24 Oct 2019, 13:43 PM

Mayor of Herceg Novi Stevan Katić has been in Malaga to sign the Declaration on the Protection of Mediterranean Biodiversity, aligning the city with others that have made a commitment to protect natural ecosystems in the Mediterranean region, through strengthening management and networks between protected areas.

As announced on the local government website, the signing is part of activities within the project to streamline networking and management efforts in Mediterranean Protected Areas as a mechanism to enhance nature conservation and protection in the region - PANACeA, with Malaga hosting both the signing of the Declaration, and the project lead - the University of Malaga.

The visit was an opportunity to organise a bilateral meeting between the leaders of Herceg Novi and Malaga, which is the first official meeting between representatives of the two cities, and the first step towards further ties. During the meeting, both parties expressed an interest in linking the cities, and the Acting Mayor of Malaga accepted the invitation of Mayor Katić to visit Herceg Novi in the near future and talk about the next steps.

The Herceg Novi delegation also included Deputy Mayor Danijela Đurović and Secretary for Utilities, Ecology, and Energy Efficiency, Aleksandar Kovačević.


Source: Radio Jadran

24 Oct 2019, 12:52 PM

In the narrowest part of Boka Bay you'll find the restaurant Verige65, where simple shapes and glass surfaces give the impression of a deep connection with the natural environment of the bay.


Restaurant Verige65 (Photo: Miloš Samardžić)

The carefully decorated interior exudes airiness without hiding the beauty of its surroundings. Every detail is chosen with care that you can't help but notice. True hedonists will be overwhelmed by the superb service, unusual menu and excellent wine selection. The Verige65 menu combines elements of different culinary traditions that they like to call a fusion of world cuisines. Inspired primarily by the Mediterranean, then Asia and the Middle East, Verige65 offers a diverse range of world-class cuisine prepared by the chef.


Verige65 offers a diverse range of world-class cuisine (Photo: Instagram)

The view from the terrace of this restaurant is perhaps the most beautiful postcard you will take with you. The small town of Perast, the islands of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks. You will also have the extra pleasure of meeting the cruisers, yachts and catamarans that are just ten meters away from you during your stay.


The view from the terrace of this restaurant is perhaps the most beautiful postcard you will take with you (Photo: Instagram)

You don't have to worry about parking either, as there is plenty of space, and if you happen to be coming from the sea, there is a pier located right next to the restaurant and it is convenient for boats up to 15 meters long.


Verige65 - a blend of modern architecture and a deep respect for nature (Photo: Instagram)

The list of reasons why you should visit this place is almost as long as the European Route 65, which this restaurant symbolically carries in its name.

Text by Promo, on October 23rd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

24 Oct 2019, 12:50 PM

Nice weather with summer temperatures in October will last until the end of the week, and this October 21st was the warmest since measurements were made, said the meteorologist Dusan Pavicevic.

"28 degrees Celsius was measured, respectively. Including October 22nd, we had 16 days in Podgorica this month with temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius in the capital. When the temperature exceeds 25 degrees, those days are counted as summer, and it is interesting that all those 16 days, the mercury in the thermometer also exceeded 26 Celsius," Pavicevic said.

He said 29.2 degrees were measured in the capital on Tuesday, which is the second warmest that day since measurements were made.

"The warmest October 22nd in Podgorica is from 2004 when 29.8 degrees Celsius was measured," he said.

Pavicevic explained that the average maximum temperature for October this year is 26 degrees Celsius, so it is likely to break the record from October of 2001 when it was 26.2.

He stated that in October 2001, the temperature in Podgorica was measured over 25 degrees for 23 days.

"So that record probably won't be broken this year," Pavicevic said.

He said that northern Montenegro recorded unusually higher temperatures in October than the average.

The weather in the south of the country is also nice, with temperatures as high as 28 degrees Celsius. So, with a sea temperature of 22 to 23 degrees, it is ideal for swimming," Pavicevic said.

The meteorologist said the nice weather would last until the end of the week, with a slight drop in temperature next week.

"Temperatures will be above normal throughout this week. There may be conditions for rain next week," Pavicevic said.

According to the current forecasts, there should not be large quantities of rain.

Winter hours begin on Sunday

The wintertime calculation starts on Sunday and will last until the last weekend in March next year.

On Sunday, October 27, at 3 am, the hands on the clock will be turned back one hour.

On March 4th, the European Parliament declared that the clock settings would be abolished from 2021 so that all EU countries would have to choose summer or wintertime.

