20 Nov 2018, 00:13 AM

19 November 2018 - Famous Italian pianist and composer Maurizio Mastrini will perform on the Great Scene of the Cultural and Information Centre "Budo Tomović" on Tuesday, November 20th at 8 PM.

The program will feature Mastrini's compositions: “Essential”, “La stagione dell'amore carezze”, “Children's Love”, “Primavera... La rinascita”, “Malinconia”, “Fly”, “W la vita”, “Tango Clandestino” and “La rossiniana”. The entrance to the performance is free.

Maestro Mastrini is distinguished for its strong emotions, original performance technique, but also because he always performs barefoot. His indisputable technique, which allows him to impress the audience during each performance, confirms his quality as an artist on the Italian and international music scene. It's no coincidence that the "Mastrini Phenomenon" has won and continues to conquer critics and the audience. Mastrini had great success on four different continents and the awards he received for the performance of Schuman's "Fantasy op.17", which eminent musicologist Richard Allorto included in the "The Masterpieces" collection, which was otherwise published by Ricordi (CD also includes the recording of Artur Rubinstein) confirms his essential role in the evolution of modern pianism.

MaurizioMastrini1910 1

So far Maurizio Mastrini has held numerous concerts in a very specific environment, such as "The First Snow Concert" held at Folgaria Trento at 2,600 meters above sea level, or "Concert for Water" in the thermal water in Montepulciano, or "Fire Concert" at the volcano Etna, 2,000 meters at the time of the eruption, or even "Concert on the Moon" held under the walls of the Temple of Juno, in the Valley of Temples in the Agrigento. No less impressive was the "Concert in the desert", performed in the Arabian Desert in Dubai.

Maurizio Mastrini is one of the most important pianists and most original composers in the international music and instrumental scene. Called "Wild Heart" because of his solitary nature, he is a true musical genius on the international scene, not only thanks to the strong emotional involvement during each performance but also thanks to the original piano technique that has captivated audiences around the world.

Mastrini's first musical movements took place in his father's forge, making primitive drums from empty paint bands and playing on them. Considered the "wonder child" by numerous experts, Mastrini became a student of Maestro Vincenzo Vitale; the pianist's journey quickly began, which soon led him to important Italian concert stages. His brilliant career was interrupted in 2000, due to a personal crisis, and continued in 2009 thanks to his dream and the desire to embroider in a new type of artistic expression, "Music backward", which implies playing backward, from the last to the first.

Since returning to the scene to this date, Mastrini has held over 480 concerts around the world. The most important and well-known world newspapers follow his work, his extremely successful tour and 7 published sound carriers (CD's) of compositions, distributed worldwide: "Il mio mondo al contrario", "Il profumo della musica ", "Contrario", "Terra", "Fly", "ESSENTIAL-piano and strings" in cooperation with the International Merenptah Orchestra, led by conductor Maestro Flavio Emilio Scogna.

In May 2015, his seventh album, "PIANIST", was released, based on outstanding technical virtuosity, and in 2016, he published his new work "HEART", where he used his heartbeats as the rhythmic basis of the title track.

19 Nov 2018, 11:03 AM

November 19, 2018 - Organized by the Secretariat for Culture and Social Activities, the Secretariat for Youth, Sports and Social Affairs and other institutions and organizations of the Municipality of Tivat, within the event "November Days", from Monday to Saturday, 24 November, will see 20 events including exhibitions, concerts , sports and tourist manifestations.

The program entitled "Radovići to Their City" starts on Monday at 11 am in the Cultural Center "Uroš Rautović" in Radovići.

The annual award ceremony for the most successful athletes is planned on Tuesday at 11 am in the Multimedia hall of Tivat Municipality. The exhibition "Tivat in the Great War" is scheduled for 19 am, and will be set up in the newly renovated DTV Partizan hall.

On Wednesday, 21 November, a series of events will mark Tivat Day. At 8am there will be a Race of Peace from the church of St. Roko in Donja Lastvi to the Monument to the Dead of Warriors. A half an hour later the run of the students of the "Drago Milović" Primary School begins. Tivat's Delegation and the Association of Fighters of the National Liberation War at 9 am plan the visit to the Monument to the Dead of Warriors.

