01 Sep 2020, 17:01 PM

September 1, 2020 - International railway traffic on the route Bar - Topčider (Belgrade) - Bar, which was suspended due to the closure of the border with Serbia due to coronavirus, will re-start on Thursday, 3rd September, 2020, Railway Transport of Montenegro announced.

"Initially, only the night train will run, departing from Bar at 19:00, from Podgorica at 20:05 and from Bijelo Polje at 22:43, arriving in Topčider at 06:12. Departure from Topčider is at 21:10. Depending on the interest and demand, a daily train will be launched soon," the announcement by the Railway Transport of Montenegro states.

They add that in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro and international railway institutions, international railway passengers should adhere to the following measures:

"The wearing of protective masks is compulsory when buying a train ticket, entering the train and during the trip, except when passengers are alone in the cabin, and for children under the age of five.

Thermal screening is mandatory upon entering the train. In case of symptoms and signs of infection, boarding the train is forbidden, and self-isolation and testing is mandatory, along with compulsory following of guidelines in line with test results.

Health problems or any symptoms of illness occurring during the trip must be reported to the conductor or driver.

Physical distance must be maintained when buying tickets, when on platforms and on the train.

Passengers coming from abroad are required to have a valid negative PCR test for coronavirus or a positive ELISA test not older than 72 hours, in line with NKT procedures," Railway Transport of Montenegro states.

They ask passengers to buy tickets in advance, whenever possible.

"We recommend passengers arrive at the station half an hour before departure in order to reduce crowds when buying a ticket. Tickets will be on sale from Tuesday, 1st September. We ask passengers to adhere to all recommended measures," Railway Transport of Montenegro reports.



