06 Apr 2020, 23:18 PM
April 6, 2020 - With 19 new cases reported today, the number of COVID-19 patients in Montenegro has risen to 233. Two people infected with coronavirus have died. In the last 24 hours, 194 people have been tested, according to the Institute of Public Health. Newly ill persons are from Podgorica (11) and Niksic.

Number of COVID-19 patients by municipalities:

Podgorica: 115
Sad: 34
Niksic: 28
Bar: 19
Ulcinj: 9
Andrijevica: 7
Bijelo Polje: 6
Herceg Novi: 6
Budva: 4
Tivat: 2
Danilovgrad: 3
At today's press conference, Head of Crisis Medical Staff, prof. Dr. Ranko Lazovic urged citizens to use protective masks to protect themselves and others, and once again said that care should be taken as often as possible about hand hygiene and physical distance.
He explained that only the first contacts with COVID-19 patients should be tested, not their connections. "The first contacts go into self-isolation or quarantine," Lazovic said.
The director of the Emergency Block of the Clinical Center, Dr. Nermin Abdić, said that the measure of prohibition of movement in the evening hours is not a measure of repression, and called on all citizens for responsible behavior.
Lazovic told a baby whose mother had COVID-19 was born at Kodra Hospital today. According to him, the birth was done by cesarean section by all world standards and procedures for pregnant women positive for coronavirus. The baby was separated from its mother, tested today, and the tasting will be repeated, Lazovic said.
Lazovic said there were 223 coronavirus patients in Montenegro, 39 of which hospitalized at the moment. There are three patients in the Intensive Care Unit at the Clinical Center of Montenegro, two of whom are on respirators. Lazovic reported 20 healthcare workers in Montenegro were infected with COVID-19.
Director of the Emergency Block of the Clinical Center Abdic reiterated that there are more than enough respirators so far - 72 in the facility and a total of 59 hospitals in other hospitals.
When asked if the plan is to test all citizens, as announced in Croatia, Head of the Crisis Medical Staff, Dr. Ranko Lazovic said it was possible. He noted, however, that the current assessment of the epidemiological situation still does not mean that extensive tests should be conducted.
He stressed Montenegro is among the leading countries in the world in terms of coverage of tested potential patients in terms of population.
05 Apr 2020, 21:29 PM
April 5, 2020 - In Montenegro, a total of 181 patients were tested for coronavirus in the last 24 hours, of which COVID-19 was confirmed in 13 people. The number of registered cases in Montenegro is currently 214, and two persons passed away. At the moment, 37 persons are hospitalised, and the first recovered patient was dismissed from the Clinical Centre of Montenegro yesteday.
Newly ill patients are from Bar (1), Niksic (3) and Podgorica (9), epidemiologists from the Institute of Public Health said.
To discover more on the COVID-19 situation in Montenegro, find our previous report.

COVID-19: A Daily Citizen's Guide

Number of registered cases in Montenegro: 214
Number of deaths: 2

Symptoms of COVID-19 disease:

Temperature and fatigue, dry cough, shortness of breath, muscle pain

What if I suspect I have the COVID-19:

Contact the Call Center at 1616
The number is open from 8 am to 11 pm

What if I am abroad and want to go back to Montenegro?

To request a return, available numbers every day from 8 am to 8 pm:
+382 20 234 111 and +382 20 234 222

What is forbidden?

More than two people stay in open public places
TRAVELING MORE THAN TWO ADULTS IN THE VEHICLE except for members of the same household
WALKING Pets except for 60 minutes a day
EXIT FROM 19h to 5h, weekends 13h to 5h
HOUSEHOLD GATHERING except for members of the same household

Open border crossings

Nudo, Ilino Brdo 
Debeli Brijeg
Dobrakovo, Dracenovac

What is working:

CATERING FOOD DELIVERY FACILITIES (8 am to 6 pm, except for delivery to customer address)
KIOSKS (7 to 15)

What's NOT working?

> All international air, rail and bus traffic
> Educational institutions
> Public and taxi transport
> Children's playrooms
> Cafes, Restaurants, Nightclubs
> Shopping malls
> Sports and recreational facilities
> Hair and Beauty Salons
> Casinos, bookmakers and casinos
Report any irregularity to 080 555 555 or an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who has to go into self-isolation?

> All who come from countries that are moderately or lowly affected by the virus and have not come through organized transport

Who has to quarantine?

> Anyone suspected of having been in contact with the diseased or those suspected of having the disease
> All coming from countries that hit the hardest by COVID-19 pandemic
A criminal complaint is filed for non-compliance with this measure.

Main recommendations:

Keep a social distance of two meters
Consult your doctor about any health dilemma you may have
Wash your hands regularly and take care of respiratory hygiene
Don't make food storages at home
Avoid getting out of the house and using public areas
Have funerals in the immediate family circle

Red Cross help lines:

Volunteer Assistance: 069 / 194-475
Psychological Assistance: 069 / 194-476
(9am to 6pm)
04 Apr 2020, 20:41 PM
April 4, 2020 - The Institute for Public Health confirmed 27 more cases of COVID-19 infection today, bringing the number of patients in Montenegro to 201.
The Institute reports coronavirus test results twice a day. As of yesterday at 5.50 pm, until 8.50 this morning, 212 samples were analyzed, 23 of which were positive. Newly ill patients were registered in Podgorica (14), Niksic (3), and Bar (6). Most newcomers, they said, are contacts of previously known cases.
From this morning until 5.50 pm, 51 samples were analyzed, with four new patients positive for COVID-19. "All new patients are from Podgorica, three are contacts of previously known cases, while one is in the initial phase of epidemiological research and its contacts are being identified," according to the Institute of Public Health.
There are over 6,000 people under surveillance. So far, the virus is present in 11 Montenegrin cities, the capital, and Tuzi being most affected. A total of 237 health workers are in self-isolation.
Among the Government measures introduced to fight the spread of COVID-19, from today, citizens are not allowed to exit their houses on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 pm do 5 pm.

Number of COVID-19 patients by municipalities:

Podgorica: 95
Sad: 34
Niksic: 17
Bar: 18
Ulcinj: 9
Andrijevica: 7
Bijelo Polje: 6
Budva: 4
Herceg Novi: 6
Danilovgrad: 3
Tivat: 2

Police apprehend offenders of government measures to curb the COVID-19 epidemic

Montenegrin police regularly prosecute persons who violate government measures to curb the coronavirus epidemic and make their arrest public in the media.
Thus, on Friday night, two people were arrested and remanded in custody to a "guest" with a friend. According to a spokeswoman for the Podgorica Prosecutor's Office, Milica Mandic, they violated a temporary measure prohibiting the gathering in the apartment of persons who are not members of the household.
"The State Prosecutor heard two persons, ordered the detention for a maximum of 72 hours by a decision, and subsequently submitted the indictment and the motion for custody within the statutory time limit," Mandic said.
There were also six Budva detainees detained by police at a hotel in the city playing cards. They were held at the premises of the Budva police, and taken to the Kotor prosecution on Saturday on suspicion of committing the criminal offense of Failure to Comply with Health Regulations for the Suppression of a Dangerous Infectious Disease.
The offense is punishable by up to one year in prison.

