15 Nov 2020, 15:50 PM
November 15, 2020 - The Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen has started cooperation with colleagues from Trebinje, who are in the final phase of registering the Orjen Nature Park. The director of the Agency, Milja Vitorović, says that the parks of the Dinarides have joined the regional protected area network project.
"The agreement with the Nature Park near Trebinje will be made official this month. We agreed on shared themes of biodiversity and cultural and historical heritage. Presentations and exhibitions will be held on these topics, respecting all the rules of protection against coronavirus." Vitorović explained that Republika Srpska's Government decided in September to register the Nature Park "Orjen" near Trebinje.
Vitorović said that they plan to deal with topics related to ecosystem services by the end of the year and that they are dedicated to projects to protect endangered species of biodiversity in Orjen.
-"It turned out that the health trail is suitable for further promotion and commercialization, which we will supplement by equipping the route with exercise equipment and eco playgrounds for children. The trail will be equipped with totems with necessary information about the biodiversity of the area, and the diversity of animal and plant species in a fairytale forest environment. It will be thematically marked in a circular shape, passing through the flat, more accessible parts of Orjen. There are fantastic lookouts with a sea view at two or three positions," said Vitorović and emphasized that in the region, the management and guests of hotels with five or more stars are showing increasing interest in the mountain. 
The interest of foreign tourists in Orjen at the tourism fairs where the Agency made presentations before the coronavirus pandemic, speaks of a significant chance for all-round tourist development of Herceg Novi, which has both sea and mountains.
"To promote healthy lifestyles, we have prepared material through the information-educational center with the message: Let's protect our nature and not leave waste," Vitorović appealed.
14 Nov 2020, 15:54 PM

November 14, 2020 - “The painting is created, not painted. All of my paintings have been created by the impression of the environment in which I live.” This is the view of Momcilo Macanovic, an academic painter who works and lives in Tivat. He is recognized as one of the most talented artists in Montenegro, as well as throughout the wider area.

This refined artist is well known for his astonishing paintings, which are easily recognizable due to their precise figuration and sculptural form.


His creative opus is characterised by hyperrealism, with a rich presence of the Mediterranean light.

The primary focus of Momcilo's art is on the figure, which is always static and frozen in time."The figure is in the center of the composition and dominates it, while the other objects and details simply have the role of filling the empty space. Everything is centred around the figure; for example like a mooring bollard behind which is painted a ship or an island,”  he said. "The environment is of essential importance for every painter out there. It greatly impacts their view of the surroundings and the way they convey it on canvas".

Momcilo views the world as a composition of light and shadow, which helped him to develop his unique painting style. The presence of shadow and light play on his canvas, followed by olive-gray tonality, sometimes with a certain dose of humour and satire.We can often spot peeled paint, corrosion and rust on his paintings, for which he is well known.

As for techniques, he prefers to work with oil, since it gives him broader possibilities, although he often uses aquarelle paint as well.

While talking with Momcilo, he added that the biggest influence on his creative work comes from Flemish paintings and Italian renaissance.


When asked how he chooses themes for his paintings, Momcilo replied, “Sometimes a random detail, light or a part of a facade catches my eye and I convey it on my canvas”. He is able to create a whole composition, often even a cycle of paintings, out of a single detail. Momcilo never repeats compositions and motives. He uses linear perspective, while his paintings are organized horizontally.

The artist himself concludes,“The process of painting is unpredictable, full of details, and radiates with imagination.” 

11 Nov 2020, 19:01 PM

November 11, 2020 - The area of ​​Kotor has been under tremendous pressure from excessive urbanization during the last two decades, which seriously jeopardizes its exceptional universal value, warns the Kotor NGO "Expeditio".

They say that the inadmissible transformations of the cultural landscape that have taken place, devastation and inadequate commercialization of cultural heritage, loss of original purpose, and the currently collapsed and dysfunctional cultural heritage protection system and indigent spatial planning system seriously undermine the values ​​of the area.

If these harmful practices do not change soon, Kotor's status on the UNESCO World Heritage List will be seriously questioned. One of the reasons for the worrying condition of Kotor's area and its degradation ​​is that generally among the public, and even among decision-makers, there is no awareness of what it encompasses and the exceptional universal value on the World Heritage List. It is often not understood that the entire cultural landscape, which includes the Kotor-Risan part of the Bay, is a World Heritage Site. What should be preserved is a harmonious relationship between rich and diverse architectural heritage and a unique natural environment - emphasize the NGO "Expeditio."

