19 Jun 2020, 22:09 PM
June 19, 2020 - There is no feedback for now on when Montenegro Airlines planes will be allowed to land at the airport in Belgrade again, the national airline claims in a statement for CdM.
Namely, on May 26, the Directorate of Civil Aviation of Serbia passed a measure banning the landing of Montenegro Airlines planes at Belgrade's "Nikola Tesla" Airport.
Montenegro Airlines emphasizes that intensive communication is taking place between the competent institutions to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
"As has been said many times, the epidemiological situation dictates the situation, and MA is ready to resume traffic as soon as the conditions are created," the national airline states.
They note that this is a route that is extremely important for MA.
"It is also crucial for Air Serbia. And they, just like us, are interested in resuming flying. In this situation, we are suffering significant damage together, which is seriously increasing every day because we are now entering the period of the most intensive traffic we have been waiting for all year long. We are unable to have any influence beyond the fact that we have offered the right travel conditions, lower fares, joint offers with hotels and agencies, prepared planes, and crews. We are waiting for the situation to improve," MA said in a statement for CdM.
While waiting for a solution to Belgrade's situation, the national airline is operating on routes to several European destinations:
The first flight to Ljubljana took place on June 12, and Montenegro Airlines will be flying to the capital of Slovenia on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
Flights will run regularly on Wednesdays and Sundays; the service to/from Frankfurt was re-established on June 14.
Flights to/from Vienna resumed on June 15, and the national airline will be offering this destination on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
The first post-epidemic flight to Zurich took place on June 17, and passengers can use this route on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Flights to/from Dusseldorf start on June 20, and will be offered on Saturdays.
Flights to/from Copenhagen will be re-introduced on June 20. The next flight to this destination is planned for June 27, after which Montenegro Airlines will be assuring the route twice a week: on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
The first flight to Munich will take place on June 21, and for this month a service will be provided once a week, on Sundays.
Flights to Hanover with Montenegro Airlines will be re-established on June 21. Flights will be offered on Sundays.
"We expect to establish regular traffic to other destinations, as well as gradual normalization by the end of the month, all in line with an improvement in the number of Covid-19 patients in these countries, as well as travel restrictions," the national airline said on its website. 
17 Jun 2020, 21:45 PM

June 17, 2020 - The Union of Medical Doctors of Montenegro (SDMCG), Action for Human Rights (AHR) and the Center for Civic Education (CCE) are calling on the Minister of Health and the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases (NKT) to allow entry into Montenegro without institutional quarantine to all persons with a negative PCR test, not just those who enter the country on private planes and yachts. Tourists will be required to bring a negative PCR test result that is not older than 48 hours, and Montenegrin citizens and residents will be able to be tested directly at the border.

AHR and CCE have previously pointed to discrimination regarding the fact that people are allowed to come to Montenegro on private planes and yachts from all countries, regardless of the infection rates, if they have a negative test not older than 48 hours, while this is not possible for those who want to enter the country in usual ways, for example, by car.

It is known that citizens and residents, coming from Serbia, are entering Montenegro through Bosnia and Herzegovina, without any quarantine or testing. Rumours are circulating that in this way several people who have been infected with the Covid virus have already entered the country -19 who were infected at a recent football match in Belgrade. We call on the authorities to confirm or refute these rumours.

Also, many people are entering Montenegro unhindered from Albania, although the scope of testing there is worryingly low, meaning that the numbers of people infected and the risk of importing the virus cannot be realistically assessed.

Given this, we believe that it is far more rational that, instead of there being a “narrow gateway” into Montenegro through Bosnia and Herzegovina with no testing or monitoring, everyone should be allowed to enter via the "large gateway", but with a negative test, not older than 48 hours, or indeed they should be given the opportunity to undergo a test at the border crossing. In the latter case the person would be obliged by the decision of the sanitary inspector to wait for the test result in self-isolation. Symptoms can be monitored by the Institute for Public Health (IPH) via an application they have developed and is already in use.

If the NKT and the Minister of Health believe otherwise, we expect them to inform the public of all the reasons behind their position in an open and considered manner. We also expect the Ombudsman to give a reasoned opinion on whether the orders of the Minister of Health are discriminatory or not.


