05 Nov 2018, 14:10 PM

November 5, 2018 - This year's first mimosas on the Herceg Novi Riviera flourished on Topla.

The yellow sun, known as the mimosa flower, is the trademark of the largest town in Boka and it has been honored for almost half a century every year in February, a tourist propaganda event called the Mimosa Feast. Mimosas bloom from November to March.

The Mimosa is an exotic tree belonging to the acacia branch, which seafarers brought from their distant journeys to Herceg Novi. It is believed that the sailor Mićo Lepetić from Topla was the first to bring it to Herceg Novi from Australia, while in Europe it was mentioned for the first time in France, where it was planted around a castle in Cannes in 1860, from where it spread to other Mediterranean countries. There are about 800 species of this yellow flower, whose native land is in India, Africa, America, Australia and other dry, subtropical and tropical parts of the world.

At the end of the 1980s, there were about 5,000 mimosas in the area of the municipality, from which 30 flower wagons could be picked up. It is estimated that now only 10 percent of the trees are left. In the sixties and seventies of the last century, when the mimosa was massively planted, it was a lucrative job. Of the dozens of yellow flower producers, there are only a few left today. The mimosa tree has a short lifespan of up to 40 years. That is why the local government has launched an action of mimosa planting which is the symbol of the town so that it would not disappear completely and thus question the survival of the Mimosa Feast. In the area of the Herceg Novi municipality, 100 mimosa trees are being planted, of which 60 are allocated to the citizens and their private areas, and 40 will be planted on the municipal parcels. Thirty trees were planted before the commencement of the tourist season.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on November 4th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

05 Nov 2018, 14:04 PM

November 5, 2018 - Savin Kuk ski resort and its surroundings will not be recognized in the forthcoming winter tourist season, and next summer, surely, the investment story including millions of euros will be completely rounded up. At Zabljak they will no longer look at the sky, but at the artificial snow on the ski paths that will be provided.

A new road was built, so this winter there will be fewer traffic jams at the foot of Savin Kuk. The parking was also asphalted, and most of the works on bringing water from Modro Lake has been completed.

According to the Manager of the ski resort, Milutin Tomic, it is a project that is being realized in cooperation with the Center for International Cooperation and Development from Slovenia.

"This job implied the construction of artificial reservoirs and the construction of a water pipeline from Modro Lake to the foot of Savin Kuk. The accumulation is about 55,000 cubic meters, and the plumbing is more than 6.5 kilometers long. This water will be used for artificial snow, and this month there should be a tender for the first phase for production of the snow at the Savin Kuk ski resort, in the length of 1.5 kilometers, but with the possibility that the system will be extended next year on a path that is yet to be built. We plan to set a larger cross-section of pipes to the middle-station, which means that whenever a six-seater is mounted, the artificial snow can instantly cover all slopes," says Milutin Tomić, adding that now their ski resort offers a total of about five kilometers of trails.

The main contractor for the construction of the six-seater is already known, while at the same time there will be another four kilometers of trails to follow, and with a newly built, 1.5 km long track, skiers will have many more paths available next year, which will be categorized differently.

It is planned that the accumulation will be completed by the end of 2019 but judging by the works done so far, out of which 80% is finished, it will be ready earlier.

"Five-kilometer long water pipes have been set up, the canals are almost completely hollowed out, the manholes built... which means there are still 1.5 kilometers left to end the works. The weather has not been in our favor, there was always rain. The contractors for building a six-seater are already selected, the main design is in the process and the works will start in spring. That means next year on Savin Kuk there will be artificial snow and a six-seater," added Tomic. They plan that water in the summertime when it is unnecessary, will be of benefit to the farmers, but also to dwellers who are not in the livestock business, living in settlements Razvršje, Motički Gaj," he added.

The new access road, which is 1.1-kilometer-long, is pitched and asphalted, as well as parking for a hundred vehicles, but next year it will be significantly expanded. Savin Kuk, commonly, offers two two-seaters, two ski lifts, and a baby lift. All the equipment was thoroughly inspected, and was attested by the Innovation Center of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Belgrade on the complete plant and electrical equipment.

