Developments Planned for Ports and Marinas in Kotor, Zelenika and Risan

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September 4, 2020 - The Strategy for the Development of the Maritime Economy for 2020 to 2030, recently adopted by the Government of Montenegro, aims to improve business in ports and attract investments. One part of the strategy refers specifically to the port of Kotor, and a project to modernise berths in the port. At the same time, the strategy includes options to develop currently underused ports, such as Risan and Zelenika.

The Port of Kotor is divided into two basic sections - the port and the marina. The operational zone of the waters of the Port of Kotor covers a total area of ​​approximately 52,000 m2. The operational shore for mooring ships and mega yachts consists of two berths, with a third on the north side of the operational shore used for mooring smaller vessels, as well as for mega yachts during free traffic and stern-berthing periods.

The operational shore can accommodate ships of approx. 250 metres long, depending on the draft. For ships no longer than 300 metres, planning documentation has been prepared for a mooring pile 80 metres from the end of the current operational area.

To keep up with trends in the cruising industry, and the need to accommodate ever larger vessels - of up to 350 metres, and also provide a greater degree of security for berths, a mooring system for cruise ships on mooring buoys is proposed. These mooring buoys will be of up to 6 metres in circumference, spaced at a distance of about 420m.

Kotor photo Boka News

Kotor - photo Boka News

The company Luka Kotor AD has operated the port for many years, providing for mainly cruise ship passenger traffic, the strategy recalls. The port infrastructure is in working condition and is regularly used for the docking and supply of vessels.

The strategy includes plans to adapt, reconstruct, build and equip the port of Kotor as a trading port open for international traffic, with an emphasis on the tourist-passenger sector. There are also plans to increase the capacity for ships berthing at port and providing cruise ships mooring at anchor, by installing temporary buoys.

An overhaul of the marina includes the improvement of anchoring, mooring, electrical, and water supply systems, as well as constructing access bridges that have a built-in access control system.

“The modernization of the marina infrastructure will ensure improvements to the billing system itself, as well as preparation of the berth cadastre, and reservation, so that the user of marina services provided by Luka Kotor AD can settle all payments at a toll station that will be operational 24/7,” the documentation states.

The information further states that all pontoons will be modular, which in practice means that, depending on future plans and projection of berth occupancy, capacity could be expanded.

The estimated value of the investment project is EUR 500,000.

The drafting process of the strategic document also recognized the possibility, and potential need, to suitably develop the neglected or underused port infrastructure. Here, the ports of Risan and Zelenika are highlighted as potential that should be tapped for the development of the overall maritime economy.

The port of Risan has 75 metres of operational shore, is about 5 meters deep and has a mooring 75.5 metres long, which was previously used for local maritime traffic. The area of ​​its open operational shore is 1,330 m2 and has four mooring cleats. It also has the possibility of mooring vessels of up to 17 metres long, ie. about five vessels of average size parallel to the coast.


RIsan - photo Boka News

“The public company Morsko Dobro has issued a public call for tender for the preparation of a study on the construction conditions for the Port of Risan, the necessary investments in infrastructure equipment and maintenance, for the preparation of an economic and financial analysis and the concession act,” the strategy states.

The study should include a survey and estimate of works on the maintenance of the facility and possible renovation for a period of 20-30 years, and equipping the marina with pontoons for yacht mooring. Also, the document should contain information on the necessary infrastructural equipment of the marina, installation of a pontoon breakwater, as well as all connected systems for sanitation and drainage of wastewater, and a summary of estimates for works.

The Port of Risan is planned as a local and marine tourism port. Information given states that the plan for granting concessions for local ports adopted already by the Government of Montenegro in 2016 envisaged granting concessions to the port of Risan. Through the concession model, infrastructural equipment will be provided, alongside modernization, maintenance, investments in and use of the port - i.e. provision of port services. The capacity of the marina will be a maximum of 150 berths, while a part of the port is defined as a communal mooring with 30 communal berths.

The Port of Zelenika has the function of a trading port open to international maritime traffic and, accordingly, that of a border crossing at which foreign maritime vessels can perform the necessary procedures when entering the territorial waters of Montenegro.

GP Zelenika

GP Zelenika - Photo Boka News

- Safe and unhindered entry to the port is possible due to the significant depths at the port approach, and the absence of obstacles for semi-navigation. The border crossing uses the 134-meter-long NW port pier and is physically separated by a fence from the rest of the port. At the pier of the border crossing, relevant mooring, electricity and fuel infrastructure are also provided for. 

- The port of Zelenika still does not meet all the standards provided by law and bylaws necessary for passenger traffic, but there is certainly significant room for further development of the port and opening it up to accommodate ships as an alternative to Kotor - the Government document states.



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