14 Jun 2020, 19:17 PM
June 14, 2020 - Famous musicians, athletes, and actors sent a joint message to the entire region today: #HercegNoviTeZove (Herceg Novi Is Calling You).
With an interesting video, they invite everyone interested to join the event organized by Herceg Novi and participate in a prize draw that offers you the opportunity to win a free holiday in the city on the Adriatic coast.
Video in which drummer Dragoljub Đuričić, basketball player Milica Dabović, water polo player Aleksandar Ivović, football player Staniša Mandić, actress Daca Dabović, basketball player Vujadin Subotić, actor Miloš Pejović, basketball player Ana Dabović, water polo player Andrija Prlainović, and musician Vlado Georgiev, as well as musician Nenad Knežević, invite you to join the #HercegNoviTeZove campaign and visit their hometown this summer.
The prize draw is scheduled for Monday, June 15, at 8 pm, and applications on the website are possible until the moment when the names of the remaining 24 winners of the free holiday packages will be drawn.
As part of the same event, 26 awards were presented last weekend, which will enable around 100 guests from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Montenegro to stay for free in five days hotels and apartments in Herceg Novi.  The organizers say this would be an excellent opportunity to see why Herceg Novi is recognized as a city of open doors, warm hearts, and kind hosts to which it is always worth returning.
A total of 50 free family holiday packages will be awarded, thanks to which about 200 people will be guests of Herceg Novi.


13 Jun 2020, 23:13 PM
June 13, 2020 - The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has updated the list of countries safe from Covid-19 infection, from which entry into Slovenia is possible from June 15. Montenegro is among them, announced the Government on its Twitter account.
On June 15, Slovenia will open its borders to Italy, in addition to Montenegro.
"The government has taken into account the assessment of the epidemiological situation in the European Union and the Schengen area, the Balkans and the Italian regions, and the criteria prepared by the National Institute of Public Health," the Slovenian Government said in a decision.
This week, Slovenia allowed unrestricted entry for citizens of 14 European Union countries and citizens of Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland.
Slovenian and Italian citizens will be allowed to cross the internal border of the EU at any point along the borderline, while other citizens will have to use one of the four marked checkpoints used during the coronavirus epidemic, reported Slovenian agency STA.
On the other hand, the National Institute of Public Health of that country (NIJZ) compiled a list of 32 countries whose epidemiological situation is so bad that passengers from there have to go through a mandatory 14-day quarantine regardless of citizenship or residence. The decision takes effect on June 13.
Notable countries on this list include Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Northern Macedonia, as well as the United States, Russia and several countries in South America and Asia.
On the border with Croatia, which is the Schengen border, local crossings that were closed at the start of the epidemic will reopen on June 15, based on an agreement between the Slovenian and Croatian governments.
Thus Montenegrin citizens will be able to enter Slovenia from Monday without a negative test for coronavirus and without going to quarantine.
Yesterday, the first flight of the national airline Montenegro Airlines, after commercial air traffic was re-established, was organized from the Airport in Podgorica to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. Twenty-seven passengers left.
Montenegro Airlines on the route Podgorica-Ljubljana-Podgorica flies three times a week - on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
13 Jun 2020, 15:54 PM

June 13, 2020 - Montenegro has partially enabled international bus transport of passengers with clearly specified conditions, and some of the regular international lines have been re-established with clearly defined requirements and rules. Bus traffic within the country is running smoothly. The lines are consistent, passengers respect the prescribed measures, but there are slightly fewer of them than there were before the COVID-19 epidemic.

According to data from Tivat bus station, they still do not have information on when the buses will be leaving for Belgrade, Novi, Sad, Nis, Dubrovnik, Tirana, or other destinations with regular bus lines before the COVID-19 epidemic. Now only the bus line to Sarajevo-Pale is functioning. And from the Kotor bus station, international bus transport takes place only with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Station chief Mirko Roganovic says:

"Carriers started operating on the route Ulcinj - Sarajevo at 7:40 from the bus station from Kotor. They run two companies alternately - Lalatović and Centrotrans. A line has been established with Doboj, where the carrier Lazaro runs on Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays at 6.40 p.m. These are currently the only international departures from the bus station in Kotor."