Following is the traditional ceremony of handing over the city flag of the Boka Navy in front of the Tivat Municipal Building and the festive defiance of the Boka Navy and City Music in the streets of the city to the Pine promenade. The Tivat Order of the Boka Navy will submit a report to the President of the Municipality of Tivat on Pine, followed by the performance of the St. Tripun round dance. In addition to the Music Education Society Tivat (City Music) and the Boka Navy, the program at Pine will also include local dance and folklore groups. Following will be the Festive Tivat's Municipal Assembly's Session, and after that, from 12 am to 14 pm, the Secretariat for Culture and Social Activities and the Tivat Tourism Organization will organize a manifestation "To the Town for Its Birthday" at the Magnolia Square.

A new fire truck worth 60,000 euros will be delivered to the Rescue Service on Thursday at 10 am. The evening part of the program will be performed by the Middle Music School. They will hold a concert at 8 pm in DTV Partizan hall.

The children's parliament will sit in the Multimedia hall on Friday at 10 am. At 7 pm the students of the Middle Music School in the school Concert hall will present the concert "She lives to be heard", while in 8pm fashion fans can watch the show by Radojka Tepavac and the photo exhibition by Mihael Đuričić in DTV Partizan.

The event “November Days” is traditionally joined by the Sailing Club Delfin which is organizing the "Tivat Day" regatta. The regatta will be held on Saturday, 24 November at 10 am. Unlike earlier events on the occasion of the Municipality Day, this year, apart from the small regatta boards, Delfin organizes competition of team sailing ships. Follows the concert of Klapa Jadran at the Great Hall of Culture Center of Tivat, scheduled for Saturday, 24 November at 8pm. By this concert Klapa Jadran will mark the 45th anniversary.

19 Nov 2018, 09:37 AM

November 19, 2018 - At the Institute for Marine Biology in Kotor, today, starting at 10am, a workshop will be held on "Habitat" and "Marine and Coastal Protection in Montenegro".

Within the project "Marine Biodiversity Conservation Center of the Sea Aquarium - MonteAqua" (in cooperation with the NGO MedCem), a workshop will be held on the topic "Habitat" and "Protection of the marine and coastal areas in Montenegro ".

The project realized by the Institute of Marine Biology from Kotor in cooperation with the Center for Fisheries and the Biodiversity Protection of the Groundwater of the Institute of Biology and Ecology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Kragujevac was facilitated by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs represented by the Norwegian embassy in Belgrade.

The theme of the workshop is based on EU Directive 92/43 / EEC (Habitats Directive), whose provisions relate to measures to preserve and restore habitats and animal and plant species of common interest, taking into account economic, social and the cultural requirements and the regional and local characteristics of the area. Member States participate in the realization of Nature 2000 (Special Protection Sector Network) and are obliged to designate sites of special protection areas on their territory, to maintain them, and where appropriate to development, creates a landscape that is of great importance to wild fauna and flora.

As part of the theme, the lecturers will present the activities that are related to the topic at both administrative and practical level and to familiarize the participants with further plans in this area, while visiting lecturers will bring closer the way of law enforcement and implementation of the directive in neighboring areas.

The habitats have become increasingly fragmented because of the increasing pressure under them, leading to a reduction in the number of species, their shedding, as well as the value of goods and services provided by our natural goods. The need to implement laws to improve the overall status of nature is one of the objectives of the project "Marine Biodiversity Conservation Center of the Sea Aquarium - MonteAqua".

19 Nov 2018, 09:08 AM

18 November 2018 - The Montagna Travel Montenegro, a tourist agency from Nikšić, is organizing a climb to the First Via Ferrata in Montenegro, located in Kotor at the very exit of the Škurde canyon, on the occasion of the Day of Liberation of Kotor - November 21st.

The number of seats is limited to 50 participants who do not own their equipment for the Via Ferrata. Climbers with their own equipment, who want to participate in the celebration of this day significant for the city of Kotor, can also take part in the event. When applying, it is of great importance to inform the organizers whether you possess the necessary equipment.

Via Ferrata is a secured hiking trail that crosses inaccessible parts of mountain massifs with the help of cables and metal threads. Ferrata is suitable not only for professional alpinists but also for people with average physical fitness that are not engaged in active hiking and sports. Climbers can experience a real feeling of alpine climbing, which is completely safe. No advanced skills nor knowledge is required for using Via Ferrata.


