03 Aug 2019, 21:48 PM

The Traditional Fishing Night in Bigova will be held on Sunday, 4th August at 9 pm, on the local waterfront.

Entertainment will be provided by Aleksandar Bogdanovic, also known as Bata Đoša, and Isidora Nikolić, a student of the Cetinje Music Academy, accompanied by an accordion player and student of the Kragujevac Music Academy, Boško Tujković.

The Igalo Folk Group and Alisa Dance Group from Kotor will also perform.

According to the organisers, 250kg of fish and 200 litres of wine will be prepared, and will be provided free of charge. webp to jpg 5

Bigova Fishing Night, 2018. Photo: Boka News

There will be a prize giveaway, and throughout the day sports activities will be organised (volleyball, football, diving, swimming, three-point goal, and a sack race). There will be prize cups and certificates for the winners and participants.

The event is organised by Bigova locals, sponsored by Glavatičići – Bigova Community Association.

03 Aug 2019, 17:36 PM

Gornja Lastva village in Tivat celebrates its 45th traditional festivity tonight.
“I invite both tourists and locals to come. Everything is ready for the traditional Gornja Lastva Festivity. It is not a small number of years and it seems to me that we have succeeded in passing on our love for the village to others, " said Marija Nikolic of the KZU - Cultural Heritage Association "Napredak", which is the organizer of the 45th festivity.

"The festivity starts at 9 pm in Gornja Lastva. For 45 years now we have more or less the same programme, so someone might assume, just at first, that it is not interesting. But it is a tried and tested recipe that catches your attention. When something lasts for 45 years, it is worth something. Having an audience means it's good. And the festivity combines several traditions. GPD Tivat – Tivat Music Education Society with more than 100 years of existence, including the Boka Navy (founded in 809), our intangible good, and the KZU Napredak, NGO which this year marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the first cultural society in Gornja Lastva.

The Croatian Tamburitza Society "Napredak" was founded in 1919, and its work has been continued to this day. Countries have changed, the name has changed, but the society remained here for a hundred years. Many traditions combined in one village that also represents the pearl of rural architecture. That tradition is not a burden to us, on the contrary, we are doing our job. We cherish heritage in all its segments. We don't look at the past in an idyllic way, but the past needs to be nurtured and preserved. Because it is a part of us."

When it comes to tonight’s programme, the Boka Navy - Tivat Branch, will dance the traditional Boka Dance in front of St. Mary's Parish Church accompanied by GPD - Tivat Music and Education Society. The “Posters of the Lastva Festival” exhibition will also be opened.
The official part is followed by a party with the band "Next" from Omiš, which made a good atmosphere last year.
"I am convinced that it will also be the case tonight. It will be comfortable in Gornja Lastva at 300 meters above sea level. This year, the sponsor of the Lastva Festivity is the Municipality of Tivat, which is co-financing it through the Decision to fund cultural events of importance to the municipality. We are happy that the importance has been recognized and we are grateful for the support.
By the way, since the beginning of the summer we have organized 3 concerts in the village. One was dedicated to klapa singing, the other to jazz music under the full moon, and the third one was for classical music lovers.,” said Marija Nikolić.
The next concert will be held on August 12th, when jazz music will be back. Napredak is preparing a rich, diverse program that promotes 100 years of society, for September.

03 Aug 2019, 14:53 PM

03 August 2019 - The American billionaire and the founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates, is on a family cruise with his wife, Melinda, and their three children on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro.

Mr Gates, accompanied by his wife, Melinda, and three children, came to Montenegro by his super-yacht Lady S docked in front of Kotor and Risan until 28 July, when the Gates family decided to visit Sveti Stefan and then Porto Montenegro.  Anchored in front of the old town of Kotor, the yacht attracted the attention of locals and tourists alike, but the identity of the family was kept strictly confidential throughout their stay in Montenegro. According to unofficial information, Gates was seen swimming at Risan, while several guests of the five-star Regent Hotel in Porto Montenegro allegedly saw him and his family resting and playing tennis. Guests of the hotel reported that Gates and his group were very unassuming, reports The Dubrovnik Times. A ninety-three-meter long yacht which costs an amazing 1.4 million USD a week to charter, on which Bill Gates’ family is cruising, was accompanied by a smaller boat with a helicopter on deck.

