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15 July 2019 - Montenegro - one of Europe’s “secret places” that manages to charm tourists from all over the world keeps popping up on all lists of countries you must visit for a perfect vacation. Journalist Nick Rostron-Pike from The Sun has fallen in love with Montenegro, and in a recently published article, he described his memories of the perfect luxurious and action-packed family holiday!

Meandering through the scenery, it is easy to understand how the name Montenegro — meaning black mountains — was born. Some 85 per cent of the country consists of this rocky terrain — and some of the vistas can only be described as breath-taking.

Montenegro Offers Everything for a Luxurious and Action Packed Family Holiday 4

The same adjective, though, could be used for some of the overtaking manoeuvres you will witness on the roads. A ninety minutes’ drive from the airport lies the seaside town of Ulcinj — in a former pirate cove with a beautiful, long sandy beach. Our first choice for an all-inclusive 4H Holiday Village, because everything is laid on just perfect for family breaks.

Pulling up to the reception we were greeted by what seemed like the closing party at Ibiza club night Manumission. Entertainment trio The Widgets (Gizmo, Whatsit and Doobley) started our break on just the right note by whisking the children off to dance and play while the adults enjoyed a well-earned drink.

The break was some valuable bonding time for my young daughter and me. However, our deluxe two-bedroom family room could have accommodated a family of four — with its double bed and an adjoining area with two single beds.

The bathroom would also be big enough for four, and everyone’s various beauty routines, plus there was a spacious balcony — the perfect place to enjoy a cold beer and the late evening sun while the little one snored. Some of the resort’s rooms even have swim-up balconies, which looked brilliant for those with kids who like to start the day with a morning dip.

In fact, children’s activities are a major selling point of the hotel, with all sorts of fun and games tailored to different ages and abilities. Whether its high ropes, games in the pool or archery that take your fancy, they’ve got you covered. The resort even has its own alien-themed Escape Room. Rumours that I’d left my own little monster in there while I visited the Irish bar are obviously wide of the mark, though.

One of the best things for children was the football and swimming academies where, for a small extra charge, your young ones can enjoy expert tuition. FA or Uefa-qualified coaches run the footie sessions, for those aged five to 16. But the winner for us was the swimming, run by ASA-qualified Amy and Chloe. The pair was brilliant at working with all abilities — and my girl made fantastic progress.

Montenegro Offers Everything for a Luxurious and Action Packed Family Holiday 2

While we enjoyed the learning pool, there are also four more pools — catering to everyone. You can relax on a Bali bed in tranquillity or, as I did, try to get the better of your child in Total Wipeout-style challenges in the main pool. If you tire of the pools, then there is also the 16km-long sandy beach just moments away.

When it comes to food, Montenegro has you covered. With four different restaurants to pick from at the resort, your options are not limited. There is a huge array of grub on offer at the Swallow buffet- restaurant — stretching from trusty beans on toast, through to fresh fish and Montenegrin bureks (Turkish-inspired filo pastry with cheese or meat). And that was just breakfast. Lowered counter-tops, and child-friendly tables and chairs, were nice touches for the little ones — and even my fussy eater was impressed with the delicious fare on offer.

If you fancy a more scenic spot for lunch, head down to the beach bar, which rustles up sandwiches and salads while you enjoy the sea view. The pick for us, though, was the Grill restaurant which, unsurprisingly, serves Croatian konoba-style grilled meat and vegetables. Baby courgettes and peppers were the perfect accompaniment to seared steaks and cevapi (kofte-style sausages made of pork and beef mince).

Montenegro Offers Everything for a Luxurious and Action Packed Family Holiday 3

After all that eating and drinking, it would be easy to relax into the evening and head off to bed.

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14 July 2019 - The manifestation Jazz Under the Full Moon became a tradition in Gornja Lastva, where for several years visitors enjoy the beauty of this music genre in the magical landscape of Vrmac.

This year's concert will be held on Tuesday, July 16th at 10 pm, when Šule Jovović Jazz Band and Vladimir Krnetić will perform. Krnetić plays trumpet in the RTS Big Band. The event organizer is Cultural Homeland Association Napredak Gornja Lastva, and entrance to the concert is free.

