04 Jun 2019, 10:23 AM

June 4, 2019 - An exhibition titled 'Word Blind' by Dutch painter Matthijs Scholten will be officially opened on Thursday, June 6, at the Naval Heritage Collection at 8 pm.

Matthijs Scholten uses many different components in his work, creating a unique, visual world. His artistic expression arises from the depths of the psyche by interpreting the chaotic world surrounding it. By combining contrast, he creates an atypical visual language.
Scholten's works represent the tumultuous emotions of human existence. Scholten's combat attitude towards the world around him is seen in his work through the use of color and form, making conflicts and movements almost "tangible."
The apparent element in his work is his eyes, big and piercing eyes. Matthijs' inspiration for his imaginative faces, colorful portraits, wild masks, and skulls is everywhere.
For Matthijs, minimalist street graffiti is particularly attractive. He takes pictures of those figures that often serve as great inspiration for the first moves of color on paper or canvas.
The artists who inspire him are Jean Michel Basquiat for his raw and street style. The Cobra Group, with artists such as Karel Appel, is interesting to him because of childish, naive, and spontaneous art forms, as well as Ecuadorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamin with his prodigious and vague portraits. Before all, his inspiration is Pablo Picasso with his enchanting faces and color combinations.
About his relationship to art, Matthijs Scholten says: "Painting calms me down. It allows me to let all the nonsense go. I create whatever I feel like, spontaneously, wild and colorful, unrestrained. The art is not in thinking, but in just doing it. If that succeeds, I'm free."
The works of this artist are available to the audience in his native Netherlands, where they are represented in a gallery promoting well-established and young contemporary artists - Galerie Mia Joosten Amsterdam, as well as in Russia, where his works were exhibited at the VB Gallery gallery in Irkutsk.
The exhibition of Matthijs Scholten in the Naval Heritage Collection at the Porto Montenegro marina in Tivat will be open until June 30.
04 Jun 2019, 01:19 AM

03 June 2019 - An exhibition entitled “ Steps “ (Italian: Passi) - installation by Italian artist Alfredo Pirri was opened at the Centre for Contemporary Art of Montenegro on June 03. The evening event, organized on the occasion of the Statehood Day of the Republic of Italy and 140 years of diplomatic relations between Montenegro and Italy, was opened by the Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović.

As reported by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, on this occasion Bogdanović said that this installation by Pirri is a contemporary artwork, “which without a doubt reflects a certain boldness that was left to us as a model by the artistic seekers and demolitionists of the conventions of the European south”.

“The primary task of the art by Pirri is the determination of the relationships between space and activity, which builds a relationship rich in meaning and emotional energy. All this makes the work of Alfredo Pirri very appropriate in the days when we celebrate the jubilee of the cooperation of our two peoples, because it puts emphasis on those connections that are not visible in the area of ​​practical and political relations, but are hidden in deep layers of the spirit of space and historical experience,” Bogdanović explained.

Exhibition Passi by Alfredo Pirri at Centre for Contemporary Art in Podgorica

The Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to Montenegro H.E. Luca Zelioli said that Alfredo Pirri is a versatile artist with international renown. “In my opinion, tonight we are taking part in a "cultural event”, not just viewing an exhibition. This event is conceived as a preparation for the celebration of the Statehood Day of the Republic of Italy, which will be held tomorrow in Cetinje. All this is part of a number of events organized by our Embassy on the occasion of the celebration of the 140th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Italy and Montenegro. These relations were established at a time when both countries were kingdoms,” Zelioli stressed.

The installation “ Steps ” represents a very successful concept that was realized in places of exceptional symbolic significance such as the Carthusian Monastery of Saint Lorenzo in Padua (2003), the Caesar Forum in Rome (2007), the National Gallery of Modern Art (2011) and Academy Gallery in Florence (2012) and Altemps Palace in Rome (2018).

Speaking about his installation “Steps“, Pirri stated: “With this work I should like to give the spectator the impression that while moving in space he can modify his vision of it, carrying out a twofold simultaneous action of demolition and reconstruction of the image. His sensations will lead him to think that he himself is the subject of the work, and in experiencing the action of looking at himself upside down, and feeling that infinitesimal space like a skin that binds him to and separates him from his own image, he will come to be part of it in a “natural” manner, in the same way that he is part of the world”.