According to CdM, American millionaire Daniel Snyder was also seen in Montenegro in the company of the second richest man in the world. Snyder is the majority owner of the Washington football team, the Washington Redskins, the founder of Snyder Communications and the primary investor in Red Zebra Broadcasting. The reporters also learned that Gates and Snyder had dinner together on August 3rd, at the luxurious Nobu restaurant on Sveti Stefan, Budva.

According to Pobjeda daily, on Wednesday Bill Gates visited several eye-catching localities in the north of the country, among other things, the Đurđevića Tara Bridge and tried zip lining above Tara river canyon. After that, he experienced the Tara River by rafting.

As many bodyguards surrounded them, reporters couldn't approach them or take photos. The billionaire hasn’t commented to the media or allowed any photographers to come closer.

“According to those who saw them, Bill Gates and his family are simple and spontaneous people, they enjoyed the outstanding natural beauty of Tivat and the Boka Bay and tourist offer of Porto Montenegro,” writes Vijesti daily. Gates allegedly arrived in Montenegro from Croatia.

03 Aug 2019, 14:30 PM

03 August 2019 - The citizens’ initiative Save the Sinjajevina Mountain has collected more than 3.000 signatures for a petition seeking to designate Sinjajevina as a protected area and to abandon the Government’s intention to establish a military training ground in the territory of that mountain.

The representatives of this citizens' initiative recently gave an interview for CdM, in which they said that the 3.000 signatures were the necessary condition for the petition to become a formal initiative to be discussed at the Government session.

Citizens' initiative Save the Sinajevina Mountain launched the petition on the Official Platform of the Government of Montenegro - the E-petition on June 6th. The deadline for collecting 3.000 required signatures is August 5th.

Representatives of the Citizens' Initiative say that they have succeeded in their quest thanks to the dedicated and generous support of a large number of civic activists who want to preserve Montenegro’s status as an ecological state. "This issue will be discussed at the Government session. We expect that they honour the request of a large number of citizens, to give up the crazy intention to set up a military training ground in Sinjajevina Mountain," they added.

It should be noted that citizens have repeatedly gathered at Sinjajevina Mountain, expressing dissatisfaction with the Montenegrin Ministry of Defence’s intentions to, as they say, militarize Sinjajevina and turn it into a military training ground.

"We call on the Minister of Defence Predrag Bošković to support the petition that has been launched with the aim to declare this mountain as a protected area. Instead of counting how many citizens have gathered at the protest and checking our personal information, perhaps it would be better to talk, to see that we want good for this mountain and for you to finally hear and understand what we have been repeating this whole year. We will say once again that the citizens' initiative is asking only one thing, and it is that Sinjajevina becomes a protected area and a nature park, to be used for the development of agriculture and tourism, not a military polygon,” said the representatives of the citizens’ initiative earlier for Vijesti.

As TMN reported earlier, the citizens' initiative demands Sinjajevina Mountain to be declared a protected area, to be used by livestock farmers, and to be affirmed as a tourist destination.

The petition for proclaiming Sinjajevina as a nature park was also signed today by the Metropolitan of Montenegro, Amfilohije.

02 Aug 2019, 20:19 PM

02 August 2019 - The luxurious Majestic Hotel in Budva has become the bearer of the European Union's Green Ecolabel, reports NTO Montenegro. A total of 25 international certificates for sustainability in tourism have been awarded to Montenegro's accommodation facilities, hotels and apartments so far.

Exclusive hotel Majestic 4*, which received the label of environmental excellence, is located in the centre of Budva, 200 metres away from the Old Town and 50 metres away from the sea. The hotel offers a magnificent sea and marina view. More than simply a hotel, the Majestic offers privacy, comfort and luxury in one place. Designed to charm every single guest with carefully chosen details, a unique example of taste and style, hotel Majestic is an ideal choice for everyone seeking true comfort and elegance.

Green hotels are recognized for their cost-effective business, making them significant partners in nature conservation and combating climate change. The EU Ecolabel Certificate is a confirmation that the hotel manages to limit energy and water consumption, reduce waste (including food waste), minimise CO2 footprint, and limit emissions of hazardous substances to the surrounding environment. The hotels which aim to be green also look to improve labour conditions, including setting new requirements for employee minimum wage, insurance and working hours. Green hotels balance the quality and comfort of their offer while respecting the natural environment and being aware of resource constraints. The eco-label contributes to a better quality of service and strengthens its position in the market - which makes a significant difference between the hotels that own it and others.

