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January 26, 2019 - On the square in front of St. Tryphon's Basilica in Kotor, with a traditional saying of praise, and by raising the flag in the basilica, the outdoor Festivities of St. Tryphon, held in honour of the saint, patron of Kotor and Kotor’s bishopric, begin. St. Tryphon's Festivities equally belong to the city and the Boka Navy's 1210 old organisation which combines its occurrence with the transfer of St. Tryphon's relics to Kotor.

The beginning of the ceremony will traditionally be marked by the Little Admiral of the Boka Navy Kotor, Martin Jerolim Petrović, who will pronounce Lode, praise the patron saint of the city. After proclaiming Lode, Boka Navy will hold the traditional ceremony of the handover of the duties of the Little Admiral. His predecessor, Luka Kovačević from Herceg Novi, will be given a decision on cessation and Martin at the beginning of the service.

The tradition of transfer of St.Tryphon’s relics to Kotor on 13 January 809, 289 years before the transfer of St. Nicholas’ relics to Bari, is celebrated as “Karike” by electing Officer and Sergeant of the Boka Navy. Its Great Assembly established this day through a decision made on 30 December 1631. The name “Karike” comes from the Italian word "Incaricare", meaning to entrust.
St.Tryphons Martin Petrovic 2019On this day, the Navy elects a Little Admiral, a young boy who accompanies the Admiral during public performances, representing a symbol of generational continuity of the organisation. At the solemn session on 13 January this year, the Admiralty and the Board of Directors of the Boka Navy decided that the Little Admiral for 2019 would be 12-year-old Martin Petrović from Skaljari, Kotor. 
The Little Admiral has to recite the Lode – words of praise dedicated to town’s patron – on 27 January, eight days before the central St. Tryphon’s Day festivities. The word Lode stems from the Latin “Laudes”, which means “praise” and represents a part of the prayer book practised at dawn. In the medieval towns on the Eastern Adriatic, words of praise towards patron saints were preserved in Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik and Kotor. Presently, they are only recited in Kotor during St.Tryphon’s festivities.
st.tryphons 3Former Little Admiral, Luka Kovacevic; Copyright:
In modern times, the Little Admiral recites Lode according to a text that had been restored in the second half of the 17th century by Bishop Marin II Drago. He wrote them based on a Medieval Latin version not being preserved.
Today’s text dates to 1800. Up until 1871, Lode was recited in Italian, and after that in Montenegrin. They were translated from Italian in 1871 by the Prcanj pastor Don Mihovil Florio.
Little Admiral has been to one to recite the Lode in Kotor since the 16th century when the Boka Navy took over the outdoor ceremony of St. Tryphon. Here is the translation of lode in English:
The annual restoration of a celebration
Which we are bound to observe,
Revives in us precious memories of devotion,
Reminding us of the great work by our forefathers,
Who under the guidance of the Miracle Worker,
Whose holy powers Kotor cherishes,
Became heroes of faith and land,
And to us,
Their merry descendants,
Left a glorious legacy.
Therefore, let us celebrate once again,
With traditional shine and familiar customs,
This celebration we hold so dearly
And may we all
Be inspired by the same saint who we celebrate today.
Let us first praise the Lord,
Then pay respect to the Blessed Virgin Mary
And the foremost martyr of Jesus,
Saint Tryphon.
Praise be, Great Lord,
That for as many centuries
As moments have passed,
We unfurl this glorious banner
Always in
Happiness, harmony and love.
Glory! Glory! Glory!
st.tryphons open ceremonyBoka Navy's Round Dance (Kolo) at the St.Tryphon's Square
St. Tryphon’s outdoor celebration begins on 27 January, a date that coincides with St. Sava’s Day, which is observed by Orthodox Christians. On this day, after communion and sermon in front of the Church of St. Nicholas, the Orthodox and Roman Catholic believers move towards the square in front of the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, accompanied by City Music marching band. There, precisely at noon, the Little Admiral of Boka Navy recites lode to St. Tryphon from the Cathedral’s loggia, then St.Tryphon's flag is raised, and the Kolo dance starts.
On 2 February, when the BokaNavy, according to many years old custom, relics will be sent to the altar in the cathedral at 18 o'clock, followed by the evening mass.
The Holy Mass at St. Tryphon’s Day on 3 February will be at 10 am and 6 pm, and on Sunday, February 10th, there will be an outward ceremony - a procession. The ceremonial Pontifical Mass will serve Monsignor Tomislav Rogić, bishop of Sibenik. After the Holy Mass, a solemn procession for the streets of Kotor will start.
Source: and Kotor's Bishopic
25 Jan 2019, 14:56 PM

