21 May 2019, 12:44 PM

Montenegrin Telekom and the University of Donja Gorica have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which enables students of the Faculty of Information Systems and Technology on basic and specialist programs of Information Systems Management and Data Protection and Information System Security to practice and improve their knowledge in Telekom.

Telekom thus continues to cooperate with numerous educational institutions in the country, and once again demonstrated that it is happy to open the doors to students, contributing to the improvement of the quality of education.

"We are particularly interested in supporting the education system in the so-called STEM areas, i.e., the development of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, as the need for recruiting specialists from this field is steadily increasing. It is key for the success of the entire Montenegrin society and economy. Therefore, we will try to give full support to the students of the Information Systems and Technology Faculty, and we believe that young people who acquire practical knowledge in our company have the opportunity to learn from top experts and to use that knowledge in the best way. Our ambition is to further empower employers and the broader community through this and similar activities to ensure that the educated and talented people build their careers and destinies in Montenegro," said Miroslav Janicic, Director of Human Resources Sector at Telekom, at the signing of the Memorandum.


Practice in Telekom is an excellent opportunity for students to get acquainted with modern trends in telecommunications and information technology, said the Technical Director in Telekom Valentina Radulovic.

"IT students have big challenges to overcome in a very dynamic telecommunications sector, and in Telekom we offer them the opportunity to participate in the teamwork with our developers in the creation and development of innovative digital solutions. At the same time, Telekom is part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, the leader of the digital transformation in Europe, so Montenegrin students are the future experts who will plan and develop the architecture for the network and services of the future," Radulovic concluded.

UDG said that they invest a lot in making their students acquire not only knowledge, but also the skills they will need in a real business environment. That is why, they explain, they pay close attention to the practical teaching during the course of the studies, and the application of theoretical knowledge while working in companies or at research projects.

"We are pleased that our students will have the opportunity to practice at Telekom, one of the leading companies in our market, which has long since emerged from the regional frameworks. In this way, students will have the opportunity to get acquainted with state-of-the-art technological solutions and innovations that will increasingly affect the world we live. The signing of this contract is only a continuation of cooperation with the Montenegrin Telekom, which, in various fields, lasts from the establishment of the University," said the Dean of the Faculty of Information Systems and Technology, Prof. Dr. Milica Vukotic.

Text by Promo, on May 20th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

21 May 2019, 12:40 PM

At the Natural History Museum of Montenegro, the exhibition opened titled "When Nature Speaks". The event was organized as part of the “Day and Night of Museums”, which included 13 Montenegrin cities.

The exhibition was opened by the Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanovic, who pointed out that the exhibition gives insight into the natural features of the Montenegrin region.

"At least, it is unrealistic for the world to recognize the significance of our natural potential if we are not familiar with it to the fullest, and above all, if we do not deal with it with special responsibility. That is why the Natural History Museum with its collections is a place that must have one of the most important roles in the information and education process, but also a place that will direct the public awareness towards the current problems of preserving the natural heritage through its programs," he said.

Director of the Natural History Museum Lidija Polovic said that each of the collections has a certain story, an introduction to an endless novel, whose actions extends to the rich past, the present and the future of Montenegro and has only one goal to convey the message that nature is an important prerequisite of power and prosperity of the state and its culture.

The exhibition presents a display of fossil and recent representatives of the living world from the area of ​​Montenegro. It has united material from all 15 collections of the Natural History Museum, thanks to which visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the richness of biodiversity and geodiversity of our country.


The authors of the exhibition are Marko Karaman, Snezana Dragicevic, Lidija Polovic, Natalija Cadjenovic, Nada Bubanja, Snezana Vuksanovic, Goran Culafic, Suzana Malidzan, Ilinka Cetkovic, Ceda Ivanovic, Andrej Vizi, Vera Biberdzic, Katarina Burzanovic, Branka Tomovic and Dubravka Besic.

Within the event “Day and Night of the Museum”, across Montenegro there are more than 35 different programs currently ongoing, which, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, take place in 17 national and local public institutions of culture


Text by CdM, on May 18th, 2019, read more at CdM

21 May 2019, 01:26 AM

20 May 2019 - The Ministry of Economy of Montenegro announced a public competition for the selection of the logo and slogan of the national brand of Montenegro to complete the state's visual identity. The award for the best solution is 10 thousand euros, said the official statement by the Ministry.

