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18 December 2018 - The first meeting of the newly formed Montenegrin Water Management Commission for Cooperation with Albania was held today in Podgorica. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Milutin Simović attended the meeting. 

The establishment of bilateral water management commissions is an obligation by the Framework Agreement on Water Management between Montenegro and Albania signed at the joint session of the governments of Montenegro and Albania, held on 3 July 2018 in Shkodër. 

The Water Management Commission is a technical body that will work on the analysis and proposal of the best possible solutions for the improvement of cross-border management of surface and groundwater between Montenegro and Albania. 

The primary goal is to preserve cross-border water resources, harmonise with EU standards, implement the Water Convention, and develop the best management model through dialogue based on arguments obtained through scientific and professional analysis of the current situation and future scenarios of planned development. 

In the past period, cross-border projects have been prepared through the instruments of support of the Global EnvironmentFund (GEF), GIZ, the World Bank, the European Union, as well as national institutions – Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts (CANU), Directorate for Waters and Hydrometeorological Institute. 

The newly formed Montenegrin Water Management Commission will work together with colleagues from the Albanian Water Management Commission to analyze the results so far and to propose common solutions. As it was concluded today, the Montenegrin side will initiate a joint meeting of the two countries' commissions as soon as possible, to intensify work on resolving common issues of interest to the two countries. 

The issues of significant importance for Montenegro, such as the functioning of the hydropower plant on Drim, the embankments on Bojana, the river Grnčar, as well as the ongoing issues on the potential construction of buildings on Cijevna in Albania, will be opened and discussed in order to establish mutual interest, preservation and sustainable use of water resources. 

Today's session, in addition to the members of the Commission, was attended by State Secretary of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism Saša Radulović and Director General of the Directorate for Environment Ivana Vojinović. 

The members of the Water Management Commission of Montenegro are Momčilo Blagojević, General Manager of the Directorate for Water Management at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - President of the Commission; Damir Gutić, Director of Directorate for Water Management; Mićko Radulović, Faculty of Civil Engineering; Goran Sekulić, Faculty of Civil Engineering; Mihailo Burić, Faculty of Philosophy; Radovan Đurović, Faculty of Civil Engineering; Darko Novaković, Institute of Hydrometeorology and Seismology; Miodrag Radunović, Head of Legal Department at the Ministry of Agriculture; Enis Đokaj from the Ministry of Agriculture, Secretary of the Commission.

19 Dec 2018, 04:49 AM

18 December 2018 - The paving of the part of the promenade in Herceg Novi from the restaurant "Galeb" to the restaurant "Mimoza" is almost finished. There are still a hundred more segmental paver boards along the edge, and before that, another one will be installed afterward, said Boro Lučić, director of the Agency for Construction and Development of Herceg Novi.

"We finished the lighting. Procurement is in progress, and we have already set up decorative lighting, benches and waste bins. By the end of next week, a complete promenade will be completed. We have completed all construction work, and the rest is 150 of these boards to be procured. That is what made us happy, so we ordered it, and it should come in the next 2-3 days," said Lučić.

The contract on the installation of mobilier and electrical installations, worth 15.000 EUR was agreed between Municipality of Herceg Novi and the company Niveda DOO, whose workers have already been engaged in the pavement of this route.

Promenade1812 1

Lučić said that the mobilier for the promenade would be delivered during the next week. As installation does not need more than a couple of days, the whole reconstruction of the promenade will be arranged until New Year. Herceg Novi Municipality is obliged to pay an advance payment of 20% of the agreed price to the contractor and the rest after the completion of the works.

Unless there are any unforeseen circumstances, the contractor is obliged to complete the work within 20 calendar days from the day the advance payment is made. The warranty period for works carried out is two years.

This 365 meters long part of the "Pet Danica" promenade started at the end of November. However, the reconstruction began in October 2015. Due to many administrative obstacles and projections, the works were interrupted several times, and the value of the entire project from the originally planned 360 thousand EUR reached almost 400 EUR.

The contractor was also changed, so the contract was terminated with the first, Bar Đokić group, while Niveda DOO from Herceg Novi was selected as the new performer.

