31 May 2019, 11:07 AM

May 31, 2019 - Another confirmation that the Herceg Novi Strip Festival (HSF) is in the company of the most significant manifestations devoted to ninth art arrived in the form of consecration as a preface to the capital piece Smart Girl: I-matter in the release of Evolution comics, written by the author and great Spanish artist Fernando Dagnino. 

Thanks to the closest associates and anyone who helped him in the two-year realization of this work, Dagnino also thanked, as he noted, the great fans, artists and organizers he had met at the strip festivals. He did not speak in general about all the comics' gatherings, but individually listed  Clermont, Nice, Marseille, Lion, Paris, Edinburgh, New York, Alicante, and Herceg Novi.
With this kind of relationship between the audience and the organisers, not only the artists who always want to return to Herceg Novi, but also all the random visitors who at least once felt the atmosphere in the Herceg Novi band of comic strips, HSF has become and remains a festival that artists recommend to each other. According to Fernando Dagnino's recommendation among 13 special guests, this year, HSF has two more outstanding artists - Alain Mauricet and Raul Allen.
Belgian writer and comic artist, Alain Mauricet, has been working for one of the most popular comics in French, Spirou, for nine years, while currently working for one of the two most significant US and world publishing houses - DC Comics, which draws Batman and Superman. Last year, Alain Mauricet worked on another favorite project - Star Wars Adventures, for which he produced the "Lost Eggs of Livorno" annual edition and four individual stories: Tales from Wild Space: A Small Push -Star Wars Adventures 12 "Star Wars Adventures 14" and "An Unlikely Friendship" - Star Wars Adventures 15 and "Roger Roger" - Star Wars Adventures 19.
Raul Allen is an artist from Valladolid, who trained in belles art, illustration and design in Salamanca and Boston. He has received a significant number of awards for his work, including the annual award at the 49th New York Illustrator Association. His work on comics was inspired by the world-famous publishing houses such as DC Comics, Marvel, Valiant, Dynamite, for which he participated in the realization of a comic strip like Wonder Woman, Secret Avengers, Hawkeye, Immortal Iron Fist.
The HSF reminds that, alongside Alain Mauricet and Raul Allen, the celebrated Argentine artist, one of the world's most celebrated authors Enrike Breccia, and Bethan Havant Fernandez, Spanish artist, as well as the stars of the Italian comics scene- Andrea di Vito, Mario Alberti, and Pasquale del Vecchio are also coming to Herceg Novi.
The 13th HSF organizers promise to announce the names of all 13 special guests coming to Herceg Novi this September soon.
30 May 2019, 17:48 PM

29 May 2019 - Minister of Health of Montenegro Kenan Hrapović and his counterpart of the Republic of North Macedonia Venko Filipče signed the Memorandum of Understanding in the field of health and medical sciences, which has been harmonised on the basis of mutually expressed interest to formalise the cooperation of the two countries in this area.

The Memorandum stipulates the realisation of cooperation through the exchange of information in the field of health, medical personnel, as well as direct cooperation between medical faculties, medical chambers and other healthcare institutions.

Taking into account the existing spirit of friendship and mutual assistance in bilateral cooperation, the two health ministers expressed satisfaction with the signed agreement, which will further strengthen cooperation in the field of health and medical sciences, on the basis of equality, reciprocity and mutual interest.

The implementation of this Memorandum will strengthen healthcare capacities and expand knowledge about the latest achievements in the field of medicine. In order to implement it, a joint committee will be set up, which will be in charge of the implementation of activities.

The bilateral meeting between ministers Hrapović and Filipče agreed on cooperation in the field of telemedicine between the Clinical Center of Montenegro and the Clinical Centre in Skopje. The meeting also discussed the possibility of rehabilitation of citizens of North Macedonia at the Institute of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Rheumatology "Dr Simo Milošević" in Igalo.