29 Aug 2020, 16:50 PM
August 29, 2020 - The final guest list of this year's, 14th edition of the Herceg Novi Comic Festival (HSF), which takes place from September 4 to 9th, although reduced due to the strict pandemic policy of EU countries towards Montenegro, includes some of the world's most significant names in the ninth art! The first among equals is undoubtedly the spectacular Glen Fabry, winner of the Eisner Award. Glenn arrives accompanied by Karen Holloway, a comic book artist who works for the most famous British publishing house, 2000AD.
"Glenn accepted to come to the Festival although he will have a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon his return to Great Britain. He did us a great honor with that. He is one of the most talented and most famous cartoonists of all time and, at the same time, a kind of rock star of the ninth art, a man who lives by his rules, and who recognized the HSF as a festival worth visiting," said the organizers.
The Festival will also feature Esad Ribić, a global superstar, one of the greatest cartoonists of the American giant MARVEL, and Russian master Artiom Trahanov hired by the American publisher IMAGE, alongside the inevitable Ambassador of the Herceg Novi Comics Festival, the legendary William Simpson. After the cancellation of a large number of comic book festivals in the region this year, and the postponement or online presence of others, HSF remained the only destination for stars and comic book fans this summer. The drawing team will be filled by some of the greatest European artists, special HSF guests from the previous editions. HSF is expecting Mirko Čolak, who recently worked on a fantastic comic with Todd McFarlane, a mighty name in the world of comics today, and also Milorad Vicanović Maza, Štef Bartolić, Krešimir Biuk, Tihomir Tikulin, Iztok Sitar, Filip Andronik, Milan Mišić, and Ana Omi.
In addition to the definitive list of guests,  during the last preparatory weekend before the 14th Herceg Novi Comics Festival, the program scheme also got its final look. Faced with the most complicated organizational challenge so far- the year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the HSF Comics Lovers Association performed a kind of feat by holding the Festival on time and with a regular program construction.
"We will do our best so that the audience in Herceg Novi does not feel for a moment that this year is different from any other, that the budget is only one-tenth of the previous editions and that the number of special guests is smaller. Drawing, exhibitions, presentations, comic book exchange, music programs, and everything that accompanies the Festival will take place on September 6 this year in our city, in the most beautiful locations, and everyone will enjoy the cheerful characters of the ninth art. Circumstances have contributed to the fact that the Montenegrin scene will have special attention at HSF. We will present the first review of the most famous comic's author in the country, editor Simon Vuckovic, who also marks 25 years of work on comics. Authors Andrija Vujosevic and Miodrag Spasojevic will have exhibitions and presentations, and we will have a lecture by Luka Rakojevic. Special attention will be paid to the fantastic exhibition of Luka Cakic and the new project by Nikola Curcin, which is simply breathtaking," the organizers state.
The musical programs are prominent this year, as are the festival T-shirts and posters that many special guests made, regardless of them not being able to attend. The comic book market will also be stronger than in previous years. In addition to the regular offers of the comic book store Mr.No from Podgorica, comic book fans will be able to buy editions of Komiko, Besna Kobila, and Makondo and Phoenix Press. 
When we draw the line- HSF calls its modest release in the most challenging year, the story that for many comic book festivals in the region remains an unfulfilled dream. The guest list is phenomenal, and with some possible surprises, always expected from the HSF, this will be another great event dedicated for the ninth art. The bar has been raised high. 
"We owe the most generous gratitude to HSF's friends and sponsors who provided enormous support this year when the Festival was not able to count on sponsorship from public funds," states the organization team running one of the most exciting art festivals in this part of Europe.
28 Aug 2020, 11:07 AM
August 28, 2020 - As part of the OPEN KOTOR SQUARES program organized by the Secretariat for Culture, Sports and Social Activities of the Municipality of Kotor, a photo exhibition entitles "Boka between blinking" by Ranko Maraš will be opened tonight at 7.30 pm on the Cinema Square in the Old Town.
Ranko Maraš has been involved in photography for the last six years, during which time he has attracted the public's attention primarily with the fantastic landscapes of the Bay of Kotor. "Boka between blinking" is Ranko's second solo exhibition, and judging by the artistic poetics and enviable technical knowledge it shows, it seems that Ranko's time is yet to come.
ranko maras cruiser
"I entered photography spontaneously, thanks to my mobile phone. When people started to react to my photos, confirming what I felt myself - that I have the right eye for photography - I began to study its possibilities more seriously. And procure professional photographic equipment," says Ranko modestly, whose photos speak best for themselves.
