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12 Aug 2019, 19:44 PM

August 12, 2019 - A journey to the edge of the Adriatic for this week's RE/MAX property of the week in Herceg Novi.

People may talk about nature and the incredible view, but at the end of the day, nothing quite beats having that view AND being close to the sea. There is something about those relaxing waves that no other location can match. 

And if your property happens to be located in a well-equipped modern building in a desirable location, then so much the better. 

If the lessons of Porto Montenegro and Tivat are anything to go by, real estate in Herceg Novi is set for an upward spiral once the Portonovi factor sets in. 

remax-herceg-novi (1).jpg

And this week's RE/MAX Property of the Week on fashionable promenade Pet Danica is better located than most, and just 30 steps to the sea. 

According to the official RE/MAX listing:

remax-herceg-novi (4).jpg

LUX apartment of 78 sqm for sale in an exclusive location, located in Herceg Novi on the promenade Pet Danica, only thirty steps to the sea. This two-bedroom apartment is situated on the second floor of luxurious building.

remax-herceg-novi (3).jpg

A wonderful spacious ambience, a view of the sea shore, which in this part is a blend of open sea with a bokokotorska bay as well as buildings located in these incredibly beautiful areas provide you with an ideal place to stay. 

remax-herceg-novi (5).jpg

Excellent architectural combination of comfort, useful and beautiful, as well as the complete furnishing of the apartment to the smallest details of high quality will provide you with quality time with family and friends. 

remax-herceg-novi (6).jpg

Two bedrooms, bathroom, hallway, living room with dining area and kitchen and terrace make the composition of this apartment. By purchasing this apartment, the price includes a garage place, which belongs to the apartment and located in the basement of the building.

remax-herceg-novi (7).jpg

Not only the immediate vicinity of the sea, but also of the city center, as well as the Old Town of Herceg Novi, shops and restaurants make this apartment represents an excellent rental investment.

remax-herceg-novi (8).jpg

This apartment could be an excellent investment because this location is in high demand for long term rentals and monthly rent goes from 600 - 1,000 EUR for similar properties.

remax-herceg-novi (9).jpg

For more information on price, more photos and to book a viewing, visit the original RE/MAX listing.  

remax-herceg-novi (10).jpg

31 Jul 2019, 12:48 PM

July 31, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate possibilities in Montenegro, through the RE/MAX catalogue, a visit to Donja Lastva by Tivat.

Tivat has undergone tremendous change in the last 15 years since the arrival of the Porto Montenegro project. And now with Lustica Bay also under construction close by, it is becoming one of the most fashionable places to be on the coast. It is lively all year, and it is not uncommon to find residents of Dubrovnik coming for the weekend in the winter months as there is more life. 

 donja-lastva-remax (10).jpg

This week's RE/MAX Property of the Week comes from Donja Lastva, which lies between Tivat centre and the ferry, a nice spot. With a very nice view from this spacious 308m2 house on a 376m2 plot. As RE/MAX explains:

The house has three entrances. The main one is from the parking space, the second is up to the stairs, and the third is from the terrace.

 donja-lastva-remax (9).jpg

For sale is a very beautiful family house in Donja Lastva, with special comfort and style. There is a pleasant combination of colors, a spacious terrace covered with flowers, and a breathtaking view of the sea. When you need not just a house by the sea, but something special, this house is just what you need. It will surely find a response in your hearts.

 donja-lastva-remax (1).jpg

On the 1st floor, we come from the entrance hall to the living room with a fireplace, here we have a kitchen room, a sauna for 6 people, a spacious bathroom with a jacuzzi and a shower. At the same level, there is a laundry room with a window, a storeroom-workshop, and a guest toilet.

 donja-lastva-remax (2).jpg

We go the stairs and get to the 1st floor, on the right is a dressing room, on the left is the exit to the spacious hall, which is divided into the living room, and the dining area with modern kitchen (Bosch appliances, furniture is custom-made). Comfortable sofas in the living room, armchairs, a large plasma TV, a white piano - everything has to have pleasant evenings in this house.