Three police officers positive on COVID-19, 76 isolated

Three officers of the Police Directorate are COVID-19 positive, there are 73 in self-isolation, and three in quarantine, the Police Directorate said.
"The job of police officers is inherently risky, and in this situation, police officers are further exposed to the risk of virus coronas because they are one of the front line services in protecting the health of Montenegrin citizens," the statement said.
They request that their members carry out daily measures and actions within their jurisdiction to control compliance with the interim rules of the National Coordination Body to prevent the spread of the COVIOD-19.
“Police officers, who assist sanitary inspectors, are primarily equipped with protective masks, gloves, and suits. Other officers, who have daily contact with citizens, have been provided with the available quantities of protective equipment and the procurement of additional equipment is in progress, ”the Police Directorate concludes.

Red Cross helped 9.255 families to face the COVID-19 crisis

Ever since the coronavirus was confirmed in our country, the Red Cross of Montenegro has been very active in mitigating its consequences. It has been assisting the most vulnerable groups of society daily – they noted, adding that they have helped a total of 9.255 families and individuals so far.
They distributed basic care packages for 6.148 people, went shopping for 1.473 people who were advised not to leave their homes, and provided psycho-social support for 1.634 individuals.
 “We have engaged 450 volunteers, 100 of our employees, and 130 housekeepers in the fieldwork. They get over 1.000 calls and requests for assistance daily, “the Red Cross added.
The assistance is continuously provided in every municipality across the country, and they are trying to help as many socially vulnerable families and individuals as possible.
Committed donations to the COVID-19 response will continue to be shared via the Red Cross, so they urged all individuals and organizations to take part and thus help the most vulnerable citizens.

New contigent of medical equippment arrived last night

A plane carrying 17 tons of medical equipment worth about €2 million, purchased by the Government of Montenegro, landed in Podgorica airport last night.

More than a million protective masks, 20.000 medical suits, 15.000 safety goggles, 150 thermometers for rapid temperature measurement, 3.000 coronavirus swab tests and 20 digital ventilators are just a part of equipment the government has purchased, they have stated.

Chinese support to Montenegro fighting COVID-19 pandemic

Cooperation between China and Montenegro in battling COVID-16 has proved the friendship between the two countries, Chinese Ambassador to Montenegro, Liu Jinn, told in an interview for Dan, a daily.
“COVID-19 is spreading globally, thus endangering the lives and health of people in many countries, including Montenegro. After hard work and great sacrifice, the most critical and challenging phase of the epidemic ended in China. Therefore, we are fully aware of the seriousness of the situation in Montenegro, and we understand all the obstacles. From my point of view, the measures taken by Montenegro have been efficient, and I believe you are going to combat the epidemic, “Mr. Liu Jinn said.
Following the epidemic outbreak, China shared its experience for controlling it with other countries, including Montenegro, via the World Health Organization, the Ambassador noted.
“The Chinese Embassy and the Public Health Institute of Montenegro have set up a model of communication in late January, to share information timely and solve difficulties. “
He also underlined that after the first coronavirus case was recorded in MNE, the Chinese government decided to provide urgent assistance to Montenegro with 1.000 testing kits and medical equipment, such as face masks, ventilators, safety suits, goggles, etc. Testing kits arrived on 20 March.
“Having in mind that the whole world now is seeking for the medical equipment, the Government of Montenegro, in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy, has managed to procure a massive amount of the medical equipment from China. It has already landed from Beijing and will undoubtedly help a lot in the fight against COVID-19,“ the Chinese Ambassador to Montenegro noted regarding the latest procurement of medical and protective equipment delivered last night at the Podgorica airport.

Tourist Organization of Budva thinking of the after-corona time

Due to the existing circumstances caused by the novel coronavirus, the tourism industry of Budva is ready to align and change prices to be competitive in the market, Ms. Maja Liješević, head of the Budva Tourism Organization, announced.
According to her, Budva’s advertising campaign, from now on, will focus on online communication, primarily priority markets, and individual guests.
“Budva Tourism Organization, in collaboration with relevant national and municipal services and institutions, is carefully monitoring the current situation due to the coronavirus pandemic, both locally and globally, “she noted.
Sopurce: Government of Montenegro, Vijesti Online, Daily Dan, CDM
Even though the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic will reflect on tourism, our tourism industry is ready to respond once the situation stabilizes, Ms. Liješević concluded.
03 Apr 2020, 20:36 PM
April 3, 2020 - Of the first COVID-19 patients registered on March 17, a total of 174 cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Montenegro, as many as 30 new in the last 24 hours. At the same time, the first patient, whose condition was at one point critical, was released from the Clinical Center of Montenegro for home treatment. In Montenegro, two people died from COVID-19.
The new cases were registered in Podgorica (14), Bar (2), Niksic (11), Danilovgrad (1) and Herceg Novi (2). The total caseload by city is as follows: Podgorica (77), Tuzi (34), Niksic (14), Bar (12), Ulcinj (9), Andrijevica (7), Herceg Novi (7), Bijelo Polje (6), Budva (4), Danilovgrad (3), Tivat (2).
Jevto Erakovic, the Director of the Clinical Centre of Montenegro, said this patient was born in 1974.
“After 20 days of fighting, I won. I defeated coronavirus. It wasn’t easy. I am glad I didn’t transmit the infection to anyone, I didn’t put anyone in danger,” says Mr. Mihailo Vukić (46) from Bar. He sent a very emotional message to everyone. “Please stay at home. You don’t need inhalators, ventilators, injections, infusions. Stay at home, and you will be great. Thanks, Montenegro.”
 “Condition this patient was in when he came gives us even more strength to endure. He will be in self-isolation for the next 15 days”, Head of the Medical team Ms. Ratković said.
The youngest COVID-19 patient in Montenegro so far is only three years old. The child’s overall condition is excellent, said the director of the Clinical Centre.

COVID-19 spread indicated local transmission

Director of the Institute for Public Health, Dr. Boban Mugoša, points out that the number of COVID-19 cases in Montenegro indicates local transmission and infection within the population and that the number would be considerably lower if citizens had adhered to the measures. Dr. Mugoša and Dr. Vesna Miranović pointed out that epidemic supervision had been enhanced in Vrela Ribnička settlement, where the first case of COVID-19 infection was discovered yesterday.
“We managed to keep Montenegro without infection for so long. What happened later resulted in the spreading of the infection. Please do not stigmatize the infected people. It isn’t anybody’s fault”, Dr. Mugoša said.