Source: Radio Jadran

18 Dec 2018, 23:30 PM

18 December 2018 - The representatives of the United Kingdom and Montenegro have announced that the two countries have signed bilateral agreements that will allow uninterrupted air traffic after Brexit.

UK Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said the open skies deal would ensure the country remained a leading global aviation hub once it has left the European Union. "These agreements will ensure Britain continues to prosper as we leave the EU and I’m confident the UK will reach a mutually beneficial deal, while we continue to prepare for all eventualities," Grayling said in a statement.

The Government in London pointed out that the goal was to replace the current framework under EU regulations.

The United Kingdom has also reached agreements in this area with Kosovo, Albania, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Morocco, Switzerland, and the United States, but deals with other countries from the former Yugoslavia have yet to be concluded.

The European Regions Airline Association (ERA) said December 4 that it had written to the European Commission, urging it to “reach a solution as soon as possible that will allow airlines to continue operating as they do today” after Brexit. The ERA warned of “disastrous consequences for the aviation industry” if the UK and EU are unable to finalize a withdrawal agreement ahead of the UK’s planned departure from the bloc.

Separately, the European Commission has confirmed that UK citizens will have to pay to secure pre-travel authorization to visit EU countries after Brexit. Whereas now UK passport-holders can travel freely within the EU, in a post-Brexit world they will have to pay for approval under the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS).

The UK is due to formally leave the European Union on March 30, 2019.

Source: Air Transport World Online

18 Dec 2018, 23:01 PM

18 December 2018 - Euro-Unit Montenegro Company, in cooperation with its long-time partner Yamaha Music Europe, is organising the event “ MUSIC DAYS ” at the shopping mall Delta City in Podgorica.

From Monday to Friday – December 17 to 21, in the central part of the shopping centre, the organisers will present a wide range of electric pianos and electric drums of the most prestigious producer of musical equipment - Yamaha.

All interested visitors will have the opportunity to try playing these instruments on site, to get more information about products within the music industry and even gain additional discounts for purchasing the instruments through vouchers to be distributed on this occasion.

The organisers expect the event to be visited by professionals from the musical-instrument sector as well as local professional and amateur musicians. By attending the event, you can forge business contacts and strengthen the existing ones, build up knowledge in the musical instrument world and purchase musical equipment at affordable prices with discounts.

The organiser of this event, Euro-Unit Montenegro Company, is a part of the Euro-Unit Group, which is the leading company in the sales of musical instruments and professional audio equipment in this part of Europe. The company started operating in Montenegro in 2007 and is engaged in the sales and maintenance of professional audio equipment and musical instruments as well as renting instruments and equipment for concerts, conferences, and similar events. Euro-Unit’s area of expertise also includes designing, installing and maintaining sound systems for all types of business premises, public institutions, schools, cafes, clubs, as well as conference halls.

Yamaha Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation and conglomerate with an extensive range of products and services, predominantly musical instruments. As a brand, Yamaha Music Europe is known for its high-quality products - pianos, digital musical instruments, wind instruments, string instruments, percussion instruments, educational musical instruments, and professional audio equipment.

The representatives of Euro-Unit and Yamaha kindly invite you to visit the event and share the love for music with them!

