08 Nov 2018, 10:17 AM

November 8, 2018 -Montenegrin artist Lena Nikčević will take part in the prestigious ARTMUC, the Contemporary Art Salon in Munich.

The ARTMUC Contemporary Art Salon, which is being held for the fifth time in the “Isaforum” building on Prater Island in Munich, will feature a significant contemporary art scene from Munich - 150 artists and galleries.

Over the past five years, ARTMUC was seen by more than 40,000 visitors.

Lena Nikcevic was born in 1977 in Podgorica. After three years of painting studies at the Cetinje Faculty of Fine Arts, she graduated in 2001 and received her MA in 2003 at the High School of Fine Arts in Tours (France).

At the site of the abandoned factory, near Tours, in Saint-Pierre, "Les Ateliers de la Morinerie" - an association of art workshops was founded, at an area of 15,000 square meters.

She actively supports herself from her creativity.

Her works are featured in numerous private collections in the country and abroad, as well as in numerous institutional collections in France, for example, the Municipality of Tours.

She has exhibited independently in several countries, and has participated in numerous collective exhibitions throughout Europe.

The ARTMUC Contemporary Art Salon, which is being held for the fifth time in the “Isaforum” building on Prater Island in Munich, will take place from November 8th till 11th.

Text by Jelena Kontic, on November 7th 2018, read more at Vijesti

08 Nov 2018, 10:11 AM

November 8, 2018 - The architectural bureau "ING-INVEST" from Danilovgrad donated a project to the Clinical Center of Montenegro for the adaptation of part of the first floor in the main building, where the Transfusion Center used to be, for the needs of the Center for Medical Genetics and Immunology, worth 8,500 euros.

According to the KCCG, the project was handed over to the director of that institution, Jevta Eraković, by the owner of “Ing Invest”, architect Radulović Veselin-Bato.

KCCG is the only health institution in Montenegro that carries out genetic and immunological diagnostics.

The Center for Medical Genetics and Immunology CMGI was founded in 2000 and represent a significant segment of KC intended for modern diagnostics of genomic diseases and disorders of the immune system.

About 11,000 patients annually need the necessary diagnostics in CMGI, including prenatal diagnosis for all pregnant women in Montenegro who are at increased risk of hereditary diseases," said the Clinical Center.

They add that, given the importance of CMGI, not only for KCCG, but also for the Montenegrin health system in general, Erakovic and Radulovic expressed mutual satisfaction with the realization of this valuable donation.

"By adapting the new space, we will provide better conditions for the work of the Center for Medical Genetics and Immunology," said the Clinical Center.

Text by CdM, on November 7th, 2018, read more at CdM

08 Nov 2018, 07:03 AM

07 November 2018 - The Festival of Fall Colours will be held on Saturday, November 10 at several locations on the promenade in the Marina resort Luštica Bay. The event will include a painting colony, a collection of local delicacies, and a folklore performance.

The "Autumn Table", as a part of the programme of the Festival, will present local gastronomic specialties created by the agronomic producers from Tivat and Nikšić.

Fans of the autumn landscape will be able to enjoy the colours of this season which will be painted on canvas during the painting colony "Colours of Fall" by students of two primary schools and a high school centre from Tivat. Works of colony participants will be presented in the exhibition on the occasion of the Day of Tivat Municipality on November 21. The event will also include the participation of children from the "Kadena" Cultural and Art Centre, who will promote Montenegrin folk dances.

Free transportation will be organised from Kotor (in front of the Employment Bureau) and Tivat (old bus station), departing at 11 AM each, and going back from Luštica Bay at 5 PM.

08 Nov 2018, 06:58 AM

07 November 2018 - The "Tradition of dance and music in Central Europe" Manifestation started on Tuesday, November 6, with the organization "Open Dance House" - interactive music and dance evenings featuring artists from five Central European countries and Montenegro with interested fellow citizens.

The main goal of the organizers of this event is for participants to teach each other different dance moves and steps as parts of traditional dance types of the country from which they come from. During this event, the participants also wanted to emphasize their countries’ customs and tradition.

This two-day international event began with an interactive music and dance spectacle in which numerous dance enthusiasts participated, and on Wednesday, November 7, a gala concert was held at the Great Hall of the Cultural Information Centre “Budo Tomović“, starting at 8 pm, for which the citizens showed great interest.

