06 Aug 2019, 18:34 PM

6 August 2019 - The service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "Cameras at Border Crossings" has been put into operation, and thanks to it, citizens will be able to be informed about the situation at border crossings at any time and plan their travel accordingly.

According to the Ministry, the service can be accessed through the MIA (MUP) website via the eponymous banner or directly by accessing the web address.

“The service provides a visual representation of the entry and exit of the two-lane border crossings - incoming and outgoing. At this moment, the cameras are installed at the six of the most frequent border crossings, and it is possible to see the current situation at the Bozaj and Sukobin border crossings towards Albania, at the Vracenovići BC (GP) towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, at Dracenovac and Dobrakovo BCs towards Serbia, at Debeli Brijeg BC towards Croatia," states the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

They announce that the system for three more border crossings - Scepan Polje, Sitnica and Rance will soon be put into operation.

"Camera shots can be accessed from both PCs and mobile phones, using the mobile Internet or WiFi signals. Video streams are loaded into the HTML5 player, which means that no additional application is required. All you have to do is click on the desired border crossing and wait for the video to load," MUP explained.

The implementation of a system for visually and timely informing the public about traffic intensity at the borders is of particular importance during the summer tourist season, as estimated in the Ministry.

"The goal is to facilitate border crossings for both our citizens and guests residing in our country," they concluded from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, recalling that they are continuously undertaking activities to improve electronic services in order to provide even more efficient service to citizens and to justify their confidence.

06 Aug 2019, 16:21 PM

06 August 2019 - Budva-based companies Adriatic Properties and HTP Miločer, are going to construct the new Queen’s Beach Hotel. Acting chief state architect, Dušan Vuksanović, gave consent for a conceptual design for this hotel, as CdM reported.

The old Queen’s Beach Hotel in Pržno was recently torn down, making space for the new 5-star hotel at an area of 37,296 square meters. The Adriatic Properties management earlier announced the construction of the new, 70-million worth hotel would start after all the necessary permits are obtained. The construction should be finished in two and a half years.

The new hotel was designed by Podgorica-based Studio K in line with the urban and technical requirements issued by Montenegro’s Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism on 31 December 2015 and 12 April 2019. The total area is 12,255 square meters. The technical part of the project suggests that hotel capacities are going to be significantly expanded, thus enabling the development of high-end tourism compared to the old hotel.

Queen’s Beach Hotel is going to have two underground levels with 137 parking lots, a ground floor and four floors. There will be 126 accommodation capacities in it, of which 60 rooms and 66 luxury apartments.

Adriatic Properties earlier emphasized that preservation of natural beauties and cultural heritage of this area had been their topmost priority while selecting the conceptual design for the new hotel.

The old hotel, built in the early 1980s was removed following the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism decision of 7 June 2017. Adriatic Properties is a long-term leaseholder of the town-hotel Sveti Stefan and Villa Miločer, as well as Queen’s Beach Hotel based on the 2007 lease agreements with HG Budva Riviera and HTP Miločer.

Petros Stathis is the President of the Board of Directors of Adriatic Properties, while Goran Bencun is the CEO. HTP Miločer CEO is Dragan Miković, the President of the Board of Directors is Milena Radulović, while the Government of Montenegro is its owner.

The area of hotel rooms will be ranging from 30 sqm to 70 sqm, projected as single and double rooms. Apartments’ surface will range from 62 sqm to 317 sqm, and they have been projected as double, three-bed, four-bed, five-bed and 6-bed suites. The apartments are going to have a dining room, a living room, 2-4 bedrooms with a separate bathroom and a wardrobe, a workroom, a staff room, a kitchen and a terrace surrounded by greenery.

Read more about traveling through Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

06 Aug 2019, 02:01 AM

05 August 2019 - One of the UK's largest walking and outdoor holiday providers with over 100 years of experience, HF Holidays, created an exceptional guided walking holiday which includes the cultural discovery of Montenegro, the ‘Black Pearl’ of the Balkans.

“Montenegro is one of the smallest and newest Balkan countries. Walk around its beautiful Lovćen National Park, pass through traditional villages and enjoy a boat ride on Lake Skadar, one of the largest lakes in Europe. It has 40 different kinds of fish and 270 bird species! It has a mountainous interior and a superb Adriatic coastline. The footpaths in the hills are seldom walked and are rich in natural beauty, ”says the detailed explanation of the tour provided by the organisers.