Via Ferrata is located on the very outskirts of the Škurda canyon and at the entrance to the Old town of Kotor. It starts at 80 meters above sea level and ends at 205 m above sea level. Along Via Ferrata, there are two ‘take a break’ benches, which offer an attractive view of the Bay of Kotor, as well as the San Giovanni Fortress and the Old road that connected Montenegro of Old with the Bay of Kotor. Via Ferrata is available year-round and ideal for the tourist season, as it presents a challenge for tourists as well as training for mountaineers. It is also available for all ages.

Each participant is provided with alpine equipment - cable and ropes. All participants receive complete alpine and protective equipment (helmet, belt and ferrata system, which includes 2 carabineers, belt connector and safety system). All participants are tracked by the organizers’ experienced guides who are also mountain rescuers.

Each participant is provided by Montagna Travel Montenegro with safety alpine equipment, but it is important to bring your own shoes.

The gathering at Via Ferrate (80m from the waterfront building, towards the Škurde canyon) is planned for 11.00 - 12.00 hours.

Interested parties can apply to the organizers’ Facebook Page and to their e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as well as on phone numbers: +382 67 888 887; +382 67 511364.

The organizers invite all interested parties to join them and celebrate the day of liberation of the city of Kotor together. Participation is free for all participants!

18 Nov 2018, 23:44 PM

18 November 2018 - Minister of the Interior Mevludin Nuhodžić and Director of the Police Directorate Veselin Veljović on the occasion of the eve of the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, visited the road traffic checkpoints and noted that the violation of the traffic regulations will be vigorously punished. The state is determined to put an end to the wild driving on the Montenegrin roads. 

"We are here today to support traffic officers who have a hard and responsible job and who care about the lives of drivers. More than a million people are killed every year on the roads in the world. Unfortunately, people are killed on our roads too. The fact is that from year to year this number is decreasing, but every human life is precious and we have to take care of it. Day of Remembrance should remind us to drive slower, to respect traffic signs, not to talk on a mobile phone while driving and to respect speed limits. In this way, we will show concern for our lives, but also for the lives of others," Minister Nuhodžić said. 

The Minister announced rigorous controls of the drivers without any exceptions. 

"They will not be untouchable during traffic control. They will not be excluded and untouchable in the application of legal regulations. We will put an end to the wild driving on the Montenegrin roads, which irresponsibly takes the lives of others! The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Police Directorate will work with full vigor to make such things happen as little as possible," the Minister stressed.

RoadTraffic1810 1

At the checkpoints, the non-governmental organisation Alfa Centre shared informative material in order to motivate the participants in the traffic to reduce speed and not to use mobile phones while driving. 

Executive Director of the Alfa Centre Aleksandar Šime Dedović and Head of the Security Centre Podgorica Milovan Pavićević also visited the checkpoints. Dedović reminded that this NGO has been conducting awareness-raising campaigns for all aspects of traffic safety for the seventh year. 

Both the Minister and the Director of the Alfa Centre called on the representatives of the wider community to engage in the process of education and motivation of the participants in the traffic so that everyone is safer and to reduce the number of road traffic victims. 

The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims is commemorated on the third Sunday of November each year. In 2005 the United Nations General Assembly invited all nations to observe the day as the appropriate acknowledgment of victims of road traffic accidents and raising awareness of traffic safety. 

18 Nov 2018, 02:54 AM

17 November 2018 - In the organization of NLP Network, an informative lecture "Why is it good to know NLP?" Was held last night at the Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković" in Kotor. More than 50 people from various industries, from the private and public sector, entrepreneurs, sales staff, marketing, health, and education workers, showed an interest in learning this course. This methodology primarily focuses on methods of neuro-linguistic programming.

Participants were introduced to NLP methodology by Danko Ćetković and Aleksandra Anđelić, the founders of NLP Network, who also presented NLP education, as well as a special way of working, characterized by their trainers. The lecture was interactive, the participants presented their experiences, asked questions related to the application of this methodology in business or private life. The interest in this form of education shows that students recognize the importance of this kind of non-formal education.


