money will be allocated to the less-developed local self-government units and will be spent primarily on infrastructure and facilities which will bring some value to the north of the country,” pointed out Medojević.

On the selection procedure for the applicants Medojević explained that the special mediation agents would first check all of them, then the international credentials agents and then auditors who will be checking whether the money is paid as was planned. Finally, when the Secretariat says that they (investors) have met all the requirements, Prime Minister Duško Marković is to send his proposal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to put whatever controls it can in place, but, of course, following the Law on Citizenship.

“So, the final controls are to be taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and National Security Agency,” concluded Mr Medojević, adding that they will do everything they can “to grant citizenship to most suitable applicants, willing to invest in the development of Montenegro.”

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

23 Mar 2019, 13:10 PM

March 23, 2019 - The Institute is facing significant challenges, but the primary goal is not to change - to preserve and improve the essential activity - physical medicine and rehabilitation, said Dr. Gordana Rajovic, director of the "Dr. Simo Milošević" Institute at the Academy marking the 70th anniversary of the health-tourism centre in Herceg Novi. The event was held last night at the Congress Hall of this institution.

Recalling the historical development of the renowned health and rehabilitation facility in Igalo, she pointed to the importance of health tourism, as an influential economic factor for the development of this area and Montenegro.
The significance of the Institute over the last 70 years is immutable. Igalo has become a brand on the health tourism map. As the bath spa of 1949 evolved, Igalo was built and developed with even higher intensity. No less important is the Institute to the Municipality of Herceg Novi and Montenegro as well. This fact has to be emphasized as the interconnectedness that creates the responsibility of everyone in the time before the Institute.
Dr. Rajovic said that the guideline to administer natural healing factors in combination with modern medicine methods follows the technological advances and promotes conditions for the application of therapy and the stay of patients.
"Preparation, treatment, and rehabilitation of a whole range of illnesses and the willingness of people to travel to maintain and preserve their health and the ability to deliver them to a high level with the tradition and renown of the Igalo Institute is a perspective that should never be questioned," said Rajovic.
All this implies much more effort and willingness to preserve the full natural healing properties of Igalo.
"On the establishment of today, thousands of employees have contributed to what we are. People have led this house with vision, knowledge, operability, and abilities, and daily work, for some and all of life, made the patients who used our services be our greatest ambassadors," Dr. Rajovic said.
During the academy, two documentary films about the Institute of the former and then about the modern building of this institution, Stevan Koprivica, were presented. His pocket also produced a smaller piece of work that ignored the values of the health giant such as the Institute, its significance not only for Herceg Novi but even much broader and in the time of privatization. The role was entrusted to the actress Dubravka Drakić, who presented a well-presented patient at the Institute, how much quality service the beneficiary can get, and that there is no price for it. Introducing himself as a customer, he asked how much the amount of the Institute was? How much the sea costs or the maestral, the smile of the employee, the expertise, the doctor's knowledge, every good step a man makes, claiming that she, as a common man "is not in the steam but love, is also a forever." In the music section of the academy, Andrijana Božović performed with Sreten Ćupuć on guitar.
The academy was attended by representatives of the Government and the Montenegrin Assembly, the diplomatic corps, former and current doctors and other medical workers of the Institute, and Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic sent a telegram of congratulations.
In a meeting with journalists, after the academy, the Minister of Health Dr. Kenan Hrapović pointed out that the Institute is a brand that lasts and continues in Montenegro and this area.
Most importantly, and what we should most appreciate is the cadre. We can always buy equipment, build buildings, but what is invaluable is knowledge, which the Institute has and will have. The boxer himself is the one who promotes. There is also the Faculty of Physical Medicine where new generations of quality staffs are emerging. It is a guarantee for the quality of health care not only of Montenegrin citizens but it is an internationally recognized brand. I am in a position to talk to the numerous representatives of foreign countries lately who are interested in sending their citizens to such a place to get quality health care.
Asked to comment on the privatization of the Institute that followed, Minister Hrapovic pointed out that "whatever happened in the coming period, Montenegrin citizens have high-quality health care at the Igalo Institute as well as so far," he said, "the government and the state of Montenegro will provide them."
On the fifth tender for sale of 56.48% of the shares of the Institute, the only offer came from the consortium of the Czech company Philibert and the Montenegrin hotel-tourist company of Olive Villa, Žarko Rakcevic, who did not want to comment on the course of negotiations until the decision of the tender commission and the official choice of bidders. In addition to the EUR 10 million for action, they also offered 28 million investments exclusively to existing facilities at the Institute. The Institute has 607 full-time employees and another hundred seasonal. They expect that they will continue to work following the general and branch collective agreements after the completion of the privatization process.
Despite the difficulties, the Institute achieves good business results, introduces new treatment and rehabilitation programs, refurbishes equipment, fosters scientific research and is expanding into new markets, the press conference revealed.
This health tourism facility is one of the few in the region with so many traditions and recognition around the world.
The Institute was opened in 1949 by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Montenegro as a bath and climate spa, and Dr. Svetozar Živojinović, a great enthusiast, a connoisseur, and advocate of the application of natural healing factors in treatment, was given great credit for it.
The former health resort is located practically on the ice, in the area called Stara Banja today. Soon after that, Jankovic adapted to a permanent facility, physical therapy facilities were built, and the health center was renamed the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Then, a children's department was established, which by the end of the '80s was the largest center for children's rehabilitation. Under the leadership of Nikola Mračević, in 1973, the first phase was built and in 1982 the second phase, +the Mediterranean Health Center.
In 1976, the Institute of Higher Physical Therapy was established, which was promoted to the Faculty of Applied Physiotherapy in 2004 and is now an organizational unit of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montenegro.
22 Mar 2019, 15:16 PM

