07 Feb 2019, 14:08 PM

The Ministry of Defense is going to renew the Army of Montenegro's (VCG) stock of motor vehicles, as concluded from the Public Procurement Plan worth slightly over EUR 14 million. For the purchase of goods, it is planned to allocate 9.4 million euros, while works on military facilities in Bar, Niksic, Danilovgrad, Pljevlja, Lepetani and Brezovik will cost 1.74 million, while for payment of various services about three million euros will be spent.

The plan does not foresee the purchase of any significant new weapon or combat system for VCG units but is the money to start the long-announced gradual restoration of obsolete fleet of non-war military vehicles, most of which date back from SFR Yugoslavia.

Thus, for the purchase of new military field trucks of up to five tons, the planned amount of one million euros and another 1.23 million for new lightweight terrain vehicles for the transport of personnel and equipment, sanitary vehicles and water and fuel tanks.

Predrag Bošković's department earlier announced that the key project which they are planning to realize this year, is the purchase of a total of 67 light armored vehicles for the purposes of the Land Forces, for which they intend to take a credit arrangement directly from the manufacturer who will give them the most favorable offer in the total amount of up to 30 million euros.

These items are not included in the public procurement plan of MO for 2019, as it was not the case last year with the purchase of three new multi-purpose helicopters, which were also bought for a 30m-euro loan and repaid by the Ministry of Finance directly.

However, in the area of public procurement, the item for the "purchase of armored vehicles" is stated, but the amount of 600,000 euros that is envisaged for it is sufficient only for the possible purchase of a new "Otocar Cobra" type vehicle that was already bought two years ago with the exclusive purpose of radiological-chemical-biological scanning.

For the purchase of ammunition of various calibers for exercise and maneuvering, MO will spend 550,000 euros, while for the purchase of new personal optoelectronic equipment for members of the declared forces for inter-operative processing will be allocated 980,000 euros. For special equipment for the VCG mountain units the MO will allocate 400,000, for the campfire equipment 50,000, for underwater gear crew members of the Navy VCG 280,000, while the new ABHO protective gear will cost 100,000 euros.

All military and civilian vehicles in VCG and MO, Helicopters and Navy ships will have a total of 445,000 euros available for the fuel expenses.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on February 6th 2019, read more at Vijesti

07 Feb 2019, 13:55 PM

February 7, 2019 - According to the architect Dr Boris Ilijanic, Arza fortress is a protected cultural monument, and no one is allowed to do any intervention on the object without the consent of the Management Board for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.

A part of the public in Montenegro saw the ad on the site of the Fresh Properties agency for the first time. It displayed an official offer for the sale of a 110,000-square-metres plot of land on Lustica, with the Austro-Hungarian fortress Arza.
This part of the Montenegrin coast continues to operate untouched, except that the area of Arza flew NATO bombs with impoverished uranium on two occasions on 30 May 1999. The state later carried out decontamination. Owners of this site today are a burden since they did not realize the project of building a luxury resort.
arza cape pojekat2Luxury project of Arza Cape Resort, animation
Designed by Mamula, but with many more elements, Arza Cape Resort includes the construction of a hotel with a capacity of 275 rooms, villas, restaurants, swimming pools, marina, spa centers. The project was signed by SB Architects and King Frank in 2009. However, King Frank no longer exists, and on SB Architects’ website, there is no information on this project.
Arza and the resort project advert is available on several sites dealing with luxury real estate trading while the land sales are found in ads by several real estate agencies.
The nearby land and water at the Donja Arza location, with a public invitation of the Montenegrin Government, was offered ten times leeway for a minimum of 31 to a maximum of 90 years, with the obligation to finance, design, build and manage a tourist complex. The 2019 Privatization Plan also includes the development of tourism facilities in this area.
This location near the Arza Fort, Austro-Hungarian building, is elaborated within the State Study of Sector 34 - Zone "C" and Zone "F," owned by the Government of Montenegro.
On the other hand, as the owner of the "A" zone with the Arza fortress and "B" zone, where the beach is near the fort, offered for sale under the Azra Cape Resort project, under the 1854 KO Radovanići Real Estate List, is registered by the company RCG Invest DOO from Budva. Its directors are Maja, Mirko and Olgica Latinovic and Vadim Ogorodov.

