10 Aug 2019, 11:25 AM

10 August 2019 - Some of the most recognizable Montenegrin songs are so true in their tune and lyrics that their sensibility remains engraved for the rest of our lives. Miran Begić, a famous Montenegrin violinist, a university professor and director of the Espressivo Art Festival said that therefore, the authentic Montenegrin music tells that the country is honest, courageous and in need for true love and affection. This summer, Esspresivo will be presenting the event of the season in classical music and will be hosting some of the world’s renowned artists, CdM reports.

Begić was commenting on the attempts of appropriating Montenegrin cultural heritage, noting that it is up to the people of Montenegro to prevent it through the current process of protection of intangible cultural heritage. It is a complex and demanding task, he said, especially when it comes to the overlapping of cultural heritage in the region and the South Slavs.

He underlined that the Cetinje Music Academy has already started the process of recording and digitalization of intangible cultural heritage in cooperation with the University of Montenegro and the Ministry of Science.

“As I have already said, it is a responsible, complex and time-consuming process that will give us the real insight into the best and most authentic thing that Montenegro possesses as a cultural wealth,“ pointed out Begić.

Begić recently paid a visit to Argentina, where he met many descendants of our immigrants.

“I had the opportunity to meet with some high-ranking people of the Montenegrin community in Argentina, and it was so touching. A huge attachment to the homeland and nostalgia culminated in concerts where I played songs of Boro Tamindžić. My next trip to South America will include some other countries as well, such as Paraguay and Uruguay,” said Begić.

As for the cultural education of young people, he noted that there are many methods to get them interested or at least to make them think that there is music that resists every time and trend, as their education and life should be – resistant to cheap external influences and upright in every possible situation.

"I have many plans for the future – from recording a CD with Predrag Janković to the new professional developments, PhD, work on self-improvement …and all that to be transferred to my students who will be working this job better than me. And then I’ll think I really made it,” concluded Begić.

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09 Aug 2019, 22:01 PM

9 August 2019 - Culture Centre Tivat has announced programmes for the next three days of Purgatorije festival, that will be held on two summer scenes.

The second Dance Theatre Festival, as a part of Purgatorije will be continued on Saturday, August 10th. The dance performance "Krik" (Shout) will be performed at 9 pm by the Ballet Company BALLO from Podgorica on the stage of Atrium Buća.

The choreography has been done by Tamara Vuckovic Mandic and Slavka Nelevic.

Festival selector, Jelena Kajgo, points out: “We must have a performance of the domestic dance scene. Interpersonal relationships, frustration, anger, powerlessness, aggression born of powerlessness ... through the play of three dancers. It is also, as the authors said, a cry to change something, to make the dance scene seen."

Play “TRE SORELLE” written by Stevan Koprivica and directed by Zoran Rakocevic will be performed on Sunday, August 11, at 9 p.m. at the same venue. This play is produced by the Cetinje Faculty of Drama Arts and the Culture Centre Tivat. It premiered in 2016 as a graduation performance of the third-year students of the acting programme in the framework of the exams. Starring Marija Djuric, Jelena Djukic, Marija Labudovic, Omar Bajramspahic, Vule Markovic and Pavle Popovic.

The play has been successfully performed both in Montenegro and in the region. Marija Djuric won the Best Actress Award at the Young Actor Festival in Konjic, BiH (Bosnia and hercegovina) this June.

Playwright Stevan Koprivica pointed out: "Tre sorelle" are returning home to check out the legends and demons and love of the latest generations of Montenegrin playwrights. Is there a better event for the writer and the professor of the school where the director and the actors come from?"

On Monday, August 12 at 9 pm pop singer Tijana Bogicevic will perform at the Summer Stage. Her album "Miracle" has won the region in just one year. The audience will have the chance to listen to live hits "Come on Then Nothing"( Hajde onda ništa) “I am Looking for" (Tražim), "Somehow, No Way" (Nekako nikako), "Unconditional" (Bezuslovno), "OK" (U redu), and Tijana announces many other surprises at the concert.

“I am particularly looking forward to this concert! It seems to me that people in Montenegro are particularly fond of songs from my first album. This is also the first time we will perform at seaside, on a beautiful summer stage, in a special atmosphere. The audience is used to having a good time at my concerts, with a strong emotional charge, and always with great guests. It will also be like that this time. Come, I'm waiting for you!" says Tijana.

09 Aug 2019, 17:04 PM

09 August 2019 - The Central Bank of Montenegro is currently analyzing the optimal model of instant payment in Montenegro and possibilities of contactless payments in outlets using smartphones. The Central Bank is also considering payment initiation using a mobile app.

Instant payments are, by definition, electronic retail payment solutions available 24/7 during all 365 days a year.

