29 Jan 2019, 12:26 PM

The international project "Seek, innovate your dreams", which aims to help pupils to understand and prepare for future professions, has been joined by a group of teachers and students from Montenegro. Coordinators from Montenegro are professors of the mother tongue and literature from Rožaje and Plav, Mirsada Šabotić and Senada Đešević, professor of biology from Niksic Olivera Lucic, a mathematics professor from Rožaje Munirka Agovic and professors of class teaching, Marina Knežević and Dušanka Vujičić from Nikšić, and Ivana Milic from Podgorica. They have succeeded in involving 105 teachers and 2,657 students from many Montenegrin elementary and high schools.

"The project deals with the promotion of three out of 17 United Nations sustainable development goals - quality education, available clean energy and industry, innovation and infrastructure. The project activities will last for seven weeks, with particular emphasis on the student's competencies such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, digital skills. The theme of the project is the future professions that do not yet exist, the role of technology in the world of change, the future industry, SDGs, the coordinators explained

Pupils and teachers who will receive certificates after completing the project have already started their first assignment and the results can be seen on social networks.

The project, founded by professors Karum Vits from Pakistan and Rania Lumpur from Greece, has gathered 1,700 teachers and 100,000 students from nearly 60 countries.

Text by Svetlana Mandic, on January 28th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

29 Jan 2019, 12:24 PM

The Serbian Education Society (SPKD), "Prosvjeta", awarded the traditional life-work award this year to the teachers Čeda Vukićević and Savo Radanović for their contribution to the education of numerous generations of young citizens of Herceg Novi.

Čeda Vukićević (maiden name Bronzic) was born in 1923 in the village Kameno in the family of Lazar Bronzic, also a teacher, as the tenth of twelve children. She finished the primary four-grades school in her native village, which was then the most advanced in the municipality Herceg Novi and which will produce the largest number of educated people, and especially teachers. In Lazara Bronzic’s family, all children will be educated in high schools and more. After completing four grades in Kameno, she attended high school in Herceg Novi and Teacher’s school n Cetinje.

She remembered the war years because the Italians set their house on fire in 1942, so she moved with her family to Herceg Novi, Savina, to their cousins Zloković. As a teacher in 1946, she worked in Petnjica. She got married in 1947 for geodesic engineer Dušan Vukićević, who became a post-war Minister of Transport.

Then she worked at the Ministry of Education in Cetinje and was also the school director in Baošići. She retired as a teacher at the elementary school "Milan Vukovic”. Her former pupils are today distinguished citizens, engineers, professors, doctors, professional athletes and artists.

Teacher Savo Radanovic was born on March 3rd in 1947 in Prijevor, in the municipality of Herceg Novi. He graduated from the Pedagogical Academy in Dubrovnik and spent his entire working life at the elementary school "Dašo Pavičić" as a class teacher.

During several decades of work, Savo showed outstanding expertise and responsibility in work. Thanks to his many years of work at Sutorina, this school branch has survived.

The pupils, parents, and locals immensely admired him because of his enthusiasm and genuine dedication to the pedagogical and every work for the benefit of his native region, they say from SPKD "Prosvjeta".

Text by Slavica Kosic, on January 28th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

29 Jan 2019, 12:21 PM

The 50th Mimosa Festival Caravan traveled to Slovenia to visit Novo Mesto, Kranj and Ljubljana.

The City Music Orchestra, majorettes, trombone players, masks and chariots will go to Novo Mesto at noon and will be presented in Kranj at 5 pm and in Ljubljana on Wednesday. The parade is planned for the Tourism Fair, where TO Herceg Novi will have its stand, as well as at the main city square.

The Mimosa Festival Caravan this year presented a flower festival in Vienna, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Vrbas, Višegrad, Zlatibor, Bijeljina, and Podgorica.

