12 Sep 2020, 21:44 PM

September 12, 2020 - In the coming days, from September 13 to September 17, 2020, the area of ​​Montenegro will be affected by warm tropical air mass. This will cause high air temperatures, especially in the broader region of Podgorica and Danilovgrad (Zeta-Bjeloplavici region) and the coast with its low -surface vegetation. Tropical climates are expected, followed by increased to strong north-northeast winds. Significant fire warnings will be expected - the Directorate for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of the Interior announced.

The situation will be aggravated by the intensified to a strong north wind expected during Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, especially at night.
According to the current predictions by the European weather center, no rain is expected in the central and southern parts of the continent until September 17.

Due to the above factors, the Directorate for Emergency Situations of Montenegro called on all competent public services to raise operational readiness to a higher level to be ready to respond to potential dangers to nature and human health. They have also called on the public to stay aware of the danger of fire in such conditions.

Department of Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro: Weather forecast for the next two days

Sunday, September 13

Mostly sunny and warm. In the north, in the morning, fog in the valleys, and the afternoon weak to moderate cloud development. Wind moderate to strong in places, northerly. Morning air temperature 8 to 24, highest daily 22 to 36 degrees.

Podgorica: Mostly sunny and hot. The wind occasionally moderate, north and northeast. Morning air temperature around 23, highest daily up to 35 degrees.

Monday, September 14

Mostly sunny and warm. In the morning, in the north, fog in the valleys, and the afternoon, weak to moderate cloud development in the continental regions. Wind occasionally and in places moderate to strong, northerly. Morning air temperature 7 to 24, highest daily 21 to 35 degrees.

Podgorica: Mostly sunny and hot with weak to moderate cloud development. Wind occasionally moderate, north and northeast. Morning air temperature 23, highest daily around 34 degrees.

11 Sep 2020, 22:40 PM

September 11, 2020 - This year's Herceg Novi Comic Festival- HSF, in its 14th iteration, ended successfully on Wednesday after a six-day program. What the organizers planned and promised for this year, they fulfilled - that the festival, regardless of all the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic, would take place.

And it was held without any significant issues or reorganization, and the world's comic stars were brought to the Montenegrin coast again. Three artists from Britain, five from Croatia, three from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and six artists from the Montenegrin comics scene introduced themselves to the audience and spent time with them.

"First of all, I am delighted that we have managed to hold the festival in these conditions. We never doubted that. All the artists were eager to come, and at the cost of being quarantined for 14 days when they return home, this is what will happen to William Simpson, Glenn Fabry, and Karen Holloway. All five Italians guests announced said they would do take part, but they received an official letter from the Italian embassy with a strong recommendation to them not to come. This in practice prohibited them from attending, so they had to concede defeat. Yet that is the only thing that changed in our plan. Also, the guests and ourselves are delighted because HSF is the only event dedicated to comics held in Europe this year, and probably beyond, since the New York Comic-Con was also supposed to take place. And yet, it will not, " Nebojsa Mandic, one of the HSF organizers said to Vijesti, sharing his first impressions at the beginning of the festival. 

 hsf 3

photo: HSF

Nebojša expressed great pride that his team had staged the festival at an extremely high level, hosting stars such as the winner of two Emmys who also worked on the series "Game of Thrones", William Simpson. Glen Fabry, who is among the 20 most important cartoonists globally and whose drawings are worth three thousand euros each, also attended. The winner of the Eisner Award, Esad Ribić, who has been working exclusively on Marvel covers for the last five years, was in attendance as was one other important person in Marvel and DC, Mirko Čolak. According to Mandic, this year, the traditional comics school, which was the best so far, stood out with over twenty children participating.

"I am very proud and happy that we received the support of all our traditional sponsors, who did not withdraw despite the financial uncertainty due to coronavirus. We owe a great deal of gratitude to them, to the whole city that stood behind us, and to the whole country that recognized that our festival is the best ambassador of Montenegrin culture in the world. We got the most out of abnormal conditions. HSF also boasts traditionally positive coverage when it comes to the media in the region and beyond. RTS has put us on its cultural program twice, and they are preparing a special show; HRT also reported on the festival. Otherwise, we have been extremely well-represented in the Italian media before. One specialized magazine even published a dozen pages about Herceg Novi and what we do. "Everyone is following us because we are the only festival that took place in Europe this year, so everyone who deals with comics wrote a little more about it," said Mandic.

