02 Apr 2019, 20:52 PM

01 April 2019 - The winter tourist season 2018/2019 at Montenegrin ski resorts ends this weekend, which Director of the Ski Resorts of Montenegro Miloš Popović assessed as successful, somewhat better than last year's. 

"The winter season began in mid-December, and it ends today. There are six ski resorts in Montenegro: Kolašin, Savin Kuk, Javorovača, Vučje, Štuoc, and Hajla. In the Ski Center Kolašin 1600, which was opened later because of the installation of the cable car, 4.00 ski passes were sold during 45 days of the season, while 13,000 ski passes were sold in Durmitor during 109 days of the season. The season, from the aspect of the amount of snow on the trails, was very successful, one of the best in the last six years, a couple of percent better than the previous one that was the most successful in the last few years," the Director of the Ski Resort of Montenegro emphasised. 

Popović announced additional works during the summer and new contents in the following winter tourist season in Kolašin and other centers. 

"This is just the beginning of the development of this ski center. This is evidenced by the fact that a tender procedure has already been launched for the new six-seater cable car, which will connect the ski centers Kolašin 1600 and Kolašin 1450. Furthermore, we will prepare about 9 km of ski trails alongside. In addition to the existing cable car, another 6 km of ski trails will be prepared, and when everything is linked, in the next year, we will have 45 km of ski trails," Popović said. 

Winter Tourist Season in Northern Montenegro Successfully Ends

The Director of the Ski Resort of Montenegro said that a contract has already been signed for the construction of a new cable car at Bjelasica – ski resort Žarski. The value of the contract is EUR 9 million. The contract for the construction of a base station in Mojkovac worth EUR 1.5 million has been already concluded.

"A contract was signed for the construction of a six-seater cable car worth 9 million EUR with 3.5 km of ski trails at the ski resort Cmiljača in Bijelo Polje. In the coming period, we will invite a tender for the base station at that location worth 1.8 million EUR," Popović stressed. He added that the tender procedure for the six-seater cable car at the ski centre Štedim and Hajla in Rožaje has been launched. "We will also invite a tender for the construction of a base station worth 1.5 million EUR. The contract for the construction of a six-seater cable car in Žabljak worth 9 million EUR with 4.5 km of ski trails was concluded. In Žabljak, we will prepare an additional 1.8 km of ski trails. We will soon launch tender procedure for the first phase of snowmaking worth 1.3 million EUR,"- the Director of the Ski Resort of Montenegro noted, adding that at least 7 million EUR will be invested in each ski center. 

Director of the Public Works Directorate Rešad Nuhodžić said that the Government of Montenegro allocates 100 million EUR through the capital budget for the projects that have been implemented, the ongoing projects or the planned ones.

02 Apr 2019, 08:54 AM

April 2, 2019 - Hotel Regent is organizing a green initiative at the confectionery - restaurant Gourmet Corner, where they invite their visitors to bring their favourite cup, and for each type of coffee they get 50% discount on "coffee to go."The action started on 1 April.

"With this action, which we called "eco coffee," we want to reduce the consumption of disposable paper glasses, plastic covers, and straws, and in the continuation of the campaign we introduce branded ceramic/porcelain cups for sale that will be suitable for "coffee to go." It is the beginning of the process of elimination of plastics at the Hotel Regent, which is in line with the ecological commitment of the Intercontinental Hotels Group to which we belong, with this year's motto of the "Earth Hour" action - "Get off plastic, get on nature!", as well as our contribution to the Day of the Planet to be marked on 22 April," said Željko Knezović, Food and Beverage Manager at Regent Hotel.
“Eco Coffee“ is one of a series of environmental initiatives that come from the management of the hotel Regent Porto Montenegro, which initiated effective cooperation with local self-government in this field, as well as numerous businesses, the NGO sector, and citizens of Tivat. The "Earth Hour" in Tivat this year was marked originally, with the participation of a large number of volunteers, and Regent made sure that the record of this action went to the world.
The Municipality of Tivat organized the action in cooperation with the nautical settlement Porto Montenegro and the hotel Regent, which financed the recording of the performance, and numerous Tivat caterers and hotels who joined the action with the exclusion of the lights. A video clip is warning against the danger of climate change, alongside the site of the Municipality of Tivat, will also be found on websites dealing with tourism, ecology, and similar topics.
Tivat is thus included in the World Environment Fund's map as an official participant in the "Earth Hour" event.
Regent announces that "Eco Coffee" is only the first in a series of projects aimed at eliminating disposable packaging, primarily plastics. In perspective, they intend to promote a trend in the hope that with citizens and local businesses will be able to make Tivat a city without plastic.
31 Mar 2019, 11:26 AM