The Jubilee Mimosa Festival will be open with the concert by Zdravko Čolić on the plateau in front of Hotel Igalo in Igalo. For the 50 days of festivities in honor of the yellow flower, masquerades, entertainment, cultural and sports programs will be organized.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on January 28th 2019, read more at Vijesti

29 Jan 2019, 06:54 AM

January 29, 2019 - Real estate in Montenegro is booming once more. After the halcyon days of 2004 when foreign investors poured into the country, the real estate market is once more buoyant. Signature developments such as Lustica Bay, Porto Montenegro and Portonovi have brought real 5-star class to the Montenegrin property scene. 

And it is not just these major luxury developments where people are buying. Renovated stone villas, more modest apartments with sea views, and land. Total Montenegro News has decided to take a much closer look at the real estate scene here in 2019, and we are delighted to announce a new partnership with RE/MAX, one of the biggest names in global real estate.  

remax-property-1-tivat (5).JPG

RE/MAX recently entered the local market and has already made a big impact with a mouthwatering property portfolio. As part of the 2019 TMN coverage this year, we will be doing various in-depth features on the current real estate market, as well as a weekly Property of the Week from the Remax catalogue.

remax-property-1-tivat (7).JPG

Perhaps fittingly, we start in Tivat, a small town which has seen an explosion in investment and building in recent years. Superbly located just a few minutes away from Kotor, Lustica Bay and its very own Porto Montenegro, the huge rise in passenger flights to Tivat Airport has made properties here accessible as never before - all year round. 

remax-property-1-tivat (8).JPG

Meet the first Property of the Week, where traditional Montenegrin stone meets high-quality luxury renovation with all the mod cons. A superb blend of tradition and comfort just 10 minutes walk from Porto Montenegro.

In the words of the RE/MAX catalogue:

remax-property-1-tivat (6).JPG

One of a kind, professionally designed and updated old stone character property with terraced outdoor living areas and two off-street parking spaces. 10 minutes walk to Porto Montenegro. Three full bathrooms and four bedrooms on three floors with a total gross of 201 m2 (2,163 sq. ft.) 167m2 net interior living space, on a 201m2 plot perfect for outdoor living.

remax-property-1-tivat (4).JPG

Recently completed renovations include new high quality, secure and energy efficient exterior doors, windows, and shutters, as well as a new solid wood pergola on the first floor raised terrace. Security alarm system and cameras are also recent. Original exposed stone interior walls, wood beams and more recently installed rustic wood plank floors blend seamlessly with newly updated interior finishes that include areas of antiqued local stone, porcelain, solid wood architraves, interior doors, and fresh decoration. Recently completed renovations include new high quality, secure and energy efficient exterior doors, windows, and shutters, as well as a new solid wood pergola on the first floor raised terrace. Security alarm system and cameras are also recent. Original exposed stone interior walls, wood beams and more recently installed rustic wood plank floors blend seamlessly with newly updated interior finishes that include areas of antiqued local stone, porcelain, solid wood architraves, interior doors, and fresh decoration. 

remax-property-1-tivat (2).JPG

This family home with optional top quality designer imported Italian furnishing and lighting, boasts a large open plan main living area, fully fitted kitchen, up to western standards, and new high-quality appliances. French doors open onto an outdoor living area shaded by oleander, bay leaf, and orange trees. This family home with optional top quality designer imported Italian furnishing and lighting, boasts a large open plan main living area, fully fitted kitchen, up to western standards, and new high-quality appliances. French doors open onto an outdoor living area shaded by oleander, bay leaf, and orange trees.

remax-property-1-tivat (3).JPG

All bedrooms have connecting bathrooms. The large master bedroom loft featuring a deluxe five-piece en-suite and private sitting area being the most luxurious suite them all.

Price 475,000 euro.

