21 Sep 2020, 21:25 PM
September 21, 2020 - Montenegro - Wild Beauty, says the National Tourism Organisation's slogan. These days, it seems, we all love it. We all defend it. It is promising that some influencers have announced that they will go to "defend it from the wood." Maybe then we'll cut them less without control, maybe fewer rivers will end up in pipes. This beautiful country is often unknown to its citizens - few have discovered all its beauties. And they seem to be without number. Among those being late in learning is the author of these lines. Who on this occasion will take you on a tour of the northeastern part of Montenegro - the massif of Prokletije Mountain and surrounding attractions.
montenegro you can do it
Discovering Montenegro- Slopes of Prokletije, Photo by Antonela Stjepčević
Are we going to Prokletije for the weekend? I said let's go, although I didn't think any more of what the venture would be about. A good team, a plan to spend three days in nature - there wasn't too much to think about. Still, when I was left alone, I remembered that the mountain was called Prokletije. The name is ominous - in our language, it means something damned, haunted, dangerous, inaccessible. I also remembered my lousy condition. Still, whatever may lie ahead, let's go to Prokletije.
The 10-member team left Tivat on Friday afternoon. The journey through Podgorica, Kolašin, Andrijevica, and Gusinje to the valley of Grebaja, where we were located, takes effectively about five hours. From Podgorica, we headed through the Morača canyon towards Kolašin - our coffee and food supply station before the weekend in the mountains. From there, we took the highway to the separation of the regional road Kolašin-Andrijevica, which leads through a picturesque forest intersected by clearings where the low-lying villages are located. Houses mostly along the road, and backyards full of apple trees, whose full branches bend towards the road. Well, apples are seen even in the dark; we stood twice to eat sweet fruits with the scent of autumn. We already knew then, and became even more convinced on the way back, that you have to drive through this forest during the day. But let's go back to the beginning. We are just starting our journey.
montenegro ocnjak svi
Grebaja Valley, Prokletije, Photo by Milan Lučić
If the North East of Montenegro was compared to any other country, it would be Switzerland first. Above the forests and glades, Prokletije mountain climbs as cruel as the Alps. And the villages and towns that are located under its slopes bathe in the colorful autumn. The towns we passed through are quiet, peaceful, although Friday night in Montenegro is traditionally reserved for young generations. It was interesting to see that there are not many girls on the streets, mostly boys sitting together in cafes. They spot our cars with the license plates of coastal cities; we see that the summer marked by coronavirus is behind them as well. In previous years, this part of Montenegro attracted a lot of attention from tourists worldwide. According to the Manager of the hunting ground "Prokletije", Mr. Xhevad Hot, most of the guests came from Western European countries.
"They know much better than our people how to recognize and appreciate the beauties of nature that await them here. They come informed, well prepared; they understand that sheer rocks are waiting for them. They return from the mountain carrying the garbage they collected along the way," says Xhevad, emphasizing that he is ashamed when he has to tell them who left the trash behind and why. It doesn't make sense to civilized people. Although, if you ask me - Prokletije is the best-preserved national park in Montenegro. Although Mr. Hot has many objections to the way the Public Company "National Parks of Montenegro" and the Administration of the Prokletije National Park operate, there is less inappropriate construction in this part of our country than in other regions. Which in itself means that the damage, where it exists, will be easier to repair.
From Gusinje to the Grebaja valley, from where you start the most popular hiking tours in the part of Prokletije called Karanfili, takes about 15 minutes' drive. The road is in good condition, and you can easily get there with a small city car. Xhevad greeted us with a smile even though we arrived after ten o'clock in the evening. Tired from the trip, but eager to connect with the mountain, we had dinner under the open sky. 
Our team member Matija is the only one who has had the opportunity to mountaineer on Prokletije before. If we knew what was in store for us, at least half of the participants would have given up at the start. Yet now that everything is behind us, we can only say a big thank you to him.
After breakfast and a quick coffee prepared by Xhevad and a hardworking hostess of the Ethno-village "Maja Karanfili", we have to get moving. Matija shows us the peak of Očnjak, which rises in the sky under the clouds as the first rays of the sun rest on it - it was difficult for me to reach it with my eyes. Well, here we go, says Matija. Xhevad has been the hunting ground manager in Prokletije for 20 years, so it goes without saying that he knows the mountain well. His advice is to opt for a less demanding climb - the top of Voluščica offers a beautiful view as well, and the climbing is much easier and less dangerous. I'm silent, rooting for Voluščica. But I don't want to be a killjoy. I'll go. Wherever.