A free bus transportation service from Tivat to Gornja Lastva is prepared by the organisers, and the bus departs at 09.30 pm from the bus station located at the centre of Tivat.

Jazz in the Night of the Full Moon in Gornja Lastva Tivat on June 16 2

“Come and enjoy the beauty of music in a magic landscape of Vrmac,” says the invitation by the organisers. The sponsor of the concert is Porto Montenegro.

Gornja Lastva is a small place with a Mediterranean charm, located in the Bay of Kotor on the Vrmac hill that separates the Tivat and Kotor parts of the bay. It is located 300 meters above sea level and is 3 kilometres away from the Adriatic main road. Gornja Lastva spreads over the sunny slope of Vrmac hill overlooking the Tivat bay and further, via the Luštica peninsula, the open sea.

The concert Jazz Under the Full Moon was held for the first time in 2014 as part of the Days of Landscape, a campaign within the project Heritage – Development Trigger in which Cultural Homeland Association Napredak Gornja Lastva was one of the partners. The Days of Landscape are a series of cultural and educational events that aim to promote the cultural landscapes, especially the landscape of the Vrmac hill, giving it the role of a stage in nature, and drawing attention to its natural, architectural, ecological and aesthetic values and the importance of their preservation.

Find more information about the manifestation at the Facebook page of the event.

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11 July 2019 - When we think of a summer holiday in Budva, we usually think of the nightlife and loud music, fast food and beach bars. Still, Budva is much more than that, and here are 11 things you do not want to miss when travelling through Budva that prove that you can spend a nice and quality time in this gorgeous coastal city without aggressive music and too much crowd.

Aside from what everyone knows about Budva - the main promenade surrounded by beach bars and cafes, Budva offers an entirely different approach to a holiday. This article by Dragana Pribilović addresses the things that you need to see when you come to Budva, none of which is related to the turbulent nightlife, crowd and loud music.

Holiday in Montenegro 11 Things You do Not Want to Miss in Budva 2

  1. The Great Olive

In the hot summer months, the nice shade in Budva can be found in the settlement Ivanovići, right under an olive tree around 2000 years old. This olive tree, with the olive tree in Bar, is considered one of the oldest olive trees on the Adriatic. Its scope in the “root neck” is 12,5 meters, the trunk has a diameter of 4 meters and the tree is 10 meters high. The olive is of the local variety, and in the year of full-bloom, it can give about 250 kilograms of fruits, or about 40 liters of oil.

Holiday in Montenegro 11 Things You do Not Want to Miss in Budva 1 22

  1. Krapina

For lovers of fresh water, or for those who want change or cooling in a natural pool, the ideal solution is the natural pool in Krapina, a village in a hilly landscape near Budva. This natural beauty and holiday paradise are at 185 meters above sea level and guarantees about five degrees lower temperature than the one in Budva. The locals also call this village Potoci (English: The streams), because of the Veliki potok (English: Great stream) which flows through Krapina and forms a natural pool, ideal for cooling at great summer temperatures. Lush vegetation gives the water a restful green color, making this landscape even more picturesque, so this is the place for fans of the nature of paradise and for lovers of photography, because the unusual natural frames of this area are ideal for photo lenses.

Holiday in Montenegro 11 Things You do Not Want to Miss in Budva 1 3

  1. Čelobrdo

This viewpoint is located above the Praskvica Monastery and there is a monument to fallen heroes on it, as well as a fountain with spring water. Čelobrdo is a village located on Paštrovska Gora above Miločer and Sveti Stefan. On the plateau where the viewpoint is found, probably the most beautiful view of the Budva Riviera, a monument was erected for the fighters killed in World War II.

Holiday in Montenegro 11 Things You do Not Want to Miss in Budva 4

  1. St. Sava Church in Đenaši

The Church of St. Sava and the viewpoint in Đenaši are located above Sveti Stefan island. From this place, there is a breathtaking view of Budva's coast, Sveti Stefan, Miločer, Reževići and Budva. This viewpoint is a favorite among the just married couples, who regularly choose this place for their wedding photographs, with Sveti Stefan in the back.