They also explained that Kotor Bay is one of the most famous areas of the country, located in the Adriatic Sea. Its landscape and features make it difficult to define what it is, due to the unusual geographical information surrounding it. Places of interest include the Blue Grotto, St. Tryphon's Cathedral and Mount Orjen, providing a variety of activities and day trips throughout the holiday.

Situated on the beautiful Montenegrin coast, the small resort of Petrovac is a very attractive base from which to explore the local area. The town itself centres on the pretty promenade and picturesque harbour, where tourists find a good selection of souvenir shops, bars and cafés. Immediately behind rise the Paštrovići Mountains, the foothills of which form the basis of some of the walks within the holiday. Just to the north of Petrovac is the stunning old town of Sveti Stefan built on a tiny island and reached by a spit of land. Inland lay the beautiful waters of Lake Skadar, and the tour will include a cruise after a walk above its shores. The highlight of a fantastic week’s walking will be the day spent in Lovćen National Park high above the dramatic Kotor Bay, and a trip to the perfectly preserved old towns on the bay is highly recommended for the planned free day.  A visit to Montenegro, the Black Pearl of the Balkans, is a fascinating cultural experience and walks and sightseeing visits of the tour provide great insight into this charming new country.

The offer includes a full programme of guided walks with 2 options every walking day, all transport to and from walks, the services of experienced HF Holidays leaders, "with flight" holidays include return flights from the UK and hotel transfers, 7 nights' accommodation in en-suite rooms and a half board - continental breakfast and evening meal.

The holiday package includes accommodation the 4-star Hotel Palas in the Petrovac resort, which is located on the promenade with attractive terraces and gardens planted with orange and olive trees.  It is within easy walking distance of the shops and behind the hotel is the towering Paštrovići Mountains.  The hotel owns part of the sandy Lučice beach.  WiFi is available throughout the hotel.

Get more information about the holiday, including tips on what to bring and the review of the tour at HF Holidays' official website.

05 Aug 2019, 17:26 PM

05 August 2019 - Croatia has been complaining about a weak summer season, which is probably happening due to the high prices. The situation in Montenegro is different and the prices, according to foreign tourists, have not changed compared to the last year and correspond to the quality of Montenegrin offer, as CdM reported.

Managing Director of the Directorate for the Development of Tourism Destination in the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism Ćazim Hodžić said that prices in the Montenegrin cities are the same as last year.

“We have not changed the prices, but I have to say that many places enhanced the quality of their offer,” Hodžić pointed out.

He claims that Montenegro is not an expensive tourism destination and also that the country offers packages for high and low net-worth individuals as well.

Comparing the tourism offer with the region, Hodžić said that Montenegro is way cheaper than Croatia. As for the results of this year’s summer season, Montenegro visitor numbers hit record levels, but it is too early to speak about the revenues and the number of tourists.

General Manager in Hilton Podgorica, Nemanja Nikolić, also believes that Montenegro cannot categorize a destination as cheap or expensive, but that it can be said that certain amenities in a destination are cheap or expensive.

“As for Montenegro, it has diversified tourism offer, that is, we are oriented towards both high net-worth individuals and those spending less money in our country. Unfortunately, we can not describe our country as the leading tourism destination as we need much more than 5-star hotels. All tourism destinations are easily accessible and it is important to understand that Croatia or Greece are not our only competitors but all the other destinations similar to ours,” stressed out Nikolić.

President of small and medium-sized hotels in the Montenegrin Tourism Association, Dejan Rađenović, thinks prices easily succumb to changes thanks to the internet.

“Every tourism company/entrepreneur determines its own pricing policy. Prices easily succumb to everyday changes thanks to the internet, depending on the offer and demand in accommodation capacities,” Rađenović emphasized.

He also pointed out that Montenegro is not too expensive and that the tourists can choose different kinds of accommodation, depending on their finances.

President of small and medium-sized hotels in the Montenegrin Tourism Association, Dejan Rađenović, believes prices are not the greatest problem of Montenegrin tourism, but that the problem is the grey economy.

“In addition, this year the authorities did a lot in order to reduce noise and that is a huge step forward,” Rađenović concluded.

