06 Apr 2019, 23:42 PM

05 April 2019 - The Clinical Centre of Montenegro and the Montenegrin health system, thanks to the Government of Montenegro, Ministry of Science, Ministry of Health and enthusiasm of Prof. Dr. Marina Ratković, is richer for another important segment, Laboratory for HLA Tissue Typing.

On that occasion, the ceremony marking the opening of the HLA Laboratory took place at the Institute for Blood Transfusion of Montenegro.

Minister of Science Sanja Damjanović congratulated Professor Marina Ratković and her team for showing responsibility, professionalism and efficiency, saying that this laboratory is part of a Ministry of Science's project. "It is a grant supported by the Government and funded by the World Bank loan through a special HERIC project," she explained.

"Beside the laboratory, where important analyses necessary for organ transplantation will be carried out, we will also get trained domestic staff through the transfer of knowledge and technology with the assistance of the Zagreb Clinical Centre," Minister Damjanovič noted.

As one of the fine examples of "Science for Society", the project is also important in terms of economy.

"So far, these important analyses have been carried out in foreign institutions with high costs. The value of the project is about half a million euros, the Ministry of Science finances 70% (315,000 EUR) and 30% is co-financed by the Ministry of Health. And all these investments will be repaid in just a few years, meaning that it is also an economically sustainable project," said the Minister of Science.

For Montenegro, the research aspect of the project is important as the analyses will be carried out in the country, which will enable monitoring of the movement of various diseases in Montenegro and obtaining very significant scientific and research results in the field of medicine. All of the above will contribute to the recognition of Montenegro and its medical institutions regionally and internationally as serious scientific research centres in the area of medical science.

Thanks to the Government's support and a budget increase of 60%, the Ministry of Science has the opportunity to finance such projects, as well as others that recognise the importance of scientific research activities in Montenegro.

05 Apr 2019, 22:17 PM

05 April 2019 - Podgorica is working on creating a new image of the city, and the local government representatives are primarily dedicated to enhancing the green fund, with the ambition for the Capital of Montenegro to be among the greenest cities in Europe. These conclusions were brought forth by the Deputy Mayor of Podgorica, Slađana Vujačić, at the Summit of Capital City Mayors of South East Europe, held April 5 and 6 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to Deputy Mayor Vujačić, it is of great importance for the city to emphasize its “green face”, and the local government is trying to find creative ways for the citizens to be fully involved in these processes. “We are working on the revival of forgotten urban spaces, developing alternative forms of traffic, creating new manifestations that bring together our fellow citizens and increase the interest of tourists, "she said.

As they said, they are also working on the realization of capital projects. "The most important among the capital projects are related to wastewater treatment, the supply of the boulevard approaches to the city from all sides, the project of converting biogas from the landfill into the electricity and the construction of a solar power plant. One of the projects I also have to highlight is the primary waste selection project. In the field of sports, we’re planning on building a tennis academy, reconstruction of the Small Sports Stadium, as well as building a national football stadium, "Vujačić added.

Deputy Mayor also stressed that the local government wants to address one of the biggest challenges in Podgorica - the problem of public transport, as well as the revival of the city centre.

"We will build an expo centre, shopping malls, an aquarium park, as well as more hotels in different parts of the city. Also, we have established business zones where investors are afforded benefits - Industrial Zone A, Agro-Industrial Zone, and Service-Storage Zone,” Vujačić explained.

The conclusions of the Summit also included the fact that Podgorica is a city attractive to investors, as it offers different models of cooperation, such as private-public partnership, foreign direct investment, and investments through the new ESCO method. The city also struggles with the unemployment problem, and so the local government launched projects such as the Business Incubator, the Centre for Competence and others aimed at motivating people to start their own business.

Deputy Mayor is convinced that with projects that Podgorica plans to realize in the forthcoming period, the city will be even faster to develop for the benefit of all citizens and their better future.

Summit of Mayors of South East Europe Capital Cities was launched to bring the major cities of the region closer together, working together to promote tourism potential, protect cultural heritage, develop the concept of smart cities and urban development, as well as the use of EU funds. Organizers of this event took into consideration that the major cities are becoming more and more important in global politics, have great potential for development, are easier to connect, are leaders in the field of energy, have similar challenges and goals, and in general, they are the generators of positive processes in the region.

05 Apr 2019, 20:30 PM

The school ship by the Navy of Montenegro, sailing boat "Jadran", sailed from its base in Tivat for a three-day cruise with the pupils from the Maritime High School of Kotor.