Text by Pobjeda, on November 5th, 2018, read more at CdM

05 Nov 2018, 02:14 AM

04 November 2018 - As a result of the long-term cooperation between the "Pasar" Gallery, the Herceg Novi Comics Festival and the comics shop "Mr No" from Podgorica, the first comics shop in the Bay of Kotor opened in Herceg Novi.

The opening of the comics shop located in the Art Craft Gallery "Pasara", will try to revive the habit of reading comics, as noted from representatives Herceg Novi's Comics Festival.

"This is kind of a logical step in the development of our festival. The recently completed twelfth Herceg Novi Comics Festival has shown that the event has reached the level of European manifestations devoted to ninth art, as well that the best promoter of Montenegro in the world of comics, and also the best promoter of comics culture in our country is this festival in particular. We simply aim to return this form of art to people, return to the place it belongs to, and return comics to the citizens, as well as create a habit of reading comics," said representatives of the Herceg Novi Comics Festival.

Apart from the favorite comics of renowned publishing houses, the comics shop offers aworks by top authors who have toured at the previous festivals, as well as various souvenirs.

"Herceg Novi's comics shop of the gallery "Pasara" will feature all the kiosks from "Veseli Četvrtak" and "Ludens", to the exclusive collection of Belgrade's "Darkwood" and Zagreb's "Fiber", as well as all other renowned publishing houses from region, with a large selection of Japanese manga comics that are released in our region. In addition, the comics shop will also feature works created by top authors visiting our festivals, and there will be all Herceg Novi Comics Festival souvenirs and memorabilia such as t-shirts, posters and calendar for 2019 with the works of our 12 special guests this year," concluded representatives of the Herceg Novi Comics Festival.

They also believe that the comics shop will be a place for the gathering of lovers not only in the ninth art but of creativity in general, given the fact that the gallery "Pasara" was founded by Herceg Novi's artists Boris Šuberić and Vanja Berberović Šuberić.

04 Nov 2018, 14:17 PM

The transformation of Tivat from a dormant seaside town, based on seafaring, shipbuilding and military, in the "elite nautical-touristic destination of the high class" for the last ten years, resulted in dramatic economic and demographic changes, but it did not give the expected results in improving the standards of the domicile population.

This, among other things, can be concluded from the analytical part of the Tivat Strategic Development Plan for 2019-2022, which will soon be found in front of the councilors in the parliament. According to the latest 2011 Census, Tivat had 14,031 inhabitants, with an average age of 38 years. In the last decade, the town recorded a continuous increase in the number of inhabitants who were 12,812 in 2000, five years later 13,404, and reaching 14,744 people last year. The natural increase in Tivat is 6.7 percent, which is drastically higher than the Montenegrin average of 1.9 percent.

"The data show a steady increase, as well as a higher percentage of population growth than at the state level. The population growth is due to the positive natural increase and positive migration trends of the population within Montenegro," the Strategic Plan says, with the note that Tivat has 4,862 households and two times as many condos - 9,675.

The smallest municipality in Boka since the closure of the military shipyard Arsenal, the eviction of military assets with which Tivat has been living with as a base for more than 120 years, according to the local and state DPS officials, has been transformed into the "Montenegrin Monte Carlo" thanks to the development of yachting and elite tourist complexes Porto Montenegro and Lustica Bay.


Construction is continuously ongoing PHOTO: Siniša Luković

However, these projects are basically primarily real estate because they are dominantly reduced to the construction of apartments, villas and business premises for sale or rent, while the construction of new classical hotel capacities is considerably smaller in the development of these complexes, especially in the case of Porto Montenegro. This luxurious complex, built on the site of the former Arsenal, "pulled the trigger" to a new development trend in Tivat, which with the construction of apartments under the mask of "development of tourist villas and condo hotels" becomes an overbuilt “elite Budva”. At the same time, the population is more and more "convicted on a cloth and a broom", that is, relatively poorly paid and hard jobs in the service industry for rich clients of elite complexes, or wealthy people who can afford expensive houses built on the unexpected coast or its green hinterland.

The development and arrangement of the town are at the same time concentrated mainly on the center and the closest contact zone of the elite Porto Montenegro, while the surrounding, and especially peripheral settlements, are literally neglected, and some of them today look like a Brazilian favela.


