17 May 2020, 13:41 PM

May 17, 2020 - The civic movement URA sent an appeal to the Government of Montenegro in order to save the tourist season by accessing the corona corridor.

"After the Government accepted the proposal to promote Montenegro as a corona free destination, we appeal to take concrete steps regarding the said proposal." It is necessary for Prime Minister Markovic and the head of diplomacy, Srdjan Darmanovic, to establish contacts with their colleagues in Germany and Austria as soon as possible, to try to get our country into the corona corridor. In that way, at the moment of opening the borders, Montenegro would be among the countries where there would be unobstructed passage for tourists ", they point out in the URA movement.

They state that talks on the topic of the tourist season have already begun in some European countries.

"Depending on the epidemiological situation, it is expected that at some point the borders will be opened, where the countries that were not significantly affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, including Montenegro, will certainly have a tourist advantage." If the idea of ​​the corona corridor comes true, it is of immense importance for our country to be a part of that agreement. Therefore, activities in that direction should be undertaken without delay, "they said in the URA movement.

They point out that a large number of citizens of Montenegrin origin live in Germany and Austria.

"Apart from Germany and Austria, which are large tourist markets, a large number of our citizens also live in those countries. They traditionally spend their holidays on the Montenegrin coast or in the north of our country. It is important to note that in addition to these two countries, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are participating in the talks on the corona corridor, which can also be a significant potential for saving the tourist season. "Montenegro should join these talks, regardless of the fact that we are not a member of the EU," said the URA movement.

They state that, according to EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton, travel restrictions should first be eased towards countries where the virus has been brought under control.

"The government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must do everything to convince our partners to be part of this agreement, regardless of the fact that we are not an EU member state. In that way, they would more or less save the tourist economy, which will be significantly endangered ", they conclude in the URA movement.

15 May 2020, 15:17 PM

May 15, 2020- The National Tourist Organization of Montenegro has published today the detailed guide for tourists regarding the current situation in the country, which is very close to proudly pronounce itself one of the first corona-free destinations in the world.

Tourists currently residing in Montenegro can find information on all health-related issues on the website of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro and via Call Center 1616 every day from 8am to 11pm.

What is prohibited?

Travel ban for all foreigners to Montenegro (except for foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in Montenegro) and those operating vehicles for transfer of goods.
Presence and loitering of more than one person in an open public space (except for persons performing their regular work assignments and members of shared household ). 

Which border crossings are closed?

The border crossings for passenger border traffic are closed as follows:
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Scepan Polje, Sula, Sitnca, Metaljka
Albania: Grncar, Sukobin
Croatia: Kobila
Serbia: Rance, Vuce

The border crossings are open with the following countries:

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ilino brdo, Nudo and Krstac;
Serbia: Dobrakovo, Dracenovac and Cemerno;
Croatia: Debeli Brijeg;
Albania: Bozaj.
Most border crossings have cameras installed and can be checked online via the link

What has been shut down?

International traffic (except in extraordinary cases)
Schools and universities
Children playrooms
Night clubs

What remains open?

Traffic with personal vehicles within Montenegro
All ports for cruisers and yachts
The internal maritime traffic is completely open
Cafes, restaurants, bars (Responsibilities: employees wear masks; max 4 people at the table (except for families); between tables min 2m or barrier; hand disinfection at the entrance / exit; no self-service; no standing and staying at the bar)
Bathing areas and beaches
All national parks of Montenegro
Public transport in  municipalities without infection
Taxi transport
Grocery and liquor stores, hygiene disinfecting product, baby accessories
Gas stations
Banks and post offices
Food delivery
Hair and beauty saloons
Casinos and bookmakers
Shopping malls
Gym and Fitness center
Indoor and outdoor activities are provided, which can be performed in groups

What is required?

Mandatory wearing masks in a closed public space (stores, banks, post office, hair and beauty saloons).

Where are the quarantines located?

Podgorica: "Dorm", Hotel "Voco"
Danilovgrad: "Police Academy", Regional School of Public Administration RESPA
Ulcinj: Former barracks "Zoganj", Hotel "Holliday Villages Montenegro"
Bar: "Red Cross's House of Solidarity" in Sutomore
Herceg Novi: Hotel "Lighthouse Igalo", "Institute Dr Simo Milosevic"
Budva: Hotel "Castellastva" in Petrovac
Niksic: Ski Center "Vucje"

Who should be quarantined?

Anyone who has been or is suspected of being exposed to the corona virus
Anyone who enters Montenegro from countries with high levels of local transmission of the virus.

Who is required to self-isolate, that is, stay inside house quarantine?