Luxurious Majestic Hotel in Budva Gets EU Ecolabel Certificate 2

Consumers are becoming more and more demanding in their quest for greener holidays. Satisfying this demand is increasingly seen by the tourism industry as the key to success. The Traveller Holiday 2005 study showed that 51% of tourists opt for environmentally friendly resorts and accommodation, while 82% prefer an intact environment. An increase in accommodation that has the EU Ecolabel in Montenegro is of great importance for positioning in Western and Northern European markets as well as in remote markets, as tourists coming from these countries expect high quality service, full destination experience and they are willing to spend more money to stay in green hotels.

The National Tourism Organization of Montenegro and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, in partnership with the UNDP Office and the support of the Low Carbon Tourism Development Project, provide funding for the introduction of Travellife Eco-Certificates and EU Ecolabel Certificates.

If you are interested in getting international eco-certification for your hotel or accommodation located in Montenegro, apply for the Tourism Incentive Program through the websites: or

Read more about lifestyle in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

02 Aug 2019, 14:18 PM

The Budva Zero Waste City Initiative calls on passersby to take a break and recharge their batteries on the smart Budva Zero Waste City benches. The goal of the initiative is to make Budva the first coastal city without waste ("Zero Waste").

What it takes to have a perfect summer is being asked from Eko centar - Eco Centre Budva, the NGO that is implementing the project. With sun, sea, good company and mood, they complement the answer - your phone to record every moment and Wi-Fi, naturally with a little break.

Strawberry Smart Benches that are solar-powered have been installed through the Budva Zero Waste City Initiative in three locations, where the citizens and guests of this town can find them.

Their whereabouts are in the Old Town, on the promenade Slovenska obala and in Rafailovići and they have free Wi-Fi, phone chargers, air quality and humidity meters, air pressure, temperature and noise levels.

"We are pleased to have helped Budva gain the urban mobility of the world's most modern cities through this initiative. These solar, green benches promote the reduction of environmental pollution and the use of green technologies and renewable energy sources. In addition, they have visually contributed to the beautiful appearance of our coastline. I believe that they will be useful and interesting to both citizens and tourists in their daily activities.

With this donation, as well as an earlier one of 30 plastic waste bins, the Coca-Cola Foundation and its partners have shown that they are actively and strategically involved in creating a cleaner and more environmentally conscious Budva," said Magdalena Miljanic from the NGO Eco Centre Budva.

Through Budva Zero Waste City initiative, this summer Budva also received an Interactive Centre, where the participants collect packaging waste and learn about recycling through fun and education.

It is enough to bring plastic bottles together with your goodwill and to win some of the prizes through fun, the organizers point out.

The Interactive Center is located in Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa Park, on the Slovenian coast and is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

All project information and event announcements are available on Budva Zero Waste City's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

02 Aug 2019, 13:53 PM

The Foundation “Be Human” from Montenegro, which is raising funds to help treat sick children, has organized a campaign called "Superheroes".

Children from the Foundation who have gone for treatment are assisting children in need of treatment and for whom funds are currently being raised. The Foundation's desire is to provide the brave kids and their parents a special experience, and in this way support their fight for healing.



For the seven toddlers, who were able to accept the proposal, the Foundation organized a studio photoshoot in the costumes they chose. Enjoying being in front of the lens of the famous Montenegrin photographer Aleksandar Jaredic, significant support was provided by the artist called “Cedoviste”.




The whole action is designed to help children from the Foundation who need treatment and for whom money is being raised. They made a very human gesture and with their support became the Foundation’s Superheroes. These little ones are not only ours, they are also the Superheroes of their families, and they will soon become Superheroes of the whole Montenegro and beyond,” emphasized Goran Jovanovic, director of the Foundation “Be Human”.





"In the past, we have managed to raise money for the treatment of 16 toddlers, amounting to almost 538,000 euros. This is certainly not just a credit to the Foundation, but also to the citizens who donate and help those who need it most, and these are the sick children we unfortunately have in Montenegro, ” it was added from the Foundation.