Center of the town PHOTO: Siniša Luković

"Arsenal's privatization in 2006 also caused significant economic and demographic changes in our municipality. This, among other things, led to a faster development of the specific town’s center, while at the same time we can freely say there is slower, or not so rapid, development of peripheral areas. Also, significant disruption to the whole coastal region is also reflected in the discharges of the population from the northern region to the primal coastal region. As a result of this, we have, inter alia, coastal areas that take urban features and become areas of concentration of population with a predominantly tourist function," said the Strategic Plan. On several occasions, the document mentions the growing migration of the population from the north and the arrival of an increasing number of people to Tivat in search of a better life. The economic branch that is experiencing the boom in Tivat, as well as on the whole coast, is the construction of apartments in the last decade. From 2003 to 2011, the number of apartments increased by as much as 2,549 (from 7,167 to 9,626). Of the newly built apartments, 1,382 are empty and uninhabited, and only 509 apartments are officially seasonally used. This shows that the criticisms of those who at the beginning of the Porto Montenegro project warned that this could be turned into raising "settlements with closed blinds" - were justified. And in the middle of summer, most of the apartments in Porto Montenegro, Lustica Bay, and similar complexes are with closed window blinds and in the dark, testifying that they are rarely used.


Porto Montenegro PHOTO: Siniša Luković

Around these complexes, there are more and more newly built residential buildings with striking inscriptions - "For sale" and contact info of the sellers - investors. In spite of this, the construction boom does not stop and, according to the current data of the Urban Planning Department in Tivat, more than 80 construction sites are now active. The authors of the Strategic Plan say that from 2012 to 2017 in Tivat, the number of available permanent jobs has increased by about 1,000, given the very pronounced seasonal fluctuations in the number of jobs available only during the summer. 

"In addition to the fact that the season lasts for three months and does not represent a long-term source of income for employees, the most frequent jobs in the field of tourism and catering, construction and trade do not provide high incomes. Also, the workforce from the neighboring countries (Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina) is most often engaged in the above mentioned jobs. Economic growth and employment from 2012-2017 had a limited impact on the number of unemployed... In the mentioned period, oscillations in the number of unemployed at the end of the year were recorded. The smallest number of unemployed persons were recorded in 2015 (740 unemployed), after which in the next two years there was an increase in the number of unemployed persons," the Strategic Plan reads.

That the new concept of economic development of Tivat does not give the expected economic effects on the domicile population, shows that at the Bureau of work in 2014 there were 807 citizens of Tivat, and last year only slightly less - 784. The unemployment rate is constantly one of the highest on the coast and it is moving between 13 and 14 percent.

"In the period up to 2014, the number of employees has grown steadily, so that in the coming years there will be a reduced number of employment. These movements are caused by the mere reduction of the absorption power of the market, that is, employment opportunities."

It is noted that in some economic areas, such as tourism and trade, there is the possibility of additional employment, but that "conditions offered are not accepted by the local workers".

Apart from the fact that it does not represent a long-term source of income for employees, these jobs do not usually provide high revenues. In order to create better jobs, it is necessary to devise measures for the development of a sector that provides employment throughout the year and measures for the development of year-round tourism that would require the engagement of the workforce out of season."

Three times higher incomes per capita than the average in Montenegro 

The authors of the Strategic Plan praised the achievement, claiming that "the permanent improvement of the business environment contributed to the Municipality of Tivat attracting large investors who started the realization of investments such as Porto Montenegro, Lustica Bay, and Blue Horizons.



Luštica PHOTO: Siniša Luković

"The launch of these investments, especially the opening of Porto Montenegro in 2009 as one of the largest marinas in Europe, has contributed to increasing the attractiveness of the Municipality of Tivat and Montenegro as a whole as investment and tourist destinations. The investment boom in the Tivat Municipality is one of the most important drivers of socio-economic development. Investments in Tivat and real sector growth have contributed to improving the fiscal sustainability of the municipality in the last five years. Viewed per capita, current budget revenues increased by a third, so from 540 euros in 2009 they increased to around 730 euros in 2014, which is three times more than the average in all the municipalities in Montenegro in 2014, which are amounted to 260 euros per capita, according to the data by the Government of Montenegro.

