02 Apr 2019, 00:53 AM

31 March 2019 - The Montenegrin Government has achieved serious results in the field of economic policy, and the student population has significantly benefited from it, said Prime Minister Duško Marković at a meeting with representatives of the Student Parliament of the University of Montenegro, headed by President Danilo Jelovac, on the occasion of marking 4 April - the Students' Day.

"We are strongly focused on growth and development. High economic growth rates of 4.7 and 4.9%, revenue growth, deficit reduction, increase in direct investment, unemployment and new job creation are all encouraging parametres for young people who will enjoy benefits from this achievements as well," he noted. The Prime Minister added that positive dynamics in terms of economy is expected this year as well.

The meeting, attended by ministers of education, science and sports and youth, Damir Šehović, Sanja Damjanović, and Nikola Janović, underscored that the Government is committed to improving the status and conditions of studying in Montenegro. The introduction of free study made a huge breakthrough, and more millions of euros have been allocated to various scholarships, co-funding studies, and research support, they emphasised.

Referring to numerous reforms, the meeting emphasised the importance of the implementation of the adopted legislation. Although there was some progress, the need for further infrastructure improvement was identified as an issue of key significance.

Significant steps have been taken in the field of youth policy and creating the basis for the State to support young people and invest in youth centres directly. Innovative startups were mentioned as a special opportunity for students, and that the Ministry of Science is working intensively in that field.

The students thanked PM Marković for the institutional support they have received to date, stressing that it is crucial for the realisation of their activities. They informed the Prime Minister and Cabinet members about the events marking the Students' Day, and further cooperation with the relevant departments was agreed.

The Prime Minister and the ministers wished happy the Students' Day, hopeful that the dialogue and constructive cooperation on all issues of relevance to the student population will be continued.

02 Apr 2019, 00:43 AM

31 March 2019 - The launch of the web application for the record of emigrants is a valuable mechanism for implementing a kind of list of Montenegrin Diaspora with all its complexities, but also a confirmation of the firm commitment of the Government of Montenegro to continuously work on improving the relations and policy of cooperation with the Diaspora, it was noted at the promotion of the new internet platform in Podgorica organised by the Directorate for Diaspora.

Part of the presentation included signing the Agreement with the donor of the software solution to the information company Nextsense from Skopje, signed by Director of the Directorate for Diaspora Predrag Mitrović and co-owner of Nextsense Saša Gavrilović.

Presenting the project, Director of the Directorate for Diaspora Predrag Mitrović emphasised that the web application is one of the modes for the implementation of a sort of list of Montenegrin emigrants, which enables people to understand the complexity of Montenegrin Diaspora, its number, age, intellectual, scientific, professional and other potentials, country-specific concentration and other specificities related to its status and position in the receiving countries and interest in strengthening relations and ties with country of origin.

The access to these data is essential from planning the improvement of relations between the country of origin and the Diaspora, and by their better acquaintance and processing, it is possible to identify the various resources of the emigrant communities and their potential contribution to the development of the country of origin.

Mitrović emphasised that this application is the result of cooperation between the Directorate for Diaspora and Montenegrin Diaspora in the Republic of North Macedonia, which connected the Directorate with the software company Nextsense from Skopje, the donor of this application. On this occasion, he thanked the donor company, as well as the Montenegrin Community in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The Director of the Directorate urged the emigrants to submit data to this record, noting that the data can only be used for clearly defined purposes and exclusively for the needs of the Directorate for Diaspora, with a special emphasis on the protection of personal data within the legal framework.

Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Veselin Šuković, pointed to the country of origin's readiness to improve relations between the State of Montenegro and the emigrants. 

Šuković pointed out that such projects also open new possibilities for cooperation with Montenegrin diplomatic-consular network to meet the interests and needs of the Diaspora in a particular country. He specifically highlighted that this application is a confirmation of the firm commitment of the Government of Montenegro, i.e., the Ministry, to continuously work on improving the relations and the policy of cooperation with Montenegrin Diaspora. He emphasised that the Diaspora occupies a priority position in foreign policy of the country, and that Montenegro is aware of the capital it has in its Diaspora.