03 Jun 2019, 00:11 AM

02 June 2019 - From May 24 and June 2, 2019, for the first time, Montenegro produced enough energy from renewable sources to meet all needs, which added the country to the small list of countries that are capable of providing all the necessary energy from domestic renewable energy sources.

During this period, in which the Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja plant was out of operation, about 82 million KWh of energy was produced, and about 75 million KWh was spent.

"Two leading Montenegrin hydroelectric power plants, Piva and Perućica, which are state-owned utility companies, had a significant role in this historic moment. However, unlike during the previous years, when in the period of deadlock in the production of energy from lignite (TPP Pljevlja), Montenegro imported energy, this year, new sources have been taken over: small hydropower plants and wind farms built over the past several years," as stated by the representatives of the Government of Montenegro.

High-performance hydropower plants, led by the largest arc-gravity dam in Europe, were accompanied by the Krnovo wind farm, the largest altitude park in Europe and the Možura wind farm, which in the mentioned period produced 12 percent of the energy spent in Montenegro. A record part of wind energy was also recorded on May 28, when production from wind farms accounted for as much as 28 percent of total electricity consumption in the country.

"This ten-day experience has confirmed that good operational readiness, adequate prognostic tools, high-quality power reserve and good connectivity with neighboring power systems guarantee reliable power supply to consumers in the future, which will be based exclusively on renewable energy sources," stated the report.

A few days ago, similar news was reported by the British media, registering that the United Kingdom for the first time since the Industrial Revolution produced coal-free energy for two weeks.

The example of Montenegro shows that the country's contribution to the fulfillment of international obligations gives concrete results.

In May 2019, Montenegro, in the spirit of its constitutional commitment, was an ecological state and an example that a global energy transition is possible.

In addition to the investments mentioned above, the start of the project for the construction of two more wind farms is planned for this year, and the construction of one of the largest solar power plants in Europe is expected soon.

All these investments are fully based on the market price of energy and do not imply any financial incentives for investors.

02 Jun 2019, 22:48 PM

Montenegro will celebrate June 5th - World Environment Day, with actions of cleaning and landscaping as well as planting trees in 20 municipalities.

The World Environment Day is marked by the General Secretariat of the Government, the Community of the Montenegrin Municipality and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.

As announced by the General Secretariat, in 20 municipalities, representatives of local government, non-governmental organizations, as well as all interested citizens will jointly arrange the areas in which they live and reside.

The actions in each city begin at the same time, at 8.30.

The municipalities of Andrijevica, Bar, Berane, Bijelo Polje, Danilovgrad, Zabljak, Kolasin, Kotor, Mojkovac, Niksic, Petnjica, Pluzine, Pljevlja, Podgorica, Rozaje, Tivat, Tuzi, Ulcinj, Cetinje and Savnik will all participate.

Knjazevac Park in Andrijevica will be cleaned, and in Bar cleaning of the town's beaches and the sea near the port are planned, as well as an educational workshop on "Marine Waste" will be held on the beach Zukotrlica, starting at 9 am after which waste from this beach will be collected.

The municipality of Berane will organize the action of cleaning the excursion site at Jasikovac Memorial Park and its surroundings, as well as the action of arranging one of the urban areas in the center of the city, in the continuation of the Eighth Montenegrin Brigade Street.

In the courtyards of high schools, there will be mini-actions and open-air classes dedicated to ecological topics.

In Bijelo Polje, they will install containers in the Roma settlement of Strojtanica and restore three dumps for garbage, waste and various waste materials at that site.

Within the event "Three Colors of Cleanliness", the schoolyard and settlements where the partner primary schools are located, the coast of Lim below the Roma settlement Strojtanica and the settlement itself will be cleaned.

The Municipality of Danilovgrad organizes a cleanup in Spuz, the route from Stologlava towards Burum and the railway station, the plateau of Bedem, the Park of Friendship, the road to Spuz Castle and the wild landfills.

The restoration of wild landfills on the territory of Spuž and the reforestation of the yard of the primary school “Njegos” is planned.

On Zabljak waste will be removed from the site Vlajko's Curve - Usijek, and the cutting of the branches and bushes along the path will be organized.

In Kolasin, they will clean the sports area of ​​the city, the forest park Dulovine, as well as planted multi-annual trees within the two city squares.

In Kotor, on the territory of the local community of Dobrota, there will be trees planted instead of the palms that have been destroyed in the epidemic of red worms.