For more information, photos and to book a viewing, check out this exceptionally renovated stone villa on the RE/MAX website


28 Jan 2019, 17:37 PM

January 28, 2019 - The peninsula of Luštica, at the entrance to Boka Bay, still has no water supply system, and a few years ago, due to a weak electrical network, its inhabitants were often in the dark. Luštica does not have a primary school, an ambulance, or a shop. According to the announcements from the Municipality of Herceg Novi, whose territory consists of the most significant part of the surface of the peninsula, sthe first activities began for the construction of the water supply network.

luštica villagesAbout 400 permanent residents of the part of Luštica, which territorially belongs to the municipality of Herceg Novi, live in several settlements - Rose, Klinci, Mrkovi, Tići, Eraci, Babuci, Radovanići, Zambelići, Begovići, Đurjeni, Brguli, Mardari and Zabrđe. The villages Krašići and Krtoli are part of the Tivat municipality.
The inhabitants of the village provide water supply on Luštica through rainwater tanks and from cisterns. Due to the scarcity of water, agricultural production is represented only within households, although the primary economic branch in this area is agriculture.
However, this year, it would be necessary to get water from the city water supply. The Municipality of Herceg Novi has published tender documentation for the development of a significant project for the construction of water supply infrastructure worth 140 thousand euros.
It is necessary to build a water supply network, a transport pipeline and a hydrant, an interruption chamber, pressure regulators, sludge leaks, air valves and water trapping stations on pipeline tracks. The project assignment also includes water reservoirs with pump stations and remote control and monitoring automats, water dispensing stations and hydrants at reservoir locations, electrical installations. 
lustica bay entrance viewOn the peninsula of Luštica, belonging to the municipality of Herceg Novi, at the location Pristan there is an underwater pipeline of Ø250 diameter, owned by the Regional Water Supply, connected to the waterway from Kumbor. This pipeline is planned to transport 70 l / s of water. According to the data of the Water Supply and Sewerage of Herceg Novi, the outlet pressure in the pipeline at Pristan is about 2.2 bar.
By constructing the water supply network, according to the planned water needs of existing and newly built facilities, the investor expects the maximum daily water consumption of 56.5 l / s for future water users in Luštica.
Water from the Herceg Novi pipeline from the existing submarine pipeline from Kumbur to Pristan will supply the villages Zabrđe, Klinci, Rose and the future Northstar complex.
The second part of the project should include the supply of water to the villages of Mrkovi, Tići, Večerići, Žanjice, Eraci, Radovanići, Zambelići, Babući, Brguli, Mardari, Begovići and the Portobono complex.
In addition to these consumers, the Herceg Novi Municipality counts on two other hotel complexes as well as on the needs of agriculture.
Source: Radio Jadran
28 Jan 2019, 10:49 AM

NGO Artistic Music Association "Scena" from Nikšić published a photo contest "Natural Beauty of the Northern Montenegro" for the municipalities of Niksic, Plužine, Savnik and Žabljak.

The best works will be rewarded with diplomas, and the first three places with electronic devices i.e. tablet computers.

"The aim of this photo contest is to promote the natural beauty of northern Montenegro, as well as to promote photography as an art to the elementary, high school pupils and students from the mentioned municipalities," said Zoran Džiknić, Project Coordinator.

The right to participate in the competition, which is open until February 28th, is all photographers with residence or place of birth in Nikšić, Plužine, Savnik and Žabljak municipalities and the emphasis will be on originality and a focus on the local environment.

You can send a maximum of three photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and the winners will be chosen by a three-member jury as well as by visitors of the exhibitions which will be organized in Nikšić, Plužine, Žabljak and Savnik during March and April.

"From the works received, the expert project team "Scena" will select the 30 best photos and organize a travelling photo exhibition in the cities whose natural beauty we intend to promote," Džiknić said.

The photo competition is realized as part of the project entitled "Facilitating and Promotion of Cultural and Artistic Creativity of Youth from Nikšić, Plužine, Šavnik and Žabljak”, and is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro.