Miroljub Orlandić, the Honourary Commissioner of the Matica crnogorska in the Republic of North Macedonia expressed satisfaction with the implementation of the project. He mainly referred to the significance of the project "Demographic-migration characteristics of Montenegrin emigrants and their descendants", which would enable a better understanding of our potentials in the Diaspora, their migratory movements and the country's immigrants.

31 Mar 2019, 22:45 PM

30 March 2019 - On March 30, Mayor of Podgorica Ivan Vuković, Architect Filip Aleksić, and the representatives of the association Architects of Montenegro, Ema Alihodžić Jašarević and Marko Stjepčević presented a new project that will be implemented in Podgorica in the following period under the title Mikro 020.

Mayor Vuković is pleased with the beginning of the realization of the project, which, as he believes, can change the “face of the city” and the appearance of different parts of Podgorica through the active participation of people who will ultimately be the beneficiaries of the service.

He emphasized that the desire and intent of the city administration, in cooperation with partners in this project and citizens of Podgorica, is to create urban “pockets” in all parts of the city and to enrich them with additional amenities, thus raising the quality of life in Podgorica to a higher level.

The leading architect of the Capital, Filip Aleksić emphasized that the goal of the creation of this project was to design these so-called urban pockets, which he defined as areas that were forgotten and abandoned by the people. As he explained, these pockets are spaces that people pass by every day, but they do not notice them at all.

Aleksić said that European and world metropolises are implementing similar projects and that the planning and implementation of these projects represent the maturation of a city.

"The first phase of the Makro 020 project is to determine and define the locations where we will implement the project. We currently have about 10 locations nominated by our citizens through city services. The first phase also includes creating design solutions. The second phase includes fundraising and the preparation activities that will enable the construction process, while the third phase is crucial and it represents revitalizing space and putting it into operation, "Aleksić said.

29 Mar 2019, 17:44 PM

29 March 2019 - Positive trends and results from 2017 continued in 2018 as well, which testifies to a high degree of confidence in the work of the Ministry of the Interior and the Police, Interior Minister Mevludin Nuhodžić told the press following the Government of Montenegro's session.

When it comes to providing services for issuing personal documents, he said that the quality level was increased and that wait times at queue lines were reduced and that in the coming period, efforts will be invested in making services even more accessible to citizens and businesses. The Interior Minister announced that it is planned to create new personal identification documents of the so-called third generation to provide citizens with easier access to electronic services.

To adopt the Schengen standards, modern equipment for border crossings was installed, Minster Nuhodžić explained, adding that the construction or reconstruction of the border crossings Ranča, Šćepan Polje and Vraćenovići will start this year, thus enabling the easier flow of people and increasing safety and security of the borders.

Presenting the results of the work of the Police, Minister Nuhodžić emphasised that the overall state of security in Montenegro is based primarily on the good collaboration of the Police and the Special State Prosecutor's Office.

"In cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office, and especially with the Special State Prosecutor's Office, 180 criminal charges were filed against members of organised criminal groups and persons of interest. These are better results compared to 2017 when 48 criminal reports were filed. Execution of more than 20 planned liquidations of members of opposing criminal groups was prevented, which is a better result compared to 2017 when seven liquidations were prevented," he said.

High-ranking members of organised criminal groups had been on the run in previous years, but in 2018 some of them for whom the INTERPOL issued international arrest warrants were apprehended (arrests in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Kosovo and Turkey), and the fight against drug dealers was continued by seizing over 3 tonnes of various narcotics, the Interior Minister noted.

"The trend of the rise of juvenile delinquency by 15.8 % concerns us. This is a clear signal that all institutions should make a greater contribution because these days we have witnessed peer violence among the youngest population that is supposed to be the future of this society," Minister Nuhodžić said.

He added that traffic safety was improved, as evidenced by the fact that the number of deaths decreased by 23.8%, and that the number of serious and minor injuries was reduced. He also recalled that Montenegro was one of the cleanest tourist destinations last summer.