Holiday in Montenegro 11 Things You do Not Want to Miss in Budva 5

  1. Monastery Podmaine

On a mild elevation above the Budva field, about two kilometers from the Old Town, there is a monastery Podostrog, with two temples, one of which is dedicated to the Ascension, and the second to the Presentation of the Holy Mother of God to The Temple. It was named after the Ostrog hill under which it was built, although it is often mentioned in the literature under the name Podmaine, which was the name of the monastery located somewhat lower, with the church of St. Petka.

Holiday in Montenegro 11 Things You do Not Want to Miss in Budva 6

  1. Citadel

The Citadel leaning on the southern ridge dominates the Old Town of Budva and with its beauty and specialty, it attracts a great number of tourists from all over the world. Citadel was once known as Kaštel Svete Marije, shorter only Kaštel or by its Italian name Castello di Santa Maria.

Holiday in Montenegro 11 Things You do Not Want to Miss in Budva 7

  1. Fortress Mogren

The fort was built in 1860. It was built by the Austro-Hungarians to protect the city from the west. It is badly damaged and never restored. It offers a beautiful view of the city and the island of St. Nicholas. Today Mogren Fortress is one of the inevitable tourist attractions in Budva.

Holiday in Montenegro 11 Things You do Not Want to Miss in Budva 8

  1. St. Nicholas Island

St. Nicholas Island or Island Školj (Italian: scoglio - rock), as locals call it, is the largest Montenegrin island on the Adriatic. The island covers 47 hectares and is almost 2 km long, and the Old Town in Budva is a whole mile away. It was named after the church of the same name, which is dedicated to St. Nicholas, patron of sailors.

Holiday in Montenegro 11 Things You do Not Want to Miss in Budva 9

  1. Zlopi

Every summer night, lovers of the old good Mediterranean sound can enjoy the gigs of Nebojša Zloporubović known as Zlopi, who has been playing in the restaurant Pjaca in Budva for over twenty years.

Holiday in Montenegro 11 Things You do Not Want to Miss in Budva 10

  1. Museum of Budva

Museum of Budva - In the Old Town, located in the building from the beginning of the 19th century, has permanent settings of archaeological and ethnographic collection, and on the ground floor of the museum is a lapidarium with valuable examples of stone plastic. The archaeological collection consists of objects found during archaeological excavations in Budva (Hellenistic gold, various vases, jewelry, ornaments, tools, cutlery, glassware, clay, silverware ...) that originate from the 5th century BC until the Middle Ages, unifying the culture of the Illyrians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines and the Slavs in this area.

Holiday in Montenegro 11 Things You do Not Want to Miss in Budva 1 11

  1. City Theatre Festival

The City Theatre Festival is a cultural manifestation that takes place during the summer months in Budva under the auspices of the Municipality of Budva and is definitely something worth the attention, with an excellent program and something that should not be missed when the cultural content is in question.

Conceived as a cross-section of contemporary achievements of primarily theatrical, and then artistic, musical and literary creativity, the City Theatre Festival with the quality of the program confirms its renown not only as a host to numerous troops and creators, but also with the quality of production activity that examines the authentic cultural heritage of Budva and Montenegro.

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11 July 2019 - A merger of one segment of the spanning construction of the Moračica bridge on the Bar - Boljare motorway has been completed, while the complete bridge merging is expected by September this year, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Transport of Montenegro announced. It is expected that the new deadline for the completion of works, September 2020, will be respected.

Minister of Transport and Marine Affairs, Osman Nurković, with associates and representatives of the company CRBC (China Road and Bridge Corporation), visited the entire priority section of the Bar-Boljare motorway.

First Segment of Moračica Bridge Merged Completion of Motorway Expected September 2020 2

With satisfaction with the volume of works done on bridges, tunnels and open roads, Nurković once again expressed the expectation that the new deadline for the completion of works, in September 2020, will be respected.

"It is necessary to understand all participants and to help the contractor in order to come to the end of this extremely complex project. Moračica bridge is not the only section that is complex for construction, but I would say that, for example, the Veruša loop, with viaducts and access roads and bridges in length of almost a kilometre, is definitely a complex segment as well, so we have to keep that in mind," said Nurković.

