19 Feb 2019, 14:27 PM

18 February 2019 - The biggest carnival manifestation in the Tivat Riviera, the traditional Lastva Carnival, will be held on Sunday, February 24 at 2 pm, according to the organisers of the event, NGO Harlekin from Donja Lastva. The organisation of the event was carried out with the support of the Municipality of Tivat, Tourist Organisation Tivat and numerous sponsors.

This year, the gathering of masks, their registration and the formation of the carnival column will begin at 1 pm in front of the post office in Donja Lastva.

Traditional Lastva Carnival on Sunday February 24 at Donja Lastva 2

Traditionally, a joyous parade of masks with a puppet carnival will start this year under the old fig tree in the settlement VII quarter, accompanied by the City music Tivat and majorettes. The carnival will be brought through the entire Donja Lastva to the waterfront where it will be tried for all the bad deeds and problems of the citizens in the past year.

The burning of the carnival will take place in front of the church of St. Rok, and after that, the big masquerade will continue at the Hotel Kamelija. For this occasion, organizers announce special surprises and rich awards to the best group and individual masks.

Traditional Lastva Carnival on Sunday February 24 at Donja Lastva 3

The representatives of NGO Harlekin invite everyone interested. Due to the great interest in the carnival performance; come early, because a large response from Tivat and the surrounding cities is expected. The registration can be done at the booth at the VII quarter, which will be open from 1 pm.

“Considering the favourable weather forecasts and the happiness we traditionally have on the day of the carnival, we invite you to spend a pleasant and fun afternoon with us in Donja Lastva," said the representative of NGO Harlekin.

19 Feb 2019, 13:29 PM

18 February 2019 - Souvenir and Eco-Food Fair, as a segment of the 50th Mimosa Festival program, will be held from February 22 to 24 at Hotel "Vojvodina". The event is organised by Public Cultural Institution Herceg Fest and the Secretariat for Utility Activities and Ecology of the Municipality of Herceg Novi.

This compact two-day trade fair provides visitors with the opportunity to meet the leading suppliers of souvenirs and recreational products, as well as other market players. Excellent masterpieces of art and great samples of creativity are to be exhibited in the exhibition that ranges from souvenirs and handmade decorative items to various types of delicious eco-friendly food.

Souvenir and Eco Food Fair in Hotel Vojvodina in Herceg Novi

The fair will gather 54 registered exhibitors from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania.

Visitors of the fair will be able to learn more about handmade products, old crafts and domestic production - from Montenegrin national instruments, gusle, jewellery and embroidery, to crystals, wood and glass items, natural cosmetic products, teas, products of olives and honey.

The Souvenir and Eco-Food Fair is of great importance for everyone working in the souvenir industry as is the place to be for the latest souvenir and eco-food industry news, products and trends. Entry to the fair is free of charge!

Local exhibitors are excited that they can show a wide range of beautiful items from Montenegro and bring together the cold North and the warm South of the country. The fair aims to stimulate creativity and design of new souvenirs, promote souvenirs producers and producers of eco-friendly food and encourage the entrepreneurship in this field.

During the Fair, the workshop for the youngest will be organised, in cooperation with the Elementary school "Dašo Pavičić".

The official opening of the fair is scheduled for Friday, February 22 at 11 am. The working hours of the Fair are from 9 am to 7 pm.

18 Feb 2019, 22:40 PM

17 February 2019 - The new Montenegrin Ski Resort Kolašin 1600, where only a few years ago it was forest and meadow, is an example of successful valorization of potentials, the materialisation of the Government of Montenegro's policy and the beginning of accelerated tourist and overall development of the North Region," it was said at the opening ceremony of the ski center.

"I am filled with pride and pleasure that today, together, we present one of the best examples of the materialisation of the Government of Montenegro policy when it comes to creating the conditions for the development of the north of our country, the improvement of the Montenegrin tourist offer and, of course, the creation of preconditions for creating new jobs and better quality of life of citizens," Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović said at the ceremony.

Director of the Public Works Directorate Rešad Nuhodžić said that this ski center, in which the Government of Montenegro invested EUR 17 million, represents, even after the first phase of works, the best example of successful valorisation of tourism potentials, but also our ability to build something like it.