In addition to the problems before the festival, he says that it was challenging during the festival. But now that he sees the results, it all looks like "sweet torment".

"It was challenging because we had to calculate what to do and how to work, which guests we would have; we just had to have not a B plan, but a Z plan. From A to Z, we had plans for every situation so that the festival would be staged no matter what. The big obstacle was that the crisis is everywhere. Everyone is financially unstable; that is why I pointed out that one of our most significant victories is that we got the support of all those who have supported us before. Of course, the huge thing was how to explain to the artists that they are not allowed to group, that they have to wear masks in certain places, they are not allowed to dance to the music ... ", he explains.

Due to the pandemic restrictions, the number of visitors from Croatia, BiH and Serbia was lower. Still, it was compensated by visitors from other cities in Montenegro and was generally very good, claims Mandic.

"It seems to me that the city was the busiest this weekend. I don't know the exact numbers, but it appeared that it was the fullest during our summer season during our entire summer season," he said with pride.

hsf 1

Photo: HSF

Visiting artists are always delighted with the homely atmosphere in Herceg Novi, as was the case this year as well.

"I will best describe their reactions in one sentence that Karen Holloway repeated for days: 'What did I do to deserve to be here, to deserve this part of heaven that you have afforded me these six days?!' All artists love our festival because it is entirely different from the other conventions and the Comic Zone. When drawn, they can draw, have direct interaction with the audience, and do not have strictly defined dates. Also, during all six days, we organized the festival at different locations to get to know the city well, and we can even take them to Topla and Luštica ", Mandić points out.

We have young and talented artists

Mandic also commented on the Montenegrin comics scene and highlighted Luka Cakic, a young artist from Podgorica who he proudly says is a child of HSF. One of the founders of the festival, Nikola Ćurčin, is working on a large project called "Ragorn", an epic-fantastic drama announced for next year and which Mandić claims is a masterpiece.

"The Association of Montenegrin Comic Authors, headed by Simon Vukčević, also presented itself at our festival, and he also published the magazine 'Comics', which deserves attention. These are all familiar names, but we also had the opportunity to see extremely talented young artists, primarily from Kotor, who came to the Association's presentation. The most eminent comic book experts like Ribić and Simpson praised their work, shared a few tricks, and encouraged them to continue working as Luka Cakic, who learned a lot at our festivals and is now one of the most sought-after illustrators, "said Mandic.

hsf 2

Photo: HSF

Speaking about the atmosphere at this year's HSF, Mandic recalled a few especially interesting moments.

"Every night, we had parties, regardless of the restrictions, following NKT measures. It was a bit of a weird scene when the hard rock band Mustang was playing. You see, the audience is struggling with the urge to dance and jump, but everyone is sitting at tables, and no one is moving. The measures are being followed. Everything looked like from the time of that hard communism when there were dancers and when no one was allowed to be the first to start playing. When it comes to this segment, one of the most beautiful moments was when Esad Ribić sat down at the drums and started playing with the teenagers from the Herceg Novi group Kupplung. It was spectacular. There was a real feeling that the guests missed such events this year, and there was a perfect vibe during the entire festival ", he said.