Read more news about traveling through Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

02 Aug 2019, 22:24 PM

Traffic will be eased for inhabitants and tourists with the construction of the main boulevard through Tivat, and the town will become an even better tourist destination, concluded the Mayor of Tivat Municipality, Siniša Kusovac.

On Friday, with the unveiling of the major project for the 4.1km boulevard in Tivat, he stated that the estimated cost of the three roundabouts in the capital budget would be 1.8 million euros.

“It may be that the cost will be lower, depending on the offers we get from bidders. We envisage beginning with building roundabouts and feeder roads, to ease traffic in the best possible way. The project has five phases, and we will work successively on each phase,” stated Kusovac.

He also stated that in terms of the roundabouts, the land acquisition stage was complete, and for the rest of the project, it had been completed in 90 percent of cases.

Kusovac stated that the financing of the project was envisaged under the municipal budget.

Ivan Ševaljević, Director of GPC Podgorica that oversaw project documentation for the construction of the main Tivat boulevard, clarified that the main characteristic of the future boulevard would be its width of 18 metres, with two lanes running in each direction. webp to jpg 2

Photo: Boka News/Tivat Municipality

“There is a one-metre wide island to divide traffic, and two footpaths of two metres each. The entire width of the corridor is 19 metres, and we have fitted the length of the whole boulevard into the width that has been acquired by Tivat Municipality,” Ševaljević stated.

He added that according to the project brief, five phases were envisaged, clarifying that the five phases represent the three roundabouts and an open road to connect them.

“The planning documents included two roundabouts. In designing the project and considering all the facts - traffic flow, the needs from a local and transit perspective, we reached the conclusion that in would be good to place a roundabout near the Dom Vojske Auditorium as well. This would fit into the dimensions that were made available to us and, as such, would ease traffic flow as much as possible by constructing another roundabout," stated Ševaljević.

He pointed out that they were also convinced that the new boulevard would ensure better connectivity for surrounding areas.

“We must recall that by doing this we will ensure better security for all those within the catchment of the boulevard, and for those who connect to it. That is the main aspect, but also we will have better flow and projected speed on the boulevard,” stated Ševaljević.

He added that the main challenge in constructing the boulevard is that works take place in an urban zone which, he clarified, is under significant traffic pressure, particularly in the summer season.

“It will be a challenge for the chosen contractor to work on all the five phases, to be competent, well-equipped and capable to carry out the work in these difficult and challenging conditions, due to the large traffic flow that we see in the summer months,” stated Ševaljević. webp to jpg 1

Photo: Boka News/Tivat Municipality

He added that there is a proposal for the work to take place, as far as possible, during winter.

“There is a suggestion to include a caveat that the chosen contractor be ready to work in shifts in order to finish the work as quickly as possible, as well as ensuring work of the highest quality and at the same time with the least disruption for locals and those who pass by on the road,” added Ševaljević.

The tender for construction of the boulevard will be announced next month.

02 Aug 2019, 19:43 PM

02 August 2019 - The sixth edition of the Sea Dance Festival will be held from August 30 to September 1 at the picturesque Buljarica Beach in Budva, reports Tourist Organisation of Budva. The new era for the Sea Dance Festival will be launched by one of the greatest musical phenomena of the 21st century, David Guetta, followed by leading German DJ and producer Robin Schulz, the French hit duo Ofenbach, and the most sought-after British dance trio Disciples.

Dance Arena, the most spectacular stage of the EXIT Festival which is considered one of the most respected electronic stages in the world, brings some striking names to Buljarica Beach this summer - the revolutionaries of the world techno scene Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin, whose songs are loved by tens of millions of fans worldwide! The “resident” of the world's biggest parties, Jon Gaiser, also arrives with them to Buljarica Beach.

Excitement is growing when it comes to this year's lineup of the famous No Sleep stage, led by the renowned German producer Recondite with a rich musical oeuvre that makes him one of the most sought after performers on the world stage. His back up comes in the form of powerful sets of headliners of leading festivals, such as German star Helena Hauff, multitalented Dutch DJ Eelka Kleijn, and doyens of the regional scene - Tijana T and Marko Nastić.

Numerous regional and local performers will enhance the great atmosphere on the hidden pearl of the Adriatic coast, and some of the biggest names that made it to the Sea Dance lineup include Darko Rundek and Ekipa, Balkan trap diva Senidah, and the most sought after rappers of the region - Surreal, Fox, Kuku $, Hazze, Bekfleš and others. The party on the Adriatic will also include the TDI stage, which will host some of the most interesting local and regional DJ stars, including Mark Funk, Danny Cruz, Oysha, Mirko & Meex, Divolly & Markward, Wreckage, Leo Fragogiannis, Rosske, Mario Eddie, Mr Mips and Davor Billyc.