"The extraordinary cooperation of the Navy VCG and the Maritime High School continues this year as well. Third-grade students of the nautical and naval direction started sailing with the task of applying the knowledge acquired in the classroom through practical work on the ship," said the director of the school, Professor Veljko Botica.

Because this year's third-class generation is the most numerous in the history of this school, the regular annual tuition of students and their training in practice on "Jadran" had to be organized in three instead of the usual two groups. That is why the high school students who will sail in Montenegro's territorial waters from Boka to Ulcinj and back on “Jadran” will take shifts by the end of next week.


2 - Copy.jpg

In the first group on board, there are 46 students - 23 machinists and 23 boaters, and with them on board, there are four professors. Among the cadets are also two young girls who diligently carry out all tasks together with their peers.

"On board, the students have been welcomed by the crew of Jadranwho is always in a good mood. They are under the command of Captain Zoran Ivanovsky, who is always ready to help the cadets adapt to the conditions of life and work on board," Botica said.

The next group of fifty students leave for the cruise on Monday, April 8th, and return on Wednesday, and will be replaced with a third group on board that will return from the sea on Friday, April 12th.

"A total of 141 of our students will be able to feel what it's like to sail and sleep on the waves, what life is like on board, both when the sun rises and when it rains, when the sea is clear and how important it is for an individual to contribute to group goals, and to check their knowledge and skills," said Professor Botica, adding that students will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge in terrestrial, electronic and astronomical navigation, maritime and marine engineering as well as under the supervision of the professors and members of the crew of "Jadran", to take part in the navigation watch on the deck and in the engine room of the ship.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on April 4th 2019, read more at Vijesti

05 Apr 2019, 20:25 PM

Actors Marija Vickovic, Nada Vukcevic and Petar Buric, musicians from the group "Who see" Dejan Dedovic Deduh, Igor Lazic, Antonije Pusic, and Dragoljub Djuricic invited citizens to join them on April 6th at noon at the Black Lake where the protest "You cannot go any further" will be organized. The protest is organized because they are cutting the trees at the Black Lake for the company "Explorer" to build 30 four-bed eco-lodge bungalows near the Black Lake. Open-air bar, children's playroom, Adventure Park are also planned to be built near the Black Lake. Luka Bulatovic, a member of the DPS's of Kolasin is officially standing behind the company "Explorer".

Vickovic, Boric, and Dedovic invited citizens to protest to preserve the Black Lake and the River Tara.

Text by Vijesti online, on April 4th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

05 Apr 2019, 00:02 AM

04 April 2019 - Representatives of the Government of Montenegro met earlier today with the delegation of the Municipality of Ulcinj, led by President of the Municipality Ljoro Nrekić. The meeting noted that the Government of Montenegro is strongly focused on the development of Ulcinj, and the improvement of the overall infrastructure creates conditions for the valorization of precious natural resources. 

Congratulating the citizens and local leadership on the forthcoming Ulcinj Municipality Day, representatives the Government of Montenegro emphasised the importance of responsible attitude towards public finance and praised the results the local government achieved in terms of stabilizing public finances. 

They also stressed that it is vital that infrastructure projects are implemented in a satisfactory and high-quality manner. He recalled the fund that will be formed through the economic citizenship programme, in which money will be allocated for the improvement of local infrastructure in less developed municipalities.

The meeting paid particular attention to investments in tourism. Both sides identified the need to increase the high-class hotel capacities. Furthermore, they discussed challenges the local administration faces and the ways to overcome them. 

President of the Municipality Nrekić said that in the next two years they expect an increase in investments and a more dynamic development of the municipality. 

Representatives the Government of Montenegro said that they would support the municipality of Ulcinj in all issues necessary for citizens, as well as in creating conditions for improving quality of life.

04 Apr 2019, 21:43 PM

With the symbolic performance of the reconstruction of the main road in Zupa Niksicka, the villagers of this area once again sent a message to the authorities that it is time to turn back to the local community which, as they said, gave so much to the state.

"When the competent institutions will not allow the locals to start with the reconstruction. As you can see in this billboard, observers in these affairs are the Government, Uniprom Metal Company and the Municipality of Niksic. This gathering is irony, sarcasm because of the relationship with the MZ Zupa, keeping in mind all these decades back and that over 40 million tons of ore was exported from Zupa. If the state and state institutions do not see the need to invest in this area, then we obviously do not have the same wavelengths and obviously, we do not think well to the rural areas," said the chairman of MZ, Dragoljub Radulovic.