Text by Stefan Strugar

10 Sep 2020, 15:32 PM
September 10, 2020 - The Red Cross of Montenegro will be marking the World First Aid Day on Saturday, September 12. It is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of knowing first aid, which in many situations is crucial for saving lives, according to the Red Cross of Montenegro.
"First aid is an initial step in providing an effective and prompt response, which helps mitigate the consequences of severe injury and increase the chances of survival of an at-risk individual. Millions of people are injured or die from injuries every day due to inadequate response or untimely action," the Red Cross statement reads.
This year's theme for World First Aid Day is "First Aid during the Covid-19 Epidemic".
"Knowing first aid at all times, especially in emergencies such as the Covid-19 epidemic, is extremely important. Going to medical facilities is not recommended, except in emergencies, and more time spent at home increases the risk of minor injury. Therefore, for as many people as possible, at least one in each household, it is important that they know how to provide first aid to themselves and others. It is also necessary that each household has a readily-available first aid kit containing the basic items needed to provide first aid," said the coordinator of the First Aid Program in the Red Cross of Montenegro, Igor Jokanović.
Due to the overall coronavirus situation, it is not possible to organize mass events such as those the municipal Red Cross organizations have held thus far to mark World First Aid Day. Still, volunteers will share information material with recommendations on what to do in case of injuries at home. 
Some local organizations will organize a "public first aid class" in squares and demonstrate primary care of injuries and conditions. The campaign and the sharing of useful tips will also take place via social media.
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is a world leader in providing first aid. For more than 150 years, first aid has been one of the essential services provided to the injured by volunteers and employees of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. The Red Cross of Montenegro is continuously working on training the population to provide first aid. Through lectures in primary and secondary schools, faculties, work organizations, and by organizing local competitions, state competitions, and demonstration exercises, in the previous year, over 5,500 people were trained through the first aid program.
10 Sep 2020, 14:42 PM

September 10, 2020 - Montenegro urgently needs a modern fishing port, according to the Institute of Marine Biology (IBMK) Director, Dr. Aleksandar Joksimović. He emphasizes that Montenegro's current situation is such that our fishermen, unfortunately, do not have fishing ports specifically for their use, but use berths in other ports or marinas along the coast.

Joksimović highlighted that the public debate on the construction of a port on Rt Đerani near Ulcinj, with a capacity of 50 fishing vessels, worth tens of millions of euros and financed by the World Bank within the MIDAS 2 project, will last until September 23.

"What fishers currently have at their disposal is not enough for them, so it is administratively and financially complicated. Therefore, this project, which we have been talking about for a long time in Montenegro, is gaining in importance every day," Joksimović said for Radio Kotor, adding that the fishing port will be a real tourist attraction.

The goal is to improve the competitiveness of fisheries in Montenegro by increasing state support in compliance with EU accession requirements. The project's value is 30 million euros, and construction is expected to last until June 2023. Eight years ago, the construction of a fishing port was planned in Njivice, but it was abandoned.

Joksimović recalled that the University of Montenegro's Faculty of Maritime Studies in Kotor, in cooperation with the Institute of Biology, will be coordinating a regional project called "Development of a Regional Joint Master Program in Maritime Environmental Protection and Management."

The project includes such national partners as the Agency for Nature and Environmental Protection of Montenegro and the NGO Eco Center Delfin alongside partner universities from EU countries in Ljubljana, Cadiz, and the Cote d'Azur University in Nice. The total project budget is 845,188 euros.

08 Sep 2020, 16:16 PM
September 8, 2020 - The company Brand New Tivat (BNT) has launched a newly-created portal for Tivat, a web platform to promote Tivat in a completely new way as a business, tourist, and destination for authentic traditions.
The new portal,, is interactive, enabling two-way communication with site visitors, and is a modern means of presenting the city.
On the new web platform, Brand New Tivat, founded by the Municipality, short promo films have also been launched as a new way to acquaint the public with the specificities of Tivat, some of which are somewhat forgotten or have disappeared.
Four short documentaries can be seen on the portal: Firstly "Tivat, many worlds within", and then "Submarine on the land" about the museum exhibit - submarine P-3821 "Hero" in the Collection of Maritime Heritage in Tivat."Fishing under the light" is about the unique ancient method of fishing under a lamp with the use of a special sword - Kurćela - for catching fish, and "Tivat City Park" about the largest botanical garden in the southern Adriatic, founded in 1892.
Ribanje pod ukres/ Fishing under the light
"Short documentary video formats are based on the idea of ​​preserving authentic stories about Tivat and its traditional events. The topics translated into documentaries were chosen by the creative team led by Neven Staničić. The shooting and directing are overseen by a professional film crew led by director Dušan Vuleković " stated BNT Executive Producer, Predrag Gajić.
Each of the films lasts less than three minutes. Through a specific director-camera approach and narration of one interlocutor, they give an exciting and captivating presentation of segments of Tivat's natural and cultural heritage.
The films can also be viewed on the official accounts of Brand New Tivat on the social networks Facebook and Instagram and the YouTube channel.
Links to official sites for Brand new Tivat:
 Insta: brandnewtivat 
 Facebook: Brand New Tivat 
 YouTube: brand new tivat
06 Sep 2020, 12:32 PM