The increase in the number of infected persons is the failure to adhere to the measures

“Only one funeral in Ulcinj resulted in 40 infected persons. Failure to respect the measure of prohibition of going from one town to the other resulted in a cluster we have in one village. Failure to respect the measure referring to the ban on going abroad in the time of epidemic resulted in a cluster of 30 people and another one of 20 people. Failure to adhere to the measure referring to mass gatherings, such as religious gathering in Doljani, resulted in another cluster of infections. Now we have over 100 infections. If all those measures had been respected, we would be talking about 60 infected persons, not over 160. Listen up, please. I must warn you”, Dr. Mugoša points out at this morning press conference held by National Coordination Body and the Institute of Public Health.
At the moment, there were 940 persons in quarantines, and another group of Montenegrins national is expected to come from Frankfurt.

List of COVID-19 positive persons leaked and started circling the Internet

List of persons infected with coronavirus leaked and started circling the Internet. President of Civil Alliance, Mr. Boris Raonić, urges people not to spread it further.
Mr. Raonić emphasizes the seriousness of the new problem. “This means that competent bodies allowed this list to “leak.” They committed a criminal offense and put those people in many forms of danger, from stigmatization to even more severe types of risk”, Mr. Raonić says.
He thinks the reaction of the Agency for the Protection of the Confidentiality of Data would come naturally now.
“But the Agency lost legitimacy the moment it allowed the list of people in self-isolation. The question is, would they see this as a problem at all? The police must urgently investigate this and start from those who make a list and put them of lie detector test”, Mr. Raonić says.
He warns that these moments are critical and that we shall all show humanity and protect other people from us.

Mobile application for reporting COVID-19 symptoms

Institute for Public Health of Montenegro launched today a mobile app for reporting symptoms, as part of the more extensive integration system for management of information concerning coronavirus pandemic in Montenegro.
“The goal of the mobile app is to provide a simple and safe possibility for reporting symptoms with only two clicks. Citizens can access the app following the link they get in the SMS”, Institute for Public Health states.
Thanks to carefully designed user experience, citizens establish communication with epidemic service, send the essential data about their health, and, therefore, considerably simplify the process of medical supervision.
Whoever thinks has symptoms of the virus can call SOS line 1616.

Orav: EU will support Montenegro in dealing with COVID-19 crisis and consequences

Ambassadors of EU Member States accredited in Montenegro and Head of the EU Delegation, Mr. Aivo Orav, said that they would be with Montenegro in good times and also when it “is faced with difficulties.”
Yesterday, the EU, UNDP, and the Government of Montenegro signed the agreement as a response to Montenegro’s need for immediate support in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. This agreement envisages €3 million for the urgent needs of the Montenegrin healthcare system through the acquisition of medical devices and medical equipment.
 “Our support doesn’t stop here. To contribute to the mitigation of consequences provoked by the COVID-19, the EU will support the recovery of our WB partners. That refers to our support for the private sector, increase in social protection, with special focus on vulnerable groups and strengthening of the healthcare system. Around €50 million will be earmarked for Montenegro in that context”, Mr. Orav said.

GB Ambassador to Montenegro, Alison Kemp: Greatest health challenge of our generation

Alison Kemp, the Ambassador of Great Britain to Montenegro, addressed today Montenegrin public. In her letter, HE Kemp stressed the COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest health and medical challenge the pour generation has ever been faced with.
“I would like to express my gratitude to Montenegro for the selfless help it had offered during the repatriation of British nationals. Despite limited capacities and the scope of this crisis, Montenegro generously enabled 31 British nationals to come back home. On behalf of their families and British Minister for Europe in the Foreign Office, Ms. Morton, and my behalf, I express thanks to the National Coordination Body, Airports of Montenegro, and national air carrier,” emphasized HE Kemp. The whole letter is available in English at
02 Apr 2020, 21:42 PM
April 2, 2020 - With the 21 new COVID-19 cases registered today, the number of patients in Montenegro raised to 144, two of whom unfortunately passed away. A total of 1063 people have been tested for the coronavirus in our country, 163 today. 
New COVID-19 patients are coming from Podgorica, 13 of them, Bijelo Polje five, Nikšić two, and Danilovgrad-one.
Epidemiologist of the Institute of Public Health, Dr. Senad Begic, pointed out that the growth rate of the disease in Montenegro is about 22 percent identical to that in Croatia, while in Serbia it is 13 percent per 100,000 inhabitants.

Number of persons positive for COVID-19 by municipalities:

Podgorica: 63
Sad: 34
Bar: 10
Ulcinj: 9
Andrijevica: 7
Bijelo Polje: 6
Budva: 4
Herceg Novi: 4
Niksic: 3
Tivat: 2
Danilovgrad: 2

The measure for the days of weekend mitigated

In line with the information provided by the competent security services that most citizens adhere to the prescribed temporary measures, the Institute of Public Health has today approved that the Ministry of Health eases the ban on leaving homes during weekends.
By ordering the Ministry of Health to amend the appropriate order, citizens will be able to leave their homes by 1 p.m. on Sunday, but with strict adherence to all other measures. The ban is valid Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. the following day.

Ten more health workers positive on COVID-19

Crisis medical staff chief Ranko Lazovic said coronavirus had been confirmed in 10 other health care providers - six doctors and four nurses. "Three doctors and two nurses are from the Clinical Center of Montenegro, two doctors and one nurse from Bar and one doctor from Tivat," Lazovic said. According to him, one nurse is not in the health care system of Montenegro.

PM Markovic: Half a million euros more for March healthcare earnings

"We have decided to reward health care workers who have been in the work process since the start of the coronavirus spread by up to 15 percent extra pay," said Prime Minister Dusko Markovic.
The Prime Minister said that the Government had also decided that the established restraint measures do not apply to health care workers and that any overtime worked for healthcare will be paid extra.
"We will immediately allocate at least half a million euros for our doctors and healthcare professionals," the Prime Minister said.

EU support agreement signed with Montenegro: Three million to procure medical equipment

The Delegation of the European Union and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Montenegro have today signed a three-million-euro contract for the purchase of essential medical equipment and personal protective equipment for healthcare workers, the Government of Montenegro announced.
The agreement, which is funded by EU funds as part of emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic, was signed today by an EU Delegation to Montenegro, Ambassador Aivo Orav, and Daniela Gasparikova, UNDP Permanent Representative, at an online conference to act. The signing was organized in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister, Milutin Simovic, who chairs the National Coordination Body.
The partnership between the Government of Montenegro, the European Union, and UNDP will enable the necessary missing equipment to be provided as soon as possible. Thanks to this support, 100 respirators, ten mobile x-ray devices, as well as contingents of personal protective equipment for medical workers - including masks, gloves, surgical caps, waterproof overalls and aprons, goggles and visors - are coming to Montenegro, the Government of Montenegro said.