donja-lastva-remax (3).jpg

From the living room, we get to a huge summer terrace, immersed in flowers. There are many cozy places where you can retire for a cup of coffee, there is a large dining area with a pergola for all families and guests, a barbecue made to order, a fountain with a mini pool surrounded by flowers. You truly feel in paradise, because the terrace offers stunning views of the sea, the Bay of Tivat, Porto Montenegro and the green mountains. On the terrace, at the edge of the site, there is an unfinished pool, but all the materials for it are available.

 donja-lastva-remax (5).jpg

In front of the house, there is no possibility to build something so that you can close the view. This is one of the main advantages of this property.

donja-lastva-remax (6).jpg

From the living room up to the stairs, we get to the 2nd floor. But the house also has a third entrance - from the side of the gate. We enter the entrance hall, here is the guest toilet and access to the living room. We climb the stairs and get to the 2nd floor, here around the hall there are 4 bedrooms and 2 spacious bathrooms. Two large bedrooms and a guest bedroom - all overlooking the sea, as well as a nursery with a window on the green wall.

Air conditioners are installed in each room. Internet, satellite TV. Everywhere warm floors.Water. House owners buy 35-40 m2 of water - this is enough for the spring and summer period. At other times of the year, rainwater is used, water filters are installed.

 donja-lastva-remax (7).jpg

For electricity, in the winter they pay a maximum of 400 euros per month (if you include all heating devices), but on average - 200 euros. On the 2nd floor, there is a wood-burning stove that warms the house perfectly. It is also possible to install a fireplace in the living room (optional).

Every year, a house tax of about 1,300 euros.

Price: 799,000 euros

For more information, photos and to book a viewing, check out the original RE/MAX listing

18 Jul 2019, 18:30 PM

July 18, 2019 - Continuing our look at the mouthwatering real estate on offer in Montenegro through the RE/MAX collection, this week a visit to Petrovac. 

Authentic Montenegrin stone charm with a modern twist - it is proving to be a winning combination for many villas at the luxury end of the real estate market in Montenegro. 

The latest RE/MAX Property of the Week comes from the charming village of Reževici near Petrovac, and is introduced by RE/MAX as follows: 

budva-petrovac-remax (8).jpg

 Beautiful splendid villa with an authentic Mediterranean style, combined with a modern interior, located in the totally peaceful and adorable small Montenegrin village Reževici, with a magnificent panoramic sea views.

budva-petrovac-remax (9).jpg

300 sqm of this charming villa offers a spacious living area with 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen with a dining room, 4 bathrooms, 3 balconies, a garden, swimming pool and a garage. It is equipped with video surveillance, alarm, solar heating system. Perfect for living with a a huge rental potential! The price will be a surprise. If you like it, come and get it… To find out more, contact RE/MAX via the official listing

budva-petrovac-remax (1).jpg


budva-petrovac-remax (3).jpg


budva-petrovac-remax (5).jpg


budva-petrovac-remax (6).jpg


budva-petrovac-remax (7).jpg


budva-petrovac-remax (8).jpg


budva-petrovac-remax (9).jpg

06 Jul 2019, 21:49 PM

July 7, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate opportunities via the RE/MAX catalogue, an affordable one-bedroom apartment just 5 minutes from Kotor Old Town.

It is one of the most enchanting places in Europe - Kotor Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which epitomises the Montenegrin Tourist Board's slogan, Wild Beauty. 

Apart from the stunning fjord, the main attraction is the gorgeous old town of Kotor, home to centuries of history, culture and tradition, with its improbable walls snaking up the mountainside. 

Imagine owning a property with a view of the spectacular bay and within 5 minutes of the old town at an affordable price. 

remax-skaljari (7).jpg

Welcome to the latest RE/MAX property of the week, yours for just 119,000 euro. From the official property description:

remax-skaljari (10).jpg

Fabulous one bedroom fully furnished apartment built to a very high standard and ready for immediate occupancy. The apartment has secure underground parking with a supermarket below and a petrol station close. Kotor Old Town is within 5 minutes walking distance. 

remax-skaljari (9).jpg

The village of Skaljari is right next to the Old Town of Kotor. Skaljari covers the slope between Vrmac and Mount Lovcen. It's one of the Boka Bay settlements which has preserved the best the local Bokelian dialect. 

