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04 November 2018 - One of the most popular British newspapers - The Guardian, recently posted an article about charming European cities that are perfect for a late summer or early autumn getaway and can be placed on the list of 10 best alternative city breaks in Europe. The article provides insight into the landmarks which highlight the history, culture and the lifestyle within the listed cities. Also, the list covers the best places to eat, drink and soak in the whole atmosphere during the perfect getaway.

The Guardian added the Capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, to the list of European cities with rich historic architecture, beautiful scenery and culture without the crowds. “You may remember this city as Titograd, or perhaps Ribnica, Doclea or Zeta. Podgorica is one of Europe’s newest capitals but its history, under various monikers, goes back to the second century BC. Nowadays it is a hotch-potch of architectural styles, including some atmospheric fragments of Ottoman days and the Austro-Hungarian empire,” says the Guardian's article.

While explaining the experiences a person can gain while travelling through Podgorica, the writer of the article stated: “It may look small and unprepossessing at first sight but, with a bit of determination, you’ll discover a vibrant cafe scene, good local food and drink, plus some lovely walks around town. Try boza, a low-alcohol wheat beer whose origins date to the Ottoman era, at the Korzo bar in the city centre. Feto is the place for some excellent cheese and spinach burek, while Pod Volat attracts a local crowd for its ćevapi, a kind of skinless minced meat sausage.” The article also gives insight into great possibilities of excursions through Montenegro, since the weather is still pleasantly sunny in October and the beaches and the mountains are only a couple of hours away.

The article also gives the readers useful information about how to reach the country and accommodation conditions: the best way to reach the country is by airplane – “Ryanair flies from Stansted from £64 return. Montenegro Hostel is basic but affordable, with beds from €9 and doubles from €25. It also organises tours.”

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04 November 2018 - The National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, in cooperation with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, local tourism organizations and the country’s tourism industry, will present the Montenegrin tourist offer at the 39th World Travel Market, which is held in London from 5-7 November.

The delegation of Montenegro is led by the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Pavle Radulović, State Secretary for Tourism, Damir Davidović and Director of the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, Željka Radak Kukavičić.

World Travel Market is the world's most significant tourism markets, which gathers more than 51,000 travel professionals from 38 sectors of the world's tourism industry, including government representatives, tourism organizations, airlines, hotels and hotel groups, tour operators and travel agencies, PR and media houses and others.

One of the features of this market is the Ministerial Summit, organized by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), which will take place on Tuesday, November 6, on the topic "Investment in innovation and smart management for tourism". Minister Pavle Radulović will participate at this summit, which represents an opportunity for leaders in the field of tourism from the public and private sectors, to share knowledge and explore opportunities for investment in tourism technology.

With 5,000 exhibitors from 182 countries around the world, World Travel Market is a key meeting point for global tourism industry participants and a unique platform for establishing new and strengthening existing business links, establishing cooperation with key decision makers in the field of travel and getting acquainted with current trends and news in the tourism industry.

By participating in this fair, the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro aims to present the destination to potential partners, contribute to the strengthening of the image of Montenegro as a tourist destination and better positioning, both in the UK market and in the global travel industry in general.

Read more about World Travel Market in London here.

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01 November 2018 - Within a four-day visit to Montenegro, Herceg Novi hosted the leaders of 11 renowned tour operators from China over the past week. This study visit organized by the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro was initiated by the European Commission for Travel, in cooperation with the tourist organizations of Serbia and Romania.

As reported by the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi, during their stay in the town, guests from China visited the villa "Galeb" and, thanks to the guide Alen Filipović, they went to the residence of Josip Broz Tito. After that, they visited the old town and visited the Forte Mare Fortress. Alongside Tourist Organization Herceg Novi, the study group from China was hosted by "Lazure Hotel & Marina", where they stayed overnight.

Despite the rainy weather, Herceg Novi has made a special impression on tour operators from China who are fascinated by the natural and cultural beauty, as well as the city's position, as noted by the Tourist Organization Herceg Novi.

