Montenegrin Tourism Slowly But Surely Overcoming Seasonality

By , 25 Oct 2019, 12:39 PM Travel
Montenegrin Tourism Slowly But Surely Overcoming Seasonality Significant Extension of the Nautical Tourism Season, Illustration, Copyright: UNA Montenegro
October 25, 2019 - Montenegro is becoming a more and more attractive tourism destination, not only during the hot summer months and the winter season. It is not the result of strategic action and cooperativeness of all segments of the tourism industry. Still, predominantly based on inertia and the fact that Montenegro is a relatively new and therefore desirable tourist destination, it seems that we are slowly but surely overcoming seasonality, especially in the area of nautical tourism.
Warm weather and interest in Montenegro in the growing international market results in the fact that we have a significant extension of the tourist season, especially in the segment of nautical tourism, said Nevena Bozovic from UNA Montenegro agency, noting the markets with the most significant number of guests during this period:
"The majority of our guests come from Western Europe, but we also have guests from the US. As Montenegro is an increasingly attractive elite destination, it is also noticeable that we are opening up to the Emirates and the Arab world more than in previous years. "
When it comes to UNA arrangements, during this period, there is a keen interest in quad safari tours of Vrmac and Lustica, as well as one-day charters for motorboats and sailboats.
"Daily charters are the most popular. Guests are keen to see Perast and its islands, to sail to Kotor. No less famous is the voyage to Mamula and the Blue Cave and the acre to Lustica Bay."
The most significant number of UNA clients interested in off-peak nautical offers is located in Regent and Chedi hotels, as well as in other smaller hotels throughout Boka. Bozovic points out that the concierge agents of our hotels are well organized and informed about the various activities they can offer their guests.
"I cannot help but feel that we are all happy together, because we are no longer in that July-August when we cannot reach the demand. This part of the job is enjoyment. As it is best to bathe in May and October, it is now best to work with clients because you have time to dedicate to them. And it's nice that it's still going on," Bozovic concludes.
Expert tourism experts point out that the satisfaction and enjoyment of a tourist service provider is a guarantee of the sustainability of tourism in a destination.

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