10 Jun 2019, 12:16 PM
June 10, 2019 - Thanks to the filming of the final stages of the documentary-feature film on the establishment and development of Herceg Novi from its founding, Tvrtko I Kotromanić revived the medieval market of Herceg Novi at the Old Town Square of Mićo Pavlović last weekend.
At wooden stalls, guests were offered sour fruits, vegetables, sour cherries, olives, bread, clothes, wool, but there were also dishes, weapons and parts of the armor, authentic coffin mint, old, forgotten tools, milling grind, one patient and no stubborn donkey. 
Dressed in costumes from the Middle Age, forty participants, from little ones to the elderly waited to hear "action" and then set off in Herceg Novi's marketplace, which, like in some time machine, the atmosphere, smells and colors returned to the distant past.
The film will be screened at the Kanli Tower from the end of July. It comes as the result of the cross-border project "Fortress ReInvented," realized in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, in the cities of Šibenik, Klis, Zenica and Herceg Novi, which in this thoroughly contemporary way they want to valorize their fortresses with support from the EU funds.
"Any visitor can walk into the Middle Ages or in the scene of a market designed for a movie for which we use modern technology to preserve our tradition, but also show our history to our youth and guests. It is the so-called extended reality," explains the head of the Herceg Novi's Office for International Cooperation, Simonida Kordić.
According to her, the audience will visit the fortress with 3D glasses, and on some specially marked points will be able to see particular scenes. The film will be shown in its entirety in one of the rooms on the Kanli Tower. The third option that will be offered is the interactive portal. It is indeed an exciting opportunity for visitors to see what happens at the fortresses in town and partners in this project. Their visitors will be able to jump right into the event at the Kanla Tower in Herceg Novi. Kordic emphasizes that such an approach is a confirmation of the proximity of these cities, but also an excellent promotional practice, useful for all in creating new tourism products.
Kordic emphasizes that in the whole process it was essential that the film was not a romantic reconstruction of the past, but instead to the extent that it is possible to have a real visual historical reflection of the history of Herceg Novi.
"Digital Dab" and "Čikom" joined in this project, and producer Milosav Pavlović points out that with the rain, and the usual problems in such projects, the recording was well done in all locations from Ubli to the Savina Monastery and the Old Town.
The perfect scene is the depiction of everyday life in Herceg Novi in the Middle Ages, it is also one of the most difficult ones, but it all went well thanks to the excellent mood of the entire team and statisticians, and especially the two youngest boys, Nikola Mračević and Jovo Knežević.
It is planned to complete the digitalization of Kanli Tower by mid-July, which includes the appropriate equipment, tablets, Epson, special binocular realistic glasses as well as the arrangement of a particular room on an ancient fortress, which is in the final stage of realization.
Source: Radio Herceg Novi
10 Jun 2019, 11:53 AM
June 10, 2019 - Famous personalities and supercars in the spectacular procession of the global relay Gumball 3000 arrive today in Tivat, on the Pine town promenade and at the nautical settlement Porto Montenegro. All the visitors will enjoy the exclusive car models such as Pagani, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porche, Aston Martin, Jaguar, AMG Mercedes, and Rolls Royce. Famous personalities are still kept as exclusive as they come to the Tivat Riviera.
The 21st edition of Gumball 3000 took off from Mykonos, with over 100 cars, and the march passed through eight countries to reach Ibiza.
The entertainment begins at the Pine City Promenade at 5 pm, when the cars arrive from Athens this morning, while DJ Gramophondzie, DJ Martin 2 Smoove and Andy Purnell will be in charge of the good music. The entertainment culmination is scheduled for 11 pm when DJ Afrojack will play at the Platinum Nightclub, Porto Montenegro.
The Global Citizen Pit Stop is supported by the Arton Capital, the nautical settlement Porto Montenegro, the Tivat Municipality and the Tivat Tourism Organization. The global events of this caliber are of crucial importance for the promotion of Montenegro as a spectacular tourist destination, so all of these subjects are Montenegrin ambassadors of the 21st Gumball 3000 VIPs. 