“Instant payments result in the immediate clearing of the transaction and crediting of the payee’s account with confirmation to the payer within seconds of payment initiation,” said the representatives of Central Bank of Montenegro, as Cafe del Montenegro reported.

The instant payment system was designed to provide payment services in a faster and more reliable way.

“With national instant payment systems implemented worldwide, and with many others which are currently under development, instant payments are slowly but surely becoming a new standard of payment transactions. Except for the basic functionality used by banks, potential payment services available to end-users are the subject of analysis: non-contact payments using the mobile app or sending requests for payment,” pointed out the representatives of the Central Bank of Montenegro.

Based on previous experience the instant payment system will widen the access to banking service, stimulate economic growth, offer alternatives to card payment schemes, and reduce the use of cash. Representatives of the Central Bank of Montenegro also said that schemes based on instant payment would open markets for new participants and stimulate competition in launching new and innovative products through services based on instant payments.

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09 Aug 2019, 13:51 PM

09 August 2019 - Mc2Gallery presents Murano Art Week, featuring some of the best and most important glass artists from Murano, Italy.

Murano Art Week, an exhibition of artwork in Murano glass, will be open from 10 to 17 August at the gallery site at Luštica bay, Mc2 gallery. During the seven days, visitors will be presented with some of the greatest masters in Murano glass history, which is famous and prized for its quality for over 1000 years.

“As Italians, we are proud to exhibit these works of art, whose characteristics are famous all over the world. The most important is the Maestro Pino Signoretto, considered the "Michelangelo of the glass", who died in 2017, who had collaborations and projects with Salvador Dali, Jeff Koons, Marc Quinn, Emilio Vedova, Dale Chihuly and many others”, said the invitation from the gallery’s PR office.

Murano Art Week at Luštica Bay Gallery in Tivat

Master Giampaolo Seguso, an important family from Murano, will also be exhibited at the show. Their works are a collection of the Moma in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Many other Masters will also be showcased at the exhibition, such as Romano Dona, Giancarlo Signoretto who collaborated with artists such as DADO, Bradley, Licata, Leismuller and Marc Estel, then the Cuban master Alfredo Sosabravo, Fabio and Andrea Tagliapietra, and also Simone Cenedese.

The sponsors of the exhibition are the companies A.L.P.I. Co. and IDISTUDIO (Italian Design of Interiors).

MC2Gallery opened in 2009 in Milan by an idea of Claudio Composti (Art Director) and Vincenzo Maccarone, Collector and Owner of MC2Gallery. In 2018 the gallery changed the headquarters to Luštica Bay, Montenegro, but it is still present in Milan. The gallery name is from the Einstein theory E=MC2, in other words, the synergy with whom we create and share the Culture.

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09 Aug 2019, 12:52 PM

09 August 2019 - Prohibition of smoking in enclosed public places in Montenegro will enter into force on Wednesday, August 14th, after the Law on Restriction of Tobacco Use was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro on August 7th.

The law, which bans the use of tobacco products in public indoor areas, except in casinos, was passed by parliament in a unanimous vote of 42 votes on July 31st, reports RTCG. It is scheduled to enter into force eight days after its publication in the Official Gazette of Montenegro.

At a session of the parliamentary Committee on Health, Labour and Social Welfare on July 16, Health Minister Kenan Hrapović said that the initiative for this law was due to the fact that the previous acts regulating this area did not produce the expected results.

With the adoption of the new Law on the Restriction of the Use of Tobacco Products, the Law on Fees will cease to apply, and it will no longer be possible to pay fees to allow smoking in some part of the facility.

It is possible to designate a specific part of the space that the owner or user designates solely for this purpose. The law clearly stipulates the conditions of insulation, surface, position and equipment of that part of the space: the room must be insulated in such a way that no tobacco smoke can flow into the rest of the space, and the surface must not be less than 10 square meters, must not occupy more than 20 per cent of the workspace or public space and should not be intended for passage to other spaces.

The new law does not allow smoking in any room or area where food and drink are consumed. The request of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro that organisers of games of chance should be an exception to the law was accepted, and the casinos expressed their willingness to pay fees in addition to specific ventilation apparatus and air purifiers in the amount determined by the Government.

Minister Hrapović said earlier that in our country, about 400 people have lung cancer a year, and that, according to data from 2015, it costs about 70,000 EUR to treat just one patient. According to Hrapović, this is, among other things, an alarm for the health system, which indicates the need for improvement, first of all, preventive action.

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09 Aug 2019, 00:04 AM

08 August 2019 - The traditional manifestation Days of Healthy Food from Durmitor 2019, organized by the Centre for Culture of the Municipality of Žabljak with the support of the local tourist organization, was launched in Žabljak on August 7th and will last until August 9th.