30 May 2019, 16:21 PM

May 30, 2019 - The Beltango Quintet Concert at the Chedi Luštica Bay Hotel, has launched the Ninth International Music Festival-Accordion Fest, realized by the Tivat Culture Center and the NGO Harmonika Montenegrina with the support of Luštica Bay. The sounds of tango and the "dance of passion" performed by dance pairs at the Chedi Hotel Ballroom opened one of the leading festivals for classical accordion in the region.

"Since its inception in 2010, Accordion Fest is one of the leading festivals for classical accordion in the region. Our reputation also contributed to the participation of eminent professors, world artists, and a large number of competitors who grow from year to year, making the festival recognizable at the European level. I also want to thank our hosts, Luštica Bay, who provided us with this beautiful place to open the festival and make sure everyone is comfortable here. I am particularly grateful to the man who recognized the Accordion Fest quality, Neven Staničić, director of the Tivat Culture Center," said Predrag Janković, director of NGO Harmonika Montenegrina.

"Our support to the development of culture in this area is always primarily focused on cooperation with domestic events, the design of part of their programs and, in that respect, the promotion of the entire cultural scene. The ambience of ours implies great art names and top cultural performances, as well as top events and guests from other areas. There will be a lot of opportunities like this at Luštica Bay this summer," said Slavica Milić, marketing director of Luštica Development

The Accordion Fest in the small hall of the Cultural Center organizes a concert of two parts tonight at 9 pm. Predrag Jankovic of participants in the ninth edition of the Festival and Concert says:

"This year's Accordion Festival has brought together a record number of artists who exceed 250, counting both contestants and guests, which is a serious figure for some renowned European festivals. At the Concert, we will have the chance to hear one of the top performers on the accordion Damir Sultan, a professor at the National University of Kazakhstan and a laureate of numerous accolades as well as a great virtuoso. The second part of the concert will be the successful Kragujevac Accordion Academy Orchestra. I'm sure the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful repertoire and a very good performance. The small Cultural Centre Hall proved to be very acoustic and very pleasant to play when it comes to concerts and when it comes to the competition segment. Tonight's event will be quite different from the concert held last night at Luštica, which was broadcast by the audience with huge applause. I do not doubt that something similar will happen tonight. I invite the public to come and enjoy, hearing all those riches of modern accordion that can be seen at this concert."

The concert at DTV Partizan Hall starts at 9 pm and entrance is free.

President of the World Association of Accordionists Frederic Deschamps will hold tomorrow's master workshops, where students will meet some new methods of playing the accordion, and youth education is the primary goal of the event. 

Tivat will be the city of accordion until tomorrow. The end of the festival will be announced at 2 pm, when the prize-giving ceremony and the winner's concert will be held in the grand hall of the Cultural Center Tivat.


30 May 2019, 14:55 PM

Milos Zarkovic from Podgorica is one of one hundred winners of the prestigious Hubert H. Humphrey scholarship program at the world level. He said that his goal was to improve himself in the United States.

"Bearing in mind that I was in France during my Ph.D. studies and I graduated at one of the best universities in Ireland, the decision on academic and professional development abroad has never been brought into question. With regard to studying in a large number of European countries, including Vienna, Bratislava, Zagreb, and Ljubljana for basic studies, my dream was to further pursue my knowledge in the United States. This was achieved in August 2018 at the University of Boston," Milos said.

Zarkovic explains that it is necessary to meet conditions such as fluent English and completed faculty with high average grades in order to be eligible for this prestigious scholarship. Candidates must also have five years of professional experience in the field they want to study and expressed leadership skills.

"I had a good foundation for the program, by staying in 2016 at the Russian Presidential Academy for Economics and Participating in the Global Summit of Young Leaders in Moscow. An additional reference was my participation at the scientific conferences of the Geary Institute in Dublin, Ireland and Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa. Anyway, this year, the program marked 40 years of its existence," he says. The difference between the educational system abroad and here is best seen in the spectrum of opportunities that the state offers to its citizens, emphasizes Zarkovic.