Anyone who comes from abroad, for at least 14 days, under special medical supervision.

Return for tourists currently in Montenegro

All tourists wishing to return to their countries of origin should contact their country's embassies for information on their return options whose contacts are available at

Return to Montenegro for Montenegrin nationals located abroad  

Montenegrin nationals currently abroad who are planning to return to Montenegro can contact the nearest diplomatic mission or consulate for information on return options whose contacts are available at this link
Alternatively, the following form may be used: Return to Montenegro
14 May 2020, 16:09 PM

May 14, 2020 - The date when Montenegro will open its borders is not yet known. Branislav Karadzic, a member of the Operational Staff returning Montenegrin citizens from abroad, believes it will be soon.

"We are working intensively on organizing the return of our citizens who work in other countries. A flight Podgorica-Frankfurt is planned for Friday. We expect an agreement with Serbia on the return of our students to that country next week at the latest. We expect that in the next ten days, the problem of the return of our citizens who have been trapped on the cruiser of the American company "Royal Caribbean" for three months will be solved, " Karadzic told this morning in the TV Vijesti show Boje Jutra.

He added that the main goal is to preserve the health of citizens.

"We expect that our country will soon be a corona-free state. It is difficult to bid when Montenegro opens its borders, but I believe it will be very soon. Based on the recommendations of the Institute of Public Health, the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases will decide on that. When the borders open, the emphasis will be on road traffic. Montenegro may ask passengers to present evidence of a negative coronavirus test result to enter the country, but other authorities decide this. I am sure that we will find the best solution, "Karadzic pointed out.

According to him, the coordinating body is working intensively on the return of Montenegrin citizens to foreign countries where they operate.

As for Montenegrin students who want to return to Serbia due to the June exam period, the Montenegrin embassy in Belgrade and the Consulate General in Sremski Karlovci have contacted the authorities in that country.

"Nothing has been agreed yet. About 180 students, who want to return to Serbia on the occasion of the June exams, contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We will try to make their status as easy as possible. We expect an agreement next week at the latest, "Karadzic said.

"We returned 206 seafarers with the help of Montenegro Airlines. Many of them returned in individual arrangements in different ways," said a member of the Operational Staff for the return of Montenegrin citizens from abroad, emphasizing that about 580 seafarers remained at sea.

09 May 2020, 18:04 PM
May 9, 2020 - As of Monday, additional easing of measures against the spread of the COVID-19 infection will take effect, in particular, about easing traffic-related restrictions. Intercity traffic is now allowed, after being forbidden on March 24.

Intercity traffic to be allowed within areas

According to the decision of the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases, from May 11, traffic with personal vehicles and public transport of passengers will be allowed, but within the region in the country. Montenegro is divided into three areas, and citizens will be able to move between municipalities in:
  • Coastal region: Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat, Budva, Bar, Ulcinj and Cetinje
  • Central region: Podgorica, Danilovgrad, Tuzi, Cetinje, Niksic, Savnik, Pluzine
  • Northern region: Pljevlja, Žabljak, BIjelo POlje, Berane, Mojkovac, Kolašin, Plav, Rožaje, Andrijevica, Petnica, Gusinje
"No more than two adults may be transported in a passenger motor vehicle at the same time unless members of a joint family household. This ban does not apply to vehicles of legal entities, media representatives, and vehicles used for the needs of emergency services (health, police, army, fire services, etc.) ", the NKT announced.
The passenger will not be able to stand in intercity transport vehicles, and he will have to wear a protective mask. Passengers can sit next to each other.

Opening of internal maritime traffic on Monday

As stated on the Twitter account of the Government, as of May 11, the full internal maritime traffic will be opened. They add that the transport of passengers in domestic maritime traffic is also enabled.
"Carriers in road and sea transport are obliged to apply prevention measures following the Institute of Public Health Instruction: all passengers must wear protective masks; it is not allowed to stand in the vehicle or vessel ", it was announced from NKT.

Montenegro Airlines does not fly until June 1

Due to the situation caused by the coronavirus, the current ban on commercial air traffic from Montenegro, as well as restrictions on other countries for travel, Montenegro Airlines has extended the period of traffic suspension until May 31, 2020, including that date, the national airline company's website said. 