This is the second study group that traveled to Montenegro in the past few weeks since Polish Tour Operators recently visited Bar, Kotor and Ulcinj.

01 Nov 2018, 20:05 PM

01 November 2018 - Autumn in Montenegro has so many advantages: it is warmer than spring and more pleasant than the hot Mediterranean summer. Travelling is more comfortable because there are no summer queues and crowds. The holiday means relaxing in peace and quiet and hearing the sounds of the magnificent nature. Even if you forget the sounds of the sea, lakes, and rivers or birds songs you will certainly not forget pictures of a variety of Montenegrin hors-d'oeuvres and autumn landscapes. Profusion, intensity and a combination of colours in the countryside, where a major part of the land is covered with forests sometimes seem unrealistic.

You must see the rainforest of Biogradska gora and Biogradsko Lake in autumn, and you certainly should not miss the Bjelasica Mount covered by the leaves of the most splendid warm colours in early fogs.

There is a wide variety of accommodation facilities, food, roads and activities you can try out at any time of the year, including autumn. You can swim in the Adriatic Sea usually until the end of October. Even though many beach bars are closed, old medieval towns and coastal villages live their quiet, slow and pleasant lives. Hotels, suites and restaurants will satisfy all your needs. The national cuisine is best at this time of the year.

Fall0111 1

The advantages of the “Indian summer”, which is a common occurrence in the Mediterranean, are well known and used by business people who plan their business meetings usually at this time of the year and opt for excellent conditions they can find on the coast of Montenegro.

Apart from students excursions, autumn days are ideal for all road trip fans – bikers and campers. Besides staying in small mountain hotels and mountain lodges, fans of active holidays in nature can also be accommodated in eco-villages and can use services of experienced guides.

These are all the reasons why you should come to discover a totally different Montenegro – not a blue and crowded, or snowy country full of adrenaline, but a gentle and mysterious country so fascinating that it looks like a forest fairy smiling at you, hiding behind the trees attracting you to follow her deep in the forest.

It is not by chance that this country has always been a cradle of heroes, fairies and dragons, fairy tales and legends. And we all know that fairy tales and legends are born in autumn fogs.

01 Nov 2018, 02:51 AM

31 October 2018 - Many world countries have long assessed and understood the numerous advantages of bicycles as a means of transport and an active holiday. Under the great influence of European trends of improving sustainable transport, cycling activities begin to grow not only in Podgorica as the Capital, but throughout Montenegro.

Montenegro's amazing mountain landscapes and clear blue sea welcome all cycling fans in one of Europe's most thrilling cycling destinations. This is a place where cyclists can enjoy the most testing and exciting moments on a bike, but they can also feel a true sense of freedom as well. If you enjoy mountain trails, coastlines with the most amazing beaches, icy-cold rivers, fascinating sites and picturesque sceneries to explore, then you’re probably going to like cycling through the country.

So, what can you expect while cycling through Montenegro?

  1. Gorgeous scenery over the Bay of Kotor and beyond!

While cycling through Montenegro, you can definitely enjoying its spectacular nature. Complete relaxation, rest and acquiring new energy awaits all those who seek to get to the most amazing viewpoints in the country. Great fun, adrenaline spikes, competitive excitement are just some of the thrills you might get to experience while exploring thousands of kilometres of hiking and biking trails.

  1. Welcoming family-run hotels and delicious traditional dishes

Family-run hidden gems still exist in Montenegro, it’s up to you to just choose! Historic bed-and-breakfasts that have maintained their traditional vibe are common in Montenegro. In traditional hotels, rooms are usually peaceful and minimal, budget-friendly and followed by a morning chit-chat with personable hosts. You definitely do not want to miss any of the tastes of Montenegrin cuisine from the coast to the north! The tastes of the Mediterranean give you the holy trinity - fish, wine and olive oil accompanied by local wines. However, Northern Montenegro introduces you to the cuisine of highlanders, served on wooden trays: meat and potatoes under the sač, cheese, kačamak (Montenegrin polenta with cream cheese, cheese, potatoes) and prosciutto. This is all perfectly followed by homemade brandy – rakija.