Buljarica Beach, over 2 kilometres long and located only half an hour drive from Budva's Old Town, is a true pearl of the untouched nature of the Adriatic coast. The sandy and pebble coast is surrounded by a dense belt of pine and deciduous trees forest and a three hundred year old olive grove, which makes this Montenegrin beach a true green oasis. Perfect location for long summer festival nights, followed by exciting day parties with friends, cocktails and the sound of the waves!

Sea Dance Ticket Price Set for only 29.99 EUR!

The ticket package for all three festival days costs 29.99 EUR, which is a 40% savings over the final price. The "3 + 1" campaign is underway, during which, with the purchase of three Sea Dance tickets, festival fans receive the fourth one as a gift!

One-day tickets are also on sale for the first and second days at € 14.99 each, while the price for the third day is € 17.99. More information can be found on the official website of the Sea Dance Festival:

Read more information on events that take place in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

02 Aug 2019, 00:15 AM

01 August 2019 - In the first six months of 2019, more than half a million tourists have been recorded in Montenegrin hotels. That is 23,6% more tourists, or 12,5% beyond the results recorded in the same period in 2018, as CdM reported.

New preliminary data provided by the Statistical Office of Montenegro indicated a very successful season in relation to collective accommodation, regardless of bad weather conditions in May and June. The total number of guests amounted to 502.744 whereas the number of overnights reached 1.523.475.

These figures suggest a trend of shorter stays and extended weekend-trips as a new fashion in the world.

Budva is still the “capital of tourism”. There have been 211.826 tourists in the hotels in Budva.

According to the number of tourists, the Capital comes second. Although hotel capacities in Podgorica are scarce, it has welcomed 75.693 visitors. According to the number of overnights, Herceg Novi is in second place. Tivat has had 33.897 guests and 77.046 tourists, Bar has had 20.404 and 83.929 overnights. Around 20.015 guests and even 85.369 overnights have been recorded in Ulcinj.

Since the beginning of the year until the end of June, around 31.370 tourists have visited main tourist centers in the north, Kolašin and Žabljak.

Tourists from Germany were dominant in the structure of our visitors. They are followed by visitors from Serbia, and then come tourists from China and Hong Kong. Guests from Russia have recorded the highest number of overnights – 157.686. Guests from Serbia recorded 140.080 overnights whereas Germans generated 129.076. Chinese and Albanians still have short stays in Montenegro.

The next set of data on the number of tourists and overnights in registered hotels, resorts and similar accommodation facilities will be published on 30 August. Total data regarding all types of accommodation will be published at the end of February.

Read more news about traveling through Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

01 Aug 2019, 14:10 PM

01 August 2019 - Azmont Investments, developer of Portonovi, is delighted and proud to announce that August 1st will see the start of the operations of Portonovi Resort Montenegro, set to be one of the most prestigious resorts in this part of Europe.

Situated in one of the most beautiful spots in Boka Bay (Kumbor, Herceg Novi), Portonovi is comprised of 26 hectares of exclusivity with over 1.8 kilometres of beachfront access, delivering 214 residences with a variety of tenure in its first phase.

Portonovi Resort Montenegro Opens Its Doors on August 1st 3

As its main message to the world says, Portonovi Montenegro Essence, this unique place embodies all the moments, details and virtues that Montenegro as a country offers, both visible and known, but also hidden and undiscovered.

Azmont Investments, the main investor to Portonovi, believes that what makes Montenegro truly magical are its people, its untouched nature, its long history and diverse culture which welcomes visitors, travellers, nature-lovers, artists and like-minded people from all over the world. To add to this, they are very happy to start the resort operations this year and have it alive before completing everything, at the same time looking into the grand opening next year.

Portonovi Resort Montenegro Opens Its Doors on August 1st 1

Portonovi will provide the very best in service and understated luxury and world-class amenities that include deep-water D-Marin Portonovi Marina already welcoming its first guests, Europe’s first One&Only and Espace Chenot Health Wellness Spa which are to open in 2020.