EP President, David Sasoli: European COVID-19 policy should include Western Balkans

All measures taken at the European level should include the countries of the Western Balkans in their efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic - said the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli.
In a letter to the Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro, Ivan Brajovic and the Speakers of the region's parliaments, on their appeal for assistance to the Western Balkans region in combating the coronavirus pandemic, this region is "part of the European family, and European commitment is beyond doubt."
“Rest assured that the European Union is looking for ways to integrate your region into its response mechanisms. The COVID-19 epidemic is, in many ways, a test of our European solidarity. It is a moment for solidarity, and your region needs to be involved. If we remain united, we can emerge stronger from this crisis, ”Sasoli wrote.
Parliament presidents of the Western Balkan countries addressed last week the EP and the European Commission, proposing a series of measures regarding the procurement of medical equipment to Balkan countries. One of the proposals is the diversion of unspent funds from the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II) to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The Employers Union proposes new economic measures

The Union of Employers of Montenegro announced today that it supports the Government in the implementation of measures to protect citizens from COVID-19, and has proposed new rules aimed at supporting the sustainability of enterprises and preserving jobs.
Supported by the economic measures already taken by the Government on March 19, the Employers Union indicates that, although useful, they are not sufficient and must be supplemented.
The Union says the proposed measure gives a broad overview of the real needs and expectations of the business sector from policymakers and decision-makers. They expect the Government and the National Infectious Diseases Coordination Body to consider proposals and adopt measures that they believe to be the most urgent and to present concrete mechanisms of assistance and support to the economy in emerging circumstances.
They propose a whole set of measures to support firms prohibited from work or significantly restricted work, where due to the proposed guarantees, commercial banks' countries could create more favorable credit lines. They ask to extend the moratorium on repayment of loans to businesses and provide grants to entrepreneurs whose liquidity has been called into question. The proposal also included numerous tax relief measures and a whole set of recommendations in the sphere of labor-legal relations, which should ensure the preservation of jobs while preserving the sustainability of enterprises.
Employers are also seeking to suspend the provisions of the General Collective Agreement on the Obligation to Pay 70% of the Employee's Remuneration, which would provide for the direct application of the Labor Law, which provides for the payment of 60% due to discontinuation of activity.
Source: Goverment of Montenegro, Institute of Public Health, Vijesti Online
01 Apr 2020, 20:20 PM
April 1, 2020 - In Montenegro, a total of 1,048 people has been tested, 123 have been positive for COVID-19, while 6,375 have been under health surveillance. In the last 24 hours, 14 new cases were confirmed.

COVID-19 Cases by municipalities are:

Podgorica: 50
Sad: 34
Bar: 10
Ulcinj: 9
Andrijevica: 7
Budva: 4
Herceg Novi: 4
Tivat: 2
Danilovgrad: 1
Bijelo Polje: 1
Nikšić: 1
Dr. Boban Mugosa, the director of the Institute of Public Health, said that all 11 coronavirus cases reported this morning are connected with previous cases – 10 in Podgorica and 1 in Niksic.
From three new cases reported this afternoon, the Institute says that the source of contagion is well known in two, whereas research is underway for the third case. Newly confirmed COVID-19 patients are coming from Podgorica, Tuzi, and Ulcinj.
ocvied 19 mne national coordination body
National Coordinational Body Press Conference at 9 am, April 1, 2020 , Copyright: Press Centre
At the 9 am briefing, Dr. Mugosa confirmed that there were two official COVID-19 related deaths, although one of the deceased had a chronic illness before he was infected. Asked about the number of infected children, he said there were two positive COVID-19 cases between 0-9 years old, and 12 patients aged 10-19.
Minister of Health Kenan Hrapovic emphasized today that we are entering a more serious phase with perhaps even more severe consequences. All measures aimed to protect public health, Hrapovic pointed out urging all citizens to cooperate to successfully overcome the crisis. 
The director Jevto Erakovic says that currently, 20 patients are at the Clinical Centre of Montenegro (KCCG), while 14 patients are housed at the Infectious Diseases Ward. He adds that they all are stable. Six patients are placed at the intensive care unit of the Internal Medicine Ward, while two patients are hooked to respirators. He expresses gratitude to all health care professionals for great results, professionalism, and hard work in wholly changed conditions. 
Ranko Lazovic, the head of the Medical Crisis Headquarters, explained today that Montenegrin healthcare facilities currently have a sufficient number of beds for potential coronavirus patients: Pljevlja - 30, Niksic - 52, Brezovik Hospital - 60, Bar- 100, Berane - 84, Podgorica - 174 beds. Three temporary hospitals are also being prepared. Montenegro currently has 106 respirators, most of which are at the KCCG – 66, Lazovic points out. Another five that the state bought are supposed to arrive tomorrow, he adds. Lazovic says that 80% of patients are treated at home, all in cooperation with doctors.

Failure to act upon measures will be sanctioned

National Coordination Body decided on extending temporary measures until 15 April.
Any person who infringes any measure imposed by the National Coordination Body will be charged for violating Article 287 of the law. For the first violation without severe consequences, a fine of one-year imprisonment is imposed.
If more severe consequences occurred, the law prescribes imprisonment of up to eight years. In the case of death, the punishment is 12 years of prison.
Prosecutor’s Office reminds that persons who infringe imposed measures are deprived of liberty and sent to investigative detention for up to 30 days.
Such cases are settled urgently, except in case of isolation infringement. In that case, perpetrators are sent to quarantine and are faced with criminal charges.

Stoltenberg on Montenegro’s request for help in the fight against COVID-19

Asked if the Alliance would consider Montenegro’s request for assistance in the fight against coronavirus, Secretary-General of NATO, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, said that NATO had already provided some of its capacities.
“We’ll discuss this in tomorrow’s meeting of ministers of foreign affairs. I expect we will reach some agreement on how we can help more,” Stoltenberg said.

Employers obliged to pay full salary to employees in quarantine or isolation

Employers working during the COVID-19 epidemic are required to pay full salary to the employee who is in quarantine or isolation, Inspection Affairs Administration says.
On the other hand, if employers are not working due to Government’s bans, they are obliged to pay 70% of the salary to their employees in quarantine or self-isolation.
The same rule applies to parents who don’t work because they have children under 11.

