Sticker Package "Your Holiday is in Tivat" Promoted on City Waterfront

By , 25 Aug 2020, 16:51 PM Lifestyle
Sticker Package "Your Holiday is in Tivat" Promoted on City Waterfront Stickers package- I'm Here, Photo: Boka News

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August 25, 2020 - Giant replicas were placed today on the city waterfront and the Pine promenade in Tivat to promote the new Viber package of Tivat stickers.
The first official package of Viber stickers from Tivat, entitled " Your Holiday is in Tivat," will be available for free download by all Viber users in Montenegro in the next two months. After downloading the sticker package, users will be directed to the official Viber Community of the Municipality of Tivat.
Tivat's municipality is the first local government in Montenegro, and among the first in the region to launch its Viber community to facilitate communication with the local public and visitors, announced the local government. The President of the Municipality, Siniša Kusovac, pointed out that the Municipality "recognized the importance of active use of modern, direct forms of communication." He reminded that the Viber Community of the Municipality of Tivat was launched in mid-March, at the time of the coronavirus epidemic's appearance. In that moment of crisis, it proved to be a significant type of information exchange.
"We had an extraordinary reaction from the public to this method of communication. We have so far succeeded in making the Viber Community of the Municipality of Tivat a relevant source of information, followed by people from all over Montenegro, the region, and even from many countries around the world. The package of Viber stickers of Tivat was published to strengthen this channel of communication, as well as to support the Tourist Organization's campaign, "Your Holiday is in Tivat." We hope that this move will contribute to the popularity of the Viber Community and that we will put Tivat and everything that our city has to offer at the centre of people's attention, "Kusovac pointed out.
stickers vacation
Holiday is in Tivat. Photo: Boka News
"Through stickers, which represent the sights of our city, both residents and all visitors have the opportunity to exchange their experiences, feelings, and moods. The name of the sticker package relies on our current campaign, which aims to support private accommodation publishers and promote what Tivat has to offer tourists. As part of this campaign, guests can stay in Tivat at extremely affordable prices," said the Director of the Tourist Organization of Tivat, Danica Banjevic.
The Director of the Public Company Morsko Dobro, Predrag Jelušić, also supports the efforts of the Municipality and Tourist Organization of Tivat.
"This is an excellent example of how other municipalities could also innovate this year, in a very tourism-specific way. Morsko Dobro provides similar locations for exciting promotional activities like this one, which is, at the same time, a lovely message to guests who will come to Tivat and the Montenegrin coast. In response to this, Morsko dobro, with the discounts it has provided, has taken all measures to enable a successful season so that tourism, predominantly beach-related tourism, can continue," said Jelušić.
The sticker package was downloaded 6,688 times in the first five days, and more than 3,000 downloads were recorded on the first day. Stickers were exchanged in messages 22,645 times. The graphic solutions of the first package of Viber stickers in Tivat are the result of a public competition, won by the graduate graphic designer Marija Popović from Tivat.

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