September 6, 2020 - As part of the Risan Time Machine project, two events will be held on Tuesday, 8th September; an evening presenting Miraš Martinović’s literary work, Teuta - Inspiration, Myth and History, and an exhibition of old photographs of Risan - entitled Risan Through Time. Both events will be held at the Roman Mosaics site, starting at 8 p.m.

The exhibition Risan Through Time showcases the rich history of the oldest town in Boka through old photographs. These have been brought together from the albums, archives and scrapbooks of Risan families and those who love this ancient town, and will represent both a visual time machine, and a fitting backdrop for Martinović's literary work.

Risan old photo


Curating the programme are the NGO Koltrina and MZ Risan. The goal of the project is to revive the rich history of Risan through several cultural events. The Risan Time Machine programme is supported by the Secretariat for Culture, Sports and Social Activities within the Boka Time Machine 2020 event.


Miraš Martinović, born in 1952, is one of the most significant Montenegrin writers. HIs first work, The Myth of the Cherry, was awarded the Lazar Vučković prize for literature. In the region and beyond, he is recognized for his work on ancient themes and forgotten landscapes of Montenegro, which he brought to life in prose form: Roads of Prevalis, Revealing Agruvium, Teuta, Dreams of Doclea and Ancient Cities: Dreams and Destinies.

He is also the author of several novels: Heretic,  Babylonian Sages, Aeschylus’ Last Day, The Harpist from Ur, a novel about Njegoš - The Second Sun Shines, and a book of stories, Return to Alexandria.

Martinović’s rich creative treasury also includes works in poetry form: The Invisible Chronicle, The Speech of Kings, The Speech of the Earth, Whispering with Memory, The Bow and the Lyre, Voices from Stone and The Day That Has Not Passed.

His works have been translated into several languages. He is laureate of the Teuta Regional Literary Award and the October Award of Herceg Novi, the town in which he resides. He is a member of the Montenegrin PEN and Matica Crnogorska. The conversation with the author is led by Marija Starčević, Manager of the Kotor City Library and Reading Room.



04 Sep 2020, 21:00 PM

September 4, 2020 - The Strategy for the Development of the Maritime Economy for 2020 to 2030, recently adopted by the Government of Montenegro, aims to improve business in ports and attract investments. One part of the strategy refers specifically to the port of Kotor, and a project to modernise berths in the port. At the same time, the strategy includes options to develop currently underused ports, such as Risan and Zelenika.

The Port of Kotor is divided into two basic sections - the port and the marina. The operational zone of the waters of the Port of Kotor covers a total area of ​​approximately 52,000 m2. The operational shore for mooring ships and mega yachts consists of two berths, with a third on the north side of the operational shore used for mooring smaller vessels, as well as for mega yachts during free traffic and stern-berthing periods.

The operational shore can accommodate ships of approx. 250 metres long, depending on the draft. For ships no longer than 300 metres, planning documentation has been prepared for a mooring pile 80 metres from the end of the current operational area.

To keep up with trends in the cruising industry, and the need to accommodate ever larger vessels - of up to 350 metres, and also provide a greater degree of security for berths, a mooring system for cruise ships on mooring buoys is proposed. These mooring buoys will be of up to 6 metres in circumference, spaced at a distance of about 420m.

Kotor photo Boka News

Kotor - photo Boka News

The company Luka Kotor AD has operated the port for many years, providing for mainly cruise ship passenger traffic, the strategy recalls. The port infrastructure is in working condition and is regularly used for the docking and supply of vessels.

The strategy includes plans to adapt, reconstruct, build and equip the port of Kotor as a trading port open for international traffic, with an emphasis on the tourist-passenger sector. There are also plans to increase the capacity for ships berthing at port and providing cruise ships mooring at anchor, by installing temporary buoys.