Music0711 1

The concert featured music duo Agnes Palmisano and Andreas Teufel (Austria), Tomáš Kočko & Orchestra (Czech Republic), Zagyva Bend (Hungary), Tęgie Chłopy Band (Poland) musician Vladimir Homola (Slovakia) and Folklore Ensemble CIC “Budo Tomović".

The second night of the manifestation was opened by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture Dražen Blažić, Hungarian Ambassador to Montenegro, József Négyesi and Snežana Burzan, director of CIC "Budo Tomovic".

07 Nov 2018, 14:46 PM

November 7, 2018 - The Austrian archaeological institute, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, conducted a research project of the Austro-Hungarian fortifications in Montenegro.

An expert team of six specialists, coordinated by Lili Zabran, conducted a two-week research of the fortresses Gorazde and Kosmac, which were selected for detailed assessment and preparation of basic documentation. Since further use requires detailed construction surveys, the implemented project has focused on forming documentation and assessing the damage to further planning.

The results of the campaign are the basis for the development of a future project, which, in addition to military research, will include research into documentation and realization of the construction of fortifications, maintenance, and establishing communication and supply in times of war and peacetime. Information will also be collected on soldiers stationed in fortresses, as well as their interaction with the civilian population. The subject of the research will be the use of fortresses during the Second World War as well as during the former Yugoslavia.

Experts from the Center for Archeology and Conservation of Montenegro and the Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Property followed the activities carried out on the terrain by the representatives of the Archaeological Institute of Austria.

The project is implemented on the basis of the Memorandum of Cooperation with the Archaeological Institute of Austria, signed by the Ministry of Culture in June 2018, which envisages cooperation in the field of education and training of professional staff in the field of protection and preservation of cultural goods as well as the joint action in the field of protection of immovable cultural goods.

Support for the realization of this project was provided by the Embassy of Austria in Montenegro, as well as the municipalities of Budva and Kotor.

Text by CdM, on November 6th, 2018, you can read more at CdM

07 Nov 2018, 14:33 PM

November 7, 2018 - This year, Tivat will celebrate the town’s celebration day on November 21st with the "November Days" event, which, over 23 days, will have as many as 47 different political, social, cultural, entertainment and sports programs.

"November Days " are a tradition and honor for us. We have designed this year's event to be as innovative as possible, with better quality and content, so that all structures of our population will be able to find something for themselves, from the youngest to the oldest," said the Mayor of Tivat Siniša Kusovac.

At the press conference, the program of events was presented which began today and will continue until November 29th. The conference included the Culture and Social Affairs Secretary Dubravka Nikcevic, Secretary of Youth, Sports and Social Affairs Darka Ognjanovic, as well as the representatives of the Center for Culture, Tourism Organizations and Brand New Tivat.

Nikčevič underlined that in addition to the Municipality, Tourism Organization, Center for Culture and Brand New Tivat, a whole range of institutions, organizations, sports clubs and NGOs are involved in the design and launch of the program. As a special novelty, a program called "To the Town for its Birthday" was emphasized, which will be held after the formal session of the local parliament on the Municipal Day on November 21st, when an interesting entertainment program will be organized at the Magnolia Square, where, with music and food, the representatives of Municipality will talk with the citizens and share material about the role and achieved results of the local government.

Nikcevic also announced the "Open Door Day" at the Military Naval Ship “Jadran”, which will be open for visits to all students from Tivat schools on November 16th.

"November Days" will feature numerous tournaments in chess, basketball, bowling, table tennis, sailing regattas, and athletic races, while the cultural events will include several theatrical performances, art and photographic exhibitions, concerts by the Musical Education Society "Tivat ", that is, the Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra, the promotion of books and a special homage to the recently deceased famous actress - the great friend of Tivat, Milena Dravic.

TO Tivat will organize a handicrafts and souvenir fair, in cooperation with the NGO sector, as well as a special new event dedicated to the gastronomic heritage and traditional cuisine of Boka called "Stroll of the Bumblebee".

Apart from the rest of the upcoming festivities, the Tivat Protection and Rescue Service will be officially handed over a special small fire emergency vehicle for narrow streets worth 60,000 euros, and a concert by the High Music School Tivat on November 22nd will officially announce the new multimedia cultural space that the town received in the space of the reconstructed building DTV "Partizan", in whose reconstruction and equipment the Municipality invested almost half a million euros.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on November 6th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

07 Nov 2018, 00:24 AM

06 November 2018 - The Sea Dance Music Festival in Buljarica has brought a lot of benefits to this particular area, including the recognition on the tourist map of Montenegro, as well as investments in road and communal infrastructure, which has been neglected for years, as noted by President of the Buljarica Local Community, Đorđe Gregović.