Air Serbia is planning flights to Podgorica with the same intensity as before

Air Serbia has announced that it will resume scheduled passenger air traffic to a limited extent from May 18, with an increase in the number of flights within the flight schedule from June 1.
From May 18, a limited number of flights will be organized to London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Zurich, and Vienna airports.
It was pointed out that the flight schedule will undergo specific changes compared to the plan for the 2020 summer season.
As it was announced, Podgorica will be one of the destinations to which Air Serbia planes will fly with the same intensity as before, but, among other things, the weekly number of flights to Tivat will be optimized.
Air Serbia also pointed out that they are working closely with partners to determine the demand for charter flights. There is a possibility that flights to a limited number of destinations will be established earlier, even before June 1.
The final flight schedule will depend on the decisions and guidelines of domestic, foreign, and international bodies and authorities in the field of civil aviation, said in a statement today, the national air carrier of Serbia.
08 May 2020, 17:33 PM
May 8, 2020 - Marina Porto Montenegro in Tivat received all institutional approvals formed by the Government of Montenegro, for the entry of yachts and superyachts during the global pandemic COVID-19. According to feedback from nautical clientele from the Mediterranean and even further, the first entries are expected in the next few days.
What is important to point out is that all vessels moored in Porto Montenegro will respect the quarantine period of 14 days and in the event of the appearance of COVID 19 on the ship and longer. In addition to reducing the mandatory quarantine period from 28 to 14 days, NKT will probably soon allow the time spent on sailing from the last port to the moment of arrival in Montenegro to be counted during the quarantine period.
Porto Montenegro will provide protection for foreign vessels and their crews, delivery of food and hygiene items, provision of medical assistance, water, fuel and electricity supply, collection of waste from foreign vessels, as well as other necessary measures to ensure a safe and decent stay of the crew on a ship, and during self-isolation. After the expiration of quarantine and isolation, the team of a foreign used facility is obliged to apply all valid measures adopted by the Ministry of Health for the citizens of Montenegro.
All tenants in the nautical resort, over 60 of them, respect the decisions and protection measures against the COVID 19 virus defined by the Montenegrin Government's National Coordinational Body for Infectious Diseases and have been following these instructions since they reopened their businesses on May 4 - boutiques of world brands, perfumeries, hairdressers and beauty salons, yacht agencies. And from May 18, according to previous announcements and guidelines, restaurants, cafes, and cafeterias that operate within the nautical settlement of Porto Montenegro will join.
Source: Boka News
08 May 2020, 13:39 PM
May 8, 2020 - The director of the National Tourist Organization, Zeljka Radak Kukavicic, said in an interview with Dnevne Novine that the initial phase of the tourist recovery would start in July.
Having in mind the excellent position of Montenegro, Radak Kukavicic says that there is moderate optimism that we will achieve a part of the high tourist season during July and August, again depending on the epidemiological situation in Europe.
According to the estimates of the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization), the initial phase of tourist recovery will begin in July 2020, and the essential part of tourist traffic will be domestic tourists and regional tourist demand. "Montenegro sees opportunities here, and it is quite certain that tourists will decide on closer destinations this year," said Radak Kukavicic.
Also, as she added, health safety and security are the priorities that tourists will be guided by when choosing a vacation destination.
"According to the estimates of eminent health experts, the 'winners' of the crisis so far are countries that are close to eradicating the virus, and among them is Montenegro, which is predicted to be one of the world's first corona-free zones," said Radak Kukavicic.
She announced that the goal is to create "green air corridors" with some countries that are at a similar epidemiological level as Montenegro, including Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic "
"Our focus is undoubtedly on domestic guests, whom we invite to spend their vacation in their country this year and use the opportunity to get to know some of the perhaps less researched segments of the various tourist offer. We believe that the tourism industry will provide additional motivation to domestic guests by offering exclusive benefits. We have intensified the promotion on social networks, through which every day we try to inspire past and future domestic and foreign tourists by reminding them of the rich tourist offer of Montenegro ", said Radak Kukavičić.
07 May 2020, 13:48 PM

May 7, 2020 - Sitting by the PC to finally start working, I put on my headphones so that the music would play the song of the birds calling me out.  I ask Youtube for "recently uploaded" and guess what - a video about Kotor was there, which was uploaded yesterday by Mark Wolters, a travel blogger whose youtube channel has 681K subscribers. Let's see what he has to say on our Medieval pearl and its surroundings. It would be especially interesting since, at the moment, there is still a ban on intercity traffic. And I cannot go there. 

It seems that the post-corona world will be more prone to travelers than tourists in the classical sense of the word. In the new circumstances, preference will be given to destinations that can offer the traveler an authentic experience, which will undoubtedly require a more personal approach to the needs of each traveler and guest that the trip brings to our country. In this sense, Boka Bay and its historical and cultural center, Kotor, have a large number of products of particular interest to numerous niches of guests looking for a personal experience. It is interesting to hear what a world-renowned travel blogger has to say to its broad audience about Kotor on May 6, 2020.

