25 Oct 2019, 01:13 AM

25 October 2019 - The new Podgorica – Bari line, which will be established as a segment of the cross-border On Cloud Nine project, will be launched in January 2020, reports CdM Portal.

The new line will be introduced and maintained by Montenegrin national carrier – Montenegro Airlines. As TMN reported earlier, the representatives of the Airports of Montenegro recently participated in a kick-off meeting of the transnational On Cloud Nine project in Bari (Italy) at the premises of Airports of Puglia.

The project On Cloud Nine, “cONnecting CLOse and Unexplored Destinations with New INter-Adriatic transport sErvices” aims to establish air links between the Italian region of Pula and Montenegro, as well as Pula and Albania, through the testing of the Brindisi - Tirana and Bari – Podgorica air routes. "This initiative will contribute to the promotion of mobility, trade and tourism in the Montenegro-Italy-Albania region by developing and improving the quality of new cross-border, sustainable and integrated passenger transport opportunities," Airports of Montenegro said.

The representatives of the Airports of Montenegro explained that the project was co-financed under the trilateral Interreg - IPA cross-border cooperation program for Italy, Albania and Montenegro, with a total budget of 1,44 million EUR.

The data published by the portal EX-YU Aviation show that this winter the number of passengers in regular air traffic is expected to increase significantly in the markets of several countries of the former Yugoslavia.

"Based on data from the company Cirium (formerly FlighGlobal) analytics firm, which analyses aviation and travel trends, comparing the 2019/20 winter season with the previous one, most significant shift in the number of departing passengers on the European continent will be noted in Montenegro,” reports EX-YU Aviation.

23 Oct 2019, 13:10 PM
October 23, 2019 - The Tourist Organization of Kotor will propose a strategy seeking a different way of regulating excursion tourism. Kotor is visited annually by about half a million travelers who, apart from paying the excursion fee of 1 euro, have very little or no extra-board consumption. 
Low tax rates and small excursion spending are not enough to improve the existing urban infrastructure and create a better life for the people of Kotor. The question is whether the city needs this kind of tourism, Ana Nives Radovic, director of the Kotor TO, told Infobiro:
 "With so many excursions and the problems that excursion tourism creates to the city, we need to rethink and think about whether just one euro per guest is enough for us, whether the city can still cover everything with that money. We are already talking about more than half a million people who are circling the city and spending very little money, or minimal benefit to the city, saying that this form of tourism is desirable," Radovic said.
Kotor is facing high-paying markets where there is already a well-established culture and habit of traveling and spending. These are tourists from the UK, USA, Scandinavian countries, France, and other Western European countries.
"The plan of the Tourist Organisation and cooperating tourist economies is to concentrate on these markets, to reduce the number of arrivals of those guests from whom the city comes only in the form of excursion fees and deficient consumption. It is a great task for Kotor and all the local institutions to devise a smart, rational, and long-term strategy. We want to create a long-term strategy to make tourism in the city sustainable, ensuring for Kotor not to become a destination that anyone will sooner or later avoid," she explained.
First of all, Kotor has to be a pleasant environment for its inhabitants, who are very much affected by this, because there is a growing number of those who openly ask why they have so many tourists:
"Together, it creates a huge number and burden for the city, the city's infrastructure, and it affects the growing concern of citizens, who, as someone who lives and spends time here, not only owe us answers, but also a better and more enjoyable life. The city must be not only tailored to tourists but also tailored to citizens," Radovic said.
Ultimately, even if the increase in prices did not contribute to the relief of the city, Kotor would have a tax revenue that could be further invested in urban infrastructure, which would improve the quality of life of citizens.
"Is it justifiable to have an excursion fee of one euro, since with this number of guests who come and with so much tax we can do very little to improve the infrastructure of the city, that is, the city benefits from it? Kotor is facing a great challenge when it comes to creating a strategy, not only for tourism development but also for development and lifestyle in the city in the future in general," she concluded.
Ana Nives Radovic said a record number of overnight stays and visits were achieved this year, because only in mid-September, after paying the tourist tax, they reached the entire last year's collection amount.
22 Oct 2019, 22:29 PM

22 October 2019 - In the winter season 2020/2021, Montenegrin ski resorts Kolašin 1600 and Kolašin 1450 will offer 45 kilometres of ski slopes to all locals and tourists who enjoy spending their holidays in the snow.