The Ministry of Economy pointed out that the competition is international and that both individuals and groups of authors have the right to participate.

"The timeframe for submitting applications is from May 21 until July 4, 2019," the Ministry stressed, adding that the rules and further information on the competition will be published on their website on May 21.

The national brand, from the aspect of the Ministry of Economy, includes the perceptions of people about a particular country in different areas, such as tourism, exports, investment and immigration, government, culture and heritage and people living in the country.

"Accordingly, the development and improvement of the national brand will positively affect these segments, which are crucial for the economic growth and development of a single country. A strong national brand encourages the flow of foreign direct investments, both in the strategic branches of the economy, such as energy, tourism, and agriculture, as well as in other branches, "the Ministry said.

As stated in the announcement, to adequately position Montenegro in the world of the foreign public, and starting from the results obtained by researching the perception of the domestic and foreign people, it was clear that it is necessary to create a new visual identity, that is, a logo.

"The visual identity of the national brand should unify the specificities of Montenegro and uniquely maintain them, so that through a graphics solution and a synchronized and comprehensive message, Montenegro could position itself on the international market. The proposed solution should enable an absolute positioning of the state of Montenegro as a whole, "the Ministry of Economy explained.

21 May 2019, 00:54 AM

20 May 2019 - The software company Logate and the digital community of Montenegro are organizing the seventh in a row Hackathon, called Hackathon in the Port 2019, from May 22 to 24, in Porto Montenegro in Tivat.

Hackathon in the Port 2019 is a regional tech event that brings together developers, project managers, graphic designers, and all those enthusiastic about technology, the development of tech solutions and their application. The event consists of a full-day conference called "Interact", which is followed by a two-day Hackathon - a programming marathon where eight teams from all over the region compete in the creation of computer applications.

Porto Montenegro Hosts Hackaton in the Port 2019 from May 22 to 24 3

This year's event is focused on gaming, so the main theme of the Hackathon 2019 is creating computer games. All contestants are already exploring interesting gaming concepts and already booking a ticket for Tivat. Additional details of the topic will be known at the event itself, but the organizers highlighted that this year’s participants would, besides the competition, have the opportunity to listen to the whole day's lectures in the field of development of video games. Lectures will be held on the first day of the event, in the form of a conference called "Interact".

The conference is conceived as a gathering place for gaming enthusiasts who will exchange knowledge and experience, and learn about the concepts of designing, developing and programming computer games. Speakers at the conference are experts from some of the largest gaming companies in the region, so the organizers are confident that the lectures will provide enough inspiration for the challenges the competitors will be facing. The lecturers from the conference will also be team mentors during the competition.

Porto Montenegro Hosts Hackaton in the Port 2019 from May 22 to 24

The winning team that comes up with the best solution is expected to receive a cash prize of 3.000,00 EUR, provided by Hackathon’s partner, Societe Generale Montenegro. Also, the supporter of Hackathon, the conference provided the winners with a presentation within the Start-Up Competition, which will be held after Hackathon on May 25 and 26, also in the Porto Montenegro Marina.

The team that gets second place within the competition will also receive a cash award in the amount of 1.000,00 €. The sponsor of this prize is the company SAGA CG.

The Hackathon 2019 conference is an ideal place to learn about the latest tools, methodologies, and practices of the gaming industry, but also to gather useful tips, ideas and inspiration to do business in this very popular branch. With a creative and entertaining theme, inspiring tech lectures, attractive location, and even more attractive awards, the organizers promise the best Hackathon experience for all participants!

Data acquired from the Official Hackathon Website.

21 May 2019, 00:35 AM

20 May 2019 - Prime Minister Duško Marković said on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the restoration of Montenegro's independence that on 21 May 2006, 100-year-old historical injustice was corrected and that Montenegro was returned to the world's political map, and that Montenegro then turned to the future instead of the mythological past, as well as that all the events that followed confirmed the correctness of our strategic commitment to integrating Montenegro into the most advanced communities of the modern world: NATO and the European Union.