Price for this 50m2 apartment - 119,000 euro.

remax-skaljari (1).jpg

For more information, photos and to book a viewing, check out the original listing

remax-skaljari (3).jpg


remax-skaljari (5).jpg


remax-skaljari (4).jpg


remax-skaljari (6).jpg


remax-skaljari (2).jpg

23 Jun 2019, 15:43 PM

June 23, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate options in Montenegro through the RE/MAX catalogue, the latest Property of the Week comes from idyllic Lustica Bay.

It is one of the most beautiful parts of the Adriatic coast, and the subject of the largest ever investment in Montenegro, as the Lustica Bay project development looks to redefine luxury tourism in the region. More than a billion euro in investment on 7 million square metres will eventually offer 7 luxury hotels, 2 marinas, an entire village of 2,500 people with accompanying facilities, and a signature 18-hole Gary Player golf course. 

remax-lustica-bay (6).jpg

The first phase, including marina and the luxury hotel The Chedi is already open for business. Having been fortunate enough to stay there a couple of times, I can confirm it is one of the most peaceful and relaxing spots on the Adriatic for a holiday home. The facilities of both the The Chedi and the marina promenade offer a variety of shopping and dining experiences, and the essentially car-free neighbourhood only adds to the charm.  

remax-lustica-bay (7).jpg

Property ownership on Lustica Bay is a very international affair, with sales at the Centrale village attracting buyers of over 30 countries. The biggest number of buyers came from the Germanic countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, followed by the Middle East, while a quarter of all 2018 sales came from more local sources - Serbia and Montenegro.  

remax-lustica-bay (10).jpg

This week's property comes very close to the water and is described by RE/MAX as follows: 

remax-lustica-bay (2).jpg

This spacious one bedroom apartment is located on the second (and last) floor of one of the first buildings within the biggest investment project in the country. It has an open-plan kitchen, dining and living room and a bedroom with its own bathroom and walk-in closet. The living room has access to a small terrace and to a large terrace which is shared with another apartment next to this one (these are the only two apartments on this floor). The property is being sold furnished and fully equipped. 

remax-lustica-bay (11).jpg

Price on application for this 88m2 apartment. For more photos, info, floor plans and to book a viewing, visit the official RE/MAX listing

remax-lustica-bay (9).jpg


remax-lustica-bay (1).jpg


remax-lustica-bay (4).jpg


remax-lustica-bay (5).jpg


11 Jun 2019, 19:26 PM

June 11, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate opportunities in Montenegro through the mouthwatering RE/MAX portfolio, this week we visit a delightful new villa near Tivat.

It is not hard to fall in love with Montenegro, or to move there and fall in love with the wonderful lifestyle here. It always helps, of course, if you have the perfect place to live. 

Well, now is your chance! Another gorgeous offering from the RE/MAX real estate catalogue and our latest property of the week in Donja Lastva, close to Tivat. 

In the words of the RE/MAX brochure:

remax-tivat-donja-lastva (2).jpg

You will love this house. If you want to find the perfect home for family and life in Montenegro, then consider that you have already found it.

remax-tivat-donja-lastva (3).jpg

The house was built in 2015 according to the Mediterranean design project. Its total area is 182 m2, the total area of land around the house is 334 m2. Sold with furniture. Just a few minutes by car - and you are in the center of Tivat.

remax-tivat-donja-lastva (4).jpg

The house has 3 floors and two entrances. Near the upper main entrance is your parking for three cars. On the upper floor, there are two bedrooms with a large bathroom and a terrace with a stunning view of the Tivat Bay, Tivat, and Porto Montenegro. 

