17th Fašinada Cup until July 22

By , 21 Jul 2019, 14:09 PM Sport
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The 17th Fašinada Cup International Sailing Regatta will take place on 21st and 22nd July in the Bay of Kotor. The regatta will start from Perast at 12 noon on 21st July, and finish in Tivat, at Porto Montenegro. On Day 2, crews start in Tivat and sail to Perast, where the regatta finishes.

The winner of the 17th Fašinada Cup will be announced on 22nd July, on the island of Our Lady of the Rocks (Gospe od Škrpjela), starting from 8 pm. The organisers of the Fašinada Cup International Regatta are Sailing Club Lahor, Dobrota, together with Porto Montenegro (Porto Montenegro Yacht Club) and Unibrand. This year’s regatta is supported by the Kotor Tourist Organisation, Kotor Souvenirs, Miro & Sons and Fleka.

SC Lahor is grateful to all the sponsors, the local community of Perast for their support, Dušan Vuleković for directing the promotional video for the 17th Fašinada Cup, sculptor Goran Moškov for the winner’s prize and Unibrand for creating the brand visuals for the event.

“The Fašinada Cup Sailing Regatta takes place on the day of the biggest public ceremony in the Boka Bay, the ‘Fašinada’. This is a tradition dating back to 1452 whereby inhabitants of Perast and many others from Boka Bay drop stones into the sea around the island of Our Lady of the Rocks to protect it from erosion. Below Perast, threading through the Verige Strait to Tivat, aiming midway between Perast’s two reefs, around 60 white sails will take to the water from various types of sailing boats and craft, recalling the famed tradition of Perast and the entire Boka Bay, along with its sailing heritage. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Perast alone had an armada of over 100 sailing vessels, and SC Lahor of Dobrota has inherited the Boka Bay tradition of that era, organising the Fašinada Cup for the seventeenth time. Year after year, the regatta has brought together around 200 competitors from Montenegro and abroad, and is also extremely popular among international sailors. The competition is the largest maritime event in Montenegro and the Southern Adriatic, alongside Boka Night (Bokeljska noć). The winners will receive prizes of stylised figures in stone, the work of well-known sculptor Goran Moškov Gonzo, which will be awarded on the island of Our Lady of the Rocks,” say organisers.

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