14 Apr 2019, 17:53 PM

14 April 2019 - Lipa Cave, the first cave adventure in Montenegro that offers a fascinating diversity of karst features to provide visitors with a unique experience of the underground world, officially opened for visitors on April 1.

Located near Cetinje and visited by more than 20 thousand people per year, the cave traditionally opened its beautiful and wild system of 2.5 km of passages and halls for visitors this April.

Fun and Adventure in Montenegro Lipa Cave Open for Visitors 2

The representatives of tourist company Lipa Cave recently announced that the ticket prices remained the same as last year. The ticket price for adults is 10.9 EUR, for children up to five years 1 EUR, and for children from 5-15 years old 6.9 EUR. The family package costs 29.9 EUR and includes two adults and two or three children up to 15 years of age. The price includes parking, a train drive to the cave and back, a tour of the cave, a guide and insurance.

Fun and Adventure in Montenegro Lipa Cave Open for Visitors 3

All the tours of the cave begin with a train ride that departs from the Lipska Cave parking lot and arrives at the cave entrance where all the visitors get off and eagerly await the start of their tour.

Each year, Lipa Cave offers two types of tours, so visitors have the opportunity to choose The Cave Tour that is accessible to everyone and has the length of 600 meters and The Extreme Tour aimed at adventurers. "Aside from the regular tours, additional services such as wine tasting and a mini-concert of classical music in the cave will be organised," said the company's representatives.

Fun and Adventure in Montenegro Lipa Cave Open for Visitors 4

As explained by the tourist organisation Lipa Cave, the cave was open for tours since 2015. All visitors of the cave are accompanied by local guides who are kind, helpful, and well-trained. Cave tours are easily accessible as Lipa Cave is located only 33 km from Budva, 35 km from Podgorica, and 5 km from Cetinje. Its built-in trails and modern lighting make it even more attractive and perfectly safe. The cave is preserved in line with high environmental conservation standards. Only a year later from its opening websites like Montenegro Travel, Trip Advisor, as well as many others recommended Lipa Cave as one of the best places to visit in Montenegro. All the efforts of the TO are focused on providing an unforgettable cave adventure to the cave’s visitors, which has placed it on the list of the attractions you must see in Cetinje.

11 Apr 2019, 11:02 AM

April 11, 2019 - "Strategic development of tourism based on the valorisation of cultural heritage" is the theme of an international conference organized by the Secretariat for Tourism, Economic Development and Entrepreneurship of the Municipality of Herceg Novi in cooperation with the local Tourism Organization and within the project "Network of Tourist Cities for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage".

As announced by the Press Service of the local government, the conference will be held on Friday, 12 April at the hotel "Lighthouse," starting at 10 am.
The meeting will attend the representatives of cities and municipalities that are project partners of the Municipality of Herceg Novi within Europe for the Citizens Program - Network of Cities: Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Torun (Poland), Vilafranca del Penedés (Spain), Trnava (Slovakia), Langenhagen and Buhl (Germany), Bihac (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and the European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA).
Also, representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Culture, the National Tourism Organization, local self-government and local tourism organizations from Montenegro, representatives of academic institutions and non-governmental organizations have been announced.
Montenegro has preserved its cultural heritage and its tradition of three significant cultures. In Montenegro, the multiethnicity and specificity of the authentic offer that contemporary tourism seeks to have been fostered, as it reacts to the homogeneity of everyday life and globalization. However, the potential of cultural heritage has not yet been sufficiently exploited in our country's offer.
Cultural tourism is based on the mosaic of locality, tradition, art forms, celebrations, and experiences, which create a portrait of a nation or a nation, reflecting the diversity and their character. It includes not only culture, but also entertainment, landscapes, gastronomy, high-quality food products, handicrafts, events, tours, and excursions. Visitors want to be informed of everything in one area, consuming a mixture of these elements. Tourists travel to sites that are proud of their cultural heritage due to the mix of all these experiences.
The objectives of the project "Network of Tourist Cities for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage" relate to the exchange of best examples of valorization of cultural heritage and cultural heritage for development and promotion of tourism, with the strengthening of European identity and values.
10 Apr 2019, 00:53 AM

09 April 2019 - To enrich the tourist offer, but also to support music bands in Montenegro, the Tourist Organisation of Budva Municipality is organising a Rock Band Competition on April 29, which will officially mark the beginning of this year's Carnival May Evenings in Budva.

