11 Nov 2018, 15:20 PM

November 11, 2018 - As part of its regular activities in the organization of green areas in the territory of Podgorica, the company was engaged in various activities in the domain of its business. Mowing and detailed raking were carried out at the following locations: Boulevard Vojvode Stanka Radonjića, Boulevard Miloša Rašovića, Boulevard Peka Dapčevića, Boulevard P. Ćetković, and the area around the building of JU "Museums and galleries". In addition to these locations, the company was also engaged in GO Golubovci (an area in front of the building of the GO, bypass, Valjez) where works were done on mowing, raking, the removal of wild vegetation, lifting and forming treetops as well as the fine leveling of the terrain.

The Zlaticka forest team of Zelenilo d.o.o. were engaged in cutting dry and burned trees while hedges were cut in the Boulevard of Vojvoda Stanko Radonjić, the Boulevard of Miloš Rasović, the Builder of Pek Dapčević and Bulevar P. Ćetković. In the yard of the "Slobodan Sekerovic" Gymnasium, the workers of “Zelenilo” performed works on the removal of wild plants, lifting and shaping the crown of trees, and cutting dry trees, as well as mowing and raking.


In addition to the above-mentioned activities, the company was engaged in planting seasonal flowers at the following locations: Boulevard St. Petar Cetinjski, Krusevac Children's Park and Boulevard George Washington (roundabout).

Works on the excavation of pits and planting were carried out at the following locations: Historical Museum, Faculty of Medicine as well as in front of the Office for European Integration. In the campus of the University of Montenegro, the company started preparing and planting seedlings of evergreen and deciduous trees.

Works on detailed raking and cleaning of parks continued.

Text by CdM, on November 10th, 2018, read more at CdM

11 Nov 2018, 03:44 AM

10 November 2018 - Looking to enhance your natural beauty? On November 10 and 11 (Saturday and Sunday), Shopping Mall Delta City in Podgorica will host the Sixth Festival of Cosmetics, Care and Aesthetics called Beauty Days. This venue will be the right place for all the people who care for their physical appearance and health.

On this occasion, Delta City Mall will gather numerous manufacturers, representatives and distributors of the world's most famous brands of cosmetic and hairdressing houses. Exhibitors from the country and abroad will present their products and services to the festival visitors.

Aside from the useful recommendations by renowned dermatologists and cosmetologists, at the cosmetic booths, the visitors will be able to find all necessary skin care products. How to lose weight, maintain a youthful look of your face or enlarge your lips are just some of the topics that experts from different areas will cover during this venue.

All visitors to the festival on numerous booths can expect a lot of interesting products and information. The festival is primarily intended for a wide audience that will be able to meet the latest achievements in the area of cosmetics, care and aesthetics. A special segment of the event is directed at the expert public who will be able to learn about the implementation of these products and techniques in everyday activities and extend the current offer in the application of various types of treatments. The event provides a great opportunity to network, expand businesses and compete with top cosmetic industrialists.

Visit hairdressing and beauty booths and find out all about the news in this area. Look for tips from experts from world famous hairdressing and cosmetic brands. In addition to the tips on the hairstyle that best suits you, the colour of the hair that goes with your face, you will also find products that will provide your hair with the necessary care!

11 Nov 2018, 02:51 AM

10 November 2018 - The international film festival Forteca, which took place in Perast and which is unique to both Montenegro and the Balkans, was held in July this year. Due to great interest after Perast, the festival is starting its tour of Montenegro this year - Forteca International Film Festival Perast tour 2018, which will be held in the Budva Cadmus Cineplex from November 12 to 14. During this occasion, a variety of Nordic movies will be played in front of the people of Budva and its guests.

This year's selection of films presents part of the retrospective of Nordic movies such as Arn - The Knight Templar - the spectacle of the director Peter Flint from 2007, but also Smiles of Summer Night by Bergman, which at the same time marks the 100th anniversary of Bergman's birth.

Alongside Arn - The Knight Templar and Smiles of Summer Night, movies such as All Inclusive, The Emigrants, Maste Gitt and A Serious Game will be played in front of the Budva's audience as well.


