10 May 2019, 14:27 PM

The last thing you’re likely to want to hear about in summer is school, we get it, but that’s exactly why this summer school is different. Meet Algebra, located in the Croatian capital city of Zagreb and easily accessible from any direction.

Algebra has been providing high-quality education for more than 20 years in digital technology with bachelor and master programs in computer engineering, digital marketing and design, as well as e-Leadership MBA. Accompanied with 150 faculty members and more than 500 experts ready to help whenever necessary, 1,100 students in higher education and 15,000 students attending the numerous programs the school offers annually, from courses to MBA programs, Algebra isn’t just your run of the mill summer school. Far from it.


Not everything is about school, and I believe it was the wonderful Oscar Wilde who once hinted at the good old ‘’school of life’’ being the most important ‘’faculty’’ one can attend. Algebra is very much a school to prepare its students for real life, and works to properly equip its students for the world of work, and this isn’t just some tired old mantra, but a reality. The proof is there to be seen, and as many as 96% of Algebra’s students find employment within just six months of graduation.


With bachelor and master programs not only in STEM, but in Arts as well, Algebra sets its students up for life in the world of work, and therefore sets itself apart as a summer school, caring less about being self-serving and more about creating the workforce of the future, and providing them with all of the necessary skills and knowledge to conquer everything from multimedia and programming to cyber security in an increasingly technological age dominated by artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

With highly respected academic partners such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM (just to name a few), it’s little to say that Algebra is a deeply trusted school.


From artificial intelligence and cyber security to digital marketing and data driven storytelling, digital sculpting fundamentals and creating 3D projects, to the internet of things and mobile application development, this school is successful in keeping up with the modern world of education, and paving the way for the future employees of the modern world of work.

Lasting three weeks during the summer, Algebra prides itself on placing an emphasis on the exceptionally high quality of its study program, its lectures, professors and of course, its enviable curriculum. For the latter, it’s perhaps best to see what the students themselves say:

“I was overwhelmed by the quality of the course I completed and the university staff were beyond supportive and accommodating.”

“Every lesson was taught by an expert in that field, so I enjoyed the focus on practical and experimental aspect and not only on theory’’

“Algebra summer school exceeded all my expectations. Great staff, excellent lecturers and a warm atmosphere.”

“This program perfectly offers courses of very high quality taught by professors who not only are great at what they do but that are also excellent in communicating their knowledge. The fact that the classes are small also adds on the benefit of one-to-one interaction, with professors that have the time to go over doubts and help students personally without wasting too much time.”

„Everything I expected and more, the courses are very hand on, challenging and intensive, but rewarding“

„I expected practical knowledge, my idea was to learn how to contribute and do something with my own hands. The quality of teaching was spectacular. Classes are small so the professor could help us in any moment. We got to visit 2 cities, and emerge ourselves to Croatian culture.“

„I expected to learn as much as I could and have fun, but I also found a great lecturer, the teaching level was really high. You can learn a little bit every day.“

„This summer school is all about combining future professions, summer and friends. Very intensive courses, really good professors with great knowledge and intention to explain and overcome the problems and situations.“


The old saying goes that the child in us dies when we stop wanting to learn new things. One can never know everything, as everything is always changing. This international summer school provides an excellent opportunity to learn something new in a way that truly inspires you. The university offers eight different courses which are both creative and very applicable, allowing for a summer spent gaining new skill sets and knowledge. Fancy trying your hand? Here’s what Algebra offers:

Digital marketing – New ways of communication

Data driven storytelling – Create stories using big data and advanced visualization

Digital sculpting fundamentals – Learn the basics of sculpting in Zbrush

Creating a Detailed Project in 3D – From the very basisc to the postproduction of the final image

Mobile application development – From idea to creation

Cyber security – The forc3 is strong with this one

Internet of Things – Create a weather measuring system with cloud visualization

Artificial Intelligence – Today and in the future

There’s nothing quite like meeting a person who happens to be interested in the same things you are, and is all in all likeminded. Algebra is the perfect place for that, and you’ll connect and make lifelong friendships with those who are also helping to shape the digital future. Here’s what was done last summer as part of a truly international experience.

080519-Summer School9.jpg

Travelling is something that almost everyone can agree is amazing. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone in a new place to really discover who you are, and this is the perfect opportunity, not to mention the perfect country. Croatia boasts more than 1,000 beautiful islands and enjoys a massive 2700 hours of sunshine annually!

