10 Jan 2020, 12:41 PM

During 2020, 540 cruisers will sail to the Kotor Harbor.

The first arrival this year was recorded on January 3, when Costa Deliziosa sailed to the port.

"The first larger ship will sail again on April 1st. It is a cruiser - Aida Blu, and in the meantime, we have the constant arrivals of Athens and Artemis, smaller ships with a length of 58.80 m and 1,206 GRT," said Port Director Branko Kovacevic.

Last year, 529 smaller and larger cruise ships sailed to Boka Kotorska bay, with more than 600,000 tourists.

Text by Boka News (source Radio Kotor),on January 9th, 2020, read more at Boka News

29 Dec 2019, 23:22 PM

The high point of the “From Christmas to Christmas” event, and a great joy for the very youngest audience is of course the Children’s New Year’s Eve celebration, which will be organised on Monday, 30th December beginning at 4pm at the Arms Square in Kotor.

Santa Claus and his elf helper will be preparing various surprises and a big party, which is not to be missed. For kids, there will be a super-fun interactive show called “Love One Another - This is the Year of Love”. As with every year, an integral part of the programme is when Santa Claus comes to hand out New Year’s presents to all children gathered on the main town square.

For little ones who are too ill to attend the festivities, distribution of presents will take place at 12 noon at the children’s ward of Kotor Municipal Hospital, as a continuation of the “Fairy Tale for Health” event that has been held since 2015 as part of the From Christmas to Christmas project.

The last day of 2019 will close with a fantastic concert by the group “Perper”. The New Year will get off to a swinging start with a fundraising party.

NGO Karampan invites everyone to come down to the main town square on 2nd January at 8pm sharp and join the festivities, with the lively band “The Grupa” and the fantastic hits of the well-known Montenegrin artist Sergej Ćetković.


23 Dec 2019, 12:33 PM
December 23, 2019 - Porto Montenegro Winter Games for Crew Members 2020, attractively designed sports and entertainment event will be organized in two editions: in Kolasin from February 7 to 9, and in Porto Montenegro from March 27 to 29. The program is intended for all members of the mooring crews in the marina Porto Montenegro, as well as other marinas in the Adriatic and Mediterranean, announced today the Porto Montenegro PR service.
Sports games and activities on the mountain, including skiing and snowboarding, cycling in the snow, games like the "big foot" in which the team competes in wooden skis, are just some of the contents of this tournament. All participants will enjoy a great gastronomic experience on the mountain and a party at the 1650 Ski Center Trail.
The Porto Montenegro Winter Games Agenda is a little different, focused on sailing and decathlon, with archery, miniature golf, volleyball, etc. among the disciplines.
"Porto Montenegro has always been focused on quality service and a dynamic calendar of activities for captains and crew members of our marina. Over the years, we have upgraded our Crew Club program, from licensed nautical industry courses at Warsash Superyacht Academy to fun summer barbecues on Friday afternoons, winter ski weekends, and Winter Games. These games are a winter escape for the crew from anywhere in the Mediterranean. The games provide participants with the opportunity to experience three exciting days in the stunning Montenegrin mountains and on the coast, where they can match their sporting abilities with other competing teams, said Porto Montenegro Marina Director Tony Browne.
"Get ready for an atmosphere of healthy competition, team building, fun parties, and amazing Montenegrin food. We definitely see this as an exciting winter calendar event that is completely unique in the marina industry for all crew members, as well as our friends from the surrounding area, the Montenegrin public! And don't forget the attractive prizes," Browne added.
Participation per person, for one edition, is 100 € for the whole weekend, which includes accommodation, food, sports equipment, instructors, and ski pass. The prize fund is € 5,000.
22 Dec 2019, 14:32 PM
December 22, 2019 - Based on information from the Institute for Hydrometeorology and Seismology, the Emergency Directorate informs citizens that the area of ​​Montenegro today will be strongly influenced by cyclone activity that will cause severely unstable weather, heavy rain, and strong south wind.
In the central and southern regions, heavy rain is expected, in the coastal and higher continental regions, especially in the mountainous areas in the north, occasional south winds will be stormy.
The Emergency Directorate calls on citizens to adapt their activities to the announced meteorological situation both on land and at sea.
The notification was sent to all entities in the protection and rescue system to raise operational readiness and operational activity.
Heavy rainfall and high tide led to the flooding of the Kotor waterfront, and numerous pontoons along the coastal road in Dobrota. The entrance to the Old Town and the main town square is flooded, so without deep rubber boots, it is not recommended to move around this part of the municipality.
Due to the unprecedented tidal wave, the water level in the port of Kalimanj in Tivat has reached such an altitude that Kalimanj street and Ribarski put is flooded. The local Emergency Team decided to close those streets for traffic, Zoran Barbić, head of the Protection and Rescue Service, told Radio Tivat. The authorities are urging citizens who have vessels in Kalimanj to head to the port as a matter of urgency to start pumping rainwater and seas, as many ships are already threatened. It is also critical in Donja Lastva, where sea level is equalized with the height of the waterfront, and waves are spreading across the promenade of Filip Milosevic.
Last night, due to heavy rainfall, there was a landslide in Brajici, which is why vehicles on the Budva-Cetinje road are moving to one lane alternately.
According to the Protection and Rescue Service, there was no need for intervention in Herceg Novi so far.
The red meteorological alarm, which was confirmed by the European Network of Meteorological Stations for southern and central Montenegro, announces heavy rainfall until 10 pm tonight. Rain tomorrow morning. The highest daily air temperature around 18 degrees.
Source: Radio Tivat, Boka News, Radio Jadran
19 Dec 2019, 14:34 PM

