Niksic is Waiting for Guests to Discover Its Natural Beauties

By , 10 Jun 2020, 20:33 PM Travel
Niksic is Waiting for Guests to Discover Its Natural Beauties Slano Lake in Niksic, Photo by Svetlana Mandic
June 10, 2020 - The Tourist Organization of Nikšić has decided to use this summer to better promote the city under Trebjesa, but also to prepare the highest quality promotional material.
As the director of TO, Boris Muratović told "Vijesti," coronavirus did indeed harm their business. Still, it will not disrupt plans because, as he pointed out, they have many obligations ahead of them.
"We are working on creating our organisation's image, so we expect a new logo, a new site, as well as certain other things that will contribute to easier recognition of our organization as being responsible for promoting tourism in the city under Trebjesa," said Muratovic.
A souvenir of the city will be completed by September, and the production will be financed mainly by the National Tourist Organization. Also, a tourist brochure is being prepared to promote rural areas of the municipality, registered rural households, and food and drink producers in Nikšić. "We will try to finance the brochure through a project already submitted and for which we are awaiting a response. We have also prepared a project for the valorization of Salt Lake called 'Adventure Park Salt Lake,' which would be delivered in this beautiful locality through activities in nature that we could offer to the local population and all other visitors. That would be the initial step in the valorization of this, so far unused location, " said the director of TO Nikšić.
Although certain programme activities will be reduced due to finances and the still uncertain situation regarding holding large-scale events, Nikšić Tourist Organization has decided to focus its energy on smaller events. Also, they will focus on writing projects that will improve what the city has to offer to tourists and make it more attractive to them.
"On Saturday, June 13, we are organizing a traditional dawn on Mount Vojnik in cooperation with the Mountaineering Club 'Montenegro Team'. It is planned that this event will have an environmental side and that all participants will contribute to the cleaning this beautiful site, drawing the public's attention to how to treat the natural resources we have, " said Muratović.
According to Muratović, the plan is to create a tourist map of Nikšić, as well as a catalogue of accommodation.
"During the epidemic, the local population got to know the city, saw the beauties they did not know about before, and those are the resources that the Tourist Organization of Nikšić will try to promote in the coming period. All interesting tourist sites must be cleaned, so we also plan volunteer actions to clean our city, in which we will be the initiators. If nothing else, the coronavirus has taught us that we must all return to nature. Therefore, we are waiting for you in Nikšić to enjoy its natural beauties,"  invites the Director of the Tourist Organization of Nikšić.
Muratović is optimistic when it comes to the summer season in Nikšić
During the last year, there were over 16.6 thousand arrivals and close to 29 thousand overnight stays in Nikšić. So 2019, according to the local TO, was rated as the best year in terms of tourism. More than half of the tourists visited Nikšić in the period June-September when big festivals such as Lake and Bedem Fest are organized in the city under Trebjesa, as well as the Festival of Street Musicians.
"Last year, in the period June-September, there were 8,980 arrivals and 13,820 tourist overnight stays in Nikšić. When it comes to tourist arrivals, compared to 2018, that is an increase of 48 percent, "said Muratović.
Since this year's editions of Lake and Bedem Fest are still uncertain, it is highly probable that the number of tourists and the number of overnight stays will be lower compared to last year. However, Muratović is optimistic.
"The season started a little later, but we believe that it will also last longer, which everyone, especially us in the tourism industry, must make use, of" said the Director of TO Nikšić.

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