08 Jan 2019, 17:30 PM

08 January 2019 - Luxury Complex Lazure Marina & Hotel, which has significantly changed the look of Meljine and enriched the tourist offer of Herceg Novi, continues its planned extension.

The hardest and most demanding part of the entire construction of Lazure Marina and Hotel complex was to make a hotel out of the historic building of Lazaret, dating back to the 18th century, reports the local News Agency Radio Jadran.

Five Star Luxury Complex Lazure Marina Hotel Continues to Impress 4

The Lazure Spa, which construction is in progress and is being built as a beautiful building overlooking the marina and the sea, is soon to be completed. The construction and equipping of the Spa Centre cost about 2 million EUR. The Spa includes five types of sauna, Jacuzzi two massage rooms, dressing rooms, a reception desk, and a swimming pool. The complex also includes a gym, a yoga room, a beauty salon, and massage treatment rooms.

The Executive Director of the Lazure Complex, Anna Martynova,  has recently given an interview for Radio Jadran, in which she explained the concept of the Spa: “Work is underway at the Spa Centre, where we first need an expert spa manager. Initially, five employees will be required, and five more people will be employed before the summer season. The Spa is a beautiful building overlooking the marina and the sea. Only Sveti Stefan Complex and Lazure can boast of such a position for their Spa Centre.”

Five Star Luxury Complex Lazure Marina Hotel Continues to Impress 1

Lazura Marina complex is also currently under construction. The Marina will include 220 berths, and 10 million EUR is invested in this project. The owners of the complex have recently started building an annex building, which, according to the project is a new hotel segment and will have up to 150 rooms and apartments for rent. The opening of the annex building is planned for the spring of 2020.

The company Lazure Montenegro has invested about 32 million EUR in this five-star complex.

08 Jan 2019, 16:56 PM

08 January 2019 - From February 22-24, Mountaineering Club Subra is organising a night climb of 1679 meters to Subra, a peak on Mount Orjen. They named this tour “The Night of the Full Moon”.

Although there is still more work to be done in relations to the organisation and more detailed instructions for the tour participants, everyone who wants to get experience the sunrise and a great day in the snow with a good company and some warm tea can apply for this unique experience within the next few days.

The interest for this event is already rising, and the interested parties are mostly the mountaineers who have already experienced this adventure and did not want to miss it this year either. The only problem that remains to be resolved is the issue of accommodation in the Mountaineering Home Za Vratlom, which is limited to 50 to 70 beds, which we have to reserve to our friends who come outside of Herceg Novi. On the other hand, the House is open for daily fellowship and welcomes everyone who wants to join us on the tour days.

“This is a tour that takes about 2-3 hours with a larger group; it depends on the snow. All those who want to climb must bring winter equipment. Members of the Hiking Section and the Protection and Rescue Service are in charge of guiding the tour and the safety issues during the course. The Subra Peak is more demanding than the other peaks, so this tour is recommended for those who have passed the basic course in winter hiking. Departure is about 2 or 3 hours in the morning, to wait for the sunrise at the top. At that particular time, when we reach the peak, the sun and moon are in the same "line." Witnessing this is, in fact, the goal of ascent,” says the President of the Mountaineering Club Subra, Duško Avramović.

Participants pay a fee of 3 EUR which includes breakfast upon return from the ascent.

The participants who come from outside of Herceg Novi must report their arrival by February 18, via Facebook page, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 00382 69 262 331.

08 Jan 2019, 16:17 PM

08 January 2019 - Caravan Mimosa from Herceg Novi, with traditional trombones, City music, and beautiful majorettes, will mark the beginning of the 50th Mimosa Festival. The caravan represents a tradition of this holiday that is always celebrated with ovations from all guests. Participants of the Caravan always come to a warm welcome and great atmosphere by a large number of gathered citizens, which is also expected this year.

This year, with their music and dance, the participants of Caravan Mimosa will visit numerous cities and invite all citizens to come to Herceg Novi. They will also share promotional flyers and yellow mimosa flowers, by which this winter festival is named.

Herceg Novi Mimosa Caravan Tour Plan 2019 1

The Jubilee 50th Mimosa Festival will "unofficially" begin tomorrow when at 4 o'clock in the morning the first of the three Mimosa Caravans depart from Herceg Novi to Vienna with about 60 Caravan participants who announce the flower festival, spring and Herceg Novi summer tourist season 2019. During the following three days, aside from Vienna, the Caravan will visit Novi Sad, Vrbas and Belgrade.