By investing in road and communal infrastructure, which had been neglected for many years, and by changing the water supply network, this area has taken on a different appearance.

"I would like to emphasize that one large area has been cleaned and that it is in the benefit of the inhabitants, because it was in a rather neglected state. The biggest benefit is marketing for the future," Gregović said.

SeaDance0611 1

A month ago, the Buljarica Local Community submitted an initiative to the Municipality of Budva for a large piece of attractive municipal land which is near the sea to be brought to shape, so it can meet its buyer.

"This is an attractive location and it is suitable for tourist construction. We proposed to the Municipality to find a buyer and to build an investment fund for Buljarica from these funds. This money would be directed to the construction of a road and infrastructure network that is currently modest in Buljarica," Gregović noted.

During the budget preparation, the representatives of this Local Community will insist on new requirements.

"There are a couple of things we need to insist on: it is building at least one of the two key boulevard routes in Buljarica and beginning to solve the sewage system, because there is nothing regulated here right now and we all know how much it is needed especially in the summer days," concluded Gregović.

06 Nov 2018, 14:21 PM

November 6, 2018 - The Ministry of Defense will invest less than 70,000 euros in overhauling the naval ships in Montenegro.

Almost half of the money - 34,000 euros - will be intended for the repair of motorboats "Bojana" and "Milena", while 10,000 euros will go for the overhaul for the school ship "Jadran".

When it comes to the school boat "Jadran", the tender documents require the overhaul of the boat type "Šljupka".

These works, inter alia, include replacing wooden parts of the boat, replacing parts for lifting the boats, repairing the plastic parts and coloring and painting of the entire boat.

The school ship "Jadran" found itself in the center of the regional public’s attention in August due to the insistence of the Croatian authorities that it belongs to them. Defense Minister Predrag Boskovic said at a ceremony marking the celebration of the 85th anniversary of the ship “Jadran” in August in Tivat that the official Podgorica was open to all its allies in using the boat, but that the sailing boat will remain in Montenegro and sail under its flag. 

"Croatia will take all legitimate steps to get it back under the Croatian flag and Montenegro expects to respect international law and the succession agreement that includes the ship “Jadran"," his Croatian counterpart Damir Krsticevic said at the time. 

The school ship "Jadran" was built in Germany in 1933 on the order of the Navy of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. For most of the overhaul works, a deadline of 90 days is scheduled for the completion, except for motorboats. Such jobs on sailing boats cannot be done at low temperatures and they should be completed by May 1st, it is specified by the tender documentation on the portal for public procurement procedures. 

On the website of the Ministry, it was noted that "Bojana" and "Milena" sailboats type "ELAN 43" were built in Begunje, Slovenia in 1989 and in the same year they entered the operational use of the Military Navy of SFRJ within the school ships unit. Through operational use, within the Navy units, they have been used to train senior personnel primarily in sailing and all other marine and navigational skills. The tender foresees 20,000 euros for pipe repairs and metal works on ships, and 4,000 euros for stator and rotor rewinding services of electric motors on them. Bids are to be submitted by November 26th.

Text by Milos Rudovic, on November 6th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

06 Nov 2018, 01:51 AM

05 November 2018 - Issues of political participation, protection and economic empowerment of women, and in particular the issues of combating violence against women the Women's Political Network focuses on, are crucial in building a just and safe society, as a key programme objective of the Government of Montenegro, Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin said at the meeting with representatives of the Women's Political Network.

Members of the Women's Political Network, which brings together representatives of 16 political parties from the government and the opposition, presented a series of initiatives to amend specific legal texts with a view to ensuring better legal and institutional protection of women from all forms of violence.

DPM Pažin welcomed the expertise, seriousness and studiousness of the initiatives presented, voicing the Government's willingness to carefully review and implement the initiatives falling within its remit through the Government's programme of action for the next year, all their aspects which will contribute to establishing stronger guarantees for the protection of the security and equality of women in attaining their rights.

In that regard, he voiced the Government's openness for representatives of the Women's Political Network to take an active part in the work of the Government’s working bodies, which will, through drafting amendments to the laws, propose the improvement of the protection of the security and rights of women in the Montenegrin society.