About Gumball 3000

Gumball 3000 is an Entertainment Group, founded in 1999 by British entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper, with its headquarters located in London, England. Cooper's vision was to create an aspiration lifestyle brand that combined automobiles, art, and popular culture.
In May 1999, Cooper invited his influential friends to join him on a driving adventure across Europe, hosting glamorous parties throughout attended by Kate Moss, Jamiroquai, Kylie Minogue and Johnny Knoxville - and immediately gained notoriety gracing the pages of GQ, Esquire and Vanity Fair, as one of "Cool Britannia's" must do events. 
Over the following decade, the event evolved into a famous brand and global entertainment company attracting licensing collaborations and formal partnerships from Governments and blue-chip corporations including Nike, Intel, Sony Play Station, Hasbro, MTV, Google, and Fiat. Licensed products include watches, footwear, video games, energy drinks, toys, and unique edition cars — the Gumball 3000 apparel brand and licensed products retail in over 3,000 stores across 30 countries.
Celebrity attendees include David Hasselhoff, Snoop Dogg, EVE, Travis Barker, Xzibit, Adrien Brody, Tyson Beckford, David Guetta, deadmau5, Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, Steve Aoki, Tony Hawk and Dennis Rodman amongst others; along with Royalty and business figureheads including the founders of Facebook and Pay Pal.
The annual Gumball 3000 tour has evolved into a weeklong festival of live music concerts, action sports and spectacular car shows hosted in capital cities, achieving live crowds of over one million people, and a televised and online audience that reaches over 100 million households in 60 countries.
Over the past decade Maximillion Cooper has acted as guest Creative Director for multiple brands within the automotive and fashion sectors, including Puma, Adidas Originals, the Morgan Motor Company and Fiat Abarth; and in 2014 was voted into the 'Top 50 Most Influential People in the Automotive Industry' by US lifestyle publication, Complex magazine. 
The Gumball 3000 Group operates eight companies within entertainment, finance, and fashion, and was recently valued at over $300 million by Forbes.
10 Jun 2019, 08:29 AM

June 10, 2019 - KotorArt Don Branko's Music Days and Lustica Bay have been working closely and creatively for several years, to the joy of many visitors, both local audiences and guests, ennobling with the sounds of the most eminent musicians of today the ambiance of the youngest Montenegrin city, according to the PR service Lustica Bay.

This year's co-operation will feature several carefully designed events, the highlight of which will be the concert by Yuja Wang, the most popular pianist of the world, and Andreas Ottensamer, the fantastic first clarinetist of the Berlin Philharmonic. The concert is scheduled for August 7 in the beautiful surroundings of Luštica Bay. The same program will be played by the world-renowned artists in the Kotor Church of St. Spirit, August 9.

Cooperation is developing beyond the framework of the Festival itself, so Lustica Bay hosted Gordana Josifova Nedelkovska (oboe) and Ratimir Martinović (piano) in May within the Kotor Concert Season, and we are expecting one of the two announcing concerts of the Festival called Pre-Tact. As a "warm-up" for KotorArt Don Branko's Music Days, one of the most exciting Swedish bands promoting World Music, Sirocco, will perform on July 9.

During the Festival, in Lustica Bay, we will have the opportunity to listen to several performers within the Port of Arts series, among which is the Croatian jazz singer, flutist and composer Tamara Obrovac and the Hungarian rock star Ildiko Keresteš. In addition to the concerts, this year at the Chedi Hotel in Lustica Bay, Ichak Adizes, a world-renowned expert in the field of economics and leadership, will speak on the topic of Secrets of Success: Modern Companies and Leadership. The lecture is scheduled for July 16.

"It is a real pleasure to find friends of the Festival who believe in your initial ideas. From year to year, the cooperation between KotorArt and Lustica Bay and a great organizational team is growing and transforming into the relationship of real partners in creating ideas and joint, creative design of the program. Lustica Bay is the youngest city of Montenegro and the region, and the Festival is here from its first foundations, providing high-quality artistic content to the guests and residents, thus creating an additional attraction and value of this city in the coming years," emphasized the PR service of the Festival.