50th Mimosa Festival will officially begin on February 1, with the performance of the regional pop star Zdravko Čolić.

By the Mimosa Fest, the Herceg Novi Tourist Organisation and the leaseholders from the city, have already organised weekend accommodation arrangements named "Mimoza". This arrangement includes the offer of 3 overnights which amount to 45 EUR per person, five overnights amount to 70 EUR, and seven overnights are 90 EUR. It is also possible to arrange meals in one of the restaurants from the city.

Herceg Novi Mimosa Caravan Starts Traditional European Tour 3

Traditionally, Mimosa Caravan will promote the Mimosa Festival and winter and summer offer of Herceg Novi in the cities of Western Europe, Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Until March 22, the Caravan will organise numerous festivities, masquerades, street performances, international encounters, exhibitions, theater performances, and sports events.

The Caravan departs on January 9 for Vienna, followed by Vrbas, Novi Sad, Zrenjanin and Belgrade. The next weekend the Caravan will visit Višegrad, Zlatibor, Bijeljina and Banja Luka. In its third round, the participants of the Caravan will, before the very beginning of the Mimosa Festival, visit Slovenia, i.e., Ljubljana, Novo Mesto, and Kranj.

 Read more about the representatives of Tourist Organisation of Herceg Novi and the Municipality of Herceg Novi press conference on Mimosa Festival and the Caravan on TMN.

07 Jan 2019, 09:38 AM

06 January 2019 - The successful year for Montenegro’s tourism industry has had positive effects on business operations of the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro, claimed Predrag Jelušić, director of the company.

“In 2018, we generated over €7.1 million thus exceeding planned revenues, and all these extraordinary results happened thanks to the efficient implementation of a 3-year plan, but also due to the responsible approach of our tenants,” he stressed.

In 2019, he added, expects to have a categorisation of public beaches introduced, as well as more activities concentrated on waste on beaches and new responsibilities referring to the sea/ports transport management. By the Coastal Zone Law and Law on Ports, one of the responsibilities of the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro is to manage coastal zone and local ports of general importance and for public use.

“We required introduction and definition of terms city port and municipal slips. By introducing this, we are to create a regulatory framework and grounds for managing ports and other facilities belonging to maritime infrastructure,” noted Jelušić.

In 2019, one of the most important events in the Montenegrin coast would be opening of the Portonovi resort in Kumbor equipped with marina.

When asked whether the new marinas would impose new obligations for the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro, Jelušić said it is good Montenegro will get three new marinas, especially for the development of nautical tourism.

“In this context, the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro will strive to perform public function beside the commercial one. As an example, I should mention planned construction of the water fountains on Tivat airport,” Jelušić said.

He reminded of the fact Montenegro so far has had only two types of beaches – hotel and public – but in line with the guidelines from the Strategy for sustainable beach management, public beaches are now categorized as romantic ones, for same-day visitors, for active vacays, family beaches, pet-friendly and party beaches, and there will be more public nude beaches.

06 Jan 2019, 22:56 PM

05 January 2019 - Spouses from the Netherlands found a message in a bottle that was sent by the Literary section of the Tivat primary school.

A lot of parents encourage their children to write and send messages with happy wishes to friends and family for their child to connect with people around them. Sometimes, though, we just want to write a message without a specific recipient and let the message find their way to a certain someone. That’s when we awaken our imagination and write a message, put it in a bottle and let it sail away. An even greater wish for numerous children and even adults is to find a message in a bottle. This is a true story about the message in a bottle from Tivat that reached the Netherlands!

On January 5, Katica Čavor, a professor of Montenegrin language at the Primary School "Drago Milović" from Tivat, received an unusual e-mail from an unknown address – a husband and wife from the Netherlands, as reported by the news agency Boka News.

Message in a Bottle Tivat Netherlands 1

As Ms Čavor explained, the content of the mail referred to the recent event in which spouses from the Netherlands found a message in a bottle that was sent by the Literary section "Good morning, sea" of the primary school in Tivat. A while ago, within the activities of the literary section, the students wrote messages about peace, love and friendship, and put those wishes into decorated bottles which were deployed from the boat "Vodena kočija" at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor near the Mamula Island.

Charlotte and Pedro Elfos, who live in the Netherlands, found the message in a bottle. This message contained beautiful wishes and an e-mail address, in case someone wanted to send a reply. The couple was surprised and quickly sent an e-mail explaining that on October 19, while they were sailing through the southern Adriatic, they found one of the bottles that the students wrote and posted.