One of the carriers that run from Boka outside the borders of Montenegro is Lalatović transport. Current international lines are for Serbia and Albania. Mostly seafarers travel to Albania, and most travelers to Serbia are Montenegrin citizens studying in that country. Director Vladimir Lalatović says that the interest is high, so they run twice a week:

"We are going from Herceg Novi, Tivat, Budva, Podgorica, Bijelo Polje, travelers from Niksić and Berane are also joining. It is a matter of free transport, and all passengers must contact our agency or branch office in Herceg Novi to get the necessary information. We are preparing a list of passengers, so we arrive at the border completely ready, and there is no delay. There is no transfer because the buses go directly to Belgrade. On Sunday, June 16, our coach will drive to Novi Sad. And direct lines to Albania function without any problems. "

When it comes to returning, there are no passengers, and according to Lalatović, the reason is to avoid mandatory quarantine upon entering Montenegro. The situation is the same as for the return from Albania.

Source: Radio Tivat

11 Jun 2020, 12:56 PM
June 11, 2020 - In Kotor this year, they do not expect a large number of visitors or great business results. The director of the local TO, Ana Nives Radović, says that it will be good if there are visits at all and if the tourist economy has reasons to function.
Radović does not expect much from the campaign of the National Tourist Organization "Summer at Home" in the city because, as she added, domestic guests and guests from the region want a vacation on the beaches. This year, she expects more significant income from the post-season, although she says that it will be what Kotor has had so far during the winter.
Radović said on the morning program of RTCG that there are many reasons why Kotor cannot expect significant income from tourism this year.
- It will be good if there are visits and if the tourist economy has reasons to function. Many service providers are thinking of taking a break from work this year because profitability is not on their side - said Radović.
As for the post-season, the results could be a little better, because the interest in excursion tourism is generally most significant at that time of year.
- This year, due to numerous recommendations from the World Health Organization and the way they travel in general, we do not expect more attendance because of a different arrival policy, both when it comes to cruise guests and arrivals by plane. Numerous factors determine the sustainability of tourist and hospitality activities and the profitability of their business - said Radović.
This year in September and October, Kotor can hope for the tourist traffic that the city generates typically during the winter months.
They do not expect much from the "Summer at Home" campaign in that city because, as Radović said, domestic guests are fewest in Kotor.
- Kotor is attractive for sightseeing, but our people want beaches and similar attractions so Kotor can be interesting for day trips. There are no longer reservations for guests from Montenegro. We expect a visit to restaurants and one-day trips, but we do not expect significant income from the 'Summer at Home' campaign - Radović pointed out.
- Tourists and excursion tax as our primary sources of financing will not be in a single-digit percentage compared to the previous period. Therefore, we will turn to project activities and everything that burdened the city's infrastructure. We will take much more care to be an 'eco-friendly' destination and first carry out projects to protect biodiversity, promote natural and cultural heritage, and provide money from European funds that have not been available to us so far - Radović added.
Financial expert Ana Nives Radović does not expect a more visible recovery of the tourism industry in under five years.
Source: Boka News
10 Jun 2020, 20:33 PM
June 10, 2020 - The Tourist Organization of Nikšić has decided to use this summer to better promote the city under Trebjesa, but also to prepare the highest quality promotional material.
As the director of TO, Boris Muratović told "Vijesti," coronavirus did indeed harm their business. Still, it will not disrupt plans because, as he pointed out, they have many obligations ahead of them.
"We are working on creating our organisation's image, so we expect a new logo, a new site, as well as certain other things that will contribute to easier recognition of our organization as being responsible for promoting tourism in the city under Trebjesa," said Muratovic.
A souvenir of the city will be completed by September, and the production will be financed mainly by the National Tourist Organization. Also, a tourist brochure is being prepared to promote rural areas of the municipality, registered rural households, and food and drink producers in Nikšić. "We will try to finance the brochure through a project already submitted and for which we are awaiting a response. We have also prepared a project for the valorization of Salt Lake called 'Adventure Park Salt Lake,' which would be delivered in this beautiful locality through activities in nature that we could offer to the local population and all other visitors. That would be the initial step in the valorization of this, so far unused location, " said the director of TO Nikšić.
Although certain programme activities will be reduced due to finances and the still uncertain situation regarding holding large-scale events, Nikšić Tourist Organization has decided to focus its energy on smaller events. Also, they will focus on writing projects that will improve what the city has to offer to tourists and make it more attractive to them.