Last year's winter season in Montenegro saw a 33.37 per cent increase in the number of tourists and 15.83 per cent increase in the number of overnight stays in comparison to 2017, reports Investitor Portal. It is expected that this year's winter tourist season in Montenegro will produce even better results.

At the session of the Board of the Association of Tourism and Catering of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro held at the Kolašin 1600 Ski centre, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro announced the intensification of promotion of Montenegro in the regional and European broadcast markets, especially those with which Montenegro has good airline connections.

Miloš Popović, director of Ski Resorts of Montenegro, said that 140 million EUR would be invested in ski tourism infrastructure by 2022. The construction of the Kolašin 1600 Ski resort, as well as resorts Žarski, Cmiljača, Štedim and Hajla is already planned, as well as additional valorisation of the Durmitor Ski resort.

“In the 2020/2021 winter season, Montenegrin ski resorts Kolašin 1600 and Kolašin 1450 will offer 45 kilometres of ski slopes,” highlighted Popović on this occasion.

As TMN reported earlier, Kolašin was recently listed by The Guardian as one of the top ten small ski resorts in Europe.

This winter, the Kolašin 1600 Ski resort will offer eight kilometres of trails and a ski school, a restaurant, and an amusement park will be in operation. "With the impetus that the highway should provide, this area will be a new pearl of Montenegrin tourism," said the director of Ski Resorts of Montenegro.

The winter season at the Kolašin and Žabljak ski resorts will start on December 14th. The offer will be enhanced with six concerts by regional music stars.

Depending on the weather, the season will last until April 1 or 15.

"It is very important to ensure traffic accessibility. Roads to the ski slopes must be passable every day from eight in the morning, ”said Popović.

He suggested that the construction of an ice rink should enrich Kolašin's tourist offer. In order to provide the necessary staff, he believes that it is necessary to establish the “gripman course” at the Secondary School of Education in Mojkovac and a course for specialists in industrial mechanical engineering at the Engineering Faculty in Podgorica. Popović also demanded that the VAT on cableways be reduced to seven per cent, as they are part of public transport.

17 Oct 2019, 14:00 PM

17 October 2019 - Montenegro is fast becoming a major world-known luxurious tourist destination, and being the Adriatic gem, it isn't difficult to understand why. Forbes Magazine has published a guide to picking the best destination to visit in 2020, with Montenegro in the top 20, highlighting the beauties of Kotor.

One of the most reliable and outstanding business magazines in the world, Forbes Magazine recently published an article on best places to visit in 2020, which is a destination guide by Ovation Travel Group's agents created to help the travellers pinpoint the best travel locations worldwide. “It confirms a few favorite places, but also has a surprise or two,” says the article. The top 20 destination list highlights Kotor, Montenegro, as one of the most unique natural attractions of the Mediterranean.

The Ovation Travel Group travel agency and Forbes have both recognized the beauty of Kotor, placing the gorgeous coastal city on the 13th place on the list of “Top 20 Best Places To Visit In 2020”. Kotor is an excellent combination of natural, cultural and historical beauties, which makes the town worth visiting, and the article offers information on why travellers should visit Montenegro and Kotor, who is a “top candidate” to fall in love with the city and what they definitely shouldn’t miss.

“Montenegro, the Adriatic’s hidden treasure, is emerging as a desirable Mediterranean destination, state the OTG’s agents, adding that "it's the Adriatic’s hidden treasure".

“Today, Montenegro is emerging as a go-to luxury haven. Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro’s most luxurious hotel, raised the bar for hospitality in the country, and Marriott International just announced that it will bring the Ritz-Carlton brand to Montenegro in 2023,” highlights the article, introducing the readers to the continuously upgraded tourism offer of the country.