It has been suggested that the change of time on the last Sunday in March 2021 should be the last one for the EU countries opting for the summer calculating time.

Text by Borko Zdero, on October 23rd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

24 Oct 2019, 12:46 PM

We bring you a video story from Vijesti of Prokletije, one of the largest mountain ranges in the Balkans.

The steep and mysterious slopes of Prokletije are the biggest challenge for all lovers of hiking and adrenaline. There are more than 50 peaks above 2000m of altitude here and as many as 20 peaks above 2500m of altitude. The view from either of them leaves you breathless, and perhaps the most attractive is the one that extends from the peaks of Talijanka (2056m) and Popadija (2057m) on Karanfile.

The wild and untouched nature of the "Balkan Alps," as the Prokletije is often called, is almost unexplored, and the landscapes are diverse, from steep cliffs to picturesque forests.

One thing is for sure, a day spent on this magical mountain cannot be lost!

Text by Bojana Tomic, on October 23rd 2019, read more at Vijesti

24 Oct 2019, 01:25 AM

23 October 2019 - The second edition of Luštica Bay Fall Colors Fair, featuring local food, agricultural and handicraft producers, will be held on October 26, at several locations on the promenade in the Marina settlement. The fair exhibitors have prepared a rich offer including gastronomic specialties, local products, folklore performances and a painting colony for children and young people, reports Radio Tivat News Portal.

The event, which will take place this Saturday, is dedicated to the rich fall colors of the Luštica peninsula, but also local gastronomy, organic food production, art, and science.

The festival is organized under the slogan "Good, Better, Domestic", in support of the national project for the promotion of local flavors and producers from Montenegro, which is implemented by the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro.

The all-day event will start at 11 am and bring together producers from Luštica, Bay of Kotor, Nikšić, and the surrounding area. The painting colony will be attended by students of Tivat elementary schools, high school "Mladost" and Folklore association Boka from Tivat. A special animation and entertainment program will be prepared for the youngest guests, all of which will be further spiced up with the delicacies of the Čedi Hotel - apple and pumpkin pie for all the visitors.

Fans of home-made delicacies and Mediterranean autumn scenery will be able to enjoy a variety of food, home-made cheese, prosciutto, wine, honey, brandy, juice, fruits and vegetables. The fair will also offer handicrafts, such as paintings, as well as natural cosmetics, soaps, teas, balms and tinctures of medicinal herbs.

“There is a significant interest in the fair by participants and visitors who are interested in local products, and at this point, they can certainly get an excellent selection of food from domestic production both from the Luštica area and from Boka and the surrounding area. The first edition of the fair (last year), brought together many participants and assured us that such events are very interesting to visitors and useful to exhibitors," said Slavica Milić from marketing company Luštica Development.

During the painting colony "Shades of Autumn", the autumn Mediterranean landscape will be transferred to the canvases by talented students from Tivat under the guidance of Professor Milica Krivokapić, for which they will be provided with painting accessories - easels, paintbrushes, canvas colors.

23 Oct 2019, 18:11 PM

The Ministry of Interior has launched a tender procedure for the procurement of video surveillance systems in cities. According to a previous announcement from the Interior Ministry, Podgorica, Nikšić, Bar, Budva, Kotor and Herceg Novi are soon to be monitored by cameras, with the installation video surveillance equipment to be completed by 2021.

The decision on the winning bid will be made 90 days from the public opening of the offer.

The technical specifications of the tender are classified, and therefore the exact number of cameras to be installed remains unknown. Companies interested in the contract have until the 18th of November to submit their bid, writes “Dan”.

“The successful contractor is required to sign a public procurement contract no later than 8 days from the date of the contract submission, and return the signed contract to the contracting authority together with the irrevocable, unconditional and immediately chargeable guarantee of positive completion of the contract amounting to 5 percent of the full contract value,” the tender states.

The section of the documentation that relates to technical specifications or characteristics of the subject of procurement notice contains classified information. It can only be obtained directly from the Ministry’s Public Procurement Officer.

The procurement contract includes the preparation of design documentation, delivery, installation, connection, and commissioning of the equipment at the specified locations of the contracting authority, as well as user training.


Source: Radio Jadran

23 Oct 2019, 18:00 PM

From now until November 6, a public debate will be open on the Draft Concession Act to deliver the Kotor – Lovćen cable car project, organised by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.

The draft act is available on the website of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, on the e-government portal and in print media.

The public debate is organised using a round table at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and through the submission of proposals, suggestions and comments in written and electronic format.

