A Wave of Tourism Projects in Kolasin to Fast-track its Development

By , 13 Nov 2019, 09:14 AM Travel

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November 13, 2019 - In the forthcoming period, Kolasin will be a town of broadband investment, as investors’ interest surges.


Apart from the announcements about the construction of a textile factory, a great number of hotels will be built in Kolasin. One of them will be located in the Bjelasica mountain, so that skiers can reach ski resorts right from their hotel rooms.

A great amount of investment in hydro potential has been planned and some important steps have already been taken.

“Our goal is to make life in Kolasin better by implementing different development projections we have planned. Implemented investments and creation of new jobs will confirm development”, said Mr Milosav Bato Bulatović, the mayor.

The first step was completing the equipment of the Business zone in Baković.

“This used to be an industrial zone in the last century. We’ve started preparations for opening the Business zone. Now, we need to establish transport communication within the zone and complete the infrastructure. We are ready to undertake all the incentive measures and to be real partners within our investment possibilities”, says Mr Bulatović.

A textile company from Turkey is interested in the construction of textile factory in Kolasin.


Negotiations on the project included the provision of the workforce, between 250 and 300 female candidates from Kolasin and neighboring municipalities.

“Candidates would go through a two-month training and then they would establish an employment relationship. I’m talking about textile production for famous world brands. Employees will have very convenient working conditions and good salaries. We are about to begin preparations for this project”, said Mr Bulatović.

As he pointed out, investment in tourism is of utmost importance for the local administration.

“West Point Sheraton company, owner of Sheraton hotel, has already started construction of a hotel in Jezerine. It will be a prestigious hotel, offering amenities for both winter and summer season. This is a very important investment as it starts construction of hotel capacities in Bjelasica”, points out Mr Bulatović.

Breza will also see important investment – construction of tourism complex linking the offer of the south and the north of Montenegro.

Chief architect approved of the project in Rijeka Mušovića where a hotel and 10 tourist villas will be constructed.

Construction of a hotel in Milutina Lakićevića street has also been approved. This hotel will have over 20 rooms.

“Investors from Russia, Turkey, Albania and Western Europe expressed interest in investing in Kolašin. Investors from Montenegro are also very interested. Haus majstor company, owned by Mr Zoran Popović, opened a four-star hotel in  Gornji Pažanj. Mr Vlado Bojić, an investor from Kolašin living and working in Belgrade, bought from Russian investors three half-finished facilities in Breza and has already started finishing works”, reminded Mr Bulatović.

Since Kolašin is rich in hydro potential, investment schemes in hydro energy are very important. BB solar company from Podgorica is building a mini-hydro power plant, “Bistrica”. A mini hydropower plant will be built in Paljevinska Rijeka, as well as a small hydropower plant in Trebaljevo.

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