Entrepreneurs and trade unions asking for measures to mitigate consequences of COVID-19 pandemic

Entrepreneurs, trade unions, and economists have sent to the Government proposal for measures to minimize impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. They requested subsidies on the salaries, 50% cut on VAT, delay of a settlement of bills, ban on cutting the electricity and reduction in electricity bills…
President of the Entrepreneurs Association, Ms. Edita Dautović, said that micro, small and medium enterprises and crafting shops were the most endangered category of companies.
“We propose the most urgent measures to financial support for companies depending on their size, number of employees and the manner of operation, as well as subsidies on salaries during the epidemic,” Ms. Dautović wrote in her letter addressed to PM Duško Marković.
The Association suggested a 50% cut of VAT and the rest of the debt to be repaid in installments for the next 12 months. Representatives asked for the delay in payment of taxes and ban on the compulsory settlement of claims during the epidemic.
The majority of companies will be forced to shut down, Ms. Dautović said.
Out of 5,35 thousand commerce facilities in Podgorica, only 10% are working. Out of 1,3 thousand of crafting facilities, none is working. Hospitality facilities aren’t working.
Union of Free Trade Unions in their letter of notice to PM Marković asked for non-recurring financial assistance for the users of disability, proportionate, and family pensions.
“Bills for communal services to be delayed for at least three months, and cutting off electricity, water or telecommunication grid to be banned for at least three months, or for as long as there’s danger from virus spread.”
The Government shall oblige employers to extend fixed-term contracts, which are due to expire in the time of epidemic for at least three months.
Union of Free Trade Unions suggests that Government and NCB find a model and engage social partners in the process of planning and implementation of those measures. “Set plans for earmarking funds from the budget for social benefits in a forthcoming period; introduce strict penalty measures for those who tend to use this emergency and make a profit.”

Kasalica: Fresh money to be pumped in economic flows

Economic analyst, Ms. Mila Kasalica, said that fresh funds should be injected in financial flows.
“Directly in business entities. As long as there are no official dismissals, we are still on the good side of the recovery. If micro and small enterprises collapse, that will be great damage to our economic system. If at the end of this year, our GDP doesn’t plunge, we will be in a sustainable system situation and able to bring the economy back to its force gradually. Additionally, the country shall continue to provide support for the most vulnerable groups,” Ms. Kasalica said.
Source:, Government of Montenegro, Institute of Public Health, Vijesti Online, CDM English, Radio Tivat, DAN
31 Mar 2020, 23:01 PM
March 31, 2020 - According to press conferences held today by the National Coordination Body in cooperation with the Clinical Center of Montenegro at 8 am and 6 pm, a total of 166 samples have been tested in Montenegro in the last 24 hours. COVID-19 disease was confirmed in 18 patients, raising the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection to 109. Six thousand three hundred seventy-five people are under medical supervision.
New COVID-19 patients are registered in Podgorica, Ulcinj, and Tivat. The fourth is a patient from Bar, tested in Bijelo Polje. Although initial epidemiological research indicates that she got the coronavirus in Bar, a 74-year-old female patient is recorded as the first COVID-19 case from Bijelo Polje. 

Number of COVID-19 cases by municipalities, March 31, 2020:

Podgorica 39
Tuzi 33
Bar 10
Ulcinj 8
Andrijevica 7
Budva 4
Herceg Novi 4
Tivat 2
Danilovgrad 1
Bijelo Polje 1

"Medical System ready to meet the situation, if citizens act responsibly"

Director of the Clinical Center of Montenegro Jevto Erakovic pointed out at tonight's press conference that the facility currently has 16 coronavirus patients who are in stable condition. Four patients are in intensive care of the Internal Clinic while one patient is attached to a ventilator. Erakovic said that, in addition to the measures of the National Coordination Body and the readiness of the health system, a responsible attitude of citizens towards the situation is necessary for successful coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. According to him, Montenegro has enough ventilators, and in that part, the system will be ready to respond to the needs of citizens.
Crisis medical staff chief Ranko Lazovic says that the Montenegrin health system counts at 2,030 physicians, who are well organized and prepared to respond to the situation, and that we are below the global average for the percentage of medical workers in isolation.
However, according to News Online, Isat Jakupi, a doctor of internal medicine at Ulcinj Health Center, claims that there are no conditions in the institution to combat the COVID-19 epidemic.
"We do not have the equipment, something arrived from China yesterday, but that is not enough. We worked all the time without protective masks, gloves, coats. We are receiving patients who we do not know whether they have or do not have the virus," Jakupi told Vijesti. 

Government: Measures aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 by the Constitution and Law

Police across Montenegro has been monitoring compliance with orders and measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which last night entailed drastic restrictions on movement, which has provoked outrage among opposition political entities. The government explains the Constitution and the Law on the Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases provide the possibility of organizing freedom of movement in situations of threats to the health of citizens.
On weekdays, a curfew was introduced from 7 a.m. to 5 a.m., while citizens are not allowed to leave their homes from Saturday at 1 a.m. to Monday at 5 a.m. under new temporary measures. Detailed information on the latest rules by the National Coordination Body for Infectious Disease Control, issued by the Ministry of Health on the recommendation of the Institute of Public Health, was published last night. They, among other things, prescribe a ban on the presence of persons in residential buildings in which they do not reside.
The NGO Civic Alliance states that without proper explanation, the lay and the general public can hardly question the legal basis of the measures taken, which can heighten fear and panic. The Government's decision to restrict freedom of movement is adopted following the constitution and law, and its objective is legitimate, but, in the opinion of the Civic Alliance, the competent authorities did not adequately communicate with citizens.
Interior Minister Mevludin Nuhodzic emphasized that the competent institutions are determined to implement all measures without exception. "There will be no tolerance, no spared, no privileged. All those who do not respect the measures will be prosecuted without exception,” the minister said.
Head of the Crisis Medical Staff, Ranko Lazovic, explained that yesterday's measures by the National Coordination Body on the temporal restriction of free movement of citizens were necessary because a large number of citizens avoided recommendations on staying in their homes. "It's not a curfew, not austerity; it's prevention. If the citizens do not meet us, our chances will be small.”

New significant donation of equipment arrived from the United Arab Emirates

A new contingent of medical support has come from the United Arab Emirates today, donated by Petros Stathis, Paul Pu, Ranko Ubovic, Aleksandar Mijajlovic, and Thaksin Shinawatra, government officials said.
FlyDubai's aircraft delivered 300,000 medical gloves, 247,500 3Ply masks, 50,000 N95 masks, 1,000 safety goggles, 500 protective suits, and 46 thermometers.
The Clinical Center said that an account opened to raise funds to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is continuously receiving funds, and thank all the donors.