The meeting pointed out a number of concrete examples of unclear or inadequate legal norms that impede the adequate protection of victims of violence and the fair punishment of perpetrators, such as the dominance of misdemeanour liability and low fines for acts of violence against women, or the vaguely defined limits between offenses and crimes.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that the Government will make the maximum contribution to eliminating all observed shortcomings in the laws and their application, stressing that the State needs to ensure effective institutional and legal protection of victims and fair punishment of perpetrators.

Representatives of the Women's Political Network noted that Montenegro spent EUR 9.2 million for treating the consequences of violence against women in the past year, stressing that investing in more reliable legal and institutional mechanisms for the protection of women from violence would bring not only multiple social benefits but also significant savings of public funds.

06 Nov 2018, 01:17 AM

05 November 2018 - On Wednesday, November 7, at 7 pm, National Museum of Montenegro will open an exhibition by Milijana Istijanović titled "To Live the Best Life" in the DADO Atelier.

This exhibition examines the social and spatial dimensions that deconstruct and examine the relationships between identity, spatiality and the ideas that represent them. Spatial work of a site-specific character makes monumental figural performances on the walls within the exhibition space. The oversized figures prevail in the inner space, creating a visual and textual composition by creating possible/fictitious circumstances and visual representations through their own concepts.

Milijana Istijanović was born in 1982 in Sombor, Serbia. She gained her Master’s degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, Montenegro at the Sculpture Department in the class of Professor Pavle Pejović. Istijanović organized seven solo exhibitions. Her work has been shown at international festivals and projects. She is the winner of the annual prize for sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, as well as the first prize at the Herceg Novi Winter Salon.

The audience will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition from November 7 to December 29, and the professional guidance through the exhibition will be organized on November 8 at 11 am.

Read more about National Museum of Montenegro here.

06 Nov 2018, 01:12 AM

05 November 2018 - On November 1, Hotel CentreVille and The Living Room Lounge Bar in Podgorica were pronounced the winners of the prestigious Haute Grandeur Award at the Palace Hotel Versace in Dubai. Haute Grandeur is a respected, globally trusted Awards initiative, honouring remarkable contributions by outstanding establishments; hotels, lodges, casinos, resorts and private island retreats from across the globe. The special feature of this award and nomination is the fact that the award is given based on the comments that the guests of the establishments provide after their stay.

"The Haute Grandeur Award is a guaranteed golden stamp of excellence, and powerful in its ability to amplify marketing, guest perception and revenue. Participating establishments emphasize the value and importance of continuously striving for excellence, and set the standard in the industry," said the founder and director of the Haute Grandeur Prize, Marinique de Wet.

The nominated facilities this year included Podgorica’s CentreVille Hotel, as well as the Lounge Bar The Living Room, which operates within the hotel.

HauteGrandeur0511 1

"The Haute Grandeur Prize celebrates the values of leadership, perseverance, pertinacity, commitment and ambition that Centerville Hotel & Experiences as well as the Living Room Lounge show on daily basis," added de Wet.

Hotel CentreVille has won awards in 4 categories: The Best New Hotel (less than 3 years of business), The Best City Hotel, The Best Design Hotel and The Best Lifestyle Hotel. The Lounge Bar “The Living Room” has also won awards in 4 categories: The Best Cocktail Bar in Montenegro, The Best European Event Restaurant, The Restaurant With The Best Gourmet Cuisine on a Global Level, and The Restaurant That Provides The Most Significant Experience In Montenegro.

"We are very happy to know that our work and effort are recognized by an organization like Haute Grandeur. We are proud to contribute to the high positioning of Montenegro on the world tourist map. The complete team of CentreVille Hotels and Lounge Bar The Living Room raises the quality of tourist offer of Podgorica daily, by improving the standard, service and offer. These awards are just another indicator and recognition that quality offer finds its way to the consumer," said Jelena Ognjenović, general manager of CentreVille Hotel.


One of the greatest successes of the CentreVille hotel is the fact that the hotel was declared the first choice of guests who visited Podgorica on the famous websites Trip Advisor and

"All prizes and nominations are pleasant and flattering. However, at the same time, they represent a great responsibility in order for international recognition to be justified, preserved and improved. We are very pleased with the Haute Grandeur recognition, given the fact that thanks to it we get a new type of brand exposure worldwide. It's not just the brand of our hotel, but also the brand of Montenegro. In order to strive for a general improvement in the development of tourism in the country, it is necessary to promote the individual facilities as much as possible, as well as the destination as a whole," concluded Milo Radonjić, PR and marketing manager of CentreVille.

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