First Segment of Moračica Bridge Merged Completion of Motorway Expected September 2020 1

So far, about 96 per cent of works have been completed on the construction of bridges, that is, in terms of pillars and foundations, while about 54 per cent of works have been completed on the span construction. The span construction is fully completed on three bridges: Gornje Mrke, Suvorovara and Preslo, while one track of the motorway has been finalised alongside while five bridges: Mištica, Uvač 1, Uvač 3, Pajkov Vir and Jabuka. The degree of completion of works on the span construction on the Moračica bridge is 80%. The merger of one segment of the span construction is completed, while the complete bridge joining is expected by September of this year.

From a total of 16 tunnels, 15 have been excavated. The construction of the upper part of the secondary coating of the tunnels is 94,7 per cent complete.

First Segment of Moračica Bridge Merged Completion of Motorway Expected September 2020 5

The tour of the route identified several problems with which the contractor faces the field. It was agreed that the problems are solved with the involvement of all stakeholders - the State Audit Commission, the Monteput Project Management Unit, the supervision unit and the engineers of CRBC.

The Minister reminded that in addition to the motorway route, in the previous period, a total of 65 kilometres of access roads have been built, which is also one of the benefits of the construction of the motorway.

All these works had a certain impact on nature, which is why Nurković calls for understanding for possible impacts, but also reminds that the contractor must try to protect the environment to the extent possible. "After the completion of the project, everything has to be rehabilitated, because it is not our goal to build one good, but destroy nature, as another good," concluded Nurković.

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10 July 2019 - On Saturday, July 13th, on the Pine promenade in Tivat, the locals and tourists will be entertained by the famous band Van Gogh, while the local band Ansamb Toć will take care of the overture of the event.

The summer calendar of events in Tivat will surely be a good guide in choosing a holiday date for many guests from the region, and the new concept #tivtovanje gives enough reason for having a great time exactly on the Tivat Riviera! The new word (and concept) #tivtovanje explains with one notion all the experiences that can one can come in contact with in Tivat. The concert of Van Gogh band is a segment of the rich program that Tivat’s Tourist Organization has prepared for locals and tourists in 2019!

“Do not miss the unforgettable party on July 13th in Tivat. The entrance is free. Welcome,” said the official invitation of the Tourist Organization of Tivat Municipality.

Van Gogh is a Serbian and former Yugoslav rock band from Belgrade. In the 2000s the band became one of the top acts of the Serbian rock scene. Since the beginning of the band's career, vocalist and guitarist Zvonimir Đukić and drummer Srboljub Radivojević have been the mainstay members of the band. Van Gogh won the Best Adriatic Act Award at MTV Europe Music Awards 2007, the Best Band and Best Concert Award at Serbian Oscar Of Popularity 2009, Video Play MTV Platinum Award in 2013, Best Adriatic Act at MTV Europe Music Awards 2014 and the Album of the year award at The Naxi Star Awards in 2019. The band’s members are promising a good time, so be sure not to miss this manifestation in Tivat!

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10 July 2019 - The Tivat station for charging new generation vehicles - electric cars will be officially put into operation on Thursday, July 11 at 11 am at the parking lot in Arsenal Street. Charging will be free at first, reports RTCG.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station owned by Limited Liability Company Parking Servis Tivat is available for the use of the public and installed by Croatian Telecom in cooperation with Montenegrin Telecom.

"Through the mobile application Plugsurfing (and soon with other mobile applications), all users of electric vehicles in Europe are aware that they can fill their vehicle at a public parking lot in Tivat," the statement from the Parking Servis Tivat said.

Plugsurfing Application enables access to Europe’s largest and most up-to-date network of electric vehicle charging stations. The application’s owners and creators have been giving electric vehicle drivers access to Europe’s largest charging network since 2012. Their simple charging process supports existing EV drivers and helps many more smoothly transition to electric driving. Now, Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Tivat can be found on the maps for all the users of Plugsurfing Application, which sends the signal to electric vehicle owners that their commute, weekend getaway or road trip across Montenegro is simple and worry-free.

All types of electric vehicles, regardless of model, can charge batteries at this station. Parking Servic Tivat LLC invested more than seven thousand euros in the preparation of the terrain, procurement of the equipment and its installation.