Although he is self-taught in photography, Ranko has invested a lot of effort to inform himself using the educational dimension of the Internet, where a lot of useful information is available regarding art, which is the essential tool of new media.
ranko maras serpentine
"Although I primarily try to make my photography commercial, of course, I also do something for myself, to experiment and enter the domain of art. In that context, I am preparing a series dedicated to Kotor cats," explains Ranko, whose photo of a cat preparing to attack an anti-COVID mask is a report in one picture that speaks a thousand words.
According to his primary vocation, Ranko is a maritime manager, which, as he says, also influenced his photographic work. His favorite motives are the sea and ships, especially in Boka's ambiance, which, thanks to the possibilities offered by drone shooting, he approached from quite unusual angles. With a sense of light unique to the Mediterranean, in a relatively short time, he has established himself as one of the most famous photographers of the younger generation dealing with the landscape of the Boka.
ranko maras fisher
"Boka between blinking" includes 30 photographs selected by the author himself, and tonight's gathering with the audience will be musically followed by the klapa Incanto.
"I'm pretty self-critical, but I have to admit that the photos look great on canvas," said Ranko Maras modestly, although his photos speak for themselves.
ranko maras risan
After tonight's presentation on Cinema Square, the exhibition moves to the Solidarity Gallery, where interested audiences can visit it until September 4.
28 Aug 2020, 00:02 AM
August 27, 2020 - Herceg Novi has officially become a member of the European Federation of Fortified Cities - EFFORTS. With this, Herceg Novi has become part of the community of cities whose mission it is to preserve and use the fortification heritage as a permanent link with the common European history and prerequisites for social, economic, and spatial development.
The European Federation of Fortified Cities has welcomed Herceg Novi in ​​the latest August issue of the newsletter. In the publication, it presents our fortresses of Forte Mare, Kanli Kula, and Španjola. Also, the bulletin presents the project "Fortitude." The City of Šibenik, also a member of this Federation, is leading the project, and the Municipality of Herceg Novi is a partner.
By joining EFFORTS, Herceg Novi once again confirms that the priorities of local government are the preservation of fortifications that are an invaluable part of cultural heritage, networking with other European cities, and organized access to funding opportunities and joint action to protect and preserve historical heritage, states "Herceg Fest," which manages the fortresses of Kanli Kula and Forte Mare.
EFFORTS has about 90 members whose mission it is to exchange expertise and skills, promote cooperation, and emphasize the importance of fortification heritage.
Until establishing this organization, there was no active European network of fortified cities, fortifications, and defense lines, so this specific part of the heritage was insufficiently represented in the European context. Based on that, EFFORTS brings together cities that recognize the importance of preserving and reusing fortification heritage, both in terms of its significance in shaping European history, architecture, and engineering with their possibility of strengthening intercultural and international dialogue.
EFFORTS works with representatives of all European countries to defend local and regional authorities' interests and represent this significant part of the cultural heritage before the institutions of the European Union and beyond.
27 Aug 2020, 23:28 PM
August 27, 2020 - A series of jazz concerts in the arena of the Marina resort in Luštica Bay will be held over the next four weeks in cooperation with the renowned International Art Festival KotorArt and its Wild Beauty Art project.
As part of the "Jazz Square" program, four trios will perform for audiences on the summer amphitheater stage of the new city on the Adriatic, starting on Saturday, August 29, when the Shule Jovović trio will perform. Milorad Šule Jovović is known to the general public as the leader of the first Montenegrin jazz band "Piva Jazz Band," of which almost all Montenegrin jazz musicians have been members at some point. The Podgorica jazz guitarist works as a professor at the Art School for Music and Ballet "Vasa Pavić" in Podgorica. Martin Djordjevic (drums) graduated from Siena Jazz University in Italy and has collaborated with various musical ensembles. The youngest member of the trio, Sara Jovović, is studying jazz piano at the famous Berkeley College in Boston (USA).
The MP trio will be presented to jazz fans on the stage in Luštica Bay on Friday, September 4. The Baltazar trio will play on Saturday, September 19, while the Enes Tahirović trio will perform a week later, on September 26.
This year, Luštica Bay is one of the most important sponsors of the renowned art festival, which has adapted this festival edition as a whole, performances, programs, and concerts, to the epidemiological situation and the prescribed measures of the National Coordination Body.
Thanks to the partnership and synergy with Luštica Bay, KotorArt has started to produce programs outside the walls of Kotor and has featured some of the world's most influential artists of today, report the organizers.
Photo by Veri Veroza
27 Aug 2020, 14:12 PM

