07 Nov 2019, 13:24 PM

In Montenegro, due to unfavorable weather conditions, landslides or torrents, interruptions or changes in the traffic regime on certain roads have occurred.

The main Podgorica - Kolasin road is now open, where traffic at tunnels 7, 8 and 9 were suspended yesterday due to water torrents.

The road across Matesevo to Podgorica is still closed.

Traffic on the road Mojkovac - Djurdjevica Tara was stopped due to a landslide in Sokolivina.

At Kolasin - Mojkovac it is difficult to operate only in one lane because of the large amount of water in Sjerogoste.

The Auto Moto Association of Montenegro recommends that passengers traveling to Serbia use the road through Zabljak and Pljevlja and the border crossing Jabuka.

It was reported that the road Podgorica - Niksic - Zabljak - Pljevlja via Kovren and the Slijepac Bridge towards Bijelo Polje from Podgorica is operating.

Traffic on the route Trubjela - Vilusi will be suspended from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm due to the reconstruction of the road.

Traffic on the regional road Krstac - Ivanova korita, on the section Medjuvrsje - Ivanova korita will be suspended from nine to 11 am and from 3 to 5 pm and changed from two-way to one-way.

On the regional road Berane - Petnjica in Budimlja - Polica traffic will be suspended from 9 am to 2 pm due to paving works.

On the regional road Pljevlja - Metaljka, traffic will be suspended from 9 to 11 am and from 1 to 3 pm due to the reconstruction of the road.

Due to the reconstruction of the regional road Cerovo - Rogami, traffic on the section Rogami – Spuz is being conducted in line with the temporary traffic signaling.

Traffic on the road Pluzine - Scepan polje,  at the site of the Hydropower Plant Piva, has been changed from two-way to one-way from 7 am to 6 pm, due to the works.

Due to the concrete works on the slab culvert on the regional road Berane-Kolasin, as part of the reconstruction of the road Lubnica – Jelovica, the traffic will be suspended for all types of vehicles.

Due to the restoration of the road on the main road M-2 Podgorica - Kolasin, the traffic regime will be changed from two-way to one-way.

On the road Dinisa – Cijevna there is a complete traffic stoppage from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm.

Text by MINA News, on November 7th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

07 Nov 2019, 10:03 AM

November 7, 2019 - Data showing that more than 70% of young people want to leave Montenegro is worrying. That fact has nothing to do with politics, religion or any other affiliation. This problem is social and it brings up the following question: What can be done to prevent young people from leaving and provide them with a decent life in their homeland? What is it that country and citizens can do?

It is unacceptable that the country has no official data on the number of those who have already left – maybe forever. According to the unofficial data, around 60.000 citizens have left Montenegro since the renewal of independence.
CdM interlocutors acknowledge the problem. However, the view on the current situation is different.
Minister of Sport and Youth, Mr Nikola Janović, has said that 70% of those who want to leave Montenegro is just a perception of a specific number of respondents, not the actual state of affairs.
Alarming situation
President of the Liberal Party, Mr Andrija Popović, says that migration to more progressive countries and better living conditions is ever-lasting. However, he stresses that there’s no justification for Montenegro, as a country that does very little to provide young people with the best possible conditions for living.
“Possibilities are endless. Through a priority state project, especially in agriculture, a Montenegrin village would come to life again, and with it, crafting and other activities. It is necessary to collect reliable data on the number of young people who have already left in search of a better life. The situation is alarming”, warns Mr Popović.
Member of the Presidency of the Socialist Democratic Party, Mr Mirko Stanić, says that the country should be held responsible for the problem. This problem is a direct result of the lack of stimulating measures aimed at making young people want to stay in their homeland.
Voting potential
“The fundamental reason for leaving is the relation between the government and the young population. Young people, the backbone of our society,  are voting potential and nothing more than that”, says Mr Stanić.

If young people had a stable and well-paid job in their homeland, there wouldn’t be a need for them to leave Montenegro forever.