With Algebra, you’ll get to spend two weeks in the Croatian capital, which has close links to the Vienna, Venice, Budapest, Belgrade, Sarajevo and many more owing to its excellent geographical position. You’ll head down to the beautiful Dalmatian coast to the historic town of Sibenik during the height of the summer season. Sibenik is close to Krka National Park, Prvic island, and Smiljan, which is the birthplace of the genius Nikola Tesla.

Join Algebra from the 7th to the 27th of July, 2019, for an unforgettable learning experience in a summer school with a difference, the best in all of Europe.

Sounds good? If so, it’s time to get packing and looking forward to an incredible summer in Croatia. You’ve got until May the 20th to apply to the Algebra International Summer School, so the time is now to start planning the summer of a lifetime.

10 May 2019, 01:41 AM

May 10, 2019 - The Tourism Organization of Bar is launching the campaign "Hiking in the mountains" whose goals are to popularize an active holiday in the hinterland of the municipality and promote the natural and cultural attractions on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and Skadar Lake, first of all, the Old Town of Bar, one of the oldest settlements of Montenegro.  

TO Bar organized a tour of the Old Town of Bar with a professional guide for representatives of Bar Travel Agencies. The initiative for this activity was launched at a meeting with the tourism industry "when the need for additional education about this cultural and historical asset of Montenegro was recognized".
"After the tour of the Old City, a gastronomic offer was presented, where the representatives of travel agencies had the opportunity to get acquainted with this aspect of the tourist offer, which is an integral part of the Old Town tour. The visit was organized with the support of the Cultural Center Bar, Agency Riva Travel, Jadrantours, Parus, Ave Tours, Connectors, Andra Travel, and Allegra cruises," said TO Bar.
In order to popularize the outdoor and cultural tourism routes of the hinterland of Bar, there are promotional tours for the representatives of the tourism industry of Montenegro, primarily representatives of tourist agencies, local tourist organizations, the National Tourism Organization, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Bar Municipality, NP Skadar Lake and other relevant institution.

Old Town Bar - an unjustly neglected pearl of the cultural heritage of Montenegro

The old Bar is one of the oldest inhabited places in Montenegro and a city with a long and burning history, around which many army and invaders have been scattered.
Built in a place unusual for coastal towns, a few kilometers from the coast, Stari Bar is located on the summit of Londres, at the foot of Mount Rumija. In Italian and English scripts, Old Bar is known as Antivari, while Latin is also called Antibarium.
On three sides surrounded by impenetrable cliffs, the city was built in this place primarily for more accessible defense and access to fresh drinking water, which was brought to the town from the north side by an aqueduct dating from the 14th to the 16th century.
Defensive walls and the city Citadel, which served exclusively for the defense of the city, protected the interests of Byzantium in this area until 1054, when the city entered the composition of Duklje, under the authority of Mihailo I. Later the town went into the hands of the Serbian dynasty Nemanjić, when it became part of the Serbian Empire.
In the tumultuous periods that followed, the city passed from hand to hand of numerous invaders, including the Venetians and Hungarians, and in 1571, fell into the hands of the Turks during their penetration to the Western Balkans.
In 1878, after a long siege and bombardment of the city by the Montenegrin army, on which occasion the town was severely damaged, as a result of the mining of aqueducts and the interruption of water supply of the city garrison, the Turks surrendered the city and the Montenegrin army entered the liberated Bar in a victorious manner.
The city is built continuously during the centuries of its existence. Today, it can see the remains of buildings of various architectures and influences. The oldest part of the city is part of the gates, on the stretched rock, while the interior of the town keeps the remains of numerous churches from different periods. Thus you can see the remains of the Romanesque cathedral of St. George, as well as two gothic churches, the Holy Catherine and the Holy Venus.
The western part of the city preserves the remains of the church of St. Nicholas, which is believed to have been built in the 13th century by Jelena Anžujska, the wife of the Serbian king Uros.
The best preserved religious building is the church of St. John of Vladimir, located in the very center of the city.
Crafts, trade, and olive growing mainly occupied the population of Stari Bar, and for that reason, through history, they were often victims of merciless pirates from the neighboring Ulcinj, widely known for their crimes and robbery.
The Old town of Bar was inhabited until the catastrophic earthquake of 1979, which destroyed the aqueduct and interrupted the supply of the city with water, after which the inhabitants began to move massively to the new town of Bar on the seashore.
By restoring the aqueduct, the people started to return to Stari Bar, a place inhabited since the time of the Illyrian tribes, who settled in this area in the 8th century before the new era.
10 May 2019, 00:59 AM

09 May 2019 - The cruiser Marella Discovery of the British company Marella Cruises sailed into the Port of Kotor for the very first time. For the occasion, representatives of the Port of Kotor, the Port Authority of Montenegro and representatives of the Bar-based port operator in Montenegro for the Marella Cruises ships, the company Allegra, visited the newly arrived cruiser.