Matija is a young man in his twenties. Healthy, smiling, full of strength. It turned out he was also very patient. It is not difficult to get our captain Milan on adrenaline, and eight girls decided to be ambitious. That's how it all started. At ten in the morning, uphill.
montenegro start ocnjak
Determined to reach Očnjak, Photo by Milan Lučić
montenegro uphill
Matija encurages the girls, Photo by Milan Lučić
Already after the first ten minutes of walking, muscle pain caught up with me. I thought I was going to roll back. But it was a dangerous idea even at the beginning. The Grebaje Valley is located at 1141 m above sea level. The peak we climb is 2185 meters high. And the length of the route is only three kilometers. So from the very base, the ascent starts vertically. But there is Matija. He runs up and down the rocks, springs from the woods, and gives encouraging words to those in the most trouble at any given moment. The muscles are warming up slowly, and the brain is also learning how to send a signal to the body -"You can do it!"
With a lot of mutual encouragement and laughter, we managed to reach the rest area, located some halfway to the top. It was hard to decide what to do first - take off your shoes or drink water. There was about a two-hour walk behind us. We had crossed barren mountain lands, traversed several groves, and climbed a ditch full of nettles. Constantly at an incline of over 30 degrees, with not a second of rest for the head. Because - if you climb on Prokletije, you have to be aware of your every step. One mistake is enough to give you an injury that can keep you in the mountains much longer than you planned, instead of savouring the victory that awaits you at the top. But let's not dwell on any negatives. I have much more to say and show you.
montenegro ocnjak rest
Photo by Milan Lučić
A rest under the pine tree was a pure privilege. After half an hour we moved on, to much harder terrain. Not only because of fatigue, but becasue the most challenging part of the journey was yet to come. 
montenegro go go girls
Photo by Antonela Stjepčević
Come on, girls, we can do it! If one's strength or will fails, or we admit fear - Matija is, here again. He explains, coaxes, offers mountaineering aids, and is even ready to drag one of us uphill. Not allowing him to, she grits her teeth and continues to climb. The sticks we make from beech branches along the way are of great help. You distribute the weight; the muscles suffer less when they work together. But soon enough the sticks will no longer be of much use to us. We climb almost on all fours. I decide not to look down. The worst thing that can happen to me now is fear. It is what it is. A few more minutes, and here we are. At least that's what Matija says. I have no choice; I trust him all the time.
montenegro matija
montenegro ocnjak 1
montenegro ocnjak last steps
Photos by Milan Lučić
The last part of the trail is a vertical climb along the rock, equipped with a hiking cable. As we do not have the proper mountaineering equipment and the opportunity to connect, I realize that this is the end for me. I settle down comfortably under a rock and my gaze follows the bravest among us. Congratulations to them. Here they are on one of the highest peaks in Montenegro. 2185 meters above sea level—well-done boys and girls!
montenegro ocnjak girls on the top
Očnjak Peak, 2185 m, Photo by Milan Lučić
montenegro ocnjak view
Očnjak View, Prokjletije, Photo by Milan Lučić
I will not write about the way back through Očnjak. That part of the story still hurts a lot, especially in my thigh muscles. But it was worth all the pain. The whole being should feel the taste of going beyond one's boundaries from time to time.
For me it was an excellent opportunity to fight with myself. To realise that with the power of will, you can conquer even the highest mountain peaks. Both in a literal and in a metaphorical sense. If you are unsure how much you can do - go hiking right away.
montenegro ocnjak back
Photo by Milan Lučić
 Most of the team arrived in the Grebaja Valley around five in the afternoon. The other three of us more than an hour after them. Tired but proud of ourselves and determined to prepare better for the next expedition. After eight hours of hiking, I could only go to sleep. I missed the barbecue, the walk under the starry sky. Yet I gathered the strength necessary for the program that awaited us on Sunday.
With breakfast, I took the opportunity to spend some more time with Xhevad. He was happy that we had returned safely from the mountain.