An overhaul of the marina includes the improvement of anchoring, mooring, electrical, and water supply systems, as well as constructing access bridges that have a built-in access control system.

“The modernization of the marina infrastructure will ensure improvements to the billing system itself, as well as preparation of the berth cadastre, and reservation, so that the user of marina services provided by Luka Kotor AD can settle all payments at a toll station that will be operational 24/7,” the documentation states.

The information further states that all pontoons will be modular, which in practice means that, depending on future plans and projection of berth occupancy, capacity could be expanded.

The estimated value of the investment project is EUR 500,000.

The drafting process of the strategic document also recognized the possibility, and potential need, to suitably develop the neglected or underused port infrastructure. Here, the ports of Risan and Zelenika are highlighted as potential that should be tapped for the development of the overall maritime economy.

The port of Risan has 75 metres of operational shore, is about 5 meters deep and has a mooring 75.5 metres long, which was previously used for local maritime traffic. The area of ​​its open operational shore is 1,330 m2 and has four mooring cleats. It also has the possibility of mooring vessels of up to 17 metres long, ie. about five vessels of average size parallel to the coast.


RIsan - photo Boka News

“The public company Morsko Dobro has issued a public call for tender for the preparation of a study on the construction conditions for the Port of Risan, the necessary investments in infrastructure equipment and maintenance, for the preparation of an economic and financial analysis and the concession act,” the strategy states.

The study should include a survey and estimate of works on the maintenance of the facility and possible renovation for a period of 20-30 years, and equipping the marina with pontoons for yacht mooring. Also, the document should contain information on the necessary infrastructural equipment of the marina, installation of a pontoon breakwater, as well as all connected systems for sanitation and drainage of wastewater, and a summary of estimates for works.

The Port of Risan is planned as a local and marine tourism port. Information given states that the plan for granting concessions for local ports adopted already by the Government of Montenegro in 2016 envisaged granting concessions to the port of Risan. Through the concession model, infrastructural equipment will be provided, alongside modernization, maintenance, investments in and use of the port - i.e. provision of port services. The capacity of the marina will be a maximum of 150 berths, while a part of the port is defined as a communal mooring with 30 communal berths.

The Port of Zelenika has the function of a trading port open to international maritime traffic and, accordingly, that of a border crossing at which foreign maritime vessels can perform the necessary procedures when entering the territorial waters of Montenegro.

GP Zelenika

GP Zelenika - Photo Boka News

- Safe and unhindered entry to the port is possible due to the significant depths at the port approach, and the absence of obstacles for semi-navigation. The border crossing uses the 134-meter-long NW port pier and is physically separated by a fence from the rest of the port. At the pier of the border crossing, relevant mooring, electricity and fuel infrastructure are also provided for. 

- The port of Zelenika still does not meet all the standards provided by law and bylaws necessary for passenger traffic, but there is certainly significant room for further development of the port and opening it up to accommodate ships as an alternative to Kotor - the Government document states.