March 31, 2019 - The adventure park on Vrbanj, after the winter break, will again be open for visitors from 1 April, and the entrance will be free until 1 May. According to Milja Vitorović, director of the Orjen Protection and Development Agency, who is managing the Adventure Park, they are undergoing the preparations.

"We're going to spend this weekend finishing the work. Park employees and the Agency's oversight office performed a major cleaning that was necessary after the winter period. Although at a weekly level it worked during the winter, it was essential to complete the restoration. We have removed broken branches in the beech forest; the paths were thoroughly cleaned due to heavy rainfall during the winter. There is also a smaller path to polygons 3 and 4, all based on project standards. The park is refreshed with the resting benches that are a novelty. Additional corrections were made to facilitate the work of the instructors. Soon will be finished the wooden advertisement that will be placed at the entrance," explained Vitorovic.
Entrance to the park will not be charged until 1 May, and the price list must be approved by the members of the Assembly of the Municipality of Herceg Novi.
"On 1st May we will have promotional prices and discounts for citizens of Herceg Novi. The price list has not yet received the approval of the Assembly, which we expect in mid-April. My proposal to the Cabinet of the President of the Municipality and the Assembly is that the entrance to the Children's Adventure Park will be 5 euros and for adults 10, with citizens giving a 50 per cent discount on the personal card. I hope it will be adopted," said Vitorovic.
To Vrbanj there will be a regular bus line on weekends, and Vitorovic says they will try to match the time of the Adventure Park, which will be open from 10 am to 4 pm, while it will be upgraded during the summer season.
The Orjen Protection and Development Agency run the Adventure Development Park in Vrbanj since Friday. A contract on the assignment of a park free of charge between the Agency for the Construction and Development of the City, which has so far managed the park so far and the Orjen Development and Protection Agency, has been signed.
Obligations of the Agency are that the park is used following the conditions of the IPA project, which is mainly related to the billing. The requirement is that all revenue is used to maintain and develop the park.
From the newspaper in Orjen Vitorović Nature Park for this season announces hiking, photo tours, sightseeing tours, bicycle tours, and many competitions.
The adventure park on Vrbanj was built within the Adriatic Canyoning project, worth over 300 thousand Euros, and from October opening, the park used and visited over 8 thousand visitors.
Source: Radio Jadran
29 Mar 2019, 16:35 PM

29 March 2019 - According to the conclusions of the assembly held by Railway Transport Service representatives, the launch of a special train schedule once a week only for tourists from Bar to Kolašin could significantly improve the tourist offer of Montenegro,

The assembly, which took place in Podgorica on March 28, was attended by the Director of Railway Transport Service Nenad Babić, Commercial Head of Railway Transport Service Mirko Rmandić and representatives of tourist agencies in Podgorica, Bar, Nikšić and Bijelo Polje.

According to the report published by Pobjeda daily, during the assembly, the participants noted that it is of great importance for the Railway Transport Service representatives to engage in active cooperation with the tourist agencies of the cities above.

"This type of offer would allow us to organise a slow train route so that the passengers could see all the interesting areas in between the two cities. They could have time to photograph certain tourist attractions and landscapes which could enhance their whole travel experience," said Babić, adding that the Railway Transport Service Company is mostly satisfied with its cooperation with the tourist agency Adria within which the two companies have already organised group tourist train routes from Bar to Kolašin.

According to him, the number of tourists last year was three times higher than in 2017, with an income of 37,000 EUR.

"This year we will focus on local transport because we expect problems in international transport within the territory of Serbia. On the route from Belgrade to Subotica, the railroad is currently being reconstructed, so most likely, the train from Subotica will not be transporting passengers to Montenegro. We need to substitute this lost revenue by increasing revenue related to local transport," Babić explained.

