23 Jan 2019, 23:41 PM

22 January 2019 - Danilovgrad is already a huge construction site. And the President of this Municipality, Zorica Kovačević, says it is going to be even more so. She announced numerous projects worth millions – from the construction of apartments for the citizens who mostly need it, 10-million EUR worth investment of the “Voli Trade” Company which plans to open a mall in this town, opening of the lounge and a service of the MAN company, as well as the construction of the main drain and construction of the new and reconstruction of existing roads. She claims that they are continually reducing the unemployment and that numerous investors are planning to move their business to Danilovgrad and thus create new jobs.

She adds that the existing sewerage system will be reconstructed. Also, the new one will be built.

“Reconstruction of the road across Martinići was planned to be undertaken. Also, the Government’s capital projects, such as the reconstruction of the old road Danilovgrad-Podgorica, go in our favor. Preparation works for the reconstruction of four lanes of the road Podgorica-Danilovrgrad are in progress. This year we will finish the project for the reconstruction of the “old road” Danilovgrad-Markovina and the tender for the reconstruction of the regional road Danilovgrad-Glava Zete will be called too,” says Kovačević.

Better supply of electric energy will the thanks to the reconstruction of low and high-voltage network.

“By the end of February, the project for the construction of apartments for retired persons will have been finished. The price of one square meter will be from 300 to 350 EUR, and that is a very reasonable price. We have provided funds for the reconstruction and construction of pipes and their removal,” says the President of the Municipality of Danilovgrad.

She proudly announces the opening of MAN lounge and service, an investment worth more than 3 million EUR, where around 15 persons from Danilovgrad will be employed.

“The construction of the new fire fighting brigade service has started as well as the reconstruction of the premises of Red Cross. Next week, the construction for the auxiliary field of FC Istra will begin. The construction of 50 apartments for the Armed Forces of Montenegro has begun too. “Bemax” company will build new grinder plant, where people will be able to find a job,” says Kovačević.

As she says, they are working hard on reducing unemployment.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

23 Jan 2019, 13:11 PM

January 23, 2019 - We came to Skaljari. Our tour around the villages of Boka Bay has arrived at one of the most characteristic points when it comes to the typical culture of living through time. Skaljari was not a naval settlement, not even a fishermen village. It was, and on some points still tries to be, just an ordinary village, characteristic for agriculture and families living together and supporting each other in good and bad times. Also, its inhabitants were well-known craftsmanship. 