04 Sep 2020, 14:12 PM
September 4, 2020 - "Whisper" - is the name of the multimedia exhibition of the versatile artist Ljiljana Petrovic, which will be opened on Sunday, September 6, at 8 pm in the Church of St. Paul in the Old Town of Kotor. The audience will be presented with costumes and digital works inspired by the sacrifice and life of Blessed Ozana Kotorska, whose hermitage is located in the complex of the Church of St. Paul. It is an exceptional gallery space towards which, as she pointed out, the artist felt a special responsibility.
"The exhibition Whisper is another project that I am working on at the invitation of Municipal Public Institution "Museums Kotor". Two years ago, my colleague Aleksandar Kostic and I prepared the exhibition "Cargo," which was very well received. This project is inspired primarily by Blessed Ozan. That was the starting point, which I, of course, expanded, so the exhibition is conceptual. It is exhibited in an exciting space, sacred, and at the same time artistic," says the artist, who regularly exhibits stage costumes, treating them as a work of stage-related art.
"Their real life is on the stage. But if you process it well, the costume can be exhibited and get some new context if it is in the gallery. I regularly exhibit my costumes, so do my students, and we always try to adhere to high aesthetic standards. These costumes are not on the stage now, but they are very close, and every detail must be seen to properly. I hope to succeed this time as well. We are only just setting up the exhibition," modestly points out Ljiljana Petrović, who, in addition to her artistic career in theater and film, also works as a stage costume professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.
She is the creator of costumes for numerous feature films and 150 theater performances by almost all the leading theaters in Belgrade and national theaters in Serbia. She has worked on costumes for TV dramas, short and animated films, and more than 350 projects in advertising.
"Guided by experience, the versatile artist Ljiljana Petrović has matched the miraculous ambiance of the Church of St. Paul in the Old Town of Kotor with her multimedia exhibition Whisper. In this lighthouse of beauty and sacredness, where the legend of the Blessed Ozana of Kotor lives, the author boldly set out to conquer an imposing space, familiar to most observers, but static and closed. As a costume designer, she is close to free movement through various media and artistic and non-artistic dimensions," reads the announcement for the exhibition "Whisper", signed by Suzana Sudar.
Within an exciting multimedia approach, the costumes, which will not be exhibited on tailor's mannequins but freely placed in space, will be complemented by video projections and a soundtrack that simulates the play of waves and wind. Thus Whisper is bringing the movement of the theater to the gallery. And the sanctity of the exhibition space opens up to the audience, making them feel like an active participant in the artist's creative process.
"The stage costume is multi-layered. In addition to having a structure, it also has a multiplicity of meanings. Since I have been dealing with film the most lately, engaged as a costume designer in the production of feature films, I decided to give my costumes even more layering. I made a few video projections, and those video works were projected directly onto the costumes. With their content and poetics, those videos have a certain meaning. Just as the colors of the costumes I chose for this setting have symbolism, and their shape and form." Ljiljana Petrović additionally sparks our imagination, noting that the exhibition has an audio component - the tone that will be broadcast simulates a quiet game of waves and wind.
Blessed Ozana, as an inspiration - and the artist points out that she was not previously acquainted with her character and work.
"Don Niko Luković's book "Blessed Ozana of Kotor" came to me through the Kotor Museum curator, Biserka Milić. She also showed me the Church of St. Paul's space, prompting me to think about the interesting project we are now putting in place. It was very interesting for me and my colleagues with whom I worked on the exhibition "Cargo". We jointly started the project on the topic of sacrifice, about what a person is ready to do because of higher goals and the community's interests. In the end, we decided to do two different exhibitions. Whisper is one of them, and a colleague's exhibition is yet to come. Blessed Ozana is the starting point, with her light, peace, truth, the historical context of her sacrifice. It was exciting to try to translate all this into a visual language, metaphorical, which has its own messages. I hope I have succeeded. "
The exhibition "Whisper" in St. Paul's church will be opened on Sunday, September 6, and the audience will have the opportunity to visit it until November 7, 2020.
04 Sep 2020, 12:26 PM

September 4, 2020 - The Montenegrin record company Rabbit Records, in cooperation with the Made in New York Competition and Festival INC from New York, is organizing the 5th Made in New York Jazz Festival, Montenegro 2020. The festival will be held tonight from 9 pm on the open stage Synchro in Porto Montenegro and on September 6 in the atrium of "The Capital Plaza" in Podgorica.

Some of the biggest names on the world jazz scene will perform. Tommy Campbell - drums, Calvin Jones - bass, Yaac's Mayman - saxophone / ewi (artistic director of Made in New York Jazz Competition INC and multiple Grammy performer), Stafford Hunter - trombone and player on the seashells (Grammy-nominated performer), Marianne Solivan - vocals. They will be joined on stage by regional and local jazz musicians: Vladimir Maraš - piano/synthesizer, Matija Dedić - piano, Rastko Obradović - saxophone, Sara Jovović - piano, and Milorad Šule Jovović - guitar.