The international festival KotorArt, a manifestation of national significance for the culture of Montenegro, won the most prestigious award in the field of tourism - "Wild Beauty Awards" - and was declared the best manifestation in Montenegro for 2018. It is also the bearer of the European quality label "EFFE Label.” Every summer, KotorArt gathers an impressive number of international artists, and with over 200 programs (dozens of central and over one hundred following contests) in numerous ambient locations in Kotor and around Boka Bay attracts tens of thousands of visitors, which makes it one of the most visited festivals of this type in the region.

The KotorArt International Festival in 2019 is held under the auspices of the Kotor Municipality and the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, with the support of numerous sponsors such as Luštica Bay, Coca-Cola, Porto Montenegro and others.

10 Jun 2019, 02:47 AM

09 June 2019 - Minister of Defence Predrag Bošković said in public announcement for the Ministry of Defence of Montenegro, when referring to the novelties envisaged by the Draft Law Amending the Law on Defence, that the Montenegrin citizens who are reservists within Armed Forces of Montenegro will be able to be engaged in peace, unlike the existing law, according to which they can only be engaged in war or state of emergency.

"This novelty contributes to the establishment of the reserve force of the Armed Forces of Montenegro and the engagement of reservists in peace, when the needs of the service are required, in case of reaction to fires, floods and the like, without declaring war or state of emergency," the Defence Minister told the press.

He added that the draft law, aiming to harmonise the current Law with the new missions and tasks of the Armed Force of Montenegro, established by the Draft Defence Strategy of Montenegro, which was submitted to the Parliament for adoption, stipulates that the Defence and Security Council issues a decision on the use of military units in carrying out tasks related to supporting for natural and man-made disasters and other disasters, as well as the contribution to interior security in peace within the army's mission to support other institutions.

He added that the Defence and Security Council will also have the authority to propose to the Parliament to send a request to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation for the activation of Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty.

"This proposal is decided by the Parliament, as well as the entry of members of the armed force of NATO member states in the territory of Montenegro to provide assistance in defence. Based on this decision of the Parliament, the President of Montenegro sends a request to NATO for the activation of Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty," the Minister of Defence explained.

He said that the Draft Law shall amend Article 38b of the law in force that stipulates that the control and protection of Montenegro's airspace for defence purposes can be carried out independently and in cooperation with members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. According to this decision, the control and protection of the airspace, inter alia, includes the use of military aircraft and anti-aircraft assets of NATO members.

"This amendment provides for that, on the proposal of the Minister of Defence, the President of Montenegro reaches a decision on the use of military aircraft and anti-aircraft vehicles of members of NATO in the airspace of Montenegro against civil aircrafts used as a weapon for the execution of terrorist attacks and military aircrafts representing a threat to the security of Montenegro," the Minister said.

He pointed out that the Draft Law regulates the field of military air traffic for the first time, in such a way that the operations of military air traffic will be carried out in the Ministry, while the manner of carrying out these tasks will be more closely prescribed by the by-laws of the Ministry of Defence.

Part of the amendments are related to codification too.

"In the codification process, the Ministry of Defence will assign North American Code (NCAGE) codes to subjects of codification and stock numbers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NSN) to mobile matters. Based on the assigned NCAGE codes, legal entities and other entities registered for carrying out certain activities will be introduced into the NATO database, which is one of the conditions for their operations with NATO members," Minister Bošković noted.

He added that in the process of quality assurance, the Ministry of Defence will check the fulfillment of standards and/or technical requirements for products and services procured by the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces, or some NATO member in Montenegro, and will issue certificates of compliance with the standards and/or technical requirements relating to the management of the quality system of the supplier of the product or service.

Read more about business in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

10 Jun 2019, 02:33 AM

08 June 2019 - In the presence of a large number of citizens of Mojkovac, Prime Minister Duško Marković laid the foundation stone for a transfer station with a recycling yard and a pedestrian bridge over the main road between the city's lake and the sport-recreational zone. The projects are worth 2 million EUR according to the official report by the Government of Montenegro.

The pedestrian bridge will be 63 meters long and 7 meters wide. The contract was signed on 29 March and the deadline for the completion of works is seven months from the introduction of the contractor into the job.

The Prime Minister said that the transfer station project in Rudnica is in line with the highest European standards and is aimed at protecting the environment.