"On the one hand, more and more people have the need and desire to work on themselves, to learn new things, to improve their skills, but today's business environment, which is becoming increasingly demanding, requires it from us. The highest quality formal education is no longer required. All that matters is whether you are good or not in your job and the way how you build interpersonal relationships, how you communicate with your clients, colleagues, how you work in the team, how quickly you are adjusting to more and more frequent changes, how you amortize stressful situations, as well as how you plan and manage your work tasks, but also your career," as noted by the representatives of NLP Network.

"Also, we are all more and more seriously disturbed the balance between business and private life, and for that reason, we feel dissatisfaction, constant stress, worry, nervousness and so on. All of this, in the end, leads us to, in spite of the increased effort, to miss the desired results and not to realize all that we can for what we have potential. These are some of the reasons why it is necessary to work on improving the communication skills, flexibility, goal setting, as well as reconsidering their beliefs that can be supportive or even limiting to achieve the desired results, in which NLP can greatly help us with its methods," concluded members of NLP Network during their lecture about methods of neuro-linguistic programming.

Until now, NLP education was conducted only in Podgorica, however, due to the interest shown after the Info Lectures, for the first time in Kotor NLP Basic is being organized - a two-day training programme which will take place during December 8-9. Information and applications can be found here, and you can also follow NLP Network on their Facebook Page.

16 Nov 2018, 12:13 PM

November 16, 2018 - Within the celebration of the Kotor Municipality Day, the promotion of the book "History of Montenegrin Maritime in the context of Adriatic, Mediterranean and World Maritime Affairs" by Dr. Antun Sbutega will be held on Tuesday 20 November at 6 pm in Grgurina Palace.

The director of the Maritime Museum of Montenegro Kotor, Andro Radulović, Mr. Sc. Jovan J. Martinović and author of the book prof. Dr. Antun Sbutega will present this capital publication, giving for the first time an overall view to the complex and rich trade and naval past of Boka Bay region and the rest of Montenegrin coast. 

“The Boka Navy could be proud of the fact that for the first time ever, the whole history of the organization and the maritime tradition of Boka Bay will be published, a long 2,5 millenniums. The book is published by the Boka Navy and Maritime Museum of Montenegro. This is a comprehensive book with a huge bibliography, which tries to cover everything that is most important in our maritime history in the course of 2,5 millenniums, from the Old Ages, from Illyrians and Romans to today," said the Doctor of Economics, a longtime professor at the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Kotor, later Ambassador of Montenegro to the Vatican and Rome, today the Admiral of Boka Navy, Antun Sbutega. 

16 Nov 2018, 03:20 AM

15 November 2018 - The fourth Pet and Vet Fair, a traditional animal care event, will be held on November 17 and 18, in the central atrium of the Shopping Mall Delta City in Podgorica.

The organizer of the fair is Memento Marketing and Communications Agency from Podgorica, while the main goal is to promote the offer of equipment, food, cosmetics, and care products for pets all in one place. The agency will, once again, bring together sellers and distributors of food and other pet supplies, as well as non-governmental organizations and institutions dealing with animal protection. The participants of the fair will have the opportunity to present their offer in detail at the booths, and to introduce the citizens with their services in the best way. The visitors will be able to get acquainted with the offer but also participate in the accompanying program activities.

PetVetFair1510 1

The first edition of this fair was held in November 2015, also in Podgorica (Shopping Mall Delta City). Even then, the fair had an educational character, so the visitors had the opportunity to exchange experiences with pet owners, consult with experts, and participate in interesting accompanying contents.

Visitors of this year's fair will have the opportunity to take advantage of special trade discounts when purchasing equipment, cosmetics and food for their pets. A special focus will be placed on pet care education, with detailed instructions from professionals who will give advice on a pet’s needs, especially to parents and children.


The organisers also want to give future pet owners the possibility to hear the present owner's experiences and to learn more about the adoption of dogs and cats and about the care of these pets.

During the Pet & Vet Fair 2018, you can expect:

-a rich offer of pet equipment and pet food

-a possibility to consult with pet professionals

-free product samples

-promotion of responsible ownership

-a possibility to apply for puppies’ and kittens’ adoption

-finals of the contest "Meet my pet".

Join the event and treat your pet with the best products!

PetVetFair1510 2

15 Nov 2018, 12:06 PM

November 14, 2018 - In the next few days, college students can apply for participation in the Professional Training Program. As previously announced, the application process will last until November 18th.