August 27, 2020 - NGO Naša Akcija from Kotor and the Marine Mammals Research Association (DMAD) from Turkey, also with a branch in Radovići, signed a cooperation agreement on Wednesday in Kotor. The contract was signed on behalf of the NGO by its Executive Director Patricia Pobrić, and on behalf of DMAD by Dr. Aylin Akkaya.

The main aim of the cooperation is to connect young people with the association and its long-term research work in Montenegro through education and field work with scientists. This will be offered at various levels; firstly to students of biology and ecology, and then to high school and elementary school pupils. During the activities, young people will also have the opportunity to meet students in the same professions from other countries who both live and carry out research work in our country.

The cooperation also aims to support the implementation of the project "Youth for a Clean Adriatic", which Naša Akcija has been working on since May 2019, and which is supported by Beyond Plastic Med and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. By joining forces, the project aims to ensure a comprehensive approach to education on the problem of plastic and other marine waste pollution, as well as the impact of the pollution on wildlife.



26 Aug 2020, 18:54 PM
August 26, 2020 - To improve new ways of promoting the wealth of cultural and tourist attractions in one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic, and also the most important tourist center in Montenegro, the Tourist Organization of Budva has set up an interactive outdoor info point outside the Old Town, opposite the Hotel Mogren.
"Visitors to Budva, but also locals, will be able to quickly and easily receive information about all types of accommodation on the Budva Riviera, as well as gastronomic offerings, attractions, beaches, and activities, thanks to the most innovative interactive point in the tourism sector. They can also find out about the most important service information, including current information related to coronavirus and measures taken to improve safety and health," the Tourist Organization of Budva reports.
An interactive map with marked locations helps visitors find their way around, and users can interact with the system via their mobile devices with QR codes.
Budva's "info totem" is one of the best interactive solutions in the world. Top-of-the-range components, a professional Samsung high-definition display, a high-performance computer with UPS, an air conditioning system, and anti-vandal housing all ensure it will operate reliably.
The long-term plan is to install new interactive info points in several locations and create a digital network with centralized control, so that synchronized promotion of tourist and cultural attractions can be assured throughout the municipality, and digital communication can be provided at a higher level.
25 Aug 2020, 18:59 PM
August 25, 2020 - The monograph Lectionarium et Pontificale Catharense - Lectionary and Pontifical of the Diocese of Kotor in 1166 by Dr Lenka Blehova Čelebić, was presented last night in the summer garden of the Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel, organized by the Public Institution Cultural Center Tivat.
Lectionarium et Pontificale Catharense - Lectionary and Pontifical of the Diocese of Kotor in 1166 is the oldest manuscript in Montenegro. It is a temporal, cultural, and historical capsule that preserves Kotor alongside the oldest European cultures, said Zvonimir Deković on behalf of the monograph's publisher, The Croatian National Council of Montenegro.
"They didn't believe that I would be able to convince Dr Blehova Čelebić to embark on this venture. I guess the stars were kind to us. She was the only one who could rise to such a task, and for that I thank her sincerely. It makes us especially proud that after so many years since its discovery in St. Petersburg, we have had the honor of returning the Pontifical in a phototype edition, supplemented with a scientific apparatus, to the place in which it belongs. The Croatian National Council is preparing two more books of a liturgical character - the Bar Missal from 1324 and the last Roman Missal from 1906. We want to encourage other authors in this endeavor," said Zvonimir Deković.
kotor Publika
Monoghaph presentation, Regent Porto Montenegro, Photo by Dragan Redžo
The Pontifical of the Diocese of Kotor belongs to the Western cultural tradition and it was created when the West was still half a desert: the middle of the 12th century. When Europe was "a minefield, full of heresies and heretics," the teachings of the highest religious and cultural authorities were being interpreted in diminutive Kotor.
The monumental illustrated monograph (29 x 25 cm) consists of 404 pages of phototype edition of the original manuscript, and 100 pages of the author's text, with interpretations and critical apparatus on each page, with bibliography and scientific equipment in twelve languages. 
It is not known for sure where the manuscript was made, whether in one of the Beneventan monasteries in Southern Italy, or possibly in a scriptorium in the Bay of Kotor, but it is certain that the indications in the scientific study provided with this edition shed light on the problem and potential answers. No manuscript in this part of the world predates Gutenberg's press by as much as this one - a full 300 years. 
The book consists of 404 pages, 100 pages of authored text, a bibliography, and a scientific apparatus in 12 languages. The author found over a thousand Bible quotations in the original text and published them on the margin next to the handwritten original.
"Lenka received a recommendation for research twenty years ago in Argentina from today's Pope Francis. Life and science work in strange ways to provide access to such things. It is wonderful that the book is back. We don't know how the books got separated. Others did not fare any better. This book is one of the few and largest in the Russian Academy - a small contribution from the Bay of Kotor. We may not even be aware of the significance of this book. It is significant European heritage. That is why we have such great respect for what Lenka Blehova Čelebić did with her authority and knowledge, as well as for the Croatian National Council's initiative," said literature professor Neven Staničić.