25 January 2019 - The Herceg Novi Pensioners Association donated food and provisions in order to provide assistance to socially vulnerable citizens and thus supported the action of the famous humanitarian Zorica Drakulić Vidaković.

Zorica Drakulić Vidaković is a person of a great heart, who, since she was little, has been helping those who have been deprived of the most basic resources in life - food, clothing, a home, and healthcare. Thanks to her insoluble desire and willingness to help those in need to the best of her ability, often putting her own need aside, Zorica is a driving force and participant in numerous humanitarian actions, for which she has been awarded the prestigious annual ISKRA Fund for Active Citizenship.

Vidaković, with the help of her associates, launched a new humanitarian campaign aimed at helping single mothers and families with low income. "Be a donor, a gift provider and help us as you have so far. Thank you in advance to everyone who will respond to the movement," said Drakulić Vidaković.

The donation from the Pensioners Association was used to buy food and supplies for single mothers with several children.

The representatives of the local community association point out that the money for the donation is pulled from the pensioners’ modest fund in order to help the vulnerable.

This initiative was aimed at all people, primarily those in the Red Cross and municipal structures, in order to awaken their sympathy for those who are troubled and in need.

They also called on all humane people to more actively participate in helping the vulnerable citizens of Herceg Novi, as there are plenty of those living on the verge of existence.

Of the 1,700 members of the Local Pensioners' Association of Herceg Novi, most are with low incomes, and 127 of them do not yet have their own roof over their heads.

25 Jan 2019, 12:41 PM

Montenegrin cuisine offers a wide range of various dishes - from fish, mussels, seafood and alike on the coast to much “heavier” meals such as kačamak, homemade sausages, “lamb in milk” and alike in the north.

One of the most famous food bloggers in Montenegro is surely someone everyone would like to meet and perhaps taste some of his delicious recipes that you can find on his blog Damirove gastrolomije and medium Blog 

Damir Moskov lives in Tivat and is actually a Marketing Executive in one of the most successful development projects currently ongoing in Boka bay, but at the same time a husband, a father and an enormous lover of food and cooking, which, as he says, was always there but in the last few years developed in a more pressing engagement.

Damir likes to share his ideas for making fantastic meals which you can find on his blogs such as recipes for making great breakfast, lunch or dinner, but also salads, quick meals, and a few sweet bites. In addition to these, there are also recipes for dishes from all around the world which he tastes on his journeys and then conveys with real ingredients and real food which, at least it seems so, can be easily prepared in your kitchen.

As Damir says, he is a great lover of the Asian cuisine, and therefore there are many recipes from this part of the world such as Chicken Tikka Masala, Nuddle stir fry, curries, Thai curry, Ramen, etc.

Also, there are other interesting recipes from all around the world, such as Mexican tacos and tuna salad, French Croque Madame sandwich, Sicilian Caponata, etc.

Recently, Damir was a guest on a popular TV show “Mr. Kitchen”, where he prepared three famous local dishes from Boka Bay including fish, mussels and “black” (squid ink) risotto. You can watch the entire show and try to make these delicious dishes at your home here:

In anticipation of publishing some more recipes (perhaps in English – although the ‘translate’ button works fine on Instagram) in the future, we hope this article triggered you to prepare and try some new dishes by following Damir’s great recipes and his blog/Instagram profile “Damirove



25 Jan 2019, 11:06 AM

The public bidding call for a bicycle purchase subvention was announced today and will be open for 15 days, ending on February 8th, according to the statement from the Capital. "The capital has started the project 'Podgorica on two wheels', within which it will subsidize the purchase of bicycles for citizens. The 2019 budget envisages funds in the amount of 10,000 euros to be subsidized for 50% of the price of the bicycle, or up to a hundred euros," the Deputy Mayor Sladjana Vujacic stated at the start of the project.

