Porto Montenegro Already Operational, Expects More Yachts to Come Soon

By , 17 May 2020, 14:09 PM Travel
Porto Montenegro Already Operational, Expects More Yachts to Come Soon Porto Montenegro Marina, Source: www.portomontenegro.com
May 17, 2020 - Since the beginning of the global pandemic COVID - 19, Porto Montenegro has respected and implemented all decisions of the Government of Montenegro and the World Health Organization when it comes to protection measures for employees, citizens and clients.
“Since the beginning of this global situation, we have created the concept of working from a virtual office, where we serve all our clients online. We inform them about all the new situations in the nautical resort and marina Porto Montenegro, and on the other hand, we organize various online events. From sessions, virtual conferences for ship captains, fitness sessions and other segments "- said Kristina Škanata PR Porto Montenegro.
- Marina Porto Montenegro has received all institutional approvals from the Government of Montenegro and nautical institutions for receiving boats and mooring in our marina for yachts up to 450 m.
Of course, crews have to go through all quarantine procedures, from 14-day quarantine to self-isolation, but the Porto Montenegro marina team is ready, and taking all protection measures to serve the crew on that ship. Of course, with social distance and all medical requirements.
Such is the situation with our tenants, over 60 boutiques, and as of today, catering facilities that can operate, all follow all the instructions of the competent authorities, says Škanata.
"We follow all the measures and instructions of the Government of Montenegro and analyze the global situation, given that we have a lot of clients who come from different meridians. We are in daily contact with them, they can't wait to come to Montenegro.
We think that Montenegro is just a delayed destination this summer, not for a month or two, we hope it will be, and on the other hand it depends on many other factors, borders and air traffic, but we hope, here is the first water transport we have all established, we have several yachts that have sailed into Porto Montenegro, and we hope for a good charter season ”- said Škanata.

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