"Starting from the education system, opportunities for cooperation and learning from the world-renowned professors, working in one of the most successful companies, healthcare quality, America offers great opportunities in all areas. I lived and studied in many countries in Europe, but after a while, in the United States I came to the conclusion that the US is the best place to recognize potential in every person," Milos said.

Zarkovic adds that the professors are much more accessible than those in Europe and in particular those in Montenegro. "My view is that the US study system does not prepare students for a particular profession or job but allows them to develop a whole spectrum of skills that are applicable to several professions. In America, there is a great emphasis on interdisciplinary education that promotes critical thinking and freedom of thought," says Milos. 

I would like to build a career in Montenegro

Milos also points to the importance of studies and specializations abroad and recommends that students apply for exchange and training programs outside the borders of Montenegro.

 "In my opinion, young people are more likely to adapt to changing work and living environments. Schooling in the United States represents a unique opportunity for students to become acquainted first with the way of life in such a large country, and then with the educational system that is one of the best in the world. As much as the path to the goal sometimes seems unimaginable and difficult to overcome, only faith in oneself, love for the job, labor are the right definitions that lead to the desired results. We often have the opportunity to hear that staying abroad can change one’s life. It is one thing to know it, and to experience the same, is completely different. Indeed, it is worth every effort," concludes Milos, who hopes that Montenegro will recognize his work, experience and quality and thus will allow him to build a career outside of Montenegro.

Text by Andjela Minic and Aleksandra Kovacevic, on May 29th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

30 May 2019, 12:12 PM

May 30, 2019 - Prince Albert II of Monaco, who is on a two-day visit to Montenegro, visited the Institute of Marine Biology at Kotor yesterday and announced further support to international research projects of this institution, aimed at studying and protecting the biggest shell in the Mediterranean - Noble Pen Shell, lat. Pinna Nobilis.

Beside Prince Albert II, Kotor was also visited by the Principal of Principality of Monaco, Bernard Fautrier, who is also the vice president of the Prince Albert II Foundation, dealing with issues of environmental protection, promotion of sustainable development and especially research on the protection of the sea.  There was also Montenegrin Prince Nikola II Petrović Njegoš and President of the Management Board of the University of Montenegro dr Duško Bjelica. They visited the Laboratories of the Institute and talked to the staff of this institution.
The Director of the Institute for Marine Biology Dr. Mirko Đurović met Prince Albert with the history of this scientific research institute since 1961 intensively engaged in research and protection of the sea.
"Our key mission is exploring and protecting the Adriatic, but we work with colleagues from abroad on many projects of international significance, especially in the context of the protection of the Mediterranean. We have 34 permanent employees, of whom 12 are doctors and six are students of doctoral studies. One of our most significant new projects is the establishment of the Center for the Protection of the Biodiversity of the Adriatic through two phases. The first phase involves the establishment of the first aquarium in Montenegro, the Aquarium Boka, whose construction is in progress, and the opening is scheduled for May next year. The second phase involves the establishment of the Center for Rehabilitation and Endangered Species, which will care for the injured or sick marine animals," said Đurovic. He especially emphasized the project "PinnaSPOT," where, in studying and protecting the biggest Mediterranean shellfish, the IBMK successfully cooperates with scientists from Spain and France.
Project Manager Dr. Danijela Joksimović presented the PinnaSPOT project worth over half a million euros, also supported by the Albert II Foundation, during three years from the beginning of its implementation. Joksimovic said that the project was very successful because experts from Montenegro had the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge with colleagues from Spain and France. They compared data on the local populations of the Pinna Nobilis with their results, and succeed to contribute to raising the public awareness level in Montenegro on values and the need to protect this unique shell. She also pointed to the appearance of a parasite that in the past year or two destroyed the colonies of Pinna Nobilis in the underwater world of several Mediterranean states, because the mortality of shells attacked as much as 85%.
"Until now there has been no such massive flea market in the Adriatic, but our colleagues from Croatia have pointed out that a few months ago, near Zadar and Dubrovnik, there have been many deaths of these shells, indicating that the problem has come to our shores. It is therefore essential to continue monitoring Pinna Nobilis, especially in Boka, but also outside the bay where it has not been done so far," said Dr. Joksimović.
Her colleague, Dr. Rajko Martinović, presented in detail the results of the "PinnaSPOT" project, pointing out that it was performing at three locations in Boka Bay - underwater at Cape Sveta Nedjelja, Orahovac and Sveti Stasije in Dobrota. An analysis of the data and density of the settlements, sediments, seagrasses growing around shells, and oceanographic characteristics of the aquatics was performed, comparing the data obtained with the results in Spain and Italy. It has been shown that the settlement of Pinna Nobilis at Sveta Nedjelja is much denser than in other observation locations in the country and abroad.
Kotor's scientists have also tried artificial pond-breeding, succeeding in raising a 4cm centimeter small shell to a size of over 20 centimeters.
"It is essential to continue researches in the current situation of the mass seaweed in the Mediterranean so that we can find out what affects the resistance of the shells to the parasitic attack in some aquariums and whether it is possible that shellfish in some specific areas such as Boka meanwhile reinforce its natural immunity," said Dr. Martinovic.
Prince Albert II Foundation Vice President, Bernard Fautrier thanked all the participants of the "PinnaSPOT" project so far, pointing out that when the project started three years ago, the situation with the Mediterranean was regular, but now because of the massive mortality of this shellfish in Spain, Greece, France, Tunisia, Cyprus and Italy, it is alarming.
"The situation is now dramatic and urges the need for science to respond to what is happening to save what still could be saved. We are therefore ready to continue supporting this new dimension of your project," said Fautrier.
29 May 2019, 15:49 PM