"Priorities in the work of the Interior Ministry and the Police this year will be the protection and respect of human rights of citizens, maintenance of public order and peace, continuation of the fight against organised crime, illuminating the most serious crimes, primarily murders, suppression of street drug sale, as well as fight against all forms of violence, promotion of regional and international cooperation, strengthening cooperation with citizens," emphasised Minister Nuhodžić.

He concluded by saying that about in the penal policy - there is scope for strengthening sanctions for multiple returnees and perpetrators of serious crimes, which is also an important preventive mechanism.


29 Mar 2019, 16:10 PM

29 March 2019 - The implementation of the “Smart City Concept” within the Municipality of Budva includes the realisation of a pilot project related to the introduction of modern technologies, especially the promotion of the use of solar energy.

Budva has recently purchased five Smart Solar Benches of the new generation, which, through installed photovoltaic modules, accumulate solar energy as the only power source (the benches are not connected to any source of electricity). The bench has a WiFi access point, a rain sensor that turns off the bench in the case of heavy precipitation, a built-in LED light that illuminates the area near the bench at night. Users also have the option to wirelessly charge their newer generation devices (which support wireless charging), as well as standard device charging via USB ports.

Five Smart Solar Benches Installed in Budva 3

The benches are installed in accordance with the plans of the Secretariat for Spatial Development, Municipal and Housing Affairs of Budva in five locations in front of the Municipal Building of Budva (at Trg Sunca – The Sun Square), near the hotel Tre Canne (Mediteranska Street), the third bench can also be found at the Mediteranska Street, on the Slovenska beach, and at the Slovenska coast.

The Assistant Secretary of the Secretariat Secretariat for Spatial Development, Municipal and Housing Affairs Aleksandar Popović commented on the recent purchase and expressed his satisfaction with the project implementation. He said that the representatives of the local government insisted on the realisation of this project and that they are delighted with the outcome of their investment. "The municipality has allocated 12,000 EUR for this project. Mediteran advertising will soon put up three more smart solar benches," Popović added.

Five Smart Solar Benches Installed in Budva 2

The citizens and tourists of Budva can now have access to Steora Smart Benches, beautifully designed benches with multiple functionalities that added allure to each of the five locations they were installed. Their strong, powder-coated steel construction is completely weather-resistant and vandal-resistant. Steora's main feature is the charger for charging different types of devices. The bench comes with two USB ports with ambient light for charging any device using a USB cable. A wireless charger integrated into an acrylic glass cover enables cable-free charging. The users can place their device on the charging pad and charge the device wirelessly.

Fifteen sensors inside Steora monitor everything that happens on and around the bench. Each second, sensors are gathering data about air parameters, bench usage, and system status. All collected information is available for customers via the dashboard. If anything happens, the system immediately alerts the owner and Steora’s tech support.

28 Mar 2019, 19:28 PM

27 March 2019 - Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović met in Strasbourg with the Council of Europe Secretary General Torbjorn Jagland for talks on legislative reform in the field of media, as well as on the Council of Europe's programmes in the area of culture in which Montenegro actively participates.

Minister Bogdanović pointed out the importance of the Council of Europe's expertise and recommendations aimed at further development of democracy, strengthening the rule of law and protection of human rights and freedoms, which significantly helps and contributes to Montenegro's EU bid.

"Allow me to thank you personally for the support provided by the Council of Europe's experts in the reform of media legislation and to emphasise that the Council of Europe remains the most important reference point in our efforts to improve media policies," said Minister Bogdanović.

He informed Secretary-General Jagland about further activities in the drafting of the media laws of Montenegro, which includes the Council of Europe experts.

Secretary-General Torbjorn Jagland emphasised that he is encouraged by evident progress in the reform of the media field since he paid particular attention to the challenges faced by the media scene in the previous period. He underlined the Council of Europe's readiness to provide the necessary expert support in the forthcoming period, to provide high-quality legal solutions dealing with this area.