From April 29 to May 5 the resort town of Budva will host the 17th International Festival - Carnival May Evenings, which will open the summer season in this coastal region of Montenegro. The annual spring carnival takes place at the walls of the Old Town of Budva and is one of the most important and most significant in this popular city of tourists from all over the world, located on the Adriatic coast.

From 29 April to 5 May, the squares in front of and within the Old Town of Budva will turn into a podium for lovers of good music and energy, thanks to a varied entertainment and music program prepared by the organisers for their fellow citizens and visitors.

At the beginning of Carnival May Evenings, rock bands from Montenegro will get the opportunity to show their skills to the audience and compete on the very first day of the event - April 29 at the Painters’ Square, starting at 9 pm.

The best bands, selected by the expert jury, will receive cash rewards: the band that takes the third place will receive a 300 EUR cash prize, the second-placed band will receive 500 EUR, while the winner will leave with 1000 EUR prize. More importantly, the first and second-ranked band will receive a unique opportunity to perform on April 30, as an opening act before famous bands which will come to Montenegro from all over the region.

The Tourist Organisation Budva, which organises the seven-day event, invites all tourists to visit the resort town of Budva in the first week of May, support the local rock bands and become a part of this great holiday and unforgettable events that will mark the beginning of the summer season of 2019 in the famous tourist city of Montenegro.

09 Apr 2019, 14:02 PM

April 9, 2019 - Kotor cannot develop a sustainable tourism offer without the construction of a hotel and the related infrastructure said tourism engineer Ivo Županović for Radio Kotor.

According to him, there are collisions in the concept of a tourism product of Kotor when it comes to primary macro-level strategic documents. In the Master Plan - Montenegro's Tourism Development Strategy by 2020 and the Draft Special Spatial Plan for the Coastal Zone of Montenegro, Županović further stated, Kotor is recognised as the destination of small and boutique hotels and in the market offer as a destination for cultural tourism. The draft plan of the coastal area identifies Kotor as a destination of cruise tourism.

Asked what he considers necessary for the further development of the city, Županović said that he is defined by the master plan - Montenegro's tourism development strategy by 2020 within the Boka Kotorska cluster.

"In practice, although I consider it to be the most efficient aspect of the organisation of the tourist product of Montenegro, the cluster organisational structure has never lived, and in this context the tourist cluster of Boka Kotorska. On the other hand, there is a collision on the one that defines the Master Plan - the Tourism Development Strategy of Montenegro by 2020 and the Draft Special Spatial Plan for the Coastal Zone of Montenegro in certain parts when it comes to the treatment of Kotor's tourism product.

Therefore, taking into account the above facts, in order to be able to talk more seriously about the strategic directions of the development of the tourism product of Kotor, I think it is necessary to conceptualize the official tourism development strategy in Kotor with the action plan and measures that would be monitored and implemented," explained Županović .

In his view, in the context of economic sustainability, Kotor has considerably greater potentials than those currently used.

"In the context of relaxation of the urban core, a better connection of cruise tourism and cultural tourism is needed, in the sense of visiting the ramparts, but not just the ramparts but the complete cultural-historical and religious fundraiser in Kotor. In this context, a clear destination policy and synergy of all in the destination is needed. The mentioned synergy inevitably results in the creation of a series of formal and informal clusters, marketing networks and alliances at the destination level. I think that the development of the models of primarily diffuse hotels, Kotor, significantly extended the time spent on guests when it comes to cultural and entertainment events and even some sports events at the national level," Županović says.

He recalls that the integrated tourism product is a derivative of three components: natural and social resources, traffic accessibility and receptive factors. "In particular, I think that Kotor has extraordinary natural preconditions for the development of congress and business tourism, as well as sports tourism. However, Kotor does not have adequate receptive potentials for the development of congress tourism, which is simply unobtrusive for me," Županović said.