"From the position of Director of the Public Works Directorate, I emphasise that this is a skiing event, which we can be proud of, the result of successful cooperation between our engineers and companies with a renowned foreign partner. This proves that we are able to catch up with the most demanding projects. The base station facility is adapted to the needs of visitors as well as employees, with restaurant, administrative premises, outpatient clinics and complete accompanying equipment. For the needs of the ski resort, new road, electrical and hydrotechnical infrastructure was built. During the second phase of the project, which is planned to be completed by the end of next year, the ski resort will get another six kilometers of tracks. The construction of the cable car, which will connect the ski resorts Kolašin 1450 and Kolašin 1600, is planned, which will further enrich the tourist offer. The Public Works Directorate will continue to implement the capital projects of the Government of Montenegro in the coming period, of which the projects in the field of tourism are at the top of our priorities. Only in the ski centers of Cmiljaca, Žarski, Savin Kuk and Hajla will be invested more than EUR 100 million, while we will invest nearly EUR 18 million in one of the most important projects for tourist valorisation of the north - Đalović cave," the Director of Public Works said.

Ski Resort Kolašin 1600 Opening Welcomed Many Guests

Director of the Ski centers of Montenegro Miloš Popović reminded that this Government recognised the tourist valorisation of the Northern region of Montenegro as a priority to improve the development of this area and reduce the development gap between the south and north regions of the country.

"In accordance with this, in November 2017, the company Ski Centers of Montenegro based in Mojkovac was founded, for the management of the Kolašin 1600 ski center in the area of the Municipality of Kolašin, Jelovica in the municipalities of Berane and Andrijevica, Cmiljača and Torina in the municipality of Bijelo Polje, Žarski in the area of Mojkovac municipality, Komovi mountain center and Eco Adventure park Komovi. The general concept of the company's development is the valorisation of existing active ski resorts and the construction of new ski centers in the area of Bjelasica and Komovi, Durmitor and Hajle, by spatial plans for these areas. With this, Montenegro will get one of the largest and most prestigious ski resorts in the area, within which the most current infrastructure will be built: hotels, restaurants, other boarding and non-boarding facilities, modern cable cars, to take the number one position in the competitive market. We will also put the accent on the improvement of the summer offer," the director of the Ski Centers of Montenegro said.

Miloš Popović said that Montenegro's ski resorts will be the generator of tourism development by enriching existing and creating new tourist products, and will contribute to the continuous development of winter and summer sports, and to support potential future sports talents, and to improve Montenegrin human resources.

"In this way, the company of the Ski Centers of Montenegro will be the best partner to local self-governments. Young people here will get the best opportunity for work and training by the highest world standards. I invite you to continue to support the realisation of this grandiose project, and to gather here again in the next few years, and that the occasion for this gathering is not only development projects that will undoubtedly be, but also the organisation of the world's biggest cups, for which we will, with this accelerated development, undoubtedly be competitive," Popović said.

The Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism reminded that Montenegro recorded the best tourist results in history and that the interest in the North is now spreading.

"Montenegrin tourism breaks records year after year while dictating new standards that motivate us to valorize the strategic potential recognised in this region as well. In 2018, Montenegro visited 2.2 million tourists or 200,000 tourists more than in 2017; who achieved 13 million nights (a million more than in 2017); we earned a billion euros of income in 10 months in 2018. But what is particularly rejoicing is that the revenues generated by the remote towns grew at a rate that is more than two times higher than the national average," Minister Radulović said.

He urged the presidents of the municipalities of the Northern Region to recognise the opportunity for job creation and business development because the government is now concentrating on this part of Montenegro.

18 Feb 2019, 13:47 PM

16 February 2019 - On Wednesday, February 20, Cultural and Information Centre "Budo Tomović" will host the exhibition “ Montenegrin Film Poster ”, which represents a segment of the collection of the author, Momir Matović. The event will take place in the exhibition hall of the Cultural Centre in Podgorica at 7 pm.

The exhibition will be opened by Jovan Nikitović, culture editor in the daily newspaper "Pobjeda" and will last until March 4.

In every film production, special attention is devoted to the creation of the concept of a film poster, which, as a propaganda-advertising medium, creates a recognizable visual indeterminacy for a potential audience. Film Poster has the mission to introduce the audience to the film work they have yet to see in the most sublime way. At the Montenegrin Film Poster exhibition, visitors will be able to see 41 film posters, chosen by the author of the exhibition, Momir Matović.