"On Saturday, June 13, we are organizing a traditional dawn on Mount Vojnik in cooperation with the Mountaineering Club 'Montenegro Team'. It is planned that this event will have an environmental side and that all participants will contribute to the cleaning this beautiful site, drawing the public's attention to how to treat the natural resources we have, " said Muratović.
According to Muratović, the plan is to create a tourist map of Nikšić, as well as a catalogue of accommodation.
"During the epidemic, the local population got to know the city, saw the beauties they did not know about before, and those are the resources that the Tourist Organization of Nikšić will try to promote in the coming period. All interesting tourist sites must be cleaned, so we also plan volunteer actions to clean our city, in which we will be the initiators. If nothing else, the coronavirus has taught us that we must all return to nature. Therefore, we are waiting for you in Nikšić to enjoy its natural beauties,"  invites the Director of the Tourist Organization of Nikšić.
Muratović is optimistic when it comes to the summer season in Nikšić
During the last year, there were over 16.6 thousand arrivals and close to 29 thousand overnight stays in Nikšić. So 2019, according to the local TO, was rated as the best year in terms of tourism. More than half of the tourists visited Nikšić in the period June-September when big festivals such as Lake and Bedem Fest are organized in the city under Trebjesa, as well as the Festival of Street Musicians.
"Last year, in the period June-September, there were 8,980 arrivals and 13,820 tourist overnight stays in Nikšić. When it comes to tourist arrivals, compared to 2018, that is an increase of 48 percent, "said Muratović.
Since this year's editions of Lake and Bedem Fest are still uncertain, it is highly probable that the number of tourists and the number of overnight stays will be lower compared to last year. However, Muratović is optimistic.
"The season started a little later, but we believe that it will also last longer, which everyone, especially us in the tourism industry, must make use, of" said the Director of TO Nikšić.
10 Jun 2020, 12:09 PM
June 10, 2020 - The President of the Green Destinations organization, Albert Salman, sent congratulations and expressions of support to the President of the Municipality of Tivat, Dr. Siniša Kusovac, on what was done during the epidemiological crisis, but also on the initiative of Tivat to join this program.
At the end of May, the Tourist Organization of Tivat initiated procedures to join the Green Destinations network. It announced that in June, they would start the process of the primary analysis, coordination, and definition of existing and new activities, with a chance to obtain a certificate from the Green Destinations program.
Albert Salman: Congratulations to Tivat on his candidacy for Green Destinations
"First of all, we cordially congratulate you on the successful policy and action and the set of measures taken by Montenegro and the Municipality of Tivat in the situation with COVID-19, which from June 1, 2020, allows the recovery of the process of promoting Montenegro as a thriving destination. 
Together with the above success, we would like to commend your timely decision to unite sustainable development and tourism policies with the systematic support of Green Destinations and the Global Criteria for Sustainable Tourism, "Salman said in a letter to President Kusovac.
Salman added that Tivat is a pilot destination in Montenegro with excellent preconditions to achieve success on an ambitious path to a green and genuinely sustainable tourism future.
"Tivat is now one of over 200 destinations in 50+ countries, dedicated to sustainability. Our common goal is to "build better", with adequate opportunities to improve your sustainability, quality, competitiveness, visibility, and marketing, while gaining independent recognition for our efforts - in a systematic, neutral and transparent way.
We are pleased to be able to consider Tivat as a possible host of Global Green Destinations in 2022 or 2023. We wish you and your team of the municipality, the organization of destinations for Tivat and your citizens all the happiness and joy in future achievements ", concluding the letter of Albert Salman, President of Green Destinations.
The Council for Global Sustainable Tourism (GSTC) shared in the global bulletin the news about the initiative of the Tourist Organization of Tivat and the Municipality of Tivat to obtain the Green Destinations certificate.
Green Destinations is a non-profit foundation for sustainable tourism development and recognition. It offers support in the process of sustainable development, all through the active involvement of the local community and the business sector.
The foundation supports more than 200 destinations in over 50 countries around the world when it comes to responsible tourism globally recognized principles. The program also strives for sustainable development goals. Green Destinations or Quality Coast certification, more than any other, offers recognizability and visibility of the destination in the market. It provides tourists with information on clean, green, and responsible destinations.
The strategy for the development of tourism in the municipality of Tivat until 2024 aims to position this city as a tourist destination with an offer throughout the year, preserving unique features, promoting existing and new experiences, and providing additional value for the entire tourist industry chain.
09 Jun 2020, 15:34 PM