"As an example there is Opatija, a geographically small city, which has exploited its market capacities, not poisoning the ambience or sociological sustainability of the destination. There are over 500 business conferences - seminars, congresses, and training sessions in the city. In the overall structure of business meetings, congresses participate with almost 50%. But besides a series of small and boutique hotels, Opatija has the Ambassador Hotel as the crux of the development of congress tourism. The Ambassador has a congress hall for 525 participants, which, by its multifunctionality, can receive up to 1000 participants and six smaller halls," says Županović who thinks a similar hotel in Kotor should have been on the site of the former Fjord.

Due to climatic factors, Kotor can be a respectable destination for sports tourism. "In addition to the development of accommodation capacities, the development of sports infrastructure for the organisation of international events is indispensable, because if we do not have events of this type, sports competitions are reduced to the level of nationality, which limits the tourism development of Kotor in this sense."

Tourism engineer Ivo Županović particularly emphasises the importance of completing works on the winter pool. "The pool is the backbone of the development of Kotor's sport for decades, but it is also a significant social content for the city. I think the reputation of our athletes is inadequate or not used when it comes to branding Kotor as a destination for European champions," Zupanovic said.

Read the article in Montenegrin at 

08 Apr 2019, 23:06 PM

08 April 2019 - According to the official announcement by the Public Works Directorate, National Park Biogradska gora will launch a new segment of the tourist offer for this site, tourist land trains, by April 20.

"The delivery of all necessary equipment for the completion of tourist land trains, which will be used to transport visitors from Kraljevo kolo to Biogradsko jezero, started last Friday in the Biogradska gora National Park, and will be completed in the next ten days. After all the trains have been assembled and examined, we will organise an official test drive, after which the land trains will be officially delivered to the user company," said the announcement from the Public Works Directorate.

National Park Biogradska Gora Gets Tourist Land Trains 2

The tourist land trains, according to the report, consist of a locomotive, two trailers for the transport of passengers with 20 seats and one trailer with 16 seats for persons with disabilities.

"The total value of the vehicles, according to the contract of the Public Works Directorate with the best bidder, Montenegrin Telekom, amounts to 549.757 EUR, with the delivery date by April 20," the statement said.

The largest share of the investment, about 419.000 EUR was provided by the Government of Montenegro from the capital budget.

"The rest of 130.800 EUR is financed by Montenegrin Chamber of Economy, based on the grant agreement with the National Parks of Montenegro, within the project" Development of low-carbon tourism in Montenegro ", where the UNDP is an implementing partner," the statement said.

The Public Works Directorate conducted the tender procedure for procurement of two tourist land trains.

08 Apr 2019, 22:44 PM

08 April 2019 - During the first week of April, the Agency for the Development and Protection of Orjen has launched a promotional hiking tour within the Nature Park Orjen. The hiking tour, named Treasure from the Heart of Orjen, follows a route from the Vrbanj Adventure Park to the foot of the Subrin Amphitheatre, i.e. the Snow Cave and includes the incredible presentation of cocktails Zmajevo ždrijelo (English: Dragon’s Throat) and Gorski Sladoled (English: Mountain Ice Cream) created with the snow which piles up in the pit all year round.

The special guest of the first promotional tour was a blogger from Australia, Mikki, who resides in Herceg Novi, who otherwise runs the blog Snooze And Explore, and she described this fantastic experience in a post titled Discovering the Distinctive Beauty of Orjen Mountain.

In addition to the launched promotional hiking tour from the Vrbanj Adventure Park to the foot of Subrin Amphitheatre, the Orjen Agency for Development and Protection is planning to launch another hiking tour within the Orjen Nature Park, which will be organised on the Orjen saddle and symbolically carry the name "Carev put" (The Road of Tzar). The tour was named after the road that was built by the Imperial Austro-Hungarian Army. In addition to an enjoyable lazing around and sunbathing at Orjen pool, the Road of Tzar journey will include a tour of the abandoned Austro-Hungarian construction site and presentations of cocktails and ice cream named "Orjen" and "Prinčev sladoled" (English: Prince’s Ice Cream), which will be made in the cave of Sniježnica.