Text by Svetlana Mandic, on January 27th 2019, read more at Vijesti

28 Jan 2019, 10:45 AM

Herceg Novi, where there are 935 guests, is marking a jubilee 50th Mimosa festival. After the winter break, the Mediterranean Center Institute in Igalo will open its doors, which hosts the first Mimosa masquerade, as well as many other programs to be held during the jubilee festival as well as the day of Norway. We remind you that in this rehabilitation facility, the Norwegians have been treated since 1976. The collaboration between this health and tourism institution in Igalo and the Norwegian government, which sends its citizens for treatment and recovery, has lasted for four decades.

Since the very opening and the first mimosa festival weekend, we expect a good booking capacity, said the marketing director Nikola Mračević. The first guests are the beneficiaries of the Montenegrin Health Fund. A major visit of the guests from the region is expected in March, for whom there is the offer Ex Yu, while the first guests from the Netherlands will arrive on April 8th and from Norway on April 16th.

There are several hotels in there Herceg Novi Riviera, in which 117 guests will be accommodated, while 818 are in the private accommodation. Among the tourists who are staying in the biggest city in Boka bay, at the end of January, there are only seven domestic ones.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on January 27th 2019, read more at Vijesti

28 Jan 2019, 10:43 AM

The Overture to all programs will be a cult city manifestation devoted to "theatre" - XXIV HAPS – Herceg Novi April Theatre festival, from 15th to 25th April.

The Titular Festival is NGO Herceg Novi Theatre, and JUK Herceg Fest is host and co-organizer. HAPS, with the recommendation of the Culture Council, has been included in events necessary for the culture of the city, according to tthe he Tourist Organization.

From the 9th to 16th of June Herceg Novi will welcom the Day of Russian Culture, and the "breath of Russia" will be brought by the cultural delegates of this country. The event is a product of cooperation between the local TO and the city of St. Petersburg, which was strengthened by signing a memorandum of cooperation in November last year.

A rich and varied program is being prepared, whose carriers are the guests from Russia.

"The aim of the event is to present the diversity of national wealth, to affirm multiculturalism and to promote the cooperation of institutions, associations and artists. The guests from Russia will present themselves with a program designed to gather Russian citizens from Russia and the entire Balkans and to popularize Russian culture, spirituality, tradition and art in our region," said the TO.

The Festival of Classical Music, XXXVI Days of music will traditionally mark the beginning of July. Concert programs will be held as in previous years in Dvorana Park, from 10th to 20th July. The sponsors of this musical festival are the Montenegrin Ministry of Culture, Municipality and Tourism Organization Herceg Novi, while JUK Herceg Fest is the executive producer of the festival.

Right after the Days of Music is finished, the lovers of the written word will be able to get acquainted with the latest titles of local and regional writers who will present themselves at the Book Square from 21st till 28th July.

"The fair is designed as a unique edition of publishing, with the aim of popularizing books and reading, offering the many visitors with various interests the best and latest releases of domestic and foreign literature and literature from all fields of science and knowledge," the TO says. There are planned meetings with writers, various evening programs, as well as children's and drama programs.

This year's filmmakers lovers will be able to enjoy the latest regional, European and world titles, which will b brought to the screen by the Montenegrin Film Festival. It will be held, as it was the case so far, at 4 locations in the city, from the 1st to 7th of August. The projections in the main competition program will be screened at Kanli kula, and the other categories in Forte Mare Fort, Music Square and Bellavista Square. The executive producer of the festival is JUK Herceg Fest.

In addition to the festival dedicated to classical literature, the five-day guitar festival - Guitar Art Summer Fest will delight us this summer too. It will be held on the Square at the Music School from the 15th to 20th of August, and some concerts and Kanli Kula. Within the festival, during the day, the Summer School of Guitar will be organized, by which GASF supports and promotes young talents who have the opportunity to work and perform with the greatest guitarists.