In that context, Mr Stanić, reminds, SDP has proposed a set of reform economic laws to improve conditions for business and open perspectives for increased employment.

The Hungarian model

In Hungary for instance, young married couples receive interest-free loans for the apartment in the amount of €30.000. In case they get the third child, they are not obliged t repay the loan. Every country in the region and in Europe does its best to keep young people in the country. Countries invest in their young people and put them on the top of the priority list. In Montenegro, some other topics are given priority.

“If you are a student in Montenegro, you are not allowed to be registered in the Employment Agency just because the Government would then lose the possibility to display how unemployment rate in Montenegro has considerably dropped and how GDP growth rate has surged”, points out Mr Stanić.

In his opinion, arrogance and negligence must not be a response to the challenges Montenegro is faced with. We must face problems and, more importantly, acknowledge the reasons why young people choose to leave.


The country has identified the problem

Unlike Mr Stanić, vice-president of the Youth of Social Democrats, Mr Nikola Zirojević, says that it is important to stress that competent authorities have identified the problem and that they have undertaken measures aimed at tackling it and encouraging young people to use their skills and knowledge in their homeland.

As far as data is concerned, it is very difficult to gather accurate data as many people leave and stay just for a season or for a couple of months and then they come back.

“This serious challenge requires a strategic approach and concrete measures aimed at encouraging young people to live in Montenegro. In that context, I’d like to highlight some positive measures  – Fund for talented people which awards the best pupils, scholarships for students, dual education, professional training, grants for the implementation of entrepreneurial ideas, youth centers and others”, says Mr Zirojević.

Mr Zirojević firmly believes that this problem will be solved with more mechanisms aimed at improving living standards in Montenegro.

Socialist People’s Party spokesman, Mr Miloš Rajković, says that the main reason why young people decide to leave their country is the lack of prospects for a normal and decent life: getting g the job, starting a family, buying apartment, car…

“Lack of financial resources and being forced to depend on your parents are crucial reasons for leaving. In Montenegro, you can’t live a normal life from decent work. By “normal” I don’t mean survival and making ends meet, because that’s not life. What we have in Montenegro is ostentation of individuals and poverty of the majority”, says Mr Rajković.

He adds that skilled and capable people, who can contribute to the development of Montenegro, should not leave.

“It would be a sin. There are so many things that need to be fixed. If everybody respected laws, institution and the environment, this country would be a little paradise. A successful system with stable institutions, that’s all we need”, concludes Mr Rajković.

Text by CDM on November 7, 2019, read more here

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07 Nov 2019, 09:35 AM

Due to slightly increased turbidity of water at the spring “Plavda” in Lepetani, and according to the recommendations of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro, consumers, especially children, pregnant women, the elderly and the population with weakened immune systems, in the settlements Lepetani, Opatovo, Lastva, Seljanovo, Tivat, Center, Tripovici, Kalimanj, Marici and Bonici can use boiled tap water for drinking or use safe alternatives (bottled water and the like).

Please be reminded that the Notice on increased turbidity from the source “Bolje Sestre” by the Regional Water Supply, which is valid for the southern part of the Municipality of Tivat, with the same recommendations of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro, is still in force.

We will regularly inform the users in the indicated settlements about the situation on the terrain – it was said in the statement from Tivat Water Supply company.

Text by Radio Tivat, on November 6th, 2019, read more at Radio Tivat

06 Nov 2019, 11:56 AM

Due to increased turbidity of water at the source of the Regional water supply system "Bolje Sestre", consumers located in settlements Dumidran, Gradiosnica, Vrijes, Brdista, Airport, Obala Djurasevici, Radovici, Gosici and Krasici can use tap water only by boiling it firsrt, informed the Tivat Water Supply company.

According to information from the Regional Water Supply company in Budva, the water has been blurred due to heavy rainfall at the mentioned source, and except for the increased turbidity, all other parameters are within the allowed values.

We will regularly inform the users in the indicated settlements about the situation on the field, reads the statement.

