Nautical Tourism Strategy to Analyse and Develop Capacities

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Nautical Tourism Strategy to Analyse and Develop Capacities photo by Antonela Stjepcevic

January 14, 2019 - Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism announced a tender for the selection of bidders for creating a Nautical Tourism Development Strategy. The aim is to analyse the potential of Montenegro and to assess whether the marine capacity of the state meets the standards expected by the target market.

The strategy should lead to guidance and activities for product and marketing development, which will position Montenegro as a destination for nautical tourism.
The deadline for drafting the strategy is seven months from the date of the conclusion of the contract, while the period for the review process and the adoption of the final text is three months from the time of submission of the draft strategy text.
The Ministry of Tourism says that the nautical tourism development strategy with the action plan will cover the period from 2020 to 2025.
The nautical tourism development strategy will include statistical development data from the late 1990s to date - the number of vessels that visited the CG, vessel acceptance capacities, microanalysis and microanalysis of nautical tourism ports.
It will be necessary to study in detail the requirements of a nautical clientele, which differs to other tourist clientele. Also, the strategy should take into account the surveys by municipalities on the voyage of yachtsmen, as well as the need for winter tires," explained the ministry.
The strategy will look at the existing locations and, after analysis, propose new solutions or confirm the existing ones if they meet the world standards in the field of nautical tourism.
"The strategy should also define the anchorage areas for cruise ships and mega yachts in the area of Boka bay. It is necessary to take into account the planned contents of the same or similar purpose in neighbouring municipalities and consider them as a unique tourist offer," the ministry said.
The developer of the strategy, based on data obtained from the ministry and other sources, needs to assess the total spatial and tourist capacity of Montenegro for nautical tourism.
Also, the strategy will define specific environmental protection standards in nautical tourism ports depending on the degree of protection of a particular aquarium, and problems that will arise in the development of marine tourism.
The Strategy is a crucial document that will provide a basis for the development of sustainable nautical tourism in Montenegro, taking into account the environment and alignment with the EU's Strategy for the Development of the Circular Economy.
Source: Vijesti

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