The collection of short stories written by the elementary and high school students from Montenegro called “Dragons are coming” will have 40 stories, as decided by the jury of the Seventh Regional Festival of Fantastic Literature REFESTICON 2019. The competition announced for the first time to promote the creativity and popularization of literary fantasy among young people received 89 stories from all over Montenegro.

Stories in three categories are selected, from the fourth to the sixth grade, from the seventh to the ninth and in the category for high schools, and the best ranked will be rewarded with the newly established prize the 'Dragon's egg'.

The stories were anonymously evaluated by Slobodan Zoran Obradovic from Bijelo Polje, Radmila Knezevic from Budva, Nadja Durkovic from Podgorica and Blagoje Vujisic from Bijelo Polje.

The organizers invite all award-winning participants and their mentors to the celebration of presenting prizes which will be held on Friday, June 7th, at 5 p.m. in Bijelo polje within the 7th REFESTICON. All authors whose stories are included in the collection will get a free copy of the book.


In the category of the youngest pupils from the fourth to sixth grade from the elementary schools, the Golden Dragon’s Egg Award was given to Radmila Korac, a pupil of the sixth grade from "Braca Ribar" Elementary School in Bijelo Polje. The Silver Dragon’s Egg Award in this category with the same number of points is shared by Ksenija Djurovic, elementary school pupil of "Kekec" from Sutomore, Jovana Bugarin, 6th grade elementary school pupil from "Risto Ratkovic" in Bijelo Polje, then Nina Doljanica, 5th grade pupil from the elementary school "Narodni heroj Savo Ilic" in Kotor and Stasa Obradovic, 5th grade pupil from the elementary school "Risto Ratković" from Bijelo Polje. The third place in this category and the Bronze Dragon’s Egg Award belonged to Milos Djukanovic, a pupil of the fifth grade from the elementary school "Dusan Bojovic" in Niksic.