remax-tivat-donja-lastva (5).jpg

We descend to the 2nd level along a beautiful graceful staircase; here we find the dressing room and the master bedroom, the bathroom and the study. The terrace at this level allows you to place a fireplace. Then we go down to the first level with you, where you will be met by a spacious living room with a fireplace and a wine closet, a dining room and a large bright modern kitchen with windows. 

remax-tivat-donja-lastva (6).jpg

From this floor, we go to the terrace with a swimming pool. You will be amazed at the love with which the owners look after the flowering garden, the abundance of green creates a special comfort to this house. You will also enjoy a large barbecue area with a real oven. Living here, you will feel "Dolce Vita".

remax-tivat-donja-lastva (7).jpg

Here everything disposes to a happy life on the seashore.

remax-tivat-donja-lastva (8).jpg

For more photos, information, and to book a view, check out the original RE/MAX listing

11 Jun 2019, 18:27 PM

June 11, 2019 - A brief overview of the 2019 property market in Montenegro from local market specialists, RE/MAX. 

Interest in Montenegro is intensifying, and so too are sales in its booming property market. Where 15 years ago the coast was the only place which interested foreigner buyers, these days the capital Podgorica is also attracting plenty of buyers, and more investors are taking a look at northern Montenegro with an eye to the future. 

So what are the current prices, and which are the areas to watch out for? An overview of the current market from local property market specialists, RE/MAX.


The price per square metre in Podgorica varies considerably depending on the location. Demand is highest in the area Preko Morače and the prices there range between €1.000 and €1.150 per m2 in the older buildings, while prices in new buildings range between €1.250 and €2.000 per m2. However, prices in the new buildings are lower in the other parts of the city (€1.000 – €1.200 Ljubović, Pobrežje, Stari Aerodrom; €1.400 Morača river towards Vezirov most) with one-bedroom and small two-bedroom apartments being highest in demand.

remax-property-overview (2).jpg

One bedroom apartment, Tolosi, €49.000


Studio, City kvart, €57.000

The coastal market, however, remains the most dynamic property region, and Budva and Tivat are the most in-demand locations. Prices there range from €1,500 to €4,000 per m2. Properties within large residential projects can be bought at prices between €3,000 and €8,000 per sqm. In addition, such projects usually provide full property management services which make these properties an excellent investment. Prices in Bar vary from €1,300 to €1,800 and the situation is similar in Herceg Novi. On the other hand, the price per m2 in northern Montenegro range from between €500 and €700.

remax-property-overview (4).jpg

Two bedroom apartment, Kotor, €160.000

remax-property-overview (5).jpg

One bedroom apartment, Tivat, €139.000

The longterm rental market in also very busy in Montenegro. Monthly rents in Podgorica vary from  €300 to €650 for one and two-bedroom apartments and from €800 to €1,300 for three-bedroom apartments in Preko Morače and City kvart areas. On the other hand, monthly rents in other parts of the city are significantly lower – €200 to €550. Similar properties on the coast can be rented at somewhat higher prices: studios and one-bedroom apartments range from €350 to €600, while monthly rent for two and three bedroom apartments range from €800 to €1.500. To rent a property in the north of the country is the cheapest option – from €100 to €500 per month.

remax-property-overview (6).jpg

Studio, Podgorica, €220

remax-property-overview (1).jpg

One bedroom apartment, Budva, €400

To learn more about the real estate market and catch the latest deals, visit the RE/MAX Montenegro website.

09 May 2019, 19:09 PM

May 9, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate options in Montenegro through the RE/MAX catalogue, this week another stunning villa overlooking the Adriatic south of Budva.

The villages on the road from Budva to Bar offers some of Montenegro's best views, as well as a quieter pace of life than other parts of the coast. This makes for a perfect combination for those looking for a property with views and a little peace and quiet. 