The Ministry invites citizens, municipalities, scientific and professional institutions, relevant bodies and organisations, civil society and others to participate in the public debate.

Remarks, proposals and suggestions on the Draft Concession Act can be sent in written and electronic format to the following Ministry address -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or via the Ministry’s archive.

The round table within the public debate on the Draft Concession Act will be held on 28th October at 11 am on the premises of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. 

Following the last session of Government, it was announced that the Plan for granting of the concession for the Kotor – Lovćen cable car project 2020 would enable the commencement of a procedure for attracting private investment into projects that are primarily in the public interest. The aim is to ensure the highest possible benefit to tourism from the extremely valuable natural resources and cultural heritage.


Source: Radio Jadran

23 Oct 2019, 13:41 PM

 “EUobserver” - an independent Brussels portal, published a text addressing current environmental problems in Montenegro, notably Durmitor, which this year was at risk of being removed from UNESCO's World Heritage List due to an investor's plan to build 30 bungalows in the protected area, due to which several dozen centuries-old trees were cut down.

EUobserver also refers to Sinjajevina, which was threatened by the decision of the Government of Montenegro, to transform the area into a military training ground, for which the Agency for Nature Protection proposed to be a park.

The text states that the intention to build 30 bungalows at Black Lake was contrary to UNESCO standards, but that protests by local activists united in the movement obstructed the plan. "You Cannot Go any Further" and wider echoes in Montenegrin society.

They also say that the survival of Sinjajevina, as a pristine area that is Europe's second-largest pasture, is endangered, thanks to which many families survive.

The fate of Sinjajevina is threatened by the announced construction of the military training ground, which is opposed by most locals. However, they state that there are active movements in Montenegro that fight for the protection of ecological values.

"Montenegrins do not lack the passion for fighting for what they love," “EUobserver” said.

The text also emphasizes that Montenegro has intensified the negotiations on EU membership, that it has opened 32 out of 33 chapters, and that it is the one that, after Croatia, could become part of the community of European states.

"One of these chapters deals with the environment. The report of the European Commission stated that "potential investments in hydro and tourism construction should be in line with nature protection." The report also mentioned EC concerns about the rule of law, democracy and media freedom in Montenegro. However, no mention was made of Durmitor or the wider anti-environmental trend that exists in Montenegro and it would be an astounding irony if Durmitor, the "Director of All Mountains," was ruined when the EU opened its doors to Montenegro," reads the text published by “EUobserver”.

It is recalled that the first anti-communist government declared Montenegro an ecological state in 1991, just in Durmitor, or Zabljak, and that today, the fate of the area remains uncertain, and all hopes are placed in local activists defending the area.


Durmitor(Foto: Luka Zeković)

One environmental activist, Aleksandar Dragicevic, who is actively involved in defending Durmitor against devastation, told “EUobserver” that "Durmitor is a masterpiece of nature and must remain part of UNESCO World Heritage."

His colleague, Aleksandar Milatovic, who is one of the leaders of the Sinajevina Protection Movement, said that people and environmental activists would not allow the plateau of Europe's second-largest pasture to be destroyed.

“EUobserver” points out that if European politicians and civil society leave people like Dragicevic and Milatovic alone on the frontline of Montenegro's defense of natural resources, membership of our country in the EU and NATO will cost Montenegrin citizens a lot. They point out that Montenegro became part of NATO in 2017, and now one of its greatest natural beauties, Sinjajevina, is threatened by a potential military training ground.

The text also states that Montenegro could become part of the EU by 2025 if all goes well, and by then, as Aleksandar Dragicevic warned, Durmitor could get industrial scars. He said that Durmitor is "Mona Lisa of nature."

Dragicevic said that in November 2018, a UNESCO mission made it clear that setting up facilities and infrastructure on Black Lake, as well as expanding ski resorts instead of replacing existing cable cars (with which UNESCO agreed), would delete NP Durmitor from the World Heritage list.

"On this occasion, one of the UNESCO mission members addressed government and local government representatives with the following words: Gentlemen, you have a Mona Lisa, other cities do not have one. You cannot put a Mona Lisa in a plastic frame. Our representatives chose Disneyland and construction instead of reconstructing the ski resort, and we pointed out mistakes and preserved this jewel of nature."

Text by Jelena Jovanovic on October 22nd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

23 Oct 2019, 13:33 PM

Over 1,000 students have signed a petition demanding an exception from paying the tuition fees at all faculties and all levels of study, with a request for a refund to all students who have paid tuition in this and the previous academic year, as well as to cover the cost of accommodation in the student’s dormitory and transportation.