In the Mojkovac area, the field next to Mojkovac - Bijelo Polje highway will be cleaned, while the action of cleaning and landscaping of the Park-forest Trebjesa will be organized in Niksic.

The Municipalities of Petnjica and Rozaje will celebrate earlier on June 3rd, due to the religious holiday of the Ramadan Bajram. In Petnjica, they plan to clean the largest tourist resort Turijak, while the wild landfills will be cleared in Rozaje.

Pljevlja will work on horticultural arrangements around the school in Gukama, where ornamental and tree plants will be planted.

In Podgorica, there will be a cleaning of Skaline, while in Pluzine, they will remove wild landfills at the locality of the suburb Seoca.

In Tivat, they will plant three oak trees, peren, succulents and seasonal flowers on the Square of Culture, as well install a table in the area of ​​the City Park, which is protected as natural wealth.

In Tuzi, 20 various trees will be planted and cleaned by the river basin of Cijevna in the village of Rakic House, near the waterfall.

In the area of ​​Cetinje will be planted 20 lime trees in the yard of educational institutions and will be organized the arranging of the entrance to the former upper complex of HEI Obod.

In Ulcinj, there will be an action to clean Velika plaza, while in Savnik will be cleared the field and waste collected in front of the Municipality building, in front of the school, kindergartens, wastewater treatment plants and the city square.

World Environment Day is marked throughout the world with various activities and campaigns, to turn the public's attention to the many ecological problems and the need to preserve the environment.

The United Nations General Assembly appointed the date June 5th, because the Conference in Stockholm in 1972 was held on that day when the representatives of 113 countries adopting a joint statement on the need for international co-operation to protect the environment.

Text by MINA News, on June 1st, 2019, read more at Vijesti

02 Jun 2019, 22:45 PM

Zucenica fest in Tivat started with a gourmet show "P(i)jat od zucenice", at the city's promenade Pine.


The feast was opened by the performance of the Music Education Society Tivat.

At about thirty stands, several hundred varied and imaginative dishes from the coastal wild edible grass zucenica were exhibited by around twenty participants.


In addition to the organizers of the feast - members of the Organization of Women Tivat, the participants included Hotel and Catering Association Tivat; Kolo srpskih sestara Tivat, Organization of Women Risan, crew of sailing ship "Jadran", boat “Vodena kocija”; Hotel Regent, NGO Bokobran, Kavacka ala maka, High catering school "Sergije Stanic" from Podgorica, chefs from the Polish town Skoczów, NGO Harlekin, Women of Grbalj, and elementary school "Drago Milović" from Tivat.


The festival is attended by a large number of visitors from all over Montenegro and numerous foreign tourists who enjoy the authentic gastronomic offer and true coastal celebration.

The priest Petar Petrovic from Tivat and priest don Nikola Majic from Lastva tasted the beans from the kitchen of the school boat "Jadran".


The sponsors of the Festival, which celebrates the 15th anniversary this year, are the Municipality and Tourism Organization Tivat.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on June 1st, 2019, read more at Vijesti

02 Jun 2019, 22:39 PM

Sinji Galeb is the winner of the first regatta in the cruising class "Herceg Novi sailing tour" held in the waters of the Herceg Novi bay.

The second place was won by the crew of the Oxygen yacht, and the third Ozana. The prizes were presented on the fortress Forte mare last night. In the competition organized by the Tourism Organization (TO) Herceg Novi in ​​cooperation with Sailing Club Jugola Grakalic, Municipality of Herceg Novi and Hotel Lazure, 12 sailboats participated.


Among the contestants was also Montenegrin Olympian Milivoj Dukic, and as a musician and sailor Antonije Toni Pusic - Rambo Amadeus with his solar sailing boat.

A passionate promoter of healthy lifestyles and a UNICEF ambassador, he sailed to the port of Skver on his solar sailboat Boka after three years of preparation and work.

"I made a ship like it was from the late 19th century. Such a boat was designed, drawn around 1880. Now it is mine to prove that the line of that ship and that hydrodynamics is more advanced than today's ships. This boat does not have a diesel engine, has an electric motor and batteries and solar panels, and the system is closed. As much as the sun fills the battery I have that much to drive in it," explained Pusic.


"I have no other ideology than ecology; we can all do something, change consciousness, and that we are very careful when we start a car and an engine on a boat. We will try to prove that this system is sustainable. The solar sailboat is not just a sailboat, but a point of the progress we have to learn to turn. Otherwise, we will not be able to survive," Pusic said.

