Competition Announced for Design of Luštica Tourist Resort

By , 05 Nov 2020, 13:58 PM Lifestyle
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November 5, 2020 - Bar-based company Alpha Company Ltd is planning a tourist resort on an area of ​​18,000 m2 in the village of Zabrdje on the Lustica Peninsula. The Secretariat for Spatial Planning and Construction of the Municipality of Herceg Novi has therefore announced a competition for an urban-architectural design for the development, which includes several cadastral parcels.

The anonymous single-stage procedure is open nationally, on a general project basis, until 30th December. The announcement was made at the request of the owner/investor, a Bar-based company, represented by Mikalai Biladzid from Belarus.

The territory is of an irregular shape, with a significant height difference between the initial and final sections, and contains two spatial zones, which, given that they are in close proximity and under the same ownership, will be planned as one functional unit - a tourist resort.

The tender solution should provide for the construction of a tourist resort with accompanying infrastructure. In the northern part, which is closer to the sea coast, the construction of a hotel as the central basic tourist facility is envisaged, while the construction of the remaining additional facilities and tourist villas is planned in the southern part. The resort category will be 4 stars, with the primary facilities being the hotel and villas. There will be a maximum of three above-ground storeys, the local administration announced.

The funds provided for the competition total 24,500 euros. The prize fund is 17,000 euros, distributed as follows: first prize - 8,000 euros, second prize - 5,000 and third prize - 3,000 euros. The total fund for jury expenses, reporting and organization is 7,500 euros. The amounts are stated in the net value in which they will be paid.

All competition fund expenses, including assessment fees and fees related to the organization of the competition, will be borne by the investor.



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