Jubilee 10th Bedem Fest Starts Begins, Check Out Lineup and Useful Tips

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Jubilee 10th Bedem Fest Starts Begins, Check Out Lineup and Useful Tips Copyrights: Official Website of Bedem Fest

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01 August 2019 - The Jubilee 10th Bedem Fest, with a vibrant and varied repertoire, will be held from August 1st to August 4th on the ancient walls of Bedem in Nikšić. The first night of the festival will feature a performance of Montenegrin drummer Dragoljub Đuričić, a Serbian jazz singer, one of the greatest names of Yugoslav evergreen scene and the star of music festivals in the 1970s Bisera Veletanlić, alternative rock band Dingospo Dali and a band from Podgorica Gospoda Glembajevi.

Bedem Fest is a well-known summer festival of alternative rock music which takes place in the Old Town of Nikšić, at the fortress Bedem.  The organisers of this year’s Bedem Fest announced that visitors could expect a pleasant atmosphere, a quality program, and a fresh wave of positive energy.

Jubilee 10th Bedem Fest Starts August 1st Check Out the Lineup and Useful Tips 2

"The repertoire of the 10th Jubilee Bedem Fest will include musicians that are different in age, but what they all have in common is their incredible musical talent and charm - they’re all inspirational musicians who will certainly enrich this year's list of performers," said the organisers of the festival for Volim Podgoricu Portal. “The Bedem fest continuously reaffirms its commitment to emotion, music, authenticity and quality music, as well as its diversity and richness in genres. It is for this reason that Bedem Fest lasts and arouses the admiration and respect of its audience each year,” highlighted the organisers.

On Wednesday, August 2nd, visitors will be able to hear the sounds of regional bands Lagana sreda, Vizant, Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša, Partibreakers and Svemirko. Saturday is reserved for Vrulja, Eva Braun, Darko Rundek & Ekipa, Dr Nele Karajlić and a Montenegrin hip-hop duo Who See. On the last night of the festival, August 4th, visitors will be able to hear Bulka, Osma sila, Madame Piano, Bojana Vunturišević, Igor Vince and Đorđe Miljenović.

The organisers of the festival much appreciate the opinion of the audience. Each year, they assure that all generations find their place in the fortress and enjoy the sounds of renowned musicians. They make it their mission that the audience eagerly awaits the beginning of the festival. As in previous years, all visitors have the possibility of free camping at the foot of the fortress.

Organisers have also prepared some useful information for the festival visitors:

  1. Festival gates open from 6 PM
  2. The festival program starts at 6:30 PM and ends at 3:00 AM
  3. Carrying drinks as well as all kinds of pyrotechnic equipment to the fortress is strictly prohibited
  4. Once you enter the fortress, your daily ticket will be checked at the entry point. If you leave the festival area afterward, you will not be able to return to the festival with the same ticket!
  5. Prices of the most requested drinks at the festival: Water (1.00 €), Beer, juice and rakija (1.50 €) and Red Bull (2.00 €)
  6. If you want to stay at the campsite, you must check-in at the campsite reception. Camping is free of charge for festival visitors. It is forbidden to bring glass packing and to set fire at the campsite.

Find out more useful information about the festival at Bedem Fest’s official website and read more about events organised in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

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