skaljari dolores fabianToday, unfortunately, Skaljari is best known for the criminal group "Skaljarski klan", but this is not one of the topics we will be dealing with in this story. We found ourselves a better company. Our host in Skaljari is Dolores Fabian, president of the NGO Ke Nova, who advocates preserving the local tradition of Kotor and Boka Bay through organising numerous events and programs focusing on the material and immaterial cultural heritage of this region.
The village of Skaljari is right next to the Old Town of Kotor. When you come out of Kotor through the South Gate, you pass by the Gurdic and enter Skaljari. Gurdic separates the village from Kotor and the General Hospital of the Muo fishing village. The southern border of the settlement makes the mountain cross of Trojica. On the north side stretches the seashore. Skaljari covers the slope between Vrmac and Mount Lovćen.
skaljari church of saint dujamCopyright: Dux Radio
Judging by the churches in Skaljari, the oldest church of St. Dujam dates from the end of the 12th century, this settlement started to develop even earlier. The name Skaljari comes from Skalja, a local expression for the stone that characterised the Skaljari landscape before the village became the suburban settlement. The church of St Dujam has recently been restored and re-dedicated to the saint, patron of the town of Split, and its additional cultural value, according to Dolores Fabian, lies in the fact that it is the sanctuary dedicated to St. Dujam on the most southerly point at all.
skaljari imperial roadCopyright: Boka News
The so-called "Imperial Way", built on the project of Josip Slade from Trogir from 1879 to 1884, passes through the settlement. According to the local legend, the engineer Slade was so enchanted by the beauty of the Montenegrin princess Milena Petrović that he had designed a part of that road in a shape of the beginning letter of her name - large M.  Terrain configuration suggests that this path didn't need sharp curves, which makes this legend closer to the truth.
The locals divided the village into smaller parts and gave them names based on some of their characteristics. So part of the settlement near the General Hospital Kotor is called Banat because there were most plains there. The upper part of Skaljari near Vrmac Hill called simply “Pod Vrmac“ (Inder Vrmac). The centre of the village is called Petrovici, according to the largest family from Skaljari. Most of these toponyms were lost in time, mostly due to urbanisation, transforming the former agricultural area into the suburbs of Kotor. In the period after the Second World War, this agricultural area received several factories, a bus station and many other contents that have forever changed its physiognomy. The beginning of the 21st century and Skaljari brought about excessive and inadequate urbanisation, which forever destroyed the harmony of the cultural landscape of the place.
skaljari and kotor 1929Skaljari and Kotor in 1929
"Times are changing, the way of life changes. New people are coming, the structure of the population changes, which all affect that old, traditional lifestyle loses. However, we are struggling through the manifestations and events that characterise our town to have Skaljari survive as it once was, recognisable above all by the women who worked in the gardens and then sold their vegetables on the Kotor's market and on," says our host, Dolores Fabian.
Boka Bay is a predominantly karst region with exceptional characteristics of the Mediterranean climate, with excellent conditions for growing pomegranates, citrus fruits, figs and olives in small gardens, so-called "Bastine". In their "Bastine" the villagers of Skaljari brewed salad, cabbage, selenium, onions and potatoes, all of which they called together "Verdura", which is an Italian name for vegetables. From corn, they raised maize, rye and oats, and there was a mill in the village. The mill dated from the end of the 18th century and was in use until the beginning of the 20th century. A vineyard and olive were growing in the village, so Skaljari also had olive mills. They were less concerned with cattle breeding, and mainly breeding goats.
Along with agricultural activities, the locals were also good craftsmen. Skaljari (what is also the name for the village inhabitants) were famous sailors, shoemakers, carpenters. Especially known and recognised were bricklayers from this village. It is not surprising since they had to learn from their little feet to match and cut the small stones everywhere around them. Of course, the village was all of rock. From the dry-stone terraces, through the mills and the roads, sometimes modest and later more significant and beautiful houses – everything was built of stone from the site itself.
Skaljari is one of the Boka Bay settlements, which has preserved the best the local Bokelian dialect, which is characterised by a high number of Roman words. If we talk about Tivat, that's the case in the village of Donja Lastva. Perhaps these two villages are "Cakulavi", which would mean settlements whose residents love to talk, often gossips on their neighbours. Dolores Fabian, our host in Skaljari, has another explanation.
skaljari and skaljariceSkaljarice with one Konavoka at the Skaljarska Pjaca, Old Town of Kotor
"You know that one of the squares in Kotor carries the name “Skaljarska Pjaca“ (Skaljari's market). There once the villagers from Skaljari sold their agricultural products. As for every market, there was a characteristic "Susur" - a glance and overwhelming, averting, a lot of "cuddling". " Dolores with members of the organisation, through the various manifestations tries to save the sounds, smells and tastes of old times. In this sense, the most interesting is the tourist event "Kotor's Time Machine" which is held during the summer months by the squares of the Old Town of Kotor. One of the segments of this program is exactly at the square named by Skaljari where young girls perform the sketches prepared by Dolores, taking care that every detail of the young "Skaljarice", their folk costumes, the vegetables they "sell" on their booths, corresponds to what once was.
"We organise that program on Saturday morning during the summer months. Then Kotor takes tourists from all over the world. When they come across some of our programs, they are very interested; the most interesting is when a cruise ship full of tourists comes from Italy. They all understand that they enter the zone of some play- the villagers are trying to sell their goods, from the window some old lady cry to them that she cannot rest from their noise. When they hear the words of their language, strangely coloured by the influences of the Slavic language, Italians do not miss to look to the end. They do not have to understand everything, the other guests from abroad do not understand anything, but they feel that it is a life that is entirely in harmony with the theatrical scene, and each Kotor's square is a stage for itself," says Dolores.
skaljari kotorski vremeplov"The one who knows Skaljari from the story, if not out of life, when he is walking in a village, will not find what we have in our stories. It will be difficult even to notice the most important structures in the village, some house of an important family or a church of St. Luka, celebrated by inhabitants of Skaljari as their forefather. Formerly small dry stone walls that have kept the gardens are now being the supporting walls of some new buildings. So, the look of Skaljari is completely different. We strive to bring the old life of Skaljari and Skaljarice through the scene closer to all those who came to live with us. We want to inspire them to act at least for a moment as true Skaljari," explains Dolores, adding that the activities of NGO Ke Nova are held during the main tourist season as well as in the winter months:
"In the Kamelija Shopping Center, we often have demonstrations linked to the local tradition, at least once a month to Boka Bay. We thematise the people of this region, the tradition, and of course, we offer the inevitable “Papalada Ala Maka“, a tasting of local gastro-culture dishes. We invite women from Kavac, Prcanj, Perast, Risan, Dobrota. And of course, Skaljarice. They always respond, and their table is always overburdened. It's always the delicacies that have for centuries been part of our local cuisine."
23 Jan 2019, 02:59 AM