“To find your letter at that exact moment in the southern Adriatic was an unexpected and perfect gift for us. A few days before we found the message, we got married in Portugal, and we just went on a honeymoon to Croatia! Your wonderful message meant a lot to us, and it was just magical to find something in the sea like this and read such beautiful messages and wishes," the spouses from the Netherlands wrote, wishing Professor Čavor and her students a happy New Year's holiday.

06 Jan 2019, 12:07 PM

January 6, 2019 - The 50th anniversary of the Mimosa Festival will open with the pop music star of the region Zdravko Čolić on 1 February. Traditionally, a day later, there will be the Feast of Mimosa, Fish, and Wine on the Herceg Novi Riviera and the first costume ball.

During the 50 days of Mimosa Festival, Herceg Novi will host four costume balls, concerts and outdoor festivities, evening of Mediterranean songs, international carnival parades, an international meeting of wind ensembles, flower exhibition, children's and sports programs, Women Day’s program, wine evenings, beer evenings, an art program, events to present the friendly cities and states, announced the organizers. The Mimosa promotive caravan starts its journey in the region and European countries on 10 January.
Jubilee Mimosa Festival is one of the most significant events in Herceg Novi in 2019 and will be worthy of a five-decade manifestation, stressed Stevan Katić, the President of Herceg Novi Municipality. As he said, the Mimosa Festival will include numerous quality programs that will attract visitors during February and March.
"One curiosity, I do not know how familiar you are, in Herceg Novi, more precisely in Bijela, 52 years ago, 1967, Zdravko Čolić had his first public appearance. It is a great pleasure to return him to Herceg Novi and that his character and work will open the jubilee Mimosa Festival," said Deputy President of the Municipality, Danijela Đurović, announcing a concert for the opening ceremony.
Director of Herceg Fest Gordana Krcunović met the participants of the conference with the framework program, pointing out that next to Čolić, Herceg Novi will feature Saša Matić, Kaliopi, Dženan Lončarević. As she said, they've already established 80 percent of the program, and the rest organized with foreign embassies in Montenegro they will announce during the coming days.
"We will have the days of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Poland, Italy, China, Germany, Turkey, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, as well as a rich sports program featuring traditional international swimming rally, Picigin, Skalinada," Krcunovic said.
Tourism Organization Manager Pavle Obradovic said that they had formed tourist packages before the New Year program and intensive marketing activities are underway. It is especially important that the Mimosa Festival emerges from the borders of our region and the goal for the coming years is to break on the foreign markets, so that a visit to Herceg Novi will increase in February, Obradovic said.
"It is a manifestation that promotes the tourist offer of Herceg Novi and Montenegro in the best way. We tried to mark the quality of the program as a significant jubilee," said Zoran Živković, member of the Mimosa Festival Directorate. He outlined the 52nd Winter Salon at the Herceg Novi’s Gallery, the most prestigious art event in the region, featuring affirmed art creators. He announced two theatre performances that marked recent months of the region: "Bloody Weddings" and "Little Pirate," as well as a concert by the Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra and a show of a Mediterranean song.
Živkovic added that during the program completion, and at the next press conference, a final program will be published, with the dates of all events. The total cost of the organization 50. Mimoza Festival is about 250,000 Euros, and the general sponsors are Herceg Novi Municipality and the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi.

Mimosa Festival Caravan Moves from Vienna 

The Mimosa Festival announced the Mimosa Caravan this year, which will visit the cities of Western Europe, Austria, and Slovenia, after three decades. Vice President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, Miloš Konjević announced that Mimosa caravan would visit the capital city of Austria, Vienna, where the City Music, the Majorettes and the Masquerade will present the manifestation on 10 January. On the same day, the Mimosa Festival will be presented at the Tourism Fair in Vienna at the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro stand.
The caravan will be in Vrbas and Novi Sad on 11 January, and on 12 January in Zrenjanin and Belgrade. On the second turn, the Caravan will travel to Višegrad and Zlatibor on 17 January, and then visit Bijeljina and Banja Luka on 18 January. Following will be guest appearances in Slovenia, Ljubljana, Novo Mesto, and Kranj. Also, 50th Mimosa Festival Caravan will Montenegrin towns and neighboring Trebinje.
The aim of organizing Mimosa Caravan beyond the borders of our region is that Mimosa Festival got the function it had when it founded - to intrigue visitors, bring them to Herceg Novi during the winter and announce the summer season, explained the municipality manager, Dragan Šimrak. As he said, in the last ten years, Mimosa has "lost its function and now needs to get it back."
05 Jan 2019, 23:38 PM