Organization KOD submitted a proposal for stability measures in the wake of the COVID-19 

KOD today submitted to the Prime Minister, Dusko Markovic, a plan for stability measures regarding the current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.
They call on the Government to find a legal base for the Electricity Industry of Montenegro, which is majority-owned by the states, to provide a 50 percent reduction in the current electricity price in March and April, and in the months of possible further emergency measures. At their proposal, local governments, as owners of municipal water utilities, should ensure an equal reduction in the price of water.
"It is imperative to invite telecommunication and cable operators  Telecom, Telenor, M: tel, and Telemach to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and ethical treatment of customers by lowering service prices," suggests the Organization KOD.
To prevent shortages of basic foodstuffs, the CODs are proposing to the Government a VAT exemption for trade on a limited scale. For all citizens who are in self-isolation, they suggest organizing service of delivery of the necessary food and hygiene products.
They believe that the competent state and local authorities must provide the necessary protection for employees of the services that are most at risk of COVID-19 infection these days - health and utility workers and police, and employees of retail outlets that are allowed to work.
Source: Government of Montenegro, Institute of Public Health, Vijesti Online, CDM
30 Mar 2020, 23:47 PM
March 30, 2020 - The Institute of Public Health says that among  95 samples analyzed today, six were positive for the COVID-19 infection. The total of new coronavirus cases in Montenegro is 91, one of whom died. Cases have so far been registered in 9 Montenegrin cities: Tuzi (32), Podgorica (30), Ulcinj (7), Andrijevica (6), Bar (6), Budva (4), Herceg Novi (4), Danilovgrad (1), and Tivat (1).
According to the Clinical Centre of Montenegro, 14 coronavirus patients are currently being treated at this facility. Four of these patients are in Intensive Care, announced the hospital. One patient is hooked to a respirator, and his condition is critical, while other patients are stable at the moment. 

New measures by the National Coordination Body

Prohibition to leave the accommodation facility in the period from:
1. 7:00 pm - 5:00 am - Monday-Friday
2. 1:00 pm Saturday to 5:00 am Monday
The ban applies to all except the exceptions covered by the order.
Exceptionally, for the duration of the ban, persons with pets may be allowed to stay in the public area for a maximum of 60 minutes.
Prohibitions 1 and 2 do not apply to persons who perform regular work tasks and provide services of public interest (health, inspections, police, military, firefighters, utilities, media - including guests at shows, farmers on farms) - evidence: employer confirmation
3. Prohibition to stay in the open public area from 5 am to 7 pm for children under 12 without one parent or another adult member of the family household, subject to the prescribed measure of at least 2m distance from other persons.
4. Prohibition of sports and recreational activities on all public areas
5. Prohibition of gathering in the premises of accommodation by persons who are not members of the joint family household 

237 health workers in isolation

In Montenegro, there are currently 237 health workers in isolation due to the risk of coronavirus, according to the RTCG's Arguments.
The health system is ready to tackle COVID-19, but citizens must comply with all measures taken by the competent authorities to combat this plague, doctors warn.
Nermin Abdic, director of the Emergency Block of the Clinical Center, reiterated that all citizens must be socially responsible and stay home.
 "The biggest focal point is the General Hospital in Bar, wherein one day there were 55 health workers in isolation, which is why we had a job in the medical crisis headquarters to support the Hospital in Bar in cooperation with the Clinical Center," said Abdić.
Senad Begic, an epidemiologist at the Institute of Public Health, told citizens to stay in homes because it is "the only weapon we currently have".
"It is crucial for citizens to show the same determination shown by all the services of this country when it comes to fighting COVID-19. I am glad to see the commitment, because only together and in this fight can we come out as winners," Begic said.

New contingents of medical support are arriving

This week, in two contingents, Montenegro is receiving a significant and valuable amount of medical and protective equipment.
According to the Government's Twitter account, more than one million masks, 600,000 medical gloves, 1,000 safety glasses, 1,000 special suits, remote thermometers are arriving in Montenegro. The National Coordinating Body and the Government thank the donors, Petros Stathis, Paul Pui, Ranko Ubovic, Aleksandar Mihajlovic, and Taksin Shinawatra.

Montenegro seeks medical assistance from NATO to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

Montenegro's national infectious disease coordinating body sought NATO's support in combating coronavirus. A request published on the NATO website states that Montenegro also requested 320 respirators, 4,000 coronavirus tests, 1,000 beds with mattresses, more than five million surgical masks, one million disposable suits.
Also wanted were 150 beds with additional hospital equipment and 140 stretchers.
The Montenegrin request to the Allies also stated that Montenegro needed 4,000 towels, 2,000 linens, 500,000 masks for personal use, 336,000 protective suits, six million gloves, 10,000 liters of medical alcohol. Our country also asks for  10,000 pipettes, 4,000 swab collectors, 4,000 sample tubes, two defibrillators, 50 nebulizers, 40 laryngoscopes, and 20 bronchoscopes.
Montenegro also needs 500 pulse oximeters, 50 oxygen concentrators, 50 ECGs, 200 oxygen bottles, 20 digital x-rays and 320 portable monitors.

Formed Working Group on the Economic Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Prime Minister Dusko Markovic today formed a working group to prepare proposals for a new package of measures to support Montenegrin companies, entrepreneurs, and citizens in dealing with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Saving the health and lives of citizens remains a priority, but the processes need to be initiated to respond to the economic aspect of the pandemic. The Working Group's proposals should be formulated within 5-7 days and considered in dialogue with the social partners, says the Government.
The measures aim to assist the economy and entrepreneurs to conserve resources, employees, and activity, the Government said. Coordination of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro Vlastimir Golubovic, Secretary-General of the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro Refik Bojadzic and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Investment and Development Fund Zoran Vukcevic participated in the coordination.

Press conferences on COVID-19 situation from tomorrow twice a day

The National Coordinating Body has decided to hold twice-daily press conferences starting tomorrow.
At nine o'clock, there will be a conference with the doctors of the Institute of Public Health. At 5 pm, information from the doctors of the Clinical Center of Montenegro. As announced, live TV coverage will be provided.
As reported, journalists will be able to ask doctors anything they want online.
"The public receives timely and accurate information, media equal treatment, and journalists have the opportunity to ask doctors directly," the statement said.

Proceedings against 100 persons for breach of provisional measures to combat COVID-19

Basic State prosecutor's offices in Montenegro have initiated proceedings against 100 persons suspected of having committed a criminal offense for failing to comply with the Montenegrin Government's temporary orders, implemented to fight COVID-19, state prosecutor Milica Andjelic Mandic said. She told TVCG that 50 proceedings were initiated before the Basic State Prosecutor's Office in Podgorica.
Sources: Vijesti Online, Radio Tivat, Government of Montenegro, Institute of Public Helath
29 Mar 2020, 22:28 PM
March 29, 2020 - In Montenegro, among 46 samples analyzed today, one patient was diagnosed with COVID-19 infection, according to the Institute of Public Health. A total of 85 patients are confirmed positive on coronavirus infection, one of which died. There are 6,278 people under health surveillance.