The Fund for the Reform of the Defense System of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro sold the fort of Arza

Fortress Arza was sold to the Russian-Montenegrin-Serbian consortium in 2005, consisting of the Serbian Akcionarska Komercijalna Banka, the Trade Unique from Budva and RCG Invest Herceg Novi. The consortium bought Arza land for 4.5 million Euros and formed Arza property corp, whose director is Vadim Ogorodov, and founders Olgica, Mirko and Maja Latinović. Mirko Latinovic is, by the way, the owner of the company Trade Unique.
arza donjaArza Fortress on the Cape of Miriste, photo by Antonela Stjepcevic
As was said to Radio Jadran by the Real Estate Management Unit of Herceg Novi, the IV Municipal Court certified the purchase contract in Belgrade on 19 September 2005, and on the seller's side was concluded by the Ministry of Defense of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, the Fund to reform the defense system.
In the introductory remarks of the treaty, it says that on June 15, 2005, the Government of the Republic of Montenegro on the State of Serbia and Montenegro Defense System Fund reformed the military estate "Donja Arza" for sale.
Immediately after the purchase, the consortium announced that it would build a tourist complex and invest 100 million euros. The new owners banned the public passage and the entrance to the beaches, and coves in Arza area. The owner fenced the property with wire, and there was a plaque labeled "private property," even privately secured. The investment has not been realized, and today, after 14 years, the complex is again on sale.
The fortress Arza in Cadastre is not listed as a cultural-historical monument, or as a protected cultural-historical heritage, as cited in the Cadastre.
The Act on the Protection of Cultural Property stipulates that cultural object can be in the state or private property - Article 2. Also, everyone may submit to the competent Directorate the initiative for establishing the protection of cultural property.
Further provisions of this Law stipulate that the status of cultural property, establishing protection of a cultural-historical property, as well as enrollment in a cadastre of immovable property shall be prescribed.
From the Real Estate Unit, they note that the initiative to establish Arza protection as a cultural asset has not been submitted.

By the Constitution, all fortresses, including Arza, are protected cultural monuments

Every object that has the character of a cultural-historical monument or cultural property is protected by the Constitution of Montenegro, regardless of whether it has been entered in the register of cultural goods, claims the Radio Jadran Architect doc. Dr. Boris Ilijanić.
arzaFortresses Ostro, Mamula and Arza are marking the entrance to Boka Bay, photo by Antonela Stjepcevic
"Arza was not listed in the Registry, as did other objects of military fortifications used by the military. The census of 2013, when valorization and revaluation of cultural goods in the territory of Montenegro were carried out, the records are complete, with Arza listed here - he explains.
No one can collapse or build without the consent of the Management Board for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Ilijanić is categorical.
When the list was completed in 2013 all cultural and historical assets in Cadastre had to be entered as such, as the Law on the Protection of Cultural Monuments calls for it. This job, however, has never been completed.
Source: Radio Jadran
06 Feb 2019, 22:06 PM

February 6, 2019 - NGO Expeditio - Center for Sustainable Spatial Development within the project "Activating the Potential of Open Public Space for Improving the Quality of Life in Kotor" is implementing an informative and educational campaign on social networks aiming to raise the awareness of citizens and institutions about the values and potentials of public spaces in Kotor.