"I will not talk about the spiritual value of this publication, but the material value is also high. Back then, it was like having a villa with a pool. Not everyone could have this book. In the 12th century, the thoughts of St. Augustine, Gregory the Great, Thomas Aquinas, and others were heard in Kotor. They were discussed daily in our small Kotor, in the Bay of Kotor itself. That is why this is a world heritage treasure. We have returned part of that wealth home, which makes us proud," said Neven Staničić.
Lenka Blehova Čelebić thanked the Croatian National Council and Zvonimir Deković for their understanding and support. She also thanked Neven Staničić for his unfailing assistance, emphasizing that it is not only essential to have a writer for the book, but also to have a team to work with, which contributes to the success of the work, particularly the excellent graphic artists and printers from Novi Sad.
kotor Lenka
Lenka Blehova Čelebić, Photo by Dragan Redžo
"Last year we promoted the Missal. The Missal is a book that contains the texts and procedures of the Mass. It contains various readings that are mostly passages from the Bible. But it also contains the decisions of the Council of the Catholic Church. This liturgical book is composed of two parts, the Lectionary, and the Pontifical. The Pontifical is a book that contains all the procedures that the bishop must perform. These include the abbots' appointments, the reception of priests, the consecration of cemeteries and churches, etc. All these activities were significant for a bishop who had great authority and important duties. These two books were sewn into one. We don't know why, but we can only guess. We see that this book was made by many hands, several generations of scribes. The third unit in this valuable manuscript is a transcript of the sermons of the great church fathers. The fourth unit is the Kotor Charter and the provisions of the Statute. They were also written on the margins, in empty spaces, of which there were not many.  It was important for someone not to forget. There are a lot of interesting things. For the people from Boka Kotorska, this book is not only beautiful but also useful. There is a lot of historical information, musical information, and information from the sphere of diplomacy," the author emphasized.
 In the 18th century, the book was still in Kotor. But then it somehow reached St. Petersburg, as the property of a local Catholic seminary.
"We do not know who brought the book from Kotor to St. Petersburg. It was probably in the midst of the Turkish wars. Maybe the person in question wanted to save it from being destroyed by fire," explained the monograph's author, Lenka Blehova Čelebić, at last night's presentation of the publication.
"I did my best to make the book interesting for the layman as well. I tried to make the text readable because it is part of Montenegrin heritage. The monograph is dedicated to Don Anton Belan, who was my very dear collaborator. I have had the honor of working with him ever since I came to Montenegro in 1993, " said Lenka Blehova Čelebić.
25 Aug 2020, 16:51 PM
August 25, 2020 - Giant replicas were placed today on the city waterfront and the Pine promenade in Tivat to promote the new Viber package of Tivat stickers.
The first official package of Viber stickers from Tivat, entitled " Your Holiday is in Tivat," will be available for free download by all Viber users in Montenegro in the next two months. After downloading the sticker package, users will be directed to the official Viber Community of the Municipality of Tivat.
Tivat's municipality is the first local government in Montenegro, and among the first in the region to launch its Viber community to facilitate communication with the local public and visitors, announced the local government. The President of the Municipality, Siniša Kusovac, pointed out that the Municipality "recognized the importance of active use of modern, direct forms of communication." He reminded that the Viber Community of the Municipality of Tivat was launched in mid-March, at the time of the coronavirus epidemic's appearance. In that moment of crisis, it proved to be a significant type of information exchange.
"We had an extraordinary reaction from the public to this method of communication. We have so far succeeded in making the Viber Community of the Municipality of Tivat a relevant source of information, followed by people from all over Montenegro, the region, and even from many countries around the world. The package of Viber stickers of Tivat was published to strengthen this channel of communication, as well as to support the Tourist Organization's campaign, "Your Holiday is in Tivat." We hope that this move will contribute to the popularity of the Viber Community and that we will put Tivat and everything that our city has to offer at the centre of people's attention, "Kusovac pointed out.
stickers vacation
Holiday is in Tivat. Photo: Boka News
"Through stickers, which represent the sights of our city, both residents and all visitors have the opportunity to exchange their experiences, feelings, and moods. The name of the sticker package relies on our current campaign, which aims to support private accommodation publishers and promote what Tivat has to offer tourists. As part of this campaign, guests can stay in Tivat at extremely affordable prices," said the Director of the Tourist Organization of Tivat, Danica Banjevic.
The Director of the Public Company Morsko Dobro, Predrag Jelušić, also supports the efforts of the Municipality and Tourist Organization of Tivat.
"This is an excellent example of how other municipalities could also innovate this year, in a very tourism-specific way. Morsko Dobro provides similar locations for exciting promotional activities like this one, which is, at the same time, a lovely message to guests who will come to Tivat and the Montenegrin coast. In response to this, Morsko dobro, with the discounts it has provided, has taken all measures to enable a successful season so that tourism, predominantly beach-related tourism, can continue," said Jelušić.
The sticker package was downloaded 6,688 times in the first five days, and more than 3,000 downloads were recorded on the first day. Stickers were exchanged in messages 22,645 times. The graphic solutions of the first package of Viber stickers in Tivat are the result of a public competition, won by the graduate graphic designer Marija Popović from Tivat.
24 Aug 2020, 22:06 PM