"In this way we solve the issue of communal and solid waste in the municipality of Mojkovac according to the highest ecological and other standards. This project not only solves the municipal waste issue for the city of Mojkovac and its surroundings, but also creates the preconditions for us to finally solve one difficult environmental issue - solid waste disposal sites on the banks of the Tara River in Podbišće," the Prime Minister said following the opening ceremony.

The transfer station with the recycling yard will be a collection point with paper and cardboard waste, mixed packaging (PET, other plastics, tetra pak, cans etc.), glass, bulky waste (old furniture, etc.), electrical and electronic waste, batteries, bulbs, vehicle tires and green garden waste).

Prime Minister Duško Marković visited the newly paved road from Rudnica to Pržište, where he talked with the locals. He also payed a visit to Žarski - the base station of one of the future ski resort within the Bjelasica ski complex.

North Montenegro Development 30 Million EUR for Mojkovac Infrastructure

"There are construction works on the road infrastructure from Vragodol to Žarski. At the same time, it is assumed that work on the base station starts in thirty days. We have already arranged and got a bidder for the construction of the cable car at this location," PM Marković pointed out.

The Prime Minister announced that in the next 30 days, a tender for the Mojkovac-Lubnica road will be invited, which includes the new bridge on Tara river worth 11 million EUR.

"In the next three years, we will invest about 30 million EUR in road and other infrastructure in Mojkovac, that will contribute to the development of this region, the development of the North, the development of Montenegro and, of course, to the creation of new jobs," Prime Minister Duško Marković concluded.

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09 Jun 2019, 22:07 PM

Tivat hosted around fifty Volkswagen cars over 30 years old, among which were mostly dominated by the legendary "beetle" and "buli" – Volkswagen transporters of T1 and T2 generations.

The creatively decorated cars in the spirit of the Second International Carnival held in Tivat wore "masks" - the eyes in different mood swings on windshields, lashes on their rounded headlights, colorful lenses on the rear mirrors and antennas.

In addition to the beetles and bullies T 1 and T 2, there were also buggies based on the famous beetle, so-called. "kubelwagen type 2" and several golf units and some of the younger VW transporter types 3 and 4. The oldest car was a "beetle" from 1961, while there was also the extremely rare "Volkswagen" sedan K70 from 1973. There were about 150 enthusiasts of these cars from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, who came to meet the owners of the "Volkswagen" Old-timers in Tivat.

The old-timers exhibited their remarkably well-restored cars, but also original ones in their genuine factory state, as well as modified vehicles that reflect the spirit and imagination of their owners, all of which drew great interest and enthusiasm among the citizens of Tivat and numerous foreign tourists.


Text by Sinisa Lukovic on June 8th 2019, read more at Vijesti

09 Jun 2019, 22:06 PM

A completely new mountain hiking trail that stretches from the mountain of Mokra Gora from Montenegro, across Kosovo to Serbia, is opened in Zubin Potok. The trail was prepared by the Institute for Territorial Economic Development, InTER, with the help of a program of non-refundable funding for tourism, carried out by the Regional Cooperation Council and funded by the European Union.

The new Mokra Gora trail is branded as the beauty of the Balkans!

"The trail on Mokra Gora is a welcomed as an addition to the offer of Western Balkan’s adventure tourism and Via Dinarica route. Although not a part of the Dinarides, Mokra Gora is connected with the Dinarides in Montenegro and extends to about 100 kilometers in the north, leading visitors to the inner parts. The already existing adventure tourism attraction, Via Ferrata, is now on the path Mokra Gora, which gives it an extra charm," said Snjezana Derviskadic, project team leader for development and promotion of tourism at the Regional Cooperation Council.

The new track is the result of extensive regional cooperation. In preparation of the InTER path, it joined the municipality of Tutin, the Regional Development Agency of Sandzak, the non-governmental organization Marimangat from Pec and the mountain club Ahmica from Rozaje. Together they mapped the track, carried out GPS tracking, set up a signaling and information boards, prepared one-day road plans, and realized the first study trip along this path.

"Being from Zubin Potok, I was always in love with Mokra Gora. We started some time ago with the development of the contents of adventure tourism on this beautiful mountain, including Via Ferrata Berim, one of the most attractive in Europe. However, the development of the route linked to Via Dinarica and the inclusion of Mokra Gora as a part of this mega-trail will help us to promote both regional and foreign markets better as well as bring more visitors to this part of the Balkans,” said Dragisa Mijacic, Director of InTER.