January 5, 2019 - Prcanj is the old naval center of Boka Bay once known as a postal center of the Republic of Venice, whose sailors were responsible for the transfer of mail from Istanbul, via Boka Bay, to Venice. It was a place of considerable privilege, ultimately the status of an autonomous maritime settlement. All this has contributed to the economic development of the area, as evidenced by today's gorgeous architecture of houses, palaces, churches, and chapels that descend along the coast in the length of 4 km. Among the valuable objects of cultural heritage, stands the parish church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, one of the most beautiful and most impressive sacral objects in Montenegro. Due to the remarkable cultural landscape, and also the peace of Boka Bay, Prcanj is a favorite summer resort for guests enjoying the embrace of ages, which are traced here ever since Roman times.

boka bay glavatiGlavati Bay, photo by Antonela Stjepcevic
It was in the Middle Ages within the Kotor district. The land belongs to either the Catholic Church or the Kotor noble families. Kotor's noblemen in Prcanj raise their summer houses, and farmers from Prcanj or the surrounding villages worked on their properties. The settlement here, as in other parts of Boka, is not located directly along the coast, but at a distance of 100 to 200 meters. In Prcanj, this was a besieged hive, made up of small groupings of houses, which were pedestrian roads connected with the property on the coast. Today, you can discover these old roads as hiking paths in the company of local mountain hikers from Kotor's Vjeverica Club. Or by yourself, with the help of a map that is available at info points of the Tourist Organization of Kotor. On the same paths, the people of Prcanj went to the shore in the Middle Ages, where there were few groups of houses related to navigation and trade at the time, such as gates, small shipyards, and "mandraći." Although they do not enjoy the deserved protection, some of these "mandraći," built with dry stone without binder, resist the teeth of time to this day.
The transfer of the population from the upper settlements to the shore ran gradually. In the middle of the 16th century, due to the development of maritime affairs, economic power is strengthened, and the inhabitants of Prcanj come to the possibility of buying from the noble Kotor's families the properties they used for centuries. 
hiking path 2photo by Aleksandra Kapetanovic,
While under the rule of the Venetian Republic, Prcanj gained fame in a rather unusual way. By the end of the sixteenth century, the administration noticed that sailors from here were able to sail to Venice in less time than the government ships. As a result, it was then decided to give Prcanj the responsibility for the permanent postal service of the Republic. Prcanj's status ensured a decree of 1625 that praises the inhabitants of the port for their conscientious and capable handling of the state mail. The order was of tremendous significance for the town, making Prcanj officially a naval town. The economic rise of the site also contributed to the families of merchants, shipowners, and seafarers. After gradually buying property along the coast, they built representative palaces and houses, which at the beginning of the 19th century were over 140.
The town's privileges grew, and, in 1704, Prcanj got its municipal district in Albania Veneta, what was followed by the state's freeing the city of many tariffs. The lifting of tariffs provided an impetus for economic growth which further developed the town's naval character. Maritime trade flourished, and its ships grew in size and number so that by the end of the 18th century the port was hailed as home to over 30 tall-ships. The most common trade goods were Montenegrin and Greek cheese, candles, salted sardines, and Dalmatian and Greek olive oil. The most frequent ports of call for the town's sailors were in the East Mediterranean or the Levant, together with Ancona, Apulia, Venice and Trieste.
prčanj zoran nikolic 3photo by Zoran Nikolić
During the Napoleon rule of the Boka Bay, Prcanj lost its significance in maritime affairs. After the Congress of Vienna, Boka became part of a province called the Kingdom of Dalmatia, what initiated a revival of the Pecan's maritime economy which lasted until the end of the 19th century.
With the arrival of Austria, the inhabitants abandoned the upper village, and in the lower zone, the construction activity diminished. Nevertheless, in this period begins the construction of the Nativity of the Vigrin Mary Temple, the most significant architectural work in Prcanj and one of the most important religious buildings in Montenegro.
On the cultivable areas of Prcanj, inhabitants mainly cultivated olives, grape vines, and figs. In the 18th century, Prcanj exported large quantities of dry figs to Venice. In the middle of 19th-century boats are driven by olive oil for Trieste and Venice.
It is interesting to note that in the Middle Ages there has been a silk industry, thanks to which Boka Bay had a significant place on the Silk Road. This fact still connects Kotor with numerous centers on the way to the Far East with which they share a common history.