June 9, 2020 - The opening of borders has only just begun and it is very difficult currently, at the outset, to predict how things will pan out. We will focus on individual tourist demand and only in a later phase will we be able to think about organized tourist traffic this year, believes Dr. Ivo Zupanovic, a professor at the Budva Faculty of Business and Tourism in the field of crisis and risk management.

He pointed out that prices will be adjusted for certain market segments, especially those with larger accommodation capacity.

"I can see that those working in the tourism sector are doing their utmost to prepare. At the state level, there are detailed protocols for hotels and similar accommodation facilities." Zupanović stated.

When the epidemiological situation "settles down" in the countries of the region, which are our traditional markets, the number of tourists will increase, he believes.

“At the moment, the most important thing is digital marketing. We began with some national campaigns, which, among other things, are aimed at the local, domestic guest, who, in my opinion, will be all the more important as time goes on, and not only for this year, " believes Zupanović.

DSC 0145 resize

Boka Kotorska - photo Boka News

He mentions that local tourist organizations, in line with the inbound markets’ structure, have started some promotional work.

"One innovation I would like to highlight is an idea from the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi, which offered award-winning accommodation in June, and this can be the trigger for further interest from tourist consumers. Company MMGY’s research shows that tourists make a decision 45 to 90 days after the peak of the pandemic in that country, which means that in this period we should advocate promotion through digital marketing as much as possible," explains Zupanovic.

He believes that travel agencies, as entities dealing with organized tourist traffic, will face serious problems.

"In such controlled conditions, we cannot count on classic methods of organizing tourist traffic, or on their classic services, such as the sale of airline tickets. This will reflect on their liquidity and especially on the profitability of the business. The question is whether smaller agencies, which do not have working capital for a longer period, will survive,” believes Zupanovic.

Speaking to Pobjeda, he stated that the Law on Amendments to the Legislation on Tourism and Catering will play a very important role, whereby trips arranged after 1st March can be used until the end of the coming year, as an incentive for both the service provider and the consumer.

 Source: Boka News


08 Jun 2020, 12:30 PM

June 8, 2020 - After a break of almost three months, commercial flights will start tomorrow at the Airports of Montenegro. A WizzAir plane from Budapest is expected, as well as a flight from Memmingham during the day, stated the spokesperson of the Airports of Montenegro, Marina Miketić Nikolić, for the morning program of Radio Tivat.

"According to our information, the government is very interested in the flight from Germany, so we are very much looking forward to welcoming the first passengers. We are also looking forward to having our national airline Montenegro Airlines have its first flights on June 12 to Ljubljana, the 14th to Frankfurt, then the 15th to Vienna, the 16th to Paris, the 17th to Zurich, the 20th to Dusseldorf and Copenhagen, and June 21st for Munich and Hanover. We also believe that the interest in flights of other airlines will be realized. We hope that tourists from various parts of Europe will come to Montenegro and that our tourist season and our airports will be as full of life again as they were last year. "

The flights announced are to and from Podgorica, and the spokesperson of the Airports of Montenegro, Marina Miketić Nikolić, recommends that those interested obtain specific information from the airlines' websites. She stresses that this is safer since slots are subject to changes depending on the epidemiological situation. Miketić Nikolić recommends passengers a new service of the Airports of Montenegro - online check-in:

"I warmly recommend it to all passengers leaving Montenegro. It's effortless. They have instructions on the site so that they can avoid any physical contact with the airport's ground staff. The possibility of any infection is reduced, although Montenegro is a Corona-free country. We are aware that the possibility of infection will increase with the arrival of people from outside. Prevention must be at the highest level. This innovation enables both passengers and staff to check in as quickly and efficiently as possible."

