Over 150 Passengers From Ukraine Arrive on First Charter Flight

By , 04 Jul 2020, 20:52 PM Travel
Tivat Airport Tivat Airport Siniša Luković

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Charters to run almost every day from Ukraine to Montenegro

 During the forthcoming season, Ukrainian tourists are to be arriving in Montenegro almost every day, it was announced after the first charter flight from Kiev landed at Tivat Airport with 153 passengers on board.

The Honorary Consul of Montenegro in Ukraine, owner of tour operator ALF and leader of around 40 travel agents who today came to visit Montenegro, Olga Oleksienko, said that she hoped that there would indeed be a summer season this year, at least when it comes to Ukrainian tourists.

"‘Welcome’... we have been waiting for those words for a very long time ...I myself have fallen in love with Montenegro, and I hope that there will be flights from various Ukrainian cities at least four times a week. "Agents also love your country, and after visiting it they will offer some really great deals for tourists," Oleksienko said.

She thanked the embassies of Montenegro and Ukraine, the Airports of Montenegro and the National Tourist Organization for the positive cooperation that resulted in today's flight and the impressive welcome given to passengers and tourist representatives.

NTO Director Željka Radak Kukavičić highlighted that the organization of the first charter flight and the agreement for those to follow is an expression of trust by the people of Ukraine towards institutions in Montenegro.

"We have proven to be responsible partners and their arrival in such large numbers leads us to expect that we will have a flight almost every day," said Radak Kukavićić.

Assistant Director of Commercial Policy at Airports of Montenegro, Aleksandar Mitrović, pointed out that during the entry checks of Ukrainian passengers, all the recommendations of the National Coordination Body, ie the Institute of Public Health, were followed.

"I must stress that all passengers arrived with a negative PCR test, in line with the required health procedures. The airports in Tivat and Podgorica have all the necessary equipment, from masks to disinfectant. In this way, we are showing that we are protecting the health of employees and citizens and instilling confidence in passengers who come to Montenegro," said Mitrović.

Ukrainian dispatcher Natalija Fijalka once again thanked the Montenegrin side for organizing the flight and welcoming the passengers, emphasizing that the Ukrainian people are increasingly interested in coming to Montenegro.

Last year, over 60,000 tourists from Ukraine stayed in Montenegro, spending a total of over 460,000 nights. Almost 89 thousand passengers from a total of 543 aircraft landed at Tivat Airport from Ukraine.

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