They announce the recent publication of the guide and map "Natural and cultural-historical area of ​​Kotor on the UNESCO World Heritage List" (authors Zorica Čubrović, Jasminka Grgurević, Ilija Lalošević, Aleksandra Kapetanović). The materials were created to present the basic characteristics, values, and significance of Kotor's natural and cultural-historical area and contribute to the preservation of its status on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Expeditio has developed the website with all relevant info regarding the protected area of Kotor.

10 Nov 2020, 14:32 PM
November 10, 2020 - As one of the ten partners from eight Mediterranean countries implementing the project SHAREMED (Sharing and enhancing capabilities to address environmental threats in the Mediterranean Sea), the Institute of Marine Biology of the University of Montenegro Kotor continues to implement project activities. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings and consultations mostly occur online. Still, the partners ensure active cooperation towards the mutual goal- to ensure full engagement in surveillance and protect the endangered Mediterranean basin. 
The partners in the project, which officially started on October 1, 2019, and will last for 33 months, are scientific institutes and higher education institutions that deal with research on pressures on the Mediterranean ecosystem and come from Italy, Spain, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Portugal, and Montenegro. The total value of the project, accepted on the topic of Sustainable Tourism within the Interreg Mediterranean Transnational Program 2014-2020, is € 3,100,000.00, of which € 70,000.00 has been allocated to the Institute of Marine Biology.
"The SHAREMED project aims to provide the harmonization of strategies applied in the Mediterranean, in the field of analysis of the marine ecosystem and the system for its protection. The initial meeting was held in Trieste in February this year. Due to the current epidemic, all activities were transferred to the online system," explains Dr. Petović, adding that the project management board meetings are held every month. The implemented activities are summarized, and new ones are planned.
Three research zones have been defined to facilitate the harmonization of the work methodology. The project team is divided into three working groups - for the North Adriatic region, the Sicilian channel, and ​​the North-Western Mediterranean area. The collection of existing data and analysis of applied methods is in progress.
A workshop hosted by the University of Malta is planned for December, where some of the larger Mediterranean projects in ecology, pollution, and protection will be presented to analyze the applied methods and the obtained results. At the same time, each of the partners collects relevant information on the premises.
"One of the project's activities is the recognition and networking of local and national governing bodies and scientific institutions so that the conclusions and recommendations we come to during and after the implementation of the SHAREMED project are incorporated into regional and national policies and consistently implemented. In that sense, the Institute of Marine Biology has recognized all relevant entities in Montenegro. Within the project, we plan to organize a workshop in Kotor to strengthen future cooperation further, "said Dr. Petovic.
Among other things, the SHAREMED project's goal is to create a common database and an atlas of state and warning maps so that phenomena can be integrated and observed through a common portal and improve the ability to predict. The scientists will also explore the potential of new observation methodologies to define maps of the future joint path, guidelines, and action plans.
10 Nov 2020, 09:56 AM

November 10, 2020 - After several months of waiting caused by the coronavirus pandemic, representatives of the Italian company "Panaque Srl" have succeeded in installing complete aquarium equipment for the first marine aquarium in Montenegro, "Boka Aquarium" and to put it into operation. The news was announced by Dr. Mirko Đurović, Director of Boka Aquarium.

"A test phase is underway to check all pipelines and regulate the necessary parameters that will ensure the safety of fish and other marine organisms in the pools, such as temperature, oxygen, salinity, and all other parameters. This phase includes essential aspects before the finalization of Boka Aquarium. Therefore, the testing will last for 10 to 15 days, so that we can start settling organisms from the sea, primarily the Bay of Kotor, with certainty," said Dr. Đurović.

So far, 95% of the contracted works have been completed at the Boka Aquarium. After the commission handover of the system to the Institute of Marine Biology, the final works on the interior of the aquarium and the exterior arrangement of the yard of the Institute will follow, to ensure the aquarium is ready to meet the first visitors. Technical support by the company "Panaque Srl" will be available both during the settlement period and during the opening of the aquarium to the public.