December 19, 2019 - The real estate market in Montenegro is booming. Buyers from all over the world are coming to buy houses and apartments on the beautiful Montenegrin coast (and increasingly inland as well), as the country's reputation as the new global luxury tourism star continues to grow, flight connections continue to improve, and new tourist facilities continue to appear.

The conditions for investing in Montenegro appear to be favourable, with additional paths to investment offering something a little different. This includes the introduction of the recent Citizen by Investments programme, which was recently introduced to Montenegro.

citizenship-by-investments (1).jpg

Starting at just 250,000 euro in northern Montenegro, the Citizen by Investments programme offers investors a Montenegrin passport, with all the advantages of residence and onward travel that this offers, in return for concrete investment in the development of the country. TMN caught up with one of the bigger players in the current real estate market, Kristina Ivanovic, Sales Manager of RE/MAX Montenegro office in Podgorica, to learn more about the general rise in foreign investment interest, as well as some of the specific attractions of the citizen by investments programme. 

Montenegro continues to attract attention of international travelers, but also companies. What is it that makes the country so attractive to foreign businesses?

citizenship-by-investments (3).jpg

Montenegro has been working hard on improving its quality of life, business climate, stability, and safety. It became a member of NATO in 2017 and is on its way to joining the European Union. Many procedures related to doing business have been simplified, with international investors enjoying the same rights as the domestic ones. Costs of running a business are lower than in many European countries: flat tax system (9% tax on corporate and personal income), 3% property transfer tax, 21% VAT (7% for 5* hotels), office space can be rented at €10 to €15/sqm, depending on company’s needs. 

Accommodation is also more affordable when compared to European business centers. For example, one can rent a beautiful, fully furnished one bedroom apartment in the business district of Podgorica for €350-€400 per month. And apart from the business side, Montenegro boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage, beautiful nature, mild climate and 280 sunny days per year, which makes it very attractive as holiday and second-home destination.

 citizenship-by-investments (5).jpg

Montenegro is home to some of the largest investment projects in Europe right now, numerous world-known hotel brands (such as Hilton, Aman, Regent, Sheraton, Chedi, Melia, Falkensteiner, Iberostar) while many others are just starting their projects, such as Ritz Carlton and One&Only. Large international corporations, such as Deloitte, Microsoft, Coca Cola, KPMG, Ernst&Young, together with well known international banks such as OTP, ERSTE, NLB, etc, are already operating in the country.