21 January 2019 - Culture Trip, a global tech startup that inspires people to explore the world’s culture and creativity, has recently posted an article on the list of “Overlooked European Countries Not Enough People Visit” and listed Montenegro as a stunning tourist destination!

Montenegro's sparkling coastline seems to be drawing visitors more than ever since the tiny, picturesque island of Sveti Stefan was turned into a luxury hotel. This glamorous holiday destination appears to have become a hit with tourists from all over the world.

Culture Trip Montenegro is an Overlooked European Country You Need to Visit 4

As explained by the Culture Trip journalist India Irving, tourists nowadays search for destinations that offer fewer crowds and less expensive flights. According to her guide, by visiting a country that isn’t as popular as, for example, France or Italy, you get an opportunity to “discover a place you haven’t already seen a million photos of”.

“Of course these destinations will be busy because this is still Europe after all,” Culture Club explains, but the “unpopular” destinations have their unique charms. The article suggests the most pristine beaches, amazing sceneries, majestic islands, dreamy villages, breath-taking castles and places known for hospitality and generosity. The list offers some picturesque locations that you need to plan your trip to ASAP!

Culture Trip Montenegro is an Overlooked European Country You Need to Visit

Taking into consideration the luxurious resorts, seaside retreats and mountain getaways that make the small country a stunning place for a holiday, India Irving recommends that this year, you skip Croatia and head to Montenegro. “Its old towns will bring you back to another time, and its nightlife will be fun too, without sending you home needing another vacation. The sea is stunning, the people friendly, and the food healthy and delicious!”

Aside from Montenegro, the List of “11 Overlooked European Countries Not Enough People Visit” includes Austria, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Finland, Luxembourg, Malta, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland and Romania.

23 Jan 2019, 02:18 AM

22 January 2019 - On January 22, Ambassador of Great Britain to Montenegro, Her Excellency Ms Alison Camp met with the Mayor of Herceg Novi Stevan Katić and his associates.

The focus of the first official discourse between Katić and Camp were the potentials for the development of Herceg Novi, the vision of local government, current and planned projects, the relationship between local and state authorities, and current investments in the field of tourism.

The Ambassador pointed out that Herceg Novi is a city of significant potentials, which development should be carefully planned. In this regard, the representatives of the Municipality informed Her Excellency about the adoption of the Spatial Plan of the Municipality, as well as about the activities and difficulties in that area.

Main Issues for British Tourists who Visit Herceg Novi

During the meeting, Ambassador Camp explained that her communication with British tour operators led to the conclusion of what obstacles British citizens who want to visit Herceg Novi have to overcome - crowds at the Montenegrin border with Croatia and registration of residence. Bearing in mind that the majority of tourists from Great Britain arrive at Herceg Novi from the Dubrovnik Airport, Camp and Katić agreed that it is necessary to resolve the issue of summer crowds at the border with Croatia, to which the Embassy will strive to draw attention.

President Katić said that British tourists annually have between 15.000 and 20.000 overnight stays in Herceg Novi and hope that this number will increase in the coming years. During the meeting, he particularly focused on the opening of new luxury hotels and marinas in the territory of Herceg-Novi Municipality. These projects, which positively affect the reputation of Herceg Novi, make the city a more attractive destination for citizens of Great Britain.