18 Dec 2018, 22:53 PM
December 18, 2018 - "Little Pirate", the new theater play in the production of the Tivat Culture Center and Podgorica City Theater will premiere at the small scene DTV "Partizan" in Tivat on Thursday, 20 December starting at noon.
The director Milan Karadzic made this theatre piece on the motifs of the famous novel for children "Little Pirate" by one of the most famous ex-YU authors of children's and literature for youth, Anto Stanicic from Tivat. A piece of work that for decades was an indispensable part of elementary school readings in former Yugoslavia, in Montenegro does not find its place on the list of compulsory lessons in the school anymore, so setting up "Little Pirate" in the dramatization of Aleksandra Glovacki on the “boards that signify life", even more importantly.
"Fairy tales serve to grow up with you. In recent times, we would educate ourselves with fairy tales, so it is wonderful that we return domestic fairy tales to Boka through this show," said Tivat Culture Center’s director Neven Stanicic. He added that he was greatly pleased that in this way “we are bringing back Anto Stanicic to children and adults". The director of the Podgorica City Theater Ivana Mrvaljevic said that the initiative to set "Little Pirate" as a fine theatre piece came from them because they started a special segment of work called "Montenegrin Classics for Children" two years ago, from which already came the piece "Blue Treasure”.
"I'm glad we have done this piece together with the Culture Centre Tivat here in the conditions that Tivat has, unlike our home. It is important that we never forget that Montenegro is part of the Mediterranean circle and that it belongs to Podgorica as well as Tivat, so here's another common piece in that direction," Mrvaljevic said.
Director Milan Karadžić, who returns to the stage scene of Tivat, which he has in some way launched with his "Bokelian Theater Trilogy" (Bokeški D-mol, Betula U Malu Valu and Innominato), emphasised that it was not easy to translate a novel into a play which has musical elements.
"Before that novel, one could make a costly, good adventurous movie, but it was the key to the genre in which we set it up as a theatre show - a musical with many young people performing. It's not a "serious" classic musical with a symphony orchestra and a chord that is most commonly used in Belgrade's Terazije Theater but is a play that has all the essential elements of music. Also, this piece has elements of comedies and melodrama and is a true play for all “from 7 to 77 years of age". We have done our best to make a play that will live long and be loved by the public, as was the case with the “Novela od Ljubavi” ("Love Romance")," Karadzic said. According to him, it was very challenging to work with the ensemble with about 30 actors and dancers, lots of dance songs, songs, and action scenes, but the choreographer Nebojša Gromilić did a great job in all segments of the play. 
According to everyone in the team, seventeen-year-old Miloš Kašćelan from Kotor in the role of a small pirate - Miljan, was the real revelation with his big talent and remarkable energy. Along with him, young actors Pavel Popović, Jelena Đukić and Marija Maša Labudović have accompanied their experienced colleagues Goran Slavić, Marija Đurić, Jelena Simić, Branka Femić Šćekić, Katarina Krek, and Miloš Pejović. Branko and Pavle Ilić, Dubravka Drakić, Omar Bajramspahić, Sanja Popović, and Ivan Kašćelan are also in the acting team. Children and members of the NGOs Drama Studio "Empty Space" from Kotor, the NGO Acting School "Maska" from Herceg Novi, the Tivat Youth Club’s Acting School, the Tivat's Dance Club “Bellissima” and the Folk Ensemble "Nikola Đurković" from Kotor also participate in the play. Boris Maksimović, Dubravka Drakić, and Neven Staničić signed the scenography, while Irena Popović composed the music.
"Culture Centre Tivat brings this show for all generations. “Little Pirate" is a family adventure that we have just been watching at cinemas. I believe that it is important for our children to find that there is "Little Pirate" written by Anto Stanicic, that we have heroes among us and that every mountain around us has some secret and some story we should save. We should proudly play our stories and fight for our heroes, for the characters that can best be presented by us," said Dubravka Drakić, stressing that the play "Little Pirate" is a testimony to the cultural richness of our space. 
18 Dec 2018, 20:59 PM

December 18, 2018 - From Christmas to Christmas, a traditional program organized by the NGO "Karampana" in cooperation with the Kotor Tourist Organization, under the auspices of the Kotor Municipality, begins on 23 December and lasts until January 8, 2019.

The program commences with the concert of the Mandolin Orchestra of the Croatian Civic Society at the Museum Square, scheduled for Sunday, 23 December at 11 am. The same evening is the Great New Year's Concert of the Town Music of Kotor at the Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković" at 7.30 pm.

Karampana, in cooperation with Kotor housewives, in the spirit of the centuries-old ecumenism, this year celebrates Christmas Eve by serving delicious “priganice”- traditional small donuts. On 24 December, Catholics prepare “priganice,” and friends from the Orthodox community share with their guests in front of the central city gate. On the Orthodox Christmas Eve, the roles are replaced. The Riva will smell the same on both days, since the recipes, as well as traditions, among the different confessions in Boka Bay, do not differ a lot.

The New Year's interactive children's workshop Karampana is organized on 26 and 27 December. The youngest citizens of Kotor will make New Year's decorations at the Vida Matjan Music School.

