02 Jun 2019, 00:48 AM

01 June 2019 - Starting this summer, Montenegrin beaches will receive a guide in the form of an offline android application. The Enjoy Montenegro Coast: Offline Guide is intended primarily for tourists and visitors of the Montenegrin coast, to make it easier to choose the desired beach, but also to locals who want to get to know the Montenegrin coast as reported by the Public Enterprise for the Coastal Zone of Montenegro.

"The application contains a user-friendly offline map with information about the selected beach, marina or protected area on the coast," said representatives of the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone of Montenegro

When choosing a beach, the application will calculate precise mileage from the current location of the user, and then draw the shortest route to the destination.

In the drop-down menu, the user can single out the beaches or marinas with prestigious ecological recognition of the Blue Flag, and there are 30 of those in Montenegro. At all times, the user can check the quality of seawater at around 100 different bathing places along the Montenegrin Coast.

The application was created by the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone of Montenegro, which manages Montenegrin beaches and coastal infrastructure (marinas, ports, pier, berths).

Enjoy Montenegro Coast: Offline Guide android application can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store. Once downloaded, the application functions in the offline mode, that is, no internet connection is required for its use, as explained by the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone of Montenegro.

01 Jun 2019, 00:39 AM

June 1, 2019 - Within the first quarter of the year, the hotel Regent Porto Montenegro realized 10% growth, indicating a positive upward trend already for 2019. Within the core tourist season, the number of the reservations is still on the same level as last year, said Regent’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Ivan Rudolf Gajić.

The leisure segment has been a significant focus for the hotel’s Sales and Marketing team, with the aim to support the 2019 Spring and Summer seasons. Regent’s representatives held over 300 meetings with sales calls hosted in Europe, Middle East, Russia, and the UK.

Regent Porto Montenegro’s presence in the European luxury travel market has been highlighted further with the attendance at ITB Berlin, IHG Expo in London and Traveller Made - Essence of Luxury Travel in Marbella. The sales team initiated and completed sales calls internationally to Istanbul, GCC road show with Claviger agency as well as in Dubai, Moscow, St Petersburg in Russia and London and Chester in the UK.

“Amour Europe Vienna and Annual DWP Congress Dubai were both attended with the aim to promote Regent and Montenegro as the ideal wedding destination. With 64 meetings completed in total, the outcomes of these two visits have already seen a larger volume of interest and a higher number of confirmed weddings in 2020,” said Ivan Rudolf Gajić, hosting yesterday the meeting with local journalists of Tivat.

“Throughout all these fairs it is fantastic to hear that Montenegro is already well known and respected as a destination delivering quality to visitors,” Gajic was happy to emphasize. 

The most important markets for Regent Porto Montenegro, according to the number of arrivals, remain Great Britain, USA, and Russia.

“Within the core tourist season, the number of reservations is on the same level as last year. Given that the weather forecast has not been as favorable so far this year; guests from our traditional markets have been enquiring but hesitating to make reservations, rather waiting to confirm concrete plans. This conveys the changing dynamic of holiday-makers in general, who now choose to delay their plans and make last minute reservations,” marks Ivan Rudolf Gajić, adding: “The last year was a record one and it is always a challenge to continue the growth in that manner however we plan to complete the business goals fully. Until the end of the year, we expect to achieve a rise of 10 % and conclude the business year."

Regent Porto Montenegro Management is also very satisfied with MICE segment growth, as well as incentive travel bookings, contributing the extraordinary results in the first and second quarter of the year.

In October this year, the hotel and the Porto Montenegro marina will host a Private Luxury Forum which gathers the most eminent agencies that are in charge of sales and promotion of the luxury travels. Porto Montenegro will welcome the top influencers, innovators, and visionaries of the luxury industry.

“We will host 85 agents who will list Montenegro, a hugely positive sales promotion for Montenegro as a destination. Additionally, around 100 representatives of the luxury brands will attend the Forum. Attendees will enjoy a tailored program of activities to show off the destination, which will include sailing through the Boka Bay with Jadran school ship, visit of the national parks and other activities that encompass outdoors and active tourism. We believe that this is a great opportunity and a worthwhile investment in the process of the positioning of Montenegro as the luxury tourism destination with the ultimate aim of achieving the desired positive business results in the years to come,” Ivan Rudolf Gajić explained.

Regent Porto Montenegro continues investing in emerging markets of GCC countries and Israel in order to position Montenegro as an attractive choice as a leisure destination, with a particular focus on Saudi Arabia and UAE.