The representatives of the Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen emphasize that the scheduled bus line Herceg Novi - Vrbanj started operating from the first weekend in April for all the locals from Herceg Novi as well as for guests staying in the city. The line will be operated on Saturdays and Sundays with departure from the main bus station at 09:15 am and 03:30 pm, while the return from Vrbanj is scheduled for 10:00 am and 04:15 pm. The Agency invites all interested individuals to visit the Adventure Park and spend a day or weekend in the Nature Park Orjen.

07 Apr 2019, 23:22 PM

07 April 2019 - Nikki Beach Hotels and Resorts will grow its portfolio to now include a total of 7 resorts, including new launches in Montenegro, Santorini and Sri Lanka.  Nikki Beach has its hotel division but also operates in partnership with Nikki Beach Hotels and Resorts EMEA on three properties in Dubai, Bodrum, and Porto Heli as well as the new Santorini property.

Budva Gets New Gem Nikki Beach Resort Spa Montenegro Luxury Villa 2

Under the Nikki Beach Global portfolio and situated on a private peninsula in the bay of Budva, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Montenegro will be part of a luxury private villa development. The property overlooks a marina and the historical old town of Budva, which was founded by the Romans. As the hottest resort and party destination in Montenegro, Budva attracts sophisticated travelers and the ultra-luxury yachting community. The property will house 150 rooms and suites, 20 ultra-luxury villas, three individual private beaches, a jetty, five restaurants, Nikki Spa and Tone Gym. The brand’s beach club concept, Nikki Beach, will also be integrated into the resort. Budva is a beloved year-round destination known for its crystal waters, breathtaking mountains and amazing food and wine.

Budva Gets New Gem Nikki Beach Resort Spa Montenegro Luxury Villa 3

“In its 20th year of operation, Nikki Beach continues to evolve as markets change,” says Lucia Penrod, CEO of Nikki Beach Global. “A year ago, we shifted our focus on reorganizing our Hotel Division and the result after one year is three new projects under construction and a deeper pipeline than we have ever had before. Our first beach resort was opened in 2010 in Koh Samui, Thailand, and after nine years, our hotel brand is ready for takeoff.”

“Our current pipeline and its imminent growth is a clear indication that the market is truly craving our experiential lifestyle concept,” says Alexander Schneider, newly appointed President of the Global Nikki Beach Hotel Division. “Hotel owners and investors are looking for sustainable partnerships that are capable of introducing meaningful and wholesome brands, which provide the true potential of making a difference in a currently opaque hospitality environment. The brand standards of a hotel management company need to translate into a tangible experience for the guest, which creates excitement, loyalty, and measurable returns.”

Budva Gets New Gem Nikki Beach Resort Spa Montenegro Luxury Villa 4

Nikki Beach is also celebrating 20 years in business. The beach club brand, with 14 locations around the world started in 1998 as a quiet garden by the sea located in Miami Beach. It was called Café Nikki to honor the life of Nicole Penrod, Jack Penrod’s daughter who was killed in a car accident when she was only 18. To commemorate its 20 years, Nikki Beach will be hosting a private black-tie event at its annual pop-up during the Cannes International Film Festival in May as a way to give back to the brand’s loyal supporters and to mark the occasion at one of its favorite destinations.

Source: Forbes

03 Apr 2019, 00:34 AM

02 April 2019 - Low-cost airline company Ryanair, based in Dublin, has launched scheduled flights from Bologna to Podgorica Airport starting April 1, 2019.

In February 2019, low-cost carrier Ryanair started looking into further expanding its operations in Montenegro. The airline's Route Development Manager, Gary Butler, met with the General Manager of Airports of Montenegro, Danilo Orlandić, to discuss growth potential. The budget airline has now introduced its sixth destination to Podgorica this summer season, with flights from Bologna launched on April 1.

As officially announced from Ryanair representatives, the company launched two weekly flights from Bologna to Podgorica, which will be maintained Monday and Friday with Boing 737-800 aircraft, which has a capacity of 189 seats.