Forbes recommends the dreamy city of Kotor and Montenegro for all active travelers looking for hiking and adventure as well as for couples seeking relaxation and privacy. The OTG’s agents also highly recommend numerous landmarks in Kotor: Old Town Kotor, Perast, Our Lady of the Rocks, St. Ivan Fortress and more. “Kotor, another walled Dalmatian city, offers travelers an impressive and more natural experience. It's one of the best-preserved old towns on the Adriatic coast and is home to many churches and museums,” states the article.

13 Oct 2019, 15:06 PM

13 October 2019 - The Airports of Montenegro will establish a Podgorica – Bari – Podgorica line as part of the cross-border On Cloud Nine project, announced the PR Service of the company.

The representatives of the Airports of Montenegro said the project On Cloud Nine, “cONnecting CLOse and Unexplored Destinations with New INter-Adriatic transport sErvices” aims to establish air links between the Italian region of Pula and Montenegro, as well as Pula and Albania, through the testing of the Brindisi - Tirana and Bari – Podgorica air routes. "This initiative will contribute to the promotion of mobility, trade and tourism in the Montenegro-Italy-Albania region by developing and improving the quality of new cross-border, sustainable and integrated passenger transport opportunities," the statement said.

At the end of September, the representatives of the Airports of Montenegro participated in a kick-off meeting of the transnational On Cloud Nine project in Bari (Italy) at the premises of Airports of Puglia.

"The meeting presented the current accomplishments related to the project, analysis of the market for passenger traffic and services of Podgorica Airport and the possibilities for the development of intermodal urban transport. In the coming period, in addition to the introduction of the airline, transnational routes will be established in cooperation with the tourism sector, "the statement added.

The airport explained that the project was co-financed under the trilateral Interreg - IPA cross-border cooperation program for Italy, Albania and Montenegro, with a total budget of 1,44 million EUR.

Get more information on travelling to and through Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

12 Oct 2019, 21:32 PM

From the 16th to the 19th of October, Tivat will host the prestigious Private Luxury Forum, bringing together 100 representatives and 85 agents from the elite sector of the tourist industry. The Forum will gather the most eminent European professionals dealing in sales of luxury travel arrangements, representatives of luxury hotels and hotel chains, alongside prestige concierge companies.

“It is an honour for us to have the opportunity to host the best agents directly in Tivat, and through organising such a complex event to present Montenegro, which over the last decade has truly established itself as a prestigious destination. We are grateful to the organisers for accepting the initiative of the Hotel Regent management two years ago, and for enabling us to host the professional elite in the field of luxury tourist travel next week. In addition to a high-quality programme, agents will experience Montenegro through a range of activities showing not only the best the destination offers, but also elements of the lifestyle in the region. We look forward, as a serious partner-destination, to showing our professional, organisational and spatial capacity for holding this Forum. The fact that the Forum is being held here is confirmation of the continued development of Montenegro as a year-round luxury destination. Agents visiting the Forum will add Montenegro to their range of products and, according to the organisers, the destination will benefit from $7.2 million of additional revenue over the next three years,” stated Ivan Gajić, Director of Sales at the Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro, on the significance of organising such a high-profile event in Montenegro.

Montenegro, as a host, joins the ranks of established destinations such as Riviera Maya, Tenerife, Malaysia, Vienna, Istanbul and Florida. Partners of the project are Porto Montenegro, The National Tourist Organisation, The Chedi Luštica Bay Hotel, Tivat Municipality, Talas M agency and Yellow Events.

12 Oct 2019, 02:14 AM

12 October 2019 - Influential United Kingdom’s daily newspaper, The Guardian recently listed the Morača region and Kolašin as “one of the best small ski resorts in Europe”.