President Katić introduced the Ambassador to the rich social and cultural life of Herceg Novi and invited Her Excellency to visit Herceg Novi during February and March and be the guest of the city during the 50th Mimosa Festival.

21 Jan 2019, 13:24 PM

January 21, 2019 - The Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi scheduled a meeting with the workers in the tourist business of the city. The topic of the meeting to be held on Wednesday, 23 January, will be the presentation of the marketing system and the creation of city tourist offer for the 2019 season with a focus on the events.

Director Pavle Obradović explained to Radio Jadran that the Tourist Organization prepares arrangements, which will make promo material in multiple languages and be forwarded to agencies in the region and Europe. Each registered accommodation provider in Herceg Novi will have his digital template, which will enter the data, offer and photos of the accommodation.
"We have already prepared this, so now we want to inspire providers to get started with that practice. When those for whom the platform was created start to use it, when we receive presentations of, for example, 50 apartments, we can group them as a proposal to the agencies. It will enable accommodation providers to get their contacts to interested parties who will be able to contact them directly and reserve accommodation," he explains.
For this year, the Tourist Organization plans to participate in tourism fairs, as well as to organize a prize game where users of social networks will share the photos of Herceg Novi motifs through their orders and thus directly promote the destination.
Although TO Herceg Novi plans to be more active in promoting city offer at tourism fairs this year, Obradovic said the focus is on digital marketing and countries with low-cost flights connecting to Montenegro. Activities are also ongoing to unify the entire destination offer, which will link accommodation facilities, restaurants and excursion, and tour agencies.
Selling arrangements for the Mimosa Festival is gsolid, he says. Hotel Palmon Bay expects guests from Macedonia, and there is interest from across the region.
"We contacted agencies from Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro and forwarded the offer. We've also created a digital presentation with all the events, from where only one click leads to accommodation offer. Agencies can enter into direct contact with the providers of the resorts or apartments," says Obradovic.
TO Herceg Novi already forwarded materials on the tourism offer to many agencies in the region, while for the summer tourist season they will expand to the European market.
The Tourist Organization will present this system, along with a digital presentation, at a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 23 January at 7 pm in the Great Hall of the premises of the Municipality of Herceg Novi.
Obradović invited all accommodation providers to come to the meeting and begin creating their offer with the team of TO Herceg Novi, who will visit the accommodation facilities to develop promotional materials and forward them to the agencies all around Europe.
Source: Radio Jadran
20 Jan 2019, 21:50 PM

January 20, 2019 - Ski Center Vucje near Niksic is a great ski destination in Montenegro if you are looking for a ski resort that will meet the needs of the whole family. Unlike the most popular ski destinations in Montenegro, the ski resorts Kolasin or Zabljak, where numerous facilities are out of walking distance, Vucje offers a program to enjoy for the whole family in one place. Once you arrive here and park your car, you will not need to use it again.