The Director of the Port of Kotor's Administrative sector, Snežana Jonica, and the owner and Director of the company Allegra, Mihailo Vukić, presented welcoming gifts to the general manager of the cruiser’s hotel department, Demetrios Charalambous, and kindly wished the cruiser and its crew a warm welcome to Montenegro.

Marella Discovery, which arrived at the Bay of Kotor from Dubrovnik on May 9, brought 1.800 British passengers and more than 740 crew members from over 40 countries of the world to Montenegro.

Charalambous expressed his enthusiasm for the natural beauties and cultural heritage of the bay and Kotor, pointing out that for the passengers of his cruiser, this is one of the most prestigious stations on their Mediterranean cruise, which ends on the Greek island of Corfu.

"This is a wonderful destination that offers our guests a lot of content and they are delighted with the Bay of Kotor and with Kotor as a city. The main challenge in regards to cruisers is to try to set up an adequate schedule so that there are not too many boats and too many tourists in the area at the same time. A large crowd would not be in your interest as the hosts, nor for us as operators of ships who want to have satisfied passengers," said the experienced Greek born in Cyprus, who has over 20 years of experience in cruisers service.

The Marella Cruises Company, formerly British Thomson Cruises, has changed owners a few years ago and now operates as a segment of the Anglo-German tourist giant TUI.

Marella (which translates as "shining sea" in the old Celtic language) is specialized for the British market and has six ships, of which the Marella Celebration and Marella Discovery will regularly come to Kotor every seven days. Unlike other cruising companies operating in the Mediterranean, Marella Cruises is very eager to travel to new destinations and it even opens the so-called home port stations in ports such as the Greek Corfu and Croatian Dubrovnik. Therefore, the representatives of the company Allegra and the Port of Kotor have highlighted the positive aspects and advantages that Kotor and Bar can offer them as home port stations, given the proximity of the Tivat Airport and other benefits.

Namely, Marella Cruises, as part of the conglomerate's TUI, transports British tourists from 22 UK cities to their home port stations in the Mediterranean via airplanes, where they board the company’s cruises. These planned methods of transport also create a significant benefit for the local economy of the destinations where the home port stations are located at, because they supply the ships, arrange transport for passengers and offer a range of other services. These services, as they pointed out from Allegra and the Port of Kotor, could create significant benefits for the Montenegrin economy, assuming that the British company decides that Kotor and Bar shall receive the status of their home port station.

On the occasion of the arrival of the cruiser, guests from Montenegro were able to visit the 264-meter long cruiser Marella Discovery and get acquainted with the contents that it offers to its passengers. This 69.130 ​​gross ton was built in 1996 in France as the "Splendour of the Seas" for the US Royal Caribbean Cruises company, whose fleet it belonged until four years ago when it got a new owner and a new name. On its 11 decks, Marella Disovery has a total of 918 passenger cabins, seven restaurants, seven themed bars, an entertainment centre, cinema, two swimming pools, a shopping centre and a fitness centre. The cruiser also has two special attractions - the wall for free climbing and a mini-golf course.

Source: S.L., Vijesti

09 May 2019, 00:10 AM

08 May 2019 - Air Serbia is the only airline that has fulfilled the conditions of the international tender for the establishment of 12 lines of public importance from Niš, among which is the line Niš - Tivat.

Although it was logical for Montenegro Airlines to apply for a subsidized line, this did not happen.

According to the report by the Flynaissus portal, some experts have predicted that some low-cost airlines will withdraw from the Montenegrin market due to the threat of healthy competition that these subsidies will bring.

On the international tender announced by the Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure of Serbia, for the selection of airlines for 12 lines of public interest, the offer was submitted only by Air Serbia, it was announced from that ministry.

The ministry also stated that there were no objections to the tender conditions, and the signing of the contract with representatives of Air Serbia will be organized in the following days.

As stated in the announcement, the tender was conducted with the respect of all European regulations. Interest was shown by several companies, but until the end of the procedure, only one correct bid arrived.