In the category of elementary school students from the seventh to the ninth grade, the highest points and the Golden Dragon's Egg award were won by a pupil of the ninth grade from the elementary school "Marko Miljanov" in Bijelo Polje, Ajla Sabovic. The second prize and the Silver Dragon's Egg was won by the eighth-grade pupil from the elementary school "Vladislav Sl. Ribnikar" in Bijelo Polje, Andjela Pavicevic. In this category, with the same number of points, the Bronze Dragon's Egg Award is equally divided by three students: Vasil Music from the seventh grade of primary school "Vladislav Sl. Ribnikar "from Bijelo Polje, Strahinja Bajovic from the ninth grade of elementary school" Vuko Jovovic" from Danilovgrad and Nikolina Nikolic from the seventh grade of the school " Narodni heroj Savo Ilic” in Kotor.

Andjela Vucetic, a student of the high school "Ivan Goran Kovacic" from Herceg Novi, won the highest number of points in the high school category and the Golden Dragon’s Egg award. In this category, the second place and Silver Dragon’s Egg was awarded to Nemanja Djuric from the high school "Ivan Goran Kovacic" from Herceg Novi and a pupil of the Gymnasium Kotor Vasilije Vuksanović from Budva. In this category, the same number of points and the Bronze Dragon's Egg Award was won by three students: Luka Tapuskovic, second grade student from secondary school "Sergije Stanic" from Podgorica, Maja Catović from the second grade from Gymnasium Kotor and Vuk Djordjevic from the third grade of the high school "Ivan Goran Kovacic "from Herceg Novi.

The Special prize Fire Dragon’s Egg was awarded to the youngest participant in the competition - a five year old Novak Lakcevic from Bijelo Polje. For the front page of the collection, the art work by Helena Rakonjac, the eighth-grade student from the elementary school "Dusan Korac" in Bijelo polje was selected. The stories and authors that will be found in the collection “Dragon are coming”: High schools

Propuštena prilika – Anđela Vučetić (Herceg Novi)
Otkrovenje zvano zmaj – Nemanja Đurić (Herceg Novi)
Biografija poznavaoca zmajeva – Vasilije Vuksanović (Budva)
Zmaj energija koju otkrivam u sebi – Vuk Đorđević (Herceg Novi)
Posljednji dah Saragora – Luka Tapušković (Podgorica)
Moj Leo – Maja Ćatović (Kotor)
Jedna duša – Andrea Jelić (Andrijevica)
Zmaj i pećina – Almina Gredić (Bijelo Polje)
Potraga za zlatnim zmajem – Žarko Vujović (Herceg Novi)
Legenda je postala stvarnost – Jelena Smolović (Bijelo Polje)
Povratak snu – Andrej Marković (Cetinje)
Biografija jednog zmaja – Ajla Kukuljac (Herceg Novi)
Vražija pećina – Jovana Obradović (Bijelo Polje)

Primary schools 7th, 8th, 9th grade

Bilo je to negdje, nekad – Ajla Šabović (Bijelo Polje)
Zdravčica za zmajicu – Anđela Pavićević (Bijelo Polje)
Zmajeva kletva – Vasil Musić (Bijelo Polje)
Zmaj i Pako – Strahinja Bajović (Danilovgrad)
Zmaj u dimenziji N – Nikolina Nikolić (Kotor)
Rasmus – Stastija Perović (Kotor)
Dobrota će pobijediti i zmajevu vatru – Hamza Bralić – Rožaje
Usnuli Rio – Nikola Kovač (Kotor)
Povratak – Teodora Mušikić (Nikšić)
Narak i Gordije – Danilo Balaban (Cetinje)
Velike tajne malog mjesta – Tarik Idrizović (Bijelo Polje)

Neustrašivi zmaj plemenitog srca – Andrea Vukčević (Podgorica)
Poklon – Jovana Šućur (Nikšić)
Bajka o muzičkom selu – Ana Doljenica (Kotor)
Preobražaj – Sofija Aleksić (Nikšić)
Zmajevi dolaze – Aranđela Baošić (Bijelo Polje)
Zmaj noćne more – Helena Rakonjac (Bijelo Polje)