After the exhibition of paintings, which was held on the first day of the manifestation, as well as the exhibition of healthy food (second day), where the products of local farmers and dishes from homemakers who live in Durmitor were exhibited, this event ends August 9th with a tasting of kačamak and priganice (local dish similar to donuts) on the Black Lake shore.

Visitors of the first two days of the manifestation were able to enjoy bread baked under the sač, pies, fried dough, various types of cheese, greens from Durmitor fields, blueberries and raspberries, juices, homemade brandies and many other products which were displayed at the Cultural Centre in Žabljak. The area of ​​northern Montenegro is already recognizable for its traditional cuisine, which involves preparing organic food in a traditional way, and this was confirmed yet again at this year’s event.

This event has become a tradition that gathers many exhibitors and attracts a large number of visitors who can taste the highest quality local food from Žabljak. The tradition will surely be preserved and continued according to the organisers, who could not hold back their praise for the housewives who have invested a great deal of effort in preparing the displayed dishes.

The aim of this manifestation, which is being organised for the sixth year, is to promote Žabljak as a tourist destination.

Tomorrow, on August 9, a tasting of kačamak, a traditional Durmitor dish, will be held on the Black Lake shore, starting at 3 pm.

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08 Aug 2019, 20:35 PM

8 August 2019 - The exhibition of caricatures of artist Goran Šćekić will be held in the garden of the Mirko Komnenovic City Museum in Herceg Novi on August 11 at 9 pm, as announced from the Museum Press.

Goran Šćekić is a Berane-born author, who lives and works in Podgorica. He began caricature artwork in 1992 when he published his first work in Pobjeda, the only daily newspaper in Montenegro at the time.

Since then, he has been noticed by editors of many media outlets in Montenegro and Serbia, so that his works appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines. Thanks to the internet, he has also become known in the diaspora.

In 2001 and 2007, he received journalist awards from the Association of Journalists of Montenegro. In 2016, he received the prestigious Berane Liberation Day Award.

In 1999 he discontinued cooperation with all other media and started a collaboration with the independent daily "DAN" (Day). He has posted over 10,000 caricatures so far.

He is also a comic artist, and he has published over 400 works in this field of work. He has gained a reputation in Montenegro by bringing caricature and comics to the level of respect, as it stands in his biography byThe City Museum.

Scekic is a professional in the field of uncrewed aerial vehicles.

He also writes screenplays for music videos and TV commercials and owns production for film and video.

He has done a few short feature films and videos. This year he made a short feature film about Roma in Berane Municipality.

He is the organizer and director of international manifestations of aviation modelers that have been running at Berane Airport for five years.

In 2005 he published his first volume cartoon book and in 2014, he published the second.

He has had sixteen solo and a dozen of collective exhibitions throughout Europe so far. Scekic's show in Herceg Novi will be opened by Danijela Đurović, the vice president of the municipality.

08 Aug 2019, 19:11 PM

The CattaroSail project realization begins, as announced by the NGO "Caliphate Workshop Bokovac" in Bar. Activities of this project will include training of young sailors in Kotor, organizing the special event "Days of Sailing" and regatta on traditional wooden sailboats.

The activities of the CattaroSail project, implemented in the municipality of Kotor, are supported under the Regional Local Democracy Program in the Western Balkans (ReLOaD). The project is being implemented by the Caliphate Workshop Bokovac in Bar, in cooperation with the NGO Camellia (Kamelija, Stoliv) from Kotor and the sailing club "Lahor" from Kotor.

The CattaroSail project will take ten months to complete. In the first month, promotional activities will be implemented at the traditional Kotor manifestation "Bokeška noć” – Bokelian Night.

The theoretical and practical training of young people in sailing on traditional wooden boats will be realized after the promotional activities.

In the first part of 2020, a study on sailing will be made. The content of the study will include the culture of sailing in Montenegro, the importance of sailing for Boka Kotorska as well as the history of sailing in Montenegro.

An event called "Sailing Days" is planned to be held during one weekend in the last month of the project.

The event will be designed to host a cultural and entertainment programme on Saturday and a regatta on Sunday. A special segment of the programme will focus on the connection between the culture of Boka Kotorska and the Croatian coast, above all the connection of wooden shipbuilding in Croatia and Boka Kotorska, it has been concluded from the NGO.

The ReLOaD programme is funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). In Montenegro, the ReLOaD programme is implemented in partnership with the municipalities of Kotor, Tivat, Niksic, Pljevlja and Podgorica.