She reminded that the procedure starts with citizens' registration, so the first 50 citizens applying and submitting the application for the project, with a copy of the ID card and a pre-invoice with a precise specification will be considered as potential recipients of subventions.

"Once the committee determines which citizens are the recipients of the subsidy, they will have to provide additional documentation, which implies proof on the place of residence, because the beneficiaries of the subsidy must be residents of the capital and that within one family only one member can be a subsidy user," Vujačić said.

She emphasized that the signing of a contract with the Capital would follow in which they will regulate mutual rights and obligations. Also, an integral part of the contract will be the evaluation clause, as the aim is to make the evaluation of the project after six months in order to highlight its further justification and existence. "There will be a register of serial numbers of subsidized bicycles that will be delivered to the Police Administration to prevent all possible abuses and provide a quick and efficient response in the event of their theft," concluded Vujačic.

After signing the contract and buying the bicycles, citizens must provide the invoice with a precise specification and a fiscal bill and 15 days after the delivery of the same the funds will be paid into their bank account.

The Capital thanked the partners from the organization for providing support during the project implementation as well as on the assistance offered for its evaluation.

Text by Vijesti online, on January 24th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

25 Jan 2019, 11:02 AM

The Tourist Organization of Podgorica, in cooperation with JUK Herceg Fest and the Tourist Organization Herceg Novi, organized a parade with the caravan "Praznik mimoze" in Podgorica.

The majorettes, along with the popular City Music, marched through the main street, from the beginning of Sloboda street (at Hilton Hotel) to the Independence Square, where they performed the final show.

This is the way to mark the beginning of the jubilee, the 50th "Parznik Mimoze", the oldest manifestation in Montenegro, traditionally organized in February in Herceg Novi.

In honor of the jubilee, this year's event will last 50 days, and the opening ceremony is scheduled for February 1st, with the concert of Zdravko Colic.

Text by Vijesti online, on January 24th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

25 Jan 2019, 10:58 AM

At the Aroma Market Center in Podgorica, Donja Gorica, the prizes to the lucky winners in the contest "Beer and Prizes, can it be any better?" were awarded.

The awards were presented by the representatives of the Domestic Trade Company (Domaca trgovina), whose members are Aroma Markets, Conto Discounts and companies Calsberg Montenegro.

The main prize, a Fiat 500, was awarded to Rajko Banovic, who on this occasion said that for him this was a surprise and very valuable. 

Many valuable prizes were awarded

"Of course, when we have the car as the main prize, among others, then this implies that it is a very successful company with a wide network of business partners. Upon the news that I just won the Grand Prize, a Fiat 500, the first reaction was disbelief and then the excitement that may be compared to the moment when a dear friend treats you with a long-awaited gift," the winner of the first prize added.

On behalf of the Domestic Trade Company, the winners were addressed by the Procurement director Aleksandra Medojevic.

"It's really a great feeling when we, together with our consumers and partners from Carlsberg, organize such events and give away valuable prizes. We are always striving to provide our customers with quality assortments and pricing advantages regarding promotions as well as intensive work on expanding our sales network because we are a store that wants to be close to our consumers."

Other prizes were awarded in addition to the car, and the lucky winners were Edin Canovic, Jelena Nenezi, and Jelena Djukic.

Let’s recall, the contest in Aroma Markets and Conto Discounts began on December 3rd, 2018 and lasted until December 31st, 2018, where the main prize was a FIAT 500.

Buyers can expect similar activities as well as many promotional and price advantages in the coming period.

Text by Promo, on January 24th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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January 24, 2019 - Assessment of post-World War II monuments in Southeastern Europe to develop a new regional tourism product- WWII-MONUMENTSEE is the latest project to be conducted by the NGO EXPEDITIO Centre for Sustainable Spatial Development from Kotor. By this project, Expeditio continues more than two decades of fighting to save and improve cultural heritage and make it a driver of future development, both in Montenegro and regionally.  