Primary schools 4th, 5th, 6th grades

Spasitelj – Radmila Korać (Bijelo Polje)
Legenda o selu Zmajevu – Ksenija Đurović (Sutomore)
Zmajevi dolaze – legenda o dolasku – Jovana Bugarin (Bijelo Polje)
Legenda malog sela – Nina Doljanica (Kotor)
Uvrnuti san – Staša Obradović (Bijelo Polje)
Na krilima zmaja – Miloš Đukanović (Nikšić)
Feniks se vraća – Stefanija Božović (Bijelo Polje)
Neobičan susret – Kristijan Mitrović (Nikšić)
Čarobna moć duginog luka – Faida Zejnilović (Bijelo Polje)


Djevojčica i zmaj – Novak Lakčević (Bijelo Polje)

(The sequence is from the contents of the collection and does not represent the number of points won at the competition)

Text by CdM, on May 28th 2019, read more at CdM

29 May 2019, 15:45 PM

The habits of citizens throwing away all waste, including glass packaging, in the same place, will be changed by adopting a new legal waste management solution, as announced by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism (MORT) for the first quarter (January-March) of 2020.

Glass packaging in Montenegro is now disposed together with other miscellaneous waste, and the ministry of Pavle Radulovic said that this will not be the case in years to come because the new law foresees the separation of glass from other waste. They also recall that the separate collection of waste, with the precondition that a minimum of separate collection of dry and wet waste, is provided by the State Waste Management Plan. 

As proposed by the Waste Management Act, glass waste packaging will be regulated through a part related to packaging waste, which will be the responsibility of the manufacturer or importer of the packaging. "Manufacturers will bear the costs of the organized collection, gathering and processing of waste packaging. If manufacturers do not organize such a system, they will pay the Eco-Fund fee, and the funds from that compensation will be used to finance the collection, gathering, and processing of special types of waste, including glass packaging waste.

Please note that the adoption of the Waste Management Act is planned for the first quarter of 2020," the ministry said. Glass belongs to one of the most durable materials and the time for the glass bottles and jars to dispose of is estimated at a million years. Since it is fragile and as such damages the living world, its recycling is recommended in every form because the glass can be unlimitedly recycled.

In the European Union, some countries have introduced a deposit system, and on average they collect and recycle 90 percent of glass and plastic bottles and cans.

Sweden introduced this system first in 1984, and in the group of ten countries, the last to join was Lithuania, which doubled the rate of the waste collection very quickly. In the region, only Croatia has introduced a deposit system, and in Serbia announced they would do this for years.

Director of Serbia's Environmental Protection Agency Filip Radovic announced the introduction of the deposit system at the beginning of the year. He stressed that the introduction of the deposit system should motivate citizens and industry not to deposit waste in the environment and clarified that Serbia would have appliances where citizens would place the packaging and receive money for doing the same. He did not specify when that might happen. In Belgrade and other Serbian cities, in certain locations, there are bells for the disposal of glass packaging. In the capital of Serbia, they are set where there are plenty of shops and restaurants.

In Podgorica, there are more and more underground containers, and in the region, their usage is diminishing

In Podgorica, ordinary containers have been replaced with underground ones in many locations in recent years. As the relevant authorities from the City Capital have indicated that the advantages of underground containers compared to ordinary waste disposal facilities are large - they provide more efficient garbage collection, hygiene is improved. However, experiences from the region are not the same.

Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic recently said that in Belgrade there are 400 recyclable containers, and they have been placed instead of the underground ones, which proved to be very bad. "In Belgrade, we currently have a total of four hundred recyclable containers. They are placed on the site of former underground containers, which proved to be very bad. Most of them failed, and the firm that maintained them went into bankruptcy. That is why we decided to replace them with the recyclable containers," said Vesic.