"I am particularly proud of the fact that all the co-workers who worked on the trail’s preparation, regardless of whether they are from Rozaje, Pec, Istok, Zubin Potok or Tutin, realized the same benefits that this track will have for the local community and think the same about the transformation of Mokra Gora into something more, in the recognizable brand of the beauty of the Balkans," Mijacic concluded.

Text by Vijesti online, read more at Vijesti

08 Jun 2019, 12:29 PM
June 8, 2019 - The Serbian band Baobab opens the second edition of the Independent Art Festival MORZ (an acronym for Marine Rhythm of Life, in Montenegrin Morski Ritam Život), which will be held from 21 to 23 June at the Amphitheater of Herceg Novi Theater.
Like the first edition, the MORZ festival consists of three segments - concerts of musicians and bands from the post-Yugoslavian alternative scene, the exhibition of young regional artists - illustrators and film programs.
The organizer of MORŽ is the portal Herceg Novi Cool in cooperation with the Secretariat for Culture of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, the Public Institution Herceg Fest, the Montenegrin Cinemateque and the Cafe Cinema. The beginning of this year's MORZ is scheduled for Friday, 21 June at 9 pm, when the official opening of the festival and exhibition will be followed by projection of the film and concert of the Baobab band.
Over 20 years of experience and three albums, the band Baobab, led by Misa Petrović, have proved themselves to the audience - and their latest collection, "Our Time," is considered one of the most excellent newer Serbian music releases.
Vladimir Skočajić Skoča, the author of the cult Gustav FM radio show, said: "Sometimes they remind me of Wilco, sometimes Neil Young, sometimes on War on Drugs, and most often of Baobab. The first single "How Greatly Love Has / In the City That Tones, In a Land That Has No" I would enter as the anthem of this unfortunate country. It's pure perfection."
The MORZ Art program is a cross-section of the post-Yugoslav illustrator scene, which without any thematic barriers is one of the most brilliant components of contemporary independent culture. While the topic of last year's edition was the sea, the genre of the second MORZ film program is 'road movies.'
The author of the visual identity of the festival is the young Montenegrin illustrator, Vuk Bojanić.
In the coming days, MORZ will announce new music program names.
All MORZ programs will take place in the cult space for Herceg Novi's generations, the Amphitheater of Herceg Novi Theater and its surroundings.
The quality and potential for growth of MORZ have been recognized by the Herceg Novi Municipality, Acoustica Cicak, Simo Milošević Igalo Institute, the Sea Property, Hotel Herceg Novi, Krušo Herceg Novi, Buffet Beograd, and Pizzeria Galeria Topla.
07 Jun 2019, 21:01 PM

06 June 2019 - Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy and Financial System Milutin Simović recently hosted UN Assistant Secretary-General Mirjana Spoljarić Eger. Following the bilateral meeting, DPM Simović and Ms Spoljarić Egger spoke at the opening of the "Green Days 2019 - Achieving Green Growth Potential" conference, sponsored by UNDP, the Government of Montenegro and the Chamber of Commerce.

As Government's of Montenegro report states, DPM Simović thanked Ms Spoljarić Egger for her arrival in Montenegro and accepting to take part in the "Green Days 2019" conference. He emphasised that her participation in this conference makes it respectable and significant, both in Montenegro and beyond.

The Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the Government of Montenegro understood the need to organise a conference on this topic, in the year when Montenegro in the negotiations with the EU opened Chapter 27 - Environment and Climate Change, and in the years in which the Government is determined to make significant advances in economic and overall social development.

Alongside this, Montenegro supports the global role of the United Nations and the values ​​of multilateralism, and shares the goals of sustainable development set out in the 2030 UN Agenda, Prime Minister Duško Marković said at the meeting with Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Assistant Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Director of the Regional Bureau for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Both sides concluded that Montenegro and UNDP have established good cooperation and that all UNDP programmes in Montenegro are being implemented successfully, which is an excellent basis for cooperation in the time to come.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro and the UNDP Regional Director agreed that cooperation should give priority to the projects that are complementary to the process of Montenegro's accession to the EU and its strategic development priorities, in line with the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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07 Jun 2019, 14:09 PM

The Day of Environmental Protection was marked today in Zabljak with the great action of arranging the town and surroundings which was attended by 200 pupils and teachers of elementary and high school, employees in the local government, utility company, local TO, Forestry Directorate, "Zabljak Tourist Association", Nordic Skiing Club, Firefighters and citizens of Zabljak. 