Tenants of six open-air disco clubs, fast food and shops announced that they would rejoin next Thursday when the government should declare upon their request that temporary buildings also remain for this summer at Budva promenade near the City Post.

Today they gathered again on the roundabout at the entrance to Budva, convinced that the Ministry of Sustainable Development would accept their request and submit it to the Government.

Although it was expected that such a decision should be found at today's session of the Government, because the Minister of Tourism Pavle Radulovic announced at the beginning of the week that he would submit the demands of the tenants to his collegium, about the fate of popular disco clubs and shops, however, there was no word today. "We gathered today, and we expected that the minister would make the final decision on his collegium yesterday, which the government was supposed to discuss today. As the Ministry of Tourism collegium did not consider our request, we expect it to be done next Thursday, when the government’s session is also scheduled. We hope for a positive decision, we hope that the competent authorities will have understanding for our requests, we hope that Minister Radulovic will fulfill our wishes and allow the objects to remain by the end of the summer, which would we, obliged by a contract, remove until October 31st," said the owner of a shop on the promenade Savo Radonjic.

Stressing that they will gather again next Thursday, the tenants once again reiterated that the season in Budva begins the next week, when organized groups of guests arrive, and that practically there is no time to execute the removal of objects and the arrangement of space. They reiterated that it was first necessary to approach the planned development of the project for the design of the promenade, and then make the decision to remove the objects. Three days ago, a meeting was held in Budva, in the premises of JP Morsko dobro, attended by Minister of Tourism Pavle Radulovic, Public Enterprise Director Predrag Jelusic, Mayor of Budva Marko Bato Carevic and lawyer Zoran Piperovic, a legal representative of the owners of six discotheques.

After the meeting, Radulovic said that definitely everyone remained with their opinion that such an offer is no longer appropriate at that location, but that until an alternative location to which the facilities would have been relocated was found, it was proposed to allow to the local shops to work this season, under the condition that they would need to remove them by October 31st. Such a request was signed by Jelusic and Piperovic, and the collegium should declare their decision today.

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Text by Vuk Lajovic, on March 21st 2019, read more at Vijesti

22 Mar 2019, 15:12 PM

The Italian Financial Police has donated two speedboats to the Montenegrin Police Directorate, which will be used by the Montenegrin border police for surveillance of the state border at sea in the detection and suppression of cross-border crime. The Police Directorate announced that the ceremonial handover of the speedboats, which can be used in extreme weather conditions, was held today in the Port of Budva, after the International Conference "Joint Response to the Suppression of Illegal Migration and their Impact on Terrorism".

