28 Nov 2019, 10:04 AM

The project for the construction of the new town of Lustica Bay is the winner of the renowned award "Resort project of the year", as decided by the jury of the Fifth Annual International Real Estate Forum in Eastern Europe, held in Kyiv, Ukraine.

It is an event that brings together the Eastern European business community and corporate customers operating throughout Europe, Asia and Russia each year under one roof.

Planning and development of Lustica Bay as a new sustainable tourist-residential destination, high investment value estimated at €1.1 billion, integration into the environment, and high standards in construction, management and service, made the Lustica Bay project.


The award ceremony highlighted Montenegro as the fastest growing tourist destination with great real estate investment potential, with particular emphasis on the Lustica Bay project. There was a lot of interest in economic citizenship and investment through this project, said Slavica Milic, Marketing Manager at Lustica Development.

Addressing the guests at the gala ceremony, Milic recalled that the award comes after a full year since the iconic marina resort and Chedi Hotel - the first of seven planned hotels in Lustica Bay - opened last year and marked the beginning of the city's operational life.

The forum organizers are URE Club as a professional real estate organization, and - a prestigious real estate promotion platform.

This award is the jubilee one, the 10th award that has been awarded to Lustica Bay since the project began.

Lustica Bay received the European Property Award as the best residential project in November, and the company was also recognized for being the best website in the category of development projects in Europe. At the beginning of the year, the project received the “European Property Award for Best Residential Development for Montenegro” as the best residential development project.

Text by Dragan Popadic, on November 27th, 2019, read more at Radio Tivat

27 Nov 2019, 13:05 PM

The number of victims of the powerful earthquake that hit Albania yesterday has reached 25.

Authorities said four more were confirmed early this morning, with more than 600 injured in the earthquake that struck Durres and the surrounding area.

Citizens in Durres sleep in tents and cars and at a football stadium while the accompanying concussions continue.

A day of mourning was declared in Albania. Flags at all institutions will be lowered to half the spear.


Residents sleep outside (Photo: Beta-AP)

On the territory of Durres, Albania, 120 kilometers from Podgorica, the first and strongest earthquake was recorded yesterday early in the morning (just before 4.00 am). The material damage is enormous.

The Albanian Geological Institute said earlier this afternoon that 253 seismic activities had been recorded in Albania since the initial earthquake.


AFP news agency


VIDEO: People search through the rubble of a collapsed building in the town of Thumane, northwest of #Albania's capital Tirana, after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck the area


Help arrives

Ten countries in Europe and the region are ready to assist Albania in the aftermath of the earthquake series this morning, with 52 emergency personnel from Romania and 40 members of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) arriving in Tirana.

Albanian Prime Minister Eddie Rama has announced that assistance is coming from Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo.


RTS reports that the Greek Air Force's C-130 "Hercules" transport aircraft has landed at Rinas Airport, and that Greek rescuers are the first foreign crew to arrive in aid of Albanians affected by the earthquake.

Albania's Java News portal reported that a plane with 52 members of Romania's special emergency units arrived in Tirana to help Albania repair the aftermath.

The KSF commander, Rahman Rama, confirmed that his troops are already in Albania to help eliminate the consequences of the earthquake.


Rama said that the KSF was ready to send an additional number of members if needed.

According to him, members of the KSF search and rescue unit, 40 of them, are specialized and well equipped to search under the ruins.

Text by Vijesti online and BETA Agency, on November 27th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

27 Nov 2019, 12:37 PM

This morning, Tivat Firefighters went to assist their colleagues in Albania as help from Montenegro after yesterday's devastating earthquake.

Technical vehicle SZS Tivat with two crew members and complete equipment headed across the border. Its crew consists of two members of the Firefighters brigade that completed the special training for intervention in rescuing those trapped in the ruins.

For now, it is unknown in which Albanian city they will operate because it depends on the needs on the field and coordination between the Albanian authorities and the Emergency Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro, which has deployed firefighters from several Montenegrin municipalities to assist the country.

The logistics team of SZS Tivat equipped the team for the journey.

Firefighters from Cetinje are also going to Albania

Two members of Cetinje's Security and Rescue Service are leaving for Albania this morning as part of a national rescue team.

These are firefighters Igor Jovicevic and Arsenije Djonovic, who, according to Commander of the Protection and Rescue Service Pedja Mostrokol, have been trained in these situations and will remain in Albania until further notice.