Electric vehicles, due to the fact that they are environmentally friendly, have been recognized in the world as cars of the future, and in Montenegro, there were 74 vehicles of this type registered in 2018, said the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for CdM. The necessary infrastructure and public charging stations are gradually being created, and the introduction of a new station is a huge step towards increasing environmental awareness in Montenegro.

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09 July 2019 - For a better presentation and availability of data on the quality of seawater in Montenegro to citizens and tourists, the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro has developed a software application system for processing and presentation of data, which can be accessed via the Internet.

The application is located on the website and is available in Montenegrin and English. Also, the application was made according to the latest standards and is adapted for displaying data on all models of computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, it was announced from the Coastal Zone Management Enterprise.

The program of the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro for 2019 foresees the monitoring of the quality of seawater at a total of 100 locations along the Montenegrin coast, namely: 16 in the municipality of Ulcinj, 13 in the municipality of Bar, 26 in Budva, 9 in Tivat, 15 in Kotor and 21 in the territory of the municipality of Herceg Novi. It is anticipated that the analyses will be carried out at fifteen-day intervals in the period from May to October.

Since 1996, the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro has been implementing annual programs for monitoring the sanitary quality of seawater at public beaches during the summer season in accordance with the provisions of the Water Act. Since 2010, this Program has been implemented by the Decree on classification and categorization of waters, as well as following other national and international regulations in the field of environmental protection.

In order to monitor the sanitary safety of seawater in public swimming areas and its overall quality, and in accordance with national and international regulations, the following parameters are examined: basic microbiological parameters - Escherichia coli, intestinal enterococci, as well as additional chemical parameters: air temperature, water temperature (when taking a sample), salinity, pH value, the colour saturation with oxygen (% O2), ammonia (mg / l), floating waste materials (descriptive) and colour and transparency (descriptive).

According to the results of the analysis, the Public Enterprise regularly informs the municipal communal and republican water management inspectors, as well as the public. If the result of the sample exceeds the allowed limits (outside the category), sampling is performed to determine whether it is a transient change or contamination.

The results of testing the sanitary quality of seawater, as well as the data on sea temperature, air temperature and salinity for each individual bathing site, can be found on the special application on the website .

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06 July 2019 - Summer in the mountains is slowly but steadily becoming equally important for tourist workers of ski resorts as the winter season. There are extensive mountain activities you can do in Montenegro – mountaineering and canyoning, as well as many other mountain activities that many foreign, and even local guests, opt for, reported CdM.

The summer season in Žabljak records growth in foreign arrivals (tourists from France, Belgium, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic), while there is a high seat occupancy in hotels (80%) and private accommodation as well (50-60%). The biggest problem in Žabljak this year is the lack of a quality workforce in the hospitality industry.

“Tourists are traditionally mostly interested in the mountaineering, walking, rafting, ziplining via ferrata, paragliding and horseback riding. There is an increase in the number of bikers and cyclists, whereas the panorama route "Durmitorski prsten" exists for a long time but this year, we can officially call it ‘the Panorama Route," Vanja Krgović Šarović of the Žabljak Tourism Organization said.

According to her, tourist arrivals in May were slightly lower due to heavy rainfall, but April was significantly better.

Director of the Local Tourism Organization in Berane, Ivan Radević, said that so far, they have been satisfied with tourist arrivals and all the accommodation capacities in this town are almost occupied.

“Currently, most of our tourists come from Israel and they are usually interested in visiting Bjelasica. There are more and more rural tourist households and foreigners are impressed to find them. We are still waiting for some French and German tourists,” Radević said

The Local Tourism Organization of Berane and the Municipality of Berane invested 40.000 EUR in the cultural manifestations that are supposed to be organized in this town, but they are not satisfied with the amount provided by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro.

As for the situation in the Municipality of Mojkovac, Director of the Mojovac Tourism Organization, Petar Vučinić, said that whoever comes to Mojkovac will not repent.

"We have to offer a lot for young people and the elderly as well, for high net-worth individuals and modest tourists,” said Vučinić.