vucje 8Ski Centre Vucje has two ski slopes. Apart from providing experienced skiers with an excellent 1200m long recreational trail, Vucje is an attractive destination for your children who are not yet experienced enough on skis. The Ciciban track, 120 meters long, equipped with a baby ski lift, is located on a gentle slope that is ideal for the first skiing steps.
Ski Center Vucje employs 20 workers, who, according to the manager, Marija Lalovic, make a harmonious family dedicated to comfort, safety and the best atmosphere of all their guests. As one of the youngest ski destinations in Montenegro, Vucje has welcomed guests from Montenegro and abroad for more than ten years.
"Vucje is 20 km away from Niksic, at an altitude of 1300 meters. The motel has an accommodation capacity of 104 beds, organized in comfortable apartments and rooms, equipped with a bathroom, cable television, and internet. We, above all, offer the warmth and strive to make our services as good as possible, to make our guests feel satisfied. As for children and beginners, we have our ski instructors, which are available to guests throughout the entire ski season. Instructors are here every day from 10 am to 4 pm, and the instruction fee is 15 euro/hour, but our instructors stay longer with their candidates if needed. At this pace of training, for every child, three or four days are enough to learn the basics of skiing, which they need to continue to enjoy themselves in the snow."
The ambiance of the Vucje motel, service, and offerings follow the tradition of continental Montenegro. "As far as food is concerned, we try to offer our guests only old, traditional homemade dishes, Priganice, pies, Sarme. Since this year, we have been upgrading our offer with "Tastes of Vucje" Within the complex, we produce homemade sausages, bacon, ham, prosciutto, and even Kulen. All our restaurant guests have the chance to try our homemade produce," explains Marija.
vucje 7The winter tourism center Vucje developed gradually but with great care that every detail is in line with tradition. In addition to male and female Montenegrin folk costumes, in the restaurant and foyer area, you can see old pieces of furniture of a typical Montenegrin mountain house, among which the warmth and beauty of the fireplace built in the traditional style.
It is important to emphasize that the Ski Center Vucje meets the clientele with lower spending power, because accommodation prices, food, ski passes, and ski equipment are affordable and significantly lower than other ski resorts in Montenegro. The half-board price, which includes breakfast and dinner, is for accommodation in apartments 35 euros per person per day, while the cost of housing in rooms is 26 euros. For children under seven years old, Vučje offers a 50% discount, while for children ages 7-14 you are charged a 30% discount.
Ski schools of Niksic and Podgorica use the facilities of the ski center Vucje, often filling the accommodation capacities of the motel. So, remind it is necessary to make a reservation on time.
"We currently have three ski schools here, one from Niksic and two from Podgorica. Already on Monday, new groups of children arrive. Programs last for five days, and four nights. In addition to the ski school, an animator is on disposal to children and takes care that everything they are doing here is well-conceived. Children are the most thankful guests, we enjoy their pleasure being here," says Marija.
Asked if guests from abroad have discovered Vucje, Marija proudly states: "We are very pleased with the visit of foreign guests. Their number is increasing every year, especially from Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia."
When it comes to Montenegro, the citizens of Niksic and Podgorica gravitate to Vucje, and in recent years there are more and more guests from the coast, from Bar and the towns of Boka Bay.
vucje ski centerCopyright:
"In cooperation with the Niksic Tourist Organization, in recent years we have organized free transport of guests from Podgorica and the coast, who come to spend one day with us, enjoy the snow and the winter fun. The weather did not go our way, because even though there was enough snow, there were strong crowds that set off the opening of the recreational trail. Now everything is in function, so we can plan a one-day excursion in our direction, which we will inform the public in time," announced the manager of Ski Center Vucje, Marija Lazovic.
Apart from skiers, Vucje is also a popular snowboard destination. This year, for the fifth time in a row, this center will be the address of the great Snow Dance Festival - a snowboard competition, which traditionally brings together the best snowboarders from the countries of the region. In addition to enjoying their show, also this year during the three days of the festival the audience will enjoy performances of the most eminent names of electronic music, as well as many other features that the ski center team still does not want to discover. In anticipation of the details, see the part of last year's Snow Dance atmosphere.
vucje snow danceAs in previous years, the organizers will provide free transportation to Vucje from all the cities of Montenegro. Marija says this year, unlike the last year's edition, Snow Dance will be organized by late February or early March, to make sure that snow is enough to prepare challenging and dynamic snowboarding tracks.
Until then, consider Vucje if you have several free days to enjoy the snow. It's true that, besides the ski slopes and the Vucje motel, there are no other contents here, but that's more if you want to come here for a real vacation.
20 Jan 2019, 14:31 PM

18 January 2019 - The winter season is at its peak and favorable weather conditions have cheered up all those who intend to enjoy the tourism offer of central and northern Montenegro. The President of the Tourism Committee within the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Dragan Ivančević, reminded of the fact the weather certainly affects the number of tourists over summer, but the winter season has been something completely different.

“The fact this winter in Montenegro is going to be snowy allows us to be optimistic and proud to say that we are going to exceed expectations when it comes to the outcomes of this year’s winter season. But, if we want to seriously deal with winter tourism, we have to stop counting only on ‘God’s willingness’,” said Ivančević.

According to him, the greatest shortcomings of the tourism offer are lack of adequate accommodation capacities – high-end hotels with pools and wellness centers, infrastructure, qualified human resources etc.