The Resort’s architecture has been inspired by the authentic charm and character of traditional Boka Bay villages and holds a strong connection with the sea. In Portonovi, no two experiences will be the same. At every time of year, and from daytime into evening, there will be something new to delight your senses: foods to taste, sights to excite, and new people to connect with.

Portonovi Resort Montenegro Opens Its Doors August 1st 2

Azmont Investments invites all tourists, local and foreign, to enjoy the bespoke experience at their Portonovi Beach Club with its amazing summer menu and carefully selected bar offer. First restaurants, cafes and an Italian gelateria will be a perfect blend of everyone’s August delights. Additionally, as of August 1st, Portonovi guests will enjoy the service of the check-in/check-out border cross procedures within the D-Marin Portonovi Marina. Throughout 2019, new brands, places and services will be enriching the Portonovi Montenegro Essence experience - waiting for individuals to indulge.

Find more information on places to visit when you travel through Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

01 Aug 2019, 13:50 PM

01 August 2019 - The Jubilee 10th Bedem Fest, with a vibrant and varied repertoire, will be held from August 1st to August 4th on the ancient walls of Bedem in Nikšić. The first night of the festival will feature a performance of Montenegrin drummer Dragoljub Đuričić, a Serbian jazz singer, one of the greatest names of Yugoslav evergreen scene and the star of music festivals in the 1970s Bisera Veletanlić, alternative rock band Dingospo Dali and a band from Podgorica Gospoda Glembajevi.

Bedem Fest is a well-known summer festival of alternative rock music which takes place in the Old Town of Nikšić, at the fortress Bedem.  The organisers of this year’s Bedem Fest announced that visitors could expect a pleasant atmosphere, a quality program, and a fresh wave of positive energy.

Jubilee 10th Bedem Fest Starts August 1st Check Out the Lineup and Useful Tips 2

"The repertoire of the 10th Jubilee Bedem Fest will include musicians that are different in age, but what they all have in common is their incredible musical talent and charm - they’re all inspirational musicians who will certainly enrich this year's list of performers," said the organisers of the festival for Volim Podgoricu Portal. “The Bedem fest continuously reaffirms its commitment to emotion, music, authenticity and quality music, as well as its diversity and richness in genres. It is for this reason that Bedem Fest lasts and arouses the admiration and respect of its audience each year,” highlighted the organisers.

On Wednesday, August 2nd, visitors will be able to hear the sounds of regional bands Lagana sreda, Vizant, Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša, Partibreakers and Svemirko. Saturday is reserved for Vrulja, Eva Braun, Darko Rundek & Ekipa, Dr Nele Karajlić and a Montenegrin hip-hop duo Who See. On the last night of the festival, August 4th, visitors will be able to hear Bulka, Osma sila, Madame Piano, Bojana Vunturišević, Igor Vince and Đorđe Miljenović.

The organisers of the festival much appreciate the opinion of the audience. Each year, they assure that all generations find their place in the fortress and enjoy the sounds of renowned musicians. They make it their mission that the audience eagerly awaits the beginning of the festival. As in previous years, all visitors have the possibility of free camping at the foot of the fortress.

Organisers have also prepared some useful information for the festival visitors:

  1. Festival gates open from 6 PM
  2. The festival program starts at 6:30 PM and ends at 3:00 AM
  3. Carrying drinks as well as all kinds of pyrotechnic equipment to the fortress is strictly prohibited
  4. Once you enter the fortress, your daily ticket will be checked at the entry point. If you leave the festival area afterward, you will not be able to return to the festival with the same ticket!
  5. Prices of the most requested drinks at the festival: Water (1.00 €), Beer, juice and rakija (1.50 €) and Red Bull (2.00 €)
  6. If you want to stay at the campsite, you must check-in at the campsite reception. Camping is free of charge for festival visitors. It is forbidden to bring glass packing and to set fire at the campsite.

Find out more useful information about the festival at Bedem Fest’s official website and read more about events organised in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

01 Aug 2019, 01:18 AM

31 July 2019 - Starting July 31, visitors to the Kanli Kula Fortress in Herceg Novi will be able to “step” into the medieval era and take a peek into what this centuries-old fortress and the town of Herceg Novi looked like throughout history using of augmented reality goggles and 3D animation.