"They are part of a national team formed by the decision of the Government of Montenegro, consisting of members of all protection and rescue services in Montenegro and the Emergency Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro. They depart this morning at nine o'clock from Podgorica, together with the rest of the team," said Mostrokol.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on November 27th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

27 Nov 2019, 12:35 PM

The Red Cross of Montenegro has activated a bank account to which all interested citizens and entities from Montenegro can pay funds and thus help the population of Albania in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

The account number is 520-5188-31, at Hipotekarna Bank, with the indication "help to the inhabitants of Albania".

"The received funds will be forwarded to the Red Cross of Albania, which has been active in providing first aid, psycho-social support and distribution of emergency assistance to the population in need, and is constantly present in the field," the Red Cross said.

The authorities said four more victims were confirmed early this morning, with more than 600 injured in the earthquake that struck Durres and the surrounding area.

Text by Vijesti online, on November 27th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

27 Nov 2019, 12:31 PM
November 27, 2018 - The International Grand Circus on Ice performs in Herceg Novi from December 7 to December 12. The Grand Circus on Ice has toured more than 50 countries and played in front of more than 200 million viewers.
As part of their new European tour, the Grand Circus on Ice is coming to the Igalo Sports Center where will perform for five days. Ticket sales will be organized at the Center, as well as the Park Hall, and all tourist info bureaus in the Herceg Novi municipality.
The Grand Circus on Ice's artistic skaters performs seemingly impossible circus feats, captivating audiences of all ages all over the world. The ice show lasts 90 minutes, which sees the artists change their costumes ten times, and the same goes for the choreography and theatrical scenery, which make use of light and sound effects.
The Grand Circus on Ice is presented everywhere as "a program that delivers icy acrobatic crafts enriched with spectacular costumes and light effects that will draw every viewer, regardless of age, into the magical world of snow magic." It is a unique opportunity for viewers to attend and is fun for all generations. It brings back the memory of the former circus arenas to the young and old.
The program is tailored to performing on the ice. Still, with all the elements of acrobatics and related content that make up a circus - from dynamic and dizzying spots on the ice and acrobatics on the trapeze, to clown sketches and acrobatics on skates. A particular attraction is that at some points, skates that are 60 centimeters high are used.
Performances will be held from 7.30 pm, and the ticket price is 7 euros for children and 10 euros for adults.
26 Nov 2019, 10:06 AM

A strong earthquake, the epicenter of which is registered in Albania, hit Montenegro on Tuesday morning. 

The magnitude of the earthquake was 6.1 degrees on the Richter scale. The epicenter was near Durrës, about 120 kilometers from Podgorica and about 70 kilometers from Ulcinj.

An earthquake of this power can cause damage in populated areas 160 kilometers from the epicenter.

According to preliminary data from the Department of Seismology, the focus of this earthquake is located at a depth of 12 km.

"The Seismology Department of Hydrometeorology and Seismology company registered a devastating earthquake at 3.54 am, with the epicenter 12 km southeast from Durrës.

The earthquake was also felt in Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia.

Text by Vijesti online, on November 26th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

25 Nov 2019, 10:45 AM

The New Year's program - Tivat Tourist Organization’s Winter Fairytale begins with the grand opening of the skating rink with a concert by Natasa Bekvalac and Magla Band on Pine. The concert starts at 9.30 pm.

In addition to the ice rink, which citizens and guests will be able to enjoy for the next month, Pine will also adorn the gastronomic houses, evoking the holiday spirit until the end of the New Year's program on January 3rd.

Experience your fairy tale on the promenade Pine and experience the magic of coastal winter idyll in Tivat.


The program is organized by the Tivat Tourism Organization in cooperation with the Municipality of Tivat, the Association of Caterers and Hoteliers.

Text by Boka News, on November 25th, 2019, read more at Boka News

25 Nov 2019, 10:38 AM

The business-residential building Porto Budva, worth EUR 80 million, will be completed by mid-2021, said sales manager Ana Golubovic, adding that about 60 percent of the works have been completed so far.

"Due to the great interest and the possibility of return on investment for only five years, today only 19 apartments are vacant in the complex of 300 apartments and only 20 out of 50 commercial premises," said Golubovic.