There are no big companies, service activities
are in boost

Tivta's economy, meanwhile, has lost all of its former large companies, such as Arsenal, and today it consists of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with the dominant share of the two least categories of as many as 99.25 percent of all economic entities. The number of active enterprises rose from 715 in 2012 to 1,166 in 2016, but more than three-quarters of them deal only with the tertiary, i.e. service activities (trade, accommodation and food services, real estate brokerage, agency activities).

The number of four star category hotels has been increased, the number of the lowest categories has been reduced - two stars, and four new five-star hotels have been opened with a total of 380 beds. Tourist traffic, measured by the number of guests and realized overnight stays, increased more than doubled in the period 2014-18.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on November 4th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

04 Nov 2018, 14:11 PM

November 4, 2018 - Last year, at the level of 35 kV (kilovolt), 1,637 unplanned interruptions in power supply were recorded, and the largest number of electricity shortages were caused by bad weather conditions. On the other hand, 425 planned interruptions at the 35 kV level were announced and realized, said the Montenegrin Electricity Distribution System (CEDIS).

The company explained that CEDIS consists of over 4,800 substations and 19,000 km of kilometers of various power supply lines, which distribute electricity to 390,000 users. The characteristics of the network are largely conditioned by the configuration of the ground that is rather unfavorable, especially in the rural area in the north of the country. Dispersion of the network, the large length of the lines, and the inaccessible terrain are just some of the consequences of the configuration of the terrain, due to which the maintenance of the network and facilities is complex and costly, as explained by CEDIS. The specificity of the network in Montenegro, based on the explanation from CEDIS, is also dictated by the illegal construction in certain areas, which results in power supply exceeding the permitted levels for which the network and facilities have been designed.

"Despite the aforementioned, with the regular maintenance and multimillion-dollar investments realized by CEDIS, the number of unplanned interruptions is declining year after year. Since the beginning of the year, over two million and 200 thousand euros have been invested in maintenance, and multi-million investment projects have been completed and launched," they explained.

They added that the Regulator approved a three-year plan for the revitalization of the medium and low-voltage network, worth around 32 million euros.

Despite the aforementioned investment activities, there are circumstances that cannot be influenced, and they are related to weather disruptions, which is the dominant cause of interruptions in power supply, explained CEDIS. The Rules on the Minimum Quality of Supply and Supply of Electricity, which has been applied since August 2017, have established two indicators. SAIDI has been established indicating the average duration of delivery interruption in minutes at the electricity metering point and SAIFI, which represents the average frequency of delivery interruption at the electric power location at annual level. These two indicators are calculated on an annual basis, and, according to the company, public data will be available in January 2019 for the year 2018.

Text by Dan, on November 4th, 2018, read more at CdM

04 Nov 2018, 01:34 AM

03 November 2018 - The application deadline for rewards within the Fund for quality and talents expired on 1 November, and 1,000 applications have been submitted, the Ministry of Education told Dnevne Novine daily. As the said, this project proves people strongly believe in the education reform.

"Such a great interest exceeded our expectations. The Fund will provide 400 remunerations for students and teachers, and a certain number of them will be awarded by default. So far, we have received over 1,000 applications, which exceeded our expectations,” Milica Lekić, the Montenegrin Education Ministry spokeswoman.

“Such a strong interest in the Fund is extremely significant to us because we are now sure we are going to select the best ones,” said Lekić.

As for the Commission in charge of evaluating received applications, she said: “We are sure they are going to do their job professionally and objectively.”

The final decision on remunerations will be made by 30 November 2018 at the latest, and rewards will vary from EUR 500 to 2,000 (EUR 1,000 on average).

Read more about Fund for quality and talents here.

04 Nov 2018, 01:22 AM

03 November 2018 - A Montenegrin language Manual for Turkish speakers, titled "Türkler Için Karadağça El Kitabı", authored by Aylin Galip and Samir Adžovic, was promoted on November 2 in Podgorica. The Montenegrin-language Manual in Turkish will make it easier for individuals from the Turkish speaking area who live in Montenegro to learn about Montenegrin language, said Montenegrin Culture Minister Aleksandar Bogdanović at the promotion.