Routes of public interest, to be organized by the "Konstantin Veliki" Airport in Niš, were determined on the basis of the analyses and interests shown by the southern Serbian districts. The Government of Serbia and the Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure, by introducing airlines of public interest, want to help the development of the undeveloped areas of Serbia, and, under favourable conditions, provide the citizens with the most efficient mode of transport to the most developed areas of the EU, explains the report by this ministry.

The routes were selected according to the study of the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects of Serbia and should operate from July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2023.

The national carrier of Serbia will receive 15 million euros from the state budget in order to introduce flights to Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Rome, Hanover, Ljubljana, Salzburg, Bologna, Budapest, Gothenburg, Friedrichshafen, Karlsruhe, and Tivat.

07 May 2019, 21:26 PM

07 May 2019 - The Government of Montenegro, through the Capital Budget, allocated around 700.000 EUR for the construction of a primary electricity infrastructure for the needs of supplying the Đalovića cave complex in the municipality of Bijelo Polje. The contract was signed by the Public Works Administration and the Danilovgrad-based company "Eurozoks".

The deadline for the completion of works is five months from the date of the contractor's introduction into the work.

The route consists of about 6,100 meters of 35 kV air-line and about 360 meters of underground cable.

The planned transmission line connects the electricity infrastructure of the existing electricity substation 35/10 Nedakusi and planned electricity substation 35/10 Bistrica. In addition to providing infrastructure for the future complex of the Podvrh Monastery, the cable car and the Đalovića cave, this investment will also contribute to a significantly more reliable and better quality of electricity supply for households in this area.

In this way, the investment in valorizing the tourist capacities of the Đalovića cave will directly affect the quality of life of the citizens of that part of the municipality of Bijelo Polje.

The Đalovića cave was included in the local programme of the Bijelo Polje municipality in 2019, which includes spatial planning in Bijelo Polje and which is estimated at 22.030.181 EUR, mostly for the continuation of works on the valorization of the mountain Bjelasica (4.120.000 EUR) and Đalovića cave (3.450.000 EUR), as well as the construction of a waste treatment plant, (1.169.834 EUR).

For this occasion, the funds were provided from the capital budget of the Municipality (2.893.000 EUR), the operational budget (882.000 EUR), loans with the European Investment Bank (40.800 EUR), the Directorate of Public Works (9.473.000 EUR), the Directorate for Transport (7.523.147 EUR), EIB loan (569.834 EUR) and donations for construction of the plant (600.000 EUR).

06 May 2019, 23:48 PM

06 May 2019 - A grand painting exhibition of twenty famous painters from the country and abroad, which opened on April 10 at the Adria Gallery in Budva, has marked the opening of this year's art season in Budva.

This painting exhibition, which was organized by Newspaper Publishing Company Art Press from Budva, is an excellent opportunity for all art lovers art to see the works of famous masters of painting, such as Flip Janković, Vojo Tatar, Cvetko Latinović, Miki Radulović, Slobodan Slovinić, Nikica Raičević, Mišo Vemić, Ljubo Brajović from Montenegro, and Jelena Šalinić, Aleksandar Cvetković, Danica Basta and Katarina Đorđević from Serbia.

“The joint exhibition also includes the works of Goce Božurski, Nataša Petejčuk and Aleksandar Filev from Macedonia, Miriana Savova from Bulgaria, Ksenija Abakumova from Russia, Diana Rsdokija from Lithuania, Jelena Glogovac from Republika Srpska and Željan Pavić from Croatia,” said the manager of Adria Gallery in Budva, journalist and publicist Ranko Pavićević.

This large exhibition of paintings in the gallery of the Adria Hotel in Budva was opened by the Mayor of the Municipality of Budva Vladimir Bulatović, and it is open until May 10th, according to the report of the organizer, Budva Art Press.

Source: Boka News

06 May 2019, 23:28 PM

06 May 2019 - Montenegro Airlines launched seasonal flights between Tivat and Hanover over the past weekend, with the capital of Lower Saxony becoming the carrier's fifth destination in Germany alongside Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf and Leipzig. Flights to this destination will operate twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays, until October 24.

As reported on the official website of Montenegro Airlines, the German market is one of the largest emitting markets with over 60 million tourists annually, and for Montenegro, this market is extremely significant when it comes to tourism. In the last several years, Montenegro Airlines has been working intensively and continuously on the development of the airline to Germany, so it can be said without hesitation that the national air carrier ensures the arrival German tourists to Montenegro.