However, good planning and promotion can open numerous possibilities for adequate development of mountain centers, he said.

From December 2017 to March 2018, Montenegro recorded 115,311 arrivals, which was by 30% higher compared to the 2016-17 season. In addition, there were 255,729 overnight stays, which was by almost 17% higher compared to 2016-17.

These figures, Ivančević added, have been quite impressive. According to him, all investments of over several million euros in the infrastructure of winter centers are pretty much cost-effective.

20 Jan 2019, 13:17 PM

January 20, 2019 - The Regent Pop Up restaurant opened its doors on the first floor of a prestigious hotel in Porto Montenegro. Guests of the hotel Regent and restaurant visitors will have the opportunity to be part of the innovative gastronomic concept of the hotel, focusing on the gastronomic heritage of Boka Bay and the hinterland, each day until 15 March, from 6 pm to 10 pm. 

"We make the best recipe contests and invite all passionate cooks, gourmands, and especially exquisite homemakers who are the real chefs in the kitchen to share their culinary secrets with us. Send original recipes of favorite dishes (appetizers/main courses/salads/ desserts)  to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 25 January and become part of the new gastronomic dimension of Hotel Regent. The three best authors will get their signature under their meals on the official menu of the pop-up restaurant," Zeljko Knezovic, Food and Beverage Manager of Hotel Regent, invited Bokelian gastronomy experts and continued:
"We want to give importance to the local gastro tradition and get rid of the forgotten recipes of our grandmothers and mothers who are dear to us, and we don't often have the opportunity to taste them. It is also a culinary invitation because we will prepare a special dinner with the authors of the best recipes, which will be the opportunity to taste the creations of the local community and Regent's culinary team."
"Inspired by Boka Bay, Regent is harmoniously fitted with elegant architecture, nautical interior design, exceptional service that relies on the hospitality of this area, and crowning exquisite gastronomy. On this occasion, we invite the public to jointly create a gastronomic postcard in the center of which is the original culinary tale of Boka Bay," said Kai Dieckmann, general manager of Hotel Regent.
The concept of pop-ups is a trend that has long been popular in the world and slowly conquers the region. For visitors, this is an ideal way to get to know new directions in gastronomy and innovative presentation of meals or their contents at a new location, and the main motto is "today we are here, tomorrow somewhere else." This innovative approach to catering is useful for testing modern conceptions of restaurants, introducing news as well as approaching the target group at a new location. The most famous restaurant of this type is the Flying Restaurant.
20 Jan 2019, 00:30 AM

19 January 2019 - The new entertainment winter Top programme by the Television of Montenegro, which will be launched on January 20, represents a conceptual and technological innovation by the national broadcaster. Through the following four weekends, TVCG teams will broadcast the winter atmosphere using new equipment. The recent acquisition is a step further in the process of digitizing TVCG.

After several successful projects during the autumn, the TVCG 2 is implementing a new entertainment winter programme. Over the next four weekends, the spectators will be able to witness the atmosphere at four Montenegrin ski centres, whose promotion starts with Kolašin within the “Top programme” (Montenegrin: Vrh program).

TVCG Promotes Winter Season by Broadcasting Montenegrin Ski Resorts 2

Six ski resorts are operational this winter in Montenegro - Savin Kuk and Javorovača at Durmitor, Kolašin 1450 and Kolašin 1600 in Kolašin, Vučje in Nikšić and Hajla in Rožaje. The resorts welcomed numerous guests from other cities of Montenegro, as well as from Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, as well as guests from Western and Eastern Europe.

"After Kolašin, we will move to Vučje, then to Savin kuk at Žabljak, and then we will end the coverage at Hajla in Rožaje. We will broadcast live with a unique entertaining format.  The coverage will include interviews with the representatives of local governments, but also with the guests of the ski centres. We have also prepared some competitive games and prizes for the winners," said the editor of the entertainment commercial programme Top programme, Branimir Žugić.

The editor of the TVCG 2, Sabrija Vulić, pointed out that the national broadcaster will focus on the “winter story” because the World Skiing Championship will follow right after. "TVCG spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy winter charms in Montenegro, even from their warm rooms, for the next twenty days," the editor stressed.