The village of Rezevici lies just south of the iconic Sveti Stefan, a few kilometres from Budva. In the words of the official RE/MAX listing:

rezevici-budva-remax (6).jpg

Set in the peaceful village of Rezevici, this property enables you to soak up the perfect brew of Mediterranean architecture, wild nature and sunny seascape. Walking distance to the sea shore and Budva-Bar main road makes this property a rare gem in Montenegro.

rezevici-budva-remax (14).jpg

This three-storey stone villa is definitely built to impress. The first floor compises 3 light and airy bedrooms, simply yet elegantly furnished, extended into the pristine bathrooms with ultra-modern fittings.

rezevici-budva-remax (13).jpg

Top quality marble floors run the length of the spacious open plan lounge/kitchen and living area. Crisp white walls come to life, offset by deluxe handpicked furnishings, modern art and a top-of-the-range kitchen. With sea views peeping in at every window surely the only thing to do is throw open the terrace doors and welcome them in.

rezevici-budva-remax (12).jpg

Outside areas are no less striking, both in size and splendour. Beautifully fitted pool sheltered by stone walls enables complete privacy. When the sun goes down, soft patio lighting draws guests outside to relish the evening’s sea breezes, starlit sky and twinkling village lights beyond over a chilled aperitif.

rezevici-budva-remax (11).jpg

A sheltered outdoor barbecue area offers a delightful spot to linger over evening meals, or you may prefer to head inside to the spacious open plan lounge/dining room.

rezevici-budva-remax (10).jpg

Treat yourself with endless summer sunsets from one of your terraces as you sip away on your favourite wine.

rezevici-budva-remax (9).jpg

Asking price - 1,500,000 euro. For more information, pictures and to book a viewing, visit the official RE/MAX site.

rezevici-budva-remax (8).jpg

rezevici-budva-remax (7).jpg

rezevici-budva-remax (5).jpg

rezevici-budva-remax (4).jpg

rezevici-budva-remax (3).jpg

rezevici-budva-remax (2).jpg

rezevici-budva-remax (15).jpg

29 Apr 2019, 06:47 AM

 April 29, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate options in Montenegro through the mouthwatering RE/MAX catalogue, this week a luxury villa in the historic and gorgeous Bay of Kotor.

Looking for a slice of Adriatic paradise? How about a luxury villa in a  UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its natural beauty in a country whose arresting nature is best summed up by its official tourism slogan, Wild Beauty. 

remax-prcanj-kotor (6).jpg

A slice of paradise set near a beautiful, historic village, just 3km from one of the architectural treasures of the region, the old town of Kotor. 

remax-prcanj-kotor (5).jpg

Meet this week's Property of the Week from the RE/MAX catalogue, loctate in Prcanj, near Kotor, and introduced as follows by RE/MAX:

remax-prcanj-kotor (4).jpg

Completely new, modern villa is set on approximately 1625 sqm in the marvelous village of Prčanj.

remax-prcanj-kotor (3).jpg

The plot and the house offer a stunning view of Boka Bay and mountains. The property is located just 100m far from the sea. The boundaries of the area are the retaining walls of stone terraces, built more than 500 years ago. The property comprises of 2 houses (135 sqm and 137 sqm + 100 sqm terrace), with two separate entrances and is completely autonomous from each other. This beautiful villa can easily become home for two families.


remax-prcanj-kotor (2).jpg

The property in total has 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 living room with fireplace, 2 kitchens, 2 dining rooms, 2 guest toilets, 2 laundry rooms, 2 wardrobes, 2 technical rooms. The ground floor of the entire villa has a 100 sqm terrace. Villa is surrounded by the green surface and it is equipped with a safety system with infrared cameras. The entrance is through a remote gated driveway which can take several cars. The villa is being sold completely finished and ready to move in to.

remax-prcanj-kotor (1).jpg

For more information, photos, price and to book a viewing, visit the original RE/MAX listing.

remax-prcanj-kotor (12).jpg

remax-prcanj-kotor (10).jpg

remax-prcanj-kotor (9).jpg

remax-prcanj-kotor (8).jpg

remax-prcanj-kotor (7).jpg


13 Apr 2019, 14:44 PM

April 13, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate opportunities in Montenegro, in association with RE/MAX, a trip to Herceg Novi. 