“We have a specific representative who actively contributes toward the promotion of Montenegro and Regent Hotel. During our participation at the ATM in Dubai in April this year as part of the IHG stand, we learnt that the main challenge is the lack of direct flights. Thankfully, the cities of the neighboring countries such as Sarajevo, do have direct flights to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, making travel at least possible for this market. Saudi Arabia is our best market within GCC and we hope that the future negotiations of the government and airports of Montenegro will be successful so that will be directly linked with this market in the near future,” says Gajić.

Israel is also an important market for Regent. “Given the direct flights from Tel Aviv to Tivat, we believe this market will see good growth and that there is strong potential for the positioning of Montenegro as a key luxury destination for tourists from the region, whilst the offer of hotel Regent can be extremely attractive to the HNW guests specifically,” concluded Gajić.

31 May 2019, 21:43 PM

31 May 2019 - “We invite all citizens and tourists to honour us with their presence at the city port Škver, so that we can jointly salute the participants of the first Herceg Novi regatta – Herceg Novi Sailing Tour with a feast full of delicious fish and wine!“, says the official invitation of Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi for the regatta which starts on June 1.

As TMN previously reported, the first Herceg Novi regatta named Herceg Novi Sailing Tour is being organized by the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi in ​​cooperation with the Sailing Club Jugola Grakalić, the Municipality of Herceg Novi and the Hotel Lazure.

The event, which will take place on June 1, includes an umpires and skippers boat race. The regatta will be held in the waters of the Bay of Kotor within the territory that belongs to the Herceg Novi Municipality.

The sailing tour, which will mark the official beginning of the 2019 summer sailing season, starts in front of Marina Lazure in Meljine and runs around the island of Mamula. Then the ships sail towards their goal - the city port of Herceg Novi.

Fifteen teams are expected to compete, and the Montenegrin sailor that competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the Men's Laser class, Milivoj Dukić will also take part in the sailing tour. The list of the participants in the regatta will include musician and sailor from Herceg Novi, Rambo Amadeus.

The sailors will meet for the race on June 1 at 9:30 am, and the official start of the regatta will be at 11 am. The finishing point of the sailing tour is the city port Škver, and sailing enthusiasts can await the boats at this point at 1 pm.

The Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi and the Sailing Club Jugola Grakalić have prepared a traditional fish and wine celebration accompanied by local entertainment and music from 1 pm to 5 pm. The award ceremony will be held also on June 1, at 9 pm.

The representatives of the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi are inviting all sailing enthusiasts to experience the unique regatta moment when the first boat within the regatta officially starts the race for the first time on June 1. All visitors will be able to enjoy an exciting and competitive racing and the onshore camaraderie!

31 May 2019, 00:00 AM

30 May 2019 - The Mayor of Podgorica Ivan Vuković and his associates opened the Ankara Boulevard in Podgorica on May 30, 2019. The newly constructed 330-meter long road extends from the intersection of Ljubljanska Street with Ljubomir Rašović Boulevard to the Cetinje Boulevard.

Mayor of Podgorica Opened Ankara Boulevard 2

"The city administration is very satisfied, because in the last seven months this is the third new boulevard we are opening in Podgorica. We started with the road in Zeta, then on Independence Day - 21st of May we opened a boulevard in Donja Gorica, and today we are officially opening the Ankara Boulevard,” said Mayor Vuković.

Mayor of Podgorica Opened Ankara Boulevard 3

He explained that the city administration is investing large amounts of money in the infrastructure of the Capital, and that the completed projects are of high quality and great use to the citizens. “We invested 700 thousand euros in this latest project, and in a relatively short period we managed to build about 7 kilometres of new boulevard roads on the territory of Podgorica. This is truly a great pace, and we will continue to work with the same intensity in the future," said Vuković.

Mayor of Podgorica Opened Ankara Boulevard

The Mayor congratulated the city services on their excellent work and added that another new 110-meters long road was recently completed near the Ankara Boulevard, which is about half a kilometre of new roads in this part of the city.

Mayor of Podgorica Opened Ankara Boulevard 5

"Apart from what is “visible to the naked eye” there are completely new installations set up under this roadway, a new infrastructure that will service all the necessary residential and business facilities that are currently located in this area and which will be built in the vicinity. Ankara Boulevard will be a very useful road not only to people living in this part of the city, but also to frequent traffic, because this road will likely reduce the car jams that are common at the roundabout near the Public Service building," Vuković concluded.

26 May 2019, 21:55 PM

26 May 2019 - The European Union Delegation and the European Union Info Center are organizing the Europe Day in Kotor on Friday, May 31, as part of the Month of Europea Celebration.

On the Square of the Museum starting at 6 PM an info desk will be opened, where citizens can learn more about the process of European Union integrations, look at the exhibition of European Union's projects in Montenegro and participate in the prize quiz on the European Union.

