The New Government of Montenegro Elected

By Total Montenegro News 07 Dec 2020, 13:58 PM Politics
New Government of Montenegro New Government of Montenegro Photo: B.Ćupić/Twitter

Podgorica: On Friday 4th December, the Montenegrin Parliament elected the new Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic. New Government is the 42nd in the country's history and the first after three decades in which President Milo Djukanovic's Democratic Party of Socialists will not be present.

Forty-one deputies voted for the new Government, 28 were against, and one abstained in the 81-seat parliament.

In the new Government, the vice president's function will be performed by the Civic Movement 'Ura' leader Dritan Abazovic. The Minister of Defense is Olivera Injac, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs is Djordje Radulovic. The Minister of the Interior is Sergej Sekulović, the Minister of Finance and Social Welfare is Milojko Spajić, the Minister of Capital Investments is Mladen Bojanić, and the Minister of Economic Development is Jakov Milatović. The Minister of Justice, Minority and Human Rights is Vladimir Leposavic, the Minister of Health is Jelena Borovinic Bojovic. The Minister of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports is Vesna Bratic, while the Minister of Ecology, Spatial Planning, and Urbanism is Ratko Mitrovic. Tamara Srzentić is the Head of the Department of Public Administration, Digital Society, and Media, while Aleksandar Stijović is the Head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management.

Krivokapic, a 62-year-old university professor close to the Serbian Orthodox Church, announced that the priorities in the Government's program would be an economic recovery, the rule of law, the fight against corruption and crime, a new antiCovid 19 strategy, and good relations with neighbors.

'We want zero corruption, it is not easy to achieve, but Zdravko Krivokapic cannot do it, this Government cannot do it, we can all do it together. If we want it, we will do it. You have already made that this Government, due to political calculations, should last 100, 200 or I don't know how many days. Believe me; it will last four years because for four years 41 (a majority in Parliament) will always be higher than 40, and why not 71 if we think good to Montenegro.'

After the end of the Assembly session, the new Prime minister said at a press conference that 'Montenegro will not become another Serbian state' and that the Government 'did not want to make concrete promises because they assume that the data they have 'is not correct.'

'The exact data is only what was found. Everything else is an assumption. We have strange statistics, which differs from certain ministries' data,' Krivokapic said, referring to the data they received from the previous Government's representatives, stating that data 'Very often do not correspond to reality.'

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