"Opening to the public will primarily depend on the epidemiological situation because, for now, this is what dictates all plans. We want to be 100% sure that future visitors will be able to fully enjoy the Adriatic Sea's biodiversity and that of the Bay of Kotor. Today, the essential precondition for that is that we have a favorable epidemiological situation. Indeed, we will work on the constant improvement of the installation, because the placement of all organisms in pools requires patience and a slightly more extended period," said Dr. Đurović.

Boka Aquarium is an additional contribution of the University of Montenegro and the Institute of Marine Biology to education regarding the need to protect the marine ecosystem of the Adriatic Sea and to what Boka Kotorska and Montenegro offers tourists.

The aquarium is located in the Radonicic Palace, under the protection of Montenegro's cultural monuments, over an area of 300 m2. After 30 years of non-use due to the poor condition and dilapidated installations, the Institute of Marine Biology breathed new life into this space.

The aquarium will present the Mediterranean's marine flora and fauna, that of the Adriatic and the Bay of Kotor.

The Boka Aquarium is mostly financed by a donation from the Kingdom of Norway through the project "Center for the Protection of Marine Biodiversity" Boka Aquarium - MonteAqua. Additional funds were provided thanks to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Public Enterprise Morsko Dobro, and the University of Montenegro.

Source: University of Montenegro

06 Nov 2020, 15:40 PM

November 6, 2020 - One of the most popular global series, The Nomad, will be filming from today, until 15th November in Montenegro. The show is produced by the famous Canadian photographer and author Ryan Pyle, and the filming will be carried out in collaboration with the National Tourism Organization (NTO).

The series, according to the NTO, focuses on cities, gastronomy, local customs and people.

"After Heidelberg in Germany, Valletta in Malta and Dubrovnik in Croatia, the author has chosen Montenegro for the series’ next destination. The episode The Nomad - Boka Bay is being filmed in the area of ​​Boka Kotorska, as chosen by the author, with a focus on the city of Kotor," the NTO said in a statement.

They added that, in line with the specific concept of the show, the destination will be presented to an audience of millions, through interviews with the local population on topics related to history, culture, gastronomy, personal life experience and professions.

"Montenegro, with its diverse natural beauty, is becoming increasingly popular among travellers around the world, but less is known about its rich history and authentic stories that locals will share. At Ryan Pyle Productions, we are excited to bring these stories to life and explore everything that Montenegro and the Bay of Kotor have to offer,” said Pyle.

During the filming of the episode, the TV crew will, among other things, have the opportunity to try their hand at preparing traditional Montenegrin dishes, visit the Kotor market, olive groves and several rural households. They will learn about the production of craft beer and the tradition of making wooden boats, and discover what’s on offer for recreation and active holidays in the great outdoors.

The NTO highlights that the television series The Nomad is broadcast through one of the two largest global streaming channels, Amazon Prime, with over 150 million subscribers. The episode The Nomad - Boka Bay will be broadcast via Amazon Prime in the US, UK and Germany.

They add that the episode will also be available through Ryan Pyle’s YouTube channel and his social media profiles with an impressive number of followers, as well as through China’s most influential social network Weibo.

"The 46-minute episode of The Nomad - Boka Bay will premiere next year, and given the expected audience for the series through TV broadcasts and digital channels, it is estimated that this tourist report will be of great importance for promoting Montenegro as a quality tourist destination on a global level," the announcement states.



05 Nov 2020, 13:58 PM

November 5, 2020 - Bar-based company Alpha Company Ltd is planning a tourist resort on an area of ​​18,000 m2 in the village of Zabrdje on the Lustica Peninsula. The Secretariat for Spatial Planning and Construction of the Municipality of Herceg Novi has therefore announced a competition for an urban-architectural design for the development, which includes several cadastral parcels.

The anonymous single-stage procedure is open nationally, on a general project basis, until 30th December. The announcement was made at the request of the owner/investor, a Bar-based company, represented by Mikalai Biladzid from Belarus.

The territory is of an irregular shape, with a significant height difference between the initial and final sections, and contains two spatial zones, which, given that they are in close proximity and under the same ownership, will be planned as one functional unit - a tourist resort.