At the same place, a party of Europe starts from 8 PM, with DJ set Aleksandra Duende accompanied by local support provided by DJ Mr Goju.

"We are pleased to invite citizens of Kotor to join us at the concert of Aleksandra Duende and Mr Goju who bring a modern, European sound to the Square of the Museum. We donate the concert to the citizens of Kotor, in the wish to celebrate European values ​​together," the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro announced.

Aleksandra Duende is one of the most successful Balkan DJs. The music is recognized by sets that abound with the sounds of the orient and include various electronic genres, such as tech house, deep house, indie house, deep disco, soulful house and others.

Mr Goju's local support for decades has spawned a specific prism and gave a completely authentic view of contemporary styles of broken beats, house, funk, soul, swing, jazz. Mr Goju regularly performs throughout Europe (Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia ...).

The European Union Delegation to Montenegro and the EU Info Center this year celebrate Europe Day celebrations throughout May, in order to bring citizens closer to the European Union and openly discuss the common European values, the benefits of membership, and the challenges brought by the European integration process.

Source: Skala Radio

26 May 2019, 00:34 AM

25 May 2019 - An increasingly popular local event P(i)jat od žućenice (English: Dandelion Dish), which is the most popular program organized within Žućenica Fest (English: The Dandelion Fest) will be held on June 1, 2019, at the Pine Promenade in Tivat. The number of exhibitors who participate in the event is increasing each year, so there are usually over 250 dandelion dishes presented during this traditional manifestation!

The head organizer of the Žućenica fest is the Women's Organization of Tivat while the technical and financial support is provided by the Tourist Organization of Tivat, Radio Tivat and the Municipality of Tivat, which is the sponsor of the Festival.

City orchestra of Tivat will open this year’s festival with a mini-concert that will start at 7 pm, and the musical segment of the program will continue with the performance of the regional star Ana Kokić, who will step on stage at 8:30 pm.

Gastronomy Festival Dandelion Fest in Tivat on June 1 1

This year’s P(i)jat od žućenice will gather 19 cooking teams with more than 150 chefs ready to showcase their cooking skills and to prepare various types of dishes with the common garden plants dandelions. The dishes will include pies, rolls, salads, various types of meat and vegetables prepared with dandelions and greens.

With colorful and delicious dishes made from dandelion, this festival easily grabs the attention of locals and tourists, and the mastery is probably best described by the fact that all of the specialties get eaten very soon after they’re exhibited.

The list of the Festival’s exhibitors will include NGO Kolo srpskih sestara from Tivat, Women's Organization of Risan, NGO Harlekin from Donja Lastva, Women's Organization of Budva, Secondary and High Trading School Sergije Stanić from Podgorica, NGO Fešta from Baošići, NGO Ruke from Herceg Novi, NGO Bokobran, Women's Democratic Party Forum from Tivat, Kavačka alla maka, Bokeški Forum, Secondary School Mladost Tivat, Elementary School Drago Milović from Tivat, Vodena kočija, Association of Tivat Caterers, Bokeški izrazi Kotor and Gourmet Shop Batričević Njeguši. In addition to local exhibitors, the Festival will also host a team of chefs from the Polish town of Skočová, led by the famous chef Wiecho Wroblewski.

The Tourist Organization of Tivat has posted an official invitation to all interested parties to come and enjoy the outstanding traditional delicacies and musical part of the program.

24 May 2019, 23:48 PM

24 May 2019 - The Tourist Organization of Cetinje, in cooperation with the NGO "Montenegro Old Timer", is organizing a show (exhibition) named "Old Timer Vehicles" on Tuesday, 28 May, starting at 10 am on the Dvorski Square.

Namely, on Tuesday, 28th of May, in the period from 10 am to 12 pm, Old Royal Capital of Montenegro will host 40 "Fića" cars, that is, their owners, whose caravan will pass through Montenegro as a part of the tour “Fićom po Balkanu” (English: "By Fića through the Balkans").  

The participants of the Caravan are the owners of the once-popular Fiat 600 and Zastava 750/850, known on the Balkans as Fića. The caravan, which started on 18 May from Munich (Germany), passes through Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, ends on 31 May in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

During the journey through the countries of the Balkans, the participants will travel about 5000 kilometres and the arrival in Ljubljana will mark the end of their journey. Visitors of the Caravan in Montenegro will be able to see 40 Fića cars, and in the continuation of the journey, this number will increase significantly. The owners of Fića cars who will arrive in Montenegro come from all over Europe, most of them from the region, and one of the oldest model among them is the one from 1961.

