Construction Announced of New 4.1km Boulevard through Tivat

By , 02 Aug 2019, 22:24 PM Travel
Construction announced of new 4.1km boulevard through Tivat. Construction announced of new 4.1km boulevard through Tivat. Boka News/Tivat Municipality

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Traffic will be eased for inhabitants and tourists with the construction of the main boulevard through Tivat, and the town will become an even better tourist destination, concluded the Mayor of Tivat Municipality, Siniša Kusovac.

On Friday, with the unveiling of the major project for the 4.1km boulevard in Tivat, he stated that the estimated cost of the three roundabouts in the capital budget would be 1.8 million euros.

“It may be that the cost will be lower, depending on the offers we get from bidders. We envisage beginning with building roundabouts and feeder roads, to ease traffic in the best possible way. The project has five phases, and we will work successively on each phase,” stated Kusovac.

He also stated that in terms of the roundabouts, the land acquisition stage was complete, and for the rest of the project, it had been completed in 90 percent of cases.

Kusovac stated that the financing of the project was envisaged under the municipal budget.

Ivan Ševaljević, Director of GPC Podgorica that oversaw project documentation for the construction of the main Tivat boulevard, clarified that the main characteristic of the future boulevard would be its width of 18 metres, with two lanes running in each direction. webp to jpg 2

Photo: Boka News/Tivat Municipality

“There is a one-metre wide island to divide traffic, and two footpaths of two metres each. The entire width of the corridor is 19 metres, and we have fitted the length of the whole boulevard into the width that has been acquired by Tivat Municipality,” Ševaljević stated.

He added that according to the project brief, five phases were envisaged, clarifying that the five phases represent the three roundabouts and an open road to connect them.

“The planning documents included two roundabouts. In designing the project and considering all the facts - traffic flow, the needs from a local and transit perspective, we reached the conclusion that in would be good to place a roundabout near the Dom Vojske Auditorium as well. This would fit into the dimensions that were made available to us and, as such, would ease traffic flow as much as possible by constructing another roundabout," stated Ševaljević.

He pointed out that they were also convinced that the new boulevard would ensure better connectivity for surrounding areas.

“We must recall that by doing this we will ensure better security for all those within the catchment of the boulevard, and for those who connect to it. That is the main aspect, but also we will have better flow and projected speed on the boulevard,” stated Ševaljević.

He added that the main challenge in constructing the boulevard is that works take place in an urban zone which, he clarified, is under significant traffic pressure, particularly in the summer season.

“It will be a challenge for the chosen contractor to work on all the five phases, to be competent, well-equipped and capable to carry out the work in these difficult and challenging conditions, due to the large traffic flow that we see in the summer months,” stated Ševaljević. webp to jpg 1

Photo: Boka News/Tivat Municipality

He added that there is a proposal for the work to take place, as far as possible, during winter.

“There is a suggestion to include a caveat that the chosen contractor be ready to work in shifts in order to finish the work as quickly as possible, as well as ensuring work of the highest quality and at the same time with the least disruption for locals and those who pass by on the road,” added Ševaljević.

The tender for construction of the boulevard will be announced next month.

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