This brand new concept will be implemented at the high-tech Visitor Centre, which was recently opened at the Kanli Kula Fortress. The equipment of the Visitors Centre is funded by European Union through the Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Montenegro 2014-2020 for the Fortress ReInvented Project - Innovative approach and digital contents in historical fortification monuments. The total value of the project, whose funds are used by institutions and organizations from four municipalities - Šibenik, Klis, Herceg Novi and Zenica, amounts to 1.3 million EUR, reports European Integration Office of Montenegro.

"Thanks to the European funds for cross-border cooperation, the Kanli Kula Fortress in Herceg Novi, the Old Town of Vranduk near Zenica, the fortress of St. Mihovil in Šibenik and Klis will receive high-tech equipment, which will enable visitors “step” into the medieval era and experience the true value of cultural and historical heritage of these precious structures," Montenegro's Chief Negotiator with European Union Aleksandar Drljević said at the opening of the Visitors Centre.

He emphasised that cultural heritage and tourism are one of 4 thematic priorities that the trilateral program for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro has identified as priorities for the development of the cross-border area. The other three priorities include improving public health and health care services, protecting the environment and improving energy efficiency and supporting the competitiveness and operations of SMEs.

The Mayor of Herceg Novi, Stevan Katić, emphasised that the Herceg Novi municipality is the first in Montenegro to implement this type of project, which will surely attract the fans of cultural tourism and improve the tourist offer of the city. As he said, the Kanli Kula Fortress got a new concept - in addition to the most beautiful summer theatre, stage and cinema under the open sky and in front of the open sea, it became a real time machine. "The project of reinvention of the Kanli Kula, which is one of the emblems of our city, was carried out without the slightest disturbance of its architectural identity. Only the barriers of time have been moved, allowing us to extend the experience and visually experience the historical events, epochs and civilizations that this grandiose monument testifies to," said Katić.

Visitors will have the opportunity to rent 20 augmented reality goggles with installed video content in 4 different languages to choose from, which present the history of Kanli Kula Fortress and Herceg Novi. The goggles with 3D animations will be used while taking a tour through the fortress, following the prepared map with checkpoints that require visitors’ attention.

This cross-border project also includes the installation of a screen that will provide visitors with the opportunity to take a live tour through the partner forts from the other two countries. An innovative sound guide to all four fortresses, with an application that enables the automatic activation of content when visitors pass by, is provided for people with visual impairments.

Read more information on places to visit when travelling through Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

31 Jul 2019, 14:49 PM

July 31, 2019 - Explore Lustica Bay with The Chedi, a new promo video highlighting the natural beauty and activities to be enjoyed on this spectacular peninsula.

I have travelled a LOT around the Balkan region in the last 12 months. From southern Albanian to northern Slovenia, the lovely 'short' cut from Split to Belgrade via Bosnia, as well as all over Montenegro and Croatia. Some days are more exhausting on the road than others, but as I get older and grumpier having dealt with people online and face to face, there are two things I particularly treasure when I come to relax in the evening. 

Peace and space. 

These are two things that many travellers look for on holiday, and yet they are not that easy to find together in one place, particularly if you are looking to stay somewhere with excellent service. My favourite find in Croatia is Falkensteiner Punta Skala, just north of Zadar, whose spacious 15-hectare resort is easy to get lost in nature. But after a long day on the road or in meetings, nothing quite beats - for me at least - passing through the barrier at Lustica Bay and heading down to the first phase of the largest investment in the history of Montenegro. I have never stayed at The Chedi, the luxury 5-star hotel there, but I have been fortunate to have stayed a couple of times in one of the apartments close by. 

The peninsula is a natural paradise, and once completed, the 700-hectare Lustica Bay complex of 7 hotels, 2 marinas, 18-hole golf course and village of 2,500 people will arguably the best such development in the entire region, preserving those two precious things this grumpy correspondent seeks - peace and space. 

But that is not to say that there is nothing to do once you arrive. Far from it. In fact, I had no idea just how much there was to do until I saw the new promo video from The Chedi - Explore Lustica Bay with The Chedi. 

Sailing, jetski, hiking, biking, scuba diving, snorkelling, chilling, quad biking, stand up paddleboarding to no less than 13 caves. Seven fortresses to discover and some 20 churches, with authentic Montenegrin dining options in traditional restaurants, before heading home for more relaxation at The Chedi. Gorgeous video, check it out below.

Learn more about Lustica Bay and The Chedi on the official hotel website.

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