"Prokletije are harsh mountains. There's a big difference in altitude; a mountaineer must be physically fit, accustomed to the mountain, and aware of its dangers. Although the Prokletije National Park was formally established in 2011, very little has been done regarding arrangement and management. We try to inform our guests and take care of who leaves when and where and react quickly if he does not return on time. We also try to provide mountain users with flyers with marked hiking trails to find their way as easily as possible. The courses are correctly marked, but we cannot just rely on that," says Mr. Hot, who also points out that there have been no accidents with guests at Prokletije and that they will do their best to keep it that way.
"Montenegro is a beautiful country, but we are missing a lot. Above all, we lack environmental awareness. Our own people are the ones who pollute the surroundings. We lack functional institutions that do their job. The employees of the National Park must know the mountain; they must be ready to answer all questions. They must have guides available to interested visitors. So, a lot needs to be organized, and organized better," says Xhevad Hot.
He says that we were great guests and that he is sure that we will return to Prokletije. I can tell you that he is right. We are great, and we'll be back for sure.
ocnjak peak
Grebaja Valley, Karanfili, Photo by Antonela Stjepčević
The day after the ascent to Očnjak, it was even more spectacular to look at it from the valley. You could spend a good few hours enjoying it with a coffee, tea, or indeed a homemade apple or pear brandy. The air was gentle, clean, the sun breaking through the peaks. However, when already visiting this part of Montenegro, it is a pity not to see some more attractions. The first on our list was Ali Pasha's Springs near Gusinje.
ali pasha springs
Ali Pasha's Springs, Photo by Antonela Stjepčević 
ali pasha springs 1
Ali Pasha's Springs, Photo by Antonela Stjepčević
Although the water is currently at its lowest level, we can see how this river is formed. Ali Pasha's Springs is located at a distance of 1.5 km south of Gusinje and erupts at the foot of Prokletije at 925m above sea level. It overflows widely at first, and then flows towards the fast and sparkling river Grlja, making the river Vruja. 
One of the attractions at the foot of Prokletije is the Grlja waterfall, which we did not want to miss, although by looking at Ali Pasha's Springs we could already tell that there would be a lack of water. We did not find the waterfall, just a little water at its base. Yes this was enough to reflect the top of the rock. So Grlja remains in our memory as a beautiful woman who hid in the mountains.
montenegro women
Grlja Waterfall, Photo by Antonela Stjepčević
Our captain Milan was tireless. If we stopped and thought we were tired enough, his boyish playfulness would embarrass us. But it was also an experience for all of us. We had not made a mistake yet when we listened to him. We knew we wouldn't this time either. But we didn't think he was about to show us one of the most beautiful places we had ever seen, and not only in Montenegro.
After visiting the natural attractions of Gusinje, our destination was the Municipality of Plav. First of all, to see the Plav Lake, and then discover a much smaller and more inaccessible - Hridsko Lake located at an altitude of 1900 meters among pine trees.
To reach Hridsko Lake, you need something sturdier than a sports or small city car. The drive through the forest and across the glades takes about an hour, and the lake itself can only be reached on foot. Let's hope it stays that way.
hridsko lake 1
Hridsko Lake, Photo by Antonela Stjepčević
We left the cars at the end of the road and headed downhill, picking blueberries and raspberries along the way, which are so sweet and irresistible that they made our progress to the lake much slower. The trail leads across glades, then down the slope of vast rocks dressed in green-yellow lichens. Pine forest, raspberries, blueberries, step by step to a hoop of pine trees at a height obscuring the view. Only this climb left, and then one of the most beautiful lakes opens out before your eyes.
Words cannot do its beauty justice. See for yourself in the photos that follow.
montenegro hridsko lake 1
Hridsko Lake, 1968 meters above sea level, Photo by Milan Lučić
montenegro hridsko lake
Photo by Antonela Stjepčević
montenegro hridsko lake 2
Photo by Milan Lučić
hridsko 2
So beautiful you are, my Montenegro! And Prokletije - you are certainly not damned, but gorgeous in your beauty. In addition to breathtaking views, the landscape offers self-confidence training, training on how to respect nature, and of course endurance drills. And above all, an awareness of how important it is to always be aware of ourselves in space and time. Then, no height is unattainable. Not a single peak unconquerable.
montenegro girls
Photo by Sara Stevanović
18 Sep 2020, 00:01 AM
September 18, 2020 - Testing for coronavirus, or PCR test, can recently be done in a private laboratory in Podgorica, for 80 euros. The private health institution "MojLab", founded at the end of August, announced yesterday that in addition to serological and rapid tests, PCR analyzes are also being performed, the results of which are obtained in 24 hours, Vijesti writes.
The owner of the newly opened institution is Milan Mijović, and the director is Najdana Gligorović Barhanović, until recently the director of the Center for Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics at the Clinical Center of Montenegro (KCCG).