TMN already reported on the offer of Montenegrin ski resorts for the winter 2018/2019.

Source: TVCG

18 Jan 2019, 14:07 PM

18 January 2019 - The Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro has completed the official Atlas of Montenegrin Beaches – a cadastre of beaches and swimming areas from 2019 to 2023, which determines the standardisation of the beaches, i.e. 12 "types" of beaches that exist on the Montenegrin coast. The beach and swimming area types were already determined within the Program for the Improvement of the Coastal Zone of Montenegro, which was adopted in 2018 by the Steering Committee of the Public Enterprise.

The Atlas defines: hotel swimming areas, family swimming areas, active rest swimming areas, party swimming areas, romantic swimming areas, city swimming areas without beach equipment, swimming areas for people with dogs, swimming areas with natural healing factors and wellness facilities, excursion swimming areas, nudist swimming areas and swimming areas intended for children's resort.

Atlas of Montenegrin Beaches A Guide to a Perfect Holiday 2

With the categorisation of beach types, the beach offer is harmonised with the demand of the markets that require the segmentation of the swimming areas, explained the director of the Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro, Predrag Jelušić.

“When we declared a certain segment of the Great Beach as sporting and recreational, for guests who want a more attractive and active vacation, we noted that the outcome was favourable. The guests who like to spend their vacation on beaches with a full-day, active content were overjoyed with the innovation in our offer. Thus, this year we have also made progress through the development of the Strategy of Montenegrin Beaches, and we believe that both tourists and the local population will appreciate the change," Jelušić said.

Atlas of Montenegrin Beaches A Guide to a Perfect Holiday 3

In Herceg Novi, including Njivice, Žanjic, Rose, Dobreč, Mirišta i Arza, 131 bathing places are categorized, of which most are family swimming areas.

“We also want to take on the role of spatial planning for the permanent integral land management in other municipalities, raising the level of quality of service and content which are appropriate for the coastal zone,” Jelušić said. “When we complete the documentation and determine which objects can permanently improve the quality of tourist offer in all municipalities, we will also be able to designate the number of necessary catering facilities. We will insist that these be catering facilities of high content, a minimum category of 4 stars,” explain the representatives of Coastal Zone Management Enterprise.

Source: Radio Jadran

18 Jan 2019, 13:06 PM

18 January 2019 -  From May 22 to December 1, 2018, the ferry “Dubrovnik” on its route Bar-Bari-Bar (Montenegro-Italy-Montenegro) transported 21.887 passengers, 3.955 cars, 206 camper buses, 44 buses, 888 trucks, 36 trailers and 460 motorcycles. During this period, the ferry departed for Italy 37 times.

The company Barska plovidba AD has been in charge for the route between Bar and Bari for the last two years in cooperation with its Croatian partner Jadrolinija from Rijeka, whose ship "Dubrovnik", for the second year in a row, connects the coasts of Montenegro and Italy, a line that exists over half a century.

The ferry "Dubrovnik" has connected Italian and Montenegrin coasts on the Bar-Bari-Bar route from May 22, 2018, according to Barska plovidba. The leaders of AD Barska plovidba and Jadrolinija from Rijeka signed an agreement on cooperation in 2018, which stipulated that during 2018 the ship "Dubrovnik" will cover the route between Montenegro and Italy.

The ferry Dubrovnik has the length of 122,06 metres, a width of 18,82 metres and height of 12,55 metres with a gauge of 4,83 metres.

The ferry’s structure includes a restaurant with 135 seats, a self-service restaurant with 224 seats, a cake shop, a bar with 274 seats, a video hall, a chapel and a playroom for children.

In 2017, the ferry "Dubrovnik" departed for Italy on 44 occasions and transported about 23.500 passengers and about 4,000 vehicles.

"This line was established in 1965, and so far it has transported two million passengers, 240.000 cars and about 100.000 trucks and trailers. For half a century, the number of passengers who have travelled on this route is four times bigger than the total number of people living in Montenegro, and our most successful business years were 1995, 1996, 2006, 2007 and 2008, "said Tihomir Mirković, Acting Director of Barska plovidba.

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