The Zastava 750 (Застава 750) was a supermini made by the Serbian car maker Zavod Crvena Zastava in Kragujevac. It was a version of the Fiat 600 made under licence from 1962 and was longer in length than the Fiat version. Zastava 850 is nearly identical to the Zastava 750 but the engine has a larger capacity. The Zastava 850 is harder to find then the 750 model but both are still widely available in former Yugoslavia.

Zastava 750 is widely known by its nickname "Fića" (Фићa) or "Fićo" (Фићo) in Serbo-Croatian, by "Fičo" or "Fičko" in Slovene and by "Fikjo" (Фиќо) in Macedonian. The nickname "Fića" comes from the main character of a comic published by the newspaper Borba during the first years of the car's production.

Owners of cars participating in the caravan have invested enormous amounts of money in their vehicles so that, after 64 years from the start of the production, these cars are still able to cross the 5000 km route smoothly.

23 May 2019, 18:08 PM

23 May 2019 - The Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen will present a new tourist offer in Herceg Novi on Friday, May 24th, the historic Time Machine of Herceg Novi tour.

The promotional tour will be organized for media representatives, Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi, tourist agencies and hotel guests from the area.

The start of the tour is at 8 AM from the square of Nikola Đutković, at the Clock Tower, the symbol of Herceg Novi.

"We are producing dominant fortifications over the city, Kanli tower and Španjol, a reminder of both the long-standing Turkish and the short-lived Spanish authorities. Walking through history, we follow the route of the main hiking route that connected Herceg Novi with mountain for centuries and in that role it existed until the last quarter of the 20th century, until the villagers of the surrounding villages were able to go down to the market with a stock of livestock, full products" as explained from the Agency .

Along the path today, there were numerous catering facilities, such as Avramović's cormorant, which was even visited by Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević during his walks in the hinterland of Herceg Novi.

"Crossing the Matkovo Bridge (a coherent stone building) we enter deeper into the hinterland, into the Kotobilj battlefield, a crucial event for the liberation of the Herceg Novi region from the Turkish authorities. Today it is a place in the pleasant environment of dense forests of coastal pine and cypress, with more organized rest areas for walkers," said representatives of the Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen.

The walking tour is adapted to the average visitor and requires a minimum physical fitness (since about 350 meters of climbing altitude difference must be mastered). It is necessary to announce a minimum of 48h earlier. With sightseeing and resting, the tour lasts for 4 to 5 hours, of which about 3 hours of the trip is being walked.

Suitable shoes (not sandals and flip-flops), small backpack with water and food, spare clothes, protective creams (sun and mosquitoes), rain protection, mobile phone and, possibly, personal accessories for first aid are also required on this tour. The organizer is obliged to take all measures for the safe implementation of the programme, however, participation in the Time Machine tour is at your own risk.

Source: Radio Jadran News

23 May 2019, 11:39 AM

May 23, 2019 - Mountaineering Club Subra from Herceg Novi this weekend organizes the jubilee 20th Orjen Marathon, and in cooperation with the Orjen Development and Protection Agency prepares an attractive program for all generations, which will last from 24-26 May.

The track is 14 km long and the marathon does not have a competitive character and is well organized, with guides and stories of exciting locations such as the fortress Grab, Žitni Do, Simova Cave, the pit Izvod, Dragon Mouth, Subra Gate, the peak of Subra ( 1689 m ), Marko's Rock, Fairy's Guvno, Subra's Plateaus and Rocks Plateau. The tour lasts between 7 and 8 hours and is suitable for mid-range hikers.
According to the marathon itinerary, on Friday, 24 May you will arrive in the afternoon at the mountain hut of Vratlo, with the accommodation of participants and a solemn opening at 7 pm. An hour later, an exhibition of the fossils of the Agency for the Development and Protection of the Orjen "Geo-Heritage of Orjen" will be opened, organized on the occasion of the European Day of Parks. 
On Saturday, 25 May, at 9 am, the start of the Orjen Mountain Marathon is announced, while the assignment of the participants' diplomas is scheduled for 5 pm, followed by a joint dinner.
On Sunday, 26 May, at 10 am, a circular mountain running race, the Orjen Heart, is announced on a 5.490m long track. The competition is intended for those who are engaged in mountain running and similar sports disciplines. 
On the route of the Orjen Heart, the guides will meet the participants with the Žitni Do, Ledena pit, Grotjavica, Duboki Do and Rocks Plateau. The tour takes about 3 hours. The award ceremony and the closing ceremony of 20th Orjen Marathon are scheduled for Sunday, 26 May at 2 pm.
Participants of the marathon pay a €5 fee, and participants of the mountain run €3. More detailed information is available on the official FB page or via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The organization of the marathon helped the Ministry of Sport, Herceg Novi Tourism Organization, Beer Factory Trebjesa, Athletic Association of Montenegro and others.
23 May 2019, 00:02 AM

22 May 2019 - One of the most impressive five-star hotels in Montenegro - The Chedi Luštica Bay has won another flattering title after receiving the Wild Beauty Award as the best hotel in Montenegro at the end of last year.