Meanwhile, the Institute of Public Health (IPH) sent more than 1,000 samples to Germany. The IPH announced on Monday that the huge influx of materials for processing led to the fact that about 1,300 samples are waiting for analysis. It is the situation they found themselves in at the beginning of July when about 2,000 pieces were analyzed in Germany.
PCR analyzes have been performed since the beginning of the year only in the IPH, whose human and technical capacities are burdened, and the opening of a new laboratory in KC has been announced for October.
Are there rules for cooperation between IPH and private institutions?
The IPH has previously appealed to private health institutions who have a PCR device to help with the public health response to the coronavirus epidemic, but no private-public partnership has taken place.
From one of the laboratories that own this machine, "Vijesti" was previously told that they have a device for PCR diagnostics and an information system for coding patients, but that they did not discuss possible cooperation with the authorities.
"Maybe we would get involved, provided that we get samples and that the Institute keeps records of positives and takes over further treatment and surveillance of contacts. All that is still undefined, the rules must be precise and respected ", they said then.
Numerous categories of the population, such as passengers in international traffic, have not been able to pay for a PCR test for months and do it with a private individual or IPH. Some sailors paid 450 euros for this test to the Dubrovnik clinic "Marin Med" through the eponymous health institution whose headquarters are in Kotor.
17 Sep 2020, 22:31 PM
September 17, 2020 - The World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC), which represents the global private travel and tourism sector, has awarded Montenegro the international Safe Travels label, for which all participants in the tourism sector can apply to the National Tourism Organization.
It is a specially designed label due to the health crisis Covid-19, which allows passengers to recognize destinations and companies around the world that have adopted global standards of health and hygiene, as an essential prerequisite for safe travel.
The WTTC Safe Travels label confirms that the safety protocols and measures adopted by the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro in cooperation with the competent institutions in the field of tourism are in line with global protocols, the National Tourism Organization announced. They believe that in the given circumstances, this is a significant step for gaining the trust of tourists, recovery and sustainable development of this branch, which is of strategic importance for the country's economy.
The operator of the Safe Travels label in Montenegro is the National Tourism Organization, which invites all interested participants in the tourism sector - hotels, restaurants, airlines, tour operators, transport providers, airports and others - to apply, provided they meet and implement standards defined by health protocols.
For more information, those interested can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Holders of the Safe Travels label in Europe are also Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine and Turkey, and the program includes 20 countries of the United States of America (USA), Africa, the Middle East and Pacific Asia.
16 Sep 2020, 13:14 PM
September 16, 2020 - The Secretariat for Tourism and Entrepreneurship and the Tourist Organization of Tivat will bear the costs of certification of individual registered issuers of tourist accommodation for obtaining the EU Eco-label certificate, considering trends that more and more guests, tourists, and high-paying clients are considering their contribution to environmental protection.
Tourism is the industry that has suffered the most significant losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will unequivocally experience the most significant transformation in the years to come. As we know it, mass tourism is probably a thing of the past, while sustainability is becoming the principle idea behind the future tourism development of many different destinations. In this sense, Tivat can boast several quality initiatives that are pushing the city towards becoming a recognizable green destination worldwide.
In the last 15 years, Montenegro has experienced accelerated tourism development, which cannot be said to have been planned and developed strategically with a clear vision of its direction and goals. Without a doubt, as can be easily seen in the landscape, environmental responsibility, and sustainability in the broadest sense of the word were not the main criteria for defining development policies. I there had been a strategic approach at all.  The current year has shown us that a country's economy cannot rely on a secondary economic branch such as tourism. It has also demonstrated that sustainability in tourism is what all destinations that intend to survive require, finding themselves in a new, post-COVID-19 tourist map of the world.