They submitted the petition to the Student Parliament (SP) of the University of Montenegro.

"As it is certain that the petition will be signed in the coming days, it is certain that this number will be far higher, which confirms that this issue is of utmost importance to the students," added SP.

They state that they expect the Ministry of Education to consider the student's requests.

"We are of the opinion that there are justifiable reasons, which are stated in the petition, for which concrete measures should be taken and the official position of the line ministry should be sought," they concluded.

Text by Vijesti online on October 22nd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

22 Oct 2019, 21:04 PM

22 October 2019 - Producers of ‘Montenegrin Prosciutto’ from Cetinje – eight companies comprising the cluster – took part in the 13th International Prosciutto Fair in Istria, which was held last week in Tinjan.

Producers of prosciutto represented Montenegro at the Fair and were backed by the Montenegrin Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

"During the three-day International Prosciutto Fair in Istria under the slogan ‘Come and find your favorite slice of prosciutto’, attended by over 25.000 visitors, more than 15 tons of this exquisite delicacy from different parts of the region and Europe was served. The ‘Montenegrin prosciutto’, which got the protection of geographical indication of a product last year, got noticed by a large number of visitors," the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development stated, writes Cafe del Montenegro.

Montenegrin Prosciutto at International Prosciutto Fair in Istria1

Eight members of the cluster called ‘Montenegrin prosciutto’ attended the Fair, including Martex, Zrnožit, Interproduct, MiAnja, Monstate, Gornič, DDR commerce, and Nani Prom, along with the representatives of the Cetinje Tourism Organization and the Old Royal Capital Cetinje.

As part of the Fair, a ceremony was organized awarding certificates for the successfully completed course and exam for sensory prosciutto analyst and three Cetinje residents were awarded: Petar Muhadinović, Boris Vujović, and Ilija Ševaljević.

Read more news about lifestyle in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

22 Oct 2019, 19:56 PM

October 22, 2019 - Although in recent years we have looked forward to new fields of Pinna Nobilis across the Boka Bay, it seems that the problem that has engulfed most of the Mediterranean has also arrived in our aquatics. The Haplosporidia Pinne parasite is threatening to destroy the population of the endemic Pinna Nobilis, the largest Mediterranean shell. 

Rajko Martinovic from the Institute of Marine Biology of the University of Montenegro explains that the Pinna Nobilis started in the Western Mediterranean, off the coasts of Spain and France, later expanding along the shores of Turkey, Greece, and Albania.
"Unfortunately, this year, the problem has come to us. It is a type of parasite from the protozoan group; the name of the species is Haplosporidia Pinne. It attacks Pinna Nobilis, and in most cases, mortality is over 90 percent. Not much can be done so far; we are looking at whether there are still surviving individuals," Martinovic regrets.
The parasite-destroying parasite is spreading very quickly; in just three years, it has invaded the entire Mediterranean. Scientists are working to determine if something can still be done, marine ecologists from the Mediterranean countries are involved in this effort, and Montenegro is included in all projects on the survival of Pinna Nobilis through the Institute of Marine Biology.
Three years ago, just at the time when the massive Pinna Nobilis pestilence began and without knowing it was about to happen, with the support of the Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation, the Institute of Marine Biology started the project to explore the possibility of Pinna Nobilis reproduction in the Boka aquatics. The project was officially completed in July this year.
"The project took three years. We have done comprehensive research, we have studied it from various aspects. We even managed to breed a few dozen young singles, which reached a size of about 25 centimeters in a year and a half, and these individuals are still alive. Also, at that point, we counted the number and density of the population of the Pinna Nobilis. However, today, the situation is entirely different. In some localities like Holy Sunday in the Bay of Tivat, we had a very high density, hundreds of individuals. Unfortunately, to date, very few have survived."
The Haplosporidia Pine parasite responds to warm seas, intensely expanding during the summer months. This year, the mortality of Pinna Nobilis is very pronounced. There are still live populations in the Bay of Kotor, Martinovic points out, adding: "We will see what happens next summer. It is considered that if a parasite emerges and the population survives two summers or two seasons, there is a good chance that it will continue to live."
Cooperation with Monaco should continue. The Institute will apply to a new project to continue to operate in the field and share experiences with colleagues from other Mediterranean countries in a joint effort to prevent the complete disappearance of the biggest shell of the Mediterranean, the endemic species Pinna Nobilis.
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