Montenegrin Film Poster Exhibition at Culture Centre Budo Tomović

Montenegrin Film Poster provides information on the level of general and commercial culture from one period of Montenegrin cultural heritage. All exhibits in this monograph are mostly a part of a unique original collection of the director Momir Matović.

The author of the exhibition, Momir Matović, is a recognized Montenegrin director, film cameraman and art photographer. He was born in Titograd in 1951. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade at the Department of Film Camera. He is the author of numerous short and feature-length documentaries.

He has won many national and international awards and prizes. His film creations include: Obala života, Metri života, Kao i sjutra, Crvena linija kuće Ujkić, Noć duga 68 godina, Posljednja bioskopska predstava, Ja znam kako, Žica života, (Po)rađanje jedne nacije, Prva i posljednji, Opstajanje…duh…dah, Ram za sliku moga zavičaja, Mi pravimo žive slike, Sa osmjehom već 50 godina, and many others.

Momir Matović lives and works in Podgorica.

15 Feb 2019, 23:55 PM

15 February 2019 - Prime Minister Duško Marković, together with heads of the Public Works Directorate Rešad Nuhodžić and the Ski Resorts of Montenegro Miloš Popović, will put into operation the 6-seater cable car at the new Kolašin 1600 Sky Resort in Bjelasica. 

The new ski resort contains, at this point, a restaurant with administrative facilities, an ambulance and the complete accompanying equipment, 6-seater cable car 1,567 m long, with the capacity of 2600 skiers per hour and two ski lanes totaling 4.5 km. For the needs of the ski resort, new road, electrical engineering and hydrotechnical infrastructure were built.

A total investment of 77 million EUR is planned for the tourist complex of four hotels along the Kolasin 1600 Ski Resort.

The valorisation of Bjelasica and Komovi implies the creation of a prestigious tourist destination with 224 km of highest quality ski trails, 52 ski lifts, 52 hotels and 23 boarding houses (condos, apartments, etc.).

Ski Resort Kolašin 1600 Ceremonial Opening on February 161

The ceremony hosted by the Ski Resorts of Montenegro will start at 12 PM.

The participants will be addressed by Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović, and heads of the Public Works Directorate and Ski Resorts of Montenegro.

The Prime Minister will make a statement to the public.

The best skier of the former Yugoslavia Bojan Križaj will open the revenge race at 13.00.


15 Feb 2019, 23:33 PM

14 February 2019 - On Saturday, February 16, the Tourist Organisation of Podgorica and the Markets of the Capital City are organising an event called "Day of raštan". The manifestation, which is being organised for the third year in a row, starts at 10 am at the Green market in the Mall of Montenegro Shopping Centre.

All visitors to the event will have the opportunity to taste traditional dishes from raštan, and the experience will be complemented by the sounds of Montenegrin tradition music.

The event is organized in cooperation with PI School for Secondary and High Education "Sergije Stanić" and the restaurant "Radovče".

Day of Raštan in Podgorica on February 16 2

"By organizing such events we would like to further contribute to the promotion of the gastro offer of the Podgorica region, and the affirmation of the Green market, as a place where the city's spirit is best reflected through the offer of local products," announced the representative of the Podgorica Tourist Information Centre.

The "Day of Raštan" is part of the "Market Caravan" event that began three years ago with the organization of the "Day of Sponge Cake" at the city's main market.

Day of Raštan in Podgorica on February 16 3

Total Montenegro News already reported on the health benefits of eating raštan. "If in some cases you are forced to choose only one vegetable for a lifetime, it should definitely be raštan" - every grandmother will tell you at any family farm along the Dinaric Mountain range. Raštan, or raštika (Crambe Maritima, lat.), is rich in various nutrients and even substances for the fight against cancerous cells, was the basis of the diet of generations of people along Dalmatia, Herzegovina and all over Montenegro. Apart from nutrition, it is characterized by the fact that it grows throughout the year. However, it is best to harvest and eat raštan in winter.

Day of Raštan is the perfect event to get acquainted with the best dishes made from raštan, or even with the recipes that have been circling among Montenegrins for years!