On October 10, The Guardian, one of the United Kingdom's leading newspapers, posted an article on the advantages of small ski resorts, providing travel tips to its readers. The article explains that smaller resorts often offer benefits such as smaller prices, easier routes, less crowded slopes, great scenery, or unspoilt character. “From Spain to Greece, these less-obvious ski areas offer great value and a more local feel than the big, busy Alps resorts,” states the article.

The Guardian Listed Kolašin Ski Resort in Top 10 Small Ski Resorts in Europe

The Guardian provided its readers with a detailed explanation from an individual who visited the Morača region and Kolašin. According to Ralph, due to small height variations and different tracks, the Kolašin ski resort is perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers alike. Still, experienced skiers can also find the resort interesting with freestyle tracks and unbroken snow. Kolašin offers unique natural beauties of which this whole region is famous for.

“Kolašin in central Montenegro is the most underrated mountain resort in Europe. It is a small town surrounded by the Bjelasica and Sinjajevina mountains, which rise to above 2,000 metres. Skiing costs from €30 a day including lift pass, and there are also children’s slopes with instructors. My seven-year-old loved it. The great-value Balkan cuisine is delicious and accommodation ranges from upmarket Hotel Bianca to reasonably priced log cabins. The ski slopes are 7km away and accessible by bus. For a winter holiday without queues and high prices, I’d really recommend the area,” says Ralph for The Guardian.

Aside from Kolašin, the list of “10 of the best small ski resorts in Europe” included Port Aine (Spain), Kranjska Gora (Slovenia), Champex-Lac (Switzerland), Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany), Sierra Nevada (Spain), La Mongie (France), Levi (Finland), Hania (Greece) and Roccaraso (Italy).

The Guardian Listed Kolašin Ski Resort in Top 10 Small Ski Resorts in Europe 2

The news that The Guardian recognised the beauty of Montenegro and Kolašin was quickly noted by the Ambassador of Great Britain to Montenegro, Her Excellency Ms Alison Camp, who congratulated the representatives of the country’s tourism offer and to the representatives of the Ski Resort Kolašin 1450 as well.

“We appreciate when Montenegro is reported on in this matter incredible world newsletters. Our commitment to build new ski resorts in Kolašin and other municipalities in the North is confirmed,” said Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković as a comment on the country’s accomplishment.

Read more travel advice at TMN's dedicated page.

11 Oct 2019, 02:37 AM

11 October 2019 - German public service Norddeutscher Rundfunk recently broadcasted a report on Montenegro entitled "Montenegro - From the Black Mountains to the sea" (Montenegro - von den schwarzen bergen zum meer).

The author of the show, Torben Schmidt, began his journey by night train on the border with Serbia. From Bijelo Polje, a small town with socialist charm, Schmidt goes on a journey through the mountains to the sea. “The railroad through the Dinaric Mountains, over serpentines and bridges to the coastal town of Bar, is considered to be the most beautiful railway in the Balkans. As the so-called Tito’s Railway, it was the pride of Yugoslavian railway architecture," says the author.

The show states that Montenegro owes its name to the Black Mountains. "In the country, you can find steep cliffs, deep gorges, picturesque lakes, Orthodox monasteries, Venetian architecture, sandy beaches and even a fjord like in Norway. Three climatic zones pass through the Adriatic, as large as the German region of Schleswig Holstein. Residents still have to find their way between the challenges of the post-socialist squad, the lavish Balkan sentiment and the chance of a still undiscovered tourist destination in Europe," says Schmidt.

Montenegro From the Black Mountains to the sea 2

After the railroad trip segment, the film presents a passionate mountaineer, Milan Radović, who, as the first Montenegrin to climb an eight thousand meters peak, still proclaims Montenegro the most beautiful country in the world.

In the rock monastery Ostrog, which was a refuge for the locals during the Ottoman siege, the author talks with a young pilgrim; and on Lake Skadar, he interviews an ornithologist who has devoted himself to the protection of the pelicans. Finally, the Schmidt reaches the Montenegrin coast and gains insight into the lives of Montenegrin fire-fighters and a local water polo coach.