WWII-MONUMENTSEE is one of the twelve projects the Regional Cooperation Council chose to support through the EU-funded Tourism Development and Promotion Project. “These grants, or better-said projects, will contribute to the expansion of the tourism offer in the region as they cover all six Western Balkans economies, both when it comes to the areas where to be implemented and when it comes to those who will be implementing them. So I can say that we have excellent regional representation and that makes me happy,” said Goran Svilanovic, RCC Secretary General at the occasion of awarding the projects in Sarajevo in November last year. “With this we are contributing to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage in the region, and more importantly to the economic development, growth and employment, all of which are our common goals – those of the regional economies, of the RCC, and of the EU who is funding this project,” emphasized Svilanovic.
Expeditio’s project WWII-MONUMENTSEE focuses on post-World War II monuments found in South East Europe area, which represents significant potential for the development of a regional cultural tourism route.
WWWII MONUMENTSEE Jasenovac oMonument in Jasenovac, Croatia
These monuments, mostly built after World War II on the whole territory of former Yugoslavia and Albania primarily represent memorials to fighting against fascism, but they are much more than that, and some of them possess exceptional artistic value. 
Following the changes occurring during the 1990s in Southeastern Europe the post-World War II monuments on territories of the countries Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, have been disregarded, which has led to their neglect due to lack of maintenance and in some cases to their devastation or complete destruction. 
Revived interest for these monuments started at the beginning of the 21st century, since 2006, stimulated by foreign artists and researchers, as well as those from the SEE region. Over the last two decades, the importance of post-WWII monuments has begun to be rediscovered, even in connection with tourism. But all these initiatives and activities are sporadic, more often launched from abroad than by countries where the monuments are situated, and they are not synchronized, so these monuments do not present a unique tourism product, neither at the level of individual countries nor of the SEE region. 
WWII-MONUMENT-SEE will promote a comprehensive approach, with the involvement of all stakeholders and will build on all existing initiatives. Experts that already implemented some researches will be invited to the regional workshop, to share their experiences and participate in the formulation of the proposals and guidelines for developing new comprehensive regional tourism product as a cultural route to be beneficial to an enhancement of all other cultural courses in this region. 
Through the WWII-MONUMENTSEE project, Expeditio and their partners in other countries of the region will form a regional team of experts to conduct research and data collecting in 6 SEE countries and produce the “Assessment of post-World War II monuments in South East Europe for developing new SEE regional tourism product/ cultural route” in the languages of the region.
The Assessment will cover research and inventory of monuments, literature, and sources of relevant data, identification of existing projects and activities and identification of key stakeholders of future WWII monuments routes.
Besides the Danube Competence Centre Belgrade’s project “Developing New WB6 Branch of the Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route”, WWIIMONUMENTSEE is the only supported within this program that covers the whole region of Western Balkan.
24 Jan 2019, 17:27 PM

January 24, 2019 - The "Kind Hearted" campaign started with the presentation of the activities of the parents association of children with disabilities, which is part of the NGO European Home Tivat, at Knightsbridge School International Montenegro (KSI Montenegro) in Tivat. The campaign dedicated to children with disabilities in this city is a project of fourteen-year-old Ksenia Viller, a student of the 11th class of KSI Montenegro.