The traditional New Year's concert the "Vida Matjan" Music School will be held on 27 December at 7 pm in the Church of the Holy Spirit in the Old Town of Kotor.

Within the “From Christmas to Christmas” program, 28 December is reserved for the youngest. The New Year’s bazaar starts at 10 am in front of the main city gate. Children from kindergartens and schools will present the works they have prepared with their educators and teachers. In the case of rain, the bazaar location will be the "Kamelija" Shopping Center.

On the same day in the Church of the Holy Spirit at 20:00 the quartet "Lords of the Strings" will perform.

The New Year's Handicraft Bazaar at Riva is scheduled for 29 December at 10 am. The big New Year’s raffle is held the same day in front of the city cafe "Dojmi" at 11 am, and the organizers provided valuable prizes for all participants. The host will be SC Kamelija.

In the evenings, at the Museum Square at 20:00, visitors will be entertained by the vocal group Klapa "Kampanel." An alternative location in case of bad weather conditions will be the Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković" in the same term.

As a part of the “From Christmas to Christmas” program, the central event and the great joy for the youngest audience is undoubtedly the welcome of the Children’s New Year, which will be organized on 30 December beginning at 4 pm on the Arms Square.

Santa Claus and his elves have prepared a variety of surprises, which the youngest must not miss. The students of the Vida Matjan Music School will participate in the reception for the children. They will also have the opportunity to enjoy an interactive show titled "Let's Love - This is the Year of Love."

"Like every year, the unavoidable part of the Children’s New Year's program is the distribution of New Year's packages, which Kotor’s Santa Claus will distribute for all the present children," Karampana.

For children who, due to health problems, cannot attend the reception, NGO Karampana has organized the delivery of the New Year's packages at 12 pm at the Kotor General Hospital. It is a continuation of the "Fairytale for Health" action which started in 2015 as part of the project "From Christmas to Christmas."

The Children’s New Year will be followed by a musical happening entitled "Kotor- City of Good Music." The audience will be entertained by Who See, Niggor & Jelena Kženegra.

"The beginning of the New Year will be marked on January 3, 2019, under the title “Experience the Hundred,” where we will organize a special music program and the New Year's tombola with various prizes," said Karampana.

The Christmas Concert of the Serbian Singing Society "Jedinstvo" is scheduled for the 4 January in the church of St. Nicholas at 6 pm.

"Karampana" invites citizens and guests of Kotor to join the event announced for 5 January. "A humanitarian evening is dedicated to all Kotor originals, and all the proceeds from the sale of sausages and wine will be intended for the purchase of new instruments for Kotor City Music," the organizers said.

As for the Catholic Christmas Eve, Kotor will prepare “priganice” to celebrate the Orthodox Christmas Eve, which will be served in front of the central city gates on January 6 at 10 am.

The sixth “From Christmas to Christmas" manifestation ends on January 8th with the gastronomic specialities of Kotor hosts, which will be presented within the framework of the "Papalada ala maka."

"Thanks to the support we received, without which this project could not be so successful, we owe the first place to Luštica Bay, which already traditionally helps the project “From Christmas to Christmas.” Also, thanks for the support and infrastructure assistance of the Municipality of Kotor, La Mia Casa from Podgorica and our colleagues by enthusiasm - Ocean Lava Montenegro," said Karampan with the invitation to attend the programs and the message “the New Year's Magic can begin."

18 Dec 2018, 16:36 PM

December 18, 2018 - Festival UBRZAJ will continue to educate audiences about the importance of human rights, for this year's edition there is a great interest, during which in five days, 15 films will be shown. This was announced during the closing ceremony of the 9th Festival of Human Rights Film UBRZAJ, by the director of the Festival, Miloš Knežević, stressing that the films provided the public with powerful messages aimed at raising awareness about the importance of human rights.

"I hope that we have managed to show with all of these films the motto of the Festival - that is, we watched movies and that we remember something from them. We will see this when we find ourselves in the situation where our human rights have been violated or to someone close to us," said Knezevic.

He said the audience's response was excellent.