Prcanj of Today

Prcanj's waterfront consists of a long line of stone villas, united by their beautiful facades and separated by gardens and olive orchards. This small village is one of the most significant points in recognizing the area of Kotor as the unique and valuable cultural landscapes in the world. The location Glavati in Prcanj is one of the positions of the Boka Bay UNESCO Committee is most concerned about when criticizing the way Montenegro is treating the area of Kotor, destroying the harmony of the natural and cultural heritage of humankind by uncontrolled and oversized construction. The area of Glavati is essential because it remains one of the only preserved green passages once dividing the stone towns along the Bokelian coast. Famous Bernard Shaw, when visited Kotor in the 1960s, noticed that this amazing landscape, to prevent its value and uniqueness, should never become a Riviera. Fifty years later, it pretty much became a Riviera. Glavati in Prcanj is one of the last locations that confesses once breathtaking harmony of natural and anthropogenic elements in the space.
prcanj temple boka newsphoto by Miroslav Marusic, Boka News
The most impressive feat of architecture in Prcanj is the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, which represents the synthesis of the religious, cultural and economic history of the place. Venetian architect Bernardino Maccaruzzi designed the church project in 1789 when it was built the supportive wall in classical style. The church facade is baroque with Corinthian and Doric columns and displays a collection of paintings and sculptures worthy of its size, including works by Piazzetta, Tiepolo, Balestra, Meštrović and numerous other artists.
The book of the building of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary Temple, dedicated only in 1913, has been the masterpiece of the maritime and trade of Prcanj since the beginning of the construction of 1789 until the church's dedication. Prcanj's inhabitants financed the development of the church, and their contribution had to be proportional to their profit, so that book consists of detailed records of jobs of all residents of the site.
From the older, upper settlement in Prcanj, today is preserved the old parish church from 1672, in a dominant position, as a symbol of the ancient settlement. In the upper zone, only one group of houses has been preserved, showing how the dispersed village used to look. On the old road to the Muo settlement are the churches of St. Peter and St. Paul. The Church of Saint Anne is in the Glavati bay.
In addition to the Virgin Mary Temple, the palace of Tre Sorele, a protected monument of culture, is linked to the shore, as to the legend of three sisters and unhappy love whose return all three waited to come back from the far seas.
05 Jan 2019, 14:49 PM

05 January 2019 - The book "Illustrated Lexicon of Herceg Novi", whose promotion was held in Igalo a week ago, represents a unique presentation of the symbols of the city under the Mount Orjen.

According to the words of the author, Vladimir Roganović, the Illustrated Lexicon of Herceg Novi was created to remind its readers of all the reasons that exist to love the city of Herceg Novi. Roganović explained that through the stories within the book, the readers could unravel many secrets that exist within the city. The selection and creation of 75 stories are the results of a long journey of discovering the bare soul of the city of Herceg Novi. The publisher of the book is the Tourist Organisation of Herceg Novi.

Illustrated Lexicon of Herceg Novi 2

The creation of the Illustrated Lexicon is the result of the uniqueness of the city. “It’s thanks to Herceg Novi and its peculiarity that I was able to make such a book, so the city can thank no one but itself,” the author explained. He highlighted that he only explored the pages that the city itself was writing for years, and interpreted and composed it all within one Lexicon.

“The book represents a collection of stories. I was motivated by the strong desire that local readers, and the ones who come from all over the world, see and feel the beauty of our city. We all know that Herceg Novi, Bay of Kotor and Montenegro are not regions, nor people that one can meet elsewhere. These are not common places, so the journey within the Lexicon had to be unusual as well,” explains Roganović.

The Lexicon contains a glossary of lesser-known words and expressions, name registry as well as a register of geographical names and city toponyms. Photographs within the Lexicon are works by several authors, including Jefto Bjelica and the famous Dragan Bosnić. According to the author, the book also contains scientific facts, artistic truths, and fiction, lyricism and prose.

The words and photographs in the lexicon are sorted by alphabet so that they form a structure, created to represent a form of a picture book.

