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1 July, 2020 - The Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Tivat, in cooperation with "Morsko Dobro" has, as part of the project Green Destinations, nominated Tivat for the 2020 Top 100 Sustainable Destinations. The application process comprised several key steps. Namely, through the use of the Green Destinations platform, information had to be entered and reports made on the 15 criteria required, and a good practice example had to be given. Tivat Nature Reserve “Solila” was chosen as this example from Tivat Municipality, focussing on sustainable principles, problem solving, and creating a good environment for nature, tourists and the local community.

Some of the 15 criteria are: tourism policy - the destination must have a publicly available, long-term tourism policy or strategy related to environmental, aesthetic, social, cultural and economic issues, as well as issues of quality, health and safety. Air pollution - air pollution is adequately treated,  and the effects of air pollution related to tourism are effectively controlled. Promotion of local products and services - the inclusion of local craftsmen, producers and service providers in the tourism chain in accordance with the principles of fair trade is supported; local and sustainable products that support nature, culture, local identity and the local economy are promoted. Sustainability Standards - Internationally recognized sustainability standards that comply with the GSTC criteria for tourism-related businesses are promoted by the destination or business sector.

Issues related to tangible and intangible cultural heritage, nature and landscape, waste treatment, etc are also included. The application for the 2020 Top 100 Sustainable Destinations was to be completed by 1st July, while feedback is expected on 1st September, and the official announcement of destinations on the final list will be made in October. Destinations selected for the Top 100 will also qualify for the Sustainable Destination Awards 2020, which will be presented at Global Green Days Destinations in the spring of 2021 in Bodrum, Turkey.

The Tourist Organization of Tivat would like to thank all the associates and colleagues from the following organisations and businesses who helped with the application and whose cooperation made it possible for Tivat to enter the  TOP 100 sustainable destinations for 2020: The Secretariat for Investments, Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, the Secretariat for Communal Affairs and Transport, the Secretariat for Tourism and Entrepreneurship, the Secretariat for Culture and Social Affairs, and the companies DOO "Komunalno" Tivat, Brand New Tivat, as well as the Protection and Rescue Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, strategic partners Porto Montenegro and Luštica Bay and NGO Expeditio. 

The Top 100 Sustainable Destinations competition is being held for the sixth time in a row and aims to present tourism stories and examples of good sustainable development practice from local and regional destinations as inspiring examples to others, both travel organizers and tourists.

Through reporting on a variety of Green Destinations criteria and also using their internet platform, destinations can work on strengthening tourism sustainability, avoiding mass tourism, and also help promote tourism, warning destinations of hidden dangers associated with tourism development.

By publishing an annual list and sharing good practices and success stories of destinations, Green Destinations aims to identify initiatives that make tourist destinations more sustainable, responsible and attractive from the point of view of the tourist experience.

Source: Radio Tivat, Zora Krstovic

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