Rmandić said that by the end of April, the Railroad Company would introduce a computerized system, in which they invested 100,000 EUR. This system should enable passengers to buy or reserve tickets for 24 hours by a mobile application. They will also have to install a particular channel through which Montenegrin Railroad will be networked with the European Ticket Selling Organization, so tourists will be able to buy and book tickets if they want to travel from Vienna to Brussels. Staff training for this system starts on April 8.

Representatives of the tourist organizations promised to help with the railroad-related projects and pointed out that the stations in Crmnica and Virpazar should be reconstructed, that the information desk in Virpazar should be opened, and the train schedule should be set up at all stations in the English language. They suggested that the station "Aerodrom" in Podgorica should connect with the Airport in Golubovci and thus affect the increase of air and railroad traffic.

28 Mar 2019, 13:57 PM

March 28, 2019 - "Most tourists coming to Kotor are from the UK, Russia, the region, France, Germany, and the USA," the director of Tourist Organisation of Kotor Ana Nives Radovic told Radio Kotor.

She states that Kotor and Montenegro have become more recognizable destinations and engaging in those markets that have not been promoted so far.
"In the past year, when we look at the statistical data, we see that there is almost no country or end of the world from which tourists did not come to Kotor, thanks to the broader promotion of the region in markets like the Chinese. It is a tourist product that jointly offers Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania. Thanks to this and the individual work of the national tourism organizations of all these countries and the local tourist organizations, especially the coastal towns, we have managed to become more visible in the new markets," Radovic said.
According to her, the quality and content of the tourist offer depend on numerous subjects, above all, of what they offer in urban and economic infrastructure, as well as the cultural and historical features of the destination.
Radovic points out that Kotor bases its tourist offer mainly on cultural tourism.
"We do not have a dominant type of tourist to whom we can devote ourselves in the promotional sense, nor do we invite only one group of tourists in promotional activities. Campaigns for this and next year are mostly tailored to family travel, especially to people who come with small children because we have the greatest interest in markets in Western Europe, the United States and Canada. There are special features that are interesting to them. These are the most valuable tourists who do not belong to the domain of luxury tourism. It is not about those who have special requirements but are about the guests who want to have a pleasant vacation and spend money on everything they and their children are interested in," explains Radovic, citing that a good part of the tourism industry adapts to those requirements.
According to her, the promotion of Kotor in foreign markets has also contributed to the cooperation of TO Kotor with media like National Geographic and Family Traveler, a highly influential British tourist media.
"A campaign that started in the UK in February this year, we will continue in March, and will be promoted in the coming months," says Radovic. Kotor is also an exciting destination for weddings or honeymoons. "What is certainly missing is at least one large hotel room that could offer space for such gatherings throughout the year." 
There is also a great interest for congress tourism.
"Only in the future, with the acquisition of some of the larger capacities and certain content, there will be conditions for Kotor on the map of the destination of congress tourism, which is very significant and lasts 12 months. With congress tourism, we make the difference between the pre-season and the post-season less visible, that is, we encourage an increasing number of tourists to be active throughout the year and offer content that would, above all, make the city live from tourism in the winter months," explains Radovic.
Recall, Kotor was on the list of the best destinations in the world last year and was nominated again this year. Foreign journalists, bloggers and photo reporters positively evaluate the panorama of Kotor, and extraordinarily natural and cultural heritage available in a tiny area.
Source: Radio Kotor
27 Mar 2019, 21:17 PM

27 March 2019 - About 1,100 vertical signs with tourist information will be installed along the roads throughout Montenegro, all by the contract signed by the Public Works Directorate and Podgorica-based company "Crnagoraput".

Montenegro's scenic roads take all the travellers on a journey through the varied landscape, culture and nature of this small, lovable country. On the four different routes between the beautiful Adriatic coast and the wild and romantic mountains of the north, there is a lot to discover. Connecting routes also make it possible to take shortcuts or connect several scenic roads. No matter if you are travelling by car, motorbike or camper - the gorgeous landscapes will leave you breathless.