"We are celebrating the 13th anniversary of the historic referendum. The referendum on which Montenegro restored its natural right - to be on its own. A courageous, wise and patient state policy and the democratic strength of all citizens to make a decisive and dignified decision enabled us to correct the 100 years old injustice, and on 21 May 2006, they returned the name of their country and their people to the world's political map. In the painful experience through which Montenegro went through its history, we learned the most important lesson: that our independence, restored in the referendum on 21 May, is not once and for all. And that its long-term guarantee is the membership of the community of the most developed countries of today, which also preserves the values ​​of a free and democratic society," said Marković.

He added that these are the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence and civil state, as the fundamental principles of not only survival, but also the development of each country. Everything that has happened over the past thirteen years has confirmed the correctness of our strategic commitment to integrating Montenegro into the most advanced communities of the modern world: NATO and the European Union.

"We turned to the future instead to the mythological past - not forgetting the most sacred tradition in which the spirituality, culture, and recognisability of our people survived in the Balkan storms; the traditions that created freedom and anti-fascism as moral values of the society, which enabled us to begin to create a new Montenegro of 21 May - worth respect of every citizen of the country, as well as its allies and partners," Prime Minister Duško Marković said at the reception he hosted for distinguished figures from political and public life, and diplomatic corps, which took place in the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje.

The Prime Minister recalled Montenegro's achievements, with particular emphasis on NATO membership and excellent results in the economic area.

"We are also proud of the economic growth rates that have been among the largest in Europe for the third year in a row. Only based on such a dynamic growth of the economy can we guarantee a better standard of living for all our citizens. Equally in the south and the north, as a result of balanced regional development and a strong investment momentum. Next year, we will complete the construction of the first section of our biggest infrastructure project, the motorway from Smokovac to Mateševo, and then proceed to the continuation of works on other sections. Our state is also a large construction site; and at the same time a prestigious tourist, and growing investment destination. Therefore, Montenegro today and Montenegro thirteen years ago - do not look like one another! These are the results that everyone can see. They are not seen only by those who do not want to see them," the Prime Minister noted at Independence Day celebration in Cetinje.

PM Marković underscored that Montenegro has visibly strengthened the institutions as confirmed by the recent verdict in the most complex trial in the country's history.

"Montenegro's judiciary demonstrated what we call in theory the "power of institutions". Because, every attack on our institutions, in this case on the judiciary, is actually an attack on the State and its existence. We confirmed, therefore, that Montenegro is a state that has the ability and the power to defend itself from the most serious terrorist threats and bring the perpetrators of such acts to justice," said the Prime Minister on the occasion of the celebration of the Independence Day of Montenegro.

The Prime Minister concluding by calling on all political stakeholders to work together for the benefit of the State and society.

"On this occasion, I call on all political stakeholders, including those who do not want to be with us when we celebrate the date of the restoration of our State, to work together for the benefit of the State and its citizens. To achieve this goal, we need what is characteristic of every human being around the planet - love and respect for their state - because it will be the only way in which everyone else will respect it," Prime Minister Duško Marković stressed.

21 May 2019, 00:29 AM

19 May 2019 - "Convinced that the values ​​of the Bokelj Navy, which is considered to be the oldest existing maritime organisation in the world, overcome national and regional borders, we have nominated this cultural heritage for the inscription on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity, as Montenegro's first nomination for the inscription on this prestigious list," Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin noted while opening the exhibition "Bokelj Navy Kotor - 1210 years of history, spirituality and culture" in Cetinje.

He explained that this initiative was launched by the organisation itself, and that the nomination process was in deep agreement with the members of the organisation and was conducted in line with its basic principles that indicate that the Bokelj Navy can be accessed by any person accepting its Statute, regardless of their ethnic, religious, or any other identity, and that it is an organisation focused on respect for human rights and mutual respect for religious, national and cultural diversity.

The Deputy Prime Minister underlined that the members of the Bokelj Navy, their family history and traditions of the local community preserved this cultural heritage for the generations to come in spite of all the challenges the Bay of Kotor had faced throughout its history.

Bokelj Navy Exhibition Oldest Existing Maritime Organisation1

He recalled that for over twelve centuries the Bokelj Navy has managed to resist the strong influences that overwhelmed the area, stressing that the maritime tradition that permanently marked it was the true and fundamental value of the organisation itself.

DPM Pažin emphasised that the essential value of the Bokelj Navy is immaterial. "The value transcending all material traces, which is passed on from generation to generation and which is a key cultural value that recommended this organisation for the status of Montenegro's cultural property of national importance."