In addition to those above, it is of importance to highlight that Montenegro Airlines transported a total of 54,161 passengers from and to Germany in 2018 and arranged 665 flights to/from Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Leipzig and Munich, which is 73.46 per cent more than 2017. Also, in 2018, Montenegro Airlines carried out 238 more flights (to and from Germany) compared to 2017, which is an increase of 55.74%.

Launching the new flight which connects Montenegro and Germany from May 5 to October 24 speaks to the fact that Montenegro Airlines is well aware of the importance of establishing a good airline connections to the German market, which will certainly influence the growth of the total number of passengers transported, and the increase in the number of tourists arriving from this European country.

In 2019, national carrier Montenegro Airlines will connect Montenegro with over 30 destinations in 15 different countries of Europe.

06 May 2019, 00:21 AM

04 May 2019 - This year’s season has started better than expected and Montenegro can already expect that revenues from tourism would reach 1,1 million EUR, as estimated by co-owner of the Montenegro Stars Hotel Group and president of the Montenegrin Tourism Association, Žarko Radulović.

According to him, this will be a record-breaking year for tourism in Montenegro. He also pointed out that tourism could manage to generate even more revenues, but some things must be arranged prior to that.

“I mean primarily on fiscal discipline and then on the unfair competition. In addition, coastal towns must be fashioned after the high-end tourism destinations,” said Radulović.

As for the expectations from the summer tourist season, he says that everything will go better than they have been expecting.

Tourists are coming even earlier than last year. According to him, that is a sign that Montenegro has entered the Western Europe market.

“This means that companies and other associations which were traditionally going to other destinations now spotted Montenegro and arrivals are going to increase in the forthcoming period,” Radulović noted, emphasizing that this means that the next winter season will be even better.

The number of new flights is continuously increasing and that is what brings tourists.

“The number of announced flights is almost the same as last year. There is a somewhat lower number of those from Russia which we certainly expected but still, we are still satisfied,” concluded Radulović.

05 May 2019, 15:31 PM

May 5, 2019 - The NGO Hands from Herceg Novi invites you to the fourth Primavera Feast, which is scheduled for next weekend, May 11th and 12th. The event includes outdoor activities, handicraft exhibitions and tastings delicacies of wild herbs, as well as educational programs. In cooperation with the Agency for Protection and Development of Orjen and the City Café, which hosts the festival, Hands are organizing a festival devoted to spring, interesting for all generations. 

On Saturday, 11 May, the organizers invite you for a walk in the hinterland of Herceg Novi to pick wild plants and a demonstration of preparing traditional spring delicacies. This year's destination is Orjen Nature Park, the Vrbanj area. Archaeologist Željko Starčević from the Agency for Protection and Development of Orjen will lead the pedestrian tour explaining the natural and cultural heritage of the hinterland of Herceg Novi.
Primavera Feast, one of the seasonal manifestations of NGO Hands, aims to promote the use of local self-contained edible, medicinal and medicinal plants from our environment. Donors' salon, a handicraft exhibition, creative workshops - are an integral part of all festivals, and the Primavera Feast will also join the club Fit Woman Montenegro, an organization that promotes healthy and active life in the community. Their instructors - volunteers for the Zumba and fitness training sessions at the Boka Park Hotel. In the same area, there are several other activities - recycling workshops within the Reduce - Reuse - Recycle project, which NGOs carry with a group of citizens #OČISTI.ME (Clean Me), and other educative and fun activities.
As a creative inspiration, the theme of Primavera remains spring, which will be presented this year through handicrafts, gastronomic delicacies, as well as a driving force for a healthier life and a sustainable relationship with Nature.
The exhibition of domestic products and handicrafts on the terrace of the City Café will be held on Sunday, 12 May from 10 am to 2 pm. About 30 exhibitors are expected, some of whom will be present at Herceg Novi for the first time.
Since the establishment of the humanitarian karate event, the NGO Hands will again organize, in cooperation with restaurants, kitchens, professionals and amateur painters, a humanitarian treat. Donors are invited to submit their delicacies from spring crops, and visitors, with always delicious food tasting, have the opportunity to contribute to the Iva Bijelić Foundation's action in treating another young citizen of Herceg Novi-Luka Miliša from Bijela, who is nine years old.
As part of the preparation of Primavera, a set of creative workshops is planned, with decorative canvas bags, as an alternative to plastic bags. Every workshop attendant will be able to carry his handbag with him as a fashion detail for the 'spring-summer 2019' season, the organizers said.
For more information about each segment of the Primavera Feast 2019 program, you can contact NGO Hands via FB or mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Primavera Feast is just one of the seasonal events organized by NGO Hands. This organization, which brings together the creative citizens of Herceg Novi, is responsible for numerous programs aimed promoting the natural heritage of our region and the ecological principles through the commercialization of these contents in a lovely tourist way. Therefore, Primavera 2019 is another opportunity to get acquainted with Herceg Novi through the story of all senses.
05 May 2019, 02:20 AM

04 May 2019 - Tourists who want to bring their pets to their holiday in Montenegro are finally getting a chance to bring their pets to the sandy beaches! According to the latest announcement, the first pet-friendly swimming areas on the Montenegrin coast will be arranged within the summer 2019 season!