Luštica Bays Chedi Hotel Honoured with New Recognitions at CEEQA Ceremony 2

On the recently closed Central and Eastern European Real Estate Quality Awards (CEEQA) Ceremony in Warsaw, The Chedi Hotel was named the most outstanding building of the year in Southeast Europe. The new award of this fairy-tale like refuge once again confirmed the quality Luštica Bay is recognizable for, but also reinforced the conviction that the entire project is advancing in the right direction.

At the award ceremony, the executive director of Luštica Development, Darren Gibson, did not hide pleasure after this success.

"The Chedi Hotel is the purest expression of the passion and commitment of all those who took part in this project. It is the very peak of our efforts and, as the first of the seven planned hotels in Luštica Bay, Chedi is focused on creating the life as it should be, and this is the life that we so devotedly create in our project. Inspired by autochthonous architecture and local heritage, Chedi connects the natural elements with sophisticated luxury and unparalleled comfort, and this is the essence of our success and this award,” said Gibson.

Luštica Bays Chedi Hotel Honoured with New Recognitions at CEEQA Ceremony 3

Not forgetting the last year’s Wild Beauty Award for the hotel of the year, this new recognition is certainly one of many that Montenegro and Chedi’s management expects from this special hotel in the heart of Luštica Bay, a new recognizable destination of Orascom.

The decision on this award was made by the CEEQA jury, which consists of experienced representatives of the leading companies in the market.

Luštica Bays Chedi Hotel Honoured with New Recognitions at CEEQA Ceremony 1

Since 2003, the CEEQA organization has been a key figure in merging investors, institutions, organizations and real estate agents in one place. Attracting 800+ business leaders and decision makers from more than 50 countries to celebrate the success and success stories of the calendar year, the event is renowned for its exceptional blend of elite business, exclusive hospitality and world class entertainment. 

Luštica Bays Chedi Hotel Honoured with New Recognitions at CEEQA Ceremony 4

The Chedi Hotel Luštica Bay is the first hotel of the Chedi brand in the Balkans and second in Europe. The brand owner, GHM, founded Chedi as a brand of luxury hotels in Asia and the Far East. Their first European hotel The Chedi Andermatt in Switzerland was named the best luxury winter hotel in the world. Located in the heart of the most beautiful merging of the Montenegrin coast and the mountain outback, The Chedi Hotel offers 111 rooms and suites, two restaurants and two bars, a high-tech conference and business centre, a wellness and spa centre with indoor pool and heated outdoor infinity pool. The hotel also offers beach and sunbathing area, and direct access to a quiet promenade and marina with 176 berths. More information is available at and on social networks Instagram: @thechedilusticabay; Facebook: The Chedi Luštica Bay - a GHM hotel.

22 May 2019, 01:32 AM

21 May 2019 - Representatives of Public Enterprise Parking Service of Budva stated that last year's seasonal offer of 2000 parking lots would be significantly increased, and starting from the summer season 2019, Budva will offer new parking lots near beach Jaz and in Petrovac. These parking lots are currently undergoing adaptation.

Most of the tourists who come to Budva by car calculate their holiday costs by summing the expenses for accommodation, food, night parties, and the use of beach equipment.  It is evident that tourists rarely take parking costs into account. Of course, faced with a lack of available parking lots, tourists are willing to pay high prices just to solve the problem of safe car parking.

There is generally very little free parking space in Budva that is not charged, which forces tourists to have to make a good calculation of whether they will walk to the beach or go by car during each beach trip.

Municipal Public Enterprise Parking Service currently owns nine parking lots in Budva and Petrovac, with about 2,000 parking lots, which are practically filled to the last during the summer season, especially in the evening hours. The Parking Service Budva finally announced the expansion of the parking lot in the city.

Two parking lots began operating in Petrovac yesterday - the parking lot near the Post Office and the parking lot Voli. These lots played a significant role when it comes to parking services in Petrovac last year, as Budva was still facing a massive problem in this field.

As far as Budva is concerned, after a short winter break, drivers are already able to look for a parking lot near the Post Office 2, which is located in the city centre. Also, it is certain that the garage in Rafailovići will be operational within a couple of days, state the representatives of the Municipal Parking Service.

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