It is a big year for tourism in Herceg Novi, as Portonovi will finally open its doors this summer. The luxury resort at Kumbor will eventually cost 900 million euro once complete, and the level of luxury will put Herceg Novi firmly on the map. 

So it is not a bad neighbourhood to be in... 

remax-herceg-novi-6 (7).jpg

I had a drink with a regional property expert recently, whose opinion is that Portonovi will do wonders for land values in the region.

And if you don't fancy building, this week's property of the week might be the perfect solution.  

remax-herceg-novi-6 (6).jpg

Situated in the village of Djenovici, right next to Kumbor, the 2010 apartment of 109m2 is described as follows on the official RE/MAX listing:

remax-herceg-novi-6 (5).jpg

This home screams ‘designer’ and will reflect the personality and taste of those accustomed to the best in quality design, finishes, and lifestyle.

remax-herceg-novi-6 (4).jpg

Highly sophisticated in the choice of furniture, light colors, and design, this beautiful home is enveloped in light and comfort. Crisp white walls, light brown floors, and high ceilings create a style as timeless as the sparkling sea view. The calming sea vista and mountains, captured through the extensive use of glass, will help you forget city stress. It won’t be easy to click out of high-end holiday mode in this stylishly contemporary residence for the modern pleasure-seeker.

remax-herceg-novi-6 (2).jpg

Asking price - 320,000 euro. For more photos, info, and to book a viewing, check out the original listing.  

remax-herceg-novi-6 (1).jpg


remax-herceg-novi-6 (11).jpg


remax-herceg-novi-6 (10).jpg


remax-herceg-novi-6 (9).jpg


remax-herceg-novi-6 (8).jpg


08 Apr 2019, 17:40 PM

April 8, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate market opportunities through the catalogue of RE/MAX Montenegro, a visit inland to a strategic location. 

While the majority of buyers in Montenegro are looking for something with a gorgeous sea view, there are also plenty of buyers who are looking to buy in other parts of the country. Inland Montenegro is increasingly popular as well, and sometimes a location enabling owners to reach a number of destinations with relative ease is an important factor to consider when purchasing. 

remax-radanovici (1).JPG

And if you are looking for a location which offers good access to the main centres of Budva, Tivat and Kotor, as well as magical Jaz beach, there are few better than Radanovici, from where this week's RE/MAX Property of the Week comes from. In the words of the official sales description: 

remax-radanovici (11).JPG

This is an excellent location because it is central to almost anywhere that you would want to be. It's 2.4 kilometres to Jaz beach, which was voted BEST BEACH IN EUROPE, by Lonely Planet. Budva is 5 kilometres away, Tivat and Porto Montenegro 15 kilometres and Unesco town of Kotor 14 km.

remax-radanovici (10).JPG

The landscaping and gardens are superb, its a citrus garden and has a sprinkler system to keep the grass nice and green all year round. The villa is built for all year round living, it has very expensive Italian furniture custom made and the chandeliers are made of rock crystal by 'Shonbek'.

remax-radanovici (9).JPG

This property has it ALL there is not anything you would want from high speed internet to bamboo parquet flooring, Italian ceramics, plasma tv's, air conditioning, two types of video surveillance, alarm system with an output to the phone, electric gates and central heating.

remax-radanovici (8).JPG

Front and rear gardens both have gazebos to relax and enjoy your stay at the house plus you have parking for 5 to 8 cars. This 5 bedroom dream villa has a technical utility room, 3 bathrooms, WC, dressing room and an en suite bathroom together with 3 external balconies.

remax-radanovici (7).JPG

Community Description

Lastva Grbaljska is a small place located near the capital of tourism in Montenegro - Budva. What particularly adorns this place and gives it a charm is full privacy on the one hand, and easy accessibility of all city content on the other. 

remax-radanovici (6).JPG

The most beautiful beaches, the most popular tourist centers and the most important cultural and historical heritage are only a few minutes away from this beautiful place.

remax-radanovici (5).JPG

For more photos, information and to book a viewing, check out the original RE/MAX listing. Price 570,000 euro. 

remax-radanovici (4).JPG


remax-radanovici (3).JPG

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