The only opera festival in the region, Operosa, will be held from the 21st to 24th of August, as well as the VI festival of jazz music, organized by NGO Fortuna in cooperation with the Music School, which will be held in the standard term from the 25th to 27th of August.

The manifestations in the post-season begin with the only festival in Montenegro devoted to the ninth art - the 13th Comic book Festival, to be held from the 6th to 11th of September. Thereafter, there will be a sports fun recreational event - tuna hunt, Big game fishing, from the 12th to 16th of September. The beginning of October will be marked by the Festival of Spiritual Music, the International Festival of Chorus, organized by NGO Fortuna in cooperation with the Music School.

Text by Radio Jadran, on January 27th 2019, read more at Radio Jadran

28 Jan 2019, 09:51 AM

January 28, 2019 - How Barbie's plastic world is threatening the environment.

27 Jan 2019, 21:29 PM

Sutomore hosted a three-day meeting of working groups of the European Scout Region (ESR), during which around 90 scouting officers from 40 countries in Europe will work on improving and strengthening the scouting organization in Europe.

On that occasion, Vice-President of the Bar Municipality Tanja Spicanovic spoke with the Director of ESR David Mekki, representatives of the Scout Association in Montenegro (SICG) Borislav Jovovic and Dušan Masonicic, and the head of the Scout squad "24th November "Miodrag Tanjo Masonicic.

Stressing the importance of the scouting organization for the youth "in our country, and in our municipality," as well as the support of Bar municipality to the scouts, Spičanović announced that this trend would continue in the future.

"Scouting is a pure side of life, and a scout organization is a place where young people spend their time in a quality way and are trained for everything that life would expect them to do," said Spičanović, among other things.

The ESR Director thanked the Bar Municipality for hospitality and over 40 years of constant support for the development of scouts in Montenegro. Mekki has also assessed that the organization of this kind of event is a "clear indicator of the good work of the SICG".

As he pointed out, Montenegrin scouts are followed by even more excellent support from Europe, including funding three projects by FOSE, "and one of these projects is the squad from Bar “24th November".

Representatives of SICG, among other things, said that Bar has long been one of our municipalities with the most scouts, while Miodrag Masoničić said that choosing Bar and the squad "24. November "for such an event is not a coincidence," but the result of great work".

Text by Radomir Petric, on January 26th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

27 Jan 2019, 21:25 PM

"Little Feast of Orange" organized by NGO Ruke (Hands), brought together 35 exhibitors of handicrafts and homemade products on the main street in Herceg Novi and 15 at the donor table.

"Orange has become a local and integral part of Boka's coast, it has become a part of the most important customs, and in homes it has become a cure and food, a gift, a symbol of beauty, fertility, wealth and eternal life, elegance, and splendor," wrote Mašo Čekić on the event of the first festival in 2015 in the author's text "Orange for Luck".

Jams, sweet, juices, cakes and orange soaps, souvenirs, jewelry and pictures inspired by this fruit were interesting to citizens of Herceg Novi, but also to the guests who came to this sunny town.

The members of NGO Bonaca at their booth exhibited juices, sweet and delicious desserts from domestic and wild oranges, tangerines and fortunele, and Jelena Pavlović had delicious orange cakes.

This year the novelty on the "Little Feast of Orange" is the demonstration of culinary skills by Mira Martineti from Herceg Novi. She demonstrated making food such as gnocchi, pies, and chicken with orange.

Maja Erenji Harebraun from NGO Ruke (Hands) points out the pleasure to host so many visitors, but also because of the growing number of exhibitors from all over Montenegro and the region. She said that, as usual, they had a donator table and all the profit from the sale of food would be allocated for charity. 

"This time we will donate the funds to the project 'Patronage in the education system', which is realized for children with disabilities, according to the recommendation of the committee established in the city, by Kolo of Serbian Sisters.

"Little Feast of Orange" this year was also an opportunity for people to socialize, show their creativity and affirm the specialties of and with the addition of the orange.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on January 26th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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