"Every time our sea gets covered with the sails, we send the best picture to nautical tourism lovers," said our best sailor Milivoj Dukic.

A feast with music program, fried fish and wine took place on Skver.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on June 2nd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

02 Jun 2019, 20:06 PM

02 June 2019 - After the two-day Maker HackaTON competition entitled Create a Memory of Our City, organized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre Tehnopolis, Nikšić received its first official souvenir - a hexagonal magnet composed of triangles with memories that tourists should associate with the city under Trebjesa Hill.

HackaTON Participants Created New Official Souvenir for The City of Nikšić 6

For the first time in Montenegro, Tehnopolis, the Nikšić-based innovation and entrepreneurship centre, organized the intergenerational maker hackaTON called Create a memory of Our City, with the main theme being the creation of an official souvenir of the town of Nikšić.

Programmers, designers, architects, fine artists, high school students, college students and all innovative individuals who wanted to compete with their teams to create the official souvenir of Nikšić had the opportunity to take part in the HackaTON, which was held from May 30 to June 1, 2019 at IEC Tehnopolis and lasted for 48 hours.

HackaTON Participants Created New Official Souvenir for The City of Nikšić 2

Urban Craftsmen made the souvenir that won the first prize, a team of four individuals from Podgorica, Jovan Milović, Darija Egorova, Vukašin Rakočević, and Haris Bajramović and only one representative from Nikšić, Luka Rakojević.

“We were motivated to apply for the hackaTON by the opportunity to participate in the creation of the Nikšić souvenir, which for us means a symbol of the history, culture and natural beauties of the city. Also, the opportunity to have 48 hours of intensive teamwork sounded interesting to us," said the winners in an interview for Vijesti.

HackaTON Participants Created New Official Souvenir for The City of Nikšić

The name for their souvenir derived from the beautiful lyrics of a song by Miladin Šobić, famous Montenegrin singer and songwriter, “Sunce Tebi, Sunce Meni” (English: Sun to You, Sun to Me”).

The winning team won a cash prize of 3,000 EUR.

The best solution has become the official tourist souvenir of Nikšić and thus part of the memory of every visitor of this city.

HackaTON Participants Created New Official Souvenir for The City of Nikšić 5

The second place and 1,500 EUR went to the team "4MFLUCET" from Cetinje, made up of students of the Faculty of Fine Arts (FLU): Marko Petričević, Nikola Matičić, Maša Laković, Matija Nikčević, Aleksandra Mijušković, and Dušan Aleksić.

The event was organized innovatively to create an official souvenir of the city using new technologies, with a special focus on 3D modelling and printing.

HackaTON Participants Created New Official Souvenir for The City of Nikšić 4

The first maker hackaTON was organized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre Tehnopolis in cooperation with the Municipality of Nikšić, the Ministry of Science of Montenegro and partners from the region: 3D Republic Belgrade and the space for creative activity Deli Niš.

02 Jun 2019, 19:08 PM

June 2, 2019 - Fans of healthy lifestyles and the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi had the opportunity to follow lectures and participate in a demonstration of the practical application of Tai Chi skills from Grandmaster Zhao You Bin who yesterday visited at CEDIA Lustica Bay. Zhao You Bin, who has arrived from China for this opportunity, is one of the great-grandparents of the traditional Jang style and a member of the Jang family. The following Sunday he will hold classes in Podgorica and Niksic.

"It is an ancient skill that is excellent for maintaining body and soul fitness and the structure of the whole organism. Since Luštica Bay has positioned as a home for active life and most of our events encompass various sporting activities, this time we have recognized the possibility for us and the visitors to Luštica Bay to meet the master You Bin. This is the beginning of our more comprehensive plan to organize a whole series of athletic and active lifestyle events this summer," said Slavica Milić, Marketing Manager Luštica Development.
Grandmaster You Bin is a highly respected Jang-style masterclass teacher, and in the Chinese system of appraisal, he carries level 8, which implies a remarkable long-term contribution to the advancement of this ancient skill equally beneficial for mental and physical health.
Zhao You Bin deals with Tai Chi l for 63 years, started at seven years old.
"Tai Chi is a particular part of Chinese martial arts and an essential part of Chinese culture. Also, it is very crucial to our overall health. Or it provides relaxation and comfort to the whole body," said Zhao You Bin.
The Tai Chi Jang style practiced by You Bin is suitable for all ages.  The movements are light, soft, but the right concentration and coordination are needed to be able to perform. Or you will be taught for the rest of your life. In addition to keeping the body in physical and spiritual condition, which is very important in today's fast and stressful rhythm of life, it is also recommended for reconnaissance after some physical injuries and stressful situations. Because of all the benefits it provides, martial arts will last for thousands of years.