The tender solution should provide for the construction of a tourist resort with accompanying infrastructure. In the northern part, which is closer to the sea coast, the construction of a hotel as the central basic tourist facility is envisaged, while the construction of the remaining additional facilities and tourist villas is planned in the southern part. The resort category will be 4 stars, with the primary facilities being the hotel and villas. There will be a maximum of three above-ground storeys, the local administration announced.

The funds provided for the competition total 24,500 euros. The prize fund is 17,000 euros, distributed as follows: first prize - 8,000 euros, second prize - 5,000 and third prize - 3,000 euros. The total fund for jury expenses, reporting and organization is 7,500 euros. The amounts are stated in the net value in which they will be paid.

All competition fund expenses, including assessment fees and fees related to the organization of the competition, will be borne by the investor.



01 Nov 2020, 19:37 PM

November 1, 2020 - An exhibition of photographs by Dusko Miljanic entitled "Faces of My Time" will be held at the Museum and Gallery on Monday, November 2, at 7 p.m.

Dusko Miljanic, a professional photographer from Tivat, was born in 1975, and has been living and working in Podgorica for the last two decades. He perfected his photography art within the Photo Cinema Club Podgorica, under the mentorship of one of the most important Montenegrin photographers, Vojo Radonjić. He graduated from the University of Audiovisual Arts ESRA, Department of Photography, in the class of prof. Robert Jankulosky. He has been hired as the official photographer of several companies and institutions, and he publishes photographs in various publications, magazines, books, monographs, and magazines around the world. He is also involved in art photography.

He was behind the Podgorica Photo Salon in 2006 and 2007. He has exhibited at over 70 joint exhibitions in the country and abroad, while he had his first solo exhibition in Prague in 2006. He has won numerous awards, the most important of which are FIAT (World Association of Art Photographers) and Sterijin for photography in theatrical art. His independent project, "Barvale," is not only a work of art but a step towards socially engaged photographic projects.

Visitors to the Tivat Museum and Gallery will have the opportunity to see a series of portraits of Duško's fellow citizens, older people from Tivat, and the initiators of significant community changes. These photos are a homage to the people who, through their social engagement, have contributed to the continuing authenticity of Tivat.

The exhibition will be opened by art historian Mirjana Dabović Pejović and professor of literature Neven Staničić.

The Museum and the gallery remind visitors to wear masks, keep the prescribed distance, and disinfect their hands when entering the gallery.

01 Nov 2020, 18:55 PM
November 1, 2020 - That art knows no boundaries and always overcomes obstacles and barriers. That film art finds a way to reach its audience, even at this time of the "wild" epidemic of coronavirus, is a fact proven by the IV Forteca Film Festival Perast, which will be held from November 3 to 5, 2020, in Kotor.
To the great satisfaction of everyone involved, this marks the beginning of future cooperation between the Forteca Film Festival and the Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković" Kotor, and also marks the opening of the renovated hall of the BOKA cinema, which gives this, the fourth Festival in a row, special significance.
The grand opening will be on Tuesday, November 3, at 6 pm, and fifteen minutes later, a screening of the film Charter by director Amanda Carnel will begin.
The first night of the Festival will end with the Swedish film Goliath, directed by Peter Grondal.
On Wednesday, November 4, at 6 pm, the film Pool by director Anders Lenberg will be shown, and from 8 pm in the press hall of the Cultural Center, a Zoom panel discussion will be held with filmmakers from northern Europe. The audience will have the opportunity to meet the authors through the online platform and ask questions.
This year's IV Forteca Film Festival Perast ends on Thursday, November 5, with the screening of the films: The Man Who Played with Fire - a documentary about Stig Larson, author of the Millennium Trilogy, which was also received in Hollywood and The Perfect Patient, by Mikaela Hofstuma.
Respecting measures of the National Coordination Team for Infectious Diseases, the number of seats in the "Boka" cinema is limited. Hand disinfection, wearing masks, and maintaining distance is mandatory.
For reservations, call: 032 - 304 - 140.
For those who cannot be at the Festival, an online broadcast will be organized. Those interested can apply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for login details to the digital platform (mark mail with ONLINE SCREENING and your name)