The project is supported through the ReLOaD program funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). In Montenegro, the ReLoD program partners are the municipalities of Kotor, Tivat, Niksic, Pljevlja, and Podgorica.
The development and functioning of the city are the victims of the process that neglects the potentials of the so-called "urban pockets," which are often entirely unused and ignored instead of being places that raise the quality of space and offer additional contents to people who gravitate to it. It is what motivated the new project by the architects from NVO Expeditio Kotor, dealing with issues of sustainable spatial development for over 20 years with an emphasis on public spaces.
"Failure to recognize the potential of these spaces for the quality of everyday life of citizens is something we want to change with this project. Also, public areas are not treated through an integral approach, viewing them as a whole that offers many available opportunities to enrich the facilities in the city. We also emphasize the problem of not knowing the real value of public space both by decision-makers and the general public, as we often testify that ignorance leads to permanent disappearance of space. Such a kind of ignorance often leads to situations when the consequences of specific activity in the area are noticed when it is too late to prevent devastation, and Kotor has also led to the danger of being removed from the UNESCO list. All this motivated a project for which the implementation began in September 2018."
Expeditio launched information and educational campaign on social networks about the value of space in Kotor. Namely, social network attendants can see three to five posts per week, with the aim of giving citizens a sense of the value of the public space in the area of Kotor, their potential and ways to improve them.
As the Architect from NVO Expeditio Aleksandra Kapetanović said to Radio Kotor, apart from the Old Town, there are not enough functional and well-designed public spaces in the Kotor area.
"Many of them are not adequately equipped or fully depleted, and those who have the potentials are not being used. Throughout the project, we are planning a detailed mapping and analysis of these areas, including guidelines for their upgrading.  We will make concrete proposals," said Kapetanović, adding that one location would be "elaborated" in detail and based on the project and adequately renovated and decorated.
The project is significant because it represents the beginning of looking at the potential of public space not from the aspect of opportunities for sale or construction, but from the perspective of expanding the quality of life of citizens in Kotor through the arrangement of the surrounding space. The target group is, alongside citizens, representatives of local institutions, and in the end, tourists visiting the city.
06 Feb 2019, 18:44 PM

February 6, 2019 - Maskare costume balls and carnivals have been an integral part of the Mimosa Festival since the first edition of this manifestation held in Herceg Novi fifty years ago. For this segment of the program, NGO Maskare, an organization that Herceg Novi owes to listing this city on the map of European carnival cities, is traditionally in charge of this segment of the program. It is a map to which this city, as well as many other Mediterranean traditions, certainly belongs.  