"I am glad that the Podgorica audience continues to wait, with impatience, for the Film Festival on Human Rights UBRZAJ. The situation is the same with Berane and Kotor. This year we had a projection in the Gymnasium “Panto Malisic” in Berane, where we also talked to high school students on topics related to human rights," Knezevic pointed out.

He said that the Festival would continue, in addition to presenting the films premiers to the Montenegrin audience, to retain the education function that needs to be, as he said, nurtured especially among the younger generations.

The festival UBRZAJ, which lasted from 9th to 14th December, was closed with the screening of the movie "Groundson", directed by Aleksandar Reljić, who presented to the Montenegrin audience a story about the former detainee Eva Mozes Kor, who survived the Nazi mortal experiments of Dr. Joseph Mengele, and in 2014 symbolically adopted Rainer Hes, the grandson of Commander in Auschwitz, who is now actively fighting fascism and anti-Semitism.

The film director Aleksandar Reljić and the film's protagonist Reiner Hes, the grandson of the commander of the Auschwitz camp, were guests during the closing of the Festival UBRZAJ, and after the screening of the film, they talked with the audience in Sala Dodest, along with the moderation of the historian Miloš Vukanović.

Talking about the motives of working on this film, Reljić explained that he had previously dealt with the subject of the Holocaust and the crimes committed during the Second World War in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

"I did a special documentary "Auschwitz - the Yugoslav Memory" and I was interested in the fact that today, after the war, the bloody decay and war crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia, what is the relation to this phenomenon in the context of cover-up and relativism, not only for the crimes from the nineties but also from the Second World War," Reljić said.

He recalled that in the past ten years there has been an attempt to rehabilitate war criminals in Serbia, reducing their significance.

"I came across the story of Rainer and Eva, after which I decided to continue to deal with this topic," said Reljić, and speaking of the two realities that were going on in Auschwitz concluded: "The banality of the crime can be seen in the photos shown in the film, on which the Nazis lead a carefree life."

He pointed out that the biggest violation of human rights recorded in our history did not remain behind us, and that the features of that time, as he noted, can still be seen in the modern media.

"You can still see a swastika in everyday life, it's not a secret or something that should be concealed. My task is, just like the grandson of one of the greatest criminals, to try to make things like that never happen again," Hes said.

He said that such a crime can happen anywhere in the world and that the worrying fact is the growth of retrograde movements, such as the fact of the region, that “Ustaha get a legitimacy” and that in many EU countries the right-wing politicians are stronger, saying that the governments are the liable ones for preventing similar events.

He was also interested in the audience's questions about the relationship with other members of the Hes family in which he sees himself as a "waste", and in which his grandfather Rudolf Hes was the right one, and how he even learned about the depth of his family's involvement into crimes, which resulted in his interruption in communication with them. He also spoke about his educational initiatives that are being implemented around the world, as well as the threats he receives from the new Nazis and security measures that he is often subjected.

Text by PR Center, on December 15th 2018, read more at CdM

18 Dec 2018, 16:33 PM

December 18, 2018 - Last night, certificates were awarded to the students of the training 'Modern communication FOR modern business', which was organized at the New Year's Cocktail Party of the Association of Montenegrin Managers (AMM).

The cocktail party, along with a great presence of the government, diplomatic corps and managers of Montenegrin companies, marked the 5th anniversary of AMM's successful work.

This training proved to be very necessary both for the private sector and the state sector. Therefore, we are planning to continue soon, so the new cycle, with the same concept and lecturers, will begin already on March 1st, 2019, announced the president of the PR Committee and marketing at the Association of Montenegrin managers and coordinator of the training project Ana Martinovic.

"After these 30 trainees who have successfully completed the training, we already have an interest in the new training cycle, which we plan to continue in cooperation with the Human Resources Management Department, and on this occasion,  I am most warmly thanking on behalf of the AMM," Martinovic said. She said that the training concept and lecturers will be the same, and the lectures will be held at the Human Resources Directorate.

"Whichever managerial level you are at, whether you are the director, the minister, the assistant minister, the assistant director, the head of the cabinet or PR to manage communication is a daily part of your business. Without modern communication, you cannot present your ideas and products well, or everything you do in a company or institution. Without the application of the concept modern communication, there is definitely no modern business," Martinovic said.