02 Jun 2019, 16:56 PM
June 2, 2019 - At the Rhythm of Europe, the children's music festival held last night in Tivat, between teams from 12 cities, the winner was named the children of Podgorica with the song "The Fire in Your Eyes," which represented Israel at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.
The top performances, excellent participants, charming hosts - Igor Karadarević, director of this project, Maja Kovačević from TVCG and special music guest, Goca Tržan, with the elegant ambiance of the Adriatic Marinas administrative building and the heart of the audience made the Rhythm of Europe one of the best-seen events of this kind in Tivat. Each municipality performed with song and play, representing one of the countries of Europe and singing in the country's language. The public and the jury decided the best were the children of Podgorica. In addition to Israel, The Rhythm of Europe project, which has been extended from Serbia to the region and other European countries, is supported by Australia, whose ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro, Ruth Stewart, attended last night's competition.
rhythm of europe 1
Montenegro in the Rhythm of Europe, 1 June 2019, Tivat, Photo by Sonja Štilet, Radio Tivat
Welcoming Ambassador Stewart, as well as Ambassador of Belgium, Adam Koenraad, President of the Municipality of Tivat Siniša Kusovac, addressed the children in a welcome speech:
"Although we still do not know the winner of this competition, I will say that you, children, are always winners for us, because your smile of gold is worth it."
"Although I was somewhat skeptical of this project, I can now say that I am incredibly pleased, and congratulate the organization of Montenegro in the Rhythm of Europe, which did this in a very professional, dignified and sincere way, and made this event remembered as the only of such kind in Tivat," Kusovac said.
Besides the winning team from Podgorica, the competition included the children of Berane, Danilovgrad, Bijelo Polje, Plav, Pljevlja, Petnjica, Mojkovac, Kotor, Nikšić, Herceg Novi and the host city, thee winner of the previous edition of the festival Montenegro in the Rhythm of Europe. 
rhythm of europe 6Montenegro in the Rhythm of Europe, 1 June 2019, Photo by Sonja Štilet, Radio Tivat
Montenegro is just one of the countries where the event, a franchise set by Igor Karadarević and David Maković from neighboring Serbia is organized. During the program, members of the project from Cyprus, Sweden, and Serbia were directly involved, giving support to participants in Tivat.
Ambassadors of Australia and Belgium agree that this is a project with great potential.
"It was fantastic! It is beautiful to see children from all over Montenegro who enjoy life by understanding the importance of participating in such events where they learn about other countries. That's fantastic, and we are grateful for the opportunity to support it," said Ambassador of Australia, Ruth Stewart. 
Emphasizing that he comes from Belgium, the capital of Europe, Ambassador Adam Koenraad highlighted the potential of the project The Rhythm of Europe in promoting the idea of European communion among children and youth in the countries in which it is organized.
"I enjoyed this enthusiasm of young people, which brought together the idea of Europe, a European culture through music and dance, through joy. It is an essential thing - children enjoy and give us a chance to experience their happiness. So we are all winners. It was a wonderful evening."
The concept of the event The Rhythm of Europe is an exciting way of reformulating the idea of Eurovision content, initiated in 1956.
"Of course I like the Rhythm of Europe concept. Finally, Belgium is one of the seven countries that designed it, but not for children. Therefore, we should thank Igor Karadarevic and his team on this project and congratulate them on the launch of a children's music festival, which relies on the concept of Eurovision but is held within a country by gathering representatives of its cities. This is something that has emerged in the Balkans but has spread further, and we hope that other countries in Europe will recognize it," said Ambassador of Belgium, the country that first recognized the potential of the project, providing support and assistance to the organizers since the first edition of the festival in Serbia.
rhythm of europeThe Rhythm of Europe is Children's Music Festival Held in Several Countries
The biggest children's music competition in Serbia, The Rhythm of Europe, with a broadcast on national television, has ten years of tradition and is supported by the Ambassadors of Countries in Europe, Israel, and Australia.
It is a competition that gathers children of primary and secondary school age who, besides their city or municipality, present and sing in the language of one of the countries of Europe, Israel, and Australia. The total number of towns of representatives - competitors, is 20 in one country. The process of preparing children for live television broadcasts lasts six months during which children are trained with television teams to present in the live TV broadcast of the country of Europe, Israel, and Australia.
The winner of the competition is determined by adding the SMS votes and votes of the jury of participating cities. The winning city, as a prize, receives television broadcast for the next year on national television from that city, and the children of the winning city get a trip to the country that they have represented in a live television program.
Apart from Serbia and Montenegro, the project "In the Rhythm of Europe" has been implemented for the time being in Cyprus, Moldova, Sweden, Serbia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bulgaria.
31 May 2019, 12:54 PM