She said that investments in real estate under construction, the possibility of a passive income, and a return on investment within five to seven years are just some of the benefits of buying a property in the Porto Budva facility, as reported by Infobiro.

This is, according to Golubovic, about the number one investment project in Montenegro, for several reasons, including the location.

“The complex is being built in the center of Budva, on the first line, just 100 meters from the Old Town with access to the main Mediterranean street and promenade. Also, our team is engaged in the complete equipping of apartments within the brand of a five-star hotel, as well as the preparation of financial statements for our clients, whose apartments and business premises are for rent," said Golubovic.

The largest spa in the city of 3.5 thousand square meters is planned Within the hotel, with indoor and outdoor pools. The largest shopping mall of eight thousand square meters, is also planned, on two floors with well-known brands, a congress hall, restaurants, cafes, and two-story car parking with 400 garage spaces.

Golubovic reminded that Montenegro is one of the three countries with the most dynamic development in Europe, that it is a candidate for the European Union (EU) and a leader in the foreign investment on the Balkans.

Budva, the capital of tourism and investment, is still called the new Monte Carlo because of its pleasant tax climate and respect for the norms of European legislation and a stable notarial system, which overall contributes to the attractiveness of the Porto Budva project," Golubovic concluded.

Text by MINA, on November 25th, 2019, read more at Boka News

24 Nov 2019, 19:51 PM
November 24, 2019 - The Center for Women's and Peace Education Anima is organizing a performance called "We Don't Give Our Lives for Your Dirty Jobs" on Monday, November 25th, at noon at the Arms Square in Kotor. The performance aims at drawing attention to the pervasive violence against women in social reality.
By marking the International Day for Eliminating Violence Against Women begins a campaign that, in our country and around the world, points to the pervasive violence against women, as well as the activities that states (do not) undertake to reduce violence, announced Anima.
"Our Government, Parliament, and institutions are unaccountable for violence against women; they do not implement the adopted declarations, resolutions, and action plans. They insist on relativizing all types of violence against women, respecting somewhat only what is happening in the family. Institutional abuse is silent, and only a few examples indicate the depth of the problem.
Factors that contribute to violence against women are increasingly visible and present in social reality: poverty, exploitation, impunity of crimes, captured institutions, and the militarization of society with the usual, even normalized, corruption, crime, and fear. All this supported by nationalist ideologies and substantiated by the so-called patriotic struggles and deceptions make women in the most difficult situation since the start of EU accession negotiations. The actions of the women's political network on the increase of women in parliament are caricature and cynical.
Extremely concerned about the development of the political crisis and the consequences it may have on women's lives, Anima activists are calling on all women to claim their rights and avoid aligning with existing political actors." Anima Center for Women's and Peace Education said in a statement.

Violence against women in Montenegro: As many as 20 percents of women have experienced violence after the age of 15

According to a survey conducted by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) with partners in Montenegro in 2018, most women in our country are concerned about violence. One in five women has experienced physical or sexual abuse after the age of 15.
The study on violence against women, presented to the Parliament of Montenegro in July this year, shows that violence against women affects women of all ages, from every income group and every area in the country. The survey further revealed that shame, fear of retaliation by the perpetrator, and distrust of the services were the reason for not reporting the violence.
24 Nov 2019, 15:18 PM

November 24, 2019 - Montenegro has been a very interesting country in terms of geopolitics and there’s clear foreign influence on the media, which has been subject to misinformation and media manipulation.


Such state of affairs might affect some social and political processes, especially in the times of global tensions, so the whole society must be aware of the problem and thus make a broader social coalition for the responsible solution to this issue, President of the Association of Citizens ‘Why Not’ [in Montenegrin: Zašto ne], Darko Brkan, assessed in an interview for Dnevne Novine daily.

After Mr Bokan launched the portal [it monitors, analyzes, assesses and reveals fake news and media manipulation], many similar portals were launched in the region as well and as for MNE, it exists within the Centre for Democratic Transition, CDT, since last year.

According to him, media literacy represents the best answer to the problem of misinformation and media manipulation, but it is a long-term job and current threats need to be addressed at multiple levels, starting from the strengthening of organizations dealing with media liability.

When asked to comment on the situation in MNE and the fact that it has been exposed to a kind of hybrid war, he said: “Montenegro has similar problems as the rest of the region in this context. The media, in pursuit of sustainability, lose their independence and become spokespersons for political groups, and journalists in such situations cannot maintain their integrity. The division on the political scene leads to the division in the media.”


