#HercegNoviTeZove - Prize Draw To Win Free Holiday in Herceg Novi

By , 14 Jun 2020, 19:17 PM Travel
#HercegNoviTeZove - Prize Draw To Win Free Holiday in Herceg Novi #HercegNoviTeZove
June 14, 2020 - Famous musicians, athletes, and actors sent a joint message to the entire region today: #HercegNoviTeZove (Herceg Novi Is Calling You).
With an interesting video, they invite everyone interested to join the event organized by Herceg Novi and participate in a prize draw that offers you the opportunity to win a free holiday in the city on the Adriatic coast.
Video in which drummer Dragoljub Đuričić, basketball player Milica Dabović, water polo player Aleksandar Ivović, football player Staniša Mandić, actress Daca Dabović, basketball player Vujadin Subotić, actor Miloš Pejović, basketball player Ana Dabović, water polo player Andrija Prlainović, and musician Vlado Georgiev, as well as musician Nenad Knežević, invite you to join the #HercegNoviTeZove campaign and visit their hometown this summer.
The prize draw is scheduled for Monday, June 15, at 8 pm, and applications on the website www.hercegnovitezove.com are possible until the moment when the names of the remaining 24 winners of the free holiday packages will be drawn.
As part of the same event, 26 awards were presented last weekend, which will enable around 100 guests from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Montenegro to stay for free in five days hotels and apartments in Herceg Novi.  The organizers say this would be an excellent opportunity to see why Herceg Novi is recognized as a city of open doors, warm hearts, and kind hosts to which it is always worth returning.
A total of 50 free family holiday packages will be awarded, thanks to which about 200 people will be guests of Herceg Novi.
Source: hercegnovitezove.com


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