Herceg Novi is a recognizable carnival destination for five decades, primarily because of the winter carnival festivities, organized traditionally within the Mimosa Festival.
maskare ivan peulic and his fatherIvan Peulic and his father, NGO Maskare Herceg Novi, Copyright: radio herceg Novi
"We became an integral part of the organization of costume balls and carnivals in Herceg Novi. We are sorry there are no more carnival groups. Certainly, people slowly recognize energy, this year we have welcomed dozens of new members," says Ivan Peulic, president of NGOs Maskare Herceg Novi. 
NGO Maskare was one of the partners in organizing the Mimosa Caravan- the promotional festival tour around the region and Central Europe. "We worked on the allegory for the presentation of the Jubilee 50th Mimosa Festival. We're currently preparing a new carnival mask. It is already the tradition of our NGO, for five consecutive years we come out with a new carnival mask, featuring Herceg Novi at the carnivals in the region. The next year Europe is waiting for us. We have been negotiating for carnivals in France, Belgium, and Italy. These are long-term plans, but negotiations are ongoing," explains the rule of the NGO Maskare its president, Ivan Peulic.
It is precisely because of NGO Maskare that Herceg Novi has once again found its place in the Federation of European Carnival Cities.
"In cooperation with carnivals from all over the world, thanks to the private connections of my father and then my own, we made a small introduction by organizing the international carnival in 2014. We have been dedicated to the organization of carnival and have shown ourselves as a quality organization that inherits everything that makes an important segment of the festival that is the oldest in the region. In our endeavors, we had great support from Herceg Novi Municipality, Public Institution Herceg Fest and Herceg Novi Tourist Organization, which enabled us to take Herceg Novi back to Rijeka on the Rijeka Carnival after 33 years. The co-operation continued five years later, with two years ago officially entering the Federation of European Carnival Towns, one of the largest carnival families in the world," Ivan Peulic proudly marks.
maskare at convention in sabacFederation of European Carnival Cities, Sabac, Serbia, private collection of NGO Maskare
The NGO Maskare itself became part of the European carnival family in the category of organizations. Last year in Šabac, at the Convention of the Federation of European Carnival Towns, Herceg Novi as a city had full rights of participation and the right to vote in the election of a new board of directors of this organization. "It is up to us to work for the Federation, to work for the city, to work for the country. Wherever we go, we are ambassadors of our city and our country and strive to show ourselves in the best light," said Peulic, one of those dedicated who succeeded in preserving the tradition of masquerades and carnivals, which in the 1990s, due to war events in the region, was almost dim.
Within the 50th Mimosa Festival, one of the four planned costume balls has already been held. Traditionally, the first grand annual masquerade in Boka attracted groups from all four cities, as well as numerous guests from all over Montenegro and abroad.
By attracting guests from Russia, Japan, the UK, Germany, China, and the countries of the region, with more than 200 masks, 115 of which participated in the contest program, the Igalo Institute masquerade is excellent to introduce the other programs within the 50th Mimosa Festival.
"Of the four costume balls, three will be open to all interested parties, as well as non-masked guests who want to enjoy the great atmosphere that always accompanies the fun of the masks. One of the costume balls will be closed to the public and held for the diplomatic corps. We primarily focus on the costume balls we are organizing for Herceg Novi, but we also call on Tivat, Kotor, Budva, all the cities that want to participate," emphasize Ivan.
Traditionally, at masquerades in Herceg Novi tickets are paid only to those who come without masks. With masks, the entrance is free.
"The audience has a significant role in masquerades. They are the ones whose court is most important. They evaluate the mask, animation, whether it is an attractive mask, whether it is current, whether it is political, whether it speaks of a local or global topic," explains Ivan Peulic.  With his team for two decades, Ivan makes very recognizable masks, which often conquer the awards, both at local and at masquerades and carnivals in the countries of the region. He says the recipe is in revelation, creativity, but also in a measure. Because, as he points out, the purpose of the mask is to laugh and conceive the audience without hurting anyone.
maskare winning mask of the first costume ballThe winning mask of the costume ball in Igalo: Vucic and Putin, Copyright: Radio Jadran
"We always make sure that our mask is about a current issue. We try to make a boom with the mask we are preparing to recognize what we wanted to say with our mask immediately," says the president of NGOs Maskare. "People love and reward us because we want to highlight the phenomena in our society. There were politicians and controversial businessmen, but we never offended anyone. A prize is not always essential," says Ivan, but the image of someone who is better or the best in what he does is important. 
maskare carnival hnInternational Carnival in Herceg Novi 2018, Copyright: Herceg Fest
As the most exciting part of this segment of the Mimosa Festival, citizens of Herceg Novi and their guests, for the finals of the festival, are expecting a great International Carnival. "By joining the Federation of European Carnival Cities, Herceg Novi received support and wind in its back from the board of the organization, and for the fourth year in a row, we organize an international show. We expect, given the great jubilee, that this will be one of the most significant events for the triumph of the Mimosa Festival," announced Peulic.
The indispensable part of the carnival festivals in Boka Bay (in the next month there will be carnivals in Donja Lastva, Radovici, Kotor, Budva) is the burning of a carnival doll, the culprit for all the inconveniences of the previous year, which is called "Krvevol" in Herceg Novi.
"We are still making the doll. We have until 23 March. So far, six international carnival groups have announced their arrival. This year, we have the support of local organizations and individuals from Herceg Novi - Cultural and Artistic Society Ilija Kisic from Zelenika, volunteers from the School Centre Ivan Goran Kovacic, students. Also, we are counting on the traditional support of our friends from other cities of Boka," says Ivan Peulic, President of NGO Maskare, partner of the Public Institution of Herceg Fest in organizing costume balls and carnivals within the Mimosa Festival.
06 Feb 2019, 13:25 PM

Montenegro will be the first country in the region to adopt a process of smart specialization implemented by the Ministry of Science of Montenegro and the European Commission's Joint Research Center, which will enable an intensive transition to the economic knowledge, attracting EU funds and directing public and private investments.