As to the Platform for the Protection of Journalism and Safety of Journalists, it was concluded that Montenegro is an excellent example of cooperation. In that regard, they praised the activities of Montenegro in terms of regular updating the activities relating to the complaints set out in the platform.

Both sides welcomed Montenegro's participation in the Eurimages, the cultural support fund of the Council of Europe, whose active member since the beginning of this year and expressed the belief that the funds provided by the Fund will significantly contribute to the development of the film industry in Montenegro.

During the meeting, there were also discussions about the activities of Montenegro in the programs of the Council of Europe in the field of cultural heritage. It was expressed satisfaction with the strengthened cooperation of Montenegro with the Secretariat of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes, and it was agreed to consider the possibility of Montenegro's inclusion in the new cultural routes.

28 Mar 2019, 19:23 PM

27 March 2019 - The Government of Montenegro fully supports the signing of the International Data Exchange Agreement for checking property reports among the countries of Southeast Europe, which would be the first example of this type of data exchange to prevent corruption in Europe, Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin noted.

"We are convinced that the closer regional cooperation that will be provided under this international agreement will contribute to building a just and safe society in Montenegro - a society that clearly condemns, efficiently prevents and decisively punishes every form of corruption," said Deputy Prime Minister Pažin at the opening of the second round of negotiations on the signing of the Agreement in Podgorica.

He stressed that an effective fight against corruption is an unavoidable duty of every country that wants to ensure equal rights and opportunities for all its citizens and a legal system that encourages the creation of a new economic value.

"We are pleased that the Sarajevo-based Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative, under whose auspices this draft agreement was developed, has accepted Montenegro's offer to host today's event. This was our expression of dual commitment: both to fighting corruption at the national level and promoting regional and overall international cooperation in that regard," he stated.

The Deputy Prime Minister underlined the paramount importance of international cooperation in this area, adding that the signing of the Data Exchange Agreement to check property reports will provide a direct exchange of data relating to property registration among the countries of South East Europe.

"We often talk about the fight against corruption in the context of Montenegro's EU accession process. Nevertheless, the fight against corruption is first and foremost a necessity and an obligation of our society, and only then a confirmation of our belonging to the community of modern European democracies," he said.

He agreed on the assessments from the preamble to the Draft Agreement that corruption represents a problem and threat to the stability of democratic institutions, the values of democracy, justice and good governance, and the proper and fair functioning of economies. "Therefore, we can say that the determination and intensity of the fight against corruption testify to our willingness and ability to protect, preserve and improve the highest values of our society," the Deputy Prime Minister concluded.

28 Mar 2019, 16:09 PM

In the National Library of Budva last night a scientific monograph "Minerva's trace - prose work of Montenegrin writers" by dr. Sofija Kalezic was presented. The discussion about the monograph was held by Dr. Andrijana Nikolic, journalist Branka Cvorovic, professor Zorica Joksimovic, who with her work is present in the monograph and the author, and Milos Boreta read the story by Zorica Joksimovic.

The monograph "Minerva’s Trail" is the first study on women writers in Montenegro and a critical review of their creativity. In her two-year work on the monograph, the Doctor of Literary Science, Sofia Kalezic spoke with more than 100 women and read 200 books, and thirty female writers are included in the monograph. The two authors from Budva, Zorica Joksimovic and Katarina Saric, have earned a spot on the pages of the monograph.

Doc. Dr. Andrijana Nikolic in her review of the monograph pointed out the following:

In the foreword to this book for the terms "female letter","female writing", or "female literature", the author emphasized that they represent a type of language discrimination, which in its very name implies that the creation of female writers is something that is normally outside the artistic framework and fields, like satellites that circle the world of "real" art. Although in literary, theoretical and critical terminology there are no terms such as "male letters" or "male literature," as if this is to say that it is understood that the creativity of men is in itself art. The author states that the term "female letter" is used in the pejorative, which gives the connotation of a pathetic, frivolous, and trivial one. Conscious of the fact that literature is an integral part of everyday life and as such speaks of everything that is also referred to the human effort to devise the reality, the author set herself into the adventure of exploring a special, meaningful "world of works". Without false modesty, when someone enters a path of research, one can never even imagine what kind of forest he will be taken through the paths of empirical work.  