Bearing in mind the negative consequences that the pandemic has on tourism, primarily on the private accommodation sector, the Municipality of Tivat, in cooperation with UNDP, has launched an initiative to support this area. The Secretariat for Tourism and Entrepreneurship and the Tourist Organization of Tivat will bear the costs of certification for individual registered accommodation providers to obtain the EU Eco-label certificate.
eu eco label
EU Eco-label Logo
The EU Eco-label is the leading ecolabel in Europe, established in 1992 by a European Commission regulation, to enable service users to identify products and services that are less harmful to the environment. The EU Eco-label is also a confirmation that certain products and services meet high environmental protection standards. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the negative impact of consumption and production on the environment, health, and climate change. Certified tourist facilities with this stamp of quality have an advantage over the competition and can attract guests with higher purchasing power worldwide.
The Municipality of Tivat sent an invitation to providers of private accommodation on September 10, and the interest expressed exceeded the support plan for this year on the first day. The support they provide in cooperation with the Tourist Organization of Tivat includes covering the costs of the audit, registration fee, and two-year fees for the use of the label, which represents a value of € 590 per facility. Although under this funding tranche, support for obtaining the EU Eco-label certificate will be provided for only ten applicants, the Secretariat for Tourism continues to collect data on all facilities that meet the quality label's criteria to provide them with support in the future.
The EU Eco-label is a recognizable European eco-label for hotels, small accommodation facilities, and campsites, where online reservations dominate. The certificate is issued for five years, after which compliance with the given criteria is reassessed. Certified facilities must meet the requirements relating to the application of environmental protection concepts, energy and water savings, waste reduction, promotion of nature tourism, and sustainable transport. Two years ago, the Municipality of Tivat started promoting eco-certification of tourist facilities, when four hotels applied for the EU Eco-label. Hotel Palma managed to complete the procedure and secure the certificate confirming its eco-responsible business.
"With the current process, we are continuing activities aimed at raising the quality of service and promoting Tivat as a city that nurtures and promotes the green economy." The focus is now on individual accommodation providers, the category most affected at the moment by the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the next period, we will provide support to local travel agencies, because they also can apply environmental standards in their business," Vujović emphasized.
eu eco label tivat waterfront
Tivat Waterfront Pine, Photo by Antonela Stjepčević
"Current trends in Europe and worldwide show that more and more guests, tourists, and high-paying clients are considering their contribution to environmental protection. It determines their choice of destination and accommodation, and emphasizes the importance of green access in tourism," stated the Director of Tivat Tourist Organization Danica Banjevic.
"The significant interest from private accommodation providers for EU Eco-label certification is confirmation that we are on the right track in the process of developing Tivat as a sustainable tourist destination. This certification is one part of the activities that will help our approach to the Green Destinations program. Accommodation providers who receive this certificate will also have more intensive marketing support from TO Tivat. After the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainable development is even more significant," Banjević emphasized.
TO Tivat will participate this year in the online conference Global Green Destinations Days, which takes place from 6 to October 9, with a presentation on the topic "Certification to support destination recovery."
"This will be another opportunity to promote Tivat as a pilot destination in Montenegro, which has started the process of certification of Green Destinations," says the Director of the Tourist Organization of Tivat.
11 Sep 2020, 14:08 PM
September 11, 2020 - Air Serbia has announced that it will introduce three additional return flights between Belgrade and Tivat by September 18 due to significant passenger interest.
A certain number of existing flights by the national airline of Serbia will continue to run, as announced today, with a different, larger-capacity aircraft, so that during the coming week, the total passenger capacity on the route will increase by 33 percent, to about 5,000 seats.
Air Serbia re-established air traffic with Montenegro, after a temporary suspension due to the coronavirus pandemic, on August 19, with flights from the Serbian capital to Tivat and Podgorica.
24 Aug 2020, 22:08 PM