Jelena Kaluđerović, PR manager of HP "Budvanska Rivijera", as one of thirteen lecturers, thinks that the training was very successful.

"When education is concerned, we need to know that learning is never enough, we learn while we are alive, and that means we will be able to follow trends only if we are dealing with PR, marketing or any other business," said Kaluđerović.

She said she was honored to have had the opportunity to be one of the lecturers and she succeeded in presenting the most current trends in digital marketing, in the field of blogging and influential marketing, to the participants.

Director of PR & Media Consultancy (PR Center), Milena Kalezić, pointed out that knowledge and experience should be shared.

"My first assessment of the whole concept is one great thank you note to Ana Martinovic and the Association of Montenegrin managers, who brought together those who know how to communicate and gather those who have been doing it for the last ten, 15 years, to learn and improve their skills every day. That's what they accomplished and learned through their everyday work, whether they work in the private sector, in public institutions, and shared with those who are willing to invest in their knowledge," said Kalezic.

On the other hand, she added, all participants who successfully and actively followed this training should be praised, they invested in their knowledge, became competitive in the labor market, and most importantly learned to communicate even more successfully.

We are looking forward to a new cycle of socializing with some young people who are willing to invest in their knowledge or those that are targeted by their managers and institutions in which they find it important for them to learn more and follow the trends of communication," said Kalezic. Public Relations Officer of the Police Directorate, Tamara Pavićević, said that Modern communication for modern business is a modern training for all those who, as she stated, want to deal with communications or already do this through performing their duties and tasks either in the public or in the private sector.

"This training has refined the knowledge of the participants in the field of internal and external communication, in the areas that matter to them, from the beginning to the end, how to communicate in contemporary society. My lecture was about crisis communication that is everyday life in PR, marketing, and communication," Pavicevic said.

According to her, crisis communication is specific and one should invest knowledge and effort in it, stating that the entire team should be included in order to be successfully implemented.

Training attendant Nevena Keković, director of the Institute "Dr. Simo Milošević", said that the training was very comprehensive, assessing that she had at least achieved the expectations of the participants.

"I think that training is something that is important to recommend to every next generation of students and to anyone who might be interested in this type of training, because investment in knowledge, in terms of time and finance, is always something that will be valuable in various spheres, and this training is something that justifies everything invested," said Keković.

Training attendant Mirha Tahirovic, from the PR service of the Parliament of Montenegro, said that she is very pleased to find herself among the participants of the Contemporary Communication Course for Contemporary Business.

"Training is a great opportunity to learn something new from the field of communication. As we have heard many times during training, communication is the key to good business and modern functioning. My warm recommendation is for everyone involved in communication and public relations to attend this training," said Tahirovic.

Text by Vijesti online, on December 14th 2018, read more at Vijesti

18 Dec 2018, 16:28 PM

December 18, 2018 - One of the most influential Italian journals "Corriere della Sera" - "L'Economia", in the section "Investments abroad" published the article titled "Montenegro invites Italian small and medium enterprises" (Il Montenegro corre e chiama le Pmi italiane). According to the reputable newspaper, the Montenegrin GDP has been multiplied four times since 2000.

The appeal to the president of companies: "Open here. Do business with Montenegro.

A young nation, by numbers, opportunities, the desire for growth and the capacity to attract foreign investors," it read, with a guide to business opportunities published by Honorary Consulate of this Balkan state in Milan: from opening a company, through customs procedures, to average salaries and permits.

The aim is to distribute information on the economic potentials of the state that not only grows but also has great ambitions for the future, bearing in mind its EU entry: integration will be officially completed in 2025. Montenegro is 42nd out of 190 in the classification "Doing Business 2018" by the World Bank.

"We have national sovereignty that is older than a millennium and a turbulent history," Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic said. Montenegro, precisely in the view of its strategic position between the mountains and the sea, at the crossroads of roads and the army, had to spill a lot of blood to remain an oasis of freedom of the Balkan peninsula. Also, until the collapse of socialist Yugoslavia, our country, although developed from an industrial point of view, has nevertheless remained extremely poor."