1100 New Tourist Signs along Montenegros Panoramic Routes

The recently signed contract on development of scenic routes throughout Montenegro includes the installation of new tourist signs along the scenic routes "Crown of Montenegro" and "Sea and Heights," as well as along the routes linking them.

The panoramic road "The Crown of Montenegro," is the longest route which covers the entire hinterland north of Podgorica. It leads to the spectacular mountains of the country and the most impressive gorges of the Balkans. By following this route, travellers can discover the nature of Biogradska Gora, Prokletije and Durmitor National Parks and Piva Nature Park and explore the cultural treasures in the heart of Montenegro. This panoramic road is undoubtedly the most intense way to get to know the country for those who are full of curiosity and adventure and have more time to spare for their journey.

1100 New Tourist Signs along Montenegros Panoramic Routes 2

The Panoramic Road “Sea and Heights” takes the travellers along the impressive Montenegrin coastline to explore the picturesque old towns on the Adriatic coast, beautiful beaches and the spectacular Bay of Kotor. By taking this route, travellers can also enjoy the view from the peaks of the coastal mountains and the national parks Skadar Lake and Lovćen.

The realisation of the signposting investment, worth 156.731,70 EUR, will enable the high-quality provision of tourist information to visitors, as one of the segments of the improvement of Montenegro's tourist offer.

The signs will have a unique shape and colour and will contain clear instructions on tourist locations.

27 Mar 2019, 00:18 AM

27 March 2019 - There are many reasons why you'd want to visit Montenegro, the most beautiful coastline, dramatic history, the mountains that rear up to meet the sea and a crystal clear bay. Still, this country has recently worked on significant improvements in the number and quality of hotels, so now is a great time to visit this Mediterranean gem and enjoy the luxury that leads to a perfect holiday.

According to the recent data published by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, the number of hotels in Montenegro in 2018 increased by 25.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism stated that the newly opened facilities that have 1985 units in total are mostly luxury high-class hotels.

Within the reports by the Ministry, it is explained that six new hotels built in 2018 have a service that meets five star standards and nine hotels have four stars. In the total number of new hotels, 24% of all units meet the requirements of five-star services, and 36% meet those of the four-star hotels.

"The number of beds in five-star hotels is 50,48 per cent of the total unit number, and the beds in four-star hotels make up 21 per cent of the total number of beds in hotels that started working in 2018," the Ministry's document said.

The newly opened hotels include Perla Residence (Podgorica), Hotel Rivijera – Iberostar (Herceg Novi), Hotel Jadran – Iberostar (Perast), Hotel Holliday Village Montenegro (Ulcinj), Hotel Chedi – Luštica Bay (Tivat) and Hotel Lazaret (Herceg Novi).

Furthermore, when it comes to the categories that foreign tourists at the global level mostly look for in Montenegro, eight hotels have three stars and two facilities have two stars.

The Ministry believes that the growth of the structure of accommodation capacities of high category, as the most important segment of the tourist product, has been particularly contributed by numerous stimulus measures.

These stimulus measures include the abolition of the obligation to pay utility bills for building a four and five star hotel, reducing annual real estate tax to 30 per cent for hotels with four stars, reducing annual real estate tax up to 70 per cent for five-star hotels in priority tourist sites, and lifting the obligation to pay an import VAT for products and services related to the construction of five-star hotels and a low VAT rate of only 7 per cent for hotel accommodation.

24 Mar 2019, 12:00 PM

March 24, 2019 - The great international carnival procession with about 400 participants, ended the jubilee 50th Mimosa Festival, which broke all records - by duration, number of participants, program and attendance. The closing saw the traditional trial and burning of the culprit for Herceg Novi's citizens in the past year – Mito Kovertic (Bribe Envelope), as well as the concert by Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović.