  1. Feeling the thrill of life on a bike

When the weather conditions are at their best, everything in Montenegro is crystal clear and bright – the air, the water, and the spirit and breath of the sea and the mountains. There are many places from which you can see breath-taking panoramas, amazing works of art in nature in five national parks, the pearls of the Bay of Kotor, coastal medieval cities, Cetinje the city – museum; visits to old wineries in Crmnica or staying in eco-villages – it is easy to get smitten with so many choices.

  1. Steep mountain bike trails

If you challenge yourself to cycle on some of Montenegrin mountain trails, like Lovćen and Durmitor, be prepared for a challenge. Mountainous terrain comes with lots of climbs and scenic nature. Still, when you reach the mountain's viewpoints while sweaty and with your teeth clenched, it will feel like you're on top of the whole world. And, despite the pain and the fatigue, you will still smile and feel alive!

cycle3110 1

  1. Narrow roads with traffic

To be honest, narrow lanes throughout Montenegro represent a huge problem for cyclists. When considering road cycling, the infrastructure for travellers on bikes is almost non-existent, and car drivers are not attentive enough. While riding on two wheels, you should definitely stay alert and keep your eyes wide open. The road surface in the country is mostly bad, and the lack of quality bike parking is a huge issue as well. The most common bike parking option throughout Montenegro is still the low-standing single wheel securing spirals.

  1. Feel like renting a bike?

If you are looking to rent a bike, you need a document proving your identity: passport or driving license, in order to make the contract of lease of sports equipment. You should probably research rental companies and contact them before your arrival. Some rental companies ask for a cash deposit for each type of Sports Equipment. When returning the bicycle, if you have met all the terms of the lease and the operating rules, the deposit is fully refunded to you. The rental period of the Sports Equipment is usually counted in hours. The lessee bears full financial responsibility for the equipment.

  1. Looking for the thrill of a campsite?

There is generally a large number of campsites throughout Montenegro, so you should be able to find one without much effort. If you feel like camping, you will find out that camping is really not an expensive option for your stay. However, not many campsites get improved over time, so do not have high expectations. It is also quite popular to ask for permission to put a camp on the local property. Still, you might get in a situation where they will charge you, or, if you get lucky, the locals can get very interested in your stories, and might invite you for a pleasant drink, delicious meal or even ask you to stay indoors.

31 Oct 2018, 11:27 AM

October 31, 2018 - Valuable equipment donated by the Federal Police of Germany, which will be used at border crossings in Montenegro, will enable border police officers to provide faster and more efficient checks at border crossings and in the green border area, with a view of achieving even better results in combating all forms of cross-border crime.

28 Oct 2018, 12:56 PM

October 28, 2018 - Kostanjada is a traditional gastro-cultural manifestation aimed at highlighting the chestnut woods, a valuable segment of the natural heritage of Boka Bay, whose roots go back to the ancient times.

27 Oct 2018, 17:21 PM

October 27, 2018 - Herceg Novi Mayor, Stevan Katić, hosted the Finish Ambassador to Montenegro, headquartered at Belgrade, HE Perti Ikonen. Besides the agreement on joint organization of the exhibition dedicated to modern design, the subject of the meeting was also the actual political situation in Montenegro. 

25 Oct 2018, 14:03 PM

October 25, 2018 - Dr. Ilija Moric, whose monograph "Rural tourism in Montenegro: Marketing aspect of development" is going to be promoted on Saturday within the "Luštica Bay Fall Colors Fair", besides his academic career, is also running a very successful family business, connecting knowledge and tradition, as well as rural tourism and modern agricultural production in a traditional way.

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