05 Jan 2019, 06:02 AM

04 January 2019 - The organizers of Herceg Novi Comics Festival announced the first guests of this year's edition of the festival. The arrival has already been confirmed by two famous Italian comics authors Andrea Di Vito and Mario Alberti.

World superstar, Italian comics artist Andrea Di Vito, was the first confirmed guest for the 13th edition of the Herceg Novi Comics Festival, which will be held from September 6th to September 11th. Full nine months before the start of the festival, a confirmation has also arrived by another Italian artist - Mario Alberti, who was supposed to be part of last year's Herceg Novi Comics Festival, but due to illness, he had to cancel his arrival in Herceg Novi.

Andrea Di Vito began his work in short stories in the Italian magazine "Interpido", to sail into the Marvel world as a CrossGen's artist, and immediately afterward as an official drawing and fill-in artist "The First and Scion" comic. Later, he followed the conquest of almost all of the most important titles in Marvel's edition, beginning with the series "Young Avengers".

Some of the most famous titles of the greatest publishing house Marvel Comics, such as Annihilation (Annihilation #1-6, as well as Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus # 2), Black Panther #33, Captain America and the Falcon # 8, Civil War: House of M # 1-5, Dungeons and Dragons, Thor # 80-85 and World War Hulk: X-Men #1-3 are only part of the opus that was done entirely by Andrea Di Vito.

The Italian legend of comics art creativity, Mario Alberti, is currently engaged in the latest editions of Tex and Nathan.

Alberti works for the largest American, French and Italian publishers, drawing comics such as The Cutting Edge, Les Chroniques de Legion, special projects for Tex Willer, and a number of cover pages for Aquaman, Wonderwoman, Dr Fate, as well as the X-Men, Spiderman,  and Fantastic Four. With one of the greatest Italian cartoonist stars, Luke Enoch, in 2000, he created the Morgan series for the French market, which became a worldwide hit, in which Mario Alberti is a standalone artist. His significance and greatness in creativity in the world of ninth art is confirmed by the fact that he had the special honor that his five pages art participated in the drawing of the Jubilee 600th number of The Amazing Spiderman comics, and to be the standalone author of the 601st episode.

Announcing such guests nine months before this year's edition, Herceg Novi Comics Festival continues its mission of creating one of the region's most significant manifestations dedicated to comics that have already positioned Herceg Novi and Montenegro very high in the European sky of ninth art.

05 Jan 2019, 00:23 AM

04 January 2019 - The five pillars on the Moračica bridge, which is also the most demanding structure of the first section of the highway from Smokovac to Mateševo, will be connected by the beginning of summer 2019. More than 130 workers constructed the bridge, and there are many difficulties within the construction process, such as the height and the weather conditions.

Despite the strong wind that is characteristic of Bioče area, 130 workers do construction works on one of the highest bridges within the region, each day at the height of 160 meters.

About 30,000 cubic meters of concrete will be used for the Moračica's span construction, while 5,000 tons of reinforcement will be installed within the construction.

"The spanning structure is built from all pillars, and it is connected in the middle. About one segment of three and a half meters is built for about ten days, which means that we are looking forward to the beginning of the summer when the span construction will be complete, “chief Section 1 engineer Duško Rondović said to the National News Agency TVCG.

After that, asphalting and construction of the reflecting fence and installations on the bridge will begin. During the asphalting process, travelers will be able to get from Moračica to Podgorica through the Mrka tunnel and the Mrka bridge.

"The left bridge is practically complete; the span construction is connected. It remains to build four segments on the right side of the bridge. We expect this to be complete sometime in the spring. In front of this bridge there is the Mrka tunnel where we have just finished the secondary coating, "said Rondović.

In addition to the tunnel Mrka, in the so-called first section of the highway, there will be two more tunnels - Suka and Verešnik, and a total of 300 workers are engaged in the construction works.

Source: CDM

04 Jan 2019, 23:31 PM

04 January 2019 - Montenegro’s rich cultural offer includes a great number of festivals, from small gatherings to regional events which attract numerous tourists from all over Europe. Festivals in Montenegro often gather an impressive amount of international artists who offer an incredible experience and thus contribute to the development of tourism within the country. Many events explore exciting aspects of life and are closely related to a specific region in Montenegro.

The citizens of Montenegro especially enjoy music festivals, which bring together top music artists who strive to enrich the cultural scene within the country, and with the power of will and with a lot of effort, they succeed in making significant and memorable events.