14 Feb 2019, 00:36 AM

February 14, 2019 - Kamenari in Boka Bay today is known primarily as the place where daily ferries take thousands of cars and passengers to the other coast of the bay. Situated along the coast of about 400 meters, the ambiance of the Kamenari is the one of very few along our coast, which enjoys the protection as a cultural landscape of exceptional characteristics. The history of this small place is vibrant with facts that could be proud and much larger communities. Famous for educated and skillful locals, the location of the first post office and first public transport in Montenegro hires a lot of interesting details of the productive life of this small place, once proud on bakeries, theatre, but first of all, stones to be thanked for its name.

Kamenari, as explained our host in this Bokelian place, the world philatelists, Mr. Tomo Katurić, was placed in half in the cadastral municipality of Josica and half in the cadastral district of Djurici. In the past, these two municipalities belonged to different administrative centres, Josica to Herceg Novi and Djurici to Perast.
The name of the place, Kamenari, is not mentioned until the middle of the 19th century, and its etymology is more than pure. Kamen is a Montenegrin word for stone, and the rock from Djurici, besides building a large part of the old towns along the Bokelian coast, also managed to take the name this place down to far America.
"Thanks to the stone from Djurici, Kamenari is famous not only in these areas but also across the Atlantic. The Djurici stone is specific to its colour and quality," explains Katuric. "A part of the United Nations building in New York was built of stone from Kamenari. Before New York, part of the pavement in the Saint Mark's church in Venice was built, and these coloured red stones decorated many other palates and churches in Venice, as well as in Zadar, Trieste, Torino and Nice."
kamenari first ferryThe ferry service in Kamenari started in 1901 with the families of Milosevic and Sekulovic. Djuro Milosevic was the father of the famous bacteriologist, world expert Dr. Simo Milosevic, at which Igalo Institute today carries the name. 
Kamenari, today a village that we know first of all by ferry transport, was a significant traffic, commercial, service, and crafts center in Boka Bay in the 19th century.
It was in Kamenari that in 1899 the founding shareholders' assembly "Bokeljski Omnibus", the first company for road transport in Boka Bay, which, after obtaining a concession from the Austrian authorities, held the Kamenari-Herceg Novi line. "The stockholders were the distinguished citizens of Boka Bay, 33 of them. Transport was carried out at that time by horses. It is interesting that for this Omnibus, which could have received 25 people, horses from Pesta were procured and that such omnibus worked in Dubrovnik as well since 1899," explains Katuric.
kamenari bokelian omnibusBokeljski Omnibus, the first road transport company of Montenegro
The "Bokeljski Omnibus" and Kamenari will mark this year 120 years since its foundation, the predecessor of road transport companies, not only in Boka but also throughout Montenegro and beyond.
Like the rest of Bay Bay, and Kamenari is celebrating ecumenism as the eternal model of harmonious coexistence of peoples in this region. "In Kamenari we have five churches, two of which are Orthodox and three are Catholic. What is specific is that the Church of Saint Nedjelja was a church with two altars, where one week served a liturgy and other masses. It is an indication of the degree to which these people lived, how much they respect each other. "
kamenari r hnKamenari, Copyright: radio Herceg Novi
Tomo Katuric is a world-class philatelist who can boast of as many as 15 gold medals won in world exhibitions. The most famous of the four collections owned by the family Katuric is "Postal History of Boka Bay 1809-1875".
"The post office in Boka was opened in 1804 and Cetinje 1874, four years before the Berlin Congress. At that time, until the post office was established in Montenegro, the letters from Cetinje traveled to Kotor and then to their destinations throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, and further to the world."
kamenari tomo katuricTomo Katuric, private photo collection
Sometimes Tomo Katuric, as well as his ancestors, who lived in Boka since 1697, carried the name of Boka Bay to the world seas, engaged as a ship captain, predominantly on the ships of the former Jugooceania Kotor. Today, the name Kamenari, Herceg Novi, Boka Bay and Montenegro he reports to all meridians as one of the most admired philatelies in the world.