In his previous interviews, Mr Brkan used to claim that there were two types of fake media –one launching misinformation for money and others for political reasons. On the question of which one we have more in the media scene, he answered: “There is no doubt about it – the media spreading misinformation for money. “

Speaking about the cooperation with the colleagues from Montenegro, that is, the CDT, he noted: “Of course we are collaborating with our colleagues from the CDT, we have developed the methodology by joint forces, and we helped them when they were starting this whole process. Challenges before the CDT are just as ours, and our greatest challenge right now is the lack of capacities so that we can check all the articles in the media on a daily basis…but the situation is getting better.”

On the situation in the region and major issues in the media, Mr Brkan said: “There are three kinds of problems in the media: the first and the most important one is the usage of the media for political and business purposes. The problem with this is that it leads to significant violations of journalism ethics manifested through the spreading of fake news and media manipulation. Another problem is a complete transformation of the society through which we are getting the information, which came as a consequence of social networks.”

Text by CDM on November 23, 2019, read more here

To read more about lifestyle in Montenegro, follow TMN's dedicated page

23 Nov 2019, 03:42 AM

Cooperation in areas of culture and tourism is successfully developed between Saint Petersburg and Herceg Novi, to the satisfaction of both sides, it was announced during a meeting between officials from the two cities. It was agreed that Saint Petersburg would be represented at the 51st Mimosa festival, and that cultural exchanges would also continue, giving the public in Herceg Novi the opportunity to attend choral concerts, theatre performances and other artistic events from this Russian cultural capital, reported Herceg Novi Municipal Information Service.

During a working visit to Saint Petersburg, held at the invitation of the mayor of the city, the Mayor of Herceg Novi Municipality Stevan Кatić, Deputy Mayor Miloš Кonjević, Director of Herceg Novi Tourism Organisation Pavle Obradović and local councillor Savo Marić met with the Chair of Saint Petersburg Culture Committee Konstantin Eduardovich Sukhenko, Head of Government Organisation “Petersburg Concert” Yekaterina Anatoliyevna Artyushkina, Yuriy Gruzdyev and representatives of the city’s Culture Committee, in the Saint Petersburg Municipal Building.

Herceg Novi and Saint Petersburg are linked by their importance as cultural centres with rich historical heritage where great artists lived and worked, as well as both being important tourist destinations in their respective countries. Culture and tourism are therefore recognised as main themes for cooperation and connection, within which there are many opportunities for projects and exchange, it was announced at the meeting. It was noted that such meetings broaden and strengthen cooperation between regions, and contribute to ensuring relations remain at the highest possible level.

 Posjeta Sankt Peterburgu razgovor čelnika 2

Photo: Herceg Novi Municipality

It was concluded that cooperation between the two cities would undoubtedly thrive as all the right conditions are in place - both in terms of the productive cultural potential of the “Northern Venice” and the “Pearl of the Adriatic” - and the goodwill of officials on both sides. A joint wish was expressed for the signing of a friendship agreement between Herceg Novi and Saint Petersburg.

Representatives of Herceg Novi thanked the Saint Petersburg Culture Committee for its readiness to support the development of cultural cooperation between the two cities. At the end of the meeting, held in a cordial and friendly atmosphere, the delegations exchanged gifts. Кatić presented Mr Sukhenko with a letter of thanks for strengthening and expanding cultural cooperation between Saint Petersburg and Herceg Novi.


Presentation of Herceg Novi tourist attractions in Saint Petersburg

In addition to the meeting with city officials, the working visit to Saint Petersburg was an opportunity for the tourist organisations of the two cities to meet. Emphasis was placed on building on the excellent cooperation developed thus far, as well as promotional issues and arrangements for the delivery of joint projects.

At the same time, a meeting was held with Svetlana Vasiliyevna Lavretsova, Director of the A. A Bryantsev Theatre, which has successfully performed twice to audiences from Herceg Novi. There was a summary of cooperation so far, and the next performance was also agreed in principle.

Presentations were also made of Herceg Novi’s tourist attractions and tourist potential to tour operators, tourism companies, and media from Russia. During the conference at the Astoria Hotel in Saint Petersburg, leading companies in the Russian tourist market had the opportunity to discover all the possibilities the city has to offer.


Source: Radio Jadran

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