I suppose that Sofia Kalezić could not have guessed where she was taken by the women with their letters, while scientific persecution exceeded the scope of the expected one. In two years, to read and process at least two hundred books only for this monograph, it is undoubtedly a matter of respect. Because, to expose the dryness of every style, peculiarity or end-edges on which individual writers moved, could only be done by the dedication and perseverance with an excellent analytic note. In a comprehensive cross-section of this monograph, which we can easily say is scientific, methodological and interpretive, the author has approached differently from writer to the writer, in which she indisputably expressed the pluralism of methods and approach to interpretations, in order to deduce any thought of any kind the defects in every literary work. What is most difficult in every scientific approach is to separate the artistic value and dedicate it to the way to satisfy the phenomenalist school of Romain Ingarden, who found in each literary work a layer of meaning, a layer of sound, a layer of objectivity and a layer of schematized aspects. For the connoisseurs of the literary word, when I say that a special place in the study of all the texts, this author devoted to the formula-writer-work-reader, taking into account all the meticulous ornaments of every text processed in Jaus's "horizon of expectation" and the indirect influence of the literary work on the reader.

Minerva's trace

We can say that every literary work was analyzed separately, understanding it as an individual spiritual creation, which was also accomplished by the Dilta program, which was based on the compression of "spiritual history" which is viewed as a manifestation of the spiritual situation of a particular epoch, or time, on literary study. To be more specific, Sofia Kalezic dealt with the dominant artistic value of every read piece, and particularly, she united women's creativity through the prism of women. She successfully overcame the problems of systematization and classification of literary works, and thus by individual interpretations covered the analyzed area. What is important is the fact that guided by creative-artistic input, author Kalezic very critically dealt with the problem of reception of these works. Sharp critic, Sofija Kalezic did not rank the works, by the system of higher or lower values, but placed them in the spirit of postmodern manners in a flat horizontal, giving them a place of equality among the equals, that is, the best among the equals. "

Journalist and President of Women's Organization in Budva Branka Cvorovic, in her review of Sofija Kalezic's monograph, presented the audience with a cross-section of represented authors and their works, guided by thematic and motivational characteristics. In the conclusion of her presentation, she recommended that from now on we read the books as "Sofia's trail":

"After the monograph by Sofija Kalezic, which certainly occupies a high position on the scale of literary criticism, my recommendation would be to read the books from" Sofia's trail" since only in this way we will not miss the quality, exciting and valuable texts, stories and novels of Montenegrin writers who wrote about us and for us.

Sofija Kalezić has been scientifically and skillfully pervading the paths, and it is up to us to search for, absorb, explore, dream, find, to underline important words and sentences, remember, refresh, contemplate, and read with pleasure."

One of the present authors in the monograph of Sofija Kalezic, Zorica Joksimović, in the form of an essayist tale, turned to this scientific achievement. Citing the symbolism of the title Minerva's trail, she recalled that Minerva was a protector of creative professions, a symbol of wisdom among many nations; respected on Capitol, because of her strict temperament and love towards the beauty:

"Not by accident, Sofija Kalezic takes the title "Minerva's trail" for the monograph of the prose work by the Montenegrin female writers. A collection of selected ones, according to aesthetic and other qualitative criteria of the authors. I just do not know if she saw them with a spear and a shield as in the hands of the Protector? Spear, that word by which the authors write down their creative expressions, and the shield, their work that defends them. "Warriors" with an opus of words of multitude diverse actions in these and other "sad times", when even history is not "true" and "faithful" as reality, they write their letters. Thus, the author, guided by the trace of Minerva, affects the freedom and maturity of understanding one culture, that certain facts of literary-artistic self-importance are not "seen" through glasses with tinted glasses or a historiographic dioptre of short-sightedness."