The Katuric House in Kamenari stands on the ferry pier itself. For this house, there are important historical facts, attested to by a memorial plaque that can be seen by all the visitors of the cafe, who have been in this house for more than a century.
"On the facade of our house, there is a memorial plaque dedicated to the Rebellion of sailors on the Austro-Hungarian fleet on February 1, 1918. It is stated in the records that on 27 and 28 January, sailors Sisgoric, Ras, Grabar, and Bernicevic raised the rebellion making the agreements and plans in this cafe. Here they could, along with the jukebox my grandpa had brought from Vienna in 1915, calmly agree on how to bring the uprising.
The rebellion broke out because of poor conditions of life and the treatment of sailors on these ships, anchored in front of the Kamenari," Katuric proudly demonstrates to us the jukebox.
The wreath of stone houses in Kamenari was built in the majority of 17-19 years, at the time of the greatest glory and power of the Boka nautical.
kamenari oldKamenari in the past
"Thanks to maritime and distant journeys, people built beautiful stone houses. But the point was not just to bring money here and build. With money, something much more significant, more valuable, and more beautiful came, which is a world culture. That is why Boka still today, despite all the odds, at an excellent cultural level. I own an 1860 letter from sailing ship Ilirico. Out of 14 crew members, eleven signed with their full names, only three couldn't write. So it was not just the captain who was literate, but a sailor and almost all other members of the crew. And that was all people from Donja Lastva, Stoliv, Kamenari, Perast, Risan. People from our region have been mostly literate in the 19th century, " says Captain Tomo Katuric.
As far as education is concerned, Kamenari, as a small place, could boast of the largest share of highly educated residents at Boka Bay in the 20th century. Many well-known scientists, doctors, people in business and seafarers are right from this place.
"Besides already mentioned, a well-known bacteriologist, Dr Simo Milosevic, from Kamenari were also Dr Bosa Milosevic, who founded the National Front in Belgrade, as evidenced by the panel on the façade of the hospital building, and Dr Olga Milosevic, who was Tito's physician in three enemy offensives. We are talking about a woman who was the president of the Red Cross of Europe and the winner of one of the most important awards for humanity, named after Andrew Dinan, for the man who founded the Red Cross in Europe. We also had the first educated painter Spiro Djuranovic, followed by his son Mato Djuranovic, music professor and academic painter. Beside them, there was a large number of captains, professors, civil engineers here. Among them, Lazar Katuric and Lazar Mijailovic, who were the main designers for the construction of docks from Ulcinj to Split, were particularly experienced engineers. Their knowledge suggests that in the great earthquake that hit Montenegro in 1979, none of these swamps was damaged," Tomo Katuric told us.
If we talk about traffic, Kamenari is today one of the most frequented places in Boka. Only in the past year, the naval trains, a shareholding company that moved to Pro House's majority ownership in 2004, carried over 1.3 million vehicles.
The first carriers, the Milosevic and Sekulovic families, performed carriage on paddles. 1935 the family Aranzulo joins this job and acquires the ferries with the engines of the famous German company Daiz. For the resurgence of the predecessors on this coastal naval line, their successors, in the words of Tomo Katuric, little respected this place, failing even to meet their contractual obligations, which obliged them to allocate four percent of their income to the Municipality of Herceg Novi.
Kamenari is supposed to be a protected ambiance, but this regime of protection, unfortunately, is not respected.
The place has two hotels; more villas offer private accommodation, which can be an additional source of development for the area. But in recent years, in this part of Boka Bay, unacceptable interventions alter the coastal line, while the former natural beaches, small patches, replace the artificial baths that are being built on the sea. Also, the problem of excessive and inadequate urbanization is present here as well as in other parts of Boka Bay.
As long as it has been good for a long time, the ferry has also given Kamenari a position of transit, where people generally do not stay long. Still, those who decide to stay here will meet with friendly hosts who will surely offer some more exciting details about this small place. A place that, in comparison with other areas of Boka, may not have an unusually long, but has a very contentious history.
14 Feb 2019, 00:11 AM

