Explore Lustica Bay with The Chedi: New Promo Video

By , 31 Jul 2019, 14:49 PM Travel

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July 31, 2019 - Explore Lustica Bay with The Chedi, a new promo video highlighting the natural beauty and activities to be enjoyed on this spectacular peninsula.

I have travelled a LOT around the Balkan region in the last 12 months. From southern Albanian to northern Slovenia, the lovely 'short' cut from Split to Belgrade via Bosnia, as well as all over Montenegro and Croatia. Some days are more exhausting on the road than others, but as I get older and grumpier having dealt with people online and face to face, there are two things I particularly treasure when I come to relax in the evening. 

Peace and space. 

These are two things that many travellers look for on holiday, and yet they are not that easy to find together in one place, particularly if you are looking to stay somewhere with excellent service. My favourite find in Croatia is Falkensteiner Punta Skala, just north of Zadar, whose spacious 15-hectare resort is easy to get lost in nature. But after a long day on the road or in meetings, nothing quite beats - for me at least - passing through the barrier at Lustica Bay and heading down to the first phase of the largest investment in the history of Montenegro. I have never stayed at The Chedi, the luxury 5-star hotel there, but I have been fortunate to have stayed a couple of times in one of the apartments close by. 

The peninsula is a natural paradise, and once completed, the 700-hectare Lustica Bay complex of 7 hotels, 2 marinas, 18-hole golf course and village of 2,500 people will arguably the best such development in the entire region, preserving those two precious things this grumpy correspondent seeks - peace and space. 

But that is not to say that there is nothing to do once you arrive. Far from it. In fact, I had no idea just how much there was to do until I saw the new promo video from The Chedi - Explore Lustica Bay with The Chedi. 

Sailing, jetski, hiking, biking, scuba diving, snorkelling, chilling, quad biking, stand up paddleboarding to no less than 13 caves. Seven fortresses to discover and some 20 churches, with authentic Montenegrin dining options in traditional restaurants, before heading home for more relaxation at The Chedi. Gorgeous video, check it out below.

Learn more about Lustica Bay and The Chedi on the official hotel website.

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