However, after a political departure from Serbia, the Montenegrin republic began to build an industrial, tax and economic system for itself: from choosing to use the euro (the first option was the German mark) in 2002, until joining the World Trade Organization in 2012.

"Strategies are designed, among other things, to attract foreign investors," notes Djukanovic - especially the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. They achieved significant results in just a few years: in less than 20 years, the gross national product of Montenegro, a country with 700,000 inhabitants, has been multiplied by four, from 1 billion in 2000 (984 million) to 4,77 billion euros in 2017, with almost 700 million foreign investments. Economic growth since 2006, the average economic growth rate is 3.3 per cent, but with years when the growth was even 10 per cent. Growth initiates primarily tax policy based more on consumption taxes than on income. The average VAT rate today is 21%. While the rate of corporate income tax is very favorable, the lowest in the Balkans.

Companies pay a unique tax rate of 9%: in Albania it is 10%, while in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia it is 20%. An attractive tax policy follows the development of more sectors. First of all, agriculture, a sector that, with renewable energy, is considered to have great potential. The government's plan envisions funds for rural development in the amount of 4.5 million euros, thanks to the candidacy of Montenegro to enter the European Union, and an additional $50 million allocated from the Abu Dhabi Fund.

Another growing sector is construction: the value of construction facilities amounted to 453.6 million euros in 2016, out of which 171.8 million were spent on infrastructure and transport.

There is also tourism. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the direct share of this sector in national GDP (+6.7 per cent in 2017) will grow in the coming years. It is estimated that the total share will be 31.2 per cent in 2027, with a total value of 1.6 billion euros.

Bearing pillars of Montenegro's development are small and medium-sized enterprises (among them Italian ones). Since 2014 the state has been included in the EU program "Competitiveness of small and medium enterprises" but also numerous support and development programs for foreign companies. Information on investments and incentives in 23 Montenegrin municipalities can be found on the portal

Regarding Montenegro, according to the paper, two are encouraging factors for Italian investors:

"The road to the European Union and the significant surplus Italy has in its exchange with this country." Therefore, for Erika Kosuta, the president of Ocean Montenegro, a logistics company with a turnover of 40 million, which has just invested three million in this country, this is the nation to focus on. "The Balkans is a strategic space between the East and West markets," says Kosut. After all, there are already many national companies that have found commercial opportunities there, especially in the areas of luxury and food industry."

The energy sector is in a dynamic increase.

"Terna - says the entrepreneur, ends the first submarine cable to transfer energy from one coast to the other, while ENI launched an open-sea exploration with Russian Novatek. Montenegro is a political one, except that it is an economic opportunity. "Investments concentrate on the energy sector: the disparity between the production and consumption of electricity forces Montenegro that almost 40% is imported from international markets. Although the hydroelectric power industry has reached a good level of development, the deficit of energy use of wind, solar and biomass energy remains."

Montenegro "has reduced commercial legislation and an understandable tax system: costs are costs, and revenues are revenues, a thing that for one Italian has the taste of miracles. Providing the investor with the conditions to think about his job, and not to replace the state, is something that makes Montenegro a country to invest, according to Sigilfred Montinari, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Hipotekarna bank from Podgorica. It is the second bank in Montenegro and a technological leader with 18 branches and 220 employees. In the opinion of Montinari, the state has become attractive to investors, especially for Italians.

"In addition to the stronger sides made in Italy, such as food and fashion, said Montinari, the immediate opportunities are classical for a country with strong growth: construction and infrastructure."Terrain for large companies such as “Terna”, which is implementing an electric power interconnection that will connect the Balkans with Italy and “Pizzarotti”, which builds a tourist settlement worth over 600 million.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, on the other hand, "there are opportunities in the areas of lighting, furnishing, special equipment and facilities". But also "in wood processing - Italy is the leader in the production of woodworking machines - and in the areas of renewable energy, tourism, agriculture: for the last two sectors, the state gives incentives."

Text by Corriere della Sera , on December 17th 2018, read more at CdM

18 Dec 2018, 02:38 AM

17 December 2018 - This year, Porto Montenegro has had the honour to become a partner of a prestigious British event - The British Yachting Awards, sponsored by two leading sailing British magazines: Sailing Today and Yachts & Yachting.