While introducing the Manual, Minister Bogdanović said: "In some of the most important theoretical and philosophical works that have been elicited over the past hundred years, the issue of language has become a central place, thanks to which language has become one of the more important phenomena in the new breakthroughs of culture. Today it is clear that language represents much more than a means of communication and that its creation and development hide the specialties that bear witness to the cultural and spiritual ripening of one nation. That is why it can be said that in each process of learning a language, the characteristics and mentality of the people to whom the language “belongs” are revealed.” During his speech, the Minister also focused on the aspect that the dynamics of language development have led to changes in cultures throughout history, which is precisely why language is one of the crucial segments of cultural cooperation.

Turkish0311 3

By creating the Manual, authors Samir Adžović and Aylin Galip have given their contribution to cultural cooperation between Montenegro and Turkey. While speaking about the work on the Manual, Ms. Galip stated that although she was somewhat familiar with the Balkan languages because she had spent some time on the peninsula, that knowledge was insufficient for such a project. To overcome this situation, when Galip decided to learn the Montenegrin language, she found Samir Adžović, who helped her in the learning process. She had many difficulties in understanding the “logic” behind Montenegrin language, which is very different from the Turkish language, and Adžović was a huge help in overcoming the obstacles. Because of the growing number of Turkish citizens who are staying in Montenegro, an idea was born to write a book that would contain basic grammatical information, daily dialogues and words. “It was envisaged that Samir writes the explanations of Montenegrin grammar, and the adjustment and explanation in the Turkish language came to me," Ms. Galip explained.


Proud of their success in creating the Manual, Mr. Adžović stated: “We tried to encompass only what is significant and deprive the Manual of excessive content. Of course, this was a difficult undertaking, but I hope that we managed to write a useful book and make our contribution to linking the two cultures - Turkish and Montenegrin."

04 Nov 2018, 01:18 AM

03 November 2018 - Although the application "My Tree" was officially launched only two weeks ago, the creators have already sold seedlings worth over 10,000 EUR, which means that Podgorica will receive more than 100 new seedlings in the next ten days, according to the official report by the Capital of Montenegro.

Ivan Vuković, the Mayor of Podgorica was present at the project in Kralja Nikole Street, which was funded by the donations of the Montenegrin Electricity Transmission System, within the application "My Tree". The application was created in cooperation with Podgorica Municipality and the Company "Amplitudo". The Mayor pointed out that this is the starting phase of the implementation of the “My Tree” project, which is currently one of the most important projects within the Capital.

MyTree0311 1

"In this way, we form new park surfaces in different parts of the city and we are trying to mitigate what were the negative consequences of the accelerated development and urbanization of Podgorica in the past period," said Mayor Vuković. He pointed out that the Montenegrin Electricity Transmission System first responded to the “green call” and so far invested the largest amount as a socially responsible company that showed interest in helping the Capital plan the realization of this project. "Apart from METS, there is Telekom and Vezuv Company and many others that have invested, and I hope that there will be more companies and individuals who will show concern for this major project within the Capital", said Mayor Vuković.

Vuković also emphasized that as the Mayor, he has a special obligation to thank people from the Public company "Zelenilo" who have made significant efforts in the process of determining the locations where the planting will be carried out, as well as the specifications of plant species that are adapted to this climate.

"It's not a simple job at all, though it just seems that you just need to select locations and plant a tree. However, before that, the necessary conditions such as hydraulic installations should be provided, and the trees should be watered so that they do not dry out. I invite all people who have similar initiatives in mind with the same goal, to seek the expert help from people from our PC Zelenilo, because they are leaders with the great number of people with the necessary level of knowledge that can help individuals who want to do something nice for our city ", said Vuković.

02 Nov 2018, 13:37 PM

The situation in the UNESCO area of Kotor is more than worrying, especially from the perspective of the cultural landscape, which has been irretrievably destroyed at many locations. Although a moratorium on construction in a protected area is in place, urbicides are developing unhindered by threatening to finally close the story of the UNESCO status of Kotor. The Joint UNESCO-ICOMOS Reactive Mission is underway, and one of the local experts who hosted colleagues was Prof. Dr. Ilija Lalošević.