"It was enough work, but thanks to the extensive actions outlined in the previous two years within this action, significantly smaller." The collected waste was packed in bags and transported to the city landfill. The machinery operated if necessary," said the action coordinator Nikola Dubljevic.


He adds that the participants of the action were divided into groups and, following the plan, acted in certain areas. The "Zabljak Tourist Association", which dominated through civic activism to defend the Black Lake environment from the planned investments, spontaneously acted in that area.


One worked from the center of the town to the sports hall, clearing the forest area on that route, and another from the center towards the Black Lake. Touristic paths were cleaned, grass mowed, low bushes and branches cut. Rotted and dried trees, as well as several smaller wild landfills, were removed," said Dubljevic, appealing to citizens and tourists to take care of the environment and not allow this tourist spot to be attributed a negative image with garbage dumps and other mess.

Text by Obrad Pjesivac, on June 7th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

07 Jun 2019, 14:08 PM

The price of renting a set of furniture accessories at the beach (two sun loungers and an umbrella) on the Montenegrin coast this sumnmer could be even cheaper than last year.

This was said in the interview for "Vijesti" by the director of Public Utility Company "Morsko dobro” Predrag Jelusic, pointing out that, except for the hotel beaches, the lounges and umbrellas after 5 p.m. will be free of charge.

"Forming the price of renting beach accessories is free and determined by the leaseholder. But what we have been following over the last four to five years is that this price growth has no progress. As we have contracts for five years now, it gives the chance to lessees to be a little more relaxed when entering into the whole story about investing and returning the money invested. That is why we expect this trend to go down. We have the situation now that renters in June, especially those who have the hostels and restaurants in the hinterland, rent the accessories free of charge. I believe that we all will find a measure of good taste so that in this price policy we will not become a destination that is not competitive to other destinations in the Mediterranean. That's our message and I believe the leaseholders will follow it," said Jelusic adding that they did not announce the increase in the price of renting the beach accessories but expect them to go down.

Recall, in cooperation with the Ministry of Sustainable Development, the new Ordinance on Decked and Built Beaches, Jelusic said that beaches are public and accessible to everyone, except hotel beaches have a certain regime that must be respected. "This year we have 12 types of beaches, it is a reflex to what the tourist demand expects from us. I believe that the categorization of beaches from pet-friendly, excursions, romantic, sport-recreational to family-friendly will bring greater comfort to those guests who want such a vacation on the beach," said Jelusic.


According to him, it is very important that the new Rulebook stipulates that after 5 p.m. on all beaches except hotels, the beach furniture can be used free of charge.

"We had the situation in the previous period that it was not right for the beach accessories to be charged after 5 p.m., at least not at full cost, in the same amount as for those guests who arrive at the beach at eight or nine in the morning. The novelty is that on the informative boards on every beach you can clearly see all the information that is needed for the guests. Every guest at the very beginning has to know what the price of the beach accessories is, what the working hours are, how to use the beach, and all this must be transparent. We believe that this will give our tenants some major obligations this year, but I'm sure we will raise and respect this standard over the next five years," Jelusic said.

Due to the bad weather during May and the first days of June, most beaches are not yet fully functioning, so the furniture is not being rented for the same prices that will be in the summer. It is now well-known that at the fully-equipped popular beach Mogren, renting a sunshade set and two deck chairs will cost 20 euros, but for others it is still unknown. Last summer the prices were approximately ten euros for a beach set at Jaz, up to 120 euros at Kraljeva plaza under Villa Milocer or a hundred euros for the hotel beach at St. Stefan. A prestigious eco-mark - Blue flag this summer will be flying on 29 Montenegrin beaches. The First Blue Flag was solemnly raised on the beach “Dolcevita” in Becici.

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on June 7th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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