A group of locals gathered in Liverovici with shovels beside the road and symbolically planted plums, which was watered with brandy instead of water. "What is the state of the road? We will have to forget cars and buy horses very soon, so when we come by horses and pick the plums to refresh our mouths," Radulovic said ironically.

He reminded that at the recently held protests they set out the requirements for whose fulfillment they are seeking a government’s guarantee. Citizens of Zupa are demanding that all concession funds should be allocated for the needs of their MZ, to immediately issue a tender for the reconstruction of the first section of the road in the length of six kilometers, to start the project of the remaining main road section to the village Morakovo, including a pedestrian path from Ivanovic's house to the Stone Cross, to solve the problem of proper water supply for all households, to make a modest sports hall, to provide a grassy football field, to finish the sport field in the village Zagrad, to continue the installation of lighting in the villages Bjelosevina and Morakovo and to make a promise for the same in Staro Selo.

"As far as our requests are concerned, no one has responded except the Ministry of Sport with whom we have had a fair conversation and talks in order to resolve two out of nine requests. The vice president of the municipality was clear that the municipality has no funds left except for these two kilometers. Bearing in mind the situation in the Municipality of Niksic, it is understandable. That is why we are addressing the Government," said the President of MZ.

The Ministry of Sports promised to build a football field in the yard of the school "Dusan Bojovic" in Miolje Polje, and regarding the sports hall, they said that the Ministry of Education should be included in the mentioned problem and that they will assist in these activities as well as the local community.

The new gathering of the locals is scheduled for Sunday, April 7th, when they will block the cargo traffic at the main county road.

"As we see the state institutions do not listen to our problems and it is obvious that we locals need to start with the radicalized measures, the first measure is 7th April when we will all come and block the cargo traffic that goes through Zupa because it looks like it is the only way we can draw attention to the problems we are exposed to," Radulovic said.

The municipality said they would soon announce a tender for reconstruction of the road in the length of six kilometers, but this year they will only complete two kilometers because they do not have any more money.

For more information please follow TMNs dedicated page

Text by Svetlana Mandic, on April 3rd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

04 Apr 2019, 12:04 PM

April 4, 2019 - KotorArt Talents at this year's KotorArt festival Don Branko's Music Days will have the opportunity to perform at four concerts. These are the concerts planned in the Church of St. Spirit, Concert Hall of Music School "Vida Matjan," starting at 21.30h.

KotorArt has been supporting young and prosperous domestic musicians since its founding, creating opportunities for improvement and advancement, supporting artistic development and above all giving the chance to come face to face with some of the world's leading musicians who perform at this festival but also have performances across Montenegro and the region. In addition to the four appearances reserved for new talents, KotorArt offers a chance for those who have already played in the new venues and other formations, said the festival PR service.
The series of concerts dedicated to young people will be opened by the best students of the music school "Vida Matjan," scheduled for 15 July. It will be a representative concert of award-winning students at national and international competitions. The young and successful violinist Nastasja Vojinović, whose will to pursue brought her to the United States, will be featured on 19 July, while the trio, composed by Luka Perazic (violin), Kosta Popovic (cello) and Simo Šišević (piano) plays on 23 July.
All these young, talented artists are studying abroad - Luka Perazic attends the Guildhall School for Music and Drama in London, while his colleague and friend Simo Šišević, after the Vasa Pavić Musical High School in Podgorica, is enrolled in the "Royal College of Music," also in London. Monday, 22 July, is reserved for the young and talented Tamara Rađenović (soprano).
“It is a great honor to perform at this prestigious festival in your country and among the world's top names. It is a great joy to sing in front of our audience. I did a solo concert a year ago in the Church of the Holy Spirit, and I enjoyed the wonderful acoustics and sharing emotions with the audience. There are beautiful memories on this stage because I won the Golden Lira at the 15th anniversary of the solo singing competition. Now I will perform with the renowned co-repetitor Đorđe Nešić, who lives and works in New York for 35 years. We will try to create a unique experience for the audience and do our best to let the audience enjoy it. Thank you very much for your invitation, and I wish you a successful festival," said Tamara Rađenović, a 20-year-old artist from Podgorica, who graduated last year at the London Royal College of Music. So far she has performed in 12 countries around the world. In addition to playing at Carnegie Hall, she will also have several solo concerts in Barclay, Hong Kong, and London.
We recall, at the 18th edition of the international festival KotorArt Don Branko’s Music Days, performs the world-renowned cello, Narek Hakhnazaryan, whose concert is scheduled for August 5 at the concert hall, Church of St. Spirit, beginning at 21.30h.
The KotorArt International Festival is held under the auspices of the Montenegrin Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Kotor with the help of numerous sponsors such as Luštica Bay, Coca Cola, and others.
03 Apr 2019, 14:57 PM

April 3, 2019 - On the occasion of 4 April, Students' Day, the Civic Education Center CGO-CCE points to the importance of student activism and the involvement of young people in the struggle for democratisation and Europeanization of the Montenegrin society.