Text by Radio Tivat, on November 6th 2019, read more at Radio Tivat

06 Nov 2019, 11:15 AM

After 8 pm last night, Herceg Novi was hit by heavy thunderstorms, winds, and rain, and the substantial amount of precipitation could not be accepted by utility holes, canals, streams in that short time.

As the commander of the Protection and Rescue Service Zlatko Ćirović told the portal Radio Jadran, the critical zone is the roundabout in Meljine, where the stream Nemilo flooded, and threatens to endanger the main road and surrounding structures.

"I urge that everyone who does not have an urgent need to go to this road avoid the roundabout, because a traffic jam is created and the vehicles are interfering with the interventions of our services," said Ćirović.

The ground floors of houses and commercial buildings have flooded, and the main road is exposed to torrential waters in many places.

Several calls were received by the security service to pump water from the facilities, but they did not intervene because the level is below 20 centimeters, which is the minimum required for their pumps to operate, Radio Jadran reports.

According to Igalo Weather Station, from 7 to 9 am, 50 liters of rain per square meter fell in that part of the Municipality.

Text by Vijesti online, on November 6th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

05 Nov 2019, 09:28 AM

After about 3pm in the afternoon it was reported that there was gas in the air at the High school “Mladost” and Elementary School “Drago Milovic”, as well as Knightsbridge school. The firefighters were there until 7.30 pm monitoring the situation after closing the valve. According to firefighter commander Zoran Barbic, all gas valves and atmospheric ducts were flushed with water before and after being checked with a gas detector.

It was stated that the situation was normal and that there was no reason to worry or to be on duty. In the morning, the Ministry of Education will send a licensed representative to fix the valves and service the plant.

Schools point out that the situation is regular, that there is no reason to worry, so schools will continue to operate tomorrow as scheduled. The evacuation of students from the international school, the interruption of the basketball game, and the closure of the street were done for security reasons only.

Tet by S.L., on November 4th 2019, read more at Radio Tivat

04 Nov 2019, 18:20 PM

November 4, 2019 - A message from Montenegro Dolphin Research:

Montenegro Dolphin Research is a project working in Bar to research and protect dolphins in the Southern Adriatic Sea. Since 2016, we’ve been conducting land- and boat-based surveys in order to monitor dolphin populations in Montenegrin waters. By establishing a knowledge base of distribution patterns, encounter rates and residency patterns of bottlenose and striped dolphins we aim to accumulate enough data to be able to define a plan to ensure that the dolphins can be better protected in the future. 

Sadly, these beautiful animals are classified as at-risk or data deficient and face a range of threats such as habitat degradation, prey depletion, by-catch (when they get tangled up in large fishing nets), vessel traffic and pollution.   

So far, we’ve conducted more than 500 land surveys and over 100 boat surveys, but there’s still more that we can do!  

A huge part of our project involves working with the fantastic local community here in Bar to raise awareness of the threats to Montenegro’s dolphins, and to encourage everyone to get involved and protect the country’s beautiful coastline. Through public awareness campaigns, community days and school presentations we hope to engage as many people as possible with our conservation efforts. 

This week, on Saturday 9th November, we’re hosting a community beach clean. This will be a fantastic opportunity to take part in some direct conservation, clearing the beach of litter and plastic pollution and enjoying a morning in the fresh air!  Please come along to Kraljevska Plaza at 10 am on Saturday to say hello and make a real difference to Montenegro’s dolphins!

You can find the event details here

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03 Nov 2019, 11:25 AM

Over the past three years, the Public Works Administration has implemented dozens of projects referring to the improvement of the local traffic and utility infrastructure worth over €50 million, head of this institution, Mr Rešad Nuhodžić, told in an interview for CdM.


The largest number of these projects has been implemented in the north of the country, in line with the Government’s strategy of the country’s uniformly development.

“One of the biggest projects is certainly the reconstruction of the tailing in Mojkovac and its transformation into a modern sports and recreational zone,” said Mr Nuhodžić.