Herceg Novi was ruled by a column of masks, which was a reason for smiles and enthusiasm. The carnival, among others, included dancing rabbits, shrubs, skeletons, ladies and officers, water and fire, puppets, seasons, and birds of prey.
An introduction to the end of the festival was a reception for the delegates of the European Carnival Cities Federation with the President of the Municipality.
"I welcome all the delegates from the region, from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Serbia. Thank you very much for having responded to our invitation and coming to Herceg Novi to close the Jubilee 50th Mimosa Festival. I am pleased that the carnival procession is far more numerous than the previous year," said the president of the Herceg Novi Municipality, Stevan Katić.
He said he expects next year's carnival procession to be more numerous, so that Herceg Novi, as a member of the Federation of European Carnival Towns, stood side by side with some of the best European carnival centers.
Vice President of the European Carnival Cities Federation (FECC Europe), Josip Silov, said the carnival was a hard job and told Herceg Novi to carve it as they did the Mimosa Festival.
"You are a relatively young member of our Federation of European Carnival Cities. For the fourth year in a row, we organize a common story on your carnivals. We believe that such carnivals will see events as well and that your teams will be present at our shows, which enriches us and you," Silov said. He handed the plaque and medals to the town of Herceg Novi to remember the arrival and stay of the people of the International Carnival Federation managing board.
A massive carnival parade with about 400 participants from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Montenegro, as well as members of the international board of the European Carnival Cities Federation, led by the allegory "Thank you for 50", moved from the main town square to Igalo.
After the appearance of all the carnival groups in Igalo, a traditional trial and burning of Mito Kovertić, a "culprit for all the troubles in the past year," was held on the shore beneath the "Galeb" villa.
At the end of this part of the program was the concert of the Serbian star Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović, who said that she had not played for Herceg Novi for a long time and that she was satisfied with "what happened this evening and what seemed all-glorious."
"I had a great concert, it was another record visit, and I can only be overjoyed," Ražnatović said.
Last night concluded the 50-day program of the Mimosa Festival with over 60 different contents, from concerts, masks, sports-entertainment events, gourmet and literary evenings to performances
General sponsors of the Mimosa Festival are Herceg Novi Municipality and Tourism Organization, executive producer the Public Institution of Culture "Herceg Fest," and many sponsors - non-governmental organizations, embassies of foreign countries in Montenegro, city partners and friends supported the implementation of the program.
22 Mar 2019, 13:57 PM

March 22, 2019 - The Orjen Development and Protection Agency will organise on Sunday, March 24, an educational pedestrian tour marking the World Water Day. Departure is scheduled for 10 am from the plateau of the Kotobilje Spring, and the last point is Ljuti karst (750 m above sea level) below the former motel Borići, on the southern edge of the Orjen Nature Park.

"None of our actions are a one-layer story. We always take the opportunity to get acquainted with the participants of our tour with historical attractions, geomorphological characteristics of the region, cultural and historical monuments. This time, when water is in our focus, we can talk about biological aspects, rare organisms living in surface and underground waters in this area as well as in the historical context. The Kameno village in the hinterland of Herceg Novi was plumbing in 1908, just a few years later compared to coastal towns," said Željko Starčević, an archaeologist and mountain hunter from the Orjen Development and Protection Agency.
During the tour, the participants will hear exciting details about the phenomena of our karst region and see the local pit. The karst area is affluent in the most diverse forms of rocks, scrapers, canals, gullies, and holes, resulting in chemical degradation under the influence of rainwater. The guides of the Orjen Development and Protection Agency suggest to the participants that they bring photographic devices, arguing that in the stone structures that nature has left in this area there are a lot of details that they would certainly want to record.
"As much as it is significant to recognize the tourism potential of this unusual karst relief, it is so important, and it is preserved from the pollution of its underground, since the Orjen mountain with the highest amount of rainfall in Europe, the mountain deep in its uterus certainly has significant water resources," Starcevic said .
A tour requires adequate footwear, a smaller backpack with water, food and spare parts. Participation in the trip is free of charge and at your own risk. The completion is planned for 2 pm. Tel / Viber for applications and additional info: 069 360 803.
The UN Assembly established World Water Day in 1992 and it is celebrated each year with a different theme. This year is the motto "Do not leave behind" in the sense that from sustainable development everyone must benefit because water rights are one of the fundamental human rights. Unfortunately, due to the lack of potable water, sanitary and hygienic conditions, around 1,400 children die, UNICEF data. Also, according to alarming data from the United Nations Organization, today more than 2 billion people worldwide live without drinking water in homes; about 4 billion people, almost two-thirds of the world's population.
21 Mar 2019, 13:43 PM

March 21, 2019 - The promotion of the monograph "Mimosa Festival - 50 years of the Flower Festival" is scheduled for Friday, March 22 at 7 pm in the "Park" Hall.