10 Nov 2018, 02:02 AM

09 November 2018 - Around 1,2 million EUR was invested in the reconstruction of the gymnasium “Slobodan Škerović”, in order for it to become an energy efficient facility, said the Minister of Education Damir Šehović and Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulić.

Works on the reconstruction of this school have been in process for the last couple of months within the project carried out in cooperation with the German Development Bank.

As Minister Šehović said, one of the greatest investment cycles is currently being carried out and the gymnasium in Podgorica is part of it.

“The total value of education investment projects amounts to 30 million EUR. We have already completed works on the resource center in Podgorica, we are working on the resource center “1st June” while works on two schools in Mojkovac will be finished in November. We do all this because we appreciate the value of education,” said Šehović.

Minister Sekulić said that the gymnasium building is one of the symbols of Podgorica and expressed her satisfaction that, thanks to its reconstruction, its authentic appearance is preserved.

“We have reconstructed over 20 facilities within the project with the German Development Bank. Energy efficiency is not just a simple phrase as we usually see it, but in fact, it means that students and professors spend their time in a warm space, in which there is no humidity and with the appropriate lighting,” noted Sekulić.

Director of this high school, Zoja Bojanić-Lalović said that the gymnasium is not only an educational institution but also a cultural and historical monument of its kind.

“The most important thing is that it must remain authentic, unique, an architectural building worthy of admiration which now shines with its new glow,” said Bojanić-Lalović.

The reconstruction of the Gymnasium “Slobodan Škerović” is part of the second phase of the “Programme of Energy Efficiency in public buildings”, implemented by the Ministry of Economy in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.


Source: Cafe del Montenegro

10 Nov 2018, 01:54 AM

09 November 2018 - On November 9, during the visit to the Capital of Montenegro, Culture Minister Aleksandar Bogdanović and his associates visited the final works on the building where the three institutions from the sphere of culture are planned to be moved: the Music Centre, the Film Centre and the Montenegrin Cinematheque.

The first phase of the works, which included the building process and construction works, was completed in the previous period, while the second phase, which includes works on the interior, stage, audio and video technique, will be completed soon.

According to the Minister's earlier statement, the Music Center will include a large concert hall with seating capacity 440, a small concert hall with 190 seats and a symphony and folk orchestra rehearsal hall. For the needs of the Montenegrin Cinematheque, the project includes depots for archiving films and video materials as well as the projection room.

As announced in the official announcement of the Ministry, Bogdanović expressed his satisfaction with the work progress that has been achieved in recent months, as well as with the spatial resources that will satisfy not only European standards and needs but also the expectations of the mentioned cultural institutions. During the conversation with the contractors, he highlighted the importance of the opening of this facility as soon as possible and insisted on the additional intensification of the work dynamics, in order to make the facility operational by the end of the year 2018.

This investment worth 13,190,000 EUR is a proof of program policies implemented by the Government of Montenegro in order to provide adequate working conditions for cultural workers, thus obtaining the necessary prerequisites for achieving even greater cultural ranges, the Minister concluded after the visit.

10 Nov 2018, 01:51 AM

09 November 2018 - On November 9, the Montenegrin Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović, the Mayor of Podgorica, Ivan Vuković and his associates held a meeting, during which the participants highlighted the quality cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and the Capital in the field of culture. The meeting also emphasized the significance and important role of the Capital in the implementation of cultural policies in the field of cultural and artistic creativity within the country as well as the need for even more concrete and more dynamic action towards the realization of projects that contribute to the affirmation of the culture of Montenegro.

Minister Bogdanovic particularly expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the partnership between the Government and the Capital City includes activities on the implementation of the Museum of the Contemporary Art Building Project. This Museum is expected to represent an important segment of Montenegrin art, preserve the cultural identity of the Montenegrin people, but it should also be the place for the meeting of contemporary artistic expressions.