A special feature of this year's Forteca Film Festival Perast is the opening of the newly renovated cinema hall "Boka" in the Old Town, which will breathe new life into the outstanding achievements of cinema 2020 from Sweden and the Nordic countries.
The latest films of Sweden and the Nordic countries at the 4th Forteca International Film Festival Perast in the Cultural Center KOTOR, Cinema Hall "Boka" Stari Grad, Kotor, and Media Center on November 3 to 5, 2020
November 3
6 pm
6.15 pm
Charter, Sweden, 2020, drama, 94', Swedish with English subtitles
8 pm
Goliat / Goliath, Sweden, 2018, crime, drama, 88', Swedish with Montenegrin subtitles
November 4
6 pm
Pool, Sweden, 2020, drama, 95', Swedish, French, English with English subtitles
8 pm
 November 5
6 pm
Mannen Som Lekte Med Elden / The Man Who Played with Fire, Sweden, 2018, documentary-drama, 99', Swedish with English subtitles
 8 pm
The Perfect Patient / Quick, Sweden, 2019, crime, drama, thriller, 132', Swedish with English subtitles
01 Nov 2020, 15:26 PM


November 1, 2020 - Porto Montenegro is introducing a new partner to develop yacht services in Bijela. Drydocks World, part of the DP World Group from the United Arab Emirates, is the new member of the Montenegro Yacht Services consortium together with Adriatic Marinas from Tivat. Drydocks World takes the place of Dutch shipbuilding corporation Damen.

The consortium received a long-term concession from the Government of Montenegro for the shipyard port of Bijela, which includes the regeneration of the former overhaul shipyard for large merchant ships into a first-class company for servicing, maintenance, repair and refit of superyachts.

Porto Montenegro stated that a consortium consisting of the superyacht development and marina management company Adriatic Marinas (ADM - owned by the Dubai Investment Corporation) and Damen - a Dutch shipbuilding group, had agreed that Damen’s role in developing the former Bijela Shipyard would be taken over by the new member of the consortium Drydocks World - Dubai.

They add that the latter is a leading company for the provision of services for servicing, maintenance, repair and refit of yachts, as well as for maritime services and services for maritime platforms in the transport, oil, gas and energy sectors.

"Together we will position the shipyard in Bijela as a leader in the area of repairs and refit of superyachts in the Mediterranean," stated the signatory for the consortium, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Adriatic Marinas, Mohammed I. Al Shaibani.

In addition to opening a yacht servicing company, the consortium plans to establish a training academy in Bijela to train future generations of marine engineers from Montenegro.



26 Oct 2020, 20:36 PM

October 26, 2020 - The President of the Municipality of Tivat, Zeljko Komnenovic, and the Executive Director of the NGO "Our Action", Patricia Pobric, signed today an Agreement on Cooperation within the Cross-Border Cooperation Project Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro, "YOUth Drive- Program for raising awareness on proper waste management and empowering legislators to take action." It is a project that connects the Bay of Kotor and the West Herzegovina County with numerous activities, aimed at protecting the environment through improved waste management and consistent application of energy efficiency principles.

The project, supported by the European Commission, is worth € 279,200.48 and will cover seven communities: Ljubuški, Grude, Posušje, Široki Brijeg (BIH), Herceg Novi, Tivat, and Kotor (MNE). The project will last from November 15, 2020, to May 15, 2021.

"Bearing in mind that we are a tourist destination, issues of environmental protection and treatment of various types of waste are of key importance, and we desperately need such projects supported by the European Union," the mayor of Tivat pointed out.

The project leader, Patricia Pobrić, mentioned that the project's goal is to strengthen capacity to apply environmental protection and energy efficiency standards at the local level and that "the municipalities involved in the project are offered a unique opportunity to address this issue."

The project defines two activities: those related to the waste management process itself and activities aimed at young people and the public. When it comes to the waste management process, partners in the project will analyze waste treatment, pollution of watercourses, and characteristics of illegal landfills. The subjects of analyses will also be the existing regulations for waste management, planning and strategic documentation, and existing infrastructure, with development of recommendations at the regional and local level being conducted.

Activities with young people and the public will include developing information material for students, the development of a digital platform, educational info-sessions in schools, a promotional campaign on social networks, and multi-day educational events.

By participating in this project, TIvat Municipality will receive concrete analysis and recommendations from the subject areas. Participation in a series of activities to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection and application of energy efficiency principles will be offered, and primary and secondary school students will have the opportunity to participate in numerous educational events. The project benefits include bins for electronic waste and a container totalling an estimated value of € 14,000.

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