"I am very excited about the start of my campaign. I have many ideas and planned activities throughout the semester. My goal is not just to raise funds for helping children with disabilities in Tivat, but to raise my school's awareness of their problems and needs. I'll try it out in our school, maybe in public schools, where I could also plan some activities. Here I will be organizing humanitarian bakery sales, different games for children and different presentations to spread awareness of my campaign as well as of children with disabilities and their needs," said Ksenia Viller.
At the suggestion of the Social Care Center Tivat, the girl will lead a fundraising campaign to help these children and youth from the NGO "Europe Home Tivat." Based on KSI Montenegro’s school program, she decided to deal with humanitarian work, and along with her mentor, professor of history Kevin Osborn at the end of last month visited this NGO.
Professor Osborn, who is in charge of personal projects at the school says:
"Every eleven-year-old chooses and carries out his project on something he's interested in, and what is related to something they've done at school, and that can be very different. Some students write novels, some work with mercy during most of the school year. It is essential for their progress as a person, and also for the fact that what they have learned in school is applied in situations in everyday life."
children disabilities 1Marijana Misic Skanata and Ksenia Viller, photo by Antonela Stjepcevic
"I would like to thank student Ksenia Viller for turning her head towards us and giving us her hand in the campaign "Kind Hearted" to give us support," said Europe House Tivat president Marijana Misic Skanata.
Thirty KSI Montenegro students and their professors followed Marijana's presentation on NGO Europe House Tivat, projects dedicated to children with disabilities and challenges faced by the association of parents of children with disabilities. Students were very interested in the topic.
"I am privileged to be here with you today in my attempt to inform you about our organization and our concern about children with disabilities. When we say children and young people with special needs, or with disabilities, first of all, we have to keep in mind that we are talking about children. All children should be loved and nourished, but they also need to learn and go forward as much as they can," said the Europe House Tivat president.
"Anybody can become a parent or brother or a sister to a child with disabilities, and we will never know what it is, and we will never know why it happens, why a kid should have any disabilities at all. Thinking about that philosophically is a special topic, but we do not have the time to consider it. No matter how hard it is coping with the idea in itself and managing all we need to help our kids, brothers or sisters - nobody and nothing can keep us from loving them. Caring about them, essentially, though, is not a problem, or a mission of a certain family, but of the society as a whole," explained Marijana.
The NGO was founded in 2000 with the aim of promoting the idea of Europe, informing citizens about European integration, representing Montenegro to Europe and caring about the environment. Later on, in 2010, Europe House Tivat enlarges the field of their activities gathering together parents of children with disabilities.
"Our first project for children with special needs and their families was realized in 2008 and we collected other parents in February 2010. At the moment we care fir about 12 to 15 kids and young people on the project. We provide some services for them, mainly physiotherapy and occupational therapy, but we also celebrate their birthdays together, organize exhibitions, workshops, picnics; we also used to take them to the Swimming pool in Budva. Speaking about funds, we usually write projects and use project funding, as well as donations from different individuals and organizations,"  said Marijana.
After introductory words, KSI Montenegro students had many questions for Marijana. They were most interested in why there is not yet a day center for children with special needs, their health and social care services available in Tivat, and how inclusive education in Montenegro works. They are also interested in how well in Tivat the infrastructure meets to the needs of people with special needs, which age have system support, and whether  Europe Home Tivat includes volunteers in their activities.
The Kind Hearted campaign, with the support of KSI Montenegro and special care of professor Kevin Osborn, will last till the end of the semester, and Ksenia promises a lot of various activities dedicated to Tivat’s children, who will be thankful to gain new friends to support them. 
24 Jan 2019, 15:27 PM

The university center will not be a hotel, as the municipality of Berane requested it, but the home for pupils and students, the Ministry of Education announced. From the Municipality Berane, they announced that students are moving into in the premises of the University Center, although the court case has not yet been completed and they accused the Ministry of Education of transforming the building into a private company of the Social Democrats (SD).

"We did not allow the University Center, as a capital project, in which the Government of Montenegro, and not the municipality, invested 3.5 million euros, to be transformed into a hotel, as the Berane Municipality requested, and whose management would use it according to its needs, but a home for pupils and students," said the Ministry.

That is why, as stated, it was reconstructed, it will be of the utmost benefit to the citizens of Berane, pupils and students who continue their education in the territory of this municipality.

"Let's keep in mind that this facility’s availability of over 200 places open opportunities for opening new study programs in Berane, which the government is entirely devoted to," the statement said.

It is emphasized that the question of the registration of this facility is obvious.