Porto Montenegro Sponsors The British Yachting Awards 2

The British Yachting Awards, the only sailing awards that are voted for entirely by consumers, were held on Tuesday, December 11, at the prestigious Royal Thames Yacht Club in Knightsbridge, London, celebrating the best that the sailing industry has to offer. The event awarded the champions in various nautical categories, including Sportsboat of the Year, Dinghy of the Year, Charter Destination of the Year, Best Cruising Yacht, Bluewater Cruiser, Youth Sailor, Amateur Sailor, Racing Performance, UK Marina Destination, Performance Yacht, Sailing Event, Pro Sailor, Equipment Innovation and many others.

During the awards, it was emphasized that 2018 had seen a lot of exceptional deeds, with numerous newly set records, new products that have impressed, and individual and team performances that set new standards. According to the organizers, in many categories, the numbers of votes were extremely tight, reflecting the strength of the sport and also its increasing diversity.

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Porto Montenegro was the sponsor of the Cruising Yacht of the Year Award. As explained by the organizers, “for heading across the channel and hopping across the coast of Europe or just weekends away with the family, there are a few cruising boats that caught our eye this year”. The nominees included “Beneteau Oceanis 51.1”, “Dufour 460 GL”, “Hanse 458”, “Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410” and “Southerly 480”. This award was presented by Porto Montenegro’s Marina Director Tony Browne to the representative of the French giant Beneteau for “Beneteau Oceanis 51.1” Cruising Yacht.

The sponsors of The British Yachting Awards 2018 included Musto, Sailing Today, Yachts & Yachting, Astins, Brutons Propellers, Culture Sailing, GAC Pindar, Garmin, Ocean Sailing Scotland, Pantaenius Sail & Motor Insurance, Porto Montenegro, Poole Quay Boat Haven, Seafarer, Seago and UKSA.

The presence and even sponsorship of this kind of event are significant for Porto Montenegro. A large number of business partners and clients of the Tivat Marina come from the British market, and this event is an excellent opportunity for representatives of Porto Montenegro to meet them, and present the nautical and tourist products of Porto Montenegro and Bay of Kotor.

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17 December 2018 - Prime Minister Marković stressed that the ambition of Montenegro is to open soon the remaining negotiating chapter, Chapter 8 - Competition, and that the country worked diligently and provided the internal readiness to close several chapters.

Prime Minister Marković and Commissar Hahn agreed that progress has been made in the area of the rule of law. PM Marković paid particular attention to the fight against corruption and organised crime, where, in his words, the country achieved a lot, and that even better results are expected to be made soon, especially in the areas of combating human trafficking and money laundering.

The meeting also discussed progress in the field of media. The emphasis was placed on the protection of journalists and media assets. It was noted that a set of media laws that should improve the media scene are being drafted.

PM Marković informed Commissioner Hahn about the political situation in Montenegro. The two officials also exchanged opinions on developments in the region.

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The Prime Minister said that Montenegro has been continuously promoting dialogue and stability and that it will continue to encourage the region's progress and its aspiration towards the European Union. Commissioner Hahn praised the role of Montenegro in the region.

Next year, PM Marković underscored, the Government will give priority to the achievement of dynamic development and complete financial stability in the country. He also pointed out the good economic results the Government has achieved, which is reflected primarily in economic growth, deficit reduction, and an increase in the number of employees.

During the summer, on the occasion of Joint Vienna Institute Lecture 2018, Johannes Hahn that the door of the European Union was undoubtedly open to the countries of the Western Balkans and pointed out that candidates must first of all be aware that without the rule of law there is no progress on the European path. He also stressed that freedom of the media and expression is a fundamental right in the EU, and he expressed particular concern about the political control of the media and the non-governmental sector in Montenegro.

On the occasion of Montenegro's opening of Chapter 27, Hahn said that Montenegro is making a significant step forward on its “European path”. He also welcomed the progress in the rule of law and said that the focus, in the coming period, should be placed on the activities under negotiating chapters 23 and 24. Commissioner Hahn reiterated that the European Commission would continue to support the integration of Montenegro into the EU in terms.

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