The 20th Lim regatta, starting from Plav to Andrijevica, Berane and Bijelo Polje to Prijepolje, will be held until June 2nd. The organizers of this sport-recreational and cultural-entertainment event are the local tourist organizations of the cities in which the regatta is taking place as well as the rafting clubs.

The director of the Tourism Organization Berane, Ivan Radevic, explained that the regatta, as every year, runs in three stages.

"The first stage is from Plav to Berane, the other from Berane to Bijelo Polje, and the third from Bijelo Polje to Prijepolje, where the regatta finishes. The Lim regatta attracts all lovers of water sports. It is popular not only here but also in the region, so we expect a great number of rafting enthusiasts," Radevic said.


He emphasized that for the flow of Lim is extremely interesting for the racers, as it leads from Plav to Berane. "All participants are to expect a beautiful adventure especially in the part of Lim at the village of Novsice, where there are beautiful beech trees. Also, I would point out that the stages are demanding, especially in the territory of the municipality Berane, in the canyon of Tifran, which is extreme and requires great attention and caution of all racers," added the director of TO Berane. The Lim regatta has a cross-border character as it passes through Montenegro and Serbia and represents an adventure of 134 kilometers.

Text by Tufik Softic, on May 30th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

31 May 2019, 12:47 PM

Mejlis of the Islamic Community of Berane and Imam Rahim Muratovic from Berane prepared a traditional iftar social gathering last night.

Iftar has been held under the auspices of the Municipality of Berane and Mayor Dragoslav Scekic for the last five years.

Imam Muratovic praised this practice and said that "in the last days of Ramadan we gather in Iftar with the support of the Berane Municipality".

"This is a truly wonderful gesture, because Ramadan is just the symbol of the harmony, communion and brotherhood which distinguishes our city from its very beginning," Muratovic said.

He conveyed greetings and congratulations to a large number of citizens of Islamic religion for the incoming celebration from Budim-Niksic eparchy.

"We are here to hang out tonight together and make this month even more beautiful with this event," Muratovic said.

The president of the Municipality of Berane, due to his traditional friendly gesture of gratitude to the Islamic Community of Rifat Fejzic, addressed the message of gratitude by the representative of Mesihat IZ Rejhan Hot.


He spoke to the believers about the meaning of the Ramadan post, which, as he said, is hiding in building up the awareness of God and knowing that "the exalted observes and sees everything," then the need to share and thank, and the need to control the urge.

"These are the messages that are hidden. Only where there are differences, we can show all our goodness and beauty, our value. That is why I congratulate Mr. Scekic for allowing us to socialize on this occasion," said Hot.

The mayor of Berane, as host of iftar, to the believers and other officials, pointed out that the common iftar indicates multiethnicity and messages of equality. "From this place, we send a message of communion. We should not divide ourselves on any grounds, but only on those who do good or do evil," said Scekic.


Congratulating the upcoming Ramadan Eid, he pointed out that the Islamic Community, both in Berane and Montenegro and in the wider region, left permanent cultural and spiritual values.

In addition to Scekic and his associates, Iftar was attended by the President of the Assembly of Berane Municipality and President of OO Democrats Novica Obradovic, as well as President of OO SNP Tihomir Bogavac.

The local government in Berane is made up by the coalition Zdravo Berane (SNP and DF) and Democratic Montenegro. Since 2014, when he took over the duty of the municipal president, Dragoslav Scekic finances the iftar event in Berane every year.

The Ramadan fasting month for Islamic believers ends on Monday, and the first day of Ramadan Eid is celebrated on Tuesday, June 4th.

Text by Tufik Soktic, on May 31st, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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