He concluded by saying that only by preserving local communities, supporting their identity and the initiatives that come from them, such values ​​can be preserved and passed on to future generations.

20 May 2019, 15:56 PM

 Parenting Festival “The Family Fest”, which was held on Saturday in the park Krusevac, brought together more than ten thousand children and parents. The largest family event in the country was organized by the Parents Association and its social enterprise “Kreativa Lab”, in partnership with the Capital City and PG Sound. Like the previous two years, the Festival was opened with the biker’s parade of all generations, organized by the non-governmental organization, followed by children soloists Luka Bajovic, Masa Paovic, Una Stankovic, Ivan Vojnic and Melani Mitrovic.

Danijela Knezevic from the association “Parents” said that the Family Festival was carried out perfectly and that we have all together enjoyed together in the park, in nature.

"The beautiful atmosphere was not disturbed even by the rain, which made us a little worried in the afternoon, but the visitors were with us at that time. This event confirms how much we want as a family - more entertainment, educational, sports and creative content in the open, where children and parents can participate together, without the technology and the equipment that steals our free moments together," Knezevic said in a statement.


This year's special guests of the Festival were HAOS animators from Novi Sad who were particularly delighted the audience at closing, featuring special LED suits.

Two mini concerts were held in the park, by the band “Red and Black” and Quartet Unique, and two theatrical performances, by Podgorica City Theater – “Ah, all that must be done by the poor child” and the NGO Training Center Taraba – “They wanted something completely different”. The pupils from the school Helen Doron Montenegro also performed the play “Tale of Two Tails”.

Psychotherapeutic counselor Darija Petovic Bambur talked with her parents about how to support a child's independent play, and Ana Ljuljdjurovic, the famous make-up illusionist in Montenegro, known to the public as “Cedoviste”, showed her skills.

This year the program segments in the park were organized according to thematic zones.

In the zone 'Hanging out in the Nature', the Scout Association of Montenegro organized a Scout Day, the company Zelenilo a workshop, kindergarten Bambino a sport class “In contact with the nature”, the Center for Bird Protection an educational workshop “Meet the Birds of Montenegro” and the Montenegrin Astronomical Society Podgorica an educational workshop “Astronomical observation”.

8 (2).jpg

In the area Game and entertainment, the well-known animator for children Zarko Zabac played forgotten games with the children, NGO Brljok organized a workshop with table games, dance school Dream a workshop “Dance for everyone”, entertainers a party for entertainment, and the dance club Sonrisa presented their dance groups.

In the area 'Creative Educational Corner', the team from “Igrackoteka” and the Development Center of the Parents Association organized a program of workshops throughout the day, the Alfa Center a Traffic class “Safe step”, the NTC Centers of Montenegro a polygon program by NTC system, and the small programmers who participated in “Igramiranje” Education, organized by the association Parents, Zzi and Arhimed, presented their projects.

In the Artistic corner, visitors were welcomed with music and art workshops. Music school “Ton Ton” had music workshops in the morning and afternoon, Professor Masa Jovovic and students of the Faculty of Visual Arts held a large format Collage Art Workshop, and Ksenija Skerovic, an academic painter, with the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts, organized an art workshop “How Do I Paint Myself?”.

In the Culinary Corner area, a culinary workshop was organized with Zarko Zabac, for which the food was donated by the companies Skorpion and Bonella Agro group, and the Picnic was organized with HiPP juices.

The team from the Association of Students - Support Program for the Education of the Socially Disadvantaged Children of the Association Parents also participated, and with the help of volunteers from the Gymnasium "Slobodan Skerovic", they sold lemonade, water, and coffee.

The equipment and supplies were donated by Andjelić plast, Kopa, Bonella Agro group and Suza water. The money from the sales will be used to provide books, accessories and toys for the Classroom “Druzionica” and the children participating in that program.


The Sports Zone was attended by the Table tennis club Spin, the Volleyball section of "Pavle Rovinski", Yoga studio Podgorica, Podgorica Women's Handball Club, Dadex Sports Center, Infinity Sports Studio, Karate Club Iskra, Judo Club Kodokan, Sports Recreational Club PG Sport, and Aikido Club Buducnost.