"The Real Estate Directorate has, upon resolution of the Property Administration's request, registered the property right on the Montenegrin state's property. The object, again following the law, is managed by the Student House of Pupils and Students, whose founder is the Government of Montenegro. It is emphasized that the Ministry of Finance as a second-instance authority confirmed all the above. This facility is now available to our pupils and students."

It is stated that even more strange is the fact that the municipality of Berane is concerned that the Government of Montenegro wants to make Berane a university center, which has no modern accommodation capacities for pupils and students, and which the University Center certainly provides.

"In the end, we appreciate the insubstantial processing of this topic through public announcements, which is reduced to political qualifications, by offering no single real argument. It is trivial in relation to the youth who will use this facility but also the competent state authorities who have already decided when it comes to this issue," the statement said.

Text by MINA News, on January 23rd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

24 Jan 2019, 15:22 PM

President of the Kuci Development Fund "Marko Miljanov", Dr. Radomir Prelević says he believes that this year, with the help of the city, a landscaping site will be repaired in Gornja Vrbica. The capital has allocated the money, the choice of the contractor is to be made.

They expect the road Bioče-Kosor will be asphalted, as well as the extension of the road from Oraohova and Korita in the length of ten kilometers.

In the Plan of the Fund by 2020, the expansion of the road Korita-Rikavac-Širokar-Mokra-Kržanja is planned, with the help of the Army of Montenegro, upon the approval of the MNE Government.

"We believe that by restoring this route, we will open opportunities for various types of tourism, hiking, cycling, nature lovers from Podgorica would be able to access Kucke mountains in the shortest time possible. It could also be easy to make a ski resort" says Prelevic.

In the plan for 2020 is also the asphalting of the seven-kilometers road Stravce-Brskut, and with the Capital and the Army of Montenegro, there is a contract for the extension of the road Kosor-Peut. Works on extending the road Ubli-Raći-Momca are ongoing, part of the road from Ubli to the village of Raći is expanded, and it is necessary to asphalt the same.

Local roads were damaged during the construction of the water supply network in the villages of Ubli, Kosor, Liješta, Medun, Dučići and Sjenica, and asphalting is required.

When it comes to plumbing, a survey is planned on Kuči 3, Gornjepolje and Korita Kučka works due to the water-supply in Kržanje, Momca, Orahova, Bezjova, Korita, according to a study commissioned by the Fund, and the Ministry of Agriculture commissioned research.

The electro-supply network is also planned to be reconstructed, as there are almost 300 electricity outages during the year, so the Fund hopes the Capital will engage in making Elektroprivreda fully reconstruct the electro-supply network.

Prelevic says that the project of reconstructing the fortress "Medun City" is interesting, and after archaeological and other research, it was supposed to be brought to its original state when life took place here, and the projection is for it to become a luxurious hotel.

"We want the Capital to be included in the project, that is to include the designer Paradores de Turismo from Spain, which was engaged by the Government for the reconstruction projects of Old Bar, Žabljak Crnojevića, Spanjola fortress in Herceg Novi, Gorazde Fortress ...

Only a few people in Montenegro know that the stone town of Medun is probably the oldest settlement in Montenegro, far older than Duklja," Prelevic said.

The Museum of "Marko Miljanov" is also planned for renovation, according to the JU Museums and Galleries. The Fund is also interested in the reconstruction of the Monument to the Victims of Fascism in Orljev, which is the property of the Capital. "We have arranged the landscaping around the monument, and it cost dozens of thousands of euros. It is essential that all stone elements and marble slabs with the names of the victims are replaced. We hope that the Capital will engage “Zelenilo” to carry out the landscape works in this space, and also adequate lighting should be installed," said Prelevic. By the activities of the Fund, with the help of the Capital and the Army of MNE in the area of Kuce, they paved about 40 kilometers, brought water to the plateau, which is estimated to be an investment worth approximately six million euros. 