Bjelasica, mostly attractive during winter, has a lot to offer during summer. The road towards Berane, which is being built over this mountain, has ensured better availability of the mountain lakes, such as Pesic and Ursulovac Lake, the source of the Biogradska River, as well as the pedestrian and cycling routes and the Eco summer pasture on Vranje, whose organizer is a well-known tourist worker, Darko Bulatovic. To stay and relax in Kolašin means experiencing nature at its best.

As for the Municipality of Rožaje, even though well-known for its winter tourism, thanks to the activities of the local tourism organization and many other mountain sports associations, there are numerous tourist events organized over summer.

According to the Director of the Local Tourism Organization, Nedžad Murić, a large number of events is going to be organized in Rožaje thanks to the manifestation "Days of Diaspora", which will start in July and end in August.

Murić added that the tourism offer of Rožaje was recently enriched by an extremely important facility – the ethno-village "Jela" – the first object of that kind in Rožaje.

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07 July 2019 - From season to season, Herceg Novi and the Bay of Kotor attract more and more tourists who want to explore Montenegro's underwater world. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in diving courses offered by Diving Club Adriatic Blue on Škver.

The Diving Club Adriatic Blue was founded 15 years ago and ever since, its members have been actively organizing diving training and diving tours. Two instructors and three dive masters are the main members of the club. “Diving classes are attended by children from 8 to 14 years old, while the diving school is accessible to individuals older than 14 years, which is the precondition for getting the certificate issued by the Diving Association of Montenegro,” said the director of the club Danijel Đorđević for Radio Jadran.

Training for divers who want the CMAS certificate of the first, second or third category, lasts for an average of 6 days. The theoretical part is processed daily, followed by practical training under water.

Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS) is an international federation that represents underwater activities in underwater sport and marine sciences, and oversees an international system of recreational snorkel and scuba diver training and recognition. It is also known by its English name, the World Underwater Federation. The CMAS has developed a CMAS International Diver Training Certification System that consists of Diver, Speciality Diver, Technical Diver and Leadership Diver Training Standards and which allows divers that have been trained in accordance with the prescribed CMAS International Diver Training Standards to have their certifications recognised throughout the world in countries that are members of the CMAS family of divers.

The underwater area of Bay of Kotor is extremely attractive, due to nature and configuration itself, but also due to the wreckage of ships and planes that have been found at the bottom of the sea throughout the years.

“At the area from Cape Dobreč, through the island Mamula to Blue Cave (Montenegrin: Plava špilja), we have a very attractive terrain, riffs that extend up to 40 meters deep and several caves, such as Blue Cave, Zlatne vale, Jakubića cave, that are harmless even for beginner divers. In terms of shipwrecks, the most attractive ship is Patrolac at Žanjice, because it is accessible for all CMAS categories. It is the most visited wreck on the entire Montenegrin coast,” says Đorđević.

He also highlighted that better cooperation between diving clubs and the Municipality of Herceg Novi and the Tourist Organization of this city is of great importance in order to more actively promote diving tourism before, during and after the tourist season. “If we had more support, Herceg Novi would become a great diving destination, because all foreigners that come and go on our diving tour are delighted with the visibility, the warmth of the water and the diversity of locations on a relatively small area, at a short distance from the city,” Đorđević concluded.

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06 July 2019 - One of the most famous world travel guides, Lonely Planet, has published another interesting article about Montenegro, in which it advises on how best to meet the charm that Montenegro has, recommends Northern Montenegro as an ideal place to escape the summer crowds, introduces readers to the turbulent history of this country, but also speaks about the mentality of the Montenegrin people.

Bursting at the seams with majestic mountains, breath-taking beaches and larger-than-life locals, minuscule Montenegro proves once and for all that good things do indeed come in small packages, the author highlights.

Lonely Planet Montenegro Proves That Good Things Come in Small Packages

Lonely Planet’s article explains that Montenegro offers a warm welcome for all tourists. “It's nigh on impossible to come across a travel section without someone trumpeting Montenegro as the new 'it' destination. And though the country is rightfully revelling in the spotlight, the people remain as they've always been: candid, convivial and charming. Unlike in many other emerging destinations, hassling and scamming visitors isn't big on Montenegrins' agenda; for the most part, you're more likely to encounter a spontaneous bear hug than a bothersome tout. Whether you're chasing highland hospitality or coastal comradery, expect gregarious greetings, the shirt off your host's back and the addition of at least 5kg; these folks love to feed,” it is stated in the article.