"Heading to Kotor, Montenegro, and not sure what to expect? Well, here we go through what to see, do, eat, and enjoy on your Montenegro vacation. Whether you are coming in on a cruise or just passing through Kotor has quite a bit for a traveler to enjoy in a short period of time. From walking the ramparts, hiking the hills, visiting the churches (St. Luke's, St. Nicholas, the Cathedral), or heading out into the Bay of Kotor to see some wonders, you will have a nice visit in Kotor. " 


Filmed in Kotor, Montenegro Copyright Mark Wolters 2020

Wolters World youtube channel gives first-hand travel advice to help fellow travelers get the most out of their travel experience. Mark Wolters and his crew discuss the best & worst parts of traveling so that potential travelers can be better prepared for his vacation. In a way that helps them know more about the culture and people of the city, country, or region he is going to visit, as written at the Wolters World youtube channel. 

"From the shocks of traveling to a new country to the things you don't do when you travel, the things you will love and hate, to general travel tips for packing, budgeting, planning, safety and more - we try to help all types of travelers," states the channel presentation.

Hopefully, at least one percent of Wolters subscribers decide to check Kotor. They do not have to come all this summer, but sometimes soon- it would be great.

I'll watch this video one more time. Jealous of Mr. Wolters that he's in Kotor, although I know this video was recorded earlier. 

07 May 2020, 07:30 AM
May 7, 2020 - Montenegro Airlines has extended its planned flight suspension until 15th May, but it does not expect to start commercial operations again until June. The Montenegrin national carrier said it is on a mission to bring as many tourists to Montenegro this year as possible, writes Jakov Fabinger for Simple Flying.
As part of a wave of airline groundings across Europe, Montenegro Airlines stopped all commercial flights on 16th March.
Montenegro was the last European country to record its first case of COVID-19, following the imposition of strict travel restrictions to the country. In February, the Montenegrin Ministry of Health issued a ban for all travel between Montenegro and Northern Italy, and vice versa. It was effectively a ban on Wizz Air and Ryanair from the country.
Montenegro Airlines remains grounded, and its current flight suspension is officially in place until Friday, 15th May. On that day, the airline will operate its first flight in two months, to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.
However, the Montenegrin national airline told Vijesti that “in light of the latest measures presented by NKT [national coordination body], first flights are expected in June.”
Montenegro Airlines does not expect to operate as many frequencies out of Podgorica and Tivat as it had planned for this year. Its first flights would be regional operations. Only in the second phase of its emergence from grounding will it resume flights to its wider international network. Even so, Montenegro’s international network will see “reduced intensity” because of the slump in demand the airline is already recording through advance bookings and its expectations based on negative worldwide aviation trends.
Unsurprisingly, the first flight Montenegro Airlines has scheduled is to Belgrade, in neighboring Serbia. However, the date of 16th May is unexpected, since Serbia does not expect to open its airports until 18th May at the earliest.
Along with Belgrade, Montenegro Airlines is likely to immediately resume its routes that are least dependent on fragile tourist demand. For example, Ljubljana in Slovenia and Moscow are two routes that are sustained through the requirement that does not rely on tourism.
Frankfurt, Paris, and Vienna could also be early routes to resume since Montenegro Airlines acts as a feeder to various major carriers through these hubs. For example, the flights to Vienna from Podgorica leave in the mornings, perfectly timed to connect onto Austrian Airlines’ late morning departure wave. Austrian Airlines and Montenegro Airlines operate a codeshare between Podgorica and Vienna.
Last year, between 1st March and 1st June, Montenegro Airlines recorded revenues over €13 million ($14 million). This year it will have been grounded for almost all of this period, which will be a significant blow for the airline’s finances.
The airline is now hoping to reduce its losses by generating as much revenue as possible in the summer months when tourists usually flock to its base in Podgorica and seasonal focus city of Tivat. But will the tourists come? What do you think are the prospects for smaller European airlines like Montenegro Airlines? Jakov Fabinger, a Simple Flying journalist following the air industry in Balkan countries, asks at the end of his article.
04 May 2020, 17:35 PM
May 4, 2020 - The hotel and tourism company Mimoza from Tivat has not yet canceled reservations for the summer months. But, the season will depend on the epidemiological situation in the country, as well as the region and worldwide. The director of Hotel Pine and Hotel Kamelija, Dragan Bućin said in an interview for the local Radio Tivat.
Mimoza had first announcements for both the preseason and the season. The interest in offering both hotels was high. However, due to travel suspension, the preseason failed.
"The canceled arrangements are mainly for May and the first half of June, but I have not had any cancellations for July, August, and September. How the situation will unfold and how well the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the summer months will depend on the epidemiological situation. However, as soon as the conditions are created, and the measures are eased, we will put the Pine Hotel in operation," said Bućin.
Pine is a small business hotel popular for business guests and has excellent occupancy throughout the year. It is a hotel that could very soon be put into operation with certain cost-effectiveness capacities, Bućin said.
It is currently uncertain whether the Kamelija Hotel will open at all this summer. It is a hotel of seasonal character, which exists on organized guest groups - organizing a school in nature and school excursions, the arrival of organized tourist groups, and the stay of sports teams.
Bućin emphasized that the company Mimoza retained all employees, but that at the moment, they were unable to hire seasonal workers working in their hotels during the summer months.
Wages for the past month have been paid, and the April bill is in the works. They do not know yet whether they will be forced to cut their earnings. They are hoping for assistance from the Government of Montenegro, which has announced financial support for tourism and hospitality companies, which will help pay the wages.
Bućin said that Mimoza expects the support of the Municipality of Tivat, both hoteliers and caterers, and anyone whose core business is catering and tourism, working together to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.
He also stressed the importance of borrowing under favorable conditions of the Investment Development Fund. Mimosa will do its best to find the best solutions and select the best options to ensure the best possible continuation of the business.
The Government of Montenegro has announced that the operation of hotels and catering facilities will be possible from 18 May with strict compliance with the prescribed health and sanitation measures.
Source: Radio Tivat
02 May 2020, 22:40 PM
May 2, 2020 - The Public Company Morsko dobro (Sea Property) is conducting the necessary field activities and is preparing an application, which will soon be available to all. It will contain all the required data on COVID-19 free beaches as well as other parameters essential for a safe vacation in the current situation, Ivana Lazovic, Morsko dobro PR, told the Radio CG.
In the process of mitigation, the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases planned to allow beaches to be opened along our coast from May 18 with special sanitary and health security measures. It prompted the Morsko dobro to begin preparing beaches for use during the summer months while taking into account measures to combat coronaviruses that remain in place.
“These days, we will be launching a mobile app made using the latest technology in the area. It will cover over 500 Montenegrin beaches with beach shots from almost all corners and with tags tailored to the current situation: COVID-19 Free. Also, the application will contain information on sanitary conditions, safety, temperature, quality of seawater and will provide the possibility of booking a place or some other services offered at these locations,” Lazovic said.