Museum of Contemporary Art Construction Agreement Achieved

Considering the specificity of the building, which represents a special architectural expression in all the cities of the world, after a detailed analysis, the project managers chose one of the most attractive locations in Podgorica. As for the object that should be the stamp of contemporary art in the whole country, an international public competition for a conceptual architectural solution will be opened by the end of the year, which will be announced by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the City of Podgorica, Minister Bogdanovic explained.

According to Mayor Vuković, the joint activities of Ministry of Culture and the Capital City, primarily building the Museum of Contemporary Art, will raise the cultural life of Podgorica to an even higher level, complimenting the fact that Podgorica is the Capital of Montenegro.

09 Nov 2018, 12:29 PM

November 9, 2018 - The Cultural and Information Center "Budo Tomovic" will continue with the presentation of the magazine "Polje" and writer Dusan Vejnovic this month. The cooperation with the Novi Sad Cultural Center was renewed last year.

Thus, on Wednesday, November 7th, the editor-in-chief Alen Bešić and writer Dušan Vejnović, an associate of the magazine, will present the renowned Novi Sad newspaper for literature and theory "Polje" at the KIC Multimedia Hall at 8 p.m.

The interview will be hosted by the editor of the information and educational program from KIC Valentina Knezevic.

The magazine "Polje", which has been published since 1955, has gathered and gathers the most famous artists of the regional art scene. In its early stages, the avant-garde and new avant-garde expression of the Novi Sad and wider Yugoslav art scene was especially encouraged. From the old magazine, the new "Polje" has kept an openness towards new tendencies in literature and theoretical thought, as well as the continuity of the former cultural space. Today, the value of this magazine is regionally recognized, especially its combination of different generational and stylistic trends, based on the past and at the same time following the current literary and artistic moment.

On Thursday, November 8th, in the Multimedia Hall of KIC from 8 pm, KIC presented the creativity of the writer Dusan Vejnovic to the Podgorica audience. Writers Alen Bešić and Barbara Delać also spoke about their books.

Dušan Vejnović (Sombor, 1981) graduated in psychology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade in 2006. He did his master thesis in 2008 and obtained the title of Doctor of Psychology in 2014 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. He is the author of the collection of poems "Special Needs" (2013), the novel "Strong and to No one" (2014), and the prose collections of "Stubborn White" (2011, "Đura Đukanov" award) and "Side Branches of Evolution" (2017). For the translation of the novel “Amulet” by Robert Bolanja (2015) he received the award "Radoje Tatić". He lives in Novi Sad.

Alen Bešić (1975, Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina), graduated from the Department of Serbian Literature and the Language of the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. He published four books of poetry: "The Filigree Cut" (1999), "The Smoke Mode" (2004), "Bare Heart" (2012) and "Chronicle of Things: Selected Songs" (2014), as well as two books of selected literary critics and essays: "Reading Labyrinths" (2006) and "Non-Conventional Form" (2012

He translated the books by Gene Reese, Jamie Kincaid, Eni Pru, John Faulz, John Ralston Sole, Bruce Quatton, Tony Hogland, Teddy Cole, Derek Volkot, and En Carneson. For the translation of the novel "Beauty", Joyce Carol Outs (2010), he received the Award of the Association of Writers of Vojvodina for the translation of the year (2011), for the translation of selected songs by Toni Hogland "Do not tell anyone", the award "Miloš N. Đurić" (2015), and for the collection of poetry "Bare heart" the awards "Branko Miljković" and "Risto Ratkovic "(2013).

His poems were translated into German, English, French, Russian, Macedonian and Slovenian. He is a member of the Serbian Literary Society and the Association of Serbian Literary Translators. Since 2007, he has been working as the editor of the journal for literature and theory "Polje", and since 2012 also as the editor of the publishing activity in the Cultural Center Novi Sad.

Text by CdM, on November 3rd 2018, read more at CdM

09 Nov 2018, 11:27 AM

November 9, 2018 - Citizens of Montenegro, holders of ordinary passports, can travel without a visa to 100 countries around the world, while holders of diplomatic and official documents can travel to 109 countries, it was announced after the government session. The government adopted the Information on the Visa Policy. According to the Public Relations Service, the discussion emphasized that Montenegro, bearing in mind the need to harmonize the visa policy with the European Union (EU) regulations, implemented the Schengen Action Plan and met the provisional benchmarks in Chapter 24, to responsibly fulfill the obligations arising from the visa liberalization.