Be a part of this humane action, share toddler photos on social networks, take a stroll at the Superhero Boulevard of the Foundation “Be Human”, and support the Foundation's children with making a payment.



Bank account number: 520-14624-47: Foreign currency account: 520042000000849635, Iban number: ME25520042000000849635, Swift: HBBAMEPGXXX



Girls in urgent need of treatment are:

Adea Dervisaga: Bank Account Number: 520-14644-84, Foreign Currency Account: 520042000000861081, Iban Number: ME25520042000000861081, Swift: HBBAMEPGXXX



Anesa Pejcinovic: Bank account number: 520-14715-65 foreign currency account: 520042-8755-34, Iban number: ME25520042000000875534, Swift: HBBAMEPGXXXBAMEPGXXX The Foundation is currently raising money for seven children, and more information can be found at:

Text by Vijesti online, on August 1st 2019, read more at Vijesti

02 Aug 2019, 13:48 PM

Tivat will soon receive new tourist information signage with a total of 440 information boards on semi-portable posts at a total of 85 locations throughout the municipality. The call for tenders in the open public procurement procedure, for the procurement and installation of tourist signage, was announced on 23 July and the opening of bids is scheduled for 14 August. The estimated value of the work is 40 thousand euros – as announced yesterday from the municipality of Tivat that is financing this project.

The Contractor is obliged to provide, supply and install tourist information boards with Class 2 retroreflective foil on an aluminum base. New tourist information boards in Tivat have been designed in accordance with the Rulebook on the content and manner of highlighting tourist signage on roads, and examples of good practice from the environment have been used as a reference.



One example of signage (Photo: Siniša Luković)

The existing tourist information signage in the territory of the Municipality Tivat was established in 2005 based on the Tourist Information Signaling Project developed by MonteCEP. A total of 324 signposts were designed then.

The existing tourist information signage is in a relatively poor condition, some of the signs of tourist signalization are unusable and do not function, some signs are missing, some are damaged, some are hidden, some are designed beyond the standard and been set up as such. In addition, there has been a change in content, as well as a change in the traffic regime in some parts of the street network, which has all necessitated the need for a detailed restoration of tourist signage throughout the entire Boka Bay.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on August 1st 2019, read more at Vijesti

02 Aug 2019, 13:43 PM

To make your stay in Montenegro completely carefree, and to get to know our country and its cultural and historical values, enjoy gastronomy, entertainment, and make it even more accessible to tourists, UNIQA launched a new product on the Montenegrin insurance market last year - UNIQA Montenegro Holiday Card.

By purchasing this tourist card, depending on the chosen package, tourists receive various insurance coverage during their stay in Montenegro (health care, 24/7 tourist assistance, travel assistance), as well as discounts from a wide network of partners: in hotels and restaurants, shops, pharmacies, tickets to museums, theaters, but also discounts on other facilities: kite-surfing school, zip line, rafting, tickets to aqua and adventure parks, etc.

The tourist card can be purchased online at the UNIQA webshop: and has recently been activated via Telekom tourist prepaid card.

Namely, in cooperation with its strategic partners - S&T and Montenegrin Telekom, UNIQA has developed the first digital solution that enables tourists in Montenegro to easily activate their mobile insurance policy. Users of the Telekom Travel Prepaid Package have the opportunity to activate the UNIQA Montenegro Holiday Card, Standard Package for 5 and 10 days respectively, by sending an SMS to 14606, after which the user receives a personalized UNIQA insurance policy on the mobile phone. In addition to being able to buy insurance, Telekom travel prepaid packages bring users up to 1,500 GB of internet valid for up to 35 days for surfing in the fastest proven network in Montenegro. At the same time, with the activation of the UNIQA Montenegro Holiday Card, Telekom tourist prepaid users have the opportunity to receive health care in case of need for medical assistance, up to EUR 1,000 in the best private clinics in Montenegro, as well as 24-hour tourist assistance, which includes tourist information, booking of air tickets, tickets, organization of rent-a-car services, organization of translation and legal services in emergency situations. This non-standard insurance policy is also a ticket to the world of convenience, so customers are looking for discounts on a wide network of UNIQA partners.