August 24, 2020 - Since the opening of borders with the countries of the region on August 14, at three land border crossings to Montenegro in Herceg Novi - Debeli Brijeg, Sitnica, and Kobila, traffic has been about 20% of that for the comparable period last year.

Contrary to expectations, most traffic was at the Sitnica border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially during the weekend. There were no significant traffic oscillations at the busiest crossing with Croatia, Debeli Brijeg, and the smaller Kobila crossing - with more than 22,500 passengers and almost 8,000 vehicles last weekend.

Since the opening of the borders, 33,626 passengers and 11,634 vehicles have crossed the Sitnica border crossing, 40% of traffic figures compared to last year. This border crossing is predominantly used by the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the verification of documents and tests, depending on the number of vehicles, passengers, and time of day, takes between ten minutes to an hour or more.

As of August 15, 33,090 persons and 12,633 vehicles were registered at the Debeli Brijeg border crossing, which generated 20% of the turnover compared to the same period last year.

The least used was the Kobila border crossing, where 1,465 people and 671 vehicles entered/exited Montenegro, 90% lower than the same period last year.

According to the Border Police Department, passengers generally have the correct tests for COVID-19, so an unknown number of people have been turned back from the border crossings, not having been allowed to enter.

It is not pleasant to wait in a line of traffic in the heat, but if it is comforting, on many borders in the region and Europe, there is a wait of several hours. There are long queues at the Karavanke tunnel on the Slovenian border with Austria. Waiting to cross the border is from 6 am to 1 pm in vehicles, without food and water. This wait has been caused by the new regulation related to Covid-19, according to which every car entering Austria must be inspected.