The idea of a monograph about the Mimosa Festival is over a decade old. The preparation for the fortieth birthday of the oldest festival in Herceg Novi began and the task of bringing together all the previous years in the collection was by gthe late Petar Janičić, a prominent publicist and journalist and Vitka Vujnović, a journalist of Radio Herceg Novi. The monograph of that year was not published, but the precious material was collected before the 45th edition of the February Flower Festival in the book "The Mimosa Festival – the Lasting Magic".
Petar Janičić died in the meantime, but the stories about the first years of the Festival that he recorded (from 1969 to 1984) have been preserved and published. Vito Vujnović's recordings and atmosphere on the Mimosa Festival were recorded from 1985 until 2002, and Dragica Ivanovic (journalist at Radio Herceg Novi and the "Pobjeda" multi-annual correspondent) did the same from 2003 to 2009.
A new occasion for reviving the idea of a monograph was an upcoming jubilee - 50 years of Mimosa Festival. The plan was initiated by the Public Cultural Institution Herceg Fest, which is also a publisher.
Monograph "The Mimosa Festival - 50 Years of Flower Festival" has been prepared for almost a year.
The previous publication "The Lasting Magic" was a high starting point, but the team of associates gathered around the monograph agreed that the story should be supplemented by telling the organizers and participants, hosts and guests, with a different view of the concept of the festival. For this reason, there has not been a great deal of progress through the previous publication, nor have the historical events recorded from the famous festival colonies been extensively chronologically filed. But the essence was captured by those who lived for, and with the Festival in the years we now call gold, then those who were in every sense heavy and lead because of the earthquake, war, sanctions, to those in which we have recovered, to remain self-contained, and again to connect with friends. We also tried to point out what the Holiday should be in the future, emphasized the publisher.
“In the new collection of stories and photos of this book, we owe thanks to all the interviewers, everyone who photographed, recorded, wrote about the Herceg Novi’s festival.”
The result of dedicated work is a monograph published on more than 300 pages, with over 500 photos and hundreds of conversations.
Finally, even when this book was written with dread and respect, we could start a new one again because of the immense energy and joy that we give and return to this Holiday, moving like a life of light to the future.
21 Mar 2019, 09:52 AM

March 21, 2019 - In cooperation with the Secretariat for Tourism and Entrepreneurship of the Tivat Municipality, Lustica Development organizes a two-day bazaar of local food, agricultural products, and handicrafts, "Meet the Spring," which will be held in the marina village of Lustica Bay over the weekend.

"Lustica Development company has continued the tradition of promoting domestic and autochthonous products abounding in our Tivat and Boka Kotorska. After successfully organizing the event called "Fall Colors Fair" at the end of last year, Lustica Development Company accepted our initiative to organize a similar event this spring with a joint effort, this time symbolizing the coming of spring. As we have been doing since the establishment of this Secretariat, the emphasis will be on promoting local agricultural producers. About 20 of the registered participants, along with the Institute of Healthy Organic Food, and the Agrovit company from Podgorica, will have the opportunity to promote their products during the two-day event services," said Tivat Petar Vujović, secretary for tourism and entrepreneurship yesterday.

On the second day of the event educational workshops in the field of organic agriculture are planned.

"A special attraction for this event will be the gifted and entrepreneurial students of the Drago Milović Elementary School and the "Mladost "Secondary School", which will show on their booths all what their marvelous hands have created over the past few months. I want to point out that the Municipality of Tivat and the Secretariat for Tourism and Entrepreneurship pay particular attention to the children, trying to develop their entrepreneurial spirit from their little feet. We should know that systems and cultures are formed during early childhood, and for this reason, primary education plays an important role in the development of entrepreneurial competence. The role of the municipality is that, by encouraging children to be born from the earliest age, we develop responsibility, creativity and what is most important - self-confidence," Vujovic said.

Among the individual exhibitors who will perform at the fair in Lustica Bay are producers of cheese, brandy, wintergreen, sweet, honey, soap, and medicinal herbs. Their products will also offer producers of fruits, vegetables, domestic wine, juices, and oils.

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