It's not even 300 km from tip to toe, but Montenegro's coastline crams in some of Europe’s most spectacular seaside scenery. Mountains jut sharply from crystal-clear waters in such a way that the word 'looming' is unavoidable. Ancient walled towns cling to the rocks and dip their feet in the water like they're the ones on holiday. In summer, the whole scene is bathed in the scent of wild herbs, conifers and Mediterranean blossoms. All of this – and much, much more – is wrapped up into an area two-thirds of the size of Wales.

When the beaches fill up with Eastern European sun-seekers, intrepid travellers can easily sidestep the hordes by getting off the beaten track in the rugged mountains of Durmitor and Prokletije, the primeval forest of Biogradska Gora, or in the many towns and villages where ordinary Montenegrins go about their daily lives. Hike, horse ride, mountain bike or kayak yourself to somewhere obscure and chances are you'll have it all to yourself. This is, after all, a country where wolves and bears still lurk in forgotten corners.

Ever since the Roman Empire split in two 1600 years ago, Montenegro has sat on the borderline between east and west. The richness of its cultural history can be seen in the mosaic floors of Roman villas, flamboyantly painted Orthodox monasteries, ornate Catholic churches, elegant minarets of mosques, and the sturdy fortresses built by the numerous powers that have fought over these lands. Then there's the legacy of 50 years as a non-aligned communist state, independent of both the Eastern Bloc and the West. For those with even a passing interest in European history, it's a fascinating place.

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04 July 2019 - The UNESCO World Heritage Committee adopted decisions relating to two world heritage sites in Montenegro - the Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor and the National Park Durmitor.

The decision relating to the Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor is one of the most affirmative decisions of the Committee related to the Region of Kotor, especially since 2003, when the area was removed from the List of World Heritage in Danger on which it was inscribed due to the devastating earthquake in 1979. 

Nevertheless, from that moment, the Committee commenced the warnings about the danger of sudden and uncontrolled urbanization and tourist pressure that threatens the preservation of exceptional universal values that are the basis of the World Heritage List. The decisions of the Committee were stricter, until the Istanbul Decision in 2016, after which a series of consultations were held with UNESCO, which resulted in the Government of Montenegro's adoption of the Action Plan for the implementation of this Decision. Since February 2017, when the Action Plan was adopted, a number of activities resulted in a Decision that welcomes the efforts of the "member state in many areas, including the development of the Draft Urban Spatial Plan of Kotor, the preparation of amendments to the Law on Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor, the initiation of the audit of the Management Plan, the Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) of the area...".

It welcomes the State's decision to abandon the proposed project of the cable car from the Old Town to the San Giovanni Fortress and the Glavati Prčanj tourist complex in order to protect the exceptional universal value. The State is encouraged to continue to improve the process of impact assessment, the HIA is required for the tourist complex in Morinj and the bridge in Verige, before State's commitment to implement these ideas. It is required that the revised Management Plan includes recommendations of the Reactive Monitoring Mission from 2018. In particular, it is required that the Management Plan addresses the issues of managing and reducing risks and tourism management.

UNESCO Kotor and NP Durmitor as Natural and Culturo Historical Sites

The Ministry of Culture of Montenegro reported that the decision concerning the Durmitor National Park treats the issues that were the subject of the Advisory Mission in November 2018. The decision confirms the findings of the Advisory Mission, which calls for a series of activities that the State should undertake in the upcoming period in cooperation with UNESCO and advisory bodies.

The World Heritage Committee is held every year with the aim of considering the state of conservation of natural and cultural goods inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as considering new nominations. This year's Committee is being held in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 30 June to 10 July. The Committee has made a number of important decisions, some of which concern the cessation of the status of "heritage in danger" for countries that have managed to prevent the loss of certain values. Certain goods are inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger.

At this year's Committee, Montenegro joined a group of states that supported Switzerland in an appeal for a more consistent application of the Convention in deciding, and for equal access to all countries and goods under consideration, in order to further strengthen the Convention and the role of the Committee. 

Secretary-General of the National Commission for UNESCO of Montenegro Milica Nikolić is taking part at the Committee in Baku.

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