Spource: Radio Jadran

23 Aug 2020, 15:00 PM
August 23, 2020 - Podgorica and Tivat airports will soon be refurbished and modernized to provide greater comfort for passengers, stated the Executive Director of Airports of Montenegro, Danilo Orlandić, adding that close to one million euros will be invested in the business.
The goal of modernizing airports is also to provide more funds from non-aviation revenues over time.
"Our priority was always the safety of passengers and aircraft. So our investments were focused on the modernization of equipment and technology. Now is the time to improve passenger comfort. The airports provide the first impression for every passenger who comes to Montenegro, and the fight for every guest has already begun," said Orlandić.
He recalled that no investments had been mae in the business lounges of either airport for a long time and that these must meet the expectations of the upmarket clientele for which they are intended.
Therefore, as announced by the company, approximately 400 thousand euros will be invested in the renovation of the VIP lounge at Podgorica Airport.
"According to the preliminary design, the business lounge is designed to use the height of the building itself, so it will take up space on the roof of the existing service block located in the central part of the departures area in the Terminal. The lounge will occupy a space of 135 square meters with about 50 seats," Orlandić explained.
Last year, the Airport's non-aviation revenues, including tax-free shops, restaurants, business premises, and advertising space, accounted for 8% of total revenue, or 4.7m euros out of of 35 million euros.
"Certain prerequisites are necessary to increase non-aviation revenues. The first is the size of the airports themselves. We cannot build a restaurant when there is no space in the passenger terminal, so we are pleased with the existing solution that will place it above the service bars," said Orlandić.
In time, as he announced, space will be made for some further additions to increase the diversity of what is offered to passengers.
The business lounge space will be accessed by staircase and elevator, and it will also be accessible for people with disabilities. The existing business lounge area will be turned into an additional useful space for the departures area of the Terminal.
At the Airport in Tivat, the refurbishment concerns the VIP lounge, the modernization of Terminal 1, the arrivals and departures hall, and the complete rebuilding of all toilets.
"Montenegro's focus on higher calibre tourists means comfort, convenience, and exclusivity. We cannot compete with the most modern European airports, but we can create a pleasant space with a decent range in terms of what products, advertisements, and interior space we offer passengers. Our customer service has followed European trends," said Orlandić.
He announced that the start of works could start in October this year.
The investment at Tivat Airport amounts to around 600 thousand euros. Reconstruction in Tivat includes the complete renovation of the VIP lounge and its expansion by 40 percent to make the seating area capacity 50.
The interior of Terminal 1 will be changed - electrical installations, 12 counter positions, lighting, air conditioning system, ceramics and retiling.
The ceilings, air conditioning, floors, passport control desks, and passenger waiting areas will be changed in the departure hall.
A complete reconstruction of all toilets at Tivat Airport is planned.
Orlandić recalled that the second terminal built in Tivat, being the most significant investment in the last 15 years, relieved the Airport of huge crowds in the summer months, and paid off half of the money invested in just a few months of operation.
He said that the night landing project in Tivat would be completed soon.
"Our advantage is that this company was among the best-performing in the country in terms of income until the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Some of that money will be "eaten up" by the biggest crisis in the history of aviation. Still, we certainly want to invest in the further development of the Airport and be ready to welcome the years of prosperity that will be ahead of us again," concluded Orlandić.
Source: MINA business 
21 Aug 2020, 17:01 PM

August 21, 2020 - Montenegro has resolved to restart the Bar-Bari route, on which it ceased operating in 2016. The procurement of a roll-on/roll-off passenger ship to run from Bar to Bari is on the unique list of priority infrastructure projects in the area of maritime transport and would allow Montenegro to restart its operations on the service, which is currently run by Croatian company Jadrolinija, Dnevne Novine writes.

Bar-Bari Service

The ferry connection with Italy started operating on 18th June 1965, and has run regularly ever since, except during sanctions. However, four years ago, Montenegro was left without the ship Sveti Stefan II, which had its classification removed by inspection company Bureau Veritas. The line was taken over by Croatia, whose Jadrolinija transports passengers on the route Bar-Dubrovnik-Bari.

However, as the Strategy for the Development of the Maritime Economy for the period from 2020 to 2030 states, Montenegro is planning to procure a new passenger ship in 2022.

"The Strategy for the Development of the Maritime Economy envisages support for the procurement of a "ro-ro" passenger ship for international maritime traffic and direct regular transport of goods and passengers between Montenegro and other countries in the region. The activity is part of the Action Plan and is foreseen for delivery in 2022," the strategy explains.




18 Aug 2020, 20:49 PM
August 18, 2020 - Montenegro Airlines and Air Serbia will fly again on the route Tivat - Belgrade, and Podgorica - Belgrade starting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 19,
The more favorable epidemiological situation in Montenegro and the region has allowed the opening of borders with the surrounding countries, allowing the first plane to leave tomorrow morning from Podgorica airport to Belgrade at 7:30 AM.
Due to significant public interest, Airports of Montenegro has announced flight schedules for Wednesday, August 19.
Montenegro Airlines:
TV - BGD 08: 00h, BGD - TV 10: 20h
TV - BGD 16: 20h, BGD - TV 18: 40h
Air Serbia
BGD - TV 08: 05h, TV - BGD 18: 40h
BGD - TV 18: 05h, BGD - TV 18: 40h
The Airport appeals to travelers to check the dates and flights of these and other routes on the website and the airline's website.
Montenegro Airlines:
PG - BGD 07: 30h, BGD - PG 09: 40h
PG - BGD 18: 00h, BGD - PG 20: 10h
Air Serbia
BGD - PG 07: 55h, for Belgrade at 08: 30h
15 Aug 2020, 14:54 PM