13 February 2019 - On the occasion of the official opening of the Kolašin 1600 Ski Resort on Saturday, February 16, the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro (NTO) will organise free transport to this ski centre as well as an entertainment program.

"The Ministry and the NTO have provided free ski pass, food, and drink tasting, as well as a rich entertainment program for all visitors to the ski centre on the day of its official opening," the NTO said in a statement. Free transport, in cooperation with local tourist organisations and the Capital City, will be organized from Podgorica, Bar, Budva and Herceg Novi. All interested citizens can obtain transport information by dialling 0 8000 1300 – Call Centre of Montenegro (all calls to this number are free of charge).

Official Opening of the Kolašin 1600 Ski Resort on February 16

The representatives of the NTO also stated that the special attraction of the event will be the preparation and tasting of Montenegrin traditional meal – kačamak.

The event will include a giant slalom race at 600 meters, which will be opened by the celebrated Yugoslav skier and world champion, Bojan Križaj.

Dj MR Jools and DJ Shar will be in charge of the atmosphere at the ski resort, and the event will also include concerts of the local band Crveno i Crno and the singer Sergej Cetković.

"The entertainment will continue on the city square with concerts, defile majorettes and fireworks. Music stars Anita Popović and Danijel Alibabić will hold concerts at the city square, "the statement concludes.

The completion of the ski centre in Kolašin will turn this city into a serious winter destination in Europe. Since the project is complete, Mount Bjelasica now has 250 km of ski slopes! The infrastructure of the Kolašin 1600 Ski Centre, with accompanying equipment, includes a total of 4,6 kilometres of ski slopes, with one six-seater lift installed. The contractor for the cableway at the Kolašin 1600 site is the Austrian company - Doppelmayr, the world's leading manufacturer of ropeways, cable cars, and ski lifts.

With the completion of works on the 1600 location, Montenegro got a new ski resort owned by the state. By building the access road, infrastructure and cableway, the state has created conditions for attracting investors who will build more accommodation capacities and further develop the ski centre.

13 Feb 2019, 23:43 PM

13 February 2019 - The Secretariat for Culture and Sports of the Capital City and the Sport for All Association from Podgorica are organising a sports and recreational event Citizens of Podgorica on the Snow. The event begins on Saturday, February 16, when the official opening of the ski resort Kolašin 1600 on Mount Bjelasica is planned. Ski pass for all resort visitors will be free on that day.

Although earlier this winter the Capital of Montenegro welcomed white snowflakes, the locals from Podgorica still have to turn to ski resorts in the cities of the North to enjoy an adventure on the snow. The event Citizens of Podgorica on the Snow provides people from Podgorica a favourable opportunity to visit ski resort Kolašin 1600 and experience the winter magic.

Podgorica on the Snow 2

The Association Sport for All is planning for the manifestation to last through February and March, every Saturday, depending on weather conditions. For this weekend, they provided free transportation by bus from Podgorica to ski resort Kolašin 1600 on Bjelasica and back, while the ski pass will be free because of the official opening of the resort. In the future weekends, the transport will still be free, and the locals from Podgorica will enjoy discounts related to ski pass and equipment rental.

The Association Sport for All Podgorica is a member of the Montenegrin Association Sport for All. The local association includes over twenty sports associations from the territory of the Capital City and the city municipalities of Tuzi and Golubovci. The program goals of the association are realised with the cooperation of the Secretariat for Culture and Sports of the Capital City.

Program cooperation within the Capital city has been established with: Association of Pensioners of Podgorica, Children's Association of Podgorica, PI Elementary Schools in Podgorica, Union for School Sports of Montenegro and many sports and business organisations.

The Association is a participant and organizer of sports and recreational events in the Capital City, the State and international events in the field of sports recreation.

12 Feb 2019, 23:25 PM

12 February 2019 - Have you already made plans for the holiday of love? With Valentine’s Day coming up, TMN gathered some information on local restaurants and places in Montenegro offering deals for the special occasion.

Valentines Day Kalamper Hotel

Kalamper Hotel & Spa

As the love holiday approaches, Kalamper Hotel & Spa has prepared a special offer for all individuals interested in spending time with their loved ones at the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Special offer includes gala dinner for two, bed and breakfast in a room with a sea view, a free pass to SPA & Wellness Centre, free pass to the gym, free parking, welcome drink in the room (coffee, water, tea) and early check in with late checkout. Guests will be entertained by Dino and Džaja Beharović. Price per package is 95 EUR for 2 persons. For those who want to reserve dinner only, without an overnight stay, the price is 20 EUR per person. Drinks are not included in the price.

Valentines Day Lazure Hotel

Lazure Marina & Hotel

Don't miss the special offer for St. Valentine's Day of Lazure Hotel! The offer includes four-course dinner with dessert and Prosecco and the price is 33 EUR/person. The second offer includes a romantic night at Lazure Hotel: a bottle of wine and fruit on arrival, tasty breakfast served in your room and late check-out. The price is 111 EUR for 1 night/room or 190 EUR for 2 nights/room.