Morsko dobro will also soon define new tenant reliefs

“The first set of measures has already been enacted. It concerns the delay in leasing payments from April to July 1. After the May Day holidays, the Steering Board of the Morsko dobro will announce new benefits intended to mitigate the financial disadvantage expected by tenants of beaches and other areas in the area of ​​the sea property,” Lazovic said.

Morsko dobro Working On Several Projects

The Morsko dobro has been implementing previously planned projects with a total value of EUR 300 thousand. In Boka Kotorska, they worked on the arrangement of promenades and cycle paths, and in Herceg Novi, the famous Novi Sad beach was also reconstructed.
On the Grand Beach, near the mouth of Bojana, the Public Company has set up an office building in the shape of a shell, made of natural materials.
01 May 2020, 18:07 PM
May 1, 2020 - The tourism and travel sector is most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. From the experience of some earlier complicated periods, it is an industry that tends to recover rapidly after the crisis is over, which is of utmost importance for economies such as Montenegro, which is a priority branch of tourism, emphasized the director of Tivat Tourism Organization, Danica Banjević.
"As for the Tivat Tourism Organization, in cooperation with hoteliers and private accommodation providers, we are preparing for the summer season and the postseason. We will forward them to the National Tourism Organization because we are planning a campaign with them that will be realized as soon as the conditions for this are created.
The prices are very competitive at the moment, and we also offer some additional services for booking individual capacities, which I believe will determine a significant number of tourists to make Tivat their summer destination," Banjevic said.
The critical question is how and when the borders and airports will be opened, and what procedures must be followed in this regard when it comes to health and safety aspects when tourists arrive at a particular destination.
"We have announcements that catering facilities and hotels will be opened on May 18, so in that area, we are expecting those rules and procedures that they must follow when opening their facilities.
The opening of borders and the Airport will not only depend on Montenegro but also on the situation and the opening of borders in other broadcast markets. Indeed, we should think in the direction of some bilateral agreements and the opening of tourist corridors, as we have information that neighboring Croatia is planning," said Danica Banjević, the TO Tivat director. 
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