At the end of the festival program, there was a cinema in the open. All generations had the opportunity to enjoy the screening of the film” Hedgehog’s house” thanks to the Montenegrin Film Center and with the support of the Croatian Audiovisual Center and the Production House Bonobo.

Participants of the Festival were also companies that offer family products and services on the domestic market as well as creative workshops dealing with the production of products for children and family. Therefore, presentations were held by the Kindergarten Bambino, Argeta, Helen Doron, Tosama, Party Time, Atelier Manufaktura, Sebamed, Leader Kids, Angie & Me, Pharmacy Angelica Osmi Red, BrainOBrain Mozgalica, Moje krpice, EXPO, Drni Design, Amicus Pharma, KidsLand, Glosarij, Srna , Meditas, Podravka, Imlek, Baby Atlas Kids Store, Suza Water, TAMU, Tegla'S, Mali Studio of Photography and Medikid.

In addition to their partners, the Organization of the Festival helped the Center for Contemporary Art of Montenegro, Metropolis, Zelenilo and Cistoca of the Capital City.

The Parenthood Festival celebrated the International Family Festival in Montenegro.

Text by MINA News, on May 19th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

20 May 2019, 15:43 PM

Locals from the villages along the Bukovica river gathered this morning at the site of the Hydra MNE, which started preparatory works on the construction of the mini hydroelectric power plant "Bukovica 1" and "Bukovica 2" on that river.

They told “Vijesti” that there were indications that Hydra MNE would continue the works this morning.

In a telephone conversation, they said they would do anything to stop the works and save the river. The contractor tried a few days ago to continue works by breaking the road through a private estate, despite the fact that the lawyer of the property owner asked the court to impose a temporary ban. The locals stepped in front of the workers and prevented them from working, and the owner of the property filed a lawsuit. On Saturday, several hundred citizens protested in Donja Bukovica, requesting that the river is not to be put into a pipeline.

Text by Jelena Jovanovic, on May 20th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

19 May 2019, 13:57 PM

With the music from the opera "The Blind Mouse" by Johan Straus, 220 graduate students from the high school "Ivan Goran Kovacic" danced the quadrille at the square "Nikola Djurkovic".

The graduates were dressed in yellow and green t-shirts, thus giving their contribution to the jubilee celebration - 50 years of Mimosa Festival. Ana Ercegovic led the graduate's dance.

So far, around 400,000 graduates from more than 100 European cities have participated in this event. All graduates dance the same choreography at the same time, and music is broadcasted over satellite radio. All together they are part of the project of dancing with the same goal in Europe, connecting and cooperating, as well as spreading togetherness, love and peace.

After dancing at the square, the graduates continued the celebration at Kanli Kula, and on Saturday, 25th May, there will be the graduate’s parade through the city and the graduation party.

Graduates from Herceg Novi first danced the quadrille on May 16th in 2008, and so far over 350,000 students from more than 100 European cities have participated in this event, and seven times they have succeeded in breaking the Guinness record.

"Herceg Novi sends a picture of youth, beauty and communion in the world," said the secretary of culture and education of the Municipality Herceg Novi, Ana Zambelic Pistalo, addressing graduates, professors, numerous gathered parents, relatives and friends.

"Herceg Novi has young people full of potential, and many of them today are united in the beauty of dance, and we are trying to support young, prospective citizens of Herceg Novi through various activities. To make Herceg Novi a city in line with the needs of the young people which offers quality and opportunities, this is our basic task and obligation," the secretary for culture said.

The general sponsor of the event is the Municipality Herceg Novi.


Text by Slavica Kosic, on May 17th 2019, read more at Vijesti

19 May 2019, 13:50 PM

The Montenegrin society has to make efforts in the struggle for human rights that every citizen would be accepted as equal before law and society, regardless of sexual and gender differences, said the Center for Civic Education (CGO).

On the occasion of the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, they said that institutions also have a special responsibility.

As stated, LGBT people in Montenegro, despite the declarative ban on discrimination, still lack the necessary support to enable them to obtain their rights and live without fear of having discomfitures due to their different sexual orientation or gender identity.

"This year's International Day Against Homophobia focuses on justice and protection for everyone, and UNDP also emphasizes the support to the development of initiatives to end exclusion, discrimination and violence against LGBT people," the statement said.