The airports are ready, and the company is pleased to expect the first planes and the first passengers, who are recommended to wear masks because it is prohibited to enter the terminal and the plane without them. Disinfection counters for arriving and departing passengers, as well as protective glass, have been installed at airports. The spokeswoman for the Public Company Airports of Montenegro expressed the hope that Tivat airport will welcome its first passengers very soon. Because, as she says, Tivat Airport is very busy, especially in summer when the interest in our destination is higher.

Text by Biljana Noković, Radio Tivat

04 Jun 2020, 16:25 PM
June 4, 2020 - The Sector for Hydrography and Oceanography (SHO) of the Institute of Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro (ZHMS) has prepared a new nautical chart of the Bay of Kotor, which was made available to boaters on the market several days ago.
It is a nautical chart with a scale of 1: 25,000, which, in addition to the cartographic presentation of the entire waters of the Boka Bay, also contains two smaller, so-called map-plans of the two newest marinas in Boka - Lazure marina in Meljine, and Portonovi in Kumbor.
"The new nautical chart "Boka 25" contains all changes and additions as of March 1 this year. Besides the latest data on the change of the coastline and waters, in the intervening period new marinas have been built in Meljine and Kumbor. Data from hydrographic surveys performed during recent years have therefore been entered and updated. The map has been updated with all submarine installations - pipelines, outlets, electrical and communication cables laid at the bottom of the bay, based on control surveys with the participation of teams from the Naval Detachment of Montenegro and the Sector for Hydrography and Oceanography," Director of ZHMS Luka Mitrović stated in an interview with Daily "Vijesti". He pointed out that SHO and ZHMS have meanwhile signed an exclusive memorandum on business and technical cooperation with the Hydrographic Institute of the Italian Navy (IIM) from Genoa, as well as having excellent collaboration with the Croatian Hydrographic Institute from Split.
According to Deputy Director Radovan Kandic, the new nautical chart "Boka 25" enables its users to transfer all positions obtained with the help of satellite navigation systems such as GPS directly to the map, which had previously not been possible.
"Since the Bay of Kotor is the busiest part of the Montenegrin waters for maritime traffic, we have made a new and up-to-date map that is ready for the start of the yachting season. One edition has already been printed and will be available in the UNA Montenegro naval stores along the coast. We have the option of producing a map at the special request of users, "said Master of Hydrography, Corvette Captain Branislav Gloginja, Navy Officer Montenegro, who is also Chief Hydrographer with the SHO.
"At a meeting of representatives from ZHMS, IIM and the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro it was agreed to organize a visit to Montenegro of a smaller hydrographic ship in the last quarter of this year. The ship will stay in our waters for ten days, during which our experts, together with our Italian counterparts, will perform detailed hydrographic surveys of several sections of our territorial sea and inland waters. The data collected will be used both for our Ministry of Defense and Navy, and for updating nautical charts," said Gloginja.
Using a specially equipped hydrographic boat CHH-1 and other smaller vessels for shallow areas, Gloginja and other SHO experts are currently performing detailed hydrographic surveys of a total of 14 smaller ports in Boka Bay and the open sea coast, to be used by Morsko Dobro.
SHO is preparing and issuing a new publication of "Pilot" for sailing in the Montenegrin part of the southern Adriatic, with all the necessary information for sailors on the waters, coast, descriptions of ports and marinas, prevailing meteorological and oceanographic conditions, and rules and advice for navigating our territorial and internal maritime waters.
The current "Pilot" was produced in 2013, and therefore the need had arisen for an updated version and for a new such publication, which is used by all foreign sailors of yachts and large merchant ships that sail into our waters.
"In cooperation with the Agency for Nature Protection and the Institute of Marine Biology, we are mapping areas along the coast of Montenegro underneath the protected valuable algae Posidonia Oceanica. We will measure and map the seabed zones under that algae in the seabeds of Kruč, Stari Ulcinj, and the waters around Petrovac, with side scan sonar and depth gauges," said Mitrović.
Text by Siniša Luković
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