07 Aug 2019, 23:31 PM

Tivat Utility Company continues to make efforts to increase the percentage of recycled or re-used waste, relative to the total waste collected in the smallest Boka town. Last year as much as 1,062 tonnes of waste of all types were recycled.

Tivat is one of the rare municipalities in Montenegro to carry out both primary and secondary sorting of waste. On a primary level, the company itself provides for separate collection of certain recyclable materials, such as PET, cardboard, metal packaging, tyres and scrap metal. Last year, 273.43 tonnes of cardboard was collected and recycled,1.82 percent higher than 2017, thanks to special bins placed in many areas of the town, and regular collections from the biggest commercial producers of this waste.

The amount of plastic collected by Tivat utilities last year was 23.78 tonnes, up by 14.55%, with 320 kilogrammes of aluminium cans also collected, equalling the figure for 2017. Half a tonne of tyres was collected, up two thirds on the previous year while, primarily due to the very strong competition posed by the numerous Roma who trade in scrap metal in the area, the amount of recyclable metal waste collected, which totaled 3.3 tonnes in 2018, decreased by almost 40%. All the separately collected recyclable waste is sold by the Tivat Utility Company to official companies from Nikšić and Herceg Novi for collection and processing. Improvements are ongoing to the network for collection of selected waste and last year, besides the pre-existing recycling bins, 6 new metal recycling cages of one to three cubic metres were installed for cardboard, as well as 5 for PET, of one cubic metre each. Tivat utilities also collected 400 cubic metres of bulky waste last year, with almost the whole amount re-used by the utility workers themselves, either for furniture, heating or as heat insulation for old buildings. In addition to this material, the Tivat Utility Company collected and disposed of a total of 8,628 tonnes of solid municipal waste, 3.36% higher than last year.

The secondary sorting stage last year ensured recycling of around 4% of municipal waste, in total around 630 tonnes of plastic, metal, nylon, glass, cardboard and PET. This stage takes place at a transshipment station belonging to Kotor Utility Company with which Tivat has had a contract since 2013. At the same time, 1,441 cubic metres or 432 tonnes of green waste from Tivat were composted last year at a composter in Kavač, belonging to Kotor Utility Company. Otherwise, besides this solid and individually collected recyclable waste, Tivat Utility Company collected and correctly disposed of 9,566 cubic metres of green and 1,904 cubic metres of construction waste into prescribed landfills.


07 Aug 2019, 21:28 PM

The water reservoir in the Tivat settlement Gradiošnica, for which the Government of Montenegro has allocated close to EUR 547 thousand, was supposed to be built a month ago, but construction is delayed. It will be completed by the end of September, according to the Public Works Administration.

"The dynamics, which was originally scheduled to complete the works by the end of August, has somewhat been slowed down by the resolution of construction material disposal during excavation and by severe weather, which has recently caused the collapse of concrete structures," the statement said.

The contractor, the Bauer Company, is currently performing reinforcement work and preparing for the erection of the concrete structure, while all earthworks have been completed.

"The connection of this facility to the water supply network will significantly resolve the issue of water supply to all the areas from Župa to the airport, that is Gradiošnica, Vrijes, Dumidran, Mrčevac, Brdišta, Solila, as well as the area of ​​St. Mark’s. In addition to providing locals with quality and continuous supply, water will flow from the reservoir to the location where the golf course is planned to be built," the administration added.

The tank is 2,000 cubic meters in volume and will be filled from the regional water supply system.

07 Aug 2019, 18:27 PM

07 August 2019 - The International Summer Archaeological School for Children - Arheolab, launched its activities on August 1 in the Budva City Park, and will last until August 23, reports Culture Corner.

The activities of the educational project Arheolab will be held every day, except Sunday, from 09.30 am to 01.30 pm.

The school is run by Asja Zec, a graduate archaeologist from Padua (Italy). The school is traditionally organized by the Public Institution Museums and Galleries of Budva for the sixth consecutive year.

At this Summer Archaeological School for Children, students have the opportunity to get in touch with archaeological research in a simple and interesting way. They participate in the simulation of archaeological excavation, more precisely, in a wooden box filled with layers of soil they will be able to find objects that correspond to certain periods of time, all to gain knowledge and insight into the formation of historical layers through time, which archaeologists then decipher.

Simply put, the goal is to make children aware that beneath the surface of the earth there is a whole world just waiting to be discovered, and that archaeological finds are not only found in archaeological excavations in far exotic countries, but that they can also be found below the path by which we walk every day.

Unlike in previous years, in addition to the findings, tombs from the Iron and Roman periods will be excavated this year.

The school is intended for children from 5 to 13 years old. Partners of the International Summer Archaeological School Arheolab are the Public Company for Coastal Zone Management Morsko dobro and the Tourism Organization of Budva Municipality.

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