The National Tourism Organization of Montenegro supported this project of the German production company Elbmotion pictures from Hamburg, whose representatives visited Montenegro last year.

Get more information on why and when you should visit Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

11 Oct 2019, 02:05 AM

11 October 2019 - On October 3rd, and Jet2holidays announced new direct services to Tivat in Montenegro, with flights and holidays going on sale from London Stansted and Manchester Airports.

The announcement marks the first time that has operated flights direct to Montenegro, a destination that features everything from golden beaches and cool bars to whitewashed villages and rugged national parks. Currently accessible from Dubrovnik, the launch of this brand new route now gives holidaymakers direct access to Montenegro with and Jet2holidays.

UK based Jet2 to launch flights to Tivat Montenegro in May 2020

The airline will operate up to two weekly services (Thursday and Sunday) to Tivat from each base, with services running from May through to October.

Located on the west coast of the Balkan Peninsula, Tivat opens up an array of dazzling options for holidaymakers, including resorts such as stylish Budva, chilled-out Bečići and the stunning Herceg Novi. The classy coastal town of Tivat itself is nearby, as is the jaw-dropping Kotor Bay.

This is’s third brand new route for Summer 20, in addition to Preveza (Greece) and Zadar (Croatia).

Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2holidays said: “The introduction of services to Tivat means that we are operating direct flights to Montenegro for the first time. With stunning scenery, a wonderful climate, and fantastic resorts such as Budva and Bečići on offer, we are expecting this destination to be hugely popular with holidaymakers. Yet again, and Jet2holidays are giving holidaymakers and independent travel agents even more choice and flexibility when it comes to booking our award-winning flights and holidays.”

Low-cost carrier Jet2 will enter the Montenegrin market in 2020 with the launch of two new routes to Tivat. The airline will inaugurate two weekly flights from Manchester and London Stansted starting May 21. Both will be operated with a 189-seat Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The announcement marks the first time the leisure airline and package holiday specialist has operated flights to Montenegro.

"The Balkan beauty of Montenegro sits beside neighbours Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Majestic mountains stand proud against brilliant beaches, with terracotta-topped towns in between. You’ll find laid-back rural areas alongside upmarket marinas too. Sound up your street? Let us show you more…," says the open invitation of the Jet2 company to all interested travellers to visit Montenegro and its beauty.

Tickets are already available for purchase on the airline's website.

Get more information on when and how to visit Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

06 Oct 2019, 20:16 PM

From Monday until the 11th of June next year, the fleet of six ferries will run on the winter timetable. According to the ferry company,  this will mean a non-stop service from 6 am to midnight, running every 15 minutes.

During the night, ferries will depart from each side of the bay, on the hour from Kamenari, and on the half hour from Lepetane.

Departures from Kamenari will be at 20 past midnight, at 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, 4 am, 4:50 am and 5:20 am.

Departures from Lepetane will be at 12:10 am, 12:30 am, 1:30 am, 2:30 am, 3:30 am, 4:30 am, 5:05 am and 5:40 am.

Source: Radio Jadran

03 Oct 2019, 21:28 PM

03 October 2019 - Montenegro Airlines has provided the passengers of Slovenian Adria Airways to travel to their desired destinations under very favorable conditions.

Representatives of Montenegro Airlines said they'll offer 60 EUR flights for Podgorica-Ljubljana, as well as from Podgorica or Tivat to Belgrade. For other destinations the ticket will cost 90 EUR.

Passengers who have a YM flight or have an Adria Airways ticket and want to use them on direct YM flights will be offered 60 EUR for the Podgorica-Ljubljana line, the representatives of this company said in a public statement.

The offer includes a single piece of luggage with standard dimensions (up to 23 kilograms), and 158 centimeters maximum. The offer is valid from 1 to 10 October and refers to flights operated by Montenegro Airlines.

Montenegro Airlines adopted the decision on introducing special prices after Slovenian Adria Airways declared bankruptcy owing to insolvency, reports Cafe del Montenegro.

Read more news about traveling through Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

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