Patient with COVID-19 infection died today, but Clinical Center says no cause coronavirus

Another coronavirus positive person passed away at the Clinical Center of Montenegro today. Still, from that institution, they inform that the patient (79) was without signs of severe impairment of respiratory function and was not a candidate for a respirator and that he cause of death is related to chronic heart failure and is not associated with coronavirus.
At the Clinical Center, 13 patients are currently being treated for COVID-19, three of which are in the Intensive Care Unit of the Internal Clinic. "All patients currently have stable vital parameters," the statement said.

Due to contact with COVID-19 patients, part of the medical staff in isolation

The doctor and technician of the Podgorica Emergency Room are in self-isolation after contact with a patient confirmed positive to coronavirus. It is the suggestion of an epidemiologist, although the results of their tests were negative.
Part of the doctors and nurses at the Bar General Hospital were given a measure of home isolation after one doctor was found to be coronavirus positive. A seven-member crew was immediately sent from the Clinical Center of Montenegro to provide smooth operation of the Bar hospital while part of the staff is in isolation.
It was previously confirmed that some of the staff of the Clinical Center Emergency Center are in isolation due to contact with a later confirmed case of COVID-19.

Find accurate COVID-19 in Montenegro info at 

The Government of Montenegro and the Public Health Institute have made available some of the information on the current COVID-19 virus pandemic in the territory of Montenegro you could find at
Data on the number of persons in self-isolation in villages and towns are available and visible, as well as visualization of data on the number of infected persons from the moment when the first case of COVID-19 was officially recorded in Montenegro.

Distributed Medical Assistance - Donation by Petros Stathis

Medical equipment was this morning deployed across Montenegro. Greek businessman Petros Statis, at the personal request of Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, donated three and a half tonnes of protective equipment to our health care system. Adriatic Marinas co-owner Mohamed el Shaybani assisted transportation to our country.
Crisis Operative Medical Staff Head Prof. Dr. Ranko Lazovic announced yesterday that the equipment donated will meet the needs of the Montenegrin health system in the next 3-4 weeks when the epidemic is coming to an end. 

Begic: Montenegro seeks external partners for serial testing on COVID-19 if needed

Scientists are still more focused on the sick than on the recovered, so it is not yet clear whether people recovering from the COVID-19 will be immune to re-infection, epidemiologist Senad Begic of the Institute of Public Health told Al Jazeera Balkans.
"What is known is that recovered persons can secrete a virus for a long time after recovery," marked Begic.
He said the Institute of Public Health had tested nearly a third of all patients treated in the last two weeks in recent days. Montenegro, he says, has its testing strategy, creating and adapting to the situation on the ground, the results of epidemiological surveys, as well as epidemiological indicators of disease trends.
"It is illusory to expect that small Montenegro, nor any country in the region, could test the entire population or conduct a massive testing campaign in municipalities with currently available capacities. It is why we are looking for external partners who could help us with this plan if mass testing in local communities proves to be one of the valid options for combating the spread of further disease," stressed is Begic.
Begic said that adherence to all the prescribed measures is an absolute imperative, noting that the feedback and cooperation of Montenegrin citizens are excellent and that their hands are "the main key to solving this situation and winning the virus."  

Markovic: The hardest period is yet to come

"There are 620,000 inhabitants in Montenegro. We aim to increase our population growth not to decrease it, "says Prime Minister Dusko Markovic in his Twitter post.
"Therefore, there is no arbitration on what we can and cannot do, and whether customs and traditions, whether secular or religious, are above the right to the life and health of the nation," Markovic stresses.
 Markovic says that Montenegro is in control of the situation, but in the coming weeks, we must act even more decisively and more powerfully.
"The latest figures from the Institute of Public Health are a reminder, and we already have a high number of 90 cases confirmed. Although Montenegro is currently managing the situation, it is clear that we are facing the greatest challenges. In the coming weeks, we have to act even more decisively and more strongly," Markovic stresses.
28 Mar 2020, 22:32 PM
March 28, 2020 - In Montenegro, one person has died from COVID-19 infection, and according to the latest data from the Institute of Public Health, coronavirus infection has been confirmed in 84 people, nine of which are new today. In addition to Tuzi, Podgorica, Bar, Andrijevica, Herceg Novi, Budva, Ulcinj, and Danilovgrad, the virus was confirmed today in one patient resident in Tivat.
After the Institute informed the public this morning that of the 18 coronaviruses tested were confirmed in seven people, following the latest analyzes and 28 new samples, two showed a positive result for COVID-19 infection. There are 6,278 persons under medical and sanitary supervision in Montenegro.
At the Clinical Center of Montenegro, fourteen patients are treated with a confirmed presence of COVID-19 infection, three of which are in the Intensive Care Unit of the Internal Clinic. "All patients are currently in stable vital parameters," the Clinical Centre said. 

Number of COVID-19 patients by municipalities:

Sad: 31
Podgorica: 28
Bar: 6
Andrijevica: 6
Herceg Novi: 4
Budva: 4
Ulcinj: 3
Danilovgrad: 1
Tivat: 1

The first contingent of assistance in medical equipment to suppress the spread of COVID-19 has arrived

A contingent of medical equipment was being delivered to Podgorica tonight to support the suppression of a coronavirus pandemic, donated by Montenegrin health system businessman Petros Statis, the Montenegrin government said.
FlyDubai's aircraft delivered 600,000 medical masks, 100,000 medical gloves, 79,000 N95 masks, and 21,700 face masks.
Ranko Lazovic, head of the Crisis Operational Staff for Health, said that the amount of equipment would meet the needs of the Montenegrin health system in the next three to four weeks when the epidemic peak is expected.
The Chief of the Prime Minister's Office Dragoljub Bulatovic said that the equipment arrived at the right time when our existing resources were running out.  "Three and a half tonnes of protective equipment will mean safety for our health care professionals, but also members of all frontline services against coronaviruses," Bulatovic said.
Protective medical equipment will be distributed to all health care institutions in Montenegro tomorrow morning. "We expect the delivery of new aid contingents at the beginning of next week, which will also be distributed to pharmacies so that citizens will also have enough protective masks and gloves in the coming period, "said Minister of Health Kenan Hrapovic.