According to him, at this location, covering an area of about 19 hectares, the construction of a footbridge over the Podgorica – Bijelo Polje main road is underway, with a total value of about €1.8 million. The construction of the footbridge will be completed by the end of the year.

He recalls that the construction of traffic and utility connections within the business zone has started recently in Mojkovac, which will provide an additional incentive for the development of entrepreneurship, and therefore create conditions for new jobs.

“About 825,000 euro will be allocated for this investment,” Mr Nuhodžić added.


Among many projects that the Public Works Administration is implementing in Rožaje, he particularly wanted to mention a new city market, which will provide quality working conditions for all sellers.

“We are about to finish the construction of a market in Gusinje as well, the project funded by the Govt of Montenegro, worth around €620,000.”

As for Berane, the second phase of the construction of a livestock market at an area of around 3,350 sqm, worth €360,000, started several days ago.

The construction of access roads for the future ski resorts Žarski, Cmiljača, Kolašin, and Hajla is underway, as well as for Đalovića cave tourist complex, which will contribute to the development of economy and the increase in the quality of life of citizens living in these areas.

Besides all the above-mentioned projects, Mr Nuhodžić added, there are many other projects as well and each one of them is extremely significant for the local community regardless of its value.

He also noted that the Government and the Public Works Administration would continue with the investment and the implementation of projects aiming to further develop the local infrastructure.

Text by CDM on November 2, 2019, read more here.

02 Nov 2019, 13:41 PM

Although the main, summer tourist season has officially drawn to a close, Porto Montenegro’s Naval Heritage Collection continues to bring in visitors.

During the six working days of the last week in October, around 100 people visited the collection, most of whom visited both the museum exhibition and its main attraction, the P-821 “Heroj” submarine, located in front of the museum itself. webp to jpg 22

P-821 “Heroj” Submarine - Photo Boka News


Visitor numbers were up almost 40% on the same week in October last year, with the vast majority - over 80% - is from abroad, and the remainder coming from Montenegro and countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Between 1st January and 27th October this year, the Naval Heritage Collection of Porto Montenegro in Tivat has seen 10,071 visitors, with ticket sales and souvenirs bringing in a total of 37,174 euros.

02 Nov 2019, 13:32 PM

The Public Company for the Management of Marine Property of Montenegro has begun work on landscaping and paving the existing footpath behind Jaz beach in Budva.

The footpath will be 380 metres long, and between five and six metres wide, and will run from the Posejdon Hotel beach to the Kunjić house.

“The walkway will be paved with terracotta-colour prefabricated concrete blocks, with drainage and curb edges. As part of the landscaping, the existing coastal wall along the beach will be rebuilt, with seating and waste bins installed, bollards to prevent vehicle access as well as horticultural landscaping along the footpath.

Currently, earthworks and removal of the concrete surface are taking place on the walkway, alongside parallel work on installing water and telecoms connections sub-surface. This work is being carried out by ‘Vodovod i kanalizacija Budva and M:tel’,” reports JP Marine Property.

They add that towards the end of the works, lampposts and street lighting would be reinstalled, with two-power lyre lighting and led bulbs.

The contractor for the project is Incom of Podgorica, with a completion date of February 2020. The Public Company has earmarked 150,000 euros for the work.

Upon completion of the public procurement process, a contract will be signed in the coming days on a design for an extension of the walkway to the mouth of the river at the western end of the beach.

01 Nov 2019, 12:07 PM

A mini-break begins today for primary and secondary school students in Montenegro.

Namely, the first classification period ended on October 31, according to the school calendar for 2019/2020 and is followed by a short, four-day break.

The non-working days are Friday 1st November and Monday 4th November.

The second classification period begins on Tuesday 5th November. It ends on Monday, December 30th.

Following the winter break, the third classification period will begin on January 27th next year and will last until March 31st.

The school year ends on June 12th, that is, for the final grade students on May 20th, 2020.

Text by CdM, on October 31st, 2019, read more at CdM

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