The Development Fund Kuci was established in 2012 and the “push button” was that the water supply was brought from Bioče to the plateau of Ubli. "Then we had a couple of meetings and a few of us who had our own jobs, and we gathered to give the money to pay for that. Someone had suggested creating an association of people who would take concrete moves, without having to ask anyone else but to solve the problems. That is how it was, we created the Fund, and the most important points of our Statute are that there is no debate about politics, religion and also that any of us is teaching others how to do business. I think these are the rules that have maintained the Fund as such, and of course, the concrete results. Initially, there were about 150 members of the Fund, and now the largest financial contribution is given by about twenty businessmen from Kuci, who live and work in Podgorica.

There are attempts from other neighboring villages to copy us, but for now, hopefully, we are successfully solving the problems. We do neither interfere in other villages’ affairs nor matters at the level of local communities," says Prelevic.

Prelevic claims that the first novel in Montenegro was written by Stevan Dučić "Or Kuč", although unpublished, and not Risto Ratković, in 1933, "Nevidbog".

We respect the work of Risto Ratkovic, but I think Stevan wrote the first novel in Montenegro, the work "Or Kuč", which has 700 pages. And we will print this novel; we want to realize the project of the collected works by Stevan Dučić, six books, worth 30,000 euros. We continue with the publishing of capital works from the past and the cultural heritage of Kuci, and the "Heritage" library has so far published 20 titles," Prelevic says.

The Fund also implemented the project of all the works by Marko Milovan Popovic, in seven books, issued late last year.

The unbelievable interpreter of the folk songs Ksenija Cicvarić is originally from Kuci, with her maid surname Bracović and in the Fund they want to point to this fact as well.

"We are helping Mico Miranovic publish a book about the life of Ksenija Cicvarić, whose maid surname was Bracovic from Kosor, Kuci. In the future, an annual concert or reunions could be organized to remind us of what Ksenija left for Podgorica, Montenegro, and beyond, to the regional musical heritage," Prelevic said.

Text by Boban Novovic, on January 23rd 2019, read more at Vijesti

23 Jan 2019, 14:12 PM

Nearly 400,000 euros will be necessary to invest to make ten facilities in the next two years for the accessibility of disabled persons. According to the Action Plan of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism (MORT), published at the last session of the Government in 2018, the architectural barriers will be removed in the building of the president, the Government, the administrative building of the state authorities in Vektra building, the Transport Department, the Ministry of Culture, the old building of the Government, the state authority building in Mojkovac and the Customs Administration building. Most money, as stated in the document, should be invested in adjusting the president's building, about 100,000 euros, as well as removing architectonical barriers in the Customs Administration Building - about 70,000. Adaptations in the buildings owned by the state, in which the work is performed by the legislative, judicial and executive authorities, relate, inter alia, to the installation of ramps, the installation of lifts, the installation of tactile bands, the provision of parking and the adaptation of the toilets for persons with disabilities.

The initial estimated cost of the Ministry led by Pavle Radulović, amounted to nearly half a million euros (468,000).

Up to 100,000 savings (362,740) occurred after a meeting with NGOs dealing with the protection of rights of persons with disabilities.

They suggested that existing ramps should not be removed as well as that those that do not have a good slope and that are not in accordance with the regulations should not be reconstructed.

At the NGO's proposal, out of 10 facilities planned for the adaptation plan, the building of the president, the old building of the Government, the Customs Administration and the state authority building in Mojkovac have been prioritized.

The production of technical documentation for the adaptation of these buildings, as quoted by MORT, will cost 46,000 euros, and the funds will be provided from the capital budget for this year.

Funding costs of EUR 251,170 will be provided only one year later. The Directorate for Public Works is in charge of the realization.

Approximately 65,000 euros for removing architectural barriers in the remaining six buildings will be secured by the 2019 and 2020 Budget Management Directorate.

Radulovic said that the estimates of necessary funding for the adaptation of objects in public use are provisional, and that final amounts will be known only after the technical documentation has been completed.

Patron of the Human Rights and Freedom Šućko Baković repeatedly warned that disabled persons are one of the most vulnerable categories of society.

Full enjoyment of human rights and the prevention or elimination of discrimination against persons with disabilities are enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as well as Protocol No. 12 to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms from the year 2000.

Text by Damira Kalac, on January 22nd 2019, read more at Vijesti

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