Extension of the period of mandatory self-isolation

All persons who have been pronounced a measure of self-isolation will remain in it for 14 days. It is a new temporary measure to prevent the introduction into the country, suppression, and prevention of the new coronavirus, issued by the Ministry of Health on the recommendation of the Institute of Public Health.
The new order for persons who, based on the decision of the health and sanitary inspection, determines the measure of putting in self-isolation (in a family accommodation or other facility), after the expiry of 14 days of self-isolation, is extended for another 14 days.
Persons who have been quarantined by a sanitary inspection decision and did not have the symptoms of a new coronavirus during the quarantine period, shall, after quarantine expire, be placed in self-isolation in family accommodation in lasting 14 days.

Simović presented to the ambassadors the National Plan for Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Montenegro's National COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan was presented today to ambassadors accredited to Montenegro as a complete document covering Montenegro's estimated comprehensive quarterly needs of € 59 million in ten key categories. This document includes urgent responses to numerous emergency responses socio-economic challenges, the Government of Montenegro announced.
The President of the National Coordinating Body for Infectious Diseases, Milutin Simovic, presented to the ambassadors the measures and activities Montenegro has taken so far and warned them that our country is entering a critical phase, as the epidemic is expected to peak next week.
"In this fight, we also need help and understanding in the short term. Our actions today will save lives in the coming weeks. We have no time to delay, as examples of friendly European countries that are experiencing one of the most dramatic moments in their history show. It is urgent to find the right answers. And we need your help here. We need help from other countries in the region as well, and this is the best opportunity for participants in this conference to share their experiences of this approach with their countries, believing that we could soon create joint regional initiatives ", said Simovic.
Simovic informed the ambassadors that the Prime Minister had already launched an initiative for a joint response of the countries of the region to the coronavirus, which should mean solidarity and free movement of goods, especially medical devices.
He also stated that the Government team, with the assistance of the World Health Organization, developed the National Plan as a platform for providing support through the United Nations Global Fund (UN) for preparedness and response to the spread of coronaviruses. The National Plan should also serve as an instrument for the coordination and action of all international and other partners in support of Montenegro's efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
"In that direction, we already have daily communication with WHO, European Commission support provided as part of emergency measures, and their comprehensive support package is being prepared. NATO and EU emergency mechanisms have also been launched," Simovic said.
The Government of Montenegro said that the challenges to be addressed before the outbreak of the epidemic were identified: prevention and control of infection, surveillance and investigation of cases and case management, national laboratories, and border crossings. Accordingly, the critical expenditures foreseen in the document include the management of infected cases and the socio-economic aspect, accounting for just over two-thirds of the resources foreseen. Almost € 15 million is earmarked for logistics and equipping border crossings.
Source: Gornement of Montenegro, Vijesti Online, Tivat Municipality Website
27 Mar 2020, 21:05 PM
March 27, 2020 - After one new case of COVID infection among 45 tested was confirmed this morning, the Institute for Public Health of Montenegro reported the analysis of another 57 samples today, with the outcome of the five new coronavirus cases. There are 75 infected persons in Montenegro right now. Around 6.278 persons are under sanitary watch, the Institute stated.
Five new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Andrijevica, all connected to the first coronavirus patient in that municipality, reported on Wednesday, March 25.
Epidemic situation in Montenegro is still alarming, and since there's no adequate cure or vaccine for this virus, the only way to overcome this problem is by maintaining social distance and staying at home, said director of the Institute for Public Health, Mr. Boban Mugoša, adding that the number of infected persons was increasing.
To find more on bans and measures taken to fight spread of coronavirus in Montenegro, as well as actual travel info, visit our previous article on this topic.

President visited the Clinical Centre, from today safeguarded by the army

Montenegro's President, Mr. Milo Đukanović, visited Clinical Center today where he was welcomed by the director, Dr. Jevto Eraković and Crisis Medical Headquarters headed by Dr. Ranko Lazović. They acquainted the president with capacities of the Clinical Center for reception and treatment of patients infected with the coronavirus.
From today, the Armed Forces of Montenegro will be safeguarding Clinical Center. At the moment, all 14 COVID-19 patients treated in that institution are with stable vital parameters.

Balkan's Six Ask European Commission to allow medical equipment exports to Balkan countries

Chamber of Commerce Forum of the Western Balkan Six, including Montenegro, has asked the European Commission, in the wake of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, to exclude all countries of the Region from the decision to restrict medical equipment exports from the European Union, according to PKCG.
The letter, sent by Steering Board Chairman Marko Chadez to EC President Ursula von der Lien, urged that the European initiative "green corridors" cover the economies of the Region, which is for the benefit of both the EU and the Western Balkans.

WHO supports PM Duško Marković initiative for a conference on defense spread of COVID-19

The World Health Organization fully supports the effort of Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković to organize a regional meeting on the fight against coronavirus – WHO Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge told the Montenegrin Prime Minister today.
PM Marković said, in a video conference, that Montenegro, as the country chairing the Central European Initiative, proposed holding a regional meeting.
"I already promoted this idea at a recent video conference of the Prime Ministers of the Region with the Chancellor of Austria and the EU Enlargement Commissioner. Montenegro has left ports open for use by countries in the Region for the transfer of goods. This is a moment to show solidarity and unity, because only in this way can we successfully overcome this danger. Furthermore, we express our readiness and the need to work together to promote social and economic policies in order to preserve the livelihood of our citizens and create the preconditions for the rapid recovery of the Montenegrin economy. I believe that, with the participation of other CEI countries, it would help to overcome the crisis in the economies of the countries of the Region and beyond," the Prime Minister said.
The WHO Regional Director for Europe offered expert and technical assistance from the World Health Organization in organizing a regional conference.
"Montenegro is a leader, and this is the right time for CEI countries to come together. Your country has shown solidarity, wisdom, and courage in proposing this initiative, and you should lead it," Hans Kluge said.

UNDP and UNICEF donation of equipment for quarantines

UNDP program and UNICEF have earmarked equipment for three quarantines. The material is worth over $42.000. It is part of the continuous support UNDP and UNICEF are providing for Montenegro to ensure adequate and duly response to the coronavirus pandemic.
"The equipment has been delivered. It encompasses furniture, air conditioning, devices and gadgets and other supplies necessary for establishment and functioning of quarantine", Ministry of Health said.
National Coordination Body and UN System in Montenegro have formed working groups that had already prepared an activity plan for the absorption of UN assistance.

In ten days more of 4 million euros donations to fight COVID-19

Samih Sawiris, the owner of Orascom development, which is building the tourist resort Luštica bay in Montenegro, donated half a million euros to the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases. 
In less than ten days after the opening of the National Coordination Body's account for donations, over EUR 4 million were collected.
To date, 896 companies and individuals within the country and overseas have donated € 4,275,477.44 and $ 42,000.00.
All funds deposited into the National Coordination Body's account will be spent transparently, following donor suggestions, and to support the system in the fight against the coronavirus impact, announced the Government of Montenegro.
Source: Vijesti Online, CDM, Government of Montenegro
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