In the renovated Ethno Jazz Club "Sejdefa" in Podgorica, tomorrow, the renowned jazz-funk Reunion Funk Band from Belgrade will present their club performance. Composed of experienced professionals and proven masters of jazz-funk, it will bring us the spirit of American clubs in which groove is an always recognizable program concept. The quintet consists of Ljubiša Paunić Paun (saxophone), Mirko Sokolović (bass), Dejan Hasečić (guitar), Željko Janković (drums), and Filip Bulatović (piano).

The "Made in New York Jazz Festival, Montenegro" is the European sequel of the New York jazz festival, held every year in May in the prestigious Tribeca Performing Arts Center, NYC. The Made In New York jazz festival's founding company is Made In New York Jazz Competition INC from Brooklyn, NY. In cooperation with Montenegrin company Rabbit Records, every year after the New York premiere - Jazz Gala concert in May - there is a special edition of the prestigious festival in Europe, happening in June. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival's 2020 edition was postponed to the end of the summer, and is being held under specific conditions. Yet still it maintains the excellent reputation it has within the countries' cultural context.

The "Made in New York Jazz Festival, Montenegro" was launched in 2016. Over its first four years, the festival hosted over 50 renowned jazz performers from all over the world, with legendary jazz artists mostly from the US, the home of jazz and international guests, participants of the Made In New York Jazz Competition!

03 Sep 2020, 23:59 PM
September 4, 2020 - The 14th Herceg Novi Strip Festival (HSF) starts on Friday, September 4. The popular art event, which deservedly won the Caravaggio Award of the Republic of Italy for its particular contribution to promoting Italian culture, will be this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, without Italian artists, but with some of the world's most excellent comics artists of today. Find out below what awaits us in the "city of stairs" over the next six days.
Despite organization taking place under challenging circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the HSF team have managed to bring the cream of the world comics scene to Herceg Novi.  The audience will have an opportunity to enjoy the art of Glen Fabri, Karen Holloway, Esad Ribić, William Simpson, Mirko Čolak, Milorad Vicanović Maza, Štef Bartolić, Krešimir Biuk, Tihomir Tikulin, Iztok Sitar, Filip Andronik, Milan Mišić, and Ana Omi.  Andrija Vujošević, Luka Cakić, Miodrag Spasojević, as well as Luka Rakojević and Simon Vucković will join them to give lectures on comics.
On the first day of the festival, after the opening ceremony at Belavista Square, HSF invites the ninth art fans to a joint tour of the exhibitions in "Josip Bepo Benković" and "Sue Ryder" galleries. Over the weekend, this year will, as in other years, be full of content that visitors to one of the most loved comic festivals in this part of Europe are used to. HSF traditionally organizes a comic book exchange, drawing for fans and drawing on T-shirts, along with workshops, presentations, and parties.

14th HSF Program, September 4-9


Friday, September 4

20:00 - 22:00 Belavista Square
- Opening ceremony and tour of the exhibitions - Galleries "Sue Ryder" and "Josip Bepo Benković"
22:00 Caffe Got
- HSF party

Saturday, September 5

11:00 - 17:00 Njegoševa, Caffe Tutto Bene
- Comic book market
- Drawing for fans
- Drawing on T-shirts
- DJ set: Groovy Castel Nuovo, 2Beat
11:00 - 13:00 Coworking space - Kolektiv Novi, Old Town
- Workshops and school of drawing comics with Nikola Ćurčin and Filip Andronik
17:00 - 19:00 Caffe Tutto Bene
- Presentations by Luka Rakojević, Andrija Vujošević
21:00 Caffe Tutto Bene
- HSF party

Sunday, September 6

11:00 - 01:00 Restaurant "Jadran," City port of Škver
- Comic book market
- Drawing on T-shirts
- Drawing for fans
- Presentations and lectures
- 17:00 Montenegrin Association of Comic Artists - Presentation of the magazine "Stripovanje"
- 17:30 Comic Ragorn - Nikola Ćurčin
- 18:00 Miodrag Spasojevic
-22:00 HSF party - Mustang group

Monday, September 7

11:00 - 17:00 Promenade, Cafe Đir and Žaba beach
- Comic book market
- Drawing on T-shirts
- Drawing for fans
- Beach and sea activities - Exhibition of works - Tina Stanetić
22:00 - 01:00 Cafe Đir, Promenade Pet Danica
- HSF party - DJ Grandpa Selector