UNIQA Montenegro Holiday Card (Photo: Uniqa)

To make the card even more accessible to tourists today, the UNIQA Montenegro Holiday Card can also be purchased at border crossings. UNIQA Montenegro created a slightly different offer for this sales channel. It is a seven-day insurance package priced at € 7.43, along which tourists, in addition to insurance and discounts already mentioned, receive as a gift Telekom prepaid SIM card.

Text by Promo, on August 2nd 2019, read more at Vijesti

01 Aug 2019, 20:36 PM

Tivat will soon have a total of 440 new tourist information signs, in 85 different locations.

The call for tenders in an open public procurement procedure to purchase and install the signage was announced on 23rd July, and the opening of tenders is scheduled for 14th August. The estimated value of the work stands at 40,000 euros.

The new tourist information signs in Tivat have been designed in line with the standard rules on the content and style of tourist signs on the roads, with examples of good practice from the area also being used.

The existing tourist information signs in the Tivat Municipality date from 2005, on the basis of the Tourist Information Signaling Project developed by MonteCEP. Within this project, a total of 324 signs were designed.

The existing tourist information signs are in relatively poor condition, with some being unusable and non-operational. Further signs are missing, damaged, covered over, or are of non-standard design and installation. Besides which, in the interim, there have been changes to the tourist objects themselves as well as changes to traffic regimes on certain parts of the street network.

01 Aug 2019, 19:03 PM

Breastfeeding is celebrated every year from 1 to 7 August during World Breastfeeding Week to encourage it and improve the health of babies around the world. It commemorates the Innocenti Declaration signed in August 1990 by government policymakers, WHO, UNICEF and other organizations to protect, promote and support breastfeeding.                                                                                                                           

Teresa Kis from Tivat NGO "I Support Breastfeeding" says for TMN that this is a very important item in the health chain, for both the child and the mother. NGO “Center for Counseling and Personal Development” received €15,665 for the project “Breastfeeding School - Tivat” after the competition under the Regional Program of Local Democracy in the Western Balkans (ReLOaD), funded by the European Union (EU), implemented by the Municipality of Tivat and UNDP.

As "My Support for Breastfeeding" deals with the child and the mother, this is how the cooperation with the NGO Center for Counseling and Personal Development was organized, which for the past three years conducted workshops for parents "Parenting School", where they were supported by experts in several cycles from psychotherapy how to cope with the parenting situation as easily as possible. The goal is to empower families.

Teresa Kish announced a series of workshops for pregnant women and mothers to promote breastfeeding as a basis for lifelong health.

"We will try our best to get all pregnant women and mothers from Tivat to breastfeed, to simply wait for that moment of feeding their baby as readily as possible and of course to persist in it. The health center gave us support. The whole school will be held on their premises and in cooperation with their doctors," she pointed out.

"The plan is for the project to last for ten months, with one cycle per workshop for each group, meaning four workshops per month. Groups will change every month, but whoever wants to repeat it is not a problem.

In the first workshop, we will talk about the importance of breastfeeding and other general things and guidelines, the practical part and the like.  We expect a gynecologist to attend, who will explain how breastfeeding works in the maternity ward,” Kish pointed out.

A public debate marking World Breastfeeding Week will be held on August 7th at noon in the Tivat Health Center. Introductory presentations will be given by Tereza Kiš, who is a lecturer at the Tivat Breastfeeding School, Dr. Danica Stevovic, a pediatrician at the Tivat Health Center and Vera Janjatovic a visiting nurse at the Health Center.

"During World Breastfeeding Week, the theme is 'Empower Parents, Enable Breastfeeding.' Our workshops are open not only to pregnant women but also to their partners, future grandmothers, sisters, girlfriends and all those who want to get to know each other and be the first support when the mother leaves the maternity ward.

It often happens that the mother makes the initial mistakes just under the influence of an environment that is not competent to give advice and does not know how to support the mother. It is also crucial for us to empower mothers after childbirth, so we will also have a Support Phone that will be active every day from 11 am to 5 pm. Everyone will get the best answer,” Kish said.

She said that progress was made by the increasing number of dads asking about certain situations and problems.

The school is also active on social networks, so anyone interested can find it under the name "My breastfeeding support Teresa Kish", and the support phone number is 068 / 502-972.


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