The visa regime and the conclusion of a series of bilateral agreements between Montenegro and other countries have resulted in the fact that Montenegrin citizens, ordinary passport holders, can travel to 100 countries around the world without visas (including those in which a visa can be obtained at a border crossing) while holders of diplomatic and official passports can travel without visa in 109," the statement said.

As it is added, citizens from 104 countries, holders of ordinary passports, as well as holders of diplomatic and official passports from 111 countries can enter Montenegro without a visa.

The government explained that, in order to simplify the process of receiving visa applications from countries where Montenegro does not have its diplomatic-consular representation, and whose citizens showed interest in coming to Montenegro, an online portal is created through which there is the possibility of applying for a Montenegrin visa.

According to them, the portal, with a secure communication link, is connected to the Visa Information System (VIS), which ensures the implementation of legally defined procedures for issuing visas.

"So far, the VIS has been installed in 24 representative offices, while in the coming period its installation will be performed in the remaining offices," the statement said.

The government has established the basis for conducting negotiations and concluding agreements between the governments of Montenegro and Paraguay on the abolition of visas for holders of ordinary, diplomatic, official or business passports.

Negotiations will be held with the Uruguayan Government on the abolition of visas for holders of diplomatic and official passports, as well as with the Government of China on the abolition of visas for holders of diplomatic, official and business passports and accepted the proposed agreements.

The Government also established the basis for conducting negotiations and concluding a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro and the Ministries of Italy and Turkey on visa issues and consular protection in a number of countries in which Montenegro does not have a consular representation, and accepted the proposed agreements.

Foreign Minister Srdjan Darmanovic said that the goal of all agreements is to extend the consular protection of the Montenegrin citizens.

The Government met with the GREVIO Committee's Report on the Evaluation of Legislative and Other Measures to Implement the Provisions of the Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention and Suppression of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul Convention).

A group of experts for combating the violence against women and domestic violence (GREVIO) is an independent body for monitoring human rights tasked to monitor the application of the Istanbul Convention.

"The report is the result of the first (basic) evaluation procedure conducted in relation to Montenegro. They incorporate the Convention as a whole, and therefore assess the level of harmonization of Montenegrin legislation and practice in all areas," the statement said.

Based on that evaluation, as it is added, measures are proposed to strengthen the application of the Convention and areas in which improvements are needed in order to fully comply with the obligations of the Convention. The report contains 44 recommendations at the national level. The conclusions that have been adopted should enable the full application of the Istanbul Convention. The Government also adopted the Report on realized activities on the preparation of Montenegro's participation at the World Expo 2020 Dubai Exhibition, a global discussion forum aimed at finding solutions to the universal challenges of our time.

The topic of the Universal Exhibition, which will be held from October 20th, 2020 to April 10th, 2021, is "Connecting Minds, Creating a Future" and encompassing three sub-themes: Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability.  

Montenegro, as recalled from the Government, will perform at the Expo within the sub-theme "Sustainability".

"In the framework of the preparatory activities for the participation, the General Commissioner of the exhibition was appointed and the Decision on the Education of the Organizing Committee for Participation of Montenegro at the World Expo 2020 Dubai Exhibition was adopted," the statement concludes.

Text by MINA, on November 8th, 2018, read more at Vijesti


09 Nov 2018, 01:42 AM

08 November 2018 - The Montenegrin movie Lijenština ("Lazy Guy") is going to be premiered at the Cineplexx in Podgorica on December 5th, while during the next month it will be played daily on the Cineplexx schedule. The movie will also be presented to the German audience on November 10th during the Cottbus Film Festival, as well as during the Cinedays Film Festival on November 12th, which will take place in Macedonia.

