Red Cross Distributed 41,000 Aid Packages during COVID-19 Crisis

By , 08 May 2020, 13:57 PM News
Red Cross Distributed 41,000 Aid Packages during COVID-19 Crisis Red Cross Day 2020, Source: Red Cross of Montenegro
May 8, 2020 - Today is the World Day of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, joined by the Red Cross of Montenegro, which during the COVID-19 epidemic showed its immeasurable importance for the community again.
The Montenegrin branch of this worldwide organisation has provided various forms of assistance and support to the population at risk since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. So far, 28,744 families have helped and distributed nearly 41,000 aid packages.
As it was announced from the Central Committee of Montenegro, since the beginning of the pandemic, 40,748 aid packages have been distributed (food, hygiene packages, baby packages), and procurements were made for 2,891 people, while 3,096 received psycho-social support.
The activity involved 450 volunteers, 100 employees, and 130 gerontic-housewives.
"We are proud of our volunteers and grateful to them for their commitment and hard work to help the most vulnerable. We are especially proud of this situation, which is different for everyone and which is a challenge to act. Our volunteers are present on the field every day, operate in a variety of weather conditions, and often cross inaccessible terrain to reach beneficiaries who need help. They carry a great deal of humanity and are the basis of the overall activities of the Red Cross of Montenegro, both in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances, "said the Secretary-General, Jelena Dubak.
The Montenegrin organization marks May 8 as World Red Cross Day. The Red Cross Week begins today and runs through May 15.
That is why they invite the entire society "# Let's applaud the volunteers and employees of the Red Cross, and in Montenegro, and around the world, because they are everywhere for everyone, especially when it is most needed."
"I also take the opportunity to congratulate them on their day, wishing that others would be led by example, to make our society better and more humane," Dubak said.
The Red Cross of Montenegro, traditionally, for all babies born in Red Cross Week, from May 8 to 15, provided symbolic gifts in the form of packages, which contain necessary items needed for babies.
Source: Red Cross of Montenegro

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