Speaking about the literary reception of the creativity by Montenegrin writers, Zorica Joksimovic said:

"The literary reception of the literature written by women, Kalezic gives, starting from their form to the meaning that is outside of this form, that is, as such, the goal is by itself. She points out "the diversity of the emergence of various narrative subspecies within the framework of the contemporary creation of our writers, from novels and collections of stories of realistic and neorealistic character, through the form of a social, historical, family novel." Some of them, such as Vida Ognjenovic, whose works a long time ago sailed the seas of the Montenegrin and European literature, to those works which the author presented analytically, and which she thinks were "recently illuminated" to the broad readership audience.

In the end, the author, Dr. Sofija Kalezić, thanked the organizer and participants of the promotion who, each from their point of view, presented the monograph “Minerva trail”. The authors presented in the monograph in their works dealt with similar topics: the position of the woman in the family, community, company. In her introduction to the monograph, Sofija Kalezic emphasized that she dedicated it "to the Montenegrin women of modern times overcame not so small and easy civilization arch, who inside themselves pulsate with the vein of their own ancestors, who are ready to fight and love, and have, in various ways, shown that love and struggle are two essential imperatives of life. "

For more information, please follow TMN's dedicated page

Text by CdM, on March 26th, 2019, read more at CdM

28 Mar 2019, 16:00 PM

The Montenegrin-coastal Metropolitan will begin the construction of a large temple dedicated to the Holy Apostle Marko, on the property of the Church of St. Petka, on the city bypass. This was said by Metropolitan Amfilohije to "Vijesti", confirming that the project of the Orthodox Church is finished, and that Budva deserved such a sanctuary.

The construction of the temple is planned at the place where the city chapel is currently located, which the Municipality has built, without the approval of the Metropolitan, so that the church would then allow it to remain, but that it must be moved when the construction of the temple, which used to exist at that place, was planned. The temple is planned right next to the HDL supermarket, which will soon be built on church land, which the Metropolitan has given to lease to this chain of stores for ten years and plans to invest this money in the construction of the temple.

"With God’s will, we will build the temple of the apostle Marko, and it also depends upon the citizens of Budva. And it needs to be built because it is the oldest temple of all. It's time for this temple to be restored. The Apostle Marko is over a lion (with the example of Saint Marko, in pictures usually shown with a winged lion, because it emphasizes the power of resurrection and the overcoming of death), and the lion is in the coat of arms of Montenegro. If we want to reintegrate the coat of arms of Montenegro in the right way, then we should build the temple of the Holy Apostle Mark," said the Metropolitan Amfilohije.


"I see that Budva became a big city. This temple will be the decoration of Budva and its soul. For, the old Budva, where the temples are both Roman Catholic and ours, the Holy Trinity, and now here we should build a real temple dedicated to the apostle Marko, a witness to eternal and impenetrable love," said Amfilohije, and stated that the chapel was to be moved because it was placed here without blessing.

The city's lead architect recently gave her consent to the conceptual solution of the business-commercial complex HDL, which will be built on the church land. Although the conceptual solution envisages two phases, one that supposes the construction of supermarkets, and the other 59 apartments, as it was told to "Vijesti" by the municipality, the construction of residential part will not be carried out.

For HDL to build a supermarket, it was necessary for the parcel to be completed, so at the beginning of November, the Municipal Assembly, by a strong majority, gave the green light to sell 483 square meters of municipal land to the supermarket chain for 154 thousand euros.

The green light to build a supermarket was voted by ten members of the ruling coalition, namely, six from DF, three from the Montenegrin, SNP, and independent councilor Stevan Dzakovic. There were nine delegates against it - seven from Democrats, independent councilor Dragana Vujovic and URA Bozena Jelusic. A vote by one delegate prevailed so that the municipal land is sold to HDL. The total area of the church land on which the temple will be built, and also the supermarket is 4 518 square meters.