This was said at the International Workshop dedicated to the process of smart specialization, by Sanja Damjanovic, Minister of Science, stating that the project of smart specialization is part of the Multi-Annual Action Plan for the Western Balkan Countries, which is important for all the economies in the region, as reported by the PR Center.

"By entering this challenging process in early 2017, in cooperation with several ministries, we have continuous support from the European Commission's Joint Research Center," Damjanovic said.

She said that in the past 18 months, the ministry had implemented numerous activities in the process of defining guidelines for the Smart Specialization Strategy 2018-2024, in which, as she stated, 300 representatives of state institutions, economic and scientific communities and civil society participated.

"The result of such a comprehensive approach is identifying priority areas of science-based and innovation-based development, namely, renewable energy and energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture and food value chains, new materials and sustainable technologies, sustainable health tourism and information-communication technologies as a horizontal platform," explained Damjanovic.

She said that international and regional cooperation could contribute to better results in implementing the strategy of smart specialization.

"It is a challenging road ahead, but I believe that the Western Balkans can make an efficient transition towards the economic knowledge, given that the region has undergone intensive technological development in the past and made significant scientific achievements," Damjanovic said.

The Deputy Director General of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission, Čarlina Vičeva, said that the process of smart specialization is a complicated one implemented in the countries that are members of the European Union.

"Montenegro has recognized the potential of smart specialization, based on knowledge, technologies and innovations, for its future development. By entering this challenging process in early 2017, in cooperation with several ministries, one of the ways to motivate states in which the process of European integration is ongoing, is that this concept that is represented in the EU is also applied in those countries that are preparing for the entry. Smart specialization provides economic transformation and knowledge-based economy," said Vičeva.

She said Europe has a highly profiled social model, which does not provide the EU members with the opportunity to compete in the world market by price or cheap labor.

"This is not a viable way of competing on the world market, and the only way to become competitive on the market is to base our competencies on innovations, new solutions and products, using everything science has done to achieve economic transformation. That’s why we must focus on investment, research and development," said Vičeva.

She said that cooperation of the region is of the utmost importance and that it is essential that all strategic guidelines are based on cooperation.

Head of the European Union Delegation in Montenegro, Aivo Orav, pointed out that the project of smart specialization is an important initiative for Montenegro as well as for the Western Balkans region, as this project will, as he pointed out, improve research innovations and enable new jobs.

Economic governance is one of three critical steps for the expansion of the strategy and it is natural that both the EU and Montenegro consider this to be a priority for the Western Balkans. Structural reforms are needed to attract as many domestic and foreign investments as possible," Orav said. He stressed that the purpose of the smart specialization project is to strengthen the planning of innovative policies so that countries can boost economic growth and create new jobs.

"This is something that all the economies of the Western Balkan countries can benefit from. Thanks to the hard work of all countries in the region, innovation is now at the heart of political agendas in the Western Balkans," stated Orav.

Text by Vijesti online, on February 5th 2019, read more at Vijesti 

06 Feb 2019, 01:34 AM

05 February 2019 - Three parking ticket payment machines in Podgorica will start functioning as of today, writes Pobjeda daily. They are located at the crossroad of Sloboda and Hercegovačka Street, at the corner of Bokeška and Njegoševa Street and the Balšića Square (near the restaurant “Radovče”).