Ryanair faces no direct competition on the route, with Alitalia and Montenegro Airlines maintaining services between Rome and Podgorica, while Wizz Air operates flights from Milan Malpensa to the Montenegrin capital.

Bologna will thus become the fifth Italian city which is directly connected with Montenegrin cities via Airports of Montenegro, and the route Bologna – Podgorica represents the sixth line to Montenegro held by Ryanair.

Speaking to EX-YU Aviation News, the airline said it expects to handle 175.000 passengers on its operations to and from the Montenegrin capital. "We look forward to carrying more than 175.000 annual customers through Podgorica airport this year. Ryanair offers six routes in total operating from Podgorica Airport. Customers can fly twice weekly from Podgorica to Stockholm Skavsta, Brussels Charleroi, London Stansted, Berlin Schonefeld, Bologna and Wroclaw".

The carrier launched services to the Montenegrin capital in the summer of 2013 following two years of negotiations with the government. On Thursday it handled its 500.000th passenger in Montenegro since it commenced operations to Podgorica. It has expanded its network from the city each year ever since. The company previously noted its Podgorica flights "continue to perform strongly."

02 Apr 2019, 20:52 PM

01 April 2019 - The winter tourist season 2018/2019 at Montenegrin ski resorts ends this weekend, which Director of the Ski Resorts of Montenegro Miloš Popović assessed as successful, somewhat better than last year's. 

"The winter season began in mid-December, and it ends today. There are six ski resorts in Montenegro: Kolašin, Savin Kuk, Javorovača, Vučje, Štuoc, and Hajla. In the Ski Center Kolašin 1600, which was opened later because of the installation of the cable car, 4.00 ski passes were sold during 45 days of the season, while 13,000 ski passes were sold in Durmitor during 109 days of the season. The season, from the aspect of the amount of snow on the trails, was very successful, one of the best in the last six years, a couple of percent better than the previous one that was the most successful in the last few years," the Director of the Ski Resort of Montenegro emphasised. 

Popović announced additional works during the summer and new contents in the following winter tourist season in Kolašin and other centers. 

"This is just the beginning of the development of this ski center. This is evidenced by the fact that a tender procedure has already been launched for the new six-seater cable car, which will connect the ski centers Kolašin 1600 and Kolašin 1450. Furthermore, we will prepare about 9 km of ski trails alongside. In addition to the existing cable car, another 6 km of ski trails will be prepared, and when everything is linked, in the next year, we will have 45 km of ski trails," Popović said. 

Winter Tourist Season in Northern Montenegro Successfully Ends

The Director of the Ski Resort of Montenegro said that a contract has already been signed for the construction of a new cable car at Bjelasica – ski resort Žarski. The value of the contract is EUR 9 million. The contract for the construction of a base station in Mojkovac worth EUR 1.5 million has been already concluded.

"A contract was signed for the construction of a six-seater cable car worth 9 million EUR with 3.5 km of ski trails at the ski resort Cmiljača in Bijelo Polje. In the coming period, we will invite a tender for the base station at that location worth 1.8 million EUR," Popović stressed. He added that the tender procedure for the six-seater cable car at the ski centre Štedim and Hajla in Rožaje has been launched. "We will also invite a tender for the construction of a base station worth 1.5 million EUR. The contract for the construction of a six-seater cable car in Žabljak worth 9 million EUR with 4.5 km of ski trails was concluded. In Žabljak, we will prepare an additional 1.8 km of ski trails. We will soon launch tender procedure for the first phase of snowmaking worth 1.3 million EUR,"- the Director of the Ski Resort of Montenegro noted, adding that at least 7 million EUR will be invested in each ski center. 

Director of the Public Works Directorate Rešad Nuhodžić said that the Government of Montenegro allocates 100 million EUR through the capital budget for the projects that have been implemented, the ongoing projects or the planned ones.

02 Apr 2019, 08:54 AM

April 2, 2019 - Hotel Regent is organizing a green initiative at the confectionery - restaurant Gourmet Corner, where they invite their visitors to bring their favourite cup, and for each type of coffee they get 50% discount on "coffee to go."The action started on 1 April.