So far, the movie Lijenština, by the director Aleksa Stefan Radunović and Andisheh Namvari as the movie's producer, participated at numerous film festivals, such as the Motovun Film Festival in Croatia, the Herceg Novi Film Festival in Montenegro, as well as at the Omladinski Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the Herceg Novi Film Festival, the movie Lijenština won a Special Mention Jury Award.

Lijenština follows a young man named Miloš, separated from his wife, who is forbidden to see his child because he is unable to pay alimony. He tries to find a job in order to be reunited with his baby boy. On his path, he faces obstacles such as his own pride, apathy, corruption, and the economic conditions of his country. When asked about movie content, director Radunović said that this movie is a look at the life of many youths and their families in Montenegro's capital city, Podgorica. Through the story of a young man struggling to find a job, the movie attempts to show the culture, economic conditions of the country and the way the normalization of corruption and dishonesty has led to despair and apathy. Lijenština refers to the stereotyping of Montenegrins as lazy people.

"Through the experience of the main character, fighting against chronic hardship and disillusionment, in an environment knowing little prosperity, we should come to see the error of the label," concluded Radunović.

Read more information about the movie Lijenština on its official Facebook Page and Instagram Page.

Lijenština is also available on IMDB.

09 Nov 2018, 01:25 AM

08 November 2018 - The 10th International Istanbul Plants, Landscaping and Supporting Industries Trade Fair Flower Show Istanbul 2018, organised by CYF Trade Fairs Inc. and SÜSBİR (Turkish Ornamental Plants Growers Association), will be held in the TUYAP Büyükçekmece Fair Centre in Istanbul, Turkey from 22-24 November.

This annual Fair is one of the largest trade fairs for Horticulture in Turkey and it represents an excellent opportunity for experts from the industry to meet and make business contacts. According to the organisers, the main goal of this event is to showcase and strengthen the potential of Turkish companies in this industry and facilitate foreign companies to enter the Turkish market. The participants come from many different industries, like the floristry industry, garden industry, horticulture industry, landscaping industry, plants industry and many others. The Fair showcases products such as indoor and outdoor ornamental plants, Mediterranean crops, potted ornamental plants, cut flowers, flower bulbs and seeds, soil, garden tools, greenhouses, irrigation technology, and more.

Flower0811 1

Parallel to the Fair, from 21-24 November, the “Buyers Committee Program” will be organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkey and in cooperation with the Central Anatolian Exporters Association. The Buyers Committee Program includes accommodation, bilateral meetings with Turkish companies, as well as a tour of the Flower Show Istanbul Fair, while travel costs are covered by participants.

If you are interested in participating in the Flower Show Istanbul Fair, please send an application form in English to the e-mail address of the Office for Trade Relations of the Republic of Turkey in Podgorica (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by fax at number: 020/648 149 at the latest by November 12, 2018, after which you will be notified within a couple of days whether your application for participation in the Fair is accepted or not.

Read more information about the Flower Show Istanbul Fair here.

09 Nov 2018, 01:22 AM

08 November 2018 - The greatest international programme of marking the life and work of a film author in 2018 is dedicated to the centenary of the birth of the great Swedish director, producer and screenwriter Ingmar Bergman.

Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007) film and theatre director, scriptwriter, theatre manager, dramatist, and author would have been 100 years old in July 2018. During 2018 his 100th anniversary is celebrated worldwide. Bergman produced films for the cinema from the mid-1940s until 1983, after which he worked mainly for TV. He produced not only drama but also commercials, documentaries, and dance and opera films. During his career, he produced around 60 films and over 170 stage productions, and wrote various books and articles. Bergman’s creative work as a filmmaker ranks amongst the most important of the 20th century.

From November 7-10, at the Cineplexx Delta City Cinema in Podgorica, in cooperation with the Montenegrin Cinematheque, seven films by Ingmar Bergman will be shown: six representing the most significant poetic aspects of his work, and one documentary film, recorded on the island on which he spent the last year of life in solitude.

With this significant event, realized in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade and the Swedish Institute, the Montenegrin Cinematheque will mark the European Year of Cultural Heritage - 2018.

Tickets for all projections are free and can be taken at the Cineplexx Delta City Cinema cash desk.

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