August 15, 2020 - Director of Tivat Airport Radovan Marić expects that if Aeroflot cancels flights to Tivat, it will redirect its Montenegro flights to one of its low cost companies.

He said that in the past 30 days, 899 passengers travelled by light aircraft between Belgrade and Tivat, of which the majority, around 750, travelled to Montenegro.

During this period, 246 passengers travelled by light aircraft between Russia and Tivat, most of whom were also arriving in Montenegro.

Low-cost airlines

"I believe, although I have no confirmation, that traffic between Russia and Montenegro will be redirected through one of the subsidiaries of the Russian national airline, i.e. one of Aeroflot’s low cost companies, most likely Pobeda, which would take over flights to Tivat," said Marić.

He stated that the establishment of the route between Montenegro and Russia also depends on the political relations between Montenegro and Russia.

"In general, I think that the traffic between Montenegro and Russia could be feasible," Marić said.

Some media outlets, after the NKT’s decision to open the borders for Russia, claimed that Aeroflot had completely cancelled all flights on the route from Moscow to Tivat for this year, which had been suspended since mid-March when NKT closed the borders for Russian citizens. This was denied yesterday by the Russian airline’s office in Belgrade.

"The Russian market is extremely well-disposed towards us. People from Russia have both small and larger businesses in Montenegro, and there is a long-standing tradition of coming from Russia to Montenegro. The Russians have certainly not forgotten Montenegro," Marić said.


Source: Pobjeda



13 Aug 2020, 10:38 AM
August 13, 2020 - The Russian national airline Aeroflot announced yesterday that it would be cancelling all regular traffic on its routes from Moscow to Tivat this year. The flights had been suspended since mid-March, following a temporary ban by the National Coordination Body on regular air traffic at Montenegrin airports.
Even after the opening of airports in Tivat and Podgorica at the end of May, air traffic with Russia continued to be suspended, in spite of the fact that the NKT had recently placed Russia on its non-quarantine list.
Aeroflot's decision to cancel the entirety of its planned traffic from Moscow to Tivat for this year came yesterday as an additional "cold shower" on the hopes of Montenegrin tourist envoys that in August and during the post-season in September and October, something could be saved from this year's catastrophically bad tourist season.
According to unofficial information received by "Vijesti" from sources close to the management of the Airport of Montenegro, Russian airlines had hinted to them recently that due to a ban from the Government in Moscow, none of them would be flying to Montenegro at all in the foreseeable future.
On the other hand, the Russian government is ready to allow Montenegro Airlines to fly on routes from Tivat to Moscow and St. Petersburg, even though neither of the companies will in fact operate between the two countries. This "final word" provides little solace for Montenegrin tourism, considering the Russian market is by far the largest in terms of numbers. Russians have so far come to Montenegro almost exclusively by plane.
Aeroflot, alongside Montenegro Airlines, was the only so-called legacy carrier (national airline) flying to Tivat throughout the year. The company was one of the leading business partners of Montenegro's Airports in terms of the number of passengers transported and the operations of its planes at local airports. The Russian national airline officially announced that it would restart the Moscow-Tivat route only at the beginning of the next IATA season at the end of March next year. However, it is uncertain whether Aeroflot will return to Tivat at all. The company intends to focus on the premium long-haul market as part of its extensive restructuring program due to the coronavirus crisis. In contrast, part of its medium-haul lines and corresponding fleet will be left to its subsidiary Rossiya Airlines and low-cost carrier Pobeda.
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