Kotor Area's status on the UNESCO List Endangered by Excessive Urbanisation

By , 11 Nov 2020, 19:01 PM Lifestyle
Kotor Area's status on the UNESCO List Endangered by Excessive Urbanisation Dobrota, Kotor, Source: Boka News

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November 11, 2020 - The area of ​​Kotor has been under tremendous pressure from excessive urbanization during the last two decades, which seriously jeopardizes its exceptional universal value, warns the Kotor NGO "Expeditio".

They say that the inadmissible transformations of the cultural landscape that have taken place, devastation and inadequate commercialization of cultural heritage, loss of original purpose, and the currently collapsed and dysfunctional cultural heritage protection system and indigent spatial planning system seriously undermine the values ​​of the area.

If these harmful practices do not change soon, Kotor's status on the UNESCO World Heritage List will be seriously questioned. One of the reasons for the worrying condition of Kotor's area and its degradation ​​is that generally among the public, and even among decision-makers, there is no awareness of what it encompasses and the exceptional universal value on the World Heritage List. It is often not understood that the entire cultural landscape, which includes the Kotor-Risan part of the Bay, is a World Heritage Site. What should be preserved is a harmonious relationship between rich and diverse architectural heritage and a unique natural environment - emphasize the NGO "Expeditio."

They announce the recent publication of the guide and map "Natural and cultural-historical area of ​​Kotor on the UNESCO World Heritage List" (authors Zorica Čubrović, Jasminka Grgurević, Ilija Lalošević, Aleksandra Kapetanović). The materials were created to present the basic characteristics, values, and significance of Kotor's natural and cultural-historical area and contribute to the preservation of its status on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Expeditio has developed the website kotorunesco.info with all relevant info regarding the protected area of Kotor.

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