The Citizenship by Investment program was launched earlier this year. In your opinion, how will this affect the real estate market and the Montenegrin economy in general?

The Montenegrin economy was noted to be one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe, with economic growth rates in 2017 and 2018 being 4.7% and 4.9% respectively. Thanks to an open approach to economy within a business-friendly environment, Montenegro has attracted a lot of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) over the years. The total net inflow of FDIs in the first nine months of 2019 was €227.3 million, which is 48% more than during the same period last year. Now with the launch of Citizenship by Investment program, interest in the country is expected to increase even more. The new investments will ensure continuous sustainable growth of the economy.

The list of the tourism projects that are included in the Citizenship by Investment program includes projects in the South and in the Central and Northern regions. Some of them are planned as a time sharing investment, while others offer a simple purchase of the unit within a four or five star hotel resort. Apart from tourism projects, applicants can obtain Citizenship by investing in agriculture or wood processing sectors.

citizenship-by-investments (4).jpg

By becoming a Montenegrin citizen, one has gained a visa-free entry to 122 countries, including Europe’s Schengen Area, Russia, and Turkey. 

It is strongly advised to consult a real estate agent who can provide guidance and advisory based on applicant’s needs and help them choose the best investment option.

RE/MAX Montenegro has offices in Podgorica, Budva, Tivat and Kotor and has a team of 25 real estate consultants and sales agents, all specialized in different regions of the country and different property types. With over 3.000 active listings in our database, from development land to residential and commercial properties to investment projects, we can advise on choosing the best investment option with a realistic return on investment.

For more expert advice on investing in Montenegro, as well as a comprehensive overview of those listings, visit the RE/MAX website.


19 Dec 2019, 13:56 PM

The traditional big New Year's concert of the Music and Educational Society (GPD) "Tivat" will be held on Saturday, December 21 at 7:30 pm in the large hall of the Tivat Cultural Center.

Under the baton of Professor Nevila Klakor, the Tivat City Music Ensemble will perform a specially prepared rich program of marches, polkas, waltzes and arrangements of popular and movie songs. Special guest of the concert will be klapa “Jadran”.

The "New Year's Concert" is the last in a series of activities that GPD "Tivat" celebrated its grand jubilee in recent months - the 110th anniversary of its founding and continuous operation.

The society marked this anniversary with numerous performances and a particularly successful all-day musical event called "Veliki šušur", which was held for the second time on June 15 at the waterfront "Pine", bringing together 12 orchestras with over 350 musicians from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Croatia.

