Tivat Achieves Record Number of Tourists in Summer 2019

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Tivat has recorded a 24% increase in the number of tourists, compared with last year. With the same increase in the number of overnight stays, Tivat had more than a million overnights in the first nine months of this year. Tourists were mostly from Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Great Britain, China, France, the USA, Ukraine, Croatia and Hungary, said director of Tourist Organization Tivat, Ms Gabrijela Glavočić, at the conference marking the end of the summer season.


Between 1 May and 1 September, a total of €293.000 of local taxes have been collected, 21% more compared with 2018.

President of the Municipality of Tivat, Mr Siniša Kusovac, pointed out that competent municipal services and enterprises had significantly contributed to the successful summer season in Tivat.

“This year Tivat got the highest rank ever in the survey that encompasses a wide range of elements and aspects of tourism season. Interestingly, Tivat is still a favorite when it comes to relaxation and rest. Its cleanliness is the third most appreciated factor that makes tourists come back. Seawater quality has been K1 throughout the whole season. The credit goes to our municipal services,” said Mr Kusovac.

In pre-season and during the season, TO Tivat operated following the existing strategic objectives of the development of tourism and it significantly contributed to maintaining the status of a high-quality destination that Tivat enjoys.

“Promotional materials have been translated to German, Russian, English and French. Apart from many brochures, we also made a calendar of events – “TIVTOVANJE 2019 (“TIVTING 2019″)”. It was distributed to more than 5.000 addresses in the region”, said Ms Glavočić.

TO promoted the authenticity of the destination through trade fairs and presentations in the country and abroad. TO of Tivat emphasized its richness of local characteristics and customs, contributing to numerous projects relevant to the municipality.

“TO Tivat used the beginning of the year to create new strategies for taking part in tourism trade fairs, to promote the entire region. The idea was to promote and present Boka and its three towns: Tivat, Kotor and Herceg Novi. It was an impressive presentation because it showcased the specificity of a region – cultural heritage, tradition, folklore, cuisine and other attractions”, said Ms Glavočić.

According to Ms Glavočić, this year again, Tivat carried out many important promotional actions. Texts about Tivat were distributed all across the region.

“Two great projects were carried out in pre-season – promotion of Hello travel Boka magazine and the first Pictorial glossary about Tivat. “Tivting” definitely was a boom this year”, added Ms Glavočić.

Thanks to the activities above, Tivat got the highest rank so far in the regular survey.

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