My Museum- Boka Kotorska to Preserve and Valorize Its Cultural Heritage

By , 23 Jul 2020, 15:13 PM Lifestyle
My Museum- Boka Kotorska to Preserve and Valorize Its Cultural Heritage Moj Muzej- Boka Kotorska (My Museum- Bay of Kotor), project logo

July 23, 2020 - As part of the "We Live Culture" campaign by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, a research, educational and creative project has been launched in the area of ​​Boka Kotorska aimed at preserving and valorizing its cultural heritage, entitled "My Museum - Boka Kotorska."

The project's idea is to create a website, which would serve as an online platform for the digital presentation of cultural-historical-artistic material provided by a broad range of paticipants. In the initial phase of its preparation, a Viber community was formed, drawing great interest among fans of Boka's cultural treasures and it now already has about 420 members and a Facebook page, which publishes all the most essential information related to the project and also shares educational content.

The goal of such a project is to enable people to actively participate in valuing and preserving the space in which they live, their heritage, and their culture.

Citizens from the area of ​​Boka Kotorska and beyond are invited to submit material on persons, memories, legends, customs, rituals, practices, skills, crafts, localities, objects, speech, language, useful objects, or objects of artistic value. The main goal is to draw attention to values ​​that are not entirely or not professionally valorized and have specific importance in the context of the tradition of a family or community. Particular emphasis is on dialogue and interaction of family members, conversations within the family and the local community, especially inter-generational communication. Young people will have the opportunity to learn more about family, domestic or collective culture, and the process of its evaluation and presentation.

A Guide to Heritage Research has been specially designed for children. It should bring them closer to their heritage and make it easier for them to understand the concept of heritage, as well as enabling them to understand what interests them and then better research, describe and submit material. The idea is for children and young people to interview older members of the household and write down testimonies about the past and culture. It will also be essential for them to understand all the useful and beneficial ways digital technologies can be used.

The project is aimed at amateurs and professionals - heritage lovers, scientific researchers, artists, and anyone whose personal and professional interest may not even be related to the Boka Kotorska, but support the idea of ​​the project. They can involve heritage researchers of different profiles (archaeologists, ethnologists, anthropologists, historians, art historians, conservators) and choose one motif, angle, or theme that they want to make visible to a broad audience. It would ensure that their research topics are accessible and increase the general public's understanding of who deals with heritage, especially the legacy of the Bay of Kotor, and in what way.

Another way to engage researchers and experts would be through the use of the material itself. An interactive map of the Bay of Kotor and Montenegro with recorded locations where the content arrives will be provided. Processed material will be marked with one color, and unprocessed with another. The map will provide direct access to content related to a given location.

The ART segment is open to artists of all backgrounds and interests to stimulate creative thinking about heritage and heritage themes - its recognition, understanding, preservation, presentation, and endangerment.

Anyone who wants to contact the project initiators can do so via the Facebook page or the link for the Viber community Join #Moj muzej - Boka Kotorska or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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