Text by S.L. , on December 18th, 2019, read more at Boka News

19 Dec 2019, 11:30 AM
December 19, 2019 - As part of a study visit to Montenegrin fishers, their Italian colleagues yesterday visited the Institute of Marine Biology of the University of Montenegro in Kotor to get acquainted with the activities of the Institute in the field of fisheries, as well as the activities implemented within the ADRINET project by this scientific institution.
Hosted by Italian fishermen, who have been in Montenegro since Monday, December 16, until today, the Municipality of Herceg Novi, one of six project partners whose implementation under the IPA Interreg Cooperation Program of Italy, Albania, and Montenegro, started in March 2018 and will last until March 2020.
At the Institute of Marine Biology, a scientific team led by ichthyologist Dr. Alexander Joksimovic greeted guests from Italy and presented to them the activities of the Institute and the projects implemented for sustainable fisheries management.
"We are always glad to have our dear friends from the Adriatic countries. This time we hosted colleagues from Italy, I am particularly pleased that they are fishermen. It seems to me that they have the best understanding of the issue of fishing and the pursuit of that activity in the Adriatic. We explained the situation in Montenegro, the connection between our fishermen and the administration, as well as our Institute. It seems to me that we are a good example in this regard because very often we meet with fishers, share experiences, and make our fisheries sector better organized in the future. Of course, there are our obligations to the General Fisheries Commission of the Mediterranean and the European Union in the negotiation process. Therefore, large and rich activities are ahead of us to make Montenegro a relevant companion in this story. In all these activities, our fishermen are the focus - to create better conditions for them, so that future young fishermen can be included in this story with the message that in Montenegro, as a tourist country, there is a future in connecting tourism and fishing," emphasized Dr. Joksimović. 
In addition to fishers from the Bussola Association of Lecce-Vincenzo Bruno, Salvatore Maggli, and Cristiano Rizzato and Grazio de Paolis of the Cooperazione Pescatori of Castro, representatives of the municipality of Castro, the partner city of the ADRINET project - Francesco Pacella and Claudio Longo, also visited Montenegro. The Italians were interested in how the Montenegrin fishermen were organized. They were shocked to hear that there are only 200 professional fishermen in Montenegro and that they operate through as many as four associations. Dr. Joksimovic explained that the position of Montenegro is particular, both due to the small number of employees in the industry, and because our coast is only 293 kilometers long, and that at a short distance from the shore the Adriatic is deepening. All of the mentioned places heavy demands on fishers and when it comes to the fishing fleet and fishing gear. So, the Fisheries Directorate is committed to protecting the interests of Montenegrin fishers in the context of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.  
Vincenzo Bruno comes from a family that has been engaged in fisheries for three generations as a core business. Since 2000, as a fisherman, Vincenzo has also been involved in tourism - taking interested guests to fish and afterward ensuring that they enjoy lunch on the boat. He is very pleased with the placement of this offer and the income it generates. It suggests that linking fishers with the tourism industry could also be of mutual benefit in Montenegrin times.
What surprised the guests from Italy was the low consumption of marine fish in Montenegro. In this regard, they have suggested promotional and educational campaigns to make the population aware of the importance of fish and seafood intake, to nourish the nutritionally much richer meat foods that are still prevalent in our diet. The Montenegrin hosts explained to them that one of the main reasons was the low paying power of the population and the high price of fish, which was again the result of insufficient fishing and unfair competition.
Fishers and experts point out that connecting and exchanging experiences at the level of the Adriatic countries is crucial both for the development of fisheries as an industry and for the protection of marine biodiversity, especially in terms of overfishing. Because, as pointed out by a guest from Italy - Vincenzo Bruno, we must also think about what our grandchildren will hunt.
The purpose of the ADRINET project - Adriatic Network for the Marine Ecosystem - is to approach the problem of coastal zone management in the most comprehensive way possible, with an emphasis on sharing good fishing practice. The ADRINET project's activities are focused on local communities and fishers to integrate them into marine biodiversity protection. Therefore the exchange of knowledge and experience among fishermen is crucial for defining standard methods of coastal fisheries management in the three Adriatic countries.
One of the innovations within the ADRINET project is the acquisition of GPS equipment for marking fishing gears to reduce ghost fishing, ie, unnecessary loss of the fish stock. Also, with the support of local communities and scientific institutions from partner countries, fishers are provided to be trained in the use of innovative, environmentally friendly methods in fisheries, while respecting general policies and conservation measures that should be defined through this project.
After a visit to Montenegro, the Italians today traveled to Albania, where they will be guests of project partners and fishermen in Vlora until Saturday, December 21.
The Montenegrin delegation, led by experts from the Institute of Marine Biology, is scheduled to visit the Italian Castro in the Puglia region in February next year.
18 Dec 2019, 10:43 AM

For the seventh consecutive time, the project “From Christmas to Christmas” begins with the traditional New Year concert of the Kotor City Music orchestra.

"Under the baton of Dario Krivokapic, with the guests at the concert, the klapa "Incanto" and choir CC "Nikola Djurkovic" introduces all the citizens and guests of the town of Kotor to another magical New Year's.

The traditional concert will be held on Monday, December 23, 7.30 pm at the Cultural Center “Nikola Djurkovic”, according to NVU Karampana.

Kotor City Music this year marked a 177-year anniversary with a series of concerts.