The Parking Service is also expecting the application “Digital Kiosk” to start functioning this week as well. Head of the Parking Service, Nusret Canović, said that the testing period of the parking ticket pay machines has been finished and now everything is ready for their work.

“The new machines receive paper money and coins as well. Machines will have multiple languages which are especially important for foreigners, as this is the easiest way for them to pay the parking tickets in the capital,” said Canović.

He reminded of the fact Podgorica already has three parking ticket payment machines – in Vaka Djurovića Street, near the Clinical Center of Montenegro and "Preko Morače".

“This will be the very first official application for paying to park. It has already been designed for Android, and now we are waiting for it to be designed for iOS software. The application enables the users to pay the zone parking, and it shows them what zone they are in. Also, thanks to the application “digital kiosk”, it will be possible that the citizens pay the parking lot using their payment cards,” said Canović earlier when he announced new parking payment machines.

“We will examine every location individually and make logical prices for every part of the town. Locations that are not located in the center of the town will have lower parking prices. It will be a price list adapted to the real needs and demands of citizens,” concluded Canović.

06 Feb 2019, 01:19 AM

05 February 2019 - Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović opened the manifestation Creative Montenegro: Days of Montenegro in Zagreb. The programme began with the opening of the exhibition of the Association of Artists of Montenegro "26> 41", the presentation of the products of creative industries of Montenegro and the performance of the Montenegrin violinist Verica Čuljković.

Nataša Owens, President of "European Movement Croatia" and "European House Zagreb", Boro Vučinić, Ambassador of Montenegro to the Republic of Croatia and Milan Bandić, Mayor of the City of Zagreb also spoke at the opening. 

"Such a manifestation, which offers an insight into the cultural and economic situation of the state, clearly focused on Euro-Atlantic integrations, is also the place of exchange of experience gained in the process of these integration," Minister Bogdanović noted. 

Ambassador Vučinić said that Montenegro is committed to a common Euro-Atlantic perspective and ready to develop good relations with everyone in the region, especially with those sharing the same goals and values. 

"Of course, the special place belongs to a friendly Republic of Croatia, which has so far shown the willingness to support Montenegro on its European path. This is an opportunity to wish our neighbours a successful EU presidency next year," Vučinić said. 

Mayor of the City of Zagreb Milan Bandić expressed satisfaction with his presence at the event and stressed that this is another proof that works of art find a common language and connect people at a higher level. 

The event, organised at the European House in Zagreb, will last until 13 February 2019. 

Montenegro and Croatia Days of Creative Montenegro in Zagreb1

During his stay in Croatia, Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović also met with Minister of Culture of the Republic of Croatia Nina Obuljen Koržinek. 

The meeting discussed the cooperation between Montenegro and the Republic of Croatia so far and stressed that the two countries foster friendly relations in all areas. 

The two officials expressed satisfaction with the meeting in Zagreb on the occasion of organising the Day of Montenegro in Zagreb - Creative Montenegro and stated that such manifestations additionally strengthen our cultural links and bring people closer. 

Minister Bogdanović pointed out that significant progress has been made so far in strengthening cultural ties, both in the field of contemporary creativity and in the field of preservation of cultural heritage, which is particularly evidenced by projects that we are jointly implementing at both bilateral and international level. 

The meeting also discussed the further implementation of the previously signed Memorandum between the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia on cooperation in the field of protection and preservation of underwater cultural heritage for the period 2017-2020 and the agreed continuation of cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience between institutions in this field. 

Special emphasis was put on cooperation in the field of creative industries and it was pointed out that Croatian experience will be of great importance for Montenegro, taking into account the full commitment of the Ministry of Culture to their development. In this context, both sides expressed readiness for cooperation in the implementation of IPA projects.

05 Feb 2019, 13:19 PM

In the hall of King Nikola's Castle on Thursday, the "Trio Flamenko" from Belgrade and with their exceptional music put the full stop on a diverse January program of the Winter Scene of "Barski ljetopis". This virtuoso composition consists of Branko Kljajić (guitar and bouzouki), Željko Stepanović (accordion and vocal) and Uroš Ranković (piano).