Chef's Menu for this Special Day includes warm asparagus with egg white, beetroot sauce, and parmesan chips; risotto with forest mushrooms and deer confit; Wellington steak with grated potatoes, local herbs and demiglace sauce; chocolate soufflé with strawberry surprise and a glass of Prosecco. For reservations please call +382 69 373 120 (Viber) or contact the Lazure Marina & Hotel via Facebook.

Valentines Day CentreVille Hotel

CentreVille Hotel & Experiences

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the CentreVille Hotel & Experiences! 3-course gala dinner with wine pairing & live music entertainment at a price of 49 EUR per couple.

Valentines Day Ramada Hotel

Ramada Hotel

Celebrate love at the Ramada Hotel! Surprise your beloved person with gala dinner; enjoy a welcome drink, with pleasant live music, all at a price of only 16 EUR! Plan your day of love ahead, and make a reservation at the Ramada Hotel by dialling 020-622-623 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Valentines Day Cineplexx

Cineplexx CG

For a different experience on Valentine’s Day which will surprise the ladies, spend a romantic evening with a love story at Cineplexx Delta City cinema. The Cineplexx Valentine’s Day offer includes tickets for the movie “Berlin, I love you”, sparkling wine Henkell Rose and the opportunity to win a prize trip to Berlin for two!

"Berlin, I Love You" is the latest film from the anthology series The Cities of Love, launched in 2006 by Emanuel Benbihi. The previous sequels told romantic stories happening in Paris, New York and Rio de Janeiro. Each film consists of a maximum of 10 episodes illustrating the universality of love in big cities around the world. The premiere is scheduled for 8 pm, and the tickets are on sale at the sales booth of Cineplexx Delta City cinema. The Cineplexx repertoire will also include movies: comedy "Destination Wedding", "   Happy Death Day 2U", "Taxi Blues", "Dumplin", "Mule" and many others.

12 Feb 2019, 22:43 PM

12 February 2019 - In cooperation with "Compania de Vinos Montenegro" and the 50th Festival of Mimosa, Lazure Hotel & Marina invites you to their first Balkan Wine Fest, where you can get acquainted with a wide selection of more than 110 wine labels from the best wineries throughout the region. The event will take place on February 16, from 12 pm to 8 pm.

Balkan Wine Fest in Lazure Hotel on February 16 4

During the Balkan Wine Fest, all guests will be able to sample premium varietals from some of the best wineries; all while music performers keep the party lively during this wonderful experience. Lazure & Marina has managed to gather distinguished winemakers, allowing you to learn all about new and exciting varieties from the experts in a relaxed hotel setting. To complement your festival experience, review the first-class accommodations of the luxurious Lazure Hotel.

The wineries that will be presented during Wine Fest are Krgović Winery (MNE), Winery Vučinić (MNE), Volarevic Winery (CRO), Winery Maneghetti (CRO), Winery Dubrovnik Basins (CRO), Winery Enjingi Kutjevo (CRO), Winery Vukoje (BIH), Dalvin Winery (MKD), Winery Kovacevic (SRB), Winery Zvonko Bogdan (SRB), Winery Erdevik (SRB), Winery Vertus (SRB), Winery Temet (SRB), Winery Kiš (SRB), selected Italian wineries: Astoria, Antonini, Monte Del Fra, San Marzano, Rivera and Brandy/ Rakijas: Kovilj Monastery, Gorda, Stefan Nemanja, Pevec Cellar and Yeni Raki.

Balkan Wine Fest in Lazure Hotel on February 16 2

Balkan Wine Fest offers a unique wine tasting experience that aims to stimulate all of your senses. Aside from an altogether pleasant experience, the organisers have prepared interesting prizes for the visitors: 3 guests will have the opportunity to win an overnight stay with dinner and breakfast for two people in Lazure Hotel.

Ticket price for the Balkan Wine Festi is 10 EUR per person, and there is a 15% discount on group ticket purchases (3+).  Booking is available via Facebook or by phone number: +382 69 373 120 (Viber).

Balkan Wine Fest in Lazure Hotel on February 16 3

Lazure Hotel & Marina, where the Wine Fest will take place, is located on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro at the entrance to the picturesque Kotor Bay, next to the beautiful medieval city of Herceg Novi. The complex includes a luxury boutique hotel, which offers exceptional standards of service inspired by Montenegrin hospitality values.

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