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Text by Vuk Lajovic, on March 28th 2019, read more at Vijesti

28 Mar 2019, 15:57 PM

The municipality of Tivat has announced a public invitation to purchase a firefighting hydraulic platform for extinguishing fires and rescues at a height, with a platform - a working bench of minimum 27 meters tall. The estimated value of the tender is 100,000 euros with VAT.

It is a select fire truck that will be used to complete the Tivat Protection and Rescue Service (SZS) fleet. According to the conditions from the public invitation, the horizontal reach of the basket is a minimum 17 meters, carrying capacity 400 kilograms, and an aluminum auxiliary staircase leads to the basket along the hydraulic bridge.

"This is a firefighting vehicle and rescue at high altitudes in multi-storey buildings, roofs and the like. The hydraulic platform we are purchasing will be the first vehicle of this type in Montenegro," said the head of SZS Tivat Zoran Barbic yesterday. The vehicle must include, among other things, a fire extinguisher on the platform, a power generator, a smoke fan, a high-pressure hose and a compressed air tank, two sets of breathing devices, a wood saw chain, a hydraulic winch and two reflectors. It is necessary to have an annual service for the current year, and the offer must include staff training. The public tender will be closed on April 15th, and the decision on the selection of the most favorable bid will be made within 60 days.

Last year through public tenders, SZS obtained a new vehicle for narrow streets and for initial fire extinguishing with two separate new systems for extinguishing with foam and compressed foam. For this purpose, 59,206 euros were spent, while the volunteer firefighter company "Krtoli" used the fire vehicle with a capacity of 7,000 liters of water. For these needs, the Municipality has allocated EUR 14,889.

In 2018, SZS Tivat had a total of 257 activities in the field.

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Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on March 27th 2019, read more at Vijesti

27 Mar 2019, 15:10 PM

In Kotor, at the 18th KotorArt Don Branko Days of Music, arrives a world-renowned cellist, Narek Hakhnazaryan. The concert is scheduled for August 5th in the concert hall at the Church of St. Spirit, starting at 9.30 pm.

A limited amount of tickets are on pre-sale at discounted prices. They can be purchased online via or physically throughout Montenegro at the selected Tobacco S Press kiosks. A detailed overview of the locations can be found at

Born in the family of musicians, he began his education in his native Yerevan (Armenia), and continued at the Conservatory in Moscow and the New England Music Conservatory in Boston. He learnt how to play the cello also by the famous Mstislav Rostropovič, whose foundation provided him with the scholarship. He entered the international scene in 2011, when he won, as a 22-year-old, at the 14th International Competition “Tchaikovsky”.

"It is our great pleasure to start presenting artists for this year's Festival. The program that will be implemented in July and August was mostly agreed during the previous year, and early contracting and presentation of the program is a practice and standard for the manifestations of our profile in Europe and critical not only from the aspect of culture but also tourist offer. Among other things, this is also evidenced by the recent acknowledgment by KotorArt: EFFE Label - the European Quality Seal for Art Festivals as well as the "Wild Beauty" awards for the best manifestation in Montenegro for 2018. Narek Hakhnazaryan is an outstanding artist, with incredible energy and musicality, whose solo recital on the cello of the works by J. S. Bach, which is rarely heard, we are all eagerly waiting. His concert will be a kind of culmination of the entire Kotor concert season, which from November to June in our city is organized by KotorArt and the Music School "Vida Matjan", and which this year is dedicated to the cello," said Sara Lakicevic, PR of the Festival.

Narek Hakhnazaryan

Hakhnazaryan has played with world orchestras such as the London, Chicago, Detroit, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Rotterdam, Seoul, Helsinki and Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, the Marinski Theater Orchestra and the Milan Scala, establishing a cooperation with conductors such as Gergiev, Jarvi, Spivakov, Pletnev, Robertson et al. He held recitals in the world's leading halls and plays the cello, which was built in 1707 by Joseph Guarneri. This will be his first visit to Montenegro.

This year's KotorArt Festival Don Branko Days of Music will be realized under the auspices of Kotor Municipality and the Ministry of Culture as well as with the help of numerous sponsors.

Text by M.D., on March 26th 2019, read more at CdM

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