 August 24, 2020 - In Berane, so-called "green islands" have been set up in eight different locations; these are the first eco-points for selective waste collection of this type in Montenegro, stated project manager Maja Pešić, who announced that soon, as part of the project, the city will boast 42 new containers.

The "Green Islands" project is a cross-border cooperation project funded by the European Union, and implemented by the Municipality of Berane as leading applicant, working in cooperation with partners Caritas, VIS and the municipality of Malësi e Madhe, the local government reports.

"The goal of the project is to improve the state of the environment, by promoting better waste management in Berane. Waste management problems are highly visible in less developed countries such as Montenegro. While on the path towards the EU, we are achieving our goal of improving the environment through projects, media campaigns, and learning from best practices," said Maja Pešić, project manager and assistant within the Secretariat for Projects and Investments of the Municipality of Berane. She explained that municipal waste collection and management is a very specialized activity that depends on many factors, a variety of different actors (competent institutions, the public) and the adoption and implementation of strategies and laws.

“The "Green Islands" project envisages the setting up of eco-points at eight locations in Berane as one of its activities. In a way, green islands are a novelty not only for our city, but also for the whole of Montenegro. The design and conceptual plan of the green islands was prepared by a company that deals with architecture and construction. After that, the locations were determined in line with the detailed urban plan of the municipality and then a solution for the creation of the island itself was provided. The green islands consist of a closed frame that contains four types of containers and a hot waste bin. In addition, their locations have been chosen and the landscaping carried out by a professional company, working with a horticultural engineer and his team to deliver and implement the project on the ground," said Pešić, adding:

"I would like to mention that separate to this project, work is being carried out on a recycling yard and sorting plant project in Rudeš, and this will be used by our municipality (the contract has already been signed with the contractor and supervisory team). With this system of green islands as well as the two-bin system (dry and wet waste) which again through this project was implemented in 1000 households, to which we distributed two thousand bins, we will "close the circle" of waste management in our city. In addition to green islands and the two-bin household waste system, the project envisages the installation of 42 two-colour containers in Berane during the month of September, for the public to dispose of two types of waste separately (wet and dry)," said the head of the project implementation team.

“The project began in April 2018, and the project is planned and contracted for completion at the end of October this year. Before then we still have to complete several activities, but also to present a lot of what has already been implemented,” concluded Marija Pešić.



22 Aug 2020, 22:01 PM
August 22, 2020 - Some of the most famous Montenegrin art festivals - KotorArt, Bar Chronicle, Budva City Theater, Fiat, Nikšić Street Music Festival, and Korifej, after ten days without a response from the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases (NKT), are again sending an appeal to increase the number of people gathered for cultural events, a joint address has announced.
"We demand that the measures approved for political entities also apply to cultural entities, in terms of the delivery of the cultural content, preserving the health of the audience, artists and organizers, and above all confirming that culture is important at least as much as politics," said festival representatives.
KotorArt Don Branko's Music Days is one of the few summer festivals that has been held successfully since July, despite restrictive measures.  "That is a clear indication that culture is significant in this extraordinary time, that people want it, but also that people can gather and enjoy quality art content, respecting all measures, such as distance, disinfection, and protective masks."
"We believe that up to 100 people can gather in the open space of a large area to listen to the concert and that no one is endangered," said the festival's PR service.
They explain that the NKT decided on August 10 that up to 100 people would be allowed to convene for political gatherings in the open air and 50 indoors, on the day of the conference "Festivals in times of crisis" within the KotorArt Don Branko Music Days program. The directors of several festivals from different cities of Montenegro and the region - Ratimir Martinović (KotorArt), Ksenija Popović (Bar Chronicle, Bar), Ana Vukotić (Fiat, Podgorica), and Ivan Radojičić (Festival of Street Musicians, Nikšić) - spoke, alongside Zoran Rakočević (Korifej, Kolašin), as well as Dora Ruždjak Podolski (Dubrovnik Summer Festival).
"The conference ended with a common position expressed by participants. An official, a public appeal was sent through all media, that the number of people permitted to gather at cultural events (40 people outdoors, 20 indoors) should be equal to the number allowed for political gatherings. "Ten days later, without a response from the NKT, these festivals were joined by colleagues from the Budva City Theater in a renewed appeal for this measure to be considered and adjusted," the statement concluded.
"The KotorArt International Festival, declared an event of special importance for the culture of Montenegro, has been significantly enriching what we offer in terms of culture and tourism for almost two decades. It is organized together with a large network of local, national and international partners in the field of culture and tourism. UNESCO's sponsorship confirms the quality and importance of the festival, as do the Wild Beauty Award for best event, the EFFE title awarded by the European Festival Association, European Union support for the project and the #synergy project with KotorArt Don Branko's Music Days. We also have long-term cooperation with prestigious companies and organizations. The XIX KotorArt Don Branko's Music Days are held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Kotor, with the support of Luštica Bay, Tonino Lamborgini, the embassies of Germany and Croatia, and many others."
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