Coronavirus Risk: Measures For Foreigners Coming to Montenegro and European countries

By , 10 Jun 2020, 19:58 PM News
Coronavirus Risk: Measures For Foreigners Coming to Montenegro and European countries Illustration, Source: Government of Montenegro

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June 10, 2020 - Starting from 1 June, Citizens from over 130 countries will be allowed to enter Montenegro without negative coronavirus tests and mandatory quarantine. After Montenegro declared an end to the coronavirus epidemic on 2 June, the first tourists started to arrive. CDM asked the Institute for Public Health how high the risk of the virus importation was.
They were clear – the arrival of passengers on international traffic carried considerable risk, and insisting on a negative test is “not one of the factors that might reduce the risk.”
“The result of the test only reflects the current situation, at the moment the sample was taken, but it does not tell us anything about the time before the sample was taken or shortly after it was taken. The passenger could be exposed to the virus and develop symptoms later”, the Institute says.
What might reduce the risk of importation are measures and recommendations for passengers on international air traffic aimed at deterring people from travelling or prohibiting persons showing symptoms of respiratory infections travelling by plane.
“A significant risk mitigation factor is appropriate information for both guests and hosts – our hoteliers and hotel employees and all others: in shops, boutiques, tourist organizations…”, the Institute stated.
Montenegro has its own rules for tourists. And while entry is permtted without a test or mandatory quarantine, some countries have opted for more rigorous measures.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

​It opened its borders on 1 June.
Self-isolation measures were lifted, but foreign nationals are only allowed to enter the country if they have some business activities or must attend funerals as family members.
In both cases, persons are required to have a negative test for coronavirus and address the competent healthcare institution in the municipality they visit.


Since 22 May, Serbia’s borders have been open. Whoever wants to enter the country can do so and is no negative is required, neither is an exclusive license required for domestic and foreign citizens. Apart from this, passengers are not obliged to self-isolate when they enter Serbia, but they will be given health warnings and recommendations for the prevention of infection.


Three days ago, the new Government of Kosovo took the decision to open borders to Montenegro and lift measures for Montenegrin citizens. Citizens from Montenegro who enter Kosovo will not be required to self-isolate, only checked by medical staff. 


Borders to all citizens will open on 15 June. Greece will not require mandatory testing and 14-day quarantine.


Croatia has opened its borders to tourists from 10 European countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, and Germany.


Borders are likely to open to tourists on 25 June.
There are no data concerning Turkey’s requirements.


Bulgaria opened its borders on 1 June.
Bulgaria does not require quarantine or negative test.


Borders are expected to be open by 10 or 15 June.
Quarantine measure is still in force.
After 10 or 15 June, it has been announced that no negative test or quarantine will be required.


Austria will reopen its borders to Italy and list quarantine measures for passengers from 20 European countries next week.


Germany is expected to lift the travel ban for EU members, Great Britain, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland, provided that there are no significant blockages in these countries.


Citizens of Austria, Croatia, and Hungary have been allowed to cross the Slovenian border. Now a further 14 countries have been added to the list: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Norway, Slovakia, and Switzerland.
Citizens from the countries which are not on the list will be quarantined for 14 days.

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