Their sixty-minute repertoire led the audience to the warmest parts of Europe, and the ease and the naturalness of their performances left the impression that the Mediterranean is in their blood.

Joint love for that sound and genre united these three musicians, revealed Željko Stepanović.

"All three of us love the same music, and when you love something that you do, you know it yourself, no day is a working day! We love Spain, France, Greece, Italy, and these are all the countries where the compositions from our repertoire originate from without which nothing can pass by" said Stepanović, adding that in the repertoire, however, always remains a part of the music from our region.

For their first performance at "Barski ljetopis" they especially prepared a jazz remake of the Montenegrin composition "Jos ne svice rujna zora", which the audience greeted with a thundering applause and double encore, and as Stepanovic said, this traditional song perfectly fitted into their style.

Montenegro is in the Mediterranean, has fantastic music and a long tradition, and most importantly, we can respect all of that with our soul. When we can, we move it to the audience, and it can be felt immediately, "he added.

For more than half of the concert the audience participated equally as the fourth member of the band, and it seemed, at moments, they even held back, and Stepanovic invited them with a smile to join him in the vocal performance.

"I asked you, a couple of times, to sing with us, and you did, and it was fantastic! It's always nice to have an interaction with the audience, because when you do not have it, then we played in vain," Stepanovic said, and the impressions of the satisfied audience confirmed that this concert had closed the January winter scene spectacularly.

In February, the audience is to expect an equally interesting repertoire. On next Thursday, February 7th, at Dom kulture, the play "Crvena", by the Montenegrin director Danilo Marunović, produced by Budva "Theater City" will be performed, in which the lead roles are Branislav Lečić and Marko Grabež.

Text by CdM, on February 1st 2019, read more at CdM

05 Feb 2019, 13:16 PM

NGO "Alfa Center" from Niksic has begun with the realization of the project "Safe Step" within which educational workshops for students of third-grade primary schools throughout Montenegro will be held as well as a two-day seminar for teachers.

"Having in mind that changing habits in adult traffic participants is extremely demanding, hard-working and long-lasting, we have planned a series of educational workshops with the students of this age at Alfa Center. This is so that the message will be carried to older participants, and that they are small guardians of the order during the rides in the car and the promoters of the general traffic culture," said Marina Došen, project coordinator.

The seminar aims to point out the educators and principals of elementary schools to the obligation and the possibility of studying the topic of traffic through the multisectoral approach in the curriculum for elementary schools.

The "Safe Step" project represents a set of interrelated activities aimed at increasing the prevalence of traffic safety in elementary schools and increasing the level of knowledge of elementary school pupils in this area. The first elementary education workshop will be held in Niksic and will be organized with the support of the Ministry of Education and Police Administration.

Text by Svetlana Mandic, on February 4th 2019, read more at Vijesti

05 Feb 2019, 11:45 AM

February 5, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate opportunities in Montenegro through the mouth-watering catalogue of RE/MAX Montenegro, a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kotor.

Where is the most beautiful place in Montenegro? 

In a country of outstanding natural beauty, there are so many places to choose from, but few are surely more picturesque that Kotor and its delightful bay, the deepest fjord in southern Europe. 

remax-2-kotor (3).jpg

And when it comes to real estate in Montenegro, there are few things more important than the all-important view. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, the Bay of Kotor is among one of the most breathtaking natural treasures in all Europe. Now imagine that your bedroom view was something like this every morning. 