The Strategy for Sustainable Beach Management, developed by the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro, will bring a number of nudist beaches, family swimming resorts, public city swimming areas, and for the first time in Montenegro - pet-friendly swimming areas!

Three pet-friendly swimming areas will be opened in the Municipality of Budva, according to Ivana Lazović from the Coastal Zone Management Enterprise.

As Lazović pointed out during an interview for Radio Slobodna Evropa, there will be a fully functional pet-friendly swimming area within the Slovenska beach, which will have all the necessary infrastructure. “Another pet-friendly beach resort is planned on the Buljarica beach, but we are still waiting for a tenant. The third pet-friendly beach in Budva will be in front of the Hotel Avala," Lazović highlighted.

As announced by the Coastal Zone Management Enterprise, each pet-friendly swimming area (beach) will have to have prominently displayed behavioural rules for owners and their dogs, cleaning equipment, showers, food and water containers, and toys for the pets.

For many tourists around the world, going on summer or winter holidays means taking their pet on a journey as well. Aleksandar Zeković, who often travels with his dog outside of Montenegrin borders concluded that, when it comes to pets, Montenegrin tourism, but also society as a whole, falls behind compared to the rest of the world.

During an interview for Radio Slobodna Evropa, Zeković said: "When you want to book an accommodation in a different country, the first thing I check is whether the hotel is pet-friendly. Luckily, a significant number of hotels abroad is open to pets, which allows me to organize my trip in a quality way. In Montenegro, on the other hand, I can rarely find accommodation, private or hotel, in which I can spend time with my pet. We’re just not there yet as a society.”

According to the data from the website "Tourism Review", in Germany, France, Italy and Austria, more than 40% of hotels accept pets. In major European cities like Berlin, over 50 percent of the total accommodation capacity is pet-friendly.

The data also shows that Germany tops the list of top 10 countries in the world where hotels accept pets. The second and third places are also European countries - Italy and Austria, while among the 10 are also the Netherlands, Russia and Greece.

04 May 2019, 23:01 PM

03 May 2019 - The entrance to the Adventure Park Vrbanj, in the hinterland of Herceg Novi, is still free, although the payment was due to begin on April 1st. The reason for this is because city councilors in Herceg Novi have not yet given their consent to the suggested price list, which should be done as a follow-up to the assembly session on May 8th.

Prices in the adventure park will, as previously announced, be 5 EUR for children, 10 EUR for adults, while people of Herceg Novi will be able to achieve a 50% discount with an ID card.

The Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen is working intensively on improving infrastructure and introducing new content. By the end of April, two toilets should be delivered, as well as a 30 m2 log cabin, which will be used as the storage for the equipment, bicycles and office space.

"We are forced to carry the equipment with us every day, which is not practical. It is expensive equipment, which must be present in the Adventure Park all the time. We also have a guard who resides in a small kiosk, which is in poor condition, but we leave some things there at a daily level. Next to the hut, we will try to set up two toilets by the end of April," the director of the Agency, Milja Vitorović said.

By the beginning of the main tourist season, part of the main road to the park should be expanded in some places so that large buses can bring visitors uninterruptedly. So far, two buses of Blueline are driving to the park, which departs from the main bus station on Saturday and Sunday at 9.15 AM and 3.30 PM, while they are returning at 10 AM and 4.15 PM. On regular days the regular traffic lines are being followed.

Vitorović believes that by the Adventure Week, which was announced for May 31, June 1 and 2, everything should be completed, in order to welcome first the Adriatic canyoning project partners, as well as the main season.

For the end of May, larger organized groups of visitors from Dubrovnik were announced. For the time being, the park is visited mainly by domestics, people of Herceg Novi, but also people from Trebinje and Dubrovnik, with fewer guests from Russia and Germany. Since the beginning of April, 305 adrenaline adventures have been used, mostly by children.

Four instructors are currently engaged in the park. The training process for two more instructors is underway, who should be employed during the season.

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