Recycling also brings peaceful dreams

Changing habits in the way of depositing the glass packaging will bring peace to the citizens of the center of Podgorica, who claim that they do not have peace due to the noise made by some caterers who do not choose the right time to throw away glass packaging from the shops into the containers.

"When they unload glass bottles into a container, the noise is unbearable, often in the late hours, as well as in the afternoon, when it's time to rest," one of the fellow citizens said.

Text by Borko Zdero, on May 28th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

29 May 2019, 15:41 PM

In the first half of June, Pljevlja will mark the 450th anniversary since the construction of the Hussein Pasha Mosque, one of the most important cultural-historical and religious buildings in Montenegro.

On the 8th and 9th of June, the Islamic Community will organize a two-day scientific meeting on "Hussein Pasha Boljanic and his endowment - on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of Hussein Pasha's Mosque in Pljevlja".

A member of the organizing committee Jakub Durgut said that the scientific conference would have an international character with the participation of historians from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, and Turkey.

"In addition to the scientific gathering, a miniature exhibition of the Quran from 1579 is planned in Hussein Pasha's mosque and at the end an academy, where they would give thanks to donors and credit-worthy individuals who helped restore the mosque in 2006 and 2007," Durgut said.

The Hussein Pasha mosque was built in 1569, and it is the endowment of Hussein Pasha Boljanic, a Herzegovinian Sandzak-Bey born in the village of Boljanici. His high position enabled him to build the mosque in Pljevlja as his endowment to his homeland. Hussein Pasha's Mosque, one of the most valuable oriental cultural monuments in the Balkans, is a stone-walled building with a minaret 42 meters high.

It is assumed that the mosque’s builder is Hajrudin who also built the bridge in Mostar. The Hussein Pasha mosque had two major restorations, the first in 1888 and 2006/2007 when the detailed renovation was done.

With the last restoration, the Hussein Pasha's mosque was restored to its original and authentic appearance.

Text by Goran Malidzan, on May 28th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

29 May 2019, 02:10 AM

28 May 2019 - "I am convinced that the system is as strong as it is effectively ready to respond to the expectations of those who need support most. One of the strengths of this component of our institutions is the introduction of the social card which, as you have noticed, is now in the second phase of implementation," said Prime Minister Duško Marković.

"The first phase included the optimal application of legal and institutional solutions in the field of material benefits, including automatic data exchange with nine other social protection systems, and rights from veterans' disability protection," Prime Minister Marković explained.

The Prime Minister emphasised that the second phase enables centers for social work to provide around 30 social services on "one counters" principle, adding: "Today, with certainty, we can say that the social card system has brought significant benefits to the citizens and the State, has enabled numerous reliefs, and the money that was previously needed to obtain a number of certificates. "

The Prime Minister recalled that since 2015 and the introduction of the Social Card, citizens have been obliged to give their ID cards, while other documents are obtained automatically.

"With the introduction of this system, a detailed audit of about 60,000 users was carried out, and on that occasion, a significant number of material benefits were created as a result of abuse by the then users. Only on this basis in June 2014 - January 2016, budget savings of 2.6 million euros were achieved. It is an illustrative fact that by using this System we are now able to calculate and realise about 84,000 individual solutions per month automatically," said the Prime Minister.

Safe in the knowledge that the introduction of the Social Card ensured the conduct of a quality, fair and efficient social policy through the implementation of the latest information technologies, PM Marković concluded:

"In the previous period of implementation, the Social Card really fulfilled the expectations and significantly influenced the quality of the provision of services in the field of social protection, and consequently the successful implementation of the structural reform of the social protection system."

29 May 2019, 02:03 AM

28 May 2019 - Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović and Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of North Macedonia Sadula Duraki signed in Podgorica the Agreement on Environmental Cooperation.

The agreement represents another cooperation mechanism by which Montenegro and North Macedonia will strive for synergy of initiatives in the spirit of openness, inclusiveness and mutual learning, facilitating the exchange of personnel, promoting coordinated development and joint progress in the field of the environment.