"With this action, which we called "eco coffee," we want to reduce the consumption of disposable paper glasses, plastic covers, and straws, and in the continuation of the campaign we introduce branded ceramic/porcelain cups for sale that will be suitable for "coffee to go." It is the beginning of the process of elimination of plastics at the Hotel Regent, which is in line with the ecological commitment of the Intercontinental Hotels Group to which we belong, with this year's motto of the "Earth Hour" action - "Get off plastic, get on nature!", as well as our contribution to the Day of the Planet to be marked on 22 April," said Željko Knezović, Food and Beverage Manager at Regent Hotel.
“Eco Coffee“ is one of a series of environmental initiatives that come from the management of the hotel Regent Porto Montenegro, which initiated effective cooperation with local self-government in this field, as well as numerous businesses, the NGO sector, and citizens of Tivat. The "Earth Hour" in Tivat this year was marked originally, with the participation of a large number of volunteers, and Regent made sure that the record of this action went to the world.
The Municipality of Tivat organized the action in cooperation with the nautical settlement Porto Montenegro and the hotel Regent, which financed the recording of the performance, and numerous Tivat caterers and hotels who joined the action with the exclusion of the lights. A video clip is warning against the danger of climate change, alongside the site of the Municipality of Tivat, will also be found on websites dealing with tourism, ecology, and similar topics.
Tivat is thus included in the World Environment Fund's map as an official participant in the "Earth Hour" event.
Regent announces that "Eco Coffee" is only the first in a series of projects aimed at eliminating disposable packaging, primarily plastics. In perspective, they intend to promote a trend in the hope that with citizens and local businesses will be able to make Tivat a city without plastic.
31 Mar 2019, 11:26 AM

March 31, 2019 - The adventure park on Vrbanj, after the winter break, will again be open for visitors from 1 April, and the entrance will be free until 1 May. According to Milja Vitorović, director of the Orjen Protection and Development Agency, who is managing the Adventure Park, they are undergoing the preparations.

"We're going to spend this weekend finishing the work. Park employees and the Agency's oversight office performed a major cleaning that was necessary after the winter period. Although at a weekly level it worked during the winter, it was essential to complete the restoration. We have removed broken branches in the beech forest; the paths were thoroughly cleaned due to heavy rainfall during the winter. There is also a smaller path to polygons 3 and 4, all based on project standards. The park is refreshed with the resting benches that are a novelty. Additional corrections were made to facilitate the work of the instructors. Soon will be finished the wooden advertisement that will be placed at the entrance," explained Vitorovic.
Entrance to the park will not be charged until 1 May, and the price list must be approved by the members of the Assembly of the Municipality of Herceg Novi.
"On 1st May we will have promotional prices and discounts for citizens of Herceg Novi. The price list has not yet received the approval of the Assembly, which we expect in mid-April. My proposal to the Cabinet of the President of the Municipality and the Assembly is that the entrance to the Children's Adventure Park will be 5 euros and for adults 10, with citizens giving a 50 per cent discount on the personal card. I hope it will be adopted," said Vitorovic.
To Vrbanj there will be a regular bus line on weekends, and Vitorovic says they will try to match the time of the Adventure Park, which will be open from 10 am to 4 pm, while it will be upgraded during the summer season.
The Orjen Protection and Development Agency run the Adventure Development Park in Vrbanj since Friday. A contract on the assignment of a park free of charge between the Agency for the Construction and Development of the City, which has so far managed the park so far and the Orjen Development and Protection Agency, has been signed.
Obligations of the Agency are that the park is used following the conditions of the IPA project, which is mainly related to the billing. The requirement is that all revenue is used to maintain and develop the park.
From the newspaper in Orjen Vitorović Nature Park for this season announces hiking, photo tours, sightseeing tours, bicycle tours, and many competitions.
The adventure park on Vrbanj was built within the Adriatic Canyoning project, worth over 300 thousand Euros, and from October opening, the park used and visited over 8 thousand visitors.
Source: Radio Jadran
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