"Even today, in Montenegro, sporadic rebellious student voices are part of the cause. And part of the cause should be sought in a formal education system that does not educate young people about active citizenship, nor develops their critical thinking but also the political constellation of relationships that marginalise young people and their subjects. All of that has a negative impact on the youth's desire for any form of activism, and among youth is still a dominant lack of recognition of the importance of their own active participation in the formation of the society in which they live, and participation in civic initiatives is at the bottom of the chart of important things. The research "Montenegrin Youth- Social decor or social capital" implemented by CGO-CCE in 2016, indicated that nearly a quarter of young people considered it important not to be involved in civic initiatives and actions, and the overwhelming majority that it is not essential to be active in politics.

The CGO-CCE notes that today's approaches to change this approach emerge today through the activities of the Student Initiative and welcomes such forms of student organisation aimed at re-examining the quality of existing modalities of student representation in the university bodies to improve it, but also to contribute to a broader social change. In situations where the vast majority of students and students are sleeping in the masses of those who do not want to leave the comfort zone, such exits are particularly important.

The CGO-CCE's findings also warn of the low level of transparency of higher education institutions when it comes to access to information on institution sites, which also reduces the chances of students responding timely to issues that directly affect their position. In this context, CGO-CCE is concerned that there is no shift in the activism of student and student representatives in those bodies that have been established to improve their position, such as the Student Parliament. The work and choice of these student representatives remain insufficiently transparent and questionable, and the limiting factor is that this student body is positioned as an autonomous body with integrity and influence.

The overwhelming problems in higher education, but also on the broader social level, should be the focus of students and students themselves to shape the country in which they want to stay. Not the one they want to leave as soon as possible," says the CGO-CCE announcement signed by the associate Mira Popović.

02 Apr 2019, 21:19 PM

02 April 2019 - Respect for human rights and freedoms was and remains the necessary condition and the driver of democratic, social and economic development of Montenegro, Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin said at a meeting with OSCE Secretary-General Thomas Greminger. 

The Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that during 2019 Montenegro will remain focused primarily on fulfilling obligations arising from the EU accession process. "Our ambition is to open the remaining negotiating chapter on competitiveness as soon as possible, but also to finally get the opportunity to continue the process of the temporary closure of negotiations in certain chapters," he stressed. 

DPM Pažin emphasizes that Montenegro will have to adopt and implement key reform laws in the field of media, electoral and anti-discrimination legislation. In this context, he expressed the full readiness of the ruling majority to reach the best legal solutions through dialogue with opposition representatives in democratic institutions and provide even stronger protection of the rights and freedoms of Montenegrin citizens. 

Secretary-General Greminger said that the OSCE fully supports the efforts to hold a political dialogue on key reform processes in the Parliament of Montenegro. He assessed that Montenegro is a reliable and committed partner of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, and expressed organisation's readiness to continue to work with Montenegrin institutions in critical areas such as the rule of law, media reform, cybersecurity and the electoral legislation reform. 

Speaking about the reform of the electoral legislation, the Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the Government strongly advocates the acceptance of all recommendations of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), adding that all recommendations that needed a simple majority in the Parliament were already accepted. Furthermore, he noted that there is full readiness of the parliamentary majority to approve the remaining recommendations that require a qualified majority in the Parliament of Montenegro through the open dialogue with the opposition. 

Deputy Prime Minister Pažin pointed out that free, independent and pluralistic media represent a necessary precondition for the development of every democratic society, and that states have the primary responsibility to ensure respect for and protection of the freedom of speech and freedom of the media. He thanked the OSCE for its expert support during the drafting of media laws, assessing that those are regulations that are of great importance for further democratic development and the overall progress of Montenegrin society. 

In this context, he expressed the expectation that all political actors will recognise their responsibility and give a full contribution that these and other important legal solutions, which directly affect the exercise of the rights and freedoms of Montenegrin citizens, will be discussed in detail and adopted in the Parliament.

02 Apr 2019, 13:27 PM

April 2, 2019 - The Public Company Sea Property is developing the complete investment technical documentation for the construction of the ferry dock in Kamenari. The realisation of the project begins after the choice of the lessee of the ferry piers in Kamenari and Lepetani, says Radio Jadran.