Tuesday, September 8

11:00 - 17:00 Luštica Klinci Village
- Bay cruise
- Drawing for "Strip in a Bottle"
- Live Art for HSF and Klinci Village
- Workshops with students from Lustica and Tivat
- HSF Party Kids
22:00 - 01:00 Promenade, Cafe Pub
- HSF party - groups Đenović All stars and Lagana Sreda

Wednesday, September 9

11:00 - 01:00 Beach bar "Peoples"
- Comic book market
- Drawing on T-shirts
- Drawing for fans
- Presentations and lectures
- Diving school, beach and sea activities
- HSF party - DJ Sevdah baby; Disco night DJ Nick
02 Sep 2020, 10:32 AM

September 2, 2020 - The International Klapa Festival (MFK) Perast has announced that this year's Festival will be held on 11th and 12th September in Perast, respecting all NKT measures.

On Friday, 11th September, the Festival will open with "Klapa heritage of MFK Perast - Homage to the Deserving", a complete klapa programme with songs by B. Tamindžić, V. Nikolić and N. Gregović - with 9 local klapas performing. The Festival will be opened by the Mayor of the Municipality of Kotor, Željko Aprcović.

On Saturday, 12th September, the competition programme will include performances by category - women's klapas (3) and men's klapas (5) and new klapa songs (6) with a total of 22 songs. While the jury makes its deliberations, there will be a show performance by children’s klapa Mariners and participating klapas.

Promotion of the Festival Almanac Lirica no. 8 will take place at the Perast Museum at 11 a.m., with the awarding of certificates of appreciation for the contribution of the XIX MFK Perast.

PROGRAMME - XIX International Klapa Festival Perast

First evening, 11th Sept. 2020. at St. Nicholas Square, Perast 8pm

Performance - Klapa heritage XIX MFK Perast: Homage to the Deserving

I - BORISLAV TAMINDŽIĆ, edited by Aleksandar Saša Tamindžić:

  3. ALATA

 II - VICKO NIKOLIĆ, arrangements by Aleksandar Saša Tamindžić:

  3. ALATA

III - Tribute to prof. Nikola Gregović

  2. MARIS
  3. ALATA

There will be 7 klapas participating, with18 songs

Second evening, 12th Sept. 2020, St. Nicholas Square 8pm

Competition programme - Women's, Men's, and New Klapa song

International Klapa Festival Perast 2019

Women's Klapas:

  1. Klapa CAVTAJKE (Cavtat, Croatia)
  2. Klapa ZVIZDAN (Posušje, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  3. Klapa ALATA (Podgorica, Montenegro)

 Men's Klapas:

  1. Klapa ŽMUL (Omiš, Croatia)
  2. Klapa ŠTIGLIĆI (Podgorica, Montenegro)
  3. Klapa KRIJANCA (Rab, Croatia)
  4. Klapa POKORNIK (Dugi Rat, Croatia)
  5. Klapa BOŠKET (Zagreb, Croatia)



New Klapa song:

Klapa CAMERTON (Podgorica, Montenegro) - Friend, Drop Anchor, lyrics and music: Poly Gjurgjević, arrangement: Saša Gajić

Klapa CASTEL NUOVO (Herceg Novi, Montenegro) - Scale by Scale, lyrics and music: Momčilo Zeković, arrangement: Mia Vidović - Distance, lyrics: Miloš Milošević, music and arrangement: Mia Vidović

Klapa ŠTIGLIĆI (Podgorica, Montenegro) - Boka, lyrics: Dragan Popadić, music and arrangement: Mario Katavić - These Thin Sails of Mine, lyrics: Croatian folk poetry of the 18th and 19th centuries, music and arrangement: Mario Petani 

Klapa ŽMUL (Omiš, Croatia) - Boka, lyrics: Marijan Tutanić, music and arrangement: Josip Tomasović

Summary: 10 klapas and 22 songs in 3 competition categories


Performance: Children's Klapa Mariners, participating klapas, award ceremony of the expert jury

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