Minister Radulović noted that the agreement defines common priorities and further strengthening of cooperation, addressing environmental issues, through long-term and sustainable measures.

Both sides agreed that the official Podgorica and Skopje have established excellent bilateral relations and that the two countries will continue to support each other.

Minister Radulović also said that Montenegro has been developing as an ecological state, which requires dedication, perseverance, courageous decisions and significant financial investments.

Montenegro and North Macedonia Agreement on Environmental Cooperation1

"Montenegro is fully committed to meeting the obligations from the European agenda, accepting and applying European standards in the field of environment, sustainable development, but on this path does not forget our traditional friends with whom we want to develop and improve existing relations, for the benefit of our citizens," he pointed out.

He also stated that the fulfillment of the Initial Measure and the adoption of the Negotiating Position for Chapter 27 resulted in the opening of Chapter 27 - Environment and Climate Change at the Intergovernmental Conference, which took place in Brussels in December 2018, where the European Union sent a strong message, equally important for Montenegro, but also for other candidate countries, and proved that the association process is alive. 

He also stressed that the EU Enlargement Strategy for the Western Balkans represents a chance to intensify the reforms that have begun and to accelerate the path towards membership, by strengthening inter-institutional cooperation with all neighbouring countries, with a particular focus on the environment. 

"Conscious of the fact that the development of a modern society as an unavoidable consequence has a deterioration in the state of the environment, the combined action of governments, NGOs and the entire community is an imperative in the time to come," Minister Radulovic concluded, pointing out that preserving the environment is a cornerstone of modern sustainable development, for the survival of future generations and the presumption of the future of all of us. 

Minister Duraki expressed his wish for the more intensive cooperation between the two countries, especially in the area of ​​exchange of experience in the treatment of all types of waste.

28 May 2019, 14:03 PM

The Jubilee, fifteenth " P(i)jat od žućenice ", the most famous program of Zucenica Fest, will gather 19 culinary teams, lovers of this plant and other edible grasses in Tivat.

The application deadline expires on May 28th, and in addition to the local teams, the participation has been announced by chefs from the town Skoczów in Poland, which for fifteen years has participated in well-known gastro events throughout Europe, and on the list of unavoidable ones is Zucenica fest in Tivat.

The team of Polish cooks is led by a renowned chef, gastro nomad, and producer of the gastro festival Wiecho Wroblewski.

This year, Poles will present the specialties of the national cuisine.

Although there are registrations from teams from other countries, their participation is uncertain as the funds for the Gourmet Festival in Tivat are limited.


Apart from the Polish teams and organizers of the Zucenica fest, the Women's Organization from Tivat, the participations were announced by “Kolo Srpskih sestara” from Tivat, Women's Organization from Risan, NGO Harlekin from Donja Lastva, Women's Organization from Budva, High school “Sergije Stanic” from Podgorica, NGO "Festa" from Baosici, NGO "Ruke" from Herceg Novi, NGO “Bokobran”, Tivat Women's Democratic Party Forum, “Kavacka ala maka”, Bokeski forum, High School "Mladost"  and Elementary school “Drago Milovic” from Tivat, "Vodena kočija ", “Association of Tivat Caterers”, “Bokeski Izrazi Kotor” and “Prsutara Batricevic” from Njegusi.

The fifteenth edition of  the Tivat International Gastro Festival is organized by the members of the Women's Organization from Tivat, the Municipal Tourism Organization and Radio Tivat, under the patronage of Tivat Municipality, which has allocated 3.000 euros for this gastro festival. TO Tivat is in charge of the musical program of  ''P(i)jata od žućenice'. Therefore the concerts will be held by the Tivat Music Education Society and pop star Ana Kokic. The most famous gastronomic event in Boka Bay, dedicated to the wild, edible grass-zucenica, will be held on June 1st at the promenade Pine in Tivat.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on May 26th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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