Whether the electronic application will be locked on Sunday or will be prolonged for Monday, in accordance with the Law on Administrative Procedure, it will be announced in due course by the Ministry of Education.

At the Employment Bureau, until Wednesday, November 14th the total of 3,311 high school students without a work experience applied.

Let’s recall that employers have offered around 11,000 jobs, of which 6,900 are in the real estate sector, and slightly more than 4,000 in health, education, police, military, law offices, enforcement officers, notaries, tourist organizations, political parties, public institutions, societies with the participation of state capital, etc.

Usually, the most wanted jobs are economists and lawyers. However, through the program, on average, from 3,000 to 3,500 people with higher education are included annually. Therefore, on vocational training, in six generations, there were a total of more than 20,000 highly educated students.

Professional training of users lasts nine months and is recognized as a work experience of 12 months and as a condition for taking the appropriate professional exam with higher education. According to the analysis, conducted by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Tax Administration, about 50 percent of beneficiaries after completing the Vocational Training Program continue their work engagement.

Text by CdM, on November 15th, 2018, read more at CdM

15 Nov 2018, 11:21 AM

November 15, 2018: Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Forestry Directorate will participate in planting in the Herceg Novi area within the framework of the "Pne Seedling per Inhabitant" action in Montenegro. 

The events are held in the Orjen mountain area, at the Vrbanj site, starting on Friday at 11am. The Minister of Agriculture, Milosav Anđelić and his associates, representatives of the Forestry Directorate, employees of the Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen Mountain from Herceg Novi, representatives of the hunters of the Orjen Association, students of High School "Ivan Goran Kovačić ", the hiking section of the Elementary School" Milan Vuković "Herceg Novi, as well as members of the Scout Association "Orjen" Herceg Novi, are all involved. 

The Government of Montenegro, within the framework of numerous activities for the conservation and improvement of forest resources, has proposed 200,000 euros for the forestation on the entire territory of the state. In the fall, the Forestry Directorate will plant 630,000 seedlings of autochthonous tree species.

15 Nov 2018, 08:16 AM

14 November 2018 - On Wednesday, November 14, the Sports Minister of Montenegro, Nikola Janović, accompanied by the General Manager of Telenor Montenegro, Sandra Steiner, and the General Secretary of the High School Students Union, Jovan Bojović, presented the project "Free Internet Access for Youth Clubs and Youth Centres", which provides free internet access in youth clubs and centres throughout Montenegro.

The Ministry of Sports of Montenegro is actively working on creating new opportunities for young people in order to improve their information access and realization of activities that will enable them to make quality leisure time said Janović. "We consider that youth clubs and centres are one of the key infrastructural mechanisms for improving the participation of young people in the political, social, cultural and economic spheres of society, development of life skills and strengthening of their social influence," the Minister concluded.

In the past period, the Sports Ministry has financially supported the opening of youth clubs in Tivat, Budva, Pljevlja, Berane, Mojkovac, Ulcinj, Cetinje, Tuzi, as well as three youth clubs and youth centre in Podgorica, with the aim of improving their functioning. Within the “Free Internet Access for Youth Clubs and Youth Centres" Project, the Ministry of Sports and the Union of High School Students will, with financial support by Telenor Foundation, provide free internet access to all young people visiting the aforementioned premises.

InternetAccess1410 1

"Young people in Montenegro use the Internet access on a daily basis for communication purposes, access to social networks and search for information. By providing them with free access to the Internet, we want to encourage them to use technology to learn and improve their knowledge and skills, which will be increasingly needed in the digital age," aid Sandra Steiner, General Manager of Telenor Montenegro.

Jovan Bojović, secretary general of the Union of High School Students, expressed satisfaction that his organization has continuous cooperation with the Ministry of Sports and has now achieved cooperation with the Telenor Foundation as well. He pointed out that besides the fact that this project will provide free internet for youth clubs and centres, a number of educational workshops on internet literacy of young people will be realized.

InternetAccess1410 2

In order to realize the project, a contract was signed between the Telenor Foundation and the Union of High School Students, in partnership with the Ministry of Sports.

By providing free internet access to young people in the youth clubs and centres, the Ministry will enable young people in Montenegro to have easier access to the information they can use in their everyday life, education, the transition period from school to job finding, employment. The Sports Ministry also wants to encourage young people to visit youth centres and participate in the programs that these clubs have to offer.

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