It is stated that this is imperative and is more than ever necessary, and on that line are the efforts of the CGO, which are currently strengthened within the framework of the project "NO to discrimination, YES to differences".

The CGO research conducted in February this year indicates a positive shift that should be used to move the position of LGBT people in Montenegro from declarative tolerance to full acceptance and appreciation.

As reported, the fact that 81 percent of the respondents state that they would help a LGBT person in case of witnessing an act of violence against him is inciting in the process of fighting against discrimination and violence.

When it comes to the law on the life partner of the persons of the same sex, about which the deputies will vote soon, 55 percent of citizens have a positive attitude towards adopting that act.

It is reported that this is a significant change compared to less than a fifth, or 18 percent from 2016.


The CGO argued that this should also be a source of encouragement for those delegates who are still in the process of measuring of how much it would impact their polls rather than being leaders in the promotion of human rights culture. The CGO survey also indicated that just under a third of citizens would accept their child completely if they find that there is a different sexual orientation than heterosexual.

As stated, middle age is the most fertile factor for influencing attitudes on various issues, values, and principles, but also their ability to fight for their own and the rights of those who cannot.

"Throughout the 11 workshops we had the opportunity to get acquainted with the attitudes of young people who positively surprised us, but some of them are seriously anxious because traditions, prejudices and stereotypes continue to spread among young people in Montenegro," the statement said.

That is why, as they say, it is necessary to continue the struggle for LGBTI rights, on the social scene and in the Assembly, and to adopt good legal solutions that will create the legal premise for the equal living of LGBT people in Montenegro.

"The CGC today celebrates the diversity that is treasured in every society, celebrating lesbians, homosexuals, trans, nonbinary, intersexual and queer people, activists and LGBT rights organizations, who with their own example stand against any form of discrimination in Montenegro," concludes the statement.

Text by MINA News, on May 17th 2019, read more at Vijesti

19 May 2019, 13:43 PM

The Norwegian National Day was celebrated at the Institute "Dr Simo Milosevic" in Igalo, where 150 patients from this Scandinavian country are on vacation and treatment. The Constitution of the Kingdom of Norway is celebrated since May 17th, 1814, when the Norwegian Constitution was voted after gaining independence.

First, the Norwegian guests walked through Igalo in a parade, then the local music Djenovici with majorettes, kids from the Children’s Home "Mladost", members of KUD "Ilija Kisic", as well as many friends of the Norwegian people from Herceg Novi and Igalo. In front of the Institute’s National Restaurant, a program that began with the sounds of the national anthems of Montenegro and Norway took place.



On behalf of the local government, the holiday to the guests from Norway was congratulated by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Municipality Danijela Djurovic.

"On the map of our friends, Norway has had a special place for years. The reason for this is the brotherhood with the city Levanger, which lasts more than five decades and the Norwegian program at the Institute "Dr Simo Milosevic", thanks to which thousands of guests from Norway have visited our town for more than 40 years.

"Connecting our states has begun as a networking of cities and business cooperation, to link the relationship with the people and in years it became the foundation for the exchange of cultures, experiences, improvement of local community life, the close relationship between people and families. Citizens of Herceg Novi will never forget the assistance they received from Norway after a catastrophic earthquake exactly 40 years ago, as well as all of the support projects that followed, primarily in the field of municipal equipping and education," said Djurovic and emphasized that they will continue to work on strengthening the link between the two states.


This year, the Institute celebrates 70 years of existence and 42 years of cooperation and programs we have with your state. This jubilee is proof that our joint program, with the expertise and professionalism of the staff in the Institute in Igalo, faces all the challenges. We wish that during your stay in Igalo and Montenegro you will feel the hospitality and the warmth of our people. Although we have been experiencing you as our fellow citizens for a long time, we have organized the program to at least celebrate the atmosphere of the holiday season in your country," said the director of the Medical sector in the Institute in Igalo.


"The Constitution Day is very important to us Norwegians - as well as to all who understand the significance of their own freedom and their constitution. We are grateful for everything it has been done in Eidsvold, and we are happy to enjoy the fruits of their work - that our society could, and still can, develop better for the people who live in it. We are very happy that our friends here in Igalo make our holiday so beautiful for us as we are away from home - thank you for that!" said the chief nurse in the Norwegian program Inger Hansen.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on May 17th 2019, read more at Vijesti

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