Music Festivals in Montenegro 2018 Sea Dance

  1. Sea Dance Festival

Sea Dance Festival is a fantastic music festival held at Buljarica beach in Montenegro. It has been held at Jaz beach in Budva since July 2014 until 2017, as a part of the EXIT Adventure, an extension of EXIT Festival. Just after its first edition, Sea Dance festival was officially proclaimed as the “Best Medium-Sized European festival” at the European Festivals Awards, held in Groningen in January 2015. The key stages of the festival include the Main stage with its 30,000-attendee capacity, No Sleep Stage, Reggae Stage, Silent Dance, Latino Stage, Cinema, and CHILL Zone. Dance Paradise Stage was replaced with the No Sleep Stage in 2017. In 2018, Sea Dance Festival took place 30 August–1 September. It was the first time the location of the festival has been changed, moving from Jaz beach to Buljarica in Budva. The headlining acts for Sea Dance 2018 included Chic, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Paul Kalkbrenner, Nina Kraviz, Alice Merton, as well as Bajaga i Instruktori, Bassivity Showcase (Sara Jo etc.), Burak Yeter, Filatov & Karas, Hladno Pivo, Lost Frequencies, Rambo Amadeus, Van Gogh and many more. The overall attendance was 47,000 people in three days.

Music Festivals in Montenegro 2018 Lake fest

  1. Lake Fest

Eight years of Lake Fest have shown that Nikšić has a large number of people who want such a primarily musical but also a multicultural festival to be organised within the city. This is another reason for Lake Fest to become a tradition and a segment of interesting event program which Montenegro brings to its citizens but also all the visitors from the region and other parts of Europe. The tradition of rock and roll as well as other related music styles are extensive in Nikšić and provides an additional reason for the domestic audience to know how to recognise a quality manifestation. Lake Festi is organised near Lake Krupac, which adds to the overall atmosphere within the event. The 2018 Lake Fest lasted four days, from 9th–12th August 2018. The leading artists included Rudolf, Barbara Munjas, Orthodox Celts, Perper, Zoster, Ritam Nereda, Iskaz, Atomsko Sklonište, Van Gogh, Goblini, Chiapas – Rage Against The Machine Tribute, Punkreas, Bubnjivi, Helem Nejse, Vlatko Stefanovski Trio, Dst, Marčelo And The Prodigy Tribute.

Music Festivals in Montenegro 2018 Bedem fest 1

  1. Bedem Fest

Bedem fest is a traditional musical event that takes place at the Nikšić fortress Bedem, after which the festival was named. The festival was created with the enthusiasm and energy of Petar Šundić, who began with the mission of gathering Nikšić’s musicians of different generations with the main idea to create a tribute to the band EKV. The phenomenon worthy of attention and respect is the fact that at Bedem fest most bands and musicians perform without fee and thus contribute to the affirmation of the festival. Thanks to the resulting synergy, the Bedem fest is authentic and special. This year's edition of the festival was marked by Masimo Savić, Beogradski Sindikat, Zorica Kondža, Kaliopi, Melau bend, Obojeni program, Sowas, Električni orgazam, and many others.

Music Festivals in Montenegro 2018 Sea rock fest

  1. Sea Rock Festival

Sea Rock Festival was first organized by a small group of enthusiastic young people from Bay of Kotor region with no significant financial support. Sea Rock is a unique opportunity for the people of Montenegro and neighboring countries to enjoy live performances of some of the most important alternative rock bands from all over the world on the open-air stage surrounded by stone walls of the amazing ancient town of Kotor. Every technical detail of the festival is carefully planned and thought of, and it is a unique and enjoyable experience being on or off stage for everyone, artists, and visitors. In 2018, the SeaRock Festival was held for the eighth time, and performers at this year's edition were American Sun Kil Moon, Strand Of Oaks, American Howe Gelb, Billie Joan, Tourists, Baobab and On Tour.

Music Festivals in Montenegro 2018 music groove

  1. City Groove Festival

City Groove Festival is held at the Small Sports Stadium in Podgorica. This year the fourth edition of the festival managed to attract more festival tourists due to the great music stars that performed on City Grove. The festival has defined its format as an international manifestation that the Capital records on the map of world music attractions. In 2017, City Groove Festival was declared the best event within the Capital at the manifestation "The Best in Tourism and Catering" organized by Tourist Organisation of Podgorica. The list of artists that performed in 2018 includes Dario Nunez, The Cube Guys, Josipa Lisac, Vatra and Simple Minds.

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