Take a video tour of our latest RE/MAX Property of the Week, a 2-bed, 2-bath apartment, completely furnished and with access to not one, but two swimming pools which both look out onto the bay. And take note of the temperature in the video above - 26 Celcius in the middle of October. With Tivat Airport just 15 minutes away by car, owning an easily maintainable apartment in such a prime location becomes a great lifestyle addition for those looking for a little winter sun. 

remax-2-kotor (6).jpg

Life in the bay continues as it has for thousands of years, with the timeless beauty that makes Montenegro so addictive. The cruise ships are a more modern addition, and they too have their charm and rhythm in bay life. So much simplicity and beauty to be observed from your peaceful terrace. 

remax-2-kotor (1).jpg

And while the action in the old town of Kotor is no doubt livelier, observing the bay and way of life from a quieter fishing village such as Muo where the property is located, brings an additional layer of tranquillity to this gorgeous region. 

remax-2-kotor (10).jpg

For more information on the property itself, here is the official RE/MAX description:

remax-2-kotor (2).jpg

Kotor Vista Development is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room and kitchen, fully furnished fabulous apartment. Panoramic sea view which looks across to Kotor Old Town. Kotor Vista Development is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room and kitchen, fully furnished fabulous apartment. Panoramic sea view which looks across to Kotor Old Town.

remax-2-kotor (4).jpg

The apartment is large and has 80 square meters with a balcony to enjoy a glass of wine and admire cruisers coming into Kotor Bay.

remax-2-kotor (9).jpg

Muo is an anglers' place located inside the Boka Kotorska Bay. It is a picturesque view of the ideal Mediterranean village. Muo provides an exceptional view of the old town, Kotor.

For more information, photos, price and to book a viewing, check out the official RE/MAX listing

remax-2-kotor (5).jpg


04 Feb 2019, 13:25 PM

The prestigious 52nd Herceg Novi Winter Salon, which practically marked the beginning of 50th Mimosa Festival, as always, was held in the Gallery Josip Bepo Benković, and beside a great number of visitors, there was the unusual presence of 18 of 20 artists and exhibitors.

Sculptor Miodrag Šćepanović from Kolasin won the first prize. The second was won by the painter Marija Vemić from Nikšić, and the third an artist from Mostar, Silva Radić. By declaring the jury's decisions, President Radoslav Milosevic Atos has estimated that the entire selection of various works is not a reason but a result, an inspiration to be better as human beings through the art.

The selector, art historian Senka Subotic, under the motto PARALLELS, conceived the exhibition as a synthesis of the various artistic expressions of the author, who in parallel create and operate in the territory of ex-Yugoslavia and beyond, with the intention of presenting the state of contemporary painting in this area. In addition to artists from Montenegro, she selected works by authors from Banja Luka and Mostar Academies, while, as she explained, there were no funds for presenting authors from other countries of the region.

By opening the exhibition, the artist from Mostar, Silva Radic, pointed out that the Salon is a symbol that combines different stories and symbols:

"Twenty authors tonight, with their symbolic sentences, their works have also left a trace in time. It will also leave a trace in each observer that opens himself to the world of symbols," Radić says.

This year, the selected artists were chosen by selector in consultation with colleagues from the Sorbonne and from the Association Salon New Reality in Paris, which quite clearly shows the quality of the 52nd Winter Salon and the responsibility of the selector for the event that lasts more than half a century, says the president of the municipality, Stevan Katic.

"Parallels, the theme of this Winter Salon, point to what is common and different. I believe that is the same in other segments of life - by seeing parallel opinions and attitudes we see differences, it gives us the opportunity to look better and more, focusing on the truth, whatever it is. Only in this way are we improving ourselves. We can envy the artists - they see what is hidden from us, they point it to us and reveal it, and it is up to us, everybody within their capabilities, to draw a lesson or an opinion," Katić pointed out.

First-rate prize-winning Montenegrin sculptor Miodrag Šćepanović for his work "Zatišje" says that he was firstly very surprised by the invitation to take part in the Salon, for which he is grateful to the organizer and then for the award. The 52nd Herceg Novi Winter Salon at the Josip Bepo Benković Gallery can be seen by visitors in the next 50 days during the Mimosa Festival.

Text by Radio Jadran, on February 1st, 2019, read more at CdM

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