Text by Boka News, on December 18th, 2019, read more at Boka News

17 Dec 2019, 12:55 PM
December 17, 2019 - One of the most important artistic events in Montenegro - the Herceg Novi Fine Arts Scene, is experiencing its 21st edition this year, which will open tonight, Tuesday, December 17th at 7 pm at the Josip Bepo Benković Gallery. The Herceg Novi art scene is traditionally a cross-section of the work of active artists who live and create or are otherwise related to Herceg Novi. Organizers say the response of the artists is exceptionally high this year.
It is well known that Herceg Novi was called the city of painters and writers in the 1970s, and these epithets are justified today. From 1948 to 1966, it housed one of the most famous and successful art schools in the former Yugoslavia. Its founder, Petar Lubarda, was an internationally renowned painter who spent part of his life in Herceg Novi. Professors, and later students of that art school, became the most famous and successful painting and sculpture names of the former Yugoslavia and present-day Montenegro. Therefore, it is not surprising that Herceg Novi, which was the inspiration for the most significant creators, has a half-century tradition of hosting the "Winter Art Salon," but also numerous exhibitions, including the Herceg Novi Fine Arts scene. The shows are traditionally held during the winter and give a new dimension to the tourist offer of the city.
The "Herceg Novi Fine Arts Scene" since 1996 represents authors who create or are related to Herceg Novi by their painting opus. Even today, the emphasis is on the entirely personal creative relationship of artists who live and work in Herceg Novi and the Mediterranean environment on which their artistic poetics rely. Of particular importance to the Herceg Novi Fine Arts Scene are young artists who bring new visual experiences and new creative messages in a time that is not particularly fond of art.
In the 21st Herceg Novi Fine Art Scene, 54 authors - painters, sculptors, and graphic artists - will display their works. "According to the established practice, the exhibition will feature works by renowned artists from Herceg Novi as well as amateurs, all connected by a common love for the visual arts," said a statement by the City Gallery "Josip Bepo Benković."
The exhibition will be opened by the curator of the gallery, art historian Jasmina Zitnik, and the show will be on display until the Herceg Novi Winter Salon, which will be organized in early February 2020.
16 Dec 2019, 10:57 AM

Meteorologists are announcing moderate to strong south winds for the coming days, so the highest temperature will be around 18 degrees. Rain will be local and intermittent by Thursday, and heavy at the end of the week.

So, we expect at least seven days of “juzina” (typical warmer weather in Boka bay before the period of rain), that is, above-average for this part of the year.


Variable to mostly cloudy and light showers are possible in some places in the south and central regions.

In the north, in the morning or in the afternoon, in the valleys fog. Wind moderate to moderate south and south-east. Morning air temperature -3 to 10, highest daily 7 to 17 degrees.


Changeable to mostly cloudy and mostly dry. In the north, in the morning or in the afternoon, in the valleys fog. Wind occasionally moderate to high, south and southeast.

Morning air temperature 3 to 12, highest daily 8 to 18 degrees.

Text by Boka News, on December 16th, 2019, read more at Boka News

16 Dec 2019, 07:35 AM

December 16, 2019 - People released of Montenegrin citizenship mostly acquire citizenship of Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ministry of Internal Affairs told CdM.


238 Montenegrins renounced their citizenship

From the beginning of the year to the end of Oct., 238 individuals renounced their Montenegrin citizenship. From 2006, 2,784 Montenegrins have been released from their citizenship – the majority of them got it in 2018.

Tax for renouncing the citizenship amounts to 300 euro

A citizen of MNE has to pay an administrative tax for renouncing Montenegrin citizenship amounting to 300 euro, and only one tax is paid if the decision on the release from citizenship refers to acquiring, termination or determination of citizenship for family members – a spouse and unemployed children.

Renouncing MNE citizenship costs even more if the request is submitted via diplomatic and consular networks.

Text by CDM, read more here

To read more about lifestyle in Montenegro, follow TMN's dedicated page.

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