System of Protection for UNESCO Status of Kotor is Not Functioning

Although in a relatively good state, old city centers are not immune to the general marginalization of the profession, which has been systematically implemented for more than a decade, and as a final result is the fact that the institutions of protection, above all the Department for the Protection of Cultural Goods, allowed the biggest devastation, such as building the Pentagon, the beach in Dobrota, the Turkish Cape, a five-floors hotel in Perast.

UNESCO has warned the US since 2003

The Reactive Joint Mission of the UNESCO and ICOMOS is here in Montenegro to determine the state of the protected area and Montenegro's progress in implementing the demands made at the Bahrain summit, albeit at previous sessions.

ilija lalosevicThe UNESCO mission visited Montenegro for the last time in 2003, followed by a sharp warning in the 2004 summit. Although it was to be expected that we will work to establish a more effective protection system, and the warnings were mostly concerned with the treatment of the cultural landscape, we have gone a few steps backward - the Regional Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Kotor has been drowned in the Department for the Protection of Cultural Goods, and Kotor experts have taken the right to make decisions. A former director of the Regional Institute, nowadays a full professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica, Dr. Ilija Lalošević, points out:

"All our previous experience is neglected. The director who came after me dropped the Technical Department, to which we could especially be proud of. Apart from the fact that this Technical Department, with the eyes of the conservators, has renewed most of Kotor, we are talking about a team that has carried out conservation work on numerous facilities throughout the former Yugoslavia. With the Provincial Institute of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, the Regional Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments has named one of the best in the former state."

Based on Joint Reactive Mission Report, UNESCO Status of Kotor to be discussed at Committee Session Next Year

During the visit of the Reactive Joint Mission, Professor Lalošević was a contact person in front of the member state, and he met with experts from the World Heritage Committee and ICOMOS on two occasions and was their host.

According to Prof. Dr. Ilija Lalošević, the Reactive Joint Mission would make its report in 15 days, and its content will be the subject of debate by the UNESCO Committee on its next session in 2019. Professor Lalošević is not particularly optimistic about the future status of Kotor: "By the state of the field and the earlier reports that have come from 2003 to today, everything is worse than the gorge, as well as the moratorium that was introduced, albeit only on paper, according to the latest guidelines, which were made at the session in Bahrain, where, inter alia, it requires an extension of the moratorium- it is clear that the situation is not good."

The President of the Municipality of Kotor, Vladimir Jokić, stated earlier that the local authorities are communicating with competent national bodies on an expert level to try to develop the action plan that will preserve the area and be the basic stone for its sustainable management and development in the future. 

01 Nov 2018, 20:11 PM

01 November 2018 - Groovy Castel Nuovo recently announced that they organized an unforgettable party with the Verboten and German duo Teenage Mutants, whose signature was on the releases of Stil Vor Talent, Octopus, Suara and many others. The party will take place on Friday, November 2, from 11 pm to 5 am at Maximus Discotheque in Kotor. Tickets are for sale for 8 EUR.

By honing a uniquely catchy and inspired sound, the past years have seen the German techno duo Teenage Mutants tirelessly forge their place on the map of outstanding, timeless electronic music hailing from the heart of Europe.

At the very core of Teenage Mutants’ mission is one simple goal: to spread their remarkably feel-good, energy-driven style of techno to a global audience. And, by now, their reputation speaks for itself: the scene has long been enamoured with the authentic pair from Mainz, as they refreshingly let their skills do the talking, both in the booth and in the studio.

Teenage Mutants have a great presence on the charts of leading music platforms such as Beatport, where you can hear their creativity in many music directions from deep to techno sounds. Behind the German duo is an impressive collection of respected artists with whom they collaborated, like Purple Disco Machine, Moonbootica, Laura Welsh, Betoko and Jonas Saalbach. These are just some of the names they shared the studio with. They also created numerous remixes in cooperation with Nervo (“The Other Boys” feat. Kylie Minogue, Jake Shears & Nile Rodgers), Autograf (“Metaphysical”), Sailor & I, Third Son (“Alaska”), Niiche, EdOne, Edouard!, Simion, etc. which further show how wide their musical opus is. The worldwide clubbing scene has surrendered to TM’s haunting grooves, skills and a praiseworthy attitude during the last couple of years. Talent never falls on deaf ears, for this very reason TM have published great tunes on labels such as Sony Music, Ultra, Suara, Stil Vor Talent, Bunny Tiger, Hedkandi, Incorrect, Click Records, Nervous, Katermukke, Definition Music or Light My Fire.