Two patrol vessels were delivered by the Director of the Central Directorate for Migration and Border Police of Italy, Masimo Bontempi, to the Assistant Director of the Police Directorate - department Border Police Vesko Damjanovic.

Damjanovic thanked Bontempi and the Italian Financial Police on a valuable donation, as well as on the training organized by the colleagues from Italy in Gaeta for two crews who will use the donated vessels in the execution of entrusted tasks.

He said that he believes this is the beginning of even closer and more direct cooperation between the Montenegrin and Italian police in the fight against all forms of organized cross-border crime. Bontempi stressed that the Montenegrin police is a reliable and confidential partner to the Italian and financial police.

He said he was confident that the two countries' police would undertake joint activities that would contribute to even greater security at sea, which is in the interest of the citizens of Italy and Montenegro.

The general of the Unit in the Italian Financial Police, Ricardo Rapanoti, said that the police is a partner of Frontex in the protection of the sea border.

According to him, the cooperation with the Montenegrin police in detecting and preventing crime is very important to the Financial Police, especially all forms of smuggling.

Italian Ambassador to Montenegro Luka Zelioli believes that the donation is an expression of quality strategic cooperation between the two police.

He said that the donation is a confirmation that the excellent relations between the two countries do not take place only in the fields of politics, culture and economy, but that they are also important in the area of significance for the security of the borders of Italy and Montenegro.

Two patrol vessels were donated to the Montenegrin police based on the "Memorandum of Understanding and Strengthening Cooperation in the Fields of Border Management and Migration, Combating Illegal Migration and Smuggling of Migrants, Especially at Sea".

The Memorandum was signed by the Director of the Police Directorate Veselin Veljovic and the head of the National Police of Italy, Franco Gabrieli, in October last year in Brindisi.

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22 Mar 2019, 15:07 PM

The costs of a gender-reassignment operation for transgender people in the future will be fully covered, not only in practice but also by the law. The costs of the process, instead of 80%, will be fully funded by the Health Insurance Fund in the future, as envisaged by the new amendments to the Law on Health Insurance, drafted at a public hearing by March 28th.

In the association "Spektra", the organization that works to promote and protect the human rights of transgender, gender-based and interpolate people, considers such a proposal an example of good analysis and that what occurs in practice only reflects into the legislative framework.

According to the head of the Association Jovan Ulicevic, amendments to the Law represent a simple recognition of the practice that the Health Insurance Fund finances health interventions, among which is the process of gender adjustment.

"In the practice so far, the costs for all the situations above have been covered in full, and not in the amount of 80%, taking into account the fact that supplementary insurance has never come to life in practice," he said to "Vijesti".

He also added that "Spektra" significantly contributed to the reduction of the costs paid by FZO during the gender reassignment process, in the way they managed to establish cooperation with doctors employed in the health institutions in Montenegro. 

"This is also significantly facilitated by the procedure for the community itself, which now has access to experts in the field of mental health, endocrinology, and some surgical interventions. In this regard, we consider that the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Health Insurance is an example of a well-analyzed current situation and a simple mapping of the real situation into the legislative framework. "

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21 Mar 2019, 15:01 PM

Montenegro is ranked 73rd place in the world rankings of happiness, which includes 156 countries, according to the UN World Happiness Report 2019, published today.

Out of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, the happiest is Slovenia, which is 44th place. Ahead of Montenegro is also Serbia in 70th place, followed by Croatia (75), Bosnia and Herzegovina (78) and Macedonia (84).

Out of the countries in the region, the happiest is Romania, which is 48th place. Following it is Greece (82), Bulgaria (97) and Albania (107).

Finland is officially ranked the happiest for the second year in a row, and at the last position, this year is South Sudan. The UN launched a report in 2012 that ranked 156 countries at the level of citizens' happiness. The report consists of the results of citizens' surveys in countries on the ranking list. Respondents are invited to answer the questionnaire and grade from 1 to 10, which is the degree of certain factors in the country they live in, which include, among other things, compassion, freedom, generosity, honesty, and health.

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Text by Vijesti online, Agency BETA, on March 20th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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