As explained by Sea Property, the construction of a future dock will be the responsibility of a prospective tenant, who will be required to invest 320,000 euros in the new dock within the long term lease of the ferry line.

The construction of the pier is a project that was initiated in 2017 by the Sea Property to dismantle existing ones. However, unregulated legal property relations set aside the job.

The long-term coastal bargaining agreement in the Kamenari and Lepetani ferry stations, which Sea Property signed in 2004 with AD Pomorski Saobracaj (Maritime Transport) expired on 31 December last year, but the Sea Property did not specify when a new tender would be announced.

At the last session last year, the government agreed to the conclusion of the Sea Property to determine the amount of annual compensation for the use of the harbour in Kamenari and Lepetani for ferry transport and the evaluation of factors affecting the initial price. Sea Property announced a public call for the lease of the property in Lepetani and Kamenari, with the obligation to build a new port in Kamenari.

The minimum annual rental fee/fee for the use of the property consists of a fixed part - 230 thousand euros, which amounts to two per cent of the total revenue from the sale of the ferry tickets.

Pomorski Saobracaj has so far been the sole owner of this part of the coast and the only ferry operator. A new lease means that it would have 4,011 square feet of land in Lepetani with its associated aquarium space next to the dock and mooring area of 7,200 square meters, and 3,959 square meters of coastline in the Kamenari with its associated aquarium space next to the dock and mooring area of 14,700 square meters.

The Lessee is obliged to submit a monthly report on the sale every month upon payment of the variable part of the rent.

As explained by the Sea Property, the remediation time of the existing coastal infrastructure, including the ramps for the protection of walls at the seaports, is at most three years from the date of the conclusion of the contract, as well as that after two years the tenant builds a new dock in Kamenari.

It is a condition that the lessee can use all leased state property for up to 15 years.

The plan solution of the location is defined by the Spatial Plan of Special Purpose for the Coastal Area, which retains the existing ferry docks in Lepetani and Kamenari, until the final realisation of the crossing over Boka Bay, after which they will examine their need for economic retention from the Sea.

Otherwise, a new dock would have to be built next to the current northern ramp to unload the car in the direction of Verige. The ram accessory, with its function and purpose as it is, will be 14 meters long.

Souirce: Radio Jadran

02 Apr 2019, 01:50 AM

31 March 2019 - The Fair of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Interior Decoration – Space will be held from 5-7 April, 2019, in a specially adapted ambience of the central atrium of the Delta City Shopping Mall.

"The Fair of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Interior Decoration – “Space” will gather renowned companies and institutions, architectural bureaus, interior and exterior design firms, which base their businesses on quality, functionality and modern design. The participants will have the opportunity to present their current offer, innovative products, future projects and latest achievements in terms of home, business and hospitality facilities, "the organizers emphasized.

In addition to the participants of the fair, who put special emphasis on technology, innovation and product improvement, exhibitors who emphasize ecological factors in their offer will also be featured at the fair.

Architecture Fair in Delta City Mall Starts April 5th

During this three-day fair, which will be open each day from 10 am to 10 pm (working hours of Delta City Mall), the visitors will be able to enjoy exhibition areas of the following participants: Entext, Doding, Temas lighting, Kips, Europrojekt, Habitat, Cubico, Green Factory Montenegro, Velux and Faculty of Polytechnics of the University of Donja Gorica. In addition, the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Montenegro, Archifocus and Project Design Studio will also be presented at the fair.

Important information for all visitors, provided by the Vision Event company that organised this event for the second time, is that during the course of "Space", the participants prepared a number of surprises, discounts and privileged purchase conditions.

Visitors will be presented with quality and unique pieces of furniture with French charm and style, adapted to the young, urban population, as well as decoration items for beach and garden furnishing, which enable the creation of an unusual atmosphere in attractive locations, hotels or homes.

The fair will provide presentations of contemporary, quality and world-famous brands of ceramics, floor coverings, sanitary ware, furniture and bathroom furnishings, as well as an innovative range of household products of premium quality that will oblige any space and make it different and more enjoyable.

If you need a creative and functional solution for the lighting of your residential or business space, you will be presented with a large selection of light in a minimalist and futuristic style created concerning the environment with recycling options. Also, the impressive technology of a beautiful 3D environment will be presented at the fair, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the space, feel the depth, examine the materials used and gain a more realistic image of the project at different times, weather conditions and periods.

With the help and advice of the participants at the fair, all visitors will get help with ideas of how to beautify their interior and exterior, while respecting aesthetics, functionality and economy.

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