It is certain that this night will serve us energetic and melodious sounds, with the support composed of P.S. & Raven Tk, who will ensure that the audience stays awake until morning.

You can find more information about the event on the page here.

01 Nov 2018, 12:19 PM

November 1, 2018 - On the Torre Guaceto beach in Brindisi, Italy, a bottle with a strip of this year's Herceg Novi Strip Festival was found, confirming the photograph in the hands of a certain Dominic, published on the FB page of the Italian branch of international organization Thalassia.

"We are very surprised. The Italian branch of the Wildlife Conservation Group Thalassia Coop put on its FB page that a certain Dominic had found a bottle with the strip inside. Everyone knows that over the last few days in Italy there was a great hurdle. They probably cleaned the beaches and the stormy south is covered with all sorts of rubbish. Among the waste was also our bottle with the strip. They posted a very nice comment on their FB site, where they tagged HSF. We could read the very nice words: "After the rain and the waves, the muddy rivers and winds from the storm... There are sea gifts!" They wrote this, with the gratitude that the Herceg Novi Strip Festival gave them this emotion, typical for some of the past times," said Herceg Novi Strip Festival's PR Nebojsa Mandić.

Herceg Novi Strip Festival Iztok Sitar“On each of the comic strips in a bottle, down to the sea from the catamaran Trojan at the entrance to Boka Bay, the author's name and the marked edition of the festival are written in the English and Italian language. Therefore, it was not difficult for Italian "inventors" to identify who to thank for "the special emotion, typical for some of the past times". It's a comic that was drawn by Iztok Sitar, our friend and a faithful participant of all our manifestations in the city under Orjen“. Mandić emphasized that in their comment, Thalassia Coop mentions HFS as a well-known manifestation.

Herceg Novi Strip Festival is well-known in Italy

“The bottle was found in Brindisi, where 3-4 articles on the HSF were published last year. Also, in question is the Puglia region, where the great strip artist Walter Trono comes from, our friend and participant of the HSF events for the last three years. Thanks to Walter, Corriere Della Puglia has written several times about our festival so it is not unknown. Also, everybody knows that the Italian embassy in Montenegro has supported the Herceg Novi Strip Festival since its inception and has also presented us with the Carravagio Award. It is therefore not surprising that people from Thalassia Pool have recognized what this is about,“ marks one of the founders and the PR of the largest comic festival in the region, Nebojsa Mandić.

Herceg Novi Strip Festival already working on next edition

Although the 12th HSF was held less than two months ago, the team is already working to prepare for the 13th edition for next September.

"We do not stop working and we already have announced, and even confirmed guests. Of course, it is not yet time to announce their names, but I can say that, as it is the case for every new edition of the festival, we are taking another step forward in order to make an even bigger spectacle than the last. And this September, we really made a spectacle, we've been wounded by the success we have achieved. We ride on good energy, coming from all over Montenegro, especially from the city of Herceg Novi, which the festival has embraced as a party for all generations, as a joint project of the whole community. This is something that drives us and gives us new strength to do even better year after year," said Mandic.

Herceg Novi Strip Festival is one the greatest 9th Art Festivals in Europe

"There is no reason for false modesty - we have developed the HSF into one of the ten most important comic festivals in Europe, if not wider. Whoever has anything to do with strip, knows about HSF. The reason for this is surely the fact that our former guests were the top world artists. The reason for this is that we have officially declared William Simpson, the biggest star of today, the World's Ambassador of the HSF," Nebojsa Mandić concluded.

In Boka, there is the expression "the sea gives you everything you need." On the beach Torre Guaceto in Brindisi, the sea gave us the valuable artwork of Iztok Sitar, but also the beautiful emotions and